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The Black Market Glossary

Discussion on The Black Market Glossary within the Trading forum part of the The Black Market category.

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The Black Market Glossary


Here you can find the basics for safe trading and the main issues surrounding "The Black Market". Included are the trading basics, tips and tricks, as well as some points not mentioned in other guides/FAQs. In the end you will find a collection of the most important links on topics related to trading on
It is not necessary to read everything at once, because this text is structured like a lexicon. So if you need information about a certain point, you can just navigate to the point without the need of reading everything else. If you are new and just want to trade, you should read 1. and 2. Most questions are answered here, otherwise the moderators of "The Black Market" are at your command.
The motivation for this, was to provide a text to where not just new users can find everything important about trading on

Table of Content

1. Basics2. Protection Against Scam3. Trading-Tips4. Ratings
5. Support
6. The Team
7. Miscellaneous
8. Abbreviations/Special Terms
9. Links
10. Acknowledgement

1. Basics
The trading area of is called "The Black Market" and is subdivided into various areas. The most important of them are and . The virtual currency here is called elite*gold. Trading through gives you securities such as the rating system and the support area.

You are responsible for your own safety! Always follow the rules and avoid risky trades. Trade through elitepvpers! Anyone who tells you otherwise, most likely wants to scam you. Use either elite*gold or "Request a Trade. Only by doing this you can use the securities and the support of elitepvpers. The communication can be done e.g. via skype, but the exact trade sequence and its contents must be recorded on elitepvpers. The same is true for codes, etc. Skype has no relevance here. Everything communicated on skype does not apply to because elitepvpers can not check whether a conversation was faked or not. Just what you write in private messages (on or in the trade description counts. Therefore, you should save all private messages. This also should includes your outgoing pms. To do so, click here on and under the item " If you send a private message, the forum can make a copy of the message in your sent items folder."
Always trade via "Request a Trade" or with elite*gold. If you trade via skype, you are outside of elitepvpers and won't get any support!

There are two ways to do trades:

1.1. Request a Trade

This function is intended for trades without elite*gold usage e.g. paypal versus paysafecard. You can request a trade only if there is a thread outside of the elite*gold area. Recommended procedure after you have reached an agreement with the trade partner:
1. Write a private message to your trade partner including what the trade is about and how the procedure is going to be.
2. One of the traders clicks on "Request a Trade" in the thread of the other one.
3. The one who did the request has to write what the trade is about in the description.
4. If the description is correct, the other one accepts the trade here:
Codes et cetera have to be set into the private field. This is only visible to the other user, after he accepts the trade.
For more security you can use a middleman (--> 3.6. Middleman).

Additionally to a elite*gold transaction, a request can be made, too. However, this is not necessary, because using elite*gold is already safe. Important to note: It is not allowed to rate the elite*gold transaction and the request a trade. Only one of those two is possible (--> 4. Ratings).. If the thread is in the elite*gold area and therefore you can not click on "Request a Trade", you have to create a new thread titled as "Request only" in the trading area.

1.2. elite*gold

If you want to buy real money with elite*gold (services which are not coupled to a single provider e.g. paysafecard, paypal but not for example amazon, since amazon vouchers can be used only for a single service, namely amazon.) you must have either the elite*gold badge or the premium badge. If you do not follow this rule, you risk a ban. However, the ban can be lifted again if you purchase the premium or the elite*gold badge afterwards.
To send elite*gold, you need to create a PIN for the first time. Select four numbers of your choice. Remember this PIN well, because you need it every time you want to send elite*gold.

There are two ways to trade with elite*gold:
1.2.1. Treasure

Write a correct description of the content in the title of the treasure. In the content field, write the codes et cetera.
You can either post the link of the treasure in a thread or send it to a user directly. Users only see the name of the treasure and the price. Only the buyer and the creator of a treasure have access to the content of the private field. The elite*gold, which was paid for the purchase of a treasure is locked automatically for 24 hours. Therefore, it is very popular to send elite*gold with conflict to avoid this 24 hours lock (--> 1.2.2.)

Treasures, which were not posted in a thread or which you have not received via pm, have to be seen as private. If you buy one of this private treasures which were not posted anywhere and were not sent to you via pm, you will not get any elitepvpers support.

