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Joynet | Cap 80 | Battle Royale | GNGWC | Beta 08.02.2021| Grand O. 05.03.2021

Discussion on Joynet | Cap 80 | Battle Royale | GNGWC | Beta 08.02.2021| Grand O. 05.03.2021 within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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Thumbs up Joynet | Cap 80 | Battle Royale | GNGWC | Beta 08.02.2021| Grand O. 26.02.2021

As you know, we have been in the legendary Tibet (80Cap) server for years in a fun competitive environment.

We offer u to experience the old school system, like the old days. The server will be long lasting, so don’t miss it.

Welcome to Joynet season 5!

We adjust a lot of things to maintain the server, so it will last for a long time.

Before we start our promotional topic, we will give information about other seasons. We entertain our full-fledged players for more than 3 - 7 months each season. We developed a system that will last longer than all the other previous seasons.

We have decided to make a lot of changes in season 5.There is a huge competition between players. In every state of level u will have fun.

We wish u success!

Our difference from other PServers!

  • Economy and Trade Policy: We liberate trade every season and we manage to keep the game economy alive, just like the first day of the season.
  • We disable events that doesn’t fit Silkroad Online.
  • We develop original files much as we can.
  • Our update and maintenance times are approximately 1 time in 15 days. We can provide uninterrupted service to our players without any Restart - Update - DC or similar errors.
  • We always guarantee up-time to our players.
  • In Season 4, we want the up-time guarantee to be different from other seasons, and with the new system, we specify the up-time guarantee 600 days (1,5 Years). The server won’t close, even with no players in it.
  • We reach SRO players as an old school server. We are happy to be able to relive those old days you waited for with Quest’s and similar Stuff.

Images and videos from other seasons.

General features:

Level Cap80Exp1xServer Capacity5.000
RACECHQuest Exp2xAgent6x
Mastery Lvl300SP1xGame Server6x
Guild Limit32Quest SP2xDestroyerEnabled
Union Limit2Clean Drop1xElementEnabled
PC Limit2Metarial .ETC2xTabletEnabled
İP Limit4Tablet1xDungeonEnabled
Job Limit1Gold1xCTFEnabled
Event Limit1Job1xSpecial JobEnabled
Dungeon Limit1Job Exp1xSnow FlakeEnabled
Arena Limit1----Hallowen EventEnabled
--------Pandora BoxEnabled
--------ADV ElixirDisabled
--------Battle ArenaDisabled

Quest Guide:

We value quests. For this reason, we have fully integrated all the original old tasks to our server.

If you want to level up quickly, you must complete the "Quests" in a balanced way without skipping the quests. If you skip some of your quests u can’t unlock the new quests that’s waiting for u.


You should be careful about keeping everything in perfect balance (EXP/SP).


In the old Silkroad, there was only one way for players to achieve their goals: killing mobs to obtain sox items. And our aim is to make the old Silkroad live again.

Therefore, the only way to get the most qualified items are trough mobs.


We know it’s annoying when u can’t find good spots, so we developed a new system to solve this problem.

The monsters will move as a pack. When one of them dies, a new one will immediately spawn.



- %5 Damage Scroll / Gold: 2M
- Instant Scroll / Gold: 1M
- Reverse Return Scroll / Gold: 2M
- Repair Hammer / Gold: 1M
- Global / Gold: 10M
- Dungeon Portal Cooldown Recall / Gold: 1M
- Alchemy Booster / Gold: 20M
- (8DG) İmmortal Stone. / 50M
- (7DG) İmmortal Stone. / 25M
- (6DG) İmmortal Stone. / 10M
- (5DG) İmmortal Stone. / 2,5M
- (4DG) İmmortal Stone. / 1M
- (3DG) İmmortal Stone. / 500K
- Styria Class Dungeon 25M.
- Muhan Dungeon 10M.
- Devil's Garden 5M

We don’t want to sell everything with Silk. we offer such an opportunity to players who farm enough gold.

You can buy many Scrolls and items for gold from the Gold Merchant Kutay NPC in Donwhang.


The missed "ELEMENT" system has been reactivated on our Tibet server.


Since Tibet's infrastructure is completely iSro Rate, you will be able to earn Double EXP with Premium Plus.


Dungeons are important to Tibet. You can only use Pandora boxes in dungeons. You won’t be able to use "Pandora Boxes" on normal maps.

For this reason, "Limits" have been placed in dungeons to control the "EXP" earned by players.

How can u finish the dungeons?

It works with FGW logic, but the fields are not large. As soon as you teleport, there will be a "Pandora" box waiting for you. After you use it, elite monsters will spawn according to your lvl range and try to attack you. You have to be brave and fearless to fight powerful monsters.

Remember that you have time to kill all powerful monsters within 60 minutes. It will send you back to the world you came from if u don’t finish it in 60 minutes.

Styria Clash - Level rating, 60 and above. (All dungeons are granted 6 participation rights every day. You can use all your rights in a single dungeon. Participation from each computer and from each IP address. The limit cannot exceed 6.)

