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[SCAM GUIDE] The Business of Gold Conning

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[SCAM GUIDE] The Business of Gold Conning

The Business of Conning Gold

Jankem et al

While I honestly hate the word “scam,” I use it to describe how I make my extra income. The truth is, we are con-men. Anyone who scams…con man. The term con man comes from the term “Confidence Man,” meaning someone who builds up a person’s confidence only to gain trust and then tear them apart. As a scammer, if you’re not 100% sure that you could sell a bag of Manure to an Air Freshener company, then you need to recheck how you’re doing things. In the world of business, or in the business of Gold Scamming I should say, there are three areas or steps that need to be followed to full be successful.

1. Targeting
2. Acquisition and Maintenance (A&M)
3. And finally Destruction and Profiteering. (D&P)
In the next few paragraphs, I will explain not only the rules of engagement, but also the steps listed above to optimize your gold in take, while minimizing exposure. This guide is not a loosely-written directive, but more of a stern rule-book to follow for new initiates to the conning world.

Required Items for this Guide:
- AIM & MSN (Have them installed with a new username and pass that you will
use only for conning.)
- A Phisher of Some Sort and an attached email account.
- Verified Pay Pal Account
- Photoshop
- Ventrillo & Microphone.
- Atlas Loot Add-On (optional)
- WoW IM Add-On (Optional for managing whispers)

Step 1: Genesis of a Con

To begin conning for gold, you should first realize the business and pace at which a con moves. You can go for a long con, such as a Guild Bank con, that requires the gaining of trust over a long period of time, or you can go for a short con which can be pulled off in a matter of moments with little to no planning. This should be the first step you take before ever logging on.
What kind of con are you going to run?
For the sake of this guide, I will be utilizing a short con: the Trading Card Game. Now that you’ve decided on the con to use, you must commit. You will begin by setting up a phisher of some sort. Let it be known that while you can trade scammed accounts for gold services, you’ll ultimately lose more money in the long run. Especially if the person loaning you the account is not the original owner. By using a phisher, you ensure a steady flow of account usernames and passwords, thus cutting out any overhead on the gold you earn.You should never direct your phishing results to your main email
account, but rather to a separate email account or a website that only you can access. For many this is a common sense step in the phishing process, but for others it is not. Once your phisher is stable and producing results, you can move on to the next step. I recommend you do not begin step two until you have at least a total of 5 or more accounts to choose from. Normally, out of the handful of accounts you will receive per day, few will have what I deem “viable” characters, being any character over the level of
60, whereby trust is easier to gain from your mark. I’ll get into Marks later, but for now, focus on your phisher and getting those first few usernames and passwords. When you’re ready, please read on.

Step 2: The Market

As in any currency trading market, there are times when the currency exchange rate will god won or rise drastically. You must always be aware of the going rate for the currency you are selling. In this case: WoW Gold. You can do this by Googling for websites that sell WoW Gold. Most of them have an up to date chart that tells you how much they are currently paying. Granted, this isn’t the mall where prices are a firm baseline not to be crossed. Buyers will normally bend to get your gold if they want it bad enough.
Find 3-4 legitimately designed websites that look professional.
People don’t buy gold from basement-looking sites. They want a site that looks like Amazon for WoW Gold. Now you may be asking why this affects you, and the answer is easy. A company
with an “easy on the eyes” website will attract business, which will lower there gold stocks, which will drive their need higher, allowing easier negotiations for you to get a higher price. There are numerous websites dedicated to the sale of online currency, so glance over them and ask yourself, “Would I buy gold from these people.” If the answer
is yes, then find their “Contact Us” tab and write down their AIM or MSN. You will need it later.

Step 3: Research and Development

At this point, you are almost 100% ready to begin you con. You have your
account; you have your sales point…now you need your Sally Tuesday. Sally Tuesday is your face, your representative in the game. In this case it’s a character. From the account pool you’ve been collecting, you’ve got more than enough accounts to begin. The problem is how many viable characters do you have? I recommend logging into the World of Warcraft official Forums, using the acquired information, and go to “Select Character.” Here you can see most if not all of the characters on the account. You, of course, want to begin at 80 and work your way down.

