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Perfect World (Description)

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Exclamation Perfect World (Description)

Just letting everyone know of a new upcoming Open Beta MMORPG being released some time tomorrow. It's the english version aswell.

PS: The character customization in this game if freaken amazing... there is so much you can customize to your character to make it unique... YOUR TIT SIZE CAN GO BEYOND *DD* if you catch my drift.

GG Wiki...

Release time: 11:30 +8gmt (tomorrow)


Perfect World


Perfect World (Chinese: 完美世界, commonly abbreviated as PW and W2), is a MMORPG game developed by Beijing Perfect World. The Malaysian version (Perfect World (MY)) is now in Open Beta for their English version of Perfect World available to all countries. Korean, Brazilian, and International versions of Perfect World are under development and yet to set the date for closed beta release. The International Version will be built to specifically accommodate North America and Europe more locally then any previous versions.


Perfect World is a 3D MMORPG that is based on Chinese mythology and set in the world of Pangu.


Perfect World, like many other MMORPGs, allows the user to control their avatar utilising the WASD keys or a click-to-move interface.

Character Classes

Each character and class in Perfect World has unique abilities to fly, trek, and swim in different areas. It is possible to engage in Player versus player combat across any type of terrain.

Classes are named using the format Original-English. This difference is due to the original names being created for the original Asian Clients. The new English names are the official changes from Perfect World (MY) to appeal to an international audience. Unlike common depictions of each class, most classes are available for either gender.


The race which compares to our own species. Humans here use swords for flight and have skills to improve land-based movement.

Wu Xia-Warrior

Wu Xias are close-combat warriors who are potent with or without weapons. They are swift, agile, and quick to attack and evade assailants. Wu Xias, as swordsmen, weigh themselves on chivalry and the mastery of the different fighting arts through continuous practice and training. They are balanced both on attacking and defending enemies. They have a solid grasp of the different kinds of weapons. This class can be either gender.

Fa Shih-Mage

Fa Shihs are hot tempered but warm hearted masters of the conjuring arts. They can utilize the elements of water, fire and earth to their advantage. To maximize the elements of nature, Fa Shihs are required to be immersed in a state of mystical meditation to be effective when attacking. During this state, the defense capability of Fa Shihs are crippled but once conjuring is in effect, they can deal a great amount of long range damage to enemies.


Wing Elf

This Elf-like race has wings on their back, which are used for flight and give them further abilities with air-based movement.

Yu Mang-Elf Archer

Yu Mangs are believed to be offspring of a hybrid of humans and gods and on which bloodlines are made apparent through their intrinsic physical beauty and elegance. Their race is blessed with wings and can fly for a short distance as an innate attribute. They utilize wood type equipments and other long range weapons to ward off attackers and would-be enemies. This class can be either gender.

Yuling-Elf Priest

Yulings are part of the same race as the Yumangs. They too have flight as an innate attribute, but they may fly forever. They can heal, curse and can call on the earth elements of thunder and wind. This class can be either gender.



The Beast classes are demi-humans which half resemble another creature, and they have the ability to fully become this other creature with the use of a skill. Beasts ride on the backs of flying creatures for flight and have special skills which let them swim better than others.


Samuel are creatures that opened up to the evils of the earth and as such, the creatures that used to tread the earth for more than a hundred years metamorphosed with the shape of a human being. Yaoshou are strong creatures that often serve as the front attacker on the battlefield. Its prime strength is its ability to battle with the enemies during short distance fights. It mainly relies on its strength during attacks. Yaoshous can bring out the full beast in them by awakening the animal within himself and transforming himself into a creature of vast strength. This class must be male.


Yaojing shares the evil that reside in Yaoshous, but instead being beast-like creatures, Yaojings are attractive and charming characters that can tantalize its foes and allies. Yaojings' temptress ways are traced from that of a grass snake and like the snake, are very adept in using poison. In addition, Yaojings can tame animals to fight with them. Each pet that is tamed and summoned has its own attributes and skills that can be used by the Yaojing in combat. Yaojings can awaken the fox in them for a higher attack and defense attribute that is not normally displayed when it in its normal form. This class must be female.

