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Odin II - Midgard | Pioneer of Innovation | Thor and more | Drop System | 27.03.2020

Discussion on Odin II - Midgard | Pioneer of Innovation | Thor and more | Drop System | 27.03.2020 within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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Odin II - Midgard | Pioneer of Innovation | Thor and more | Drop System | 27.03.2020


We are on stage again on request! Odin II - Midgard !

I seem to hear you say, "Oh, Did they do this?" With many completely different visual and systematic features, we will show our valued players many times over.

With a few changes systematically, we bring the 100 cap, the most popular cap, to the presence of you, our valuable players, again. In our first server, we had a process that attracted attention, active management, unlimited support, no lag and no delay, keeping promises and getting positive feedback from players. But this does not mean that we will open a copy/paste server without developing ourselves. Odin is never a copy/paste server and it will never happen. If you look at our topic in detail, we have added and will continue to add many innovations for our esteemed players. New uniques, dress and more will be with you at Odin Midgard.

In Odin, you will have a smooth gaming experience as always.
Don't forget to check out our new website. It is currently in beta phase but will be fully completed before the game's grand opening.

Since our topic is not completely finished, we will add the missing parts in the future.

We aim for a server that is filled with many silkroad lovers, and really too many. This is a difficult thing to do because there is contention between Silkroad private servers but we hope the best with the expertly prepared content we offer. We want to offer a smooth and stable server with no bugs, where everyone is on track to be the best. A Play2Win server with mature staff, we will be with you with a team that targets the best for our players.

We will not perform closed beta due to security measures.


Start level 100 - Moon Items - Free Silk - Unlimited Gold - Unlimited alchemy materials

In this beta phase, we will pay attention to in-game balance and alchemy. To join, you need to download our client and log in with any id pw combination.

(Level Beta) > 24.03.2020

Start level 1 - NPC items - Free Silk - Unlimited Gold

Since there were too many requests, we found it reasonable to add such a stage. At this stage, you will be able to perform tests for the beginning of the game by levelling.

The first 10 players who reach to level 100 will be rewarded with silks.


- During Beta (except closed beta), server will be reachable and online for all players.

- You don't have to register for beta. You can log in beta client with any id pw combination.

- Server can be updates once a day or more during the beta phase. We will announce before every restart or update.

- All changes will be shared in our Discord channel.

- From you as beta test players, we want you to report us every error and every inactive system on Discord channel.

- After beta phase you will only contact us on Discord, our Facebook etc. communication services will be offline.

We plan to open Odin II Midgard at 27.03.2020 - 21:00 GMT +3. We will communicate any changes to you through our social media channels and Discord.

You can check out our visual items that will be very effective in promotion.

We have replaced the icons of scrolls in the game with much better ones.

You can get these scrolls from the Title NPC which is located near the DW storage. there are dozens of different titles that will give you a different look

Tired of playing the same build? You want to try different things? These scrolls are for you! To change your game style you can use Skill Reset Scroll.

Can't you find a guild because you play hybrid bow? (like me :P) Maybe it's time to change your in-game style, a lone wolf :P Or you can reset your stats using this scroll

The main purpose of Silkroad is the job system. This is more important to us. If you do not want to wait for a 7-day penalty period, use this scroll to reset your penalty.

Instead of waiting 3 days to change your team or guild, you can use this scroll to instantly join another team or guild.

We realize that some of you don't like the look of the 10D itself. We have added model switchers to the game. Put your SoX weapon in the first slot of your inventory and use your scroll and enjoy the change!

Permanent Buffs
These are the normal buffs you always have. But now they're real buffs. If you die, whether you're not at the computer or teleported, they will always be on you.


We have added many avatars for those who want to be different from others. Our special avatar Thor Dress, you will be able to obtain from special unique Thor with a low chance.

We offer our newly added glow switchers to you.

Now it's time to introduce a few in-game and visual features that you can come across in only Odin!