1.2.2. Sending elite*gold with conflict

The user who offers the elite*gold should send it first (1st) . This is done without risk because the user who has sent the elite*gold can open a conflict to lock the elite*gold. So there is no chance for the other one to spent the elite*gold instantly on something else. To create a conflict send the elite*gold and click here on "ID". Then below stands: "Initiate conflict".
This is not a evidence of distrust and has per se no consequences for the user who received the conflict. It just means that the recipient can not use the elite*gold as long as the conflict is active. Without a conflict this would be possible after 5 minutes (with treasure after 24 hours). After receiving the elite*gold the quid pro quo can be accomplished. After that the conflict should be removed from the user.
To see how much elite*gold of another user is currently blocked, can be seen by clicking on "The Black Market" on the profile of the user. It is positioned right over the reviews. The red number indicates how much of the elite*gold is currently locked, either by a sold treasure or an active conflict.

You can create a conflict until a maximum of 72 hours after the transaction. After these 72 hours you must contact the support via creating a thread in the support area (--> 5.Support) to lock the elite*gold of the user.

There is no reason the user with the elite*gold does not send it first. Most users will be willing to do so. If someone however arguments against this, you should be very, very
careful --> Take distance of a trade with this user.

You can create only one conflict per transaction. If you opened one, since you sent the elite*Gold 1st, then canceled it due to the trade being successful and afterward there are problems you are not able to create a second conflict on your own --> Create a thread in the support section (--> 5.Support) and ask for a lock of the elite*gold.

2. Protection Against Scam

If possible use elite*Gold when trading.
You can trade-in just about anything for elite*gold first and then with this elite*gold, buy anything what you originally wanted to have.

Follow the rules and tips.
See 1., 2. and

Have a close look on your trading partner.

Is it for example likely that he will no longer be active on elitepvpers after this trade? If he has 0 tbms, 10 posts and a registration date of the current month this is often the case. If you doubt it, better take a middleman (--> middleman) or take a step back and avoid a trade with this user.
Watch out for the ratings, number of posts, registration date and the recent posts/topics of the user.
You have to make a decision before every trade: Is the other user trustworthy and what kind of trade can I do with this user(--> 2.2. How can I determine whether a user is trustworthy or not?)? Elite*gold is relatevly safe. For all other things be careful.
You should not trust anybody on the internet blindly. The same is true for There were even moderators who scammed other users.

2.1. Popular Scam Methods
  • "We do not need to make a request, send me the code via Skype!"--> Only trade via elitepvpers otherwise you have no securities.

  • "Please send me the elite*gold without conflict. I desperately need it. In the evening you will get the code. You still have the elitepvpers safety because we trade with elite*gold/request trade."--> User wants to get your money. He does not care about negative ratings or a ban. He just wants to pull off a few people in just a short time.

  • Middleman Scam Trick:
    You have to wait until the middleman (=mm) has accepted the trade and released it! If you do not wait and send the codes, et cetera before the mm has released the trade, he can simply cancel the trade and take advantage of your goods. You can not even rate the mm negative because he has canceled the trade --> So effectively no trade took place at all.

  • Do not let people but pressure on you. People who push on time and make much stress want you to do errors. Trustworthy traders will not say things like: "Please, please, please it has to be now and can't wait."

  • If an offer is too good to be true, it is usually not true. Look at the current price/value of stuff --> Paysafecards for example: Just have a look on how much experienced traders demand for it. It is of course possible to get the pscs a bit cheaper but not for half the price!

  • Do not expect dream prices. Let's say something costs around 20 euro in the forum from different sellers. If you open a thread then and announce: "I'm not paying more than 10 euro", you attract scammers and invite them to scam you. How can somebody sell it for 10 euro, if everyone else does it for 20 euro? This would only make sense if the stuff was purchases illegaly e.g. through credit card fraud. Such users often have few ratings, but offer dream prices in the forum until they find a victim who actually trades with them.

  • Do not cancel a conflict if the user claims that a cancellation is necessary to reimburse the elite*gold. The user has the possibility to get the elite*gold back through the

  • Learn from the mistakes of others. Read some of the threads here: Don't make the same mistakes as users which unfortunately had to create threads there, because they have been scammed.