The World

Perfect World centers on flight, and has many floating structures and areas. The game shifts from night to day and sunny to rainy season on a regular cycle, changing the view of each area with time, for realism.

Game Features

Territorial Battles

The game divides the whole terrain into smaller domains and has a built-in territorial battle system where factions can build, arm and fortify a city or multiple establishments at the same time. [1]

Mount System

Players can train pets, mount them and use them as a means of transportation. They can accommodate up to two players at the same time.

Personalized Clothing

Players have the ability to more fully express themselves through their in-game characters by customizing clothing, being also able to create fully personalized objects.

Guild/Clan System

Guilds enable chat between members, creation of guild emblems(16x16 jpeg or gif files), guild versus guild battles, control of existing cities, and city creation.

Members can also be assigned certain jobs within the guild structure, guild masters can also create and alter rules for the guild and also slogans, member ranks, and dismiss members.

Crafting System

Players can select and raise four different crafting skills. Blacksmithing (creates weapons and arrows), Tailoring (creates armor), Jewelry (creates various jewelry), and Pharmacist (creates potions and hierograms).

Marriage System

Like many other MMORPGs, Perfect World has a complete marriage system. Both players will have an online notice, have a wife/husband title, have 2 special marriage-related skills, lover's clothes, and driving pets.

Phone Lock

To prevent players' account from hackers, Perfect World has put in a Phone Lock feature[2] for those who wish to use it. The Phone Lock, when activated, freezes the account until the player phones in using the registered number, when successful, it unfreezes the account for ten minutes and therefore giving player access log in within the given time. After the unfreezing time, the account will once again be locked up, but the player still online will be able to continue playing, only that if he/she logged out, they cannot log in until lock is deactivated again using Phone Lock.

Major Events

Horse Race

Players who have mounts can participate in this event, the course of the race spread over large variety of terrain. The winner will receive a medal that allows them to continue other quests.[3]

Treasure Hunt

All players are able to participate in this event, there are four different location where this event is taking place, players who wish to participate will need to enter the major cities' battle dome and open up treasure chest. Each chest can only be opened by one player and the player who is opening the chest are vulnerable to attacks. Surprises are released when a chest is opened, an ancient monster might appear or just a few potions for the effort.

Forest Hunt/Jungle ruins

Players participating are transported into a forest/jungle ruins where the monsters inside are indestructible. Players will need to go through the forest and find treasure chest/jungle relic that will reward them for their effort.

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Originally Posted by adR View Post
wow i will surely check this game out soon

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some how looks like world of warcraft!!!!!!!!!11
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-> The first and only international Perfect World private server. Enjoy.

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Originally Posted by killzone View Post
-> The first and only international Perfect World private server. Enjoy.
idiot !! no one want to c ur gayporn-site!!
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pretty excited and hope to see all in Private server....:P
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Smile Say no to the 2008 Beijing Olympics!

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Spiele grade PW und wollte fragen ob da irgendwelche Gimmiks bekannt sind.

Schön wären Dinge wie:
1. Spirit Punkte dazugeben
2. Gold dazugeben
3. Dmg erhöhen
4. LvL Bot

Sowas halt, das ein nen bissl schneller hochbringt.
Ist bedrückend wenn man hier die lvl 60 Spieler auf ihren Mounts sieht, und mans elber eiert da mit 10 rum.

Falls da wer was kennt und es nicht für sich behalten möchte, bitte hier rein oder per PN.

Nen Bot der immer das nächste Monster anwählt, ballern und dann lootet wäre schonmal nen Anfang.
Könnte ich mein Char über nacht lvln.

Hab da keine Taste gefunden, mit der man den nächsten Mob anwählt.
Sonst könnte ich es per G15 machen.

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Originally Posted by 范爱明 View Post
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Kennt evtl. jemand eine Möglichkeit wie man die G15 dort proggen kann?

Finde einfach kein Key der das nächste Target anwählt.
Ich versuche dort grade den Laufspeed zu ändern und ein Makro ect.. zu bauen das automatisch angreift und lootet.

Super wäre noch ein Harvest Bot, aber damit kenne ich mich leider nicht aus.

Falls also dort jemand dran ist ein bissl was rauszufinden, lasst es mich bitte wissen.
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Looks like WoW
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LoL open ur Eyes

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