The new hero of our game, which you have never seen in any server before! Salute him. Magnificent "Thor Odinson"!
He returned to Midgard to take back the his father's throne from "Jupiter"!

Of course we did not limit our innovations only to uniques!
As we mentioned before, Odin is a concept server and we will present you with features and images that have never been tried and added.
These changes will help our players feel valuable and special.
New model switchers will be added soon before the beta phase.

We have designed a costume that you can feel strong and special like our new hero Thor Odinson. This costume, which you can only get from, has been designed exclusively for the Odin Midgard family.
It is just one of the special drops in Thor, with low drop rate.

Our players who participated in our previous server know well that there were a few godbless wings that they did not see much.
But we thought this was not enough and we designed 2 new wings (godbless) for Midgard.

Everyone thinks that Armor and Pro sets are unnecessary. We are here to break this taboo! We made some adjustments to the sets and added extra features. However, you will only get these extra features when you complete the sets.

STR 10, INT 10

MP 1200, HP 1200, Attack Rate 20

Ignore Monster Defence 1, HP Recovery 25

It would not be true to call these new skills, we added 120 cap skills, which are known by different names on several servers, to our game.

There will not be Fortress War in our first week. We have taken such a measure to offer you a game more equal. In this way, you will use a 2-week period to focus on your own items and the items you will use in Fortress War.

We have developed such a rank system to encourage everyone into the Fortress War. At the end of each month, the guild, the winner of the fortress battle rankings, will receive special gifts. We will announce the rewards later. But we can absolutely guarantee that your labor is worth it.

If you think that all the kills and all the effort you spent in the castle are wasted, you are wrong. Unlike other servers, we will be rewarding our valuable players in Odin in the guild, which is the first in Kill Rank at the end of the fortress war.

We want to offer you an environment where you can have more fun at low prices. So, we've added a lot of things to your starter packages. When necessary changes are made, they will be added to the thread.

We're proud to present to you that we've changed the way Special works. At Odin Online, we focused on Job Battles. There will be Special for Job War twice a day.

What does it mean?
That means there will be more Job War and more fun. Normally on other servers, caravans at Special time give more gold and coins. But there will be no caravans at Special time in Odin Online! Yes you heard it right, literally "there will be no caravans". In Special time, you will earn gold and special items for every enemy you kill.

At the same time, you will be able to earn special gifts with special quests. We are sure that you will not want to miss this event.

On the caravan side, every 10. caravan that you ride/steal will give you 1 piece first grade Sos Box. We know this system is a bit risky but We would like to inform you that we will ban those who cheat at job without hesitation.

Job Incomes

The point that you can obtain from job is limited with 10, daily.

We will use the caravan routes from the original city to the city in the game. To keep Job active, we've changed the selling price of items to NPC. This means that the only place you can get gold in the game is job. We believe this will keep the job active because there will be some items that you can only get with gold. We tried to create an equal job system for all job types.

Thieves will get 20m for every 5* goods they smuggle.

5* goods price: 30m
Jangan to Donwhang: 40m profit
Jangan to Hotan: 70m profit

Jangan to Donwhang: For every trader in party 7m
Jangan to Hotan: For every trader in party 12m

NOTE: Thieves will receive the lowest gold. We don't want everyone to be thief because of the box system we put into the game. We have taken such measures to keep the Job active. Also, Hunters will get the highest gold.

We made a few changes to the SoX System in Odin and tried to make the game more active and playable.

Seal of Star Item(+2 Last Tier) (Tradeable):

In order to keep the values of the items at a high level in our game, we made SoS items back to +2 value.

In short, you can obtain these items by farming, and you will also be able to obtain them from SoS Boxes, and we will explain how to get them from SoS Box below.
Every 90+ mob has a chance to drop the SoS Box. Are you very unlucky about dropping items? Don't worry, we've added different ways too to get these items.

Seal of Midgard Item(+3.5 Last Tier) (Tradeable):

We have prepared everything and every step we have taken for a long-term server. These items will be a little difficult to obtain. Moon weapons will only be available from FGW.

