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Auction House Guide

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Auction House Guide

Updated with new content 4/4/09

Aphroditi's Comprehensive Auctionhouse UI Guide

There are many gold making guides out there, many of which are very large and have tons of content, but I have found that sometimes I just don't have the dedication to read blocks and blocks of text and search through the guide for the stuff I want. Maybe that makes me lazy... I don't care.

Im sure there are others out there like me who just want to know the basics of good auctioning but more importantly how to use and push the auctionhouse ui to the hilt.

This guide is made to show how to do just that!

Step 1
Getting Started: Ui Mods

There are many out there, This list is in my opinion the best there is, and more importantly they all work SEEMLESSLY together.


This one is obvious, if this choice needs explaining then.......... ask someone to explain it to you.

Alright alright, ill paste a snipit of the readme...

"Auctioneer Suite provides you with the tools and data necessary to make those difficult auctioning decisions with ease."

Auction Filter Plus

This picks up the slack that Auctioneer leaves behind, it allows you to filter your search results based on variables that you can set.

Auction Profit

Very very simple mod, it sums up all "your" auction profits in the empty space below the window.

Market Watcher

A brand new mod that I have been testing extensively. It allows you to watch the market value of items that you like to auction, and monitor the purchasing trends via a very clean color coded graph.


Every auctioneer knows that their mailbox is always full from incoming and outgoing auctions etc. This mod had many features that simpllify the extraction of mail (Open all, only ah related etc)

Going Price #

GoingPrice Allakhazam Data Source Addon

GoingPrice Wowhead Data Source Addon <--- wowhead 4tw usw also das wählen ;-)

"I prefer WowHead"

This simple mod adds a small line to your tooltip (Compatible with Auctioneer's tooltip) that shows the going price of a given item based on the database of your choice

Swindler Preventer

Simple mod, no configuration needed. This addon adds information to the tooltip to remind you that you could buy an item from a vendor instead. Never get swindled again! And, as with all the mods I use, It is 100% compatible with Auctionee

"This was being sold for 90s"

Addon Control Panel

Last but not least, Addon Control Panel. With all of these auction mods active, and active recording of prices and records etc, your cpu might be crying a bit and you can experience slow downs and framerate issues. With addon control panel you can set up profiles to load and unload the mods of your choosing.

Pro Tip: Do not disable Beancounter, it needs to be active all the time, I will explain why later

Step 2
Configuring the mods

Luckily there is very little prep needed to get these started. Lets get right into it.

Phase 1

Disable compact ui in Auctioneer, it can be nice at times, but for it to work auction filter plus, it needs to be disabled. (Compact ui isnt a necessity)

Phase 2

Do a full scan with Auctioneer (This can take up to 15 minutes at times) If your cpu is up to it do a Fast Scan (Takes only a minute or two, but all your ram)

Phase 3

Set up Market Watch. Import the items that you want watched (History Tab), then do a scan.

Now you are prepped and ready for some hard-core auctioning.

Step 3

Now that you have the ui Set up and full of data, there are many ways of making money without even LEAVING the AH.

The first and most obvious one is Auctioneer's "search Feature.

Auctioneer Search Breakdown

This feature allows you to search for:
Ripped straight from readme
* Resale - Prompts you for deals based on discount from the market value, AH fee, and expected relistings
* Disenchant - Prompts you for deals based on disenchanting armors and weapons
* Prospecting - Prompts you for jewelcrafting deals from prospecting ores
* Vendor - Prompts you for auctions listed below vendor sell price

Ill show you an example search:

So you check your Market Watch and you see something like this:

Strange dust went up 100% in value (From 50s to 1g)

I didn't have any on me, so I needed to disenchant something off the ah, and it is very likely that any green items that were placed on the auction house BEFORE the prices of strange dust were added, but how do you do a search for green items that only disenchant into strange dust? You use auctioneer's Enchant Mats search.

There are my initial settings:

The sliders are used to set the paramiters for the search, each slider represents one type of item that can ge gained from disenchanting. In this case I only want to find items with a minimum of 85% chance of becoming strange dust.

These were my results

All of these items disenchant into Strange Dust, so I bought them all out, DE'd them and bang! Profit


Be VERY VERY Careful with Resale

The resale search covers all items, and will most likely be your most used search. Basically it is simple, in the field provided put in how much you want your minimum profit to be, if you want Bids and/or Buyouts and how much you are willing to spend.

Then hit the search button!

You will get TONS of results, this is where you need to use caution, as there are many *******s (most from this site lol) that mess with auctioneer by tweaking their auction prices.

This is where your Goingprice mod becomes VERY handy, look at its tooltip.

As you can see, there is no way that you are going to make a 1820g profit.

Just use discretion when using resale, lots of prices are bogus, ABUSE THAT TOOLTIP.

Using these tactic with Auctioneer's Search is enough to make tons of gold a day if used right. You can spend all day buying and reselling, buying and disenchanting, or bidding and vendoring.

Pro tip:
If you do this allot, sometimes you will forget what you bought certain items for ("Was it to disenchant or vendor?") Well something that you need to know is, Auctioneer makes notes in your tooltip, with the reason for attaining the item. Neat huh?

Another very common tip is buy low and sell high. I have always heard this phrase, and have been told that it is the best method for making gold. I understand this is true, but how would I know when something is low? Market watcher helps you with that.

If you scan the AH everyday (With Market Watcher AND Auctioner) You will get a better knoledge of what is high and what is low. It helps you identify market "Trends" so that you can buy and sell , based on Your market.

Example shot:

friday considering)

What the hell is it?

I'm suprised how many people don't know what beancounter is, so let me explain.

Beancounter is simple, it records all of your auction activity, it records successful auctions, successful bids, expired auctions, lost bids etc.

Why is this important?

Because it can remind you what prices you have tried on the auction house and which prices worked, what was the highest price that you sold an item for before. There are many many uses and its important to have Beancounter active at all times.

My Beancounter:

Thats all you need to get started now!

I want to add more tricks to this guide in time, maybe if I get some decent feedback, But this is enough info to really get you started on using all the other tricks found on this site.

Hope you guys that don't know how to use these addons learned something, and if you are a veteran maybe I turned you on to a mod or two.

let me know what you think, nasty comments are very much allowed

ps: wie immer

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nize guide and addons. there is a German translation ?

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nein, und die mühe mach ich mir nit ... ansonsten google übersetzungstool
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Received Thanks: 29 frage wars wert ... dann muss ich wohl selber ran ...trotzdem gibts nen Thx

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Huh ja nice bekommst sogar nen Thanks trotz c+p :P

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