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open bot frage

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open bot frage

gebt mal bitte paar infos wie ihr open bot findet...

und als anhang is open bot nen pvp bot oder mehr der farm/level bot

ist er sicher oder eher unsicher hab nichts berauschendes im forum drüber gefunden ....

lg divo

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es ist mehr ein farm und lvl bot wobei es auch für openbot eine pvp erweiterung gibt.
naja botten ist nie sicher , du kannst mit dem glider oder eben auch mit innerspace gebannt werden.

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Hier ein sehr intressanter Post von |\/||\/|O

Glider Versus OpenBot: OpenBot

Press -->> here <<-- for the glider part

Don't forget to rep Ocktra as well if you like this guide that we have written. you can do that by pressing here or by pressing the +REP button at his reply to this post.

I have made a fatal error the day when i posted this thread, I should have edited a part, but I must have had two windows open and overwritten my edited part. I had forgotten some of the most -and perhaps the most important - part of the OpenBot team, Fluffster. It is his project and he is the guy we should thank for this wonderfull bot. Sorry Fluffster, Oog, JHN, Yaxa, M^3 and Glave + any other I may have forgotten. This was a dumb case of bad editing from my side tho.

A little introduction first. As some of you know, I am administrator here on ******* and have been for quite a while. I have been a regular botuser for just over 2 years, where i started with Glider then moved on to Bytebot, WoWbot and OpenBot.
This is the counterpart to Ocktra's Glider thread, We hope to bring u a better picture of what the two bots are capeable of and what they can do. Hoping that it will make your decission when chosing which bot to use, easier.

OpenBot is my favorite bot at the moment, and has been for quite a while. OpenBot requires the Innerspace platform in order to function. It is not as well known as Glider, but it is getting more and more popular, it is under constant development from Fluffster, Apoc, Ritz, Part4ever, Oog, and M^3, and Glave and our own Chazwazza and their developing team, Apoc and chazz are active ******* members.

OpenBot is my favorite bot at the moment, and has been for quite a while. OpenBot requires the Innerspace platform in order to function. It is not as well known as Glider, but it is getting more and more popular, it is under constant development from the development team.

In order for OpenBot to function you need Innerspace as I wrote further up. To download, and log on to the Innerspace Network, you need a subscription from called a "GamingTools Pro Subscription". You can use the large range of scripts like AVbot, WoWbot, BGbot, Partybot, Openbot and more on the Innerspace platform. If you refer someone to Innerspace you get a bonus, the size of the bonus depends on how big a subscription the person you refer signs up for:

    * If a friend you refer subscribes for 3 months, you get 30 free days and they get 15 free!
    * If a friend you refer subscribes for 1 year, you get 45 free days and they get 30 free!

The Sucscription fees are as follows:

    * A 90-day Gaming Tools Pro subscription is $10
    * A 365-day subscription is $36

OpenBot has features such as Background mode, Custom routines(custom Classes), Vendoring and more.

Ease of use:
In my opinoin OpenBot is just as easy to use as Glider, actually if i was to set up one of these bots now, i would find it easier to setup OpenBot, what makes Openbot a bit more difficult is the aspect of Innerspace i think and the fact that you need to read something instead of just pressing GO . But as OpenBot is developing it is getting more and more userfriendly.

OpenBot doesnt need to use the actionbars, if you have the spell and you have set ur toon to use it then the bot will find the spell and use it when told to.

There are two things that can cause you trouble with openbot as i see it: Routines and Mapping.
However that being said, the only way that Routines, as i see it, will cause you trouble is if you decide to use something else than the default routines. I would like to say tho that everyone should take a look at OpenBots routine section to find a routine that fits your needs completely.
Mapping on the other hand takes some time to get used to, it is fairly easy when you think of it tho as you can press "Rendered Mapping" so you can see where you have mapped and where you haven't.

Check out the Links and Information section located below for some links to tutorials and Routine section.

Player Detection:
OpenBot has a few tools that can be enabled to help to prevent Player Detection, meaning players reporting you to Game Masters.

    * Follower Logout timer: You can set a timer to logout after someone has been following you for a certain amount of time.
    * Wave to follower: Waves to the follower if you have been followed for some time.
    * Target follower: It will target the follower and then move on. (not to sure about this one)
    * Attack Other Faction: You can set the bot to attack the other faction, there is an option to set it to attack only if you are attacked first.
    * Change Location on Follower: Pretty much self explanitory
    * Smart Emotes: OB can emote back depending on the emote sent to it. It will try hard not to emote the same thing twice.

However when looking at player detection, the biggest risk, as i see it, is how the bot moves, meaning pathing.

Openbot has an advanced pathing system, it uses LavishNav. When running around in a town or a city it will detect the vendors, questgivers etc.
Where as Older bots uses waypoints, which in my opinion makes bots look very robotic, openbot uses HotSpots. Hotspot is a point at the map where you want your bot to roam around, you can then set the range to anything from 0 - 200 yards which determines how far the bot will go from the hotspot - once done at one hotspot it will go to the next.
It uses what's called a Navigational Mesh. This means it will try not to follow the same path twice, and does not have a "predefined" route to take. Making it much more human looking.

Black area => Fightzone
Red stripe => Dead walk
Blue stripe => Vendor walk
Green => Hotspots

thank you tttommeke for the image of your steamwheedle map.

