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The Exploits from

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I just found that posting and tought, i may copy it into this forum for you. ! I didnt found these "exploits" myself ! Most are copied from e*pvpers and many are just crap This Topic is just for seeing what exploits this paysite has, so you dont have to spend money on..

most of them dont work!

Here we go:

Gold Exploits

Buy Mount for 1 Gold

this is tricky and may take some time but go out of ironforge and when coming out of ironforge go to the left keep going up the road until it ends then stick to the wall push the "/" button to walk slowly must have it on then keep walking against the wall/ice/mountain or walk straight eventually after a while u will be able to go up a hill from there look on the map and go into wetlands because its where ur able to go keep walking u will see a airport kind of keep walking and go over the hill to ur right and fall off it may be to the left and it may take some time aka its a HUGE fall so ud have to be a lvl 60 with alot of health or a priest with levitate then ull see a unfinished town go into there and look around u will then be able to buy mounts for either 5 silv 10 silv 25 silv or i gold i fogot and i believe u can selll them back to vendor for 25 gold do this to get a cheap mount or make hundreds in minutes of gold

Dupe bug

When you are on the Ratchet boat, heading from ratchet to BB, right before it goes into the loading screen at the end of the echo isles there is a delay. If you jump at the right time, it takes a few tries, you will fall and fall and fall(be sure to bring a slow fall potion or 2) onto a white mountian marked as WPL, you have to bring 2 accounts to do this as it is a trade bug. One person trades and the receiver logs off right after trade, and you still have your money.


I recently just duped about a 1000 Gold, and this is how you do it, I\'m warning you now though, its not easy and only do it once..
Ok what you do is on your account you vendor all your gear, and send all your gold to your friend, then log off and delete your character. Then maybe about one hour later you go on a level 1 character and page a GM saying that you got in a fight with your brother, and he went on your character and deleted it. Give them about 8 hours, and they will restore your character back with all your gold, funny thing is they don?t take away the gold you sent to your friend

dupes stuff in WSG

Dupe Gold in WSG
At the end of WSG after all 3 caps, sometimes you cannot leave the BG and will eventually disconnect. If your scoreboard says "-2s till battlegrounds will close", you know your game is bugged. *You need this to happen before you will be able to do the dupe*

* You can then exit out of the scoreboard.
* Trade your friend and put in the amount of gold.
* You log out and log back in. *Not the person you traded the gold to*
* Your friend with the gold will finally get disconnected. You both will have the same amout of money!

-You have to be next to each other when the game ends.
-I have not tested with items, only with gold.

For the BG to get bugged like this it basically needs to crash. It happens very rarely but it does happen.

Which of you accepts, trader, receiver or both?
Both of you accept and then only the trader logs off and logs back in.

Do you log off with the trade window open? or closed?
Does not matter.

Does the reciever leave the trade window open while you log off, or close it?
Does not matter.

Does the reciever do ANYTHING after the trader logs off? or stands still until disconnect?
Stand still until disconnected.


Same as above! What a retard ..

Easy Money Making Exploitable Spot


In Northweatern Westfall, running along the cliff, there is a lone
windmill with a tiny shack at its base. It is surrounded by 6-7 Defias
mobs, levels 12-13.

Whats the catch?

They respawn immediately. Get the drift?


I would suggest 24+, however I was 33 when I discovered it, and it is
still extremely useful when you reach 60.


1) Grinding/Maxing new weapon proficiencies...
2) Leveling a toon (lvl 5-16)...and getting him rich, as well.
3) Farming Linen. (For you linen clowns, I easily loot 100 linen in
about 5 minutes).
4) Farming these nice little nets that occasionally drop.

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Leveling Exploits

Always have rest exp exploit

Around thunderbluff, there is a group of harpies which is very close
to the base of the plateau which Thunderbluff is on. The trick is
that the resting exp bonus from thunderbluff extends to this camp.
Normally, when you accumulate the resting exp bonus you get double exp
for each kill untill that bonus runs out, but because you are
constantly under the influence of the exp bonus you will always get
double exp for each kill! This camp should take you from around level
8 or so to around level 12 or 13 at a very quick rat

Instant Spawn Mobs

IN south west Westfall close to moonbrook, there is a what seems to be graveyard, however it isnt a real graveyard. There is aload of birds, roughly lvl 11-14 that have an insanely fast respawn timer, these can be great for farming experience in a group of 2 and prove to be very fast. A great exploit.

Razorgore exploit

It can only be used by the alliance. The point of it is that you just basically skip phase one on that boss. The whole raid gets inside and puts 2 Soul stones on 2 palladins. The whole thing starts the usual way. With the groups in the corners and the warriors kiting the mobs. Then a pally Divine Intervention\'s Razorgore while he\'s under the control of a player at the orb and then the whole raid whipes. After that the raid waits till the mobs despawn and uses the 2 soulstone ressurections. One palladin goes and controls the orb while the other resurects the raid. He wont get in combat because Razorgore is friendly while orb controlled. After the whole raid is buffed up and ready to go the palladin that controls the orb releses Razorgore and phase 2 starts. this is just a way of skipping that hard phase 1 that most guilds whipe constantly at.

Solo Core Hounds

WARNING: Yes there is a chance of getting banned with BWH. Some have gotten banned some tele all the time so its your call to use it or not.

1) Have a ranged ability
2) Travel to MC
3) Pass the first 2 motlen giants (Just go thru the wall on their right)
4) You will now walk over lava
5) Find a core hound and attack it
6) When the core hound goes after you teleport to core hound loc.
7) Use a range spell without moving.
Cool After you kill it teleport to the loot area.

Core Hound, 409, -661.207, 1136.619, -101.571

Go here to not aggro more

Loot, 409, -672.616, 1132.853, -125.331

Stonetalon Grinding Bug

Stonetalon Mountains(didnt get coords)

As of last nigth the escort mission Protect Kaya is bugged and where the 3 ncps spawn on you they just keep spawning right after you kill one. they are always up so alliance this should work for you if someone has tried the quest. There is 2 melees and one caster they are lvl 15-17. my lvl 19 shaman and 19 druid friend keep them going with out dieing for like 10 min. Wish i would have reset my xp clock to see what we got a hour but it wasnt bad even at that lvl. We thought we where going to die a few times lol was alot of fun just to see how long we could last. Well have fun with it.

XP Manipulation Bug

The way the XP system works is kinda funny.

So the person/group who gets the tag gets the xp based on the dmg they have done (it's exponentional, but I will use a liner example).

Lets say you burn a mob 60% of the way and a lvl 60 comes and 1 shots it, you will get the majority of the XP we will say 60% (it's more, but this is an example). It's proportional to the person who did the most dmg vs all other dmg done to it independant of each other.

Lets say you burn a mob 60% of the way and 2 lvl 60's (not grouped) each hit it once for 20%. You will get 80% of the XP.

Lets say your lvl 40 and you tag the quartermaster outside BWL. 40 people waiting to raid (not in the raid yet) hit him once. You get an INSANE amout of XP. 5500 was the most I got for 1 kill and I recived several 3-4k's.

Lvl 38-41 Fast w/ Instant Respawn Mob

Go to Faldir's Cove.
Go onto the ship in the bay.
Go down to the lowest floor.
Theres a mob at the bottom called a 'Blackwater Deckhand'
Kill it, she drops about 2.5s , cloth and some items occasionally.
Loot her
She spawns instantly Again
There are two spots
Woulds probably be easy to setup a macro here to run over night, its outta the way and in its only mini map area but im not that good at scripting :/

To attack her you have to declare war on booty bay. Your standing with them doesnt really matter much :/ they dont attack you when you declare war either because they are yellow.

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PvP Exploits

Horde and Alliance char on the same pvp server

Create a Human character on Agamaggan named Joeschmoe. (This is a server you do NOT want to play on)

Create a Human character on Archimonde named Joeschmoe then delete him. (This is the server you WANT to play on). Then on the same server make a char from the other faction.. lets say an Undead.

Open a ticket, tell the GM you deleted the wrong char, that you really wanted to delete the char on the Agamaggan server. You will get your char back on Archimonde and voila you will have your Alliance and Horde character on the same server. This exploit can also be used to change your char. names.

This will not last long because most likely the GM\'s are not getting into that much detail when they restore a character. But as this gets more widely known and used they will pass a MEMO around making sure that GM\'s check the other characters on the server before restoring. So use it quick. Enjoy.

Never lose a Arathi Basin Match

Rule #1. Everyone on offense is a bad idea, Defend, Defend, Defend, and
Defend. If you dont defend the points you capture, you will lose. Make
sure SOMEONE stays behind to Defend the flag, or at least to
scout/notify everyone that there is Incoming at that point.

Rule #2. Don\'t fight the Zerg. If you see 10 enemies in front of you,
chances are there are fewer of them somewhere else. Go around the Zerg
and capture points with weaker defense.

Rule #2b. Don\'t become the Zerg. If you look at your map and you are
one of 10 or so dots at one point, leave. If too many people are at one
place, that means other places aren\'t being defended or assaulted.

Rule #3. Do the role you were meant to do. Healers, find a DPS class,
communicate and coordinate with that DPS class, follow him around, buff
him and heal him. A great deal of losing battles are due to the Healer
classes not doing their job. DPS classes, your JOB is to protect the
healer. When you find a healer, assure him you are going to watch out
for him and keep enemys off of him as much as possible.

Rule #4. Get your target priority straight. Target Healers first, this
means attack and kill healer type classes first, and then DPS classes.
If you attack a warrior with a priest behind him, you have already
lost. Even though a healer type may not die as quick as a DPS type, at
least that healer will be forced to heal himself rather than someone

Rule #4b. Do your best to crowd control DPS classes via Sheep, Poly,
Sap, Fear, Seduce, Root, etc, to make killing the healer easier.

Rule #5. TAP! Tap tap tap tap. Tapping the flag is what captures
points! Even in battle, you can click the flag and sometimes no one
will notice you. If you don\'t tap a captured point, and continue
fighting the enemy, they will shortly respawn and you will have to
fight them again, capturing this point ensures they will not respawn

Rule #5b. Interrupt the enemy tapping. This means if you see someone
trying to battle tap, stop whatever you are doing and hit that person
to interrupt their clicking of the flag. If you have to, bring the
fight to the flag, this will ensure you better view of the flag to make
sure no one taps it.

Rule #5c. Don\'t fall for the bait tap. Often the enemy will draw you
away from the flag only to have their friend tap it behind you.

Rule #6. Use the map! The map is your friend (M is the default map
key). Watching the map will help you see which points need
reinforcement and which points need defending. A useful tip is you can
right click the red icon on your minimap to bring up a moveable
minimap, so that you can quickly see the contest state of every point.

Get out of BG without getting deserter

1) you need to be a priest
2) get the holy talent (i think it\'s spirit of redemption, It makes you to an angel when you die)
3) Die in the BG
4) become the spirit-healer
5) "AFK" while you still are in this form.

note: when you get out, you will be dead. but it is much better with a 2 min corpserung, than a 15 min desserter

PVP Engineer Exploit

1) Play as an engineer
2) Attack a warrior or rouge friend in a large pvp fight.
3) Use Mind control cap on them and hit beastial wing.
4) Beastial wing's effect will stay on them.
5) It will break mind control on them.
6) Easy killings for your friend.

PvP Enable Other Faction

Ok here's a way to pvp enable the opposite faction if you want. Click on the person you want to enable, then type /duel. While you're dueling type /concede or /forfeit right before they hit you and they'll be pvp enabled and you can kill them.

Make winning team members in WSG/AB to get 1 mark

Right as your team is about to lose, have a priest (or enginner with MC cap) cast MC on the opposing faction. When the other team wins, your MC'd pet will be considered as your team and only receive one point.

BG Force players out of the game / No Rez

If you can mind control someone on the opposing team, and have the mind control active when they die, they will not be able to ressurect. They are now tagged as your faction and can't find a graveyard. It's possible that the only way to fix this right now is to log out/log in or afk out and get the deserter debuff.


1. One faction priest (or possibly an engineer with MC cap) casts MC on opposing faction team member.
2. MC is still active when they die.
3. The dead player is now out of the game for a while.

Nice Hiding spot in BG (Horde)

there is a cool spot i like to hide out in BGs if we are having a showdown of flags. The spot is kinda like the root for alliance. it is located to the left of the portal out of the bg and you just jump up a couple times to the spot next to the pillar and you can hide there. Most people i meet in BG are unaware of this spot and wont find you but hunters can.
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Misc Exploits

Warlock pet invicibility

1) Play as a warlock.
2) Take out your voidwalked.
3) Have it soul linked.
4) Find a opposite faction warlock thats your friend.
5) Have him banish your pet.
6) Your pet will be immune to all damage and soul link.
7) Go kill end game bosses.

Unlimited Repairs

1) Find an item thats 100% unuseable ie 0 durability and not soulbounded or stackable.
2) Use wrapping paper on it and wrap it up.
3) Open the item.
4) It should now be fixed.

Kick Anyone From Any Raid Group

Currently there is a huge exploit that allows you to kick anyone from any raid group on your server. While doing BWL this happened to a lot of raid members. It would say they were kicked, then it would teleport them to Ironforge (or hearth location). This will get hotfixed very quickly. Enjoy sploiting while you can!!

Here is what you do:
1) Make a macro.
/invite playername
/kick playername

2) Click it.

Of course, you replace playername with the name of the player.


Note: You can\'t be in a group when you do this. You have to be able to invite people.

Another note: To others in the raid, it\'ll appear they\'re still in the party. It doesn\'t say ANYTHING to the other party members. Only the person you kick will be like "WHAT THE FUCK?" The porting you to hearthstone location message will come up for the player you kicked. The player you kicked will also still be able to read party chat, but won\'t be in the group. They will be bugged in the group, but not in the group - if that makes any sense. They have to do this macro to get out:

/script LeaveParty()

Have fun!

Always Instant Cast Any Spell

The Presence of Mind talent lets you instant cast a single spell every 3

The Netherwind set gives you a 10% chance to get an instacast
spell after casting some rank 1attacks If you activate Presence of
Mind for the same spell that gets the Netherwind proc, however, it
activates a bug that makes all of your spells instacast!!!!!!

You can cast
any spell you want instantly until you log out of the game.

Never corpse-run!!!

Never corpse-run!!!

1)Die in an instance
2)Write /logout (or click esc and do it that way)
5)When it\'s 1 sec left on countdown, click release as fast as you can!
6)you will be logged out
7)you log back in
8)you will be a spirit on top of your body
9)push ressurect
10)be alive at the same spot you died:P

Secret Chest - Bashal Aran in Darkshore

In Bashal Aran in Darkshore is a chest, in the direction away from the spirit you get the quest from. It is surrounded by about 5 lvl 10-11 sprites, with aout 3 lvl 13 Satyrs. It usually contains:
Silver Bar x3
Light Leather x4
Refreshing spring water x2
Minor Healing Potion x2
and Rough Stone x3 or 57 copper

The point of all this? It spawns every 10 minutes usually and yopou can farm linen and get Green Items by killing the sprites and Satyrs arounds it while waiting for it to spawn!!

Unequip item but still keep its stats

1) Get the spider's kiss dagger.
2) Get 2 other weapons.
3) Equip the skd in your main hand.
4) Put one weapon in your off hand.
5) The thrid weapon in your inventory.
6) Switch the main weapon with your off hand (skd should be in your off hand now)
7) Switch your skd with your inventory weapon.
Cool You should have the bonus of your skd even though its in your inventory.

Ornate Spyglass Exploit

Alot of people have been wondering how to jump high and stay in the air this is how.

1) Put the Ornate Spyglass in your hotbar.
2) Press the hotbar button
3) Quickly after hit the jump button right before you go into longsight.
4) If done correctly when you jump youll stay in the air.
5) Takes alot of pratice to get it down but if done correctly you can get massive amounts of air.

Speak with the other faction!

Mind control a horde member & type in emotes.

As in, /e you !@#$%^&*.

MCing allows you to do so.

Change your in game Sex Exploit

Requires the snowman tranformer.
Jump into the gnome transform, and while in air, transform to snowman.
Due to lag you should Transform to snowman when u land on the machine, then from a snowman, you get transformed to a female gnome!!!!!!

Never Take Damage When Falling

1) Have a target selected.
2) Jump off the cliff.
3) Hit the charge hotkey constantly.

Once you hit the ground you will take no damage because charge will go into effect right away.

Low lvl Pwr Inst Farm w/ Friend or Dual Windowed

If you ever had a low level toon and only wanted 1 item from an instance you can get it without having to run the entire instance.

Now, anything up to maraudon can be soloed by a rogue, im not sure about other classes because of the non-stealth factor but, here is the exploit:
__________________________________________________ ___________
Now, with your level 60 character group with your Low Level Toon. Put the looting on group loot and both of you enter the instance. Set the low level at the start in a safe spot, while your level 60 runs to the bosses and loots them. While in the instance you are entitled to any loot that drops, even if your not in range. So with your level 60 you can pass on the loot and your low level you can roll. BOOM!...your low level gets the item and you just saved a 30+ minute instance run.

Personally I like to use my rogue with the Syndrome program, and stealth through. In Blackfathom Deeps I can do 5 Runs in about 30 minutes and farm the blue loots for my level 29 BG character.
__________________________________________________ ___________

If you have a good enough computer you can open 2 windows on your own computer and do this yourself. Or just do it with a friend so they dont have to waste time by killing everything to get you through.

Whirldwind Exploit

Warriors they messed up on for example

1) Have sweeping strikes up.
2) Switch to beserk.
3) Use whirldwind
4) Hit for example 4 mobs twice.
5) You will do over 6000 damage.

Passable Item Glitchs / Exploits

Please note this trick is rather useless. It's just funny to see what people say.

When you are on a fast moving platform (ie, I tested with the Deeprun Tram) and you toss a "passable item" (such as 'Happy Fun Rock' or 'Leather Ball&#39 between yourself and a team mate, the pathing gets messed up and a ghost copy of the ball fails to reach you, but it still gets in your inventory. Remember this.

Now a completely other 'exploit' before I put these two together. When you pass such "passable items" between two characters, it actually gets added to your inventory before the item actually reachs you. So, if you spam a macro or hotkey to toss the item back to your friend, it'll look like you have more 'balls/rocks' going back-and-forth than you actually have.

Keep in mind I know the Happy Fun Rock has a Unique limit of 4. Knowing that, you could have what appears to be 8 rocks going back and forth if you had all 4. (or even more if you had different types of "passable items")

Now, if you macro or hoykey spam these "passable items" to go back and forth between yourselfs while on a 'fast moving platform' (ie, Deeprun Tram), you'll pass them back and forth a lot but a lot of 'ghost copies' that never 'reached you' will be left far behind on the map. This is where you get to see the useless trick.

After the Tram comes to a stop, all of those ghost copies will try to catch you. If you passed a whole lot of "passable items" back and forth really fast, it'll look really hilarous since a bunch of models will seek you down and if you get many coming at you at once it really makes a weird sound.

For those who don't know, a "passable item" I'm referring to is an item you can "toss" to a friendly player and it gets put in their inventory. It's just for fun.

Also, if you test this on the Deep Run Tram be on seperate "carts" because it doesn't work well if you're too close.

Go to Unfinished New City + More

Yes we were bored and found a place where you can glitch out of the map and onto the mountains above the eastern plaguelands

Lots of swimen to do you start at trisfall and go dive in the water I used syndrome to make this less painfull. youll swim forever see a unfinished town with a spire kinda cool keep goin.

there will be lots of places to get outa the water but we are lookin for a special one it slants almost perfect backwards with a lil incline its at 60,15 in the plaguelands but says 0,0 till you get there since your in unfinished terain. not sure if you can make the climb without syndrome but stay to the left most of the way up slant around if you get stuck once your up theres a few cool places with pits and cliffs. funniest part is when you look up your location its blank. My guild meet there now.

Get 20 Arcanite in 1 hour

This requires a two man team. A hunter (with a cat) and a rogue.

You have a rouge stealth to the first vein in zg. Normally before the bats that explode. Then have your hunter send in his cat stealthed to the rich hakkarian vein and jump out of prowl and aggro all the mobs. the rogue with 300 mining has about a 10 sec window to mine the vein while the mobs guarding the vein are chasing the hunters cat. Run out rinse and repeat.

It takes alot of pratice you can get the runs down to under 5 min and also loot the voodoo dolls. Souldrait also drops which can go for 50g each

How To Use Illegal Name

AS many of you know if you try to name your character or pet "Blizzard" it will not allow you.

But, if you named your character or pet "Blzzard" it will accept no problem. The trick is to substitute special characters for letters. The game allows all of the following special characters in names:

(i tested all of these, if you know more, please let us know! )

The neat part is that inside the game it is nearly impossible to tell the difference from the special character to the real one.

name your pet "jackss" if you want! or "Onyxa" -- so many possibilities

Inside the game, Blzzard looks so much like Blizzrd looks like Blzzrd looks like Blizzard....ppl cant tell the difference.

Better yet, sending you /tells is VERY tough so you will enjoy lots of privacy. Want to have a name that looks like that jerk guild leader? How about a name that looks like the name of the #1 guild leader of the opposing faction?

These characters are all allowed. Enjoy coming up with some creative names for both your pets and your characters.

To type these special characters, hold down the ALT key and on your number pad, press a 3 digit number. ALT 136-170 will get all of them.

Example: ALT+141 will display

OR you can just bring up this post and copy (CTRL C) and paste in the game (CTRL V) the characters.

ps. had some fun today with this. Created a new level 1 dwarf named Onyxa and went to Ironforge. Using the dueling exploit, i started dueling people and they see the message "Xandar has defeated Onyxa in a duel" lol

Fast runecloth with mob exploit (lv55+)

runecloth can be a !@#$%^&* to get when there are other people taking your mobs. one of the most farmed areas of WoW is Kel'Theril in Winterspring. the suffering highbornes are renowned for their runecloth drops & assorted rare drops.

there's an exploit i found that will allow you to basically get 2 of these mobs to spawn whenever you want. there is a catch, there's always a catch. first you need to have the quest Troubled Spirits of Kel'Theril.

here's the quest information, where to get it, etc.

now, DON'T COMPLETE THE QUEST. follow my instructions. when you are at the Highborne Relic Fragment, mine it like normal but don't take the item that pops up!! instead, close the item window and wait. sure enough there will be 2 suffering highbornes that pop next to the fragment thing. you can do this over & over, just make sure you don't pick up the item. Wink

Another DM/VC Exploit (Low Levels)

The Cannon trick is old news and is a direct result of a programming error. Taking that error into account I tested it out and tried other "safe zones".

Once near the ship that VC is on, ANY of the pillars that are attached to the pathway leading up to VC are also safe spots. If you still don't know what I'm talking about, take one of your 60's and aggro the hell out of the entire VC area and walk up the decks passed the goddamn Tauren Mini-Boss (who, btw, will always stun you regardless of your level) and take a right. Once there, look to the end of the walkway and you'll see pillars holding the stairs up. Just jump on one of them and voila.

Lethon Exploit (Easy Kill)

1) Lethon does not spawn the shades as intended at 75, 50, and 25 percent.
2) The fight is very easy now.
3) Try to kill him as soon as possible for a easy kill.

Steal Other Guilds MC / BWL Instances

1) Clean BRD till the MC entrance.
2) Find a player from another guild.
3) Have them joina nd promote them to Raidlead.
4) Enter MC
5) Youll be in the other guilds instance
6) Invite your guild and take the goodies.

Delete Someones Trade Item Bug

1. Find someone annoying ie a person who constantly is spamming an item they own.
2. Tell them you are interested in it and have it sent to you COD
3. Open the mail but dont buy, delete, or return it. Let it stay there for 3 days in limbo.
4. In 3 days the email will be deleted like junk mail.
5. It will not be returned to the sender.

Zul Farrak exploit for Hunters

This exploit is for killing the witch doctor in Zul Farrak solo over and over again for loot and experience.

You need to make your way to the witch doctor, feigning death whenever you aggro something, which should only be twice if you're not reckless. Coming from the entrance you'll need to stay to the right, making your way to the witch doctor's area. Before the witch doctor's enclosed yard area there is a long corridor. Before you enter that corridor which takes you to the witch doctor's area, you need to make a right and get on the hillside behind the wall. You can travel on the hillside all the way right above the witch doctor's alter. Fall into the witch doctor's alter so you can activate him so that his name will turn red and he will be attackable. Before he attacks you he will start saying something which gives you the time to get clear of the area and feign death. Now, go back to the hillside and get right above the witch doctor, standing on top of the wall that encloses his alter. You will see that he is no longer after you but is now attackable. Just shoot him from there until he dies, then feign death again, go down and loot him and his treasure chest. You can disenchant his loot if you'd like.

Hearth Anywhere

Get a friend of the opposite faction

get him to attack the inkeeper, and chase him to the spot u wanna hearth to from now on

eventually, instead of running, the keeper will standstill for 10 seconds and will attampt to get reset to its main location
at this time talk to the keeper and set Hearthstoneto the inn, no when u hearth, you will hearth to that spot

Bypass 15min restriction joining a BG if AFK

This is an exploit that makes the deserter debuff useless. Normally, if you afk out of a game you can't join another for 15min. For this to work you need to be apart of a group. Say your group is in town ready to que but you are in a game that isn't ending anytime soon. A person on the outside has to move the afker to group 7. When in group 7 the person can afk out. Once out the group can que. Tada, no 15 min debuff.

No duration time on items

i found this out when sending an alt some v-day items that had 10 day duration and a few like 2 weeks later i was clearing my mail on my alt well i thin got the (love fulls) from the mail and the duration wasint on the item i thin clicked the item and the duartion popt back up with 10days and the duration was still the same 10days and i also tested it on ah point being that when items with durations are in the mail or in the ah the days do not count down they stay the same

See indefinitely with farsight

you can "walk" farsight along the game and thereby see as far away as you like as well as deep into caves and even into unfinished areas of the game.

1> make a hotkey for farsight

2> cast farsight into the direction you want to look as normal.

3> hit your hotkey while still in farsight mode and before the view shifts back to normal click the targetting cusor onto the ground in the direction you wish to look.

this is a very useful trick for checking !@#$%^&* out in places that are a pain in the !@#$%^&* to get to to decide if you want to bother, such as checking to see if kazzak is up.

i have managed to check out lights hope chapel from trisfal glades using this,

New 1.10 Patch Super fast weapon lvling exploit

I found this out the other day, the devs have introduced a new storyline into SW where a bunch of lvl60 undead guys try to take over the city and some other towns too.

Now the bug is, very simply, the guards will keep agro, the undead guys don't actually ever die, and you can just keep hitting them for at least 30mins until they despawn. This is very handy for increasing your weapon skills, it took me only a few minutes to max out polearms, unarmed, and all my other skills Smile

Free Hearthstone Cheat

Been using this since beta,
If your hearth stone timer isn't reset, party up, zone into the closest instance, then disband. (this doesn't work unless someone else is the leader)

Free hearth!

Abusing the Mail C.O.Ds

This isn't really an exploit of any sorts, more of just abusing the stupidity of the Alliance. This probably wouldn't work too well after this Christmas patch, but I'm sure you could figure out another circumstance when to apply it ::

With all the Christmas quests dealing with Smokeywood Pastures, and lots of the the quest rewards being delivered through the mail (Snowman Outfit), I created a few characters named Smokeywood, Pastures, etc. I then proceded to just /who Ironforge, /who Stormwind City etc. I sent tons of C.O.D. mails out entitled "Your Christmas Present!" "Your New Years Present" "Your Channukah Present" with a C.O.D. of 5g. They would all open it to find 1 piece of Coal. I made over 450 gold doing this, all thanks to the stupidity of Alliance carebears on my server.

Quick Weapon Leveling (New Way) Exploit

In the hinterlands in the east-most village (where the stealthed cats are) there is one stuck ontop of a table. If you stand just close enough to hit the cat it will EVADE every hit but will still give you the experiance point for that weapon. You can use nearly any weapon to do this, i've leveled up my axe, gun and bow skills within 1 hour each, more depending on your intellect.

If needed I can post the exact co-ordinates of the mob.

Details on the mob are as follows.

Name: Silvermane Stalker
Level: 48
Type: Beast

Location: (x,y) 72,53
Beast is standing ontop of the drum.

See Enemies Weapon Drops Before Kills

This bug is located at the Alter of Storms (and possibly other places) in the Blasted Lands. The mobs walking around there tend to have a bug with weapon drops. If the mob is going to drop a weapon or offhand, you will see them carrying it around instead of their normal default staff, sword, etc.

This is very useful to scan around for epic drops, seeing as the Krol Blade and Glowing Brightwood Staff have the potential of dropping here! Thus, you can run around scanning the mobs, and if one is holding a Glowing Brightwood instead of their boring staff or sword, you are guaranteed the staff when you kill it!

15-20 second flights

they may have changed this because i haven't been able to get the party time curse in a while

But if you eat a deviate fish (not a deviate delight) and get the party time curse, then hop on a flight, your toon will try to dance 20 or so seconds into the flight which will warp you to your landing destination.

AQ20 rajaxx exploit

Get to rajaxx who is the 2nd boss in AQ 20 (the left instance after entering the gate)

Have a hunters pet to prowl to rajaxx (past all those mobs)

hit rajax

this will aggro him to the party outside without the big mob level fights.

you should then let your warriors get aggro, and then all attack, you can even talk to the NPCs that would help you fight the waves of mobs and they will attack rajaxx with you.

Stagged Logged In Forever (No Macro)

1) Find a zeplin / ship
2) Go inside.
3) Put on a message saying you are busy.

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- Grind Area [43]: Naga Explorers (Stranglethorn Vale)

Preparation: Purchase 9 Blue Pearls, 1 Frost Oil, 1 Gyrochronatom, 4 Buzzard Wings, 1 Elixir of Water Breathing.

37 is where you obtain your next batch of quests from Stranglethorn Vale. Arathi Highlands has fairly decent quests in Faldir's Cove, or if you're feeling group-friendly, knock out the ones in Stromgarde. Badlands has a lot of nice quests, but you have to actually find them. This is where supplementing experience by grinding becomes more efficient at times, and at 42-43 you should be closing the last of your Stranglethorn quests, and be finished with Badlands and Arathi both, as well.

Scarlet Monastery. Black Menace or Sword of Serenity. Nothing more needs to be said - except where to obtain the quest: Desolace.

Level 43-46:
- Feralas [Feathermoon Stronghold]
- Tanaris [Gadgetzan, Steamwheedle Port]
- Instance: Zul'Farrak
- Grind Area [43]: Wastewander Bandits (Tanaris)
- Grind Area [44]: Isle of Dread (Feralas - Inside Cave; South of Feathermoon Stronghold)
- Grind Area [45]: Feral Scar Vale (Feralas)
- Happy Loot: 14slot bag! Cortello's Riddle quest, starts in one of the ships in Stranglethorn Vale for the end of the Bloodsail Buccaneers line of quests.

Fairly self explanatory, I guess. Not much going on here, really.

Level 46-50:
- Tanaris [Gadgetzan, Steamwheedle Port]
- The Hinterlands [Aerie Peak]
- Instance: Zul'Farrak
- Instance: Maraudon [49]
- Instance: Temple of Atal'Hakkar [50]
- Grind Area [47]: Undead in Western Ashzara (Azshara)
- Grind Area [47]: Dunemaul Compound (Tanaris)
- Grind Area [47]: Elementals/Golems around The Cauldron + N of it (Searing Gorge) - Elemental Leatherworking Supplies

At this point, you more than likely have a bunch of quests saved up for The Hinterlands - including but not limited to, the quest to gather Wildkin Feathers (from Rutheran Village), the quest to obtain a snapshot of Gammerita, the quest to obtain Violet Trajan, the last part of Cortello's Riddle, etc. Feel free to knock them all out at once.

Level 50-55:
- Searing Gorge [Kalaran Windblade]
- Blasted Lands [Blood Elf camp]
- Un'Goro Crater [Marshal's Refuge]
- Felwood [Emerald Sanctuary]
- Burning Steppes [Morgan's Vigil]
- Instance: Temple of Atal'Hakkar
- Grind Area [49]: The Overlook Cliffs (The Hinterlands) - Turtle Scales & Rugged Leathers
- Grind Area [50]: Deadwood Village (Felwood)
- Grind Area [51]: Ruins of Eldarath (Azshara)
- Grind Area [52]: Dreadmaul Rock (Firegut Ogres - Burning Steppes)
- Grind Area [52]: Legash Encampment, Thalassian Base Camp, Ursolan (Azshara)
- Grind Area [52]: Jaedenar (Felwood)
- Grind Area [52]: Sorrow Hill (Western Plaguelands)
- Grind Area [54]: Temple of Arkkoran (Azshara)
- Grind Area [55]: Jadefire Run, Felpaw Village (Felwood)

The quests in Blasted Lands all stack on top of each other. Five in total, one for each stat; they give 4700 experience per turn-in, along with always the chance of obtaining a Draenethyst Sphere for Kumi'sha the Collector with every mob you kill. Un'Goro Crater has the biggest collection of quests out of all of these zones.

Level 55-60:
- Winterspring [Everlook, Starfall Village]
- Western Plaguelands [Chillwind Point]
- Eastern Plaguelands [Light's Hope Chapel]
- Instance: Blackrock Depths
- Instance: Blackrock Spire [60]
- Instance: Stratholme [60]
- Instance: Scholomance [60]
- Grind Area [55]: Felstone Field, Dalson's Tears, The Writhing Haunt, Gahrron's Withering (Western Plaguelands)
- Grind Area [56]: Northridge Lumber Camp (Western Plaguelands)
- Grind Area [56]: Corin's Crossing (Eastern Plaguelands)
- Grind Area [56]: The Pillar of Ash (Burning Steppes)
- Grind Area [56]: Winterfall Village (Winterspring)
- Grind Area [57]: Blackrock Stronghold (Burning Steppes) [NOTE]
- Grind Area [57]: Ice Thistle Hills (Wintespring) - Rugged Leathers

Notes: Blackrock Stronghold is probably the best place to grind for a rogue; however.

Grinding Guide LvL 35-60

No matter how you slice it, grinding is the fastest way to level in WoW. Maybe not the most fun, but it is much faster than questing.

Now, I'd say the best time to start grinding wouldn't be right off - You can get to 35 very easily questing, but after that, it's more of a pain in the as.

There are various good places to grind, so there is some overlapping.

Unfortunately, this applies mostly to damage dealers of the melee variety. Mages and Warlocks may be able to use them, but I don't have as much experience with them.

Warning: Alot of these areas are densely packed with mobs, so you are likely to get adds when you first begin clearing. However, the denser they are, that means the more spawns in the shortest distance - Exactly what you want when grinding.

Levels might be off by the order of 1 or 2, as your grinding ability might be different than that of the classes I have played. I apologize if they are, but I'm fairly sure these spots are mostly accurate.