The quest will be activated in the 3rd or 4th week of the game.

For SoO Items(Armor, Protector, Garment), you need to focus to High Tier Uniques like Job Cave Uniques and Arabian Uniques. You can obtain in low chance from these uniques.

Likewise, drops of these items will be activated at the same time as the quest.

Seal of Hela Item(+5 Last Tier) (Untradeable):

Activity is the key to getting these items. You will be able to access these items with coins per caravan and coins from several events. At the end of the 6th week, we will announce you the necessary materials from our Discord Server.

We've seen the need to make some changes in our skills to balance our game and we share these changes with our esteemed players.

- Cold imbue duratin: 16 seconds
- Firewalls/Icewalls cooldowns are same. 10 seconds.

- Light imbue duration: 16 seconds
- Force Piercing Force last level is upgraded to 19% than 18%
- Last level walk speed upgraded to 105%
- Last level cold meteor/nuke attack power is equal to light nuke.

- Fire imbue duration: 16 seconds
- Last level Phy DMG increase buff upgraded to 13% than 9%.

- Force cure series: Same cooldowns. 10 seconds.
- Impotent: 80% to 45
- Weaken: 80% to 60
- Decay: 80% to 60
- Division: 80% to 55

- Summit & Depth Bicheon Force: Added bonus 10% magical damage buff.
- Demon Blade Force: Knock Down Probability reduced to 45% from 50%.
- Ocean Blade Force: Knock Down Probability reduced to 45% from 50%.
- Flying Stone Smash and Twin Energy Smach cooldowns are shared.

- Celestial Beast Arrow: Fear Debuff Lv 10 (20%)
- Anti Devil Bow Strike: Extra Critical +10 (45)
- Anti Devil Bow Annihilate: Extra Critical +10 (50)
- Anti Devil Bow Demolition : Extra Critical +5 (50)
- Ice Hawk Attack Rate is increased 37>60
- Arrow Combo Series share same cooldown.

There is 2 boxes in Odin Online.

When used, you get the chance to get one of the following items:

This box contains Sos Tier item. You have a 20% chance of winning Sos Tier item. You can get this box from uniques or quests.

The quests are available in Quest NPC located in Donwhang.

Odin's Favor: After killing 5000 Sylakenth you will get 1 Sos Item Box from Quest NPC.

Hero's Path: After killing 20 Tiger Girl, 20 Cerberus, 20 Ivy, 10 Demon Shaitan you will get 500 Silks and 2 Sos Box from Quest NPC.

Legend of Silkroad: You will receive 1 Sos Item Box for delivering, protecting and smuggling 10 caravans.

Destiny: After killing 5 Karkadaan, 5 Khlood, 5 Medusa, 10 Lord Yarkan you will get 1000 Silks and 2 Sos Box from Quest NPC.

SP Quest: You will be able to do it in the SP Dungeon and you will be able to earn 15M SP per quest.

Since the system in our previous server was very popular, we decided to continue in the same way.

Rankings will be updated every hour.

You will earn one honor point for each successful caravan you receive from the job.

You will earn 3 Honor Points from each kill you receive during Special Job War.
You will receive 1 honor point for each kill in the Job.
You will get points from killing same player only 1 time in 8 hours.

Each unique will have its own honor point.

Every enemy you kill in Survival will earn you 1 honor point.

You can get points 2 times from the same person.

Extra honor points will be given to the top 3 in Survival.

You will receive 8 points for each victory in the Battle Arena.

You will receive 3 honor points per enemy you kill.
There is no limit to kill in the Fortress War.

The unique "Thor" that you have never witnessed anywhere before! With these special unique drops, it will add joy to your game! You will be able to get the special dress and more from Thor.

Because INT characters always dominate the unique scene and because we think it's not fair, we have separated some uniques as STR / INT. Those with STR will not be killed by INT characters as they will have a very high mag defense.

