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Pearus Online S2 ✦ CAP 100 CH ✦ Lots of activities ✦ Fair & Balanced System ✦GO 06.02

Discussion on Pearus Online S2 ✦ CAP 100 CH ✦ Lots of activities ✦ Fair & Balanced System ✦GO 06.02 within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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Pearus Online S2 ✦ CAP 100 CH ✦ Lots of activities ✦ Fair & Balanced System ✦GO 06.02

Presenting you the future of Pearus Online, coming up with season 2! After 5 great successful months of uptime with our first season as first release to public, we've been through many things but we always managed to get it up and running propper for you! Things being said, we have decided to shut the server down and prepare for our new journey. Our main goal is always to bring players the most balanced and the most fun and competitive game they will ever have in silkroad online industry. We have succesfully prepared a long-term cap 100 chn only with many great improvements, insane activities and as always, a friendly community.

➜ Beta Phase III:
Date: 27.01.2021
Duration: 9-days
Focused on: Fortress War & Game events & Alchemy Rate & Job rates

➜ GRAND OPENING: 06-02-2021

All Quest NPC's are located in Samarkand, as being the main town of Pearus Online.
  • 1.Jangan walkthrough
Info: As a newcommer, you start grinding and focusing on these mobs so you will reach higher level faster.
  • 2.Donwhang walkthrough
Info: Similar to first beginner quest, hunt all the mobs related to quest from DW area.
  • 3.Hotan walkthrough
Info: Last quest is in Hotan. Walk it through to receive a propper reward!

About our new GUI

We have interactive user menu, which allows you to connect to our social media links in no time by clicking on the specific icons, also we have live "Unique History", "Event Schedule", "Dynamic Ranking", you can also change your grant name without asking your guild master to do it from that menu, and there is also the Title Manager, from which you can change your title's color and even if you have more than one, switch with the other whenever you want!
Gallery 1

Server is job based! Level requirement to join any job league is 85.
By participating in Job, you will receive Job Points. The limit is 100 job points per day. Don't forget to create an academy after joining a job to make your kills worth honor points!
TRADER Receives 3 Job points per 5* trade JG - HT.
HUNTER Receives 5 Job points.
THIEF Receives 2 Job points from a 5* stolen trade.

How to farm Gold?

Gold will be throught trading mostly with the following profit:
  • JG - HT = 50m per 5* trade.
  • HT - JG = 50m per 5* trade.
  • JG - DW = 25M per 5* trade.
  • DW - JG = 25m per 5* trade.

Monsters and Uniques inside the Job Temple have a higher and better rate of dropping items than any other monsters anywhere in the game. In order to get our server both in terms of activity and in an alternative way of coins/silks.
Honor System
No pain, no gain! Honor system will be based on Job Kills, you need to be a member of the academy system and for your registering it will be from any storage "Job Establishment". This system resets every Friday will lose your buffs and the honor points goes to 0 for a new start! Every kill grants you 1 point. This is limited, so that you cannot farm points by killing bots in Job Temple. If you kill the same person more than 3 times in 1 hour, the points will stop count for another hour.

Each player can give you up to 3 honor points for 8 hours
You need to be level 90 + to obtain honor points
Daily limit is 20.
To be sure your honor points will be counted correctly please create academy at storage only under job mode.
Rank System
Rank system is different and competetive in Pearus Online. It's divided into 3 systems. Job, Uniques, and Honor.
Top 3 Players in the rank system receive the following rewards every week:

1st place: 200 silk and a TITLE.
2nd place: 150 silk.
3rd place: 100 silk.

Force Cure skills = 20 seconds delay
Division debuff = 50%
Impotent debuff = 40%
Weaken debuff = 55%
Decay debuff = 50%


Anti Devil Arrow - Annihilate = Increased critical from 40 to 50
Anti Devil Arrow - Strike = Increased critical from 35 to 45
Celestial Beast Arrow = Added bleed skill with 30% probability
Strong Bow - Will = increased critical from 20 to 25

Fire, Lightning, Cold imbues = same amount of dmg.

All new npc's are located in Samarkand.
Are you an oldschool one? Then stick to default SOX glow.
You like your weapon fancy? Upgrade your weapon's SOX glow using a SOX Glow Changer Scroll, available in Item Mall. Each SOX has 1 default and 5 alternative SOX glow available.
Gallery 2
Gallery 3
Devil's Garden is a dungeon such as Forgotten World, but a little edited to fit the Devil's Garden map. In order to participate it, you have to buy the Garden Dimension which is located in Samarkand @ Pearus Special NPC. It requires you to form a SHARE/SHARE party and a minimum of 4 players to be able to succesfully finish the whole dungeon. This is a team dungeon!

