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FRIENDZONESRO OPEN: August .5.18 | FREE SILK | |Cap 100 |CH | SOS High RATES

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Thumbs up FRIENDZONESRO OPEN: August .5.18 | FREE SILK | |Cap 100 |CH | SOS High RATES

*About FriendZoneSro Online,Let's start by telling you that we are a team of 2 people between 24 and 28 years old. We are also from different countries. My name is George , I live in Florida USA and my good trusted friend in South America , Each one of us specializes in a specific part. This is what distinguishes us. Every one of us knows what he is doing. One of us is the part that he can do well, the main Focused in this game is 0 Corruption , A Grinding Game Play ! , A Server where we all have the same opportunity and avoid any kind of illegal bussines.. and this is what we will explain.Please read the topic carefully !

FREE SILK !!! Everyone Recived 3K Silk In Game !!!

*What is our goal:
Everyone writes at this point that it is the main goal of the server, that you get a good pleasure inside the game , create a Server with 0 Corruption ! A Server To Grind and have the best Community Around !

*Promises :
Sro community,We promised you Huh to offer you a game in a very magnificence, a game that elevates the level of the player to another level of play does not depend on one thing only, but you can do many things inside you can spend a wonderful leisure time inside

Grand Opening:
This stage is the last stage in which we will have all the errors that were found inside the server and then we are ready to open the game and will be the date of this stage after we make sure that the game is free from mistakes as we said in the past
Date Of Grand Opening : AUGUST 5!!, 2018 GMT+2 19:00

Cap 100:
Everyone is asking why we chose this cap, because in our opinion it is considered one of the strongest capes that have been implemented in the Silk Road. 
Race Chinese Only:
First, to bring you back to the meaning of the true beauty of the game, and second, because no one can strike a balance between the Chinese and the Europeans. 
Main Town Donwhang:
Donwhang is the favorite city of all because it reminds me of the past days in the Silk Road and the Bei B which was in front of its doors for 24 hours and also we put all the important things like teleports/npcs. 
Mastery limit will be 300 .. 
Max Skills: 
It 's a wonderful feeling that you get skills being max,This is what we did. 
Elixir Effect: 
We have added a new effect for elixirs to let you be able to distinguish between the elixir types before you pick them. 
Forgotten World: 
All Forgotten World uniques & boxes will have a chance to drop a Paltnim Box opening this item will give you a random amount of Silk Item! Of course the higher you go in stars the more possibilities uniques & boxes will have to drop this item. Some other worthy drops you can get on FGW are Seal Of Star equipment if you are lucky enough! 
How to get Dimensions Holes? 
You can get Dimensions Holes from Gold Miner located near Donwhang Storage for a certain amