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Angel bot

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Suche einen Angel bot der noch geht und auch nicht erkenbar ist von warden...

Am besten währe es wenn es ein funktionierendes Auti It skript ist aber wenn es was anderes ist dann soll es auch gut sein...

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Ey 7 Post unter deinem steht "suche Angelbot" oben in den Stickys sind auch 2 >.<

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Ich suche aber einen noch funktionierenden angel bot.... Wenn ich waffel bot nehme geht es ja nicht ist ja klar die meisten angel bots gehen nicht... Deswegen möchte ich einen Auti it angel bot am liebsten der auch funktioniert ohne das man da 3tage für brauch das man ihn eingestellt hat...

; AutoIt Version: 3.0
; Name: Xfish version 2.0
; Language: English
; Platform: WinXP, Win2k
; Author: xeonz16 (base version)
; berzerkwolf(some tuning changes and added lure function)
; Script Function:
; WoW Xfish
; Some hints and tips...Deviate fish and Oily Blackmouth are really the only kind that sell
;in my experience...I&#39;m only 150 fishing though. If you leave bot on all night, it will fill your
;inventory up with 2-3 stacks of &#39;rare&#39; fish and zillions of stacks of common crappy ones that
;you either destroy or sell fccccor 20c a stack. I&#39;ve found if you SPIKE your inventory before
;turning the bot on you can catch a way more rare fish. However, this will take longer.
;I&#39;ve guessed the bot fills up a medium-low sized inventory in about 3-4 hours. For me,
;I have to go to work for periods of about 12 hours anyway, so I spike my inventory, by
;taking a stack of 20 oily blackmouth and splitting them into 20 stacks of 1. After 12 hours
;when I get home I&#39;ve got 20 stacks of oily blackmouth instead of 2-3 stacks and 20 stacks of
;cheapo fish. You can catch oily blackmouth in the water near ratchet, and deviate fish
; + deviate scales I think in the oasis&#39;s scattered around the barrens. If you are gonna
;fish the oasis you need to pick a spot VERY carefully so the wandering centaurs don&#39;t
;kill you. When you catch these, you need to sell them to PLAYERS, namely alchemists...they won&#39;t
;get you crap from merchants.
;for troubleshooting the first thing you should do is set &#036;splash to 1
; remember to turn it back to zero after you have the bot leaving it on
;will limit the bot&#39;s lifespan to about 3-4 hours.
;this allows you to see which stage of the script the bot is in then
;if the mouse moves to a wrong location, then lower &#036;colorvariance
;if the mouse doesn&#39;t move and the bot gets hung up on &#39;searching for feather&#39; raise &#036;colorvariance
;if the mouse moves to the feather, and then the bot says &#39;FISH&#33;&#39; without a splash, lower &#036;splashvariance
; the bobber splashes and the bot does not do anything, raise &#036;splashvariance
;move the variances in increments of 5 for best result...
;for trouble FINDING THE BOBBER--
;notice there are several definitions of &#036;feather commented out
;comment out the current one and use another, and then retry adjusting variances
;for trouble WITH SPLASHES--
;there are two pixelsearchs for splash, one uses &#036;day and nother uses &#036;night, you can
;remark one or the other out depending. You can also adjust the &#036;s_offset. This determines
;how many pixels in each direction from the feather the bot &#39;searches&#39; for the splash.
;if you tighten this down you will have less missfires.
;if you are getting lots of &#39;moonglare&#39; you might have to move to another side of the lake
;too much moonglare will cause missfires, changing your location might be the only solution.

;Added comments by berzerkwolf:
;Find places where you can see the sky and got a bright feather
;you can download a autoit source and can change the windows specific names to unusual names for a harder detection of autoit.
;Extract this files to an unusual folder (like "windows folder system32 etc)
;The lurefunction just works if the standard key for the character windows "c" is bind (or change it in this script)
;If you changed the charater frame position at the game, change the coordinates of the rod coordinates
;Change the fleft, fright, fbottom, ftop variable for the coordinates of the fishing rod icon at your weapon slot(use the autoinfo file)
;The coordinates are for a 1280x1024 resolution
;Zoom in with your character to get a first person view
;The key for the lure is 7 (change this key in the script if you ve got an other shortcutnumber)
;For feedback and questions go to and post your question/feedback at the forum or pm me

;changes by berzerkwolf:
; -Added a random function to simulate a more human usage of the rod
; -Added a lure function to combine a lure with the fishing rod
; -Changed some variables for a better tuning
; -Changed some variables for a more lag friendly game
; -Added some needed variables for the new functions

hotkeyset("{ESC}", "Term")
;these are the colorcodes obtained by pantless crab for different splashes
; Colour of splash -
; 0xA2A67D
; 0xC1AD7A
; 0xD0C08D

;this is the box definitions that decide how large of an area to scan for the feather/rod
&#036;left = 110
&#036;top = 240
&#036;right = 1050
&#036;bottom = 530
;fishing rod icon coordinates (change here for the rod at the weapon slot)
&#036;fleft = 150
&#036;ftop = 610
&#036;fright = 195
&#036;fbottom = 655

;these are various variables for the operation of fish bot
&#036;day = 0xF6F6F6;splash color day
&#036;night = 0xFFFFFF;splash color night
;&#036;feather = 0x31314E;day --blue feather
;&#036;feather = 0x1A130F;night --dark dark red
&#036;feather = 0xC33415;day --bright red
;&#036;feather = 0xBD5C27;night --bright red

&#036;colourVariance =30;range of accepted values differing from original code for feather
&#036;splashVariance =10;range of accepted values differing from original code for splash
&#036;step =1;1 = search every pixel, 2 = search every other pixel...etc don&#39;t put higher then like 5
&#036;s_offset =25;search offset, basically how large an area to search around the feather for splash

&#036;lureoffset = 1; increases the luretimer
&#036;frod = 0x947235; color of the rod (change this for the different rod types (+5 fishing rod +20 fishing rod etc)
&#036;lureset = 10; change this for the lure you use (i.e. a 10 min lure =10, a 5 min lure =5)

&#036;splash =0;set this to 1 to view GUI messages, so you can tell where the bot gets hung up
;but turn it to zero once the bot is working, and the bot will &#39;last&#39; for DAYS
;as compared to maybe 4-5 hours with GUI on.
&#036;width = 100; width of GUI box
&#036;height = 60; Height of GUI box--note these two are changed periodically through the script
dim &#036;feather_cord, &#036;time, &#036;sp, &#036;ait1, &#036;ait2, &#036;luretimer, &#036;timelure ;various definitions

&#036;lurediff = &#036;lureset*60000+100000
&#036;message = "lurediff set..."
while 1;main loop
WinActivate("World of Warcraft")
&#036;lurediff = TimerDiff(&#036;timelure)
&#036;message = &#036;lurediff
&#036;start2 = Timerinit();start timer

;this loop searches for feather
while 1

&#036;dif = TimerDiff(&#036;start2)
if &#036;dif > 35000 then;if timer > then 35 seconds then restart bot IE can&#39;t find feather
&#036;message = "Searching for feather..."
&#036;height = 60
;find where the feather is located
&#036;feather_cord = PixelSearch (&#036;left, &#036;top, &#036;right, &#036;bottom, &#036;feather, &#036;colourVariance, &#036;step)
if NOT @error = 1 then
seterror(2);resets @error macro so it doesn&#39;t fire next loop
&#036;message = "Found Something."
;setting arrayed cords to variables to allow easier manipulation
&#036;featherx = &#036;feather_cord[0]
&#036;feathery = &#036;feather_cord[1]
mousemove(&#036;featherx, &#036;feathery);move mouse to feather

&#036;start = Timerinit()
;this loop waits for the splash once feather is found
While 1
&#036;message = "Waiting for bite..."
&#036;height = 100

;calc area of probable splash
&#036;s_left = (&#036;featherx - &#036;s_offset)
&#036;s_top = (&#036;feathery - &#036;s_offset)
&#036;s_right = (&#036;featherx + &#036;s_offset)
&#036;s_bottom = (&#036;feathery + &#036;s_offset)