Grinding areas will only support one person. Any more, and it will be alot slower for EXP. If someone is at the spot you planned on using, try somewhere else. I've tried to provide a good spread of places to try at different levels, but if you can't find one, you might just have to try later

If you're a melee class, I cannot stress the fact that first aid and food are godsends, and will reduce your downtime greatly. Love them. They are VERY useful.

You might also want to spend some money on +stat potions that last for an hour, as well as +hp regen. You're going to mostly be grinding on mobs that have good drops, so you'll have more to spend.


Venture Co. Meteorologists at Lake N. in Stranglethorn Vale
I love these guys. I mentioned them in the gold guide, and I really do love them. They have good drops, and they die fast. Hunters can sometimes even take two on at a time, as they like to stay at range and use their lightning bolt attack. Sic a pet on one, and take out the other yourself. They don't always stay at range, however, so your milage may vary.

The Naga on the islands in Desolace have low armor, and there are casters in the mix. Be wary of the wandering sea giants, though. One will walk across the island every now and then, and they'll kill you if they sees you.

The Murlocs by Grom'Gol in STV are excellent grinding. They have, as per usual, low defense, and take alot of damage. Some casters mixed in the fray as well.

In the Badlands, there are ALOT of rock elementals. They range from about 37 to 42 or so, if I remember correctly. They're sort of close to the Horde base, so Alliance might be weary of the area. They die fast, and they have some pretty good vendor drops. Higher level ones spawn by the Ogres camp, and have a chance of spwaning Rumbler, a named rock elemental. There's also a few quests right by the lower ones, so some extra EXP is fun.

The Scalding Whelps in the Badlands are fun to grind. They're basicly casters, low def and HP, high damage. They also have a chance of dropping a a Tiny Black Whelpling, which can go for 20-50 gold on some servers in the AH, and are pretty cool pets regardless.

The Wastewander humans in Tanaris are great grinding for a large level range. They start off at level 40 and 41, and ramp up to 44 or so, and then you can move to the pirates, which range from 44-45 (Or is it 46?). Chests spawns are all over the place too, so you can get some phat lewt. My gold guide has more in depth information on their location.

The Naga in Stranglethorn Vale are pretty easy to kill, though there aren't any caster mobs mixed in. I personally don't like this one, but it is viable.

There are some more Naga on an island in Feralas, south of Feathermoon Stronghold or whatever. I've never been there personally, but I've heard good things about it. A named naga spawns at the top of one of the caves, 24 hour spawn.

Also in Feralas, there are some Yeti in the Feral Scare Vale. The normal ones are about level 45, and they ramp up to level 48 or so. Pretty good grinding, but the range of movement is sorta large.

The ghosts in Azshara are great. I love them. I can't stress how awesome they are. They drop insane mageweave and silver, and are absolutely excellent to kill. The Litchlings are casters, and die even faster than the Apprentices, which go down FAST. I absolutely love these. However, on my server, several 57+ gold farmers also camp them fairly actively Sad

I've heard good things about the Dunemaul ogres in Tanaris, though I don't have much experience with the area.

I like elementals, and here are some more Smile. In the Searing Gorge Cauldron, and a little bit North of it, there are plenty to grind.

Deadwood Village in Felwood is decent grinding, and you can also use it to raise your Timbermaw faction. Not much I can say about it.

The Ogres in the Burning Steppes are pretty good. Same thing as with other ogres.

More ghosts&#33; This time in Winterspring, on the frozen lake. I <3 these guys.

Running around in the Plaguelands killing undead. Raising Argent Dawn faction is a pain, so you might want to go ahead and do slightly slower grinding at the gain of being able to raise your faction at the same time. It&#39;s also possible to go to 60 doing this, but it&#39;s mind numbingly boring... But for some, the faction is worth it. You cannot gain faction from killing monsters when you are level 60, so if you plan on grinding them for the faction, you may really want to do this until 60

If you&#39;re a rogue, Blackrock Stronghold is the place to be. You will die a few times getting down a beat, but once you have the timing going well, you&#39;ll be dominating the area. Half the mobs there are casters, and the other half still have low armor compaired to most mobs of this level

Level 40-50 Mob Farm Spot

I&#39;ve tried farming a few different places at my current lvl (lvl 44).

So far it seems like the Vilebranch Troll mobs in the Hinterlands are by far the best farm mob I&#39;ve found. They range from lvl 42 to lvl 50 and there are several elite types.

The biggest money maker they drop is "Wildvine".

-It&#39;s used for Wildvine Potions "Restores 1 to 1000 health and 1 to 1000 mana
-Used by engineers
-Used by tailor
-Used by leatherworks
-Required to complete the Leatherworking Wild Leather work quest (two of them).

The AH fee is only like 30c - so there&#39;s very little risk and a stack of 20 wildvines can sell for 5g easily.

From the trolls you also get
-Troll Necklaces: A repeatable quest that gives you 390xp @ lvl 44 for ever 5 of them you turn in (ALLIANCE)
-Flask of Mojo (used for 4 different recipes and an item for a couple of quests:

So you&#39;ve got several money making drops with the Wildvine possibly netting you 5g an hour alone. And if you are part of the Alliance - the NPC right at the Aerie Park entrace give you around 390 xp for every 5 troll necklaces you turn in.

1-60 Horde Leveling guide


I found the best place to be the undead (I haven&#39;t done Tauren, orc/troll suck). Tons of quests and you can easily leave the newbie zone at level 12 which should be your goal. If you pick orc/troll, you will probably have to do a little bit of grinding, because I was only able to get to level 10 in Durotar doing every quest (I think I did at least), and the mobs start at level 12 in the barrens.


Barrens. Duh. A whole fuckload (yes, I have to use that word) of quests. More quests than any other zone, for a huge level range. You can easily stay in the barrens until after level 20. You will get bored of it though ;P


Your time here is best spent between stonetalon and the dreaded hillsbrad foothills. Hillsbrad does have tons of awesome quests, plus it&#39;s a cool zone, but it&#39;s also a zone where horde funnel in at level 18 or so, and alliance funnel in at level 30... Definatly can be a test of your patience if you don&#39;t have a couple of buddies to group with for protection. Stonetalon is a lot better now, but still does not have the content that Hillsbrad does, although it can be a good escape, both from alliance, and when you get tired of Barrens.


Two words: Salt Flats. Located in the eastern part of Thousand Needles, at level 30 about 8 quests open up that will net you 1 level in about 3 hours of killing mobs. Plus, you will make about 5g selling the useless drops you get. Easiest level in the game Wink After you finish needles/flats you should be about level 33-34, and Arathi Highlands is where you want to be. It has a small alliance presence, but horde numbers are much greater. Lots of good quests here, including a bunch of elites with awesome rewards (one of the best swords you can get for levels 34).


Now it&#39;s on to the Badlands, where you get to deal with 8billion coyotes running all over, and earth elementals on every single border Smile Nah, it is a pretty good zone, with some good quests. Miners will love it because there is a ton of ore to be had here, mostly iron, some silver/gold/mithril. You can also head to Tanaris at some point, where there are another good supply of quests. Ooops, almost forgot Grom&#39;Gol in stranglethorn vale. A huge amount of quests here, including 1 for a 14 slot bag at level 36. Make sure you don&#39;t skip this area, lots of great stuff here. Almost forgot Faralas as well. Not a lot of quests here, but it is an absolutely gorgeous zone. There is 1 long questline that ends with an amazing weapon, no matter what your class (4 to choose from).


Lots of choices now, Ungoro, Winterspring, Western Plaguelands, etc etc.

I skipped over some zones, but they are just not worthwhile. Swamp of Sorrows for example has 5-6 quests, but it&#39;s so far out of the way that, except for the Sunken Temple being there, nobody has a reason to visit the damn place. Same with Blasted Lands.

1-60 powerleveling guide

same as "An alliance Powerleveling Guide"
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Quest and Item Guides

Where to Quest

Levels 1-20

Levels 1-20 - This is the same for all races. Go through the starting area,
quest till you&#092;&#39;re ready for the zone next door, quest there for a while, etc.
The Alliance has a few choices, namely Westfall, Loch Modan and Darkshore.
Hands down, the best place to level from 11-20 is Darkshore. It has the best
difficulty scale with its quests and they all involve quite a bit of killing.
You should definitely quest in Westfall until you&#092;&#39;ve finished the VanCleef line,
though. The Horde&#092;&#39;s only two areas are the Barrens and Silverpine Forest.
The Barrens has more quests, but Silverpine has a nice selection if you&#092;&#39;re

In terms of instances, for Alliance, do Deadmines starting when you&#092;&#39;re level 18.
If you can get a group sooner, more power to you, but you&#092;&#39;ll have trouble
hitting enemies in the latter half of the instance. For Horde, go to Ragefire
Chasm starting at 14-16, then Wailing Caverns at 18-22.

Levels 21-30

Alliance - A combination of Redridge Mountains and Wetlands provides some good
quests that&#092;&#39;ll keep you busy for a while. Wait till level 25 to go to Duskwood.
At that point you can handle the earlier quests with ease, and be ready to take
on the later ones immediately after. Duskwood and the latter few Wetlands
quests should hold you till 30. Stockades is a good instance to run through at
25 or so. There&#092;&#39;s no great loot to be had, just a lot of quests, XP and cloth.

Horde - Hillsbrad. If you&#092;&#39;re on a PVP server, I sincerely apologize, but
Hillsbrad does indeed have some of the better quests available. Other areas
include Ashenvale, which isn&#092;&#39;t a bad place to go, but you do run the risk of
being ganked by a whole lot of 60&#092;&#39;s waiting for their turn in Warsong Gulch.
At 25 you can start questing in Thousand Needles, and on the servers I&#092;&#39;ve been
to it&#092;&#39;s mostly populated by Horde, except in the Shimmering Flats area, which
isn&#092;&#39;t till later. Probably the best place is the Stonetalon Mountains. It
usually isn&#092;&#39;t populated by the Alliance, and has some good quests to get up to

For both sides, Blackfathom Deeps can be done around 25 (that is, you will
be effective against most of the enemies there at that level or higher) and
provides some good loot and XP, plus quests.

Levels 31-40

Alliance - Stranglethorn Vale. Bar none, it has the absolute best quests for
this level range, and even up to level 45. It&#092;&#39;s a great place to level up, but
on a PVP server, be prepared to spend the majority of your time running back to
your corpse and praying some level 60 isn&#092;&#39;t camping it. Alternate places
include a combination of Arathi and Hillsbrad quests, though both those zones
combined don&#092;&#39;t give the XP of Stranglethorn. Desolace is a nice, if dreary,
place to level. The centaur quests give you a lot to do, especially when you&#092;&#39;re
trying to build up your reputation with one side or the other. Go through
Gnomeregan as soon as possible and get those quests out of the way. Gnomeregan
sucks. At level 34, you can start going to Scarlet Monestary, but only to the
library. At 36, head to the armory. At 38, the cathedral. All three are
great for loot and XP.

Horde - Stranglethorn Vale. See above. Depending on your server population,
there may be gankage. What am I saying, there WILL be gankage. Anyway, Arathi
contains some good quests, though you can&#092;&#39;t do the big ones (Stromgarde) till
you&#092;&#39;re about 37 or so. The best place to level in your early 30&#092;&#39;s is Shimmering
Flats. It has a bunch of general &#092;&#39;kill this, collect that&#092;&#39; quests for you to
do. Desolace is also nice, but I didn&#092;&#39;t find it as plentiful in XP as on
Alliance. Like Alliance, do Scarlet Monestary for loot and XP starting at the

Levels 41-50

At this point, the quests for both sides will be largely the same. Therefore,
I&#092;&#39;ll be separating this level range by zone rather than side. Bear in mind
that levels 41-45 are the biggest pain in the ass, since there are relatively
few quests available for you then. It gets much easier in the latter 40&#092;&#39;s.

Azshara - Don&#092;&#39;t bother going here until level 45 at a minimum. Immediately
upon entering the zone and to your right you&#092;&#39;ll pick up a couple quests to
grind the ghosts and satyrs. These are fun to kill, they provide good XP and
cloth. Besides those, though, there&#092;&#39;s not much to do till after 50.

Badlands - This is one of those zones I hate on principle. The wildlife is
densely packed and have fairly wild pathing, so you can often end up fighting
several wolves and vultures in a row by standing in one place. However, there
are good quests for both sides, and Uldaman is the only instance to bridge the
gap between Scarlet Monestary and Zul&#092;&#39;farrak. I still don&#092;&#39;t like the place.

Feralas - My personal favorite area, this place has some decent quests for
Alliance, but better ones for the Horde. If you&#092;&#39;re into grinding, you can have
fun with the gnolls, then the ogres when you&#092;&#39;re a little higher. Otherwise,
kill naga for the Alliance and everything else for the Horde. Once you&#092;&#39;re in
your high 40&#092;&#39;s, go to the northwest end for more quests.

Hinterlands - For the Alliance, a lot of quests will take place, if not
originate here. For the Horde, there are loads of quests in the new troll
village. The downside? You&#092;&#39;ll need to be 45-46 in order to do most of them,
plus the troll village is on the opposite side of the zone as Aerie Peak.
However, these quests are to the Horde what the new Searing Gorge quests are
to both sides. Lots of killing, lots to do. Much fun and loot to be had,
including a great trinket, a fantastic necklace, and an awesome fishing pole.

Searing Gorge - Don&#092;&#39;t go here before level 46. There are maybe two or three
quests you can do before then, but the majority (meaning those given at Thorium
Point) will require a range of 46-47 do to effectively. This place is similar
to Badlands in terms of wildlife, but the difference is the critters here are
more spaced out and it&#092;&#39;s easier to go through them. There is an issue with the
patrol paths of the dwarves in the Cauldron. It can take a while to get used to
them, and you&#092;&#39;ll be killed quite a bit until you do. There are an absolute TON
of quests, though, and this place will more than likely carry you from 46 to 50.

Swamp of Sorrows - Technically you can start going here in your high 30&#092;&#39;s, but
quite frankly, you&#092;&#39;ll need a level edge on the local wildlife so you don&#092;&#39;t spend
the majority of your time trying not to be eaten. This is a good place for the
Horde to level on a PVP server, since the Stonard scouts can help you out if
needed. There aren&#092;&#39;t a lot of quests here, but if you&#092;&#39;re an alchemist, you
won&#092;&#39;t find a better source of blindweed.

Tanaris - If you&#092;&#39;re into PVP, this is the place. Like Booty Bay, you won&#092;&#39;t be
able to go two steps in Gadgetzan on a PVP server without picking a fight.
Otherwise, the wastewander bandits are quite possibly the single best thing to
grind. They drop more cloth than the Bloodsail pirates (based on personal
experience, I may just be unlucky in Stranglethorn Vale) and provide a nice XP
bonus with their water pouches.

Instances - Beginning at 40, you can go to Uldaman and generally do well until
you hit the latter half and the level 45 troggs. You can start going to
Zul&#092;&#39;farrak (and be effective) at 45, although there isn&#092;&#39;t a whole lot of loot
to be had there for a rogue. Well, aside from Mason&#092;&#39;s Fraternity Ring, a
reward for the Divin-o Rod quest. You can technically go to Maraudon at 45,
but only the orange side. At 47, start going to the purple side and kill
Vyletongue for a Satyr&#092;&#39;s lash, and Celebras for the Rod of Celebras. At 48,
you can start going on Princess runs and still hit most of the monsters. Make
sure to kill Rotgrip after Princess. The big croc drops a pair of boots that
are perfect for the rogue on the go.

Levels 51-55

Azshara - With new levels opens new opportunities in this zone. You&#092;&#39;re given
the opportunity to kill a few snooty high elves, along with naga and maybe a
few giants along the way. You&#092;&#39;ll be coming back here later, so don&#092;&#39;t get too
sick of it.

Blasted Lands - To be honest, this place sucks for quests. There are a bunch
you can take on for either side, but they consist of collection quests with a
drop rate somewhere in the neighborhood of 0.0001% or less. Still, if you want
to grind wildlife (or sneak a peek at the Dark Portal) there&#092;&#39;s no place better.

Burning Steppes - Good for both sides. Morgan&#092;&#39;s Vigil holds the start of the
Onyxia key quest for the Alliance, and you can still kill stuff on the Horde
side. This is where PVP really gets fun, since you&#092;&#39;re closing the level gap on
the 60&#092;&#39;s.

Felwood - This place is so depressing. The first thing you should do, whether
you&#092;&#39;re Alliance or Horde, is start killing the enemies of the Timbermaw to
raise your reputation to Unfriendly. Once it&#092;&#39;s up that high, you can safely
pass through their stronghold to Moonglade and Winterspring. Afterwards, there
are quests to be done at the Emerald Sanctuary, which mostly involve killing
satyrs. Fun stuff.

Un&#092;&#39;goro Crater - Like Badlands and the rest, this place is dominated by its
rather primitive and lethal wildlife. However, Marshal&#092;&#39;s Refuge also contains
probably the best collection of quests this side of Searing Gorge. The sheer
amount of reward XP you&#092;&#39;ll get will net you half a level, not including all
the XP from the staggering number of critters you&#092;&#39;ll slaughter.

Western Plaguelands - For the Alliance, kill stuff in the Writhing Haunt. The
skellies there drop runecloth and scourgestones. Fun. There are quests for
the Horde, but you won&#092;&#39;t be able to get them from Chillwind. Head to the
Bulwark for their version of the good ol&#092;&#39; Scourge-stomping quests. Andorhal
remains an undead stronghold, but good luck doing anything in there till your
mid 50&#092;&#39;s. Otherwise, do the cauldron quests for relatively easy XP, though
you may need a group for them. You can&#092;&#39;t sap the undead and the cauldron lords
will often have a couple lackeys with him.