2.2. How can I determine whether a user is trustworthy or not?
Basically you should not blindly trust anybody on the internet, which fortunately is not necessary because gives you certain facilities to protect you against fraud or make scammers publicly visible. But nevertheless it must be said, that it is always a special risk to trade without elite*gold. Therefore, it is particularly important to assess the trade partner before such trades, which is not always so easy, because many grey areas exist.
  • How valuable is the account of the other user? If the account has many posts, reviews, etc. it is unlikely that this user will put the account on the line. On the other hand, it is easier than some may think to develop 100+ tbms. There are users, who invest 1-2 month of work on an account, just to fraud a number of people. This accounts then will recieve negatitve ratings or get banned, but the scammers have achieved their goal: 1-2 months effort, to earn some money by scamming people.
    --> Reviews, posts are not always a "guarantee" that a user can be trusted. This perspective is of course with the number of reviews, posts. Because to develop 400 + reviews, is quite a huge effort.

  • Elite*gold is not a sign of seriousness. If a user is new and has a balance of several thousand elite*gold that is exactly the opposite, namely highly suspicious. The elite*gold can be spent within minutes after a trade by spending the elite*gold on regular trades like buying e.g. dozens of paysafecards. Such a high elite*gold level can be an illusion to give you a false sense of security.

  • Use the , look in the support area for threads about the user. If there are already some threads in which fraud has been accused of the user, be rather careful.

  • ID Badge (--> 7. Miscellaneous/ID Badge)

  • You can demand a passport copy or something similar from the user, but however there would be the question of whether you will receive the genuine or a stolen card and whether in the case of fraud you are willing to take this information to the police.

  • Collect information from the last trade partners of the users. Write them a message and ask, whether the user is legitimate or not. This should especially be done with those users, who traded via request a trade with him, because cheating with elite gold is relatively difficult compared to trading via a trade request.

  • Look at the users the person has traded with. If he only traded with people with rating of 0/0/0, this could be done by using multi accounts. On the other hand it can also be irrelevant if the recent reviews come from people with 400+ reviews, they could have just bought treasures from these people. --> In this case this would be no sign if the user is trusted or not.

  • If you necessarily want to trade with a user who appears untrusted: Use elite*gold or a middleman (--> 3.6. Middleman).

  • Friendships are not a sign of seriousness. Just because somebody has lots of team members from (moderators, administrators) or user with lots of ratings in his friendslist does not neccesarily mean that user is trustworthy

  • Ask yourself from where the user has the knowledge. Someone with 0 reviews, who sells 100 euro pscs is not very serious because, how can it be that he is so well familiar with elitepvpers, if he has 0 reviews? There are some users from this category: Very few reviews/posts but seem to know very much about The Black Market --> Probably a multi account. Such accounts have nothing to lose, possibly just created to scam 1-2 people fast before the account gets banned.

  • Where did the user's money/elite*gold come from? If the user has no shop selling thread etc, it is not understandable how the user makes his money. It may be that the user makes only small simple trades to push his ratings and the elite*gold is there only to fake false security/trust.
To sum up: It is very difficult to assess an unknown user previously. Reviews are relative. One has 100 tbms pretty quickly. Of course, someone with 400 + tbms has more to lose, but often it happens that users with few tbms make great deals. Be very careful here! If the offer is too good, be suspicious. If the user seems to get tbms from nowhere: The user has no shop or has not done similar trades to this one – caution.

Have no fear to trade on Most users are honest. However, as everywhere, there are people who take advantages of the system and deceive other users. The problem is not necessarily their number, but that these users are the most direct ones, promise wonderful things, peddle with the best prices. And inexperienced user therefore rather fall on them.

3. Trading Tips

It is safest to trade with elite*gold. So in case of doubt, exchange your goods against elite*gold and buy with this elite*gold what you actually wanted to have.
My personal point of view: Pay a bit more and buy stuff from a trustworthy user, so you dont have to get angry afterwards because you got scammed and you are left with nothing.

3.1. Video-Proof

You have to start the video before the trade. Send out the elite*gold, create a request and then accept the request after you started the video. The video must not contain any cut and you have to check/use the codes or whatever immediatly after you recieved them. Especially with paysafecards, it is important to make a video to prove in case, that the psc was already empty when you received it.
Free programs, which can be used for this (just google):
  • AutoScreenRecorder
  • Free screen video recorder
  • Rylstim screen recorder
  • CamStudio
The rules for admissible video evidence are clearly regulated. Special rules like “video proof must include this and that” are not valid. If there is a corresponding video evidence the goods/elite*gold must be returned. Otherwise, the affected user has the right to give a negative rating (--> 4. Ratings).

3.2. Paysafecard

Paysafecard codes start with the number 0, and have the following format: XXXX-XXXX-XXX-XXXX. So four times four numbers and the first digit is a 0.

If you have a mypaysafecard account in Germany, you can only exchange german (= de) pscs there. This applies to all countries. For example, to use greek pscs, then you need a Greek mypsc account. Therefore, it is important to acquire de pscs for most users. In addition these pscs should be offline acquired (bought at a store) because online pscs can have restrictions such as only useable on specific websites.
There is no way for you to find out on your own from which country a psc is originated. You have to trust the seller of the psc. If you can not use a psc on your german mypaysafecard account, the psc ist not a german one. In such case you can claim your money back from the seller, if he has not pointed out that the psc ist not a german one.
Furthermore, there is no way for you to find out the amount of a full psc you bought from a user. So you do not know whether there are 10, 20 or 50 euro on it. will only show you, if the psc is full or not. But the appropriate amount is only displayed, if a residual amount is left on the psc.

It occurs in rare cases but a psc account can be locked. This can be the case if the user you bought the psc from contacts the psc support and reports the psc as stolen.
A further, more frequent occurring reason for a mypsc account getting locked is, if too much money was used via your mypsc account during a short period. The limit amount is currently not known, but as soon as you pay more than around 100-150 euros a day on your mypsc account, it will automatically get blocked "for security reasons".
In such cases you can only try to get your balance payed on your bank account via customer support. To do so the data from the psc account must be similiar to those from your bank account.

The seller must indicate, as soon as it is not a german offline psc. The same also applies to online and bonus pscs.

--> Pscs can be withdrawn only in very special cases, so it is safe to buy them from users. But be sure to redeem them immediately after the purchase.

3.3. Amazon

Amazon vouchers are usually bought here with paysafecards: and redeemed here:
Also a mypsc account is needed for this:
The course is 1:1, no fees apply; so for a 10 euro psc you get 10 euro amazon voucher. There are vouchers in the sizes 5, 10, 25, and 50 euro . However, the past has shown it can happen some sizes (e.g. 5 euro) are not available for weeks.
The following is true: German pscs are only exchangeable to amazon voucher with a german mypsc account. The same applies to paysafecards from other countries.

Amazon vouchers can be purchased illegaly (with a stolen credit card, called "carded"). In such a case will block these vouchers and take the credits from your amazon account back. In the worst case your amazon account can be locked.

Scammers often sell amazon vouchers way below their actual value. They quickly want to get rid of these illegally acquired vouchers. So be carefull, if amazon vouchers are offered substantially below their actual value.

--> Amazon vouchers should be purchased from trusted users. Buying from them lowers the risk of illegally purchased vouchers

3.4. Paypal

Do not use fake names, addresses etc on your paypal account. It can and will happen that after some time wants all possible documents from you (identity card+bank statement+an invoice sent to your name+ registration form, ...). They want to force you to verify your account. If you can not, do not want to or the datas do not match with the data on your paypal account, your credit balance will be locked. Multi accounts can cause a ban of all accounts too -->
Some users hope for more security, when insisting on a proof that the pp account from the trade partner is verified . But money can still be charged back even from a verified account.

Fees are 1.9% plus 0.35 Euro in Germany. When trading it is therefore important to identify who should assume the charges --> 10 Euro = 0.54 euro fees.
Sending pp-money via pp-smartphone-app is feeless.

To receive money via donation link will not protect you. The money can be withdrawn anyway. It is also not allowed to use the donate button to receive normal payments. Only donations (e.g. payments without equivalent) are allowed to be payed via donation link. And even then, there are no guarantees because this money can be withdrawn too.

To make it clear: I talked with the relevant head of department at paypal who told me the following: "[I]Do not use paypal for such transactions[/ I] (meant is: selling virtual goods via Paypal is not intended for this use. If you do not use ebay for this, you have no securities."

--> Much more insecure than amazon vouchers. Think very carefully from who you buy paypal funds.