;these switch between day and night splash...I&#39;ve been just commenting one of them out
;&#036;sp = Pixelsearch(&#036;s_left, &#036;s_top, &#036;s_right, &#036;s_bottom, &#036;day, &#036;splashvariance)
&#036;sp = Pixelsearch(&#036;s_left, &#036;s_top, &#036;s_right, &#036;s_bottom, &#036;night, &#036;splashvariance)

&#036;dif = TimerDiff(&#036;start)
if &#036;dif > 35000 then;resets bot if no bite within 35 seconds

if ubound(&#036;sp) > 1 then;if &#036;sp returns cords then shift + rightclick, discards &#036;sp cords
&#036;message = "Fish&#33;"
&#036;height = 60
mouseclick("right", &#036;featherx, &#036;feathery, 1, 1)
&#036;luretimer = (&#036;luretimer + &#036;lureoffset)


;this func just updates splash message if the variable &#036;splash is set to &#39;1&#39; in the beginning
func update_splash ()
if &#036;splash = 1 then
SplashTextOn( "", &#036;message , &#036;width , &#036;height ,1 ,1 , 17)

;exit the script with the escape key
func Term ()


; this function is for the random timers
func ait1()

if &#036;message= "Fish" then


; this function is for the lureadding
func frod()

&#036;message = "started frod..."
if &#036;lurediff >= &#036;lureset*60000 then
&#036;timelure = 0
&#036;message = "Searching for fishing rod..."
&#036;height = 60

;find where the fishing rod is located
&#036;frod_cord = PixelSearch (&#036;fleft, &#036;ftop, &#036;fright, &#036;fbottom, &#036;frod, &#036;colourVariance, &#036;step)
if NOT @error = 1 then
seterror(2);resets @error macro so it doesn&#39;t fire next loop
&#036;message = "Found Something."

;setting arrayed cords to variables to allow easier manipulation
&#036;frodx = &#036;frod_cord[0]
&#036;frody = &#036;frod_cord[1]
mousemove(&#036;frodx, &#036;frody);move mouse to feather
mouseclick("left", &#036;frodx, &#036;frody, 1, 1)
&#036;timelure = TimerInit(); starts the luretimer


kann mir mal wer sagen ob das der xfish ist&#33;&#33;

ich habe ihn bei wow-cheats gefunden (Danke an SALAMON) und was man wenn es der fish bot ist was man einstellen muss...

<hr>Append on May 13 2007, 01:27<hr> eine frage zum script wenn ich das an habe dann drückt der immer "C" also für char (ich tippe das er einen köder drauf machen will) kann man das rausnehmen wennja könnte das mal jemand machen&#33;&#33;&#33;

Und warum geht die maus nicht immer zum zeiger??

sorry für doppel post.
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Bei mir gehen alle Fishbots...

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probier mal

aus. Hab ihn nicht getestet aber soll funzen...&#33; Natürlich on your own risk
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Ned Flanders den bot kenne ich finde ich aber nicht so gut..

Es soll nur as dem script was ich gepostet habe das entfertnt werden das er immer "C" drück...

P.S. wo stelle ich das ein das der die angel schneller hintereinander auswirft mir dauert das ein bischen lange...
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Sorry halte nicht soviel von auf AutoIt basierenden scripten...

Hab mir mal die Mühe gemacht und dir ein kleines Packet hochgeladen von all den mir bekannten Fishbots

Fish Buddy
Fish Bot
WoW Fisher
wow autoit fishing bot

vielleicht hilft es dir ja weiter

[img]text2schild.php?smilienummer=1&text=HF Ned' border='0' alt='HF Ned' />
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2 Users
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Danke das du dir die mühe machst aber ich will einfach nur wissen wie ich das mit dem das der immer "C" drück raus nimmt und wie man das einstellt das er die angel ein bischen schneller auswirft einstellen kann...
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send("c") rausnehmen ~.~
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und wie kann man das einstellen das wenn kein fish anbeist das er denn schneller die angel rausschmeißt und wenn einer anbeist brauch der auch so ca.10sek bis er die wieder rausschmeist das soll auch kürzer...

kenne mich mit auti it skripten nicht aus
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Originally posted by sirru@May 13 2007, 14:35
send("c") rausnehmen ~.~
Wenn ich das rausnehme geht der ganze Bot nicht mehr warum weiß ich nicht...

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