Instances - Sunken Temple can be done in the low 50&#092;&#39;s, but good luck getting a
group for it. It may just be the servers I play on, though. From the dragons,
you can get a ring and dagger (both have random enchantments, hope for a
&#092;&#39;ring/dagger of the monkey&#092;&#39 Also in the low 50&#092;&#39;s, you can start doing BRD
quests, although going down to the emperor&#092;&#39;s lair will require you to be 56-57
or so. Still, you can have fun in the upper reaches of BRD till then.

Levels 56-60

Now the fun stuff. Most of the areas mentioned previously make a return, but
there are some new ones worth a look.

Azshara - As far as I know there&#092;&#39;s no new quests here, however, this zone will
feature prominently in a quest line that starts from an NPC along the border
of the Swamp of Sorrows and Blasted Lands.

Blasted Lands - There&#092;&#39;s just one quest here worth your time. Talk to the ghost
NPC sitting at the border of the Swamp of Sorrows and Blasted Lands. He&#092;&#39;ll
start you on a long, involved quest line that&#092;&#39;ll take you through the Blasted
Lands and introduce you to several areas of Azshara. The whole quest line can
be done in a few hours, somewhat shorter if you don&#092;&#39;t fight everything in your
way and have help for the elites you&#092;&#39;ll have to kill. The final part of the
line WILL require a party, and a good one that knows what they&#092;&#39;re doing, but
the final rewards are a ton of XP, a 16-slot bag and a nice trinket (and I think
something else, I forget).

Burning Steppes - Once again return for more ogres, dragons and nutty orcs
trying to ruin Azeroth&#092;&#39;s good times. More quests await when you&#092;&#39;re in this
particular level range, so have at it.

Deadwind Pass - There are zero, I repeat, zero quests here as of the 1.7 patch.
However, you can grind the ogres here right up to 60, and very, very few
people go there if you&#092;&#39;re concerned about PVP (or competition).

Eastern Plaguelands - If you&#092;&#39;re Horde, get your quests from the Blightcaller.
If you&#092;&#39;re Alliance, get them from the guy along the east end of the Thondoril
River. They&#092;&#39;re good grinding quests, and give lots of XP. After finishing
all three you&#092;&#39;ll be sent on a long quest line that&#092;&#39;ll let you tour a lot of
EPL, and will require a five-man Scarlet Stratholme run. However, I highly
recommend going through it, since there&#092;&#39;s a lot of XP to be had, and the very
last part of the quest line is very, very fun.

Silithus - A new area, this place is populated by a wide variety of victims.
Ghosts, bugs and elementals. But mostly bugs. There are some quests, but
not very many. There&#092;&#39;ll be more as of the 1.8 patch, according to Blizzard.
Hopefully they&#092;&#39;ll have good item rewards, since most people who come here are
either level 60 or close to it.

Western Plaguelands - Most of Andorhal&#092;&#39;s quests can be done earlier than this,
but you&#092;&#39;ll kick more undead ass with greater levels. Either way, you likely
won&#092;&#39;t finish the cauldrons till 56, unless you get a higher-level group to
take you through.

Winterspring - Probably has the best set of quests among the zones. From
killing furbolgs and yetis to assaulting a furbolg courier, you&#092;&#39;ll stain the
snow red with the blood of your enemies. Once again, beware of Freelook and
its open-arms attitude toward PVP on like-minded servers.

Instances - Dire Maul&#092;&#39;s east side is open starting at 56 (though you might have
to convince the group you&#092;&#39;re trying to get into). Starting at 57, start trying
to get into Stratholme and Lower Blackrock Spire raids (or groups). Also finish
up any remaining BRD quests and especially the quest to kill the emperor, as it
nets a nice ring. At 58, all the raiding instances are more or less open, but
be prepared to be rejected in favor of a 60 rogue. Bear in mind raids are the
absolute worst way to gain XP, but they do pay off over time with great loot.

Guide to skipping right to Deadmines boss

You have to be a mage lvl 20 or higher.

First you enter the deadmines through the usual entrance

When you are inside, you turn around, take a few steps so that you
stand a few meters from the instance exit, with it in front of you.

Use "Blink"

You are now on the other side of the "portal" without getting a loading screen

You walk left, and you will see the tunnel leads to a completely white location

You walk to the end of the tunnel and use "slow fall"

You jump towards the light, and keep falling towards the bottom

You will be able to watch some of the Deadmines from underneath while jumping

If "Slow fall" weares off, use it again untill you have hit the bottom

After about 30-40seconds, you will either fall into the water, near the
bridge to the great ship where the boss is located, or land at a great
blanc surface, if the latter happens, you will need to either mount or
just run a bit, before being at the ship.

You will now have skipped the entire instance, except EdwinVanCleef.

This is an easy exploit of the game, it works and is tested in the newest patch, and it&#092;&#39;s not detectable.

Farming eye of shadow

Recently, the droprate for Eye of Shadow has been increased, in such an extend it has become viable for farming alone, or preferable in group.

Note: Rumours go Blizzard is to decrease the droprate of Eye of Shadow, so if you want/need one, its a good moment to go farm for it now.

Yield/profit/gain/return: Eye of shadow (). The eye of shadow is used for priest in their quest to obtain Benediction/Anathema () so it&#39;s a fairly important item.

Location: Winterspring, Darkwhisper Gorge ()

Mobs to farm:

Heredine Slayer ():
They are melee based mobs, with no abilities but to run up to you and beat you into tiny bits, using Mortal Strike and just regular hits. They hit very hard, making it impossible to solo as a melee class, as far as i know.

Heredine initiate ():

These are mainly casters casters, they nuke you with shadow spells, easier than the slayers in some cases, depends on your group, class of course.

Profit: It varys on servers of course, I&#39;m playing at a European servers, here you can rid of these for 250-300g, but i&#39;ve been hearing about prices up to 500g.

Extras: The mobs don&#39;t only drop Eye of Shadow, they also drop around 15-20s per kill, i&#39;ve gotten lots of Pristine Black diamonds out of these, of course the cards for the faire (Portals, etc...), Blue/green/epic world drops. They also drop Demonic runes, useful in many ways.

The setup: You need to be level 60 and have semi-decent gear. No epics are required, just be equipped with blues. All of this depends on how many you are farming with. I can confirm it can be farmed solo by following classes, given an adapted spec of talents in some cases.

Hunter: Nothing really special, kiting the slayers is possible, do mind you don&#39;t aggro more mobs. The initiates can be overnuked with both pet and hunter shooting.

Warlock: The slayers can be kited using dots and Curse of Exhaustion, if this not available you can use the fear and Curse of doom combo, combined with shadowbolts. The initiates may prove to be a pain, but i&#39;ve managed to take them down solo before.

Rogue: Slayers are a no, i fail to see how a rogue can take these on, they hit far to hard (700-1000 damage). Initiates might be possible, but i&#39;m afraid these are out of reach for rogues too.

Warriors: Slayers aren&#39;t an option here either. With GOOD gear and a offensive spec, warriors can get down initiates.

Mage: Frost mage is the key to kill slayers, the better the gear, the easier it goes. I think these are best to kill slayers. Initiates may prove to be too hard, just stick to slayers.

Paladin: Paladins are not my terrain, but i&#39;m pretty sure they cannot kill the slayers, the initiates might be within their possibilities, given you have decent gear, a viable manapool.

Druids: Druid can take on Slayers by simple rooting + nuking (outdoor). This might take a while, but its possible. Initiates should be possible aswell.

Shamans: I&#39;m an alliance and pretty much a shamannoob, but after reading my guide you might have a clue whether you can pull this off or not.

Pro&#39;s for solo farming: Profit gained goes integral to you (No &#33;@#&#036;%^&*, Sherlock Wink )

Con&#39;s: Lots and lots of downtime, one class more than the other. In any case, make sure you have water/food/bandages with you, shorten the downtime.

Group farming: When i farm thse, i try to get a few guildmates with me, doing this solo is both boring, and it just takes too long in my opinion.

Perfect setup:

Druid: Slayers are easy with roots, they can also provide mild DPS, back-up healing.

Priest: Normal role, healing Smile

Nukers: Mage/warlock/hunter, these are the guys that bring the mobs down, you have more of these, the mobs will go down quicker.

Other classes aren&#39;t as viable in my opinion. Rogues are just too close combat oriented and too fragile when getting aggro. Paladins don&#39;t contribute so much. Warriors can be an option, but when you have a druid using roots a tank becomes pretty useless. If you can&#39;t get a druid, a warrior is of course useful to keep aggro, then you migth consider a paladin aswell for back-up healing.

Now the ultimate setup should consist out of:


Thats the most succesful group for farming, as i&#39;ve experienced it.

Droprates: This is entirely dependant on luck of course. I&#39;ve farmed 3 Eyes in 1.5 hour before, but have done 4 hours aswell with no drops. All of this in group. I suggest going in group with people you know (=> guild) and decide what to do with the drop before you go farming. You might be helping a priest getting it, or you might be farming for the sole purpose of selling. If you can stick to a group of 4 and take down these mobs in decent speed, you should be able to get a minimum of 50 gold per Eye of Shadow, or 125 depending on how well they sell.

Get Arena Chests Fast

1) Wait for the server to go down.
2) Go to the chest right in front of the arena.
3) When the server goes back up you will be able to loot the chest asap.

Get the Darkmoon Amulet Easily

1) Get (x36) green firework 8 tickets (Engineering)
2) Get them from for 50 copper.
3) Easily get 1200 tickets to buy it.

Guidefeat Lord Kazzak Outdoor-raid boss easily

Get on the ledge of Tainted scar, therefore bypassing Kazzak&#39;s guarding dreadlords, doomguards and mana hounds.

You will still need 30 skilled people but this will make it alot easier.

1) Kill him before he goes supreme (3 minutes you have&#33.

2) He debuffs the players, make sure you have atleast 1 debuffer in every group. Or assign people for only debuffing. Because when you let the debuff explode it drains mana and gives him health.

He has 2 debuffs:
a. The Curse <-Drains 100 mana until you die therefore healing him
b. Magic Debuff <- Magic skill that after 60 secs will explode doing 4000 damage to entire raid party and HEAL Kazzak.

3) Dont let anybody die. Just dont die. Do not let anybody die in any circumstances&#33; He heals for 70,000 if someone dies.

4) Bottom line, get pallys and druids for debuffs, and priests and mages for healing and high DPS.

He is VERY easy but the trick is the debuffing skills. Organise your guild accordingly.

This trick will lead him away from public eye so you won&#39;t get banned due to no one knowing. My guild did this and got the phat-lewt and told no one.
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Profession Guides

Alchemy Guide 1 to 300

Alchemy Guide 1 to 300

About this guide.
This guide will show you how to get your alchemy skill up from 0 to 300. The guide will only use recipe&#092;&#39;s available at a trainer until 265 and vendor available recipes from 265 to 300.
This guide only uses recipes that require herbs and vendor bought material (vials).
This guide does not tell you how to get all the different recipes from quests, vendors or drops. What you do once you hit 300 is entirely up to you. This guide will not tell you what to do with the potions you make either.
This guide is primarily aimed at those who want to switch profession at high level or have high-level alts, friends or guild members.

You are going to need a lot of herbs. Create an alt storage character to store these herbs and then farm (or have an alt farm) for the herbs needed. Use the in game mail system to send the herbs to the storage character. Don&#092;&#39;t forget to send some gold to the storage character, so she can send the herbs back.
Once you have all the components collected, everything has to be sent back to your main character. The mailbox only shows the first 50 items you have in the mail. It also puts the last item send to you on top. So to avoid complications send the components you need first last: i.e. Peacebloom and Silverleaf are needed first, so these are the last to be send back to your main, after the Briarthorn, Mageroyal, etc.
The recipe&#092;&#39;s used require vendor bought components such as vials. These cost gold. To learn recipes from a trainer also costs gold. The amount of gold needed is approximately 40 to 50 gold if you farm all of the herbs. If you want to buy everything you need from the auction house expect to spend upwards to 225 gold. This does not include gold for recipes from vendors or the auction house.
Below is a table that shows the amount of herbs needed. The minimum amount column shows the minimum amount needed if you would get a skill point every time you make something. However at some point a recipe will be yellow or even green when you make something so you won&#092;&#39;t always get a skill point. The estimated amount column deals with this, so try to get the estimated amount of herbs on your storage character. If you are buying all the herbs you need from the auction house, I suggest getting the minimum amount and only buy more when needed.

Component Minimum Amount Estimated Amount
Peacebloom 60 (3 stacks) 60 (3 stacks)
Silverleaf 60 (3 stacks) 60 (3 stacks)
Mageroyal 15 (1 stacks) 20 (1 stacks)
Briarthorn 80 (4 stacks) 90 (5 stacks)
Stranglekelp 40 (2 stacks) 50 (3 stacks)
Bruiseweed 30 (2 stacks) 35 (2 stacks)
Wild Steelbloom 5 (1 stacks) 10 (1 stacks)
Kingsblood 30 (2 stacks) 40 (2 stacks)
Liferoot 30 (2 stacks) 40 (2 stacks)
Goldthorn 45 (3 stacks) 50 (2 stacks)
Khadgar&#092;&#39;s Whisker 15 (1 stacks) 20 (1 stacks)
Sungrass 60 (3 stacks) 70 (4 stacks)
Blindweed 30 (2 stacks) 35 (2 stacks)
Arthas&#092;&#39; Tears 20 (1 stacks) 25 (2 stacks)
Golden Sansam 40 (2 stacks) 60 (3 stacks)
Mountain Silversage 20 (1 stacks) 30 (2 stacks)

Getting from 1 to 50
Getting from 1 to 50 is easy enough. Make 60 minor healing potions. This should get you to skill 60. You need at least skill 55 for the next step; so don&#092;&#39;t worry if you didn&#092;&#39;t get to 60. Keep the minor healing potions, you will need them later.
Once you hit 50 talk to the appropriate trainer to become Journeyman Alchemist. You have to be level 10 to become Journeyman Alchemist.
This table shows the different recipes used to get from 0 to 50.

Skill Item From - To
1 Minor Healing Potion 0 - 60 (60)

Getting from 50 to 125
Use the minor healing potions made earlier to make lesser healing potions to get to 110. If you didn&#092;&#39;t reach 110, make elixirs of wisdom until you do.
At 110 you can train the healing potion recipe. Make those until skill 125.
Once you hit 125 talk to the appropriate trainer to become Expert Alchemist. You have to be level 20 to become Expert Alchemist.
This table shows the different recipes used to get from 50 to 125.

Skill Item From - To
55 Lesser Healing Potion 60 - 110 (50)
90 Elixir of Wisdom 105 - 110 (5)
110 Healing Potion 110 - 125 (15)

Getting from 125 to 200
Make some more healing potions to get to skill 140. Make lesser mana potions to get to 155, greater healing potions to get to 185 and elixirs of agility to get to 200.
Once you hit 200 talk to the appropriate trainer to become Artisan Alchemist. You have to be level 35 to become Artisan Alchemist.
This table shows the different recipes used to get from 125 to 200.

Skill Item From - To
110 Healing Potion 125 - 140 (15)
120 Lesser Mana Potion 140 - 155 (15)
155 Greater Healing Potion 155 - 185 (30)
185 Elixir of Agility 185 - 200 (15)

Getting from 200 to 265
Make some more elixirs of agility to get to 210. Make elixirs of greater defence until 215 and then make superior healing potions until 230. Make elixirs of detect undead to get to 250 and elixir of greater agility to get to 265.
This table shows the different recipes used to get from 200 to 265.

Skill Item From - To
185 Elixir of Agility 200 - 210 (10)
195 Elixir of Greater Defence 210 - 215 (5)
215 Superior Healing Potion 215 - 230 (15)
230 Elixir of Detect Undead 230 - 250 (20)
240 Elixir of Greater Agility 250 - 265 (15)

Getting from 265 to 300
Although you can get to 300 using the elixir of detect demon recipe, the Gromsblood needed is expensive when bought from the auction house so I decided to use vendor available recipe&#092;&#39;s to get from 265 to 300.
Get the superior mana potion recipe from Ulthir in Darnassus or Algernon in Undercity and the major healing potion recipe from Evie Whirlbrew in Everlook.
Make superior mana potion to get to skill 285 and major healing potions to get to 300.
Congratulations, you now have 300 skill in alchemy.
This table shows the different recipes that are available through vendors to get from 265 to 300.
Skill Item From - To
260 Superior Mana Potion 265 - 285 (20)
275 Major Healing Potion 280 - 300 (20)

This table shows who and where the different vendors are for the previously mentioned recipe&#092;&#39;s.

What Who Where
Superior Mana Potion Ulthir (Alliance Faction)
Algernon (Horde Faction) Darnassus
Major Healing Potion Evie Whirlbrew (Neutral) Everlook in Winterspring

Engineering to 300 Fast And Easy

Okay. I decided to pick up engineering, Here&#39;s the guide that I created last night, trying to spend the least amount of gold I could. I must admit that it&#39;s about 70 gold for EVERYthing, But in the end, you&#39;ll have like 20-25 gold in your pocket. This is the Quick and Dirty way. If you can&#39;t keep up with the bill, I suggest getting mining, as it alleviates nearly 90% of your costs when you just straight mine to 300.
First is the shopping list of all items I used in my powerlevel. You WILL have leftovers on most things but I padded for the unlucky.
Next is the List itself. What to skill up on until the level desired. For instance, 1-40 means stop doing it when you get your 40th profession point. Next, what typically you can do with the item. Then, AHed ingredients and finally the ingredients in ONE make of the crafted item.

Also, please leave comments.

Shopping list of items needed:

90 Rough Stones (AH)
80 Coarse Stones(AH)
70 Heavy Stones(AH)
60 Solid Stones(AH)
50 Dense Stones(AH)
10 Wooden Stock (EVend)
29 Weak Flux (EVend)
50 Heavy Leather(AH)
10 Wool Cloth (AH)
33 Runecloth(AH)
51 Copper Bars(AH)
10 Silver Bars(AH)
55 Bronze Bars(AH)
15(*19) Iron Bars(AH)
*4 Coal (EVend)
4 Steel Bars (*get a blacksmith to make from iron and coal, MUCH cheaper.)
106 Mithril Bars *cringes, sorry.*(AH)
159 Thorium Bars *runs*(AH)

Engineering trainers are usually found in major cities.
Artisan engineers can be found in Orgrimmar and Ironforge.
The single master engineer (for all engineers) can be found in Gadgetzan in Tanaris. His name is
Buzzek Bracketswing.


Level: Name of Skill, approx to keep. Keep more in case. [how many to buy from AH.] (recipe req. for each.)

0: Buy a Blacksmith hammer.
Buy Schematic: Green/Blue/Red Firework (Fireworks Merchant in Booty Buy/Iron Forge/Orgrimmar) 40s
Buy Schematic: Thorium Widget - Engineering Supplies in Orgrimmar/Ironforge 1g
Buy Schematic: Thorium Tube - Engineering Supplies in Winterspring (Everlook) 1g40s
1-40: Rough Blasting Powder, sell all [90 Rough Stones] (1xRough Stone)
41-50: Handful of Copper Bolt, used for 66-75.[10 Copper Bars] (1xCopper Bar)
51:Arclite Spanner
[6xCopper Bar](6xCopper Bar)
52-65: Copper Tubes, 10 used for 66-75.
[35 Copper Bars] (2x Copper Bar 1x Weak Flux)
66-75: Rough Boom Sticks, sell all (
[](1x Copper Tube 1x Handful of Copper Bolts 1x Wooden Stock)
76-95: Coarse Blasting Powder, keep 20 for 121-125.
[80 Coarse Stones] (1x Coarse Stone)
96-105: Silver Contacts, Keep 5 for 146-150, Keep 5 for 191-195.
[10 Silver Bars](1x Silver Bar)
106-120: Bronze Tubes, sell all.
[30 Bronze Bars](2x Bronze Bar 1x Weak Flux)
121-125: Small Bronze Bombs, sell all.
[10 Bronze Bars, 10 Wool Cloth]
(1x wool cloth 1x silver contact 4x coarse blasting powder 2x bronze bar)
126-145: Heavy Blasting Powder, 10 for 146-150, 50 for 150-175, 15 for 191-195.
[70 Heavy Stones] (1x Heavy Stone)
146-150: Big Bronze Bombs, throw at friends or sell.
[15 Bronze Bars]
(2x Heavy Blasting Powder 3x Bronze Bar 1x Silver Contact)
150-175: Blue, Green or Red Fireworks, sell.
[50 Heavy Leather]
(1x Heavy Leather 1x Heavy Blasting Powder)
176: Gyromatic Micro-Adjustor
[4x Steel Bars](4x Steel Bar)
177-190: Solid Blasting Powder, 10:206-210, 15:211-225, 16:236-245, 10:246-250
[66 Solid Stones](2x Solid Stone)
191-195: Big Iron Bomb, sell
[15 Iron Bars]
(3x Iron Bar 3x Heavy Blasting Powder 1x Silver Contact)
196-205: Mithril Tubes, sell.
[30 Mithril Bars](3x Mithril Bar)
206-210: Unstable Triggers, 10 for 236-245.
[10 Mithril Bars, 10 Solid Blasting Powder]
(1x Mithril Bar 1x Mageweave Cloth 1x Solid Blasting Powder)(need for later)
211-225: Hi-Impact Mithril Slugs, sell on AH for good profit
[15 Mithril Bars, 15 Solid Blasting Powder]
(1x Mithril Bar 1x Solid Blasting Powder)

---From here, the going will be dangerous, you may want to stock 5-10 more of each thing I&#39;ve listed in case of TERRIBLE steaks of luck, as you will be flying out to Gadgetzan. Also see my section below about Goblin/Gnome engineering. That is an expensive way to level, and my FAQ is cheapest without having to make a choice.---

226-235: Mithril Casings, 10 for 236-245.
[40 Mithril Bars] (3x Mithril Bar)
236-245: Hi-Explosive Bomb, sell.
[10 Mithril Casings, 10 Solid Blasting Powder]
(2x Mithril Casings 1x Unstable Trigger 2x Solid Blasting Powder)
246-250: Mithril Gyro-Shot, sell.
[16 Mithril Bars, 16 Solid Blasting Powder]
(2x Mithril Bar 2x Solid Blasting Powder)
251-260: Dense Blasting Powder, Keep all for shells&#33;&#33;
[50 Dense Stones](2x Dense Stone)
261-290: Thorium Widget, keep for most high-end stuff or sell.
[99 Thorium Bars, 33 runecloth] (3x Thorium Bar 1x Runecloth)
290-300: Thorium Tubes, keep for most high-end stuff or sell.
[60 Thorium Bars] (6x Thorium Bar)
---When all is said and done, it should have taken you 3-5 hours to get it all made. Grats.---

Pick up Schematics that help out:

"Discombulator Ray":
1.You need a DELTA ACCESS security card. It&#39;s a low % drop in gnomeregan, so getting it is the hardest part. I&#39;ve found 3 off of the mobs coming from the back door. You can also find it from AH though in some cases. The important part about delta security card is that it is not BoP, so once you have gotten your schematic, sell it to someone else.
2. You must have 160 engineering.
3. Learn the schematic directly from 3500-D terminals on the way to Thermaplugg from the back door, in the engineering labs.
*4. Now, I have heard also that Alliance need to have the Red Access card, as well, but I did not have it when I got the ability.

"Schematics: Repair bot 74A":
Learn this from a scroll on the ground next to Golem Lord Argelmach in BRD at 300 engineering. (First of all, you&#39;ll need the Shadowforge Key.
1. Take your first left, unlock the gate, run up to the gate on the right, unlock that, run up to the door on the left, unlock it.
2. Walk up to the big gear in this room, and unlock the chain.
3. Run up the ramp in this room, take the left up the stairs, then follow the hallways. You&#39;ll come to a room with about 4 fire elementals, stairs going down on the left, and a ramp going down on the right. Go right.
4. Ahead of you will be many non-elite gnomes and elite elementals standing around. Go straight down from the ramp until you come to a room with a named, and two elementals guarding him.
5. The plans are to your right.)
It takes 12 Thorium Bars, 4 Rugged Leather, 1 Fused Wiring, 2 Elemental Earth, and 1 Elemental Fire. It has only 1 charge before it is expended. Not cheap.

---Types of Artisan Engineering---

The Master Gnome engineer is in Booty Bay.
The Master Goblin engineer is in Gadgetzan. These trainers will give you a task to complete to join
that society. Note that you don&#39;t need to choose either, as it is not linked to learning
artisan engineering at level 35 at all.

For your Goblin engineering quest:
20 Big Iron Bombs (190) (3x Iron Bar 3x Heavy Blasting Powder 1x Silver Contact)
20 Solid Dynamite (175) (1x Solid Blasting Powder 1x Silk Cloth)
5 Explosive Sheep (150)
(1x Bronze Framework 1x Whirring Bronze Gizmo 2x Heavy Blasting Powder 2x Wool Cloth)

For your Gnome engineering quest:
6 Mithril Tubes (195) (3x Mithril Bar)
1 Accurate Scope (180) (1x Bronze Tube 1x Jade 1x Citrine)
2 Advanced Target Dummies (185)
(1x Iron Strut 1x Bronze Framework 1x Gyrochronatom 4x Heavy Leather)

Goblin is the realm of BOOM. You get a wider variety of and more powerful explosives. Unfortunately the dragon gun and the mortar still trigger the shared explosive reuse timer, though they are on seperate cooldowns.

Goblin engineering produces the following:
1) (205) Goblin mining hat (AC 190, +15 sta, +5 mining, mail armor, BoP) (You no take candle&#33
2) (205) Goblin construction hat (AC 44, +15 fire resist, cloth, BoP) Use: absorb 300 to 500 fire damage for 1 minute.
3) (205) Goblin sapper charge (explosive, limited use) Damage enemies around you for a lot while damaging you
for slightly less.
4) (205) Goblin Rocket Fuel recipe (creates a recipe) create recipes for alchemists, who in turn can supply you
with goblin rocket fuel, necessary for some schematics.
5) (205) Goblin Mortar (explosive, 6 uses) Has a minimum and maximum range. Binds on equip, so you can
recharge your own mortar (using the Mortar: Reloaded schematic gained at the same time) for significantly
fewer resources than a new mortar, but cannot recharge anyone elses as it is soulbound to them.
Also worth noting is that this item apparently still causes a "stun" effect instead of a "disorient" effect,
which is somewhat more useful. However, the radius is smaller than listed, probably 6 yards instead of 10.
6) (225) Goblin Rocket Boots (AC 41, cloth) These boots are one of the few items usable by those without
the engineering skill. They allow fast running for a short period of time, but are prone to explosion.
7) (230) Goblin Bomb Dispenser (trinket, BoP) Can create one bomb that behaves as an exploding sheep, every
30 minutes.
Cool (235) The Big One (explosive, 2 uses) A massive bomb that deals high damage in a huge radius. Has a
longer than usual activation time.
9) (240) Goblin Dragon Gun (trinket, BoP) A 10-second channel creates a cone of flame that deals damage each second.
10(?)) (245) Goblin Rocket Helmet (AC 50, +15 sta, cloth) Allows you to charge an enemy, knocking it unconscious
for 30 seconds and yourself for less time. Damage ends the effect.

Gnomish is the realm of devices. Trinkets for every occasion. If you are satisfied with the amount of explosives from standard engineering, go gnomish for utility.

Gnomish engineering produces the following:
1) (205) Gnomish Shrink Ray (trinket) temporarily reduces target&#39;s attack power by 250. this can also backfire
on the user, causing them to shrink or grow.
2) (205) Inlaid mithril cylinder plans (creates a recipe) creates plans for blacksmiths, who in turn can
provide you with mithril cylinders, necessary for some schematics.
3) (210) Gnomish Goggles (AC 45, +9 agi, +9 sta, +9 spi, cloth, BoP) goggles with agility
4) (210) Gnomish Net-O-Matic Projector (trinket) Roots target for 10 seconds, 10 minute cooldown. Can backfire
and root the user instead.
5) (215) Gnomish Harm Prevention belt (AC 66, +6 sta, leather) Use: blocks 500 damage over the next minute,
but can also temporarily remove the user from reality.
6) (225) Gnomish rocket boots (AC 41, cloth) requires engineering to use, but cannot be destroyed like the
goblin version.
7) (230) Gnomish Battle Chicken (trinket, BoP) summons a combat chicken for 90 seconds. 30 minute cooldown.
Cool (235) Gnomish mind control cap (AC 50, +14 spi, cloth) allows mind control of your target for a short time.
9) (240) Gnomish death ray (trinket, BoP) a 4-second channel deals damage to you each second, and then releases
more than the total amount at your target. Aggros as you start channeling.

Those are the big differences I know of. It&#39;s purely a matter of preference. Keep in mind that aside from the ones that are Bind of Pickup, you can trade/buy to get most of the other&#39;s products&#33;

Raise fishing from 1-300

Join an AV match and Fish the pond by the Alliance base. Soak up faction and level your fishing 1-300 at the same time... this does piss alot of people off though.

Fishing Guide/FAQ v.01

--- Start Fishing FAQ ---

This guide covers the Fishing profession that is now a secondary skill. Which means that you can have this skill in addition to your two primary skills. I suggest getting this skill as it can be a nice way to pass time and make a lot of cash as a newbie. Whether this skill is truely usefull at high levels is under debate. There are however some pretty high price catches as well as different trade recipes and locked chests containing materials for almost all the trades.

You can check the WoW site for additional info:

For searches on specific fishing areas and drop information you can check out either of these. Although I suggest Thottbot because it is linked to the Cosmos software that is availible in the downloads section. I believe a newer version is availible now at

Where are the fishing skill trainers?

They are generally near bodies of water. Your best bet is to simply ask a guard. Guards can provide a LOT of good info as well as marks on your map to where they are.

What are the different levels/ranks in the professions?

Rank (Min - Max Skills) (Req Skill)

Apprentice (1-75) (0)

Journeyman (50-150) (50)

Expert (125-225) (125)

Artisan (200-300) (200)

Why is my skill no longer gaining?

1. You have reached the highest skill points for your Rank. Go train to the next rank.

2. You need to move to higher level area to fish.

No-one teaches Expert Fishing?&#33;? How do I get it?

You need to buy the Expert Fishing - The Bass and You from the Old Man Heming in Stranglethorn Vale (Booty Bay).

No-one teaches Artisan Fishing?&#33;? How do I get it?

You learn Artisan level of a Profession by completing a quest given by Wigcik in Stranglethorn Vale (Booty Bay).

What are some zones I can fish in and what fish do they have?
For more indepth information to these zones I suggest using the thottbot link above. They provide near exact percentages on the drop rates as well as what rares are dropped.

Alterac Mountains - Raw Mithril Head Trout & Raw Bristle Whisker Catfish

Arathi Highlands - Raw Rockscale Cod & Firefin Snapper

Adhenvale - Raw Bristle Whisker Catfish & Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper

Azshara - Raw Spotted Yellowtail, Stonescale Eel, Raw Glossy Mightfish, & Winter Squid

Darkshore - Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper, Raw Bristle Whisker Catfish, Raw Brilliant Smallfish, & Darkshore Grouper

Desolace - Raw Mithril Head Trout & Raw Bristle Whisker Catfish

Don Morogh - Raw Brilliant Smallfish & Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper

Durotar - Raw Brilliant Smallfish & Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper

Duskwood - Raw Bristle Whisker Catfish & Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper

Dustwallow Marsh - Raw Rockscale Cod & Thick-shelled Clam

Elwynn Forest - Raw Brilliant Smallfish & Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper

Felwood - Raw Redgill, Raw Sunscale Salmon, Big-mouth Clam & Lightning Eel

Feralas - Raw Spotted Yellowtail & Winter Squid

Hillsbrad Foothills - Raw Rainbow Fin Albacore, Firefin Snapper & Oily Blackmouth

Ironforge - Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper, Raw Bristle Whisker Catfish, & Raw Brilliant Smallfish

Loch Modan - Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper, Raw Loch Frenzy, Raw Bristle Whisker Catfish, & Raw Brilliant Smallfish

Moonglade - Raw Redgill, Raw Nightfin Snapper, & Big-mouth Clam

Mulgore - Raw Brilliant Smallfish & Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper

Orgrimmar - Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper, Raw Brilliant Smallfish, & Raw Bristle Whisker Catfish

Redridge Mountains - Raw Bristle Whisker Catfish & Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper

Silverpine Forest - Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper, Old Skull*, Sickly Looking Fish, Raw Brilliant Smallfish, & Raw Bristle Whisker Catfish

Stormwind City - Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper, Raw Bristle Whisker Catfish, & Raw Brilliant Smallfish

Stranglethorn Vale - Raw Rockscale Cod, Thick-shelled Clam, Firefin Snapper, & Oily Blackmouth

Tanaris - Raw Spotted Yellowtail & Raw Glossy Mightfish

Teldrassil - Raw Brilliant Smallfish & Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper

The Barrens - Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper, Deviate Fish, Raw Bristle Whisker Catfish, & Raw Brilliant Smallfish

Tirisfal Glades - Raw Brilliant Smallfish, Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper, & Sickly Looking Fish

Westfall - Raw Rainbow Fin Albacore, Oily Blackmouth, & Raw Slitherskin Mackerel

Winterspring - Raw Whitescale Salmon, Raw Sunscale Salmon, & Big-mouth Clam

These listed items are based on the drop rates given on thottbot.

So how much can I sell these fish for??

Big-mouth Clam - 46 cp

Darkshore Grouper - 6 cp

Deviate Fish - 25 cp

Firefin Snapper - 50 cp

Lightning Eel - 3 sp

Oily Blackmouth - 25 cp

Old Skull* - 17 cp

Raw Brilliant Smallfish - 1 cp

Raw Bristle Whisker Catfish - 20 cp

Raw Glossy Mightfish - 3 sp

Raw Loch Frenzy - 5 cp

Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper - 5cp

Raw Mithril Head - 50 cp

Raw Nightfin Snapper - 80 cp

Raw Rainbow Fin Albacore - 5 cp

Raw Redgill - 80 cp

Raw Rockscale Cod - 40 cp

Raw Slitherskin Mackerel - 1 cp

Raw Spotted Yellowtail - 80 cp

Raw Sunscale Salmon - 80 cp

Raw Whitescale Salmon - 1 sp 60 cp

Sickly Looking Fish - 1 cp

Stonescale Eel - 2 sp 50 cp

Thick-shelled Clam - 21 cp

Winter Squid - 3 sp 50 cp

Guide to Mining and Goldsmithing

The key for all aspiring young blacksmiths is finding the raw material you will need to craft your creations. Therefore it is highly recommended that you take up the complementary skill mining along with blacksmithing or have several friends who are dedicated to mining for you. Like other materials related crafts blacksmithing requires 1 skill point to become an apprentice, 3 additional skill points to become a journeyman, and 5 additional skill points to become an expert. If you decide to take up mining as well to finance your blacksmithing venture, you will need to spend 3 skill points for apprentice mining, 5 additional skill points for journeyman mining, and 7 additional skill points for expert mining. As a result, unless you are human you will need to reach level 25 before becoming expert in both mining and blacksmithing.