Dimensions Holes will be located at "Pearus Special NPC". It will be the only source to get SUN weapon, by collecting all 8 FGW Books.


Obtainable from drops with pretty high rate, the drop rate won't disappoint you.
Haven't been modified when it comes to Stats and Plus, this basically means that SOS will be weaker than last tier items.


We have fabricated a really fascinating way to get moon items, you are able to get moon items by 2 ways, first off you can obtain SOM from SOX CRATES with 30% success ratio. Those sox crates to be explained down. We have decided to make it obtainable from mobs with LOW rate to keep the non-donators and those who studying & working on track and not to fall behind.
Will be slightly better than last tier items.


We thought a lot and a lot about it and in the end we decided to have only 1 way to gain each SUN type to keep every single part of the server active all the time and to keep it long-term as it should be. SUN WEAPONS can only be obtainable through FGW. SUN ACCESSORIES can be obtained by collecting arena coins from through Battle Arena. SUN SETS can only be obtainable by Job points with weekly limit. Those suns can be obtained by purchasing the items from the Arena Manager NPC in Samarkand. And finally you can also obtain suns through SOX CRATES but wait the success ratio nearly impossible.
Will be equal to last tier items +5.


It can be obtained through Jobbing. After hitting 7 job levels, your job levels will be reseted back to lvl 1 and you will receive a SOX Crate as a reward.

Devil's Garden's Quest
It can be also obtained through the daily "Devil's Garden" quest that can be done everyday, and receive a SOX Crate by completing the quest.

Lastly, it will be obtained through hunting Uniques.

Selling items for money on our server is not against the rules! However we made it work well for both parts by including official middlemans which will assist you on the entire trade period by taking a % fee per transaction and you avoid being scammed!
However, Pearus Online Staff will not sell items or create items using GM console to prevent changing the in-game balance and avoid corruption.

How to Farm Silk?

The main method to gain silks in our server is by voting every 12/24hours! You can access the voting panel by logging into our website or by hunting uniques.
  1. Join Automated Events. The winners get a fixed amount of silk. There are numerious auto-events in the game. Follow the notices, join and win.
  2. Sell any in-game item for gold and buy silk with gold. You can also sell any item for silk, except for the best items in the game. Best items are not tradeable.
  3. Join Facebook Events (Comment and Share events) we run multiple times after the release and obtain beginner packs, free silks and silk worth items.
  4. Join Daily Discord Events to win Silk or Silk worth items.
  5. Join Monthly Instagram Events to win Silk or Silk worth items.
  6. Kill Uniques, obtain Silk Scroll.
  7. Vote4Silk by using the panel in our website.
The amount of total FREE SILKS given to players every month is more than 100 000 silks worth. You'll eventually get lots of free silks when you follow up with all events.

How to farm coins?

Farm coins through the following activities:

  • Battle Arena - 7 coins for a win, 3 coins for lose.
  • Hunt uniques above Demon Shaitan.
  • Survival - 1 kill = 1 silver coin
  • Madness - 1 kill = 1 silver coin + killer of Devil Shaitan takes the drop.
  • CTF - 1 kill = 1 arena coin

[IMG=expandable: 0][/IMG]
 [B][SIZE="1"][URL=""]Website[/URL] | [URL=""]Discord[/URL][/SIZE][/B][SIZE="1"][/SIZE] [/CENTER]
Thread still under development until grand opening.
Special thanks to for creating this amazing masterpiece!

Discord react giveaway started!
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my fav oldschool finally is back <3 # pk_machine
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lets give it a try ) i remember before it was good server
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Please make sure you write your IGN if you are going to participate in our ongoing events.
Like us on facebook, we have an event ongoing there as well.

#Pearus S2
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IM in

IGN : SupeR
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Looks pretty nice, gj Maxyy
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2020 surprise me day after day xD sure im in.
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Originally Posted by Zademy View Post
Looks pretty nice, gj Maxyy
thanks gurl
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Originally Posted by CRauX View Post
2020 surprise me day after day xD sure im in.
Please don't forget to write down your IGN.
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Signature event
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Signature event

IGN: Kixa
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it woiuld be cool, without this custom areas, titles and eu uniques
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Originally Posted by Casque View Post
it woiuld be cool, without this custom areas, titles and eu uniques
We believe that a mix between old-school and modern sro will be the perfect balance. Sadly, nowadays a server without its own feature is doomed. Anyways, thanks for your comment .
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I thought that there will be no silkroad server that's able to get my attention. Now this one got me hyped up ^^
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Good luck fellas.
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