3.5. Gamekeys/Gifts/Accounts

Steam gifts are an option to buy steam games. After the purchase, the game will appear as a gift in your steam inventory. From there you can add it to your game library, send it to other steam users or just let it be in you inventory for a while. Also you can send a gift to an email address to create a gift link. Then you get an email with the gift link from steam. Whoever clicks on the link will get the game as a gift in his steam inventory. With this method you can put a gift link (which you have not activated yourself yet) in a treasure and sell it.
Another feature of gifts is, that you do not need steam trade rights to receive or send one.
To trade on steam you must have 15 days continuously activated. Only then a trade is possible. This means: With a newly created account you cannot trade until the 15 days have passed away. This countdown starts again, whenever your steam guard is disabled or for example because you have changed your password. The same is true for older accounts.

When buying accounts with multiplayer games, be sure they have no ban, such as a VAC-ban on steam multiplayer games. Because in this case you can not play the game via mulitplayer or only limitedly. Accounts are uncertain, because often they can be withdrawn easily. If you buy a steam account, ensure that has been disabled by the seller. Otherwise it is possible to withdraw the account by contacting the steam support.

Also note:
  • Game is not always game: Basically you can play steam games anywhere in the world with the desired language. But there are exceptions: Russian versions have a region lock and can be activated/played only with a russian ip. These versions are significantly cheaper than the international versions but it takes effort to use them outside of their originated country and strictly speaking it is not allowed to use a russian version as a non-russian. The game can be removed or the whole steam account can be banned. The seller must clearly point out, if the game is not an international version.
  • Certain games are cut in the german version. If you want an uncut version, you must make sure to purchase a non german version. Austrian versions can also be cut. This not due to violent content like in Germany too, because of anti-constitutional symbols (e.g. swastikas).

--> If they were acquired illegally keys, gifts, accounts can be withdrawn. The same is true for WoW codes/ game time cards, et cetera.

3.6. Middleman

This is a service offered by some users here. A middleman (=mm) can be used when trading via "Request a Trade" to increase securities. This is the usual process: Both trade partners send their stuff to the mm. He controlls them and then exchanges the goods and sends it to the destianted user. This way it can be prevented that e.g. a user sends empty psc codes because this would fall to the mm.
All mms are private persons. There are no official middlemen. So you use them on your own risk.

If you are looking for a mm do not hesitate to create a thread in the appropriate area: It is advisable not to take the first mm your trade partner suggests. There are lots of good mms and you as customers are highly wanted The service is usually free, but mms expect a rating after a successul trade.

Middleman Scam Trick:
You have to wait until the mm has accepted the trade and released it! If you do not wait and send the codes, et cetera before the mm has realesed the trade he can simply cancel the trade and take advantage of your goods. You can not even rate the mm negative because he has canceled the trade --> So effectively no trade took place at all.

3.7. How can I find what I am looking for?

It is easiest, if you open a thread titled "Searching XY" and have patience. In some cases, such as pscs, people will sign up quickly. Special games or something like that can take longer until someone replies. In such a case, be patient and push the thread regularly. It is forbidden to create multiple threads on the same topic. So do not do this, even if you are urgently looking for or want to sell something.
Another option is to use the forum search:
Or scroll down in a similar thread and look for the "key words". By doing that, all other threads with the key words you have put in are displayed.

4. Ratings

tbm - The Black Market rating, there are positive (+TBM), neutral, negative(-TBM)

You can rate both, "Request a Trade" and any elite*gold transaction (over 25 elite * gold). This rating is called TBM. You can give/change a rating up to 30 days after the trade happened.
After a trade, it is common to rate each other. This can either be done here: (click on the ID) or here: . It is not a must, but a question of courtesy to rate a successful trade and a warning for others to rate a negative trade. A negative rating is also justified, if there was an attempt to defraud. Regardless of the attempt beeing succesfull or not.
A neutral rating should be given, if there was no actuall damage (in such a case a negative rating could be given) but the behavior of the tradepartner was unscceptable, eg. because he lied, was insulting ...
Also: A negative tbm or a neutral is justified only if the refund did not take place smoothly/immediately. So if there is for example a problem with a treasure and the elite*gold is returned promptly, it is not allowed to give a negative/neutral tbm,. If you have problems with tbms, create a thread here:

  • If you do a elite*gold trade and in addition a "Request a Trade" too, you may only rate one of this two. You can rate the "Request a Trade" or the elite*gold transaction rate, but not both, because you then you would give two ratings to a single trade and this would be forbiden tbm pushing.
  • You can only rate elite*gold transactions (including treasures), if they are greater than 25 elite*gold. However, it is forbidden, to sell lots of goods for exactly 26 elite*gold, since this is regarded as tbm pushing.
  • You can get a maximum of two tbms from a user. One via a elite*gold-transaction and a second one when trading via request a trade. No matter how often you trade with this user again, the ratings will not appear as + 1 TBM on your profile.