Blacksmithing requires perhaps the most eclectic array of materials of any of the crafting professions. In order to craft some of the higher end weapons and armors you will need to collect materials from all of the gathering disciplines (Fishing, Mining, Herbing, and Skinning). As an example, in order to craft the Shadow War Axe you will need an alchemy Shadow Oil potion from an alchemist which in turn requires an Oil Blacktail fish from a fisherman along with other herbs. But for the most part your main components will come from mining so here is a list of the more common components you will need in great quantity listed in order of difficulty to attain (number in parentheses is the mining skill required).

Copper Bars (1) ?? Your basic copper acquired from Copper mining nodes found in most hilly and mountainous starting zones (e.g. Dun Morough, Elwynn Forest, Durotar).
Tin Bars (65) ?? These are found in Tin mines in lower level zones (e.g.Barrens, Loch Modan, Redridge)
Bronze Bars ?? Bronze bars are smelted by combining Copper and Tin bars.
Silver Bars (75) ?? Silver mines are quite scarce and found occasionally in place of a Tin or Iron mine.
Iron Bars (155 ?? bug should be 100) ?? Iron Mines are found in mid level mountainous zones and are usually guarded by ornery inhabitants of those zones (e.g. Alterac, Thousand Needles, Stonetalon)
Steel Bars ?? Steel bars need Iron bars to lend them strength and Coal (from a trade vendor) to ensure the fires of your forge burn hot enough.
Gold Bars (155) ?? Gold mines are a precious and rare commodity and can be found in place of Iron mine.
Mithril Bars (155) ?? Mithril mines deep in the heart of the mountain yield an abundance of Mithril, unfortunately no blacksmithing formulas currently use it.
Truesilver Bars (155) ?? not yet implemented Truesilver mines currently give you iron ore

In addition to metal you will also find stones inside mines which are also needed to make sharpening stones to add weapons damage and grinding stones used in almost all recipes.
Rough Stones ?? Found in Copper mines
Coarse Stones ?? Found in Tin and Silver mines
Heavy Stones ?? Found in Iron and Gold mines

The final element you will commonly need to create your weapons and armor is the gemstones. Some can be found mining while others need to be acquired either from killing specific creatures or from fishing. In order of difficulty to obtain ?? though not necessarily rarity:

Malachite ?? Copper Mines
Tigerseye ?? Copper Mines
Shadowgem ?? Copper Mines
Small Lustrous Pearl ?? Fishing or Small clams from Murlocs
Moss Agate ?? Tin and Silver mines
Lesser Moonstone ?? Tin, Silver, Iron, and Gold Mines
Iridescent Pearl ?? Fishing or Large clams from higher level Murlocs
Jade ?? Iron and Gold Mines
Citrine ?? Iron and Gold Mines (and Dragons)

As in all of the trade crafts the difficulty of an item to make directly impacts how likely you will gain skill points from creating that item. Orange items will always give you a skill up. Yellow items will usually give a skill up. Green items very rarely give a skill up and grey items will never give a skill up. My suggestion is to always create orange or yellow items which require only ore and grinding stones as those two are your most common components. This will allow you to skill up quickly to the point where you can start selling some of your items at which point you can use your more rare ingredients to create items that people will actually want to use.

The blacksmithing trainer in all the major cities have the exact same stock formulas so there is no need to run around to different city trainers looking for different recipes. There are however special trainers scattered around the world that will teach you additional recipes. The three available in the alliance push are in the Stormwind Dwarven district (Hardened Iron Shortsword), Booty Bay (Moonsteel Broadsword), and Refuge Point(Solid Iron Maul). In addition to specialty trainers there are two other ways to acquire more formulas. Monsters will occasionally drop recipes relative to their level. And certain trade vendors in remote cities will sell smithing recipes (such as the Golden Chain Helmet in Tanaris).
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Gold Guides

WoW World Of Warcraft Gold Earning

This is for alliance only

level 1-15:
Darian Singh in Mage Quarter SW
Sells: blue fireworks schematic
Purchase: 18s
AH price: 1-2g

Soolie Berryfizz in Tinker Town, IF
Sells: Free Action Potion recipe
Purchase: 18s
AH price: 3-4g

level 15-20:
Wenna Silkbeard in Sundown Marsh, Wetlands
Sells: Green Leather Armor and Red Whelp Gloves patterns
Price: 20s
AH price: 1g (each)

Frad Swiftgear in Sundown Marsh, Wetlands
Sells: Minor Recombobulator schematic
Purchase: 15s
AH price 1-2g

level 20-30:
Bliztik in Raven Hill, Duskwood
Sells: Shadow Oil Recipe
Purchase: 15s
AH price: 3-5g

Zan Shivsproket in Ravenholt Manor, Hillsbrad Foothills
Sells: Gnomish Cloaking Device schematic
Purchase: 15s
AH price: 8-10g

level 30-40:
Rikqiz in Booty Bay, Stranglethorn Vale
Sells: Gem-studded Leather Belt and Shadow Skin Gloves
Purchase: 35s **** (Thottbot says 35s but I remember it being around 1g each)
AH Price: Belt sells for 4-5g and gloves sell for 3-4g

Money Very Easy way to get rich QUICK

This might not be new to people but this is how I was taught to do this and it worked for me.

I havn?t made a horde to this point so sorry horde not for you. I have a horde guide later on so hey have fun I have used it so it works so good lick.

In light of some completely useless threads on money making, I thought I&#39;d consolidate the majority of my knowledge when it comes to turning coin. This guide will take you from level 1 to level 40 and if you use these strats you WILL have your mount paid for by 40 and you WILL have top notch gear plus all your spells. The profit margin on these are great and in a few cases HUGE, you just have to invest the time it takes to get the items. That being said, let&#39;s get started.....

level 1-15:

Darian Singh in Mage Quarter SW
Sells: blue fireworks schematic
Purchase: 18s
AH price: 1-2g

Soolie Berryfizz in Tinker Town, IF
Sells: Free Action Potion recipe
Purchase: 18s
AH price: 3-4g

level 15-20:

Wenna Silkbeard in Sundown Marsh, Wetlands
Sells: Green Leather Armor and Red Whelp Gloves patterns
Price: 20s
AH price: 1g (each)

Frad Swiftgear in Sundown Marsh, Wetlands
Sells: Minor Recombobulator schematic
Purchase: 15s
AH price 1-2g

level 20-30

Bliztik in Raven Hill, Duskwood
Sells: Shadow Oil Recipe
Purchase: 15s
AH price: 3-5g

Zan Shivsproket in Ravenholt Manor, Hillsbrad Foothills
Sells: Gnomish Cloaking Device schematic
Purchase: 15s
AH price: 8-10g

level 30-40

Rikqiz in Booty Bay, Stranglethorn Vale
Sells: Gem-studded Leather Belt and Shadow Skin Gloves
Purchase: 35s **** (Thottbot says 35s but I remember it being around 1g each)
AH Price: Belt sells for 4-5g and gloves sell for 3-4g

Pearl diving in Vile Reef
Purchase price: None** (time investment only)
AH price: 4g per stack of 9 pearls
This strat takes a little more then just putting them on the AH.

Make 100&#39;s Gold Level 36 - 44

Ultima&#39;s guide to making 100g from levels 36 to 44


First off, this is HORDE only and is geared to the levels 36-44&#33; I devised this when I hit level 39, and realised "Damn I spent too much, I will never afford the mount in time&#33;". I only had 17 gold and I needed to get 90g for my mount by level 40. It took me Level 39 to 5 bars into level 40 to get all the money. I figured out various tactics to make the money, so here they are&#33;

1.Rock Elementals

I racked in a good 8g from this. I simply went to the Badlands and went to the camp at the north west and to the east there are level 37-40 rock elementals. This is pure grinding folks, you simply kill them and keep the items they drop. Vendor everything but the "Solid Stone", "Deeprock Salt" and the "Elemental Earth" because at the AH you can make a much larger profit. This is a real good place to grind.

2.Sticky Glue, Lots of Money

Now this is the money maker. I made 40g off this in 2 hours&#33; There two ways to go about this. One of the ways is to make a new character that is either Orc or Troll (this is very important). Level him to 5-6 and head to Sen&#39;Jin village. Get the Sticky glue quest from the guy standing near the middle of the village (He isn&#39;t in a hut). Once you get that quest, complete it and get the glue. Now that you have the glue, DO NOT dispose of it. Keep it and sell it at the AH. This is a godlike PVP items the level 60s buy. Each quest gives a stack of 10. Stacks of 10 range from 5g to 10g depending on the time of day or the server. But that&#39;s not it. Once you are there ask noobs to buy theirs for 5s-10s. They never say no unless it&#39;s an alt of someone who knows its worth a lot. Or do the quest with others and ask for their glue.

The second way to go about this is go with your character you need the money with and head down to Sen&#39;Jin village and /tell noobs you will buy it off them for 20s. It is important that you /tell this or else some people will tell them its worth a lot just to piss you off if you yell or general chat it. The first way is easier to make the cash IMO but both work.

3.Scarlet Monastery

This is the king of money making. Get a level 60 friend to run the armory and library over and over (Cathedral if you get 2 high levels) and keep the loot and cash. A run with friends that give you all loot and the cash they earned at end ranges from 7-11 gold. Another way is to just run it with a normal group, the loot isn&#39;t as good but each FULL run of every part of the instance gets you at least 3g (And a whole lot of exp&#33. The ultimate grind place for cash is the graveyard in Scarlet Monastery. If you can get yourself past the elite bad guys in the beginning, and into the graveyard proper, the Forsaken Spirits drop from 1 to 8 silver, along with greys and the occasional green, and they&#39;re Levels 30-32 non-elites. They come in packs of three, and a rogue has little to no problems taking them down hard and fast.

4.Stranglethorn Vale

STV is gank city, but it isn&#39;t as bad as people tell. Just head to the north east and farm the Adventure Co. Geologists. They drop a lot of silk that can be sent to the AH and drop quite a few greens this is great for money, but it gets old fast, doing this for too long can drive you mad&#33; Another good spot is the murlocs, they always have chests all around and are easy to kill. They have low def and don&#39;t hit hard so you can take a good 3-4 of em down without resting&#33; These guys always drop 1-3 silver which is pretty good if you ask me.

&#33;&#33;&#33;Gold prices may vary by server population and tmie of day&#33;&#33;&#33;

Farming 40-60g an Hour [Not an Exploit]

All you need is a level 52-60 character, any class.

Go to fellwood and go to the north eastern most lake. Around the lake you will find Toxic Horrors. These have a 7% Chance drop of Essence Of Water and they can be sold at the Auction House for 10G EACH&#33;

There toxic horrors are very easy to kill howver they do carry a pretty powerful poison.

You can find 4-6 of these an hour pretty easily, and they are very easy to sell since they are a reagent.

Please put this guild in the Confirmed Guilds section because i am 100% positively sure it works because i do it every day.

50 Gold Per Hour

Start farming for your mount just one level before 40.
You can actually start at 38, 37 if you have high dps.

Easily generate the needed 90g for your mount in 1/2 day&#33;&#33;

Just north of the Gurabashi arena and just west of the Jungle Stalkers there is a small area where the "Cold Eye Basilisks" dwell.

The rate of greenie drops on these guys is extremely high, also , even the grey items that they drop is unusually valuable vendor trash.

But... almost 5% of the time they drop a green trinket called "Cold Basilisk Eye" This trinket, is virtually silly and worthless (equipped and use slows a target&#39;s moveent by 15% during combat). However, it is one of but a few trinkets that can be equipped at a character level of 40.

Because of this relatively low required equip level, noobs will go ga-ga and this little trinket will fetch between 5 and 10 gold very quickly. I put all of them on the AH for 5g bid, 10g buyout and sold the majority of them at buyout.

In a 2 hour period, those basilisks dropped 23 of these trinkets for me.

After 3 hours in ah, I had netted 155 gold&#33;&#33;

Not only did I buy my mount, I was able to pay for all new lvl 40 hunter spells (which at 40 is quite an expensive class for spells). I even had enough left over to ditch my leather gear for a decent set of mail armor.

Thinking it might have beeen a fluke, I did it again with my druid and then again with my mage. All 3 had the same result. Since at that level chances are good that you would be questing in STV anyway, there is no reason not to try this.

No fluke, silly trinket, silly people buying it, but, you have your mount at 40 and cash left over&#33;&#33;

Finally, another added bonus, if you are a skinner, you also just made a bunch of heavy and/or thick leather. Not bad for 1/2 days farming.

GL everyone.

600g Easy at Level 60


I will explain this in detail to the best of my limits.

You have to be a Rogue/Druid class Level 60, for this to work, not sure if its been posted or not but anyway here I go.

Item you will hunt for, Plans: Arcanite Reaper my server kil jid sells for 350g min

Ok first things first,Optional items that you can use to speed up the process: Ornate spy glass

Step #1
make a /target Bannok macro ( type /macro, make a icon then type /target bannok and put it on your hot key)

Step #2
What you need to do is make your way up to LBRS in BRM

Step #3
Stealth, and make your way over down to lbrs past the wolfs down to the path of the 2 bridges, then head to the trolls and all the way down to the entrance of the firebrand orcs.

Step #4
from the firebrand orcs make your way along the path to the entrance of the spiders do not go into spider area stop before &#33;&#33;&#33;. All this time you should be spamming your macro key looking for the rare spawn Bannok Grimaxe
(Firebrand Legion Champion)

Step #5
Bannok has 3 know spawns that he spawns at, All three are soloable. In spot closer to spiders you have to be in the corner behind that catapult sh*t or whatever and pull him there with your bow/gun. Noone will come with him
if done right

Step #6 if you made your way all along the path to the spider entrance and didnt find him make your way back and reset instance
(before exiting invite random player 1 make him leader, exit instance, leave party, enter)

Now the after doing this couple times and getting hang of it you can make the trip faster by using ornate spy glass from the ledge before hitting the bridge near the orcs at the top

First, I look at the carpet close to the lava, just by the left wall, then I look at the carpet in the right right corner (the right corner closest to you)
^=cliffsuptop, ~=lava .=fillers to make it look right X=spawnpoints |=walls