On a separate sheet of paper, write down the Account Name, the Password, and every level, race and faction of player on the account. Example:

User Pass Level Race/Faction

Jankem Notrealpass123 80 Human/Ally

Do this in a descending manner, and as you use the character, put a check next to its name every time. You will want to do this to prevent this character from being completely Black Listed in trade and thus becoming worthless. If you have an 80, don’t overwork him/her. I normally begin with a full delete of everything but the characters gear.
Vendor everything you can, but keep the gear on him that he’s wearing. And even if you have the rights, don’t touch the Guild Bank, yet. If you clear it immediately, the guild will bash you in chat and any trust you would have gained will be lost. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Moving on…

The next step is written under the pretense of using a level 1 character to scam with. I will make mention of situations using a high level character as well.

Step 4: Trader and Traitor sound alike

For a level 1, selling Tigers and Rockets is almost as easy as selling them from a 70, if you know how to swing the con. A confidence man should never find himself taken off guard. There should never be a question you can’t answer, or an excuse you can’t make up to cover a fumble. Know your alias and know it well.
When it comes to compelling a person to part with gold, there is no greater task than earning trust. It’s difference between half upfront, all upfront and none at all. Earning trust still takes time, even in a short con like the TCG. We’ve all had the “How do I know you’re not just going to take my money?” question. It’s how you respond to that questions that will make or break your sale. Make sure you have a better answer than, “Because I said I wouldn’t.” You’re a level 1…they’re not going to go for that. I find
ways to play my alias into the answer, and most of the time, if not all, this question is not a problem.
Another hurdle of selling from a level 1 is that you’re automatically the bad guy. They don’t know you, have never talked to you, but the second a level 1 starts selling purple codes, he’s a scammer. You’ll get blasted, flamed, whisper-bombed and assaulted with /spits. Deal with it. Keep your cool, and don’t even answer them. The more time you haggle your validity, the more you expose yourself to questions and conversations that
won’t bring you dick for money. From the gobs of WoW IM windows that pop up with assailments, you’ll only answer the positive ones that lead to a valid mark.
Remember, conning for cash is a job. You can make $30 an hour, or you can make minimum wage or less. It’s up to you. I’ll get more into time tables in a few, but for now, let’s focus on Marks.

Step 5: The Mark

A Mark is your victim. I don’t like calling them victims because it’s not you’re
raping them or murdering them…you taking from someone who’s too stupid to see it coming. Thus, they are a marked target, vice a poor, innocence being.
In most scams, like the TCG, your mark comes to you. Your job is to find the
right mark(s) out of the herd of possibles. On a daily basis, server to server, I will post in trade 4-5 times total before shutting down shop, allowing the marks to flow in waves. The first wave will draw a lot of the bullcrap mentioned above from flamers and the like. You can expect, including flames, to get about 5-15 whispers. Most of them will say,
“How much?” or “How you get that?” Don’t answer the ones asking how you got it. There is time for that later. Focus on the people who asked how much. They’ve seen something they want to buy and want to know how much they have to spend to get it. Out of the 5-10 people who ask for a price, maybe two of them will commit to the sale.
The others will be like, “Lol, good luck” or flame you. The two you still have willbe groomed for trust in the sale, and you’ll most likely score from them.

Grooming Tips:

- Stay calm and relaxed. No need to hurry things.
- Ensure that you’ve repeated the same thing twice, like you don’t realize it. I do this with the way I got the card or code. Don’t overdue it though, you randomly mention how you got it four or more times and it looks fishy.
- Let them think that they are in charge of the transaction, it builds confidence.
- Never say the word NO.
- Find something in your mark to exploit. (i.e. sex, fandom, interests) You can
create a dialogue with them that draws attention from the deal towards a more friendly environment, so when you finally say, “Oh, yeah…you still want the Tiger? Lol” They think you’ve forgotten about the sale because of this SUPER convo you’re having.
Now, if you were successful with those two marks, they will be on their way to Booty Bay to cash in their codes. But why should you stop? It’s not like they’re going to hear you in BB…So keep selling the codes. I often advertise while I’m still making the deal with the first two marks. If they haven’t paid you the gold, the items are still up in the air. So if they say, “I thought I was buying that!?” You can reply, “Hey, until it’s sold, I’m keeping my options open.” This is also a good tactic to put pressure on people dragging their feet. Either way, you can run the same con on 5+ people in a 30 min time
on the same server without ever getting caught in the act. Don’t get greedy though…I personally lost 20k gold by hanging around the same server too long and getting a GM ban hammer swack before I could offload my gold.