5. Support

This area is specific. There are no classic moderators but he is headed by Mai-Lin (--> Mai-Lin) and Luke. Mai-Lin is the person you usually meet there and who you will deal with.
In the support section, you may only open a thread if:
  • You have been scammed, there is a problem with a rating or you have other trade-related problems.
  • You have forgotten your PIN.
Only those involved in the trade, Mai-Lin and Luke may theoretically post in this are. However, it can happen that moderators, if they have important information, also sign.
Mai-Lin speaks in first person plural ("we") by herself. She does this, because in her moderative activities in the support section she always speaks on behalf of the whole team. Mai-Lin is not only a walking rule book, but she is also de facto making rules on her own. If she makes a decision on a case for which there is no rule yet, she creates a precedent case. Should such a case occur again, it is very likely that she will decide like in the first case.

What will Mai-Lin say to you? Inform your trading partner via pm with acknowledgement of the thread. If you have given elite*gold, open a conflict (if this is not already done). Everything else is then different from case to case.
You can send a private message with acknowledgement of receipt by making the corresponding tick in the box under the pm. After sending of the pm you can see in your message overview whether the message was read or not.

Should be identified, that you have been cheated, you will be advised to file a complaint to the police. The police must investigate any offence, even if it is "only" about 10 euros. To help you / the police, Mai-Lin will give you the support email address of, so that the police can contact to obtain the IP addresses of the deceiver. Elitepvpers does not pass user data to private persons. So, you will not receive the IP. Only the police will.
Elitepvpers can / must advise you to go to the police. Everyone for himself must decide, whether the effort makes sense.
To place an ad, is relatively simple. Report to the nearest police station, surrender all evidence and the support email of . Here the police can request all user data of the trading partner.
Elitepvpers stores the IP addresses of users, to help the police in fraud on the one hand, on the other hand to uncover multiple accounts.

Reviews, which are older than 1 month will only be handled after the payment of a late-fee which is 130 e*gold. Furthermore you need the premium or elite * gold-trader badges (--> 1.2. elite*gold) to get support, if not traded with elite*gold.
--> If no elite*gold is included, you need one of two badges.

If you are trying to create a thread in the support section, a page with various selection handles appears. Most of them is self-explanatory, but note: When you click on "Someone cheated on me to get my elite*gold!", you will be prompted to insert the link of the relevant transaction. Here you can find it: . When you insert the address "http://" must be removed.

6. The Team of

Founder and former owner of the forum. No longer active.

Owner of the forum. Leads it together with the other administrators.

Are in charge of the forum. Can intervene in all areas (including treasures and pms).

They can ban users and can intervene in most areas of the forum. Also they have the necessary rights to move a thread from one subforum to the other. They also perform moderative activities in smaller subforums who do not have a own moderator.

The Moderators of The Black Market

There are moderators in most areas of the forum. Here I specifically treat those who are responsible for the The Black Market. All other moderators have no special rights in this area. Moderators come and go repeatedly in this area. So if you want to know, who is moderator in The Black Market at the moment: Go to the the elite * gold area () scroll all the way down and on the right side there is a box with the current moderators. The same way you can find out who is moderator in other areas. If there are no moderators in an area, this area is lead by global moderators.

Do not hesitate to write them if you have questions. Of course they are able to speak English.