Muhan - Level rating, 40 and above. (All dungeons are granted 6 participation rights every day. You can use all your rights in a single dungeon. Participation from each computer and from each IP address. The limit cannot exceed 6.)

Devil's Garden - Level grade 20 and above. (All dungeons are granted 6 participation rights every day. You can use all your rights in a single dungeon. Participation from each computer and from each IP address. The limit cannot exceed 6.)


We want the CTF to have extraordinary features, so we added a kill counter. In addition, when the event is over, you can earn various booster items by cashing the tickets you earn.


In Tibet, we don't want to force u to spend money as the only way to buy silks. The solution to this is to buy silks from players who have Silk for trade. we added Silk Scrolls in Item Mall (F10) so that you can use them in swaps.


Starter Package for an easy and fast start!

Basic PackAdvanced Pack

Basic Pack Price: 480 Silk.
- 1x Premium Gold Time (4weeks).
- 1x Random Devil's / Angle's Spirit.
- 1x Clock of Reincarnation.

Advanced Pack Price: 700 Silk.
- 1x Premium Gold Time (4weeks).
- 1x Random Devil's / Angle's Spirit.
- 1x Random Growth Pet.
- 1x Random Grab Pet.
- 22x Reverse Return.
- 22x Instant Return.
- 22x Global Chatting.

The quicker you start on the adventure, the more you can outdo your opponents. We have prepared a nice starter package for you to avoid unnecessary waste of time and additional costs for a quick start. Special items gathered together with the Starter Package are waiting for you. Moreover, these items are included in this package much cheaper than they are purchased individually.


Are you lucky? Or did the gamble go wrong again? Introducing Silk Dice.


New Elixirs and Stackable items with a renewed look!

In the Joynet adventure, some new visual changes were made, unlike the classic look. In order to increase your game pleasure visually, we changed the appearance of the Elixirs, which are quite ordinary in the game, and colored them in a way that will interest you.

We want to make our players a pleasant gaming experience by keeping them away from unnecessary work. In this context, the stacks of many items have been increased and our players have been provided with convenience in this context.


I want to introduce you to the invasive ghostsungs.

The invading ghostsungs can begin to spawn one after the other in the slots they persist, just as they were born in every troubled slot.We think the Sungsungs frightened you! They're so troublesome, no matter how strong you are, you can do a maximum of 1 damage and 10 shots at them.The Sungsungs may have scared you a lot, but don't be afraid!

You can earn various rewards by collecting their little souls.The invasive ghostsungs start with instant announcements in unplanned times, for example 3 days full, 3 days empty and it is indeed one of the most valuable events of "Tibet" on EXP and reward.We will list the awards for you.

-Super Scroll (Evasion %100) (Can be traded..)
-Super Scroll (Accuary %100) (Can be traded..)
-Super Scroll (Moving Speed %100) (Can be traded..)
-Super Scroll (EXP %100) (It is not tradable.)
-Super Scroll (SP %100) (It is not tradable.)
-Trigger Scroll (Can be traded..)
-Mujigi Balloon (I.I) (Can be traded..)
-Mujigi Balloon (Strength Increase) (Can be traded..)
-Mujigi Balloon (Damage Increase) (Can be traded..)
-Mujigi Balloon (Damage Absorb) (It is not tradable.)
-Mp +430 Potion (It is not tradable.)
-Hp +430 Potion (It is not tradable.)
-Berserker Regeneration Potion (It is not tradable and can only be used in slots. It is prohibited to be used in job and fortress war.)


MagicPOP is active, we only add GDF and act without disturbing the originality.


The only place where the strong crush the weak!

The arena area is the only large room with a huge area. Easy to enter, difficult to exit. By participating in this activity, which is active every day, you can earn various rewards by ranking.- All players can participate in the event.


It is a special EXP BOOST event that you only can participate solo.

Party setup is not allowed. When you die, you can be resurrected. Special bosses were prepared for you, although it did not reflect the oldschool spirit, some arrangements were required. Competition and entertainment are the most important factors that ensure continuity.

You also gain a fairly high EXP.(The event duration is 30 minutes.)


Battle Field is a special room where there will be legend job battles where blood takes the torso!

We have specially designed this room for you to be suitable for all lvl players. The important thing is more strength! Thiefs in one room and trader in another room. while you can use "Pandora Box" in the Unique room. The stronger side can make the other party's pandora open and cut them so that you can gain more "EXP".

Do you remember we shared information on the upper subject that pandora can only be used in dungeons. Yes, but pandora party event and battle field event are also unnecessary. You will only be able to use Pandora boxes for these two events.


We would like to introduce you to the "Pandora Box" event that you can attend with a party.

You can use your Pandora boxes only for battlefield and pandora party events.You can join the Pandora party event with your friends and have fun in this 30-minute event.


Silkroad's indispensable silk road trade!