_____ __
(spot2)X |
_ |
.| |
.| |
.| ...|
.| ...|
_|X(spot1) |
~~~~~~~~~lava ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^second wolf grp
cliff ME

With this way it saves you the long trick of going all the way down and can be done in about 2 mins in and out but only problem with this is you do not see the 3rd spawn spot near the spiders.

Bannok is a pretty rare spawn and has a spawn percent sometimes is close to 5% sometimes is close to 20%. So it can be one of 40 resets or each 5 resets. He has a about 6-10% chance of dropping plans which sell for differnt prices on differnt servers but either way sells 100g min any server.

25G an hour hunting lvl 55+

In eastern plaguelands there are 3 type of plagubats. All of them consistently drop pelts, eyes, fangs and ears. Sometimes they drop more than one. These items vendor for 8-20s each. they also drop green items as well. You can easily make 30-50g an hour constantly farming these things.

1) Go to eastern Plaguelands
Note: Make sure you are level 55+
2) Find plagubats
3) Kill the plague bats
4) The bats will drop pelts, eyes, fangs, and ears.
Note: These sell for as the economy stands up to 20s each.
5) The bats will also drop green items
Note: These sell for a good amount of gold.
6) You can easily take in 25 Gold an hour killing these mobs.
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Misc Guides



- Intermediate Gear
- Advanced Gear
- Penultimate Gear
- Endgame Gear
- Intermediate Gear
- Advanced Gear
- Penultimate Gear
- Endgame Gear
- Auction House
- Blackrock Depths
- Scholomance
- Dire Maul North ? Tribute Run
- Dire Maul West
- Lower Blackrock Spire
- Upper Blackrock Spire
- Zul?Gurub
- Kazzak
- Azuregos
- Onyxia
- Molten Core
- Blackwing Lair

================================================== =====================
1. Introduction
================================================== =====================

Unlike many other MMORPGs, warriors in World of Warcraft are an
incredibly versatile class, offering several play styles. Each play
style corresponds to one of the three talent trees each warrior has to
choose from. However, in general warriors only have two possible roles
? that of a tank, who absorbs enemy damage and indirectly keeps his
party members alive; or, that of a damage dealer. The three
specializations are commonly referred to as the Arms/MS build, the Fury
build, and the Defense build.

The purpose of this FAQ is to provide a guide that will outline the
best armor/equipment to get no matter what kind of warrior
specialization you choose, and to allow the player to effectively
perform in both his capacities ? that of a tank, as well as that of a
damage dealer. An effective warrior will build two suits for each

The FAQ will be broken up as follows: a listing of defense gear that
the player should make a target of acquiring; next, a listing of ?crit?
gear that should be obtained to proved for maximum damage-dealing
capabilities. A distinction is made between equipment coming prior to
Zul?Gurub, in ZG, and ?endgame? content (Azuregos, Kazzak, Onyxia,
Molten Core, and finally Blackwing Lair).

A dungeon-by-dungeon plan is then laid out that will guide the player
so that he/she knows which bosses to target, and which gear to aim for.

================================================== =====================
================================================== =====================

Nearly every piece of equipment on this list will give a bonus to the
Defense skill. This is the most important attribute for becoming an
effective tank. The goal is to reach close to 425 defense without
relying on the talent ?Anticipation? (which adds 10 points to your
defense skill).

When evaluating two pieces of armor, the following criteria is used to
select which piece of armor is best: total relevant stat points, with
priority given to defense, stamina, bonuses to block/dodge/parry, and

There are four ?levels? of gear, broken down by how difficult they are
to acquire. The distinctions are as such:

Intermediate gear:
This is gear that can be reasonably acquired prior to Zul?Gurub.
This includes Blackrock Depths, Scholomance, Stratholme, Dire Maul, and
Lower and Upper Blackrock Spire, as well as reasonably priced items
that can be purchased at the AH. Expensive craftable items are

Advanced gear:
At this level, gear from Zul?Gurub is included (excluding Hakkar,
the endboss of ZG). Also, expensive craftable items and items that can
be purchased in the AH are included.

Penultimate gear:
This includes all the gear that can drop from Hakkar, Molten Core
(excluding Ragnaros), Kazzak, Azuregos, and Onyxia.

Ultimate gear:
The final level includes loot from Ragnaros and all of Blackwing
Lair. This is true ?endgame? gear.

One last note about gear ? once you get to the Penultimate and Ultimate
levels, you will have to make a choice between upgrading your DPS setup
or upgrading your tanking setup. Since there?s a raid lockout for the
high level instances, it?s nearly impossible to find every piece you
need for 2 distinct setups of armor.

I suggest you make your choice before doing Onyxia; the Onyxia Blood
Talisman and Onyxia Tooth Pendant are two of the best pieces of loot in
the game, but you can only get one or the other, not both.


Head - Golem Skull Helm (+7 def)
Neck - Medallion of Grand Marshal Moriss (+10 def)
Shoulder - Bulky Iron Spaulders (+6 def)
Back - Redoubt Cloak (+7 def)
Chest - Deathbone Chestplate (+17 def)
Wrist - Fel Hardened Bracers (+3 def)
Hands - Stonegrip Gauntlets (+10 def)
Waist - Stalwart Clutch (+8 def)
Legs - Legplates of the Eternal Guardian (+15 def)
Feet - Deathbone Sabatons (+3 def from set bonus)
Finger - Hardened Stone Band (+3 def)
Finger - Hardened Stone Band (+3 def)
Trinket - Force of Will (+7 def)
Trinket - Vigilance Charm (+2% dodge)
Shield - Draconian Deflector (+10 def)
Weapon ? Timeworn Mace (+120 armor)
Enchant - Core Armor Kit, hands (+3 def)

Extra Defense = 112
Extra Dodge = 2%

That will give you a Defense of 412 before entering Zul&#092;&#39;Gurub.


Head - Enchanted Thorium Helm (+9 def)
Neck - Talisman of Protection (+9 def, +1% dodge)
Shoulder - Stockade Pauldrons (+10 def)
Back - Overlord&#092;&#39;s Embrace (+7 def, +1% block)
Chest ? Deathbone Chestplate (+17 def)
Wrist - Fel Hardened Bracers (+3 def)
Hands - Stonegrip Gauntlets (+10 def)
Waist - Stalwart Clutch (+8 def)
Legs - Legplates of the Eternal Guardian (+15 def)
Feet - Bloodsoaked Greaves (+5 def)
Finger - Overlord&#092;&#39;s Onyx Band (+2% block, +1% dodge)
Finger - Overlord&#092;&#39;s Crimson Band (+7 def, +1% dodge w/set bonus)
Trinket - Force of Will (+7 def)
Trinket - Vigilance Charm (+2% dodge)
Shield - Draconian Deflector (+10 def)
Weapon ? Bloodlord Defender (+4 def)
Enchant - Core Armor Kit, hands (+3 def)

Extra Defense = 127
Extra Block% = 3%
Extra Dodge = 5%

That will give you a Defense of 427 without having a single item from
40-man raid-level content, and without having to waste talent points on
Anticipation. By now you will be a VERY effective tank in Molten Core.


Head ? Helm of Might (+7 def, +1% dodge)
Neck - Medallion of Steadfast Might (+8 def, +1% dodge)
Shoulder - Stockade Pauldrons (+10 def)
Back - Overlord&#092;&#39;s Embrace (+7 def, +1% bock)
Chest ? Deathbone Chestplate (+17 def)
Wrist - Fel Hardened Bracers (+3 def)
Hands - Stonegrip Gauntlets (+10 def)
Waist ? Belt of Might (+5 def, +1% dodge)
Legs - Legplates of Might (+7 def, +1% parry)
Feet ? Sabatons of Might (+5 def)
Finger - Overlord&#092;&#39;s Onyx Band (+2% block, +1% dodge)
Finger - Overlord&#092;&#39;s Crimson Band (+7 def, +1% dodge w/set bonus)
Trinket - Force of Will (+7 def)
Trinket - Onyxia Blood Talisman (+8 def, +1% parry)
Shield - Aegis of the Blood God (+7 def, +2% block, block +30)
Weapon ? Bloodlord Defender (+4 def)
Enchant - Core Armor Kit, hands (+3 def)
Enchant ? Presence of Might, head (+7 def, block +15)
Enchant ? Presence of Might, legs (+7 def, block +15)

Extra Defense = 129
Extra Block% = 5%
Extra Block = 90 (might set bonus + 2 ZG enchants + shield)
Extra Dodge = 7%
Extra Parry = 2%

A defense value of 429 is slightly higher than the previous setup, plus
we gain much in our overall stats as well as bonuses to dodge, block
and parry.

Heavy Dark Iron Ring (+5 defense, 110 armor, +20 stamina) can be
substituted for Overlord?s Onyx Band, at the expense of 2% to block and
2% to dodge. It?s a tough call.


Head ? Helm of Wrath (+11 def)
Neck - Medallion of Steadfast Might (+8 def, +1% dodge)
Shoulder ? Pauldrons of Wrath (+7 def, block +27)
Back - Overlord&#092;&#39;s Embrace (+7 def, +1% bock)
Chest ? Breastplate of Wrath (+11 def)
Wrist ? Bracelets of Wrath
Hands ? Gauntlets of Wrath (+7 def, +1% parry)
Waist ? Waistband of Wrath (+7 def, +3% block)
Legs - Legplates of Wrath (+11 def, +2% dodge)
Feet ? Sabatons of Wrath (+7 def, block +14)
Finger - Overlord&#092;&#39;s Onyx Band (+2% block, +1% dodge)
Finger - Overlord&#092;&#39;s Crimson Band (+7 def, +1% dodge w/set bonus)
Trinket - Onyxia Blood Talisman (+8 def, +1% parry)
Trinket - Styleen&#092;&#39;s Impeding Scarab (+13 def, +5% block, block +24)
Shield - Aegis of the Blood God (+7 def, +2% block, block +30)
Weapon ? Bloodlord Defender (+4 def)
Enchant - Core Armor Kit, hands (+3 def)
Enchant ? Presence of Might, head (+7 def, block +15)
Enchant ? Presence of Might, legs (+7 def, block +15)

Extra Defense = 132
Extra Block% = 13%
Extra Block = 125
Extra Dodge ? 5%
Extra Parry ? 2%

With a total defense of 431, and great bonuses to block, dodge, and
parry, you?ll be a tanking machine&#33; If you manage to get your hands on
a higher DPS weapon (such as Maladath, Runed Blade of the Black
Flight), feel free to swap it out for the Bloodlord Defender; you won?t
miss it.

Seriously, if you have all the armor listed above, sell your account on
ebay and retire to the Cayman Islands.

================================================== =====================
================================================== =====================

The goal of this suit of armor is to have either critical hit
percentage bonuses on every piece of equipment, or if not possible,
then a bonus to agility. For every 20 points of agility, Warriors gain
+1% crit. We will want a suit of armor that gives a combined crit
percent of 13% or greater, without sacrificing stamina.

When evaluating two pieces of armor, the following criteria is used to
select which piece of armor is best: total relevant stat points, with
priority given to crit%, stamina, strength, agility, and hit%.

Evaluating strength and agility is tricky, since strength suffers from
diminishing returns in regards to DPS, while agility does not. To
illustrate this, take a total DPS of 100.0 as an example. If we
increase our DPS by 1 by adding to our strength, then we have a 1%
increase in DPS. However, if our starting DPS was 200.0, increasing
the DPS is only a 0.5% increase in DPS.

In regards to agility, 20 agility always = 1% to crit, which in turn
always equates to a 1%+ increase to DPS. So agility has no diminishing

The point is, past a certain DPS, agility becomes more important than

There are four ?levels? of gear, broken down by how difficult they are
to acquire. The distinctions are as such:

Intermediate gear:
This is gear that can be reasonably acquired prior to Zul?Gurub.
This includes loot from Blackrock Depths, Scholomance, Stratholme, Dire
Maul, and Lower and Upper Blackrock Spire, as well as reasonably priced
items that can be purchased at the AH. Expensive craftable items are

Advanced gear:
At this level, gear from Zul?Gurub is included (excluding Hakkar,
the endboss of ZG). Also, expensive craftable items and items that can
be purchased in the AH are included.

Penultimate gear:
This includes all the gear that can drop from Hakkar, Molten Core
(excluding Ragnaros), Kazzak, Azuregos, and Onyxia.

Ultimate gear:
The final level includes loot from Ragnaros and all of Blackwing
Lair. This is true ?endgame? gear.

One last note about gear ? once you get to the Penultimate and Ultimate
levels, you will have to make a choice between upgrading your DPS setup
or upgrading your tanking setup. Since there?s a raid lockout for the
high level instances, its nearly impossible to find every piece you
need for 2 distinct setups of armor.

I suggest you make your choice before doing Onyxia; the Onyxia Blood
Talisman and Onyxia Tooth Pendant are two of the best pieces of loot in
the game, but you can only get one or the other, not both.


Head ? Backwood Helm (+1% crit, +21 agility)
Neck ? Emberfury Talisman (+1% crit)
Shoulder ? Spaulders of Valor (+9 agility)
Back - Stoneskin Gargoyle Cape (+8 agility)
Chest ? Ogre Forged Hauberk (+1% crit, +20 agility)
Wrist ? Vambraces of the Sadist (+1% crit)
Hands ? Reiver Claws (+1% crit)
Waist ? Omokk?s Girth Restrainer (+1% crit)
Legs ? Eldritch Reinforced Plate Leggings (+1% crit, +9 agility)
Feet ? Ribsteel Footguards (+10 agility)
Finger ? Painweaver Band (+1% crit)
Finger ? Band of the Ogre King
Trinket ? Blackhand?s Breadth (+2% crit)
Trinket ? Hand of Justice/Insignia of the Horde/Alliance
Weapon ? Blackhand Doomsaw
Shield - none
Ranged ? Satyr?s Bow (+7 agility, +1% to hit)

Total crit = crit(10) + agility(84)/20 = 14.20%


Head ? Lionheart Helm (+2% crit, +2% to hit)
Neck ? Amulet of the Darkmoon (+19 agility)
Shoulder ? Bloodsoaked Pauldrons (+11 agility)
Back - Zulian Tigerhide Cloak (+13 agility, +1% to hit)
Chest ? Zandalar Vindicator&#092;&#39;s Breastplate (+15 agility)
Wrist ? Zandalar Vindicator&#092;&#39;s Armguards (+11 agility)
Hands ? Stronghold Gauntlets (+1% crit)
Waist ? Zandalar Vindicator&#092;&#39;s Belt (+1% crit)
Legs ? Eldritch Reinforced Plate Leggings (+1% crit, +9 agility)
Feet ? Ribsteel Footguards (+10 agility)
Finger ? Seal of Jin (+1% crit)
Finger ? Band of Jin (+14 agility, +1% to hit)
Trinket ? Blackhand?s Breadth (+2% crit)
Trinket ? Hand of Justice/Insignia of the Horde/Alliance
Weapon ? Arcanite Reaper
Shield - none
Ranged ? Satyr?s Bow (+7 agility, +1% to hit)

Total crit = crit( + agility(99)/20 = 12.95%

We?re sacrificing 1.25% crit chance, but in exchange the rest of our
stats (hit points and attack power) will jump up.


Head ? Lionheart Helm (+2% crit, +2% to hit)
Neck ? Onyxia Tooth Pendant (+1% crit, +12 agility, +1% to hit)
Shoulder ? Bloodsoaked Pauldrons (+11 agility)
Back - Eskhandar&#092;&#39;s Pelt (+1% crit)
Chest ? Zandalar Vindicator&#092;&#39;s Breastplate (+15 agility)
Wrist ? Zandalar Vindicator&#092;&#39;s Armguards (+11 agility)
Hands ? Stronghold Gauntlets (+1% crit)
Waist ? Zandalar Vindicator&#092;&#39;s Belt (+1% crit)
Legs ? Eldritch Reinforced Plate Leggings (+1% crit, +9 agility)
Feet ? Sabatons of Might
Finger ? Seal of Jin (+1% crit)
Finger ? Quick Strike Ring (+1% crit)
Trinket ? Blackhand?s Breadth (+2% crit)
Trinket ? Hand of Justice/Insignia of the Horde/Alliance
Weapon ? Zin&#092;&#39;rokh, Destroyer of Worlds
Shield - none
Ranged ? Satyr?s Bow (+7 agility, +1% to hit)

Total crit = crit(11) + agility(75)/20 = 14.75%


Head ? Lionheart Helm (+2% crit, +2% to hit)
Neck ? Onyxia Tooth Pendant (+1% crit, +12 agility, +1% to hit)
Shoulder ? Drake Talon Pauldrons (+20 agility)
Back - Eskhandar&#092;&#39;s Pelt (+1% crit)
Chest ? Zandalar Vindicator&#092;&#39;s Breastplate (+15 agility)
Wrist ? Bracelets of Wrath
Hands ? Stronghold Gauntlets (+1% crit)
Waist ? Onslaught Girdle (+1% crit, +1% to hit)
Legs ? Eldritch Reinforced Plate Leggings (+1% crit, +9 agility)
Feet ? Chromatic Boots (+20 agility, +1% to hit)
Finger ? Seal of Jin (+1% crit)
Finger ? Quick Strike Ring (+1% crit)
Trinket ? Blackhand?s Breadth (+2% crit)
Trinket ? Hand of Justice/Insignia of the Horde/Alliance
Weapon ? The Untamed Blade/Bonereaver?s Edge/Spinal Reaper/Drake
Talon Cleaver
Shield - none
Ranged ? Blastershot Launcher (+1% crit)

Total crit = crit(12) + agility(76)/20 = 15.8%

================================================== =====================
================================================== =====================

Equipment pieces have the tag of DEF, CRIT, or HIT in front of them to
distinguish which suit they are for. Where appropriate, the ideal
enchant for that particular piece of equipment is then listed.

For items that drop off of bosses, the drop percentage of that
particular item is listed in parenthesis, after the name of the boss it
drops from.

The thotbott link is also listed, for further reference.

The stats of the item are listed; however, any bonuses to Spirit or
Intellect are ignored.


The following items can be purchased in the Auction House. The AH for
the Alliance is in Ironforge; the AH for the Horde is in Orgrimmar.
Items are listed by expected price, from lowest to highest. Exact
prices are not possible since it varies from server to server.

DEF - Ring 1
Hardened Stone Band

/>+8 Strength
+8 Stamina
Defense +3

DEF - Ring 2
Hardened Stone Band

/>+8 Strength
+8 Stamina
Defense +3

DEF - Neck
Medallion of Grand Marshal Moriss

+7 Stamina
Defense +10

DEF - Hands
Stonegrip Gauntlets

392 Armor
+9 Strength
+14 Stamina
Defense +10
Enchant: Core Armor Kit (Defense +3)

Picking up a few pieces of defense gear from the AH will give you a
head start before going into any dungeons. When you?re ready, and have
a good party, the first instance on our world tour is Blackrock Depths,
home to some great loot.


Before heading into BRD, pick up the quest "Disharmony of Fire" (Horde)
or "Incendius&#33;" (Alliance). This quest must be done in a party (can
not be raided).

(If anyone has a link to a good map of BRD, please email it to me; I
can not find one on nor on

Bring a 5-man party of preferably all level 60s. If possible, bring no
shamans or hunters. There is a rare epic mail chestpiece called the
Savage Gladiator Chain that drops in the Arena event; if it happened to
drop and shamans or hunters were present, you would have a hard time
justifying your roll.

An approximate order of where you want to go is: Arena event, General
Angerforge, the Bar (for Phalanx), Lord Incendius, and the Chest of the
Seven event. I would recommend going back in with a 10-main raid for
Emperor Dagran Thaurissan, and to farm any items that did not drop