In my opinion Mai-Lin is the most important person for the functioning of the trading area. For this reason and because the support rank is one nobody else has I dedicate her a more detailed explanation:
Earlier Luke was in charge of the support area (--> 5. Support). Mai-Lin has taken this task since some time. You can not apply for this position. The support section is entirely in Luke and Mai-Lin's hand. Only in the appropriate case, involved users may post there; Moderators only in exceptional cases. Typically Mai Lin cares about all pending tasks there, but in special cases or if she is offline for some time, it may happen that Luke takes over.
Mai-Lin stands somewhat apart from the normal command structure: She has more rights than moderators and in her area (the support section) she also has more rights than global moderators, since she may return for example elite*gold. Otherwise she has full moderator rights in addition to the rights in the support area. So for example she also has access to the complaint area (Miscellaneous --> 7 / complaint area). At this point I allow myself to make a to my mind surprisingly appropriate comparison:

Note: No teammember will contact you outside of Everything relating to elitepvpers will be discussed via elitepvpers.

This rank has no special rights. It is a rank, created, to reward reporting (reporting breach of rules) and thus supporting the moderators in their work, as well as a sign of respecting the elitepvpers rules.

7. Miscellaneous:


Only one account per user is allowed. You may create an new account only when the old got permanently banned. However, it is not allowed to have ones account get banned by purpose to be allowed to create a new account. Scammers however are permanently locked. All newly created accounts from those will get banned.

You will not be banned at your own request. If you think to be unjustly banned permanently you may create a new account to raise your objections in the complaint-area. If there is still elite*gold on a banned account, you are not able to use it. will not refund elite*gold from banned accounts.

Posts, include only "#reported/#closerequest/pn'ed/added" et cetera, without contributing to the topic, are regarded as spam and punished accordingly. Posts like "This is not allowed in the Forum, because..." and "Please note rule XY" are legal limbo. These are actually prohibited, but are not usually punished.

If a thread/post violates the rules or has been posted in a wrong subforum you can report this thread/post. Then the moderators of the respective area will take care of the problem. Hold briefly when reporting and only write the violation of the rule. With the report, you will help the moderators in the exercise of their duties. Regular reports qualifies a user also to apply for the rank of a . To report click in the appropriate thread/post on this symbol:

ID Badge

Can be obtained only by people with a german bank account (there is also the possibility of using a German ID to get this badge). It is a sign a user is willing to stick to his actions on This badge does not prevent you being conned, but the ID badge makes a user more trustworthy than a comparable user without the badge, because his personal data are known by
If you live outside of Germany, you cannot obtain this badge. This should not be forgotten when evaluating a user.

Quote from the rules:
"The buying and selling of guides and tutorials of any kind is not permitted. Elitepvpers stands for the free exchange of information, we no longer tolerate that offered information on the Black Market for a fee. All relevant topics are closed."

Free Stuff
May not be sold. This also applies to public vouchers etc.

Complaint Area

Only you and the team members of (moderators, administrators) can access this area. If you have a problem or a complaint, this is the right section. However: Trade-related problems have to be posted in the support section (--> 5. Support).

Career on
Guardian application:
Moderator application:
Content team application (e.g. editor, broadcaster,...):

For all other ranks (administrator, global moderator, support) you can not apply or only when you are already part of the moderator's team. Read the respective conditions, before you apply for a position

What happens to the premium elite*gold?
It is stored on administrator-accounts. Thus creating elite*gold bank balances like .

8. Abbreviations/Special Terms

BM - The trading area of, official: The Black Market
elite*gold - The Black Market currency
tbm - The Black Market rating, there are postive (+TBM), neutral, negative(-TBM)
Mai-Lin - elitepvpers support
Psc - Paysafecard
de – german (=deutsch)
off - offline (bought in a shop)
on - online purchased paysafecard
pp - Paypal
mm - Middleman
scam, rip - fraud
k - thousand (e.g. 1k = 1000)
1st - first - "I send the elite*gold 1st." --> I send the elite*gold first, then you send your part of the trade
carded - stuff purchased via creditcard fraud (Amazon vouchers, gamekeys/steam gifts) likely going to be withdrawn
pm - Private Message sent via
lock – locking elite*gold via conflict
1. hand - you are first owner
2. hand - you are not the first owner
1:50 - rate: Pscs e.g. for 1 Euro psc in this example you would get 50 elite*gold, 10 Euro --> 500 elite*gold
WTB - Want To Buy
WTS - Want To Sell

9. Links

Rules/ FAQs

Further links

Overview of some offers

10. Acknowledgement

Thanks to all readers of this text, to the team of and to all creators of guides who are linked here

Thanks to for proofreading the german version.

The guide was written by , thank you!

Scroll down for the german translation.
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