You can earn high profits by participating in the special caravan event at certain times of the day.

You can earn high profits by participating in the special caravan event at certain times of the day. In normal trade, it is not possible to determine the earning rates fixed, there is only one type of pet. Stacks are increasing in every LVL range. With the increase in stacks, the hp and speed of the caravan pet changes. Earnings ratios are not kept constant.


Information about penalties.

Only penalty deletion parchments that you can reset your job and guild penalties have been added.

We didn’t add stat reset, because it wouldn’t be fair for the STR players from the beginning.

SKILL RESET. You can drop them one by one with the task or with the skill edit potions only available in the F10 market. For this reason, you should be careful while upgrading skills and stats.


Possibility to change your name!

For the ones who don’t like their name after a time, u can use the name changer scroll, So be careful with the name u use.


Global linking is a very important add-on to make your stuff WTS - WTT.


Nostalgia PVP Cape.


Rewards for the top 100 players:

TOP 1 - 10-5k silks
TOP 11 - 20-2,5k silks
TOP 21 - 50-1k silks
TOP 51 - 100-500 silks


Every week, we distribute various prizes to the players who rank in "Unique Rank".

1, 1k silk
2, 500 silks
3, 250 silks
10,4 ST 100 silks


Prizes earned from some events are not tradable. This is because it has been disabled in order to prevent other players from gaining too much EXP or SP and getting access to the rights of other players through botting and any item that can be abused.

Quest Items- not tradeable
"Pandora Boxes" you earned from the dungeon- not tradeable
EXP - SP scrolls you earned from original vd events- not tradeable
All other items are available for trade.


We know it's scary, let us tell you!It is an event that we removed in the first place in Season 2 and Season 3 and reactivated after the 4th month of the adventure. Although it was not suitable for 80 Cap, we decided to add devil and make changes on it.

New "Devil's" features.
Maximum HP Inc.%2
Maximum MP Inc.%2
Physical Damage Inc.%5
Magical Damage Inc.%5
Moving Speed.%3

It can be fused up to 3 and its maximum feature cannot exceed 5%.


Fortress war is the most important activity of the game.

PC Limit.1
IP Limit.1
Zerk closed
Open fortress. Hotan-Jangan
First FW after 2 weeks.


Only (you can withdraw Tax) we do not find other rewards suitable for competition. In addition, tax rates are 5%. It cannot be upgraded and dropped. After the first fortress war, you can withdraw taxs every week (Saturday), 1 day before the second fortress war, so it will continue to compete on average in the second fortress war after the first fortress war. We wish success to all guilds and unions in advance.


You can participate in all events using the "Event So-ok" NPC.


Typle Value
PC Limit. 2
İP Limit. 4
Job Suit. 1
Dungeon Daily Limit. 6
Dungeon PC Limit. 1
Arena Limit. 1
CTF Limit. 1
Job Mode Exhange. Disabled.
Job Mode Reverse. Disabled.
Job Mode Guild Name. Enabled.
Job Mode İsim. Hidden.
Throwing worthless items out of the bag. Disabled.
Teleport delay. 15second.
Exhange bug. Disabled.
Stall - Exit vd Bug Disabled.
Scroll Bug Disabled.


We prepared the Battle Royale event for you, you don't need to download a different client. You can participate in the event by choosing a different server on the same client.We will share the details (with video) soon.

The GNGWC Tournament is our dream event since Season 3 and a long time ago, but we just can't make it happen. Normally it is not online. Since it is a real-life event with a tournament system, So normally we don’t do it online, but now we don’t have a option.

We will share the details (with video) soon.

The average number of players between 2.5k and 5k changes each season. The new season has many features that distinguish it from other seasons, so we will fix the player capacity at 5K. We will always keep our Oasis server as a backup option. If the clutter happens to the "Tibet" server and we can fill the server capacity at 5K, we will activate the "Oasis" option.

Change Logs:

Virüs Total:

Virus total results to fulfill the Elitepvpers rules. But as you all know private server files contains some malware. Those are all harmless and every server in the scene has more or less than what we have!


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nice game, exactly the system I am looking for! achievements
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Looks good how many days will it take to be 80lvl?
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This server is attacked other servers.Please dont trust them. They can steal ur time and money. Dont waste ur energy.
bu sw diğer sw lere saldırıyor onlara güvenmeyen paranızı ve zamanınızı calarlar enerjini tüketmeyın
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I will test - xAYK
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Looks great ! beta on now?
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Any skills balance?
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Will try!
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do not join this server it has fake capacity and failed before. trust dont waste your time like i did
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bot will be allowed?
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Don't steal people's labor, joynet, it's enough!
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IGN: Flow
Signature event
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Beta: 08.02.2021 - UTC +3 21:00
Grand Opening - UTC +3 21:00

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Participating in the signature-event Currently beta testing, level 37!

IGN : Money
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grand opening 05.03.2021
grand closed 20.03.2021
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joynet, silkroad, silkroad80cap, silkroadonline

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