OpenBot has a feature called "Micro IPO" (Micro IsPathObstructed) that is constantly scanning the terrain nearby for obstacles such as walls, trees, or buildings. When the Micro IPO sees that it has a chance to get stuck, it will attempt to avoid the obstacle. (Usually by strafing left or right, sometimes by jumping) If you do manage to get stuck after the Micro IPO fails, the unstuck feature kicks in about 2-5 seconds later. This forces you to try and jump out of your current location. If a jump forward does not work, it will attempt to jump side to side, and backwards. If all else fails, it will attempt to runthe path you took in to get out of being stuck. If that happens to fail as well, it will hearth you, and given enough mapping data, run you back to where you were grinding.

The same goes for Openbot that a large part of player detection is up to you. Don't use public map + hotspots, respond to whispers, and don't be stupid aka bot in public places, eventho OpenBot has been know to be able to do this.

Software Detection:
OpenBot uses the warden protection from Innerspace called ISXWarden. We usually see around 1 - 2 bans in every 3 - 4 months from people using Openbot, these bans are more than likely because of player detection.

OpenBot (Innerspace) uses code injection into the WoW client. This enables endless possibilities to what can be done within the game.
Since OpenBot injects code directly into the client, it can easily scan the area for quest items, certain types of NPCs as well as capture a greater number of things in the surrounding environment.
The major plus to injection, is you do3n't en1d 8up t2alki3ng li3ke thi0s2. You can type clearly as the bot goes on happily killing things, and doing quests for you. Since Openbot does not take over your keys or mouse, you can talk to people as you normally would, and look around, organize things in your bag, etc, while the bot is running. Definitely cool!
You can also minimize it without worry of something going haywire on you. - which means you can continue to browse those pr0n sites while ur bot is going.

Seeing as there are so many options in OpenBot and so many things u can set it to do like restock, equip(better items), Mule(send stuff to another char), it has a bit more tabs, it is still very userfriendly though.
Also it is possible on most - if not all default routines - to change the way that your character kills the mobs while ingame by a userfriendly UI.

Once u have ur mapping area setup then it is basicly a "just press go" Interface. I login to the game and just press Go, My bot will go from the Inn then maybe go and buy some arrows, some food and water if needed and then go on a killing spree wherever i have set my hotspots.

Battleground Capabilities:
OpenBot does have a battleground capabillity, it is not integrated in this version but will be in the next, however it is out on Apocs site and u can get it there, it is still in beta and updated very frequently so therefore it is not in the OpenBot standard package at this time.

It will kill, heal, cap and defend for you and the best part is that it is free and opensource
If you cant wait for the next version of OpenBot then u can go here to find out more info about it or go to the post here on ******* that Apoc himself has published by pressing HERE ([GUIDE] oBG for OpenBot)

Vendoring Capabilities:
Openbot actively scans nearby NPC's and automatically adds them to storage to remember for later. All you need to do, to be able to use them, is walk near them while OB is loaded. Openbot supports EVERY NPC in the game.
Vendors, restock merchants, flightmasters, quest NPCs, class trainers, profession trainers, the whole nine yards. Elevators are coming in the next release as well!

As i said earlier you, you can easily minimize openbot while botting, or even start playing another game. It wont mean a thing, it will continue to bot without any problems.
The "Disable video Render" makes it very efficient for running multiple versions of wow on one computer at the same time. In fact I have seen people run up to 21 instances of openbot on one machine at the same time.
My own record is 7 tho, i didnt have any more accounts at that time , but i ran seven without a struggle.

It is possible and easy to setup Openbot to place your talentpoints automaticly. The same goes for training, if you gain a level then OpenBot will go to the nearest classtrainer and train for you as well.

OpenBot comes with default combatroutines, but there is a "Class config" button in openbot which allows you to modify the routine to your likings. Further than that you can go to OpenBot's routine section and download a routine or you can find the info needed to write one yourself. All this is Opensource as well, like everything else when it comes to OpenBot.

The Innerspace/OpenBot community is very helpfull(If you have searched for your answers on the forums first). We have two stickies on ******* which shows you how to setup OpenBot and Innerspace without any problems it's pretty idiot proof. Other than that there are the OpenBot forums where quick help is usually offered from both members and developers. There is also the IRC channel where there is always someone who might be able to assist you in finding a solution to your problem.

With Innerspace/OpenBot community I have found that if you are able to help then you help. This means that you will usually get help very fast, unless you have not made any effort yourself to sort out your problem.

Biggest benefit of OpenBot:
It's open source! This means if something doesn't quite behave the way you want, you can easily change things around to suit your needs.

Credit goes to everyone who have helped me making this possible specially Apoc and tttommeke.

Links and information:

If you wanna donate to the dev team for their effort then its possible by pressing here
Click here to get yourself a Lavishsoft Subscription using me as referrer - This will give you 15 days extra if you buy a 3 months subscription and 30 days if you buy a subscription for a year.
My E-mail adress is [email protected]*******.com
I can be found on in #openbot channel or #ob-obg channel as well under the nick KuRIoS
Guide to setting up OpenBot (setting up Openbot , noob friendly)
Guide to setting up Innerspace (Setting up Innerspace)
OpenBot Homepage
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