Step 6: Time

Time will punish you, Hootie and the Blowfish. It will chew you up and spit you
out. Like I said before, are you making $30/hour or minimum wage? And like mentioned above, you want to lose your gold to the nethershites or have time to cash out? Time management will help you with all of these things. I use a basic formula for time and it goes along with my goal set for the night.
Due to real life, my scamming only occurs between the hours of 9pm and 12am most night. In that time, I set a goal of $100.00+, which equates to about 15,000g at $7/k give or take. Given that the mount codes don’t sell for 10k anymore, I often sell them for “best offer gets” which normally nets about 3k per sale. So, here are the factors for a single server run of sales based on quickest time possible.

Run from Spawn to SW: 3 min
Initial Trade Chat and Sorting of Marks: 5-10 min
Negotiation with first wave marks: 10-20min at least these days. 30 for total foot draggers (which I don’t even deal with anymore).
Sale made / Second Wave of advertising: 5 min
Closure of second wave sales: 10-20 again, with 30min+ for foot draggers.
AIM or MSN to gold buyer: 5 – 10 min negotiations
Creation of Gold buyer toon and run to meet for trade: 5-10 whopping ass minutes. Payent into PayPal: 5-10 average.
So from this math, you’re looking at a good hour of time before you ever even
msg the gold buyer to come and get your stash. AN HOUR! Now, for my time frame of conning, I have to cover at least 5k per server/hour to clear $100.00 a night. Granted, so far I have done this easily.
Remember though, you’re not in the clear until the gold is in the buyers bags, so be wary of threats about GMs from people you’ve jipped. Sometimes you may not have time for a second or third wave, while sometimes you can run good enough damage control to get a fourth or fifth wave in.
In the event that you feel time is running out, open a separate instance of WoW and trade or mail the gold to a level one you’ve created on a different scammed account.

Step 7: Negotiations

Now, much like buying a car, you’re going to want t haggle your ass off with
these sellers. Especially depending on the time of year and current events in China. Right now it’s 7-8/k, but I’ve heard of 11-12/k during times of Chinese unrest when the farmers aren’t working. Also watch the value of the US dollar as it fluxuates against the Chinese

Work it like this:

As of Feb 9th, 2009 1 USD = 1.47 CHY or .67 US cents. So for every dollar
someone spends, the Chinese are making 67cents. Now, if the ratio of dollar/Yuan changes, then the market could fluctuate accordingly. Know your grounds before you stand on them.
Now, after calculating the currency exchange between the dollars to the Yuan, look at the exchange rate to the USD to WOW Gold. This is based on the economy and supply of a singular website, but can be compared to other sites on the web as a whole.
This should be another factor you look at when choosing what sites to sell to. If they are selling gold for 20/k, they don’t mind pinching you off a little more than the website who is selling for $15/k. No, the website that is selling for 15/k will most likely have more business and in certain times be willing to pay more based on their need. So must always begin negotiations by messaging all of your contacts in AIM or MSN with an opening
statement that reads : How much are you paying for “Server – US/EU – Ally/Horde?”
From this you can do one of two things, go with the highest listed price or
negotiate between sellers for a higher quote.

Step 8: Reputation

The final step in all this is really the only long-term process in conning for cash. Reputation. Your reputation with the gold buyers can completely negate step 7 and allow you to sometimes set your own rate. I personally use THgoods. They have consistently offered 7.5 when other people were offer 6 or 7/k. Now, after having been a reliable source to them, they know that when I message them, I’m not playing around, I want to sell and get gone. On one Saturday night, the fellow working the MSN stopped asking
my PayPal address and just said, “Payment sent,” whenever he shot some cash into my PayPal.
It was also because of this reputation, when I brought 10,000g to the table, I could ask for 8/k and get it. They know a dog is only as loyal as its last meal, so if they like you and you’re keeping them supplied, they’ll keep your belly full. Now don’t push your luck, but get what you’re worth. In the end, only you can set a price tag on the minutes of your life…but they’re the only ones who have the option to pay it.

And that’s it. Your somewhat modest guide to managing your gold sales. At a
current rate of $100.00+ a night, you can easily earn upwards of $50,000 a year, which is
better than some entry level careers with a degree. Not a bad way to pay off some credit
cards or student loans. If you take your time, remain vigilant, and remember everything
above. There is no reason that you can’t easily earn a lovely second income.

ps: wie immer

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Lets say your getting 15 accounts each week, and "Selling" a "tiger" on each of them, how many of those 15 accounts actually end up being banned?

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