during the first run. Before going in as a raid, pick up the quest
?Attunement to the Core.? This will allow you entrance to the Molten
Core instance.

DEF - Head
Golem Skull Helm
Blackrock Depths - Phalanx (34%)

477 Armor
+18 Strength
+18 Stamina
Defense +7

DEF - Waist
Stalwart Clutch
Blackrock Depths
Quest reward for "Disharmony of Fire" (Horde) or "Incendius&#33;" (Alliance)
Kill Lord Incendius in a 5-man party (loot Tablet of Kurniya if Horde)

300 Armor
+12 Stamina
Defense +8

DEF - Legs
Legplates of the Eternal Guardian
Blackrock Depths - Chest of the Seven (20%)
Speak with Doom&#092;&#39;rel to start the event.

742 Armor
Defense +15
Enchant: (Health +100)

DEF - Trinket
Force of Will
Blackrock Depths - Emperor Dagran Thaurissan (10%)

Defense +7


Scholomance is an instance located in the Western Plaguelands. It can
either be done in a 5-man party or a 10-man raid.

DEF - Chest
Deathbone Chestplate
Scholomance - Drops from multiple bosses

637 Armor
+12 Stamina
Defense +17
Enchant: (Health +100)

DEF - Feet
Deathbone Sabatons
Scholomance - Drops from multiple bosses

398 Armor
+10 Agility
+12 Stamina
Defense +3 (2-piece Deathbone Guardian set bonus)
Enchant: (Stamina +7)


In a DM North is located in Feralas. There are three Dire Maul
instances ? DM North, DM East, and DM West. DM North and DM West
connect through the library. This is one of the most fun, most
aesthetically pleasing instances in the whole game. It will server as
a nice break from the dreary BRD.

Dire Maul can only been done as a party (non-raidable).

In a ?Tribute Run?, you will bring mats to make an Ogre Suit and to set
a Freezing Trap. You will be bypassing all bosses except for the very
last boss, King Gordok. Upon beating him, you will be crowned the new
King of Dire Maul (joy&#33, get to loot the Gordok Tribute for several
blue items, and can speak to the boss ogres for several buffs.

Try not to bring a shaman or a hunter unless they already have the Ogre
Forged Hauberk (or you already have yours).

DEF - Back
Redoubt Cloak
Dire Maul North - Gordok Tribute (9%)

45 Armor
+15 Stamina
Defense +7
Enchant: (Armor +70)

CRIT - Chest
Ogre Forged Hauberk
Dire Maul North ? Gordok Tribute (12%)

365 Armor
+8 Strength
+20 Agility
+13 Stamina
+1% to Crit
Enchant: (Health +100)
[Even though the OFH is mail and not plate, you?ll be hard-pressed to
find a better blue chestpiece for your crit-gear set].

Now that you&#092;&#39;re buffed to high heaven with the Tribute buffs, exit the
instance, reform the party to reset the instance, and farm the very
first boss a couple times to get the shoulders he drops.

DEF - Shoulder
Bulky Iron Spaulders
Dire Maul North - Guard Mol&#092;&#39;dar (5%)

470 Armor
+15 Strength
+12 Stamina
Defense +6
[First boss, very farmable].


You must have a warlock for this instance; their ability to banish the
elementals you will be facing will make this instance much easier. I
would recommend finding a warlock who is looking to do his epic mount
quest, since that quest is the only way to summon one of the bosses.

Try to NOT bring a rogue. Not only are they not very effective in
here, but you will have to compete with them on a couple key drops.

If the Warpwood Binding drops off of the first boss (Tendris Warpwood),
I would recommend looting it if there are no shamans or hunters who
want it. It serves as a decent placeholder until you get Omokk?s Girth

DEF - Trinket
Vigilance Charm
Dire Maul West - Immol&#092;&#39;thar (7%)

+2% Dodge

DEF - Wrist
Fel Hardened Bracers
Dire Maul West - Lord Hel&#092;&#39;nurath (18%)

283 Armor
+12 Strength
+12 Stamina
Defense +3 102
Enchant: (Stamina +7 or Stamina +9)
[Lord Hel&#092;&#39;nurath is summoned during the Warlock epic mount quest.
Offer to take warlocks here for their epic mount quest - there are
several items you need from DM West, so go as much as possible until
you obtain them.]

CRIT - Legs
Eldritch Reinforced Plate Leggings
Dire Maul West - Prince Tortheldrin (14%)

566 Armor
+15 Strength
+9 Agility
+20 Stamina
+1% to Crit
Enchant: Lesser Arcanum of Constitution (Health +100)
[Best blue PVP legs in the game, by far. Look pretty sweet too.]

You now should have 412 defense if you picked up all those items. That
is plenty to allow you to tank Zul&#092;&#39;Gurub. You have the option of
either continuing on to Blackrock Spire to pick up more pieces for your
crit gear set, or proceeding to Zul?Gurub to pick up better defense
gear, or to start building a Fury set.


First thing to do is pickup the quest ?Warlord?s Command? if you are
Horde or ?Maxwell?s Mission?. This starts a very long chain that will
net you one of the best trinkets in the game, a great armor piece for
your waist, along with eventually giving you access to Onyxia?s Lair.

Warlord?s Command must be done in a 5-man party.

CRIT - Waist
Omokk?s Girth Restrainer
Lower Blackrock Spire
Quest reward for ?Warlord?s Command? (Horde) or ?Maxwell&#092;&#39;s Mission? (Alliance)

353 Armor
+15 Strength
+9 Stamina
+1% to Crit

CRIT - Feet
Ribsteel Footguards
Lower Blackrock Spire ? Urok Doomhowl (40%)

438 Armor
+10 Strength
+10 Agility
+17 Stamina

CRIT - Hands
Reiver Claws
Lower Blackrock Spire ? Overlord Wyrmthalak (11%)

398 Armor
+9 Strength
+15 Stamina
+1% to Crit


CRIT - Neck
Emberfury Talisman
Upper Blackrock Spire - Pyroguard Emberseer (9%)

+8 Stamina
+1% to Crit

CRIT - Shoulder
Spaulders of Valor
Upper Blackrock Spire ? Warchief Rend Blackhand (12%)

470 Armor
+11 Strength
+9 Agility
+17 Stamina

CRIT - Wrist
Battleborn Armbraces
Upper Blackrock Spire ? Warchief Rend Blackhand (9%)

287 Armor
+1% to Crit
+1% to Hit

CRIT - Finger
Painweaver Band
Upper Blackrock Spire - General Drakkisath (16%)

+7 Stamina
+16 Attack Power (equivalent to +8 strength)
+1% to Crit

DEF - Shield
Upper Blackrock Spire - General Drakkisath (13%)

2153 Armor
40 Block
+7 Stamina
Defense +10


DEF - Neck
Talisman of Protection (replaces Medallion of Grand Marshal Moriss)
Zul&#092;&#39;Gurub - High Priestess Mar&#092;&#39;li

+8 Stamina (-7 Stamina)
+1% Dodge
Defense +9 (Defense -10)

DEF - Finger
Overlord&#092;&#39;s Crimson Band
Zul&#092;&#39;Gurub - Bloodlord Mandokir

+9 Strength
+8 Agility
+10 Stamina
Defense +7

DEF - Feet
Bloodsoaked Greaves
Zulg&#092;&#39;Gurub - High Priestess Arlokk

486 Armor
+8 Agility
+25 Stamina
Defense +5

DEF - Back
Overlord&#092;&#39;s Embrace (replaces Redoubt Cloak)
Zul&#092;&#39;Gurub - Jin&#092;&#39;do the Hexxer

140 Armor (-45 Armor)
+10 Stamina (-15 Stamina)
+1% Block
Defense +7 (Defense -7)

Repeated ZG raids should give you the necessary money and faction to be
able to afford the ZG enchants.
You will want to get 2 of them, one for legs, one for helm. Each one
gives +7 defense. First, upgrade your helm to an ETH:


DEF - Head
Enchanted Thorium Helm (replaces Golem Skull Helm)
Crafted (6x Arcanite Bar, 16x Enchanted Thorium Bar, 6x Essence of
Earth, 2x Large Opal, 1x Azerothian Diamond)

526 Armor (-477 Armor)
+12 Strength (-18 Strength)
+25 Stamina (-18 Stamina)
Defense +9 (Defense -7)
Enchant: Presence of Might (Defense +7, Stamina +10, Block +15)

CRIT - Head
Lionheart Helm
Crafted (80x Thorium Bar, 12x Arcanite Bar, 40x Wicked Claw ,10x Blue
Sapphire, 4x Azerothian Diamond)

565 Armor
+18 Strength
+2% to Crit
+2% to Hit
Enchant: Lesser Arcanum of Constitution (Health +100)
[Hands-down, the best DPS helm in the game. A must-have.]

Stockade Pauldrons (replaces Bulky Iron Spaulders)
Buy from the AH

472 Armor (-470 Armor)
(-15 Strength)
+20 Stamina (-12 Stamina)
Defense +10 (Defense -6)

================================================== =====================

Guide to Fast Rank 14

1. Honor points are accumulated each time you take part in the killing of a player of the opposing faction.

2. You are penalized if your level is less than 60 (meaning you don&#092;&#39;t gain as much honor for a kill as a level 60 does).

3. Your total amount of honor points are added up at the end of each week (during server maintenance).

4. Your total honor for the week determines your standing on the
server for that week. Obviously, with standing #1 being the highest you
can achieve and so forth.

5. Your standing determines what share of rating points you will
recieve for that week. The higher the standing, the larger share you

6. Your rating points are points that you earn (different than
honor points) each week based on your overall standing on the server
for that week.

7. Your total amount of rating points determine your rank: Rank 14
is 60,000 and above, rank 13 is 55,000-59,999, rank 12 is 50,000-54,999
and so on.

8. If you finish standing #1 on your server for the week, the largest amount of rating points you can earn is 13,000.

9. Each week you automatically lose 20% of your total rating points
(Honor Decay). This gets kind of confusing because of the cap for
rating loss. The cap is 2500. So, the most rating points you can lose
is 2500 for the week. So, in essence, if you don&#092;&#39;t finish high enough
in standing for the week to earn back the 20% you lost, your total
amount of rating points will decrease. Example:

Player A has a rating of 52,000 in the previous week. Player A does
not pvp at all in the current week. Player A will lose 10,400 rating
points essentially, but it is capped at a maximum of 2500 loss for the
week. So player A would only drop from a rating of 52,000 to 49,500
(Rank 12 to 11).

Where it gets hazy is, "How do I know what standing I need to
maintain my current rating". I don&#092;&#39;t quite have a formula to answer
that question, but any help on this would be much appreciated.

The Skinny:

So, with all this info I have put together a chart to show you how
to go from rank 0 to rank 14 and how long it will take you to do it
under absolute PERFECT conditions.

The chart below shows what would happen if you started to pvp from
scratch (Rank 0) and you finished #1 on your server every week, and you
earned the maximum of 13,000 rating points each of those weeks
(remember that is under optimal conditions which I will explain more
after the chart). Here it is:

Week 1: 13,000 Rating Rank 4

Week 2: 23,400 Rating Rank 6

Week 3: 31,720 Rating Rank 8

Week 4: 38,375 Rating Rank 9

Week 5: 43,700 Rating Rank 10

Week 6: 47,960 Rating Rank 11

Week 7: 51,368 Rating Rank 12

Week 8: 54,094 Rating Rank 12

Week 9: 56,275 Rating Rank 13

Week 10: 58,020 Rating Rank 13

Week 11: 59,416 Rating Rank 13

Week 12: 60,533 Rating Rank 14 (Grand Marshal/High Warlord Woot&#33

So, it IS possible to go from rank 0 to 14 in 12 weeks.

Now, like I stated above, this is only possible under OPTIMAL
conditions. Those conditions being that you finish #1 on the server
every week, you are allotted the maximum rating points each week
(13,000), and you are level 60.

The Grey Areas:

Here are the things I am either not sure of or have no data on at all.

1. Blizzard states that your faction&#092;&#39;s participation in pvp as a
whole also has bearing on the total amount of rating points to be given
out for the week (the total rating pool). So, I&#092;&#39;m not sure how much the
faction has to pvp in order for the #1 standing to receive 13,000
rating points. I don&#092;&#39;t know if it&#092;&#39;s a certain amount of honor or what.
Any clarification on this would be a help.

2. The only constant I am aware of for rating points earned is the
13,000 per week maximum. I do not have any data to help me calculate
what each standing&#092;&#39;s maximum per week is after standing #1. So I&#092;&#39;m not
sure if it&#092;&#39;s percentage based or what. For all I know the maximum
rating points that can be given out for a week for standing #2 is
12,000 (just throwing a number out there). I don&#092;&#39;t have any idea how
these are calculated, but from researching many threads and other
sites, I assume it is % based. Any help on this would also be

3. Also, from what I have read in the forums, I have come to the
conclusion that it IS possible to go from rank 13 to 14 even if you
finish as low as standing #3 for the weeks leading up to your rank 14.
I have not heard, seen, or read anything lower than this. Please post
if you have info regarding this issue as well.

Common Misconceptions About Honor Points:

The common misconception about the honor system is the honor point
total you accumulate for each week. The amount of honor you accumulate
for the week is not the end-all be-all. This is because it is all
relative to what other players have done for the week. I&#092;&#39;ll give you an

In week 1 Player A busts his hump and receives 400,000 honor, but
he only finishes 15th on the server in his faction for that week.

The next week, he doesn&#092;&#39;t pvp quite as much and still gets 350,000 honor, but he finishes 9th in his faction on the server.

How is this possible you ask? Simple. Honor points are only a
measuring tool to show how well you did compared to other players of
your faction on your server. So, in week one of our example, Player A
just happened to be amongst others who pvp&#092;&#39;ed heavily for that week. In
week 2 when he thought he wasn&#092;&#39;t pvp&#092;&#39;ing as much, neither were his
peers, and that reflects by his standing for the week.

How to change you&#39;re character name&#33;

See, blizzard has this rule. You have like... 5 Character "restores". So, you can probably see were I&#39;m going with this... Yes, thats right, DELETE you&#39;re character.

After you have deleted you&#39;re character, have someone make a new character with the same exact name as you had. When he does that, get on one of you&#39;re characters and make a ticket asking for a restoration of you&#39;re character.

The character restoration should take anywhere from 2-4 days. In that mean time you can play on another character, get a life =P, but you must keep you&#39;re ticket up while they are in the process.

When you&#39;re character is renewed it will say "This character name is already taken", then you just simply have to type you&#39;re name into the box that pops up and hit ok.

Vwala&#33; You&#39;re character is renamed =D&#33;&#33;&#33;

Warrior Up To 35,000 Damage

1) Play as a warrior
2) Use recklessness
3) Then use the goblins apper.
4) Recklessness will make the sapper 100% critical hit.
5) Very easy way to damage lots of players.

Make your hands glow (Amazing Effect)

This trick can be done with any scroll that gives Stats. Make sure you already have a buff on you that is higher than the stats buff on the scroll (so it will fail, and say you already have a higher buff)

1. Make sure your buffed (you need dex potion, bofore you use +8 dexscroll)
2. Left click the scroll, Right click on yourself
3. Immediatly after you see your hand start glowing, walk forward
4. The glow effect on you hands will lock forever, until you do it again or log
5. You can try repeatedly, the scroll will never actually cast a buff because you already have a higher buff.
6. This is a client side effect, no one else will see your hands glowing. But good effect for your frapp vids. Diffent scrolls give different colors on your hands.

Paladin Sheild + Hearth Trick

1) Put on the first hearth on the paladin shield
2) Put the seoond one on right away.
3) The second one can not be interrupted from the first one making it uninterruptable.

No bandage use timer [ Trick / Guide ]

1) Use a bandage.
2) Use the spell ice block.
3) Use bandage again now without the wait.

Tanaris AH Trick

Note: This allows you to transfer money to an horde/alliance easily.

1) Go to tarnasis with horde/alliance that has the money you want to move.
2) Bring the other horde/alliance that wants to recieve the money.
3) Have the horde/alliance toon you want to recieve the money sell a small item for the amount you want to transfer.
4) Have the horde/alliance toon with the money buy the item for that much money.
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WoWGlider is the most popular bot for world of warcraft. It is arguably the best world of warcraft combat bot. For instructions on how to setup and run wowglider or to purchase the full version please go



For instructions on how to setup and run realmbot please refer to

Syndrome 200% Speed/Teleport/MiniMap


A group of symptoms that collectively indicate an abnormal condition.

* Symptoms:
o Speed hack: Run/swim/mount at up to 200% of normal speed. A 60 gold mount runs as fast as a 800 gold mount.
o Combat teleport: Reccord spots and warp in between them having your foe run around, not being able to hit you, while you kill it with ranged attacks.
o Track Creatures.
o Track Items.
o No falldamage.
o Lock speed
o Cheat-detection proof. (codewise)

* Troubleshooting:
o Problem: 4 seconds after i start Syndrome it bails out with an error message.
+ Solution1: Make sure your character is loged in to the world before you start Syndrome.
+ Solution2: Reinstall WoW without any UI modifications (ie. CosmosUI) loded.
o Problem: Syndrome seems to start ok, but when I try to use the functions, nothing happends.
+ Solution: Some UI modifications (ie. CosmosUI) can mess up the hotkeys in Syndrome, delete the "interface"-folder in your wow installation to correct the problem.
o Problem: When i zone in to an instance or change continent, Syndrome stops working.
+ Solution: Use the hotkey ALT-R to refresh the functions in the new zone.
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So, thats it&#33; These were copied at Tue Aug 29, 2006 1:08 am. The "Exploits" were copied exactely&#33; All failures are caused by the author(s).

Sorry for that ******* long post&#33;


PS: Gre an alle Deutschen hier
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xP bersetzen ^^ Danke frs reinschreiben
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mach ich immer wieder gerne und zu bersetzen: google, babelfish, leo oder einfach lernen ;P

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Viel dank schlumpf ;D hat mal spa gemacht das so mal bischen zu berfliegen^^ aber sind halt alle schon rechte alt
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Viel dank schlumpf ;D hat mal spa gemacht das so mal bischen zu berfliegen^^ aber sind halt alle schon rechte alt

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