We have created a title where you can easily access mirror maps you can grind and see the spawn locations of some of the Uniques.

You will be able to teleport to most of the areas in the game from the teleports you will find on your left and right in Downhang South Gate.

Odin Online will have both automatic and manual events.

You will have a lot of fun playing our game as promised.

Manuel Events:
After the first week, we will perform PvP and Unique Event every weekend. PvP Events will take place on Saturdays and Unique Events on Sundays before the Fortress War.

Automatic Events:
An automatic event bot has been added to Odin Online. As most of you know, this bot allows you to have fun every day, making predetermined activities on a daily basis. It will also give you silk gifts per each event.

Special Job War: This is one of our own ideas. You will get gold and Honor Buff for every enemy you kill in Special Time. A special task for Special will also be available and will help you get priceless rewards. We are sure that you will not want to miss this event!

Maximum Level Event: The first 300 people who reach the maximum level will receive a silk prize!

KillTheBotEvent: As the name suggests, it has the same logic as KilltheGM event. KillTheBotEvent will be repeated 3 rounds at each event hour and will continue to award each round. The event bot that will appear in the area announced by Notice will have a high number of HP but an average defance. The winner of the event will be the person who hit the last before the event bot dies.

Hide&Seek: The first player who find our event bot and exchange to him who is hiding somewhere on the map will be the winner.
Reward: 100 silks.

Survival Arena: An entertaining area where everyone involved will have to use the pvp cape, where you can earn points for the Honor Buff at the same time you're pvp.

Search&Destroy: Your objective is to find and kill the unique spawned on the map. The winner will be the player who kill the unique. The reward is 150 silks.

LastManStanding: The event will take place in the "Jangan Arena" and will begin with a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 40 players. The event is quite simple, the system automatically teleport you to the "Jangan Arena" zone. In this field, you need to switch to combat mode, so "Pvp Cape" must be equipped. Once the event has started, as everyone would have guessed, a x-person "Free For All" battle begins, an event where everyone can fight alone. The player who survived this event (the last survivor) will be the winner of the event. The reward is 100 silks.

LuckyPartyNumber: Our favourite event. Your goal is to create the desired party number. Reward: 50 silks.

Lottery Event: You can participate in this event by buying a Lottery Ticket from Lottery NPC. Just keep your ticket in your inventory. There will be 10 winners and the prizes will be very satisfying.

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Good Luck

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Seems fun, good luck

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i think it's very cool and i'm in.
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can u increase stones stack?
pick pet 5 pages or ?
Silk/h ?
first 300 silk = ?
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Originally Posted by RanstaMonsta View Post
The new hero of our game, which you have never seen in any server before! Salute him. Magnificent "Thor Odinson"!
He returned to Midgard to take back the his father's throne from "Jupiter"!
what for a bullshit you know nothing about Norse Mythology
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Originally Posted by the mighty View Post
Good Luck

Originally Posted by devilisme View Post
i think it's very cool and i'm in.
Welcome I hope you'll enjoy it.

Originally Posted by SandSn1p3r View Post
can u increase stones stack?
pick pet 5 pages or ?
Silk/h ?
first 300 silk = ?
We will keep things as we made. There is no silk/h. First 300 starts from 300 silk to 100. I'll edit thread with explanation.

Originally Posted by NorseGodTyr View Post
what for a bullshit you know nothing about Norse Mythology
I know so many things about Norse gods, but as you can see i didnt mention anything about making about Nordic Mythology. It's just a unique. Since we have a scenario, we made a decision to combine both game and our new unique.

Please do not complain about the things that you dont have any idea about.
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Originally Posted by NorseGodTyr View Post
what for a bullshit you know nothing about Norse Mythology
so jelly lol
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Originally Posted by CarolineForbes View Post
so jelly lol
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Originally Posted by mr.jungle View Post
Ty sir
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Looks awesome, good luck brub
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Originally Posted by Mr Yuni View Post
Looks awesome, good luck brub
Ty sir

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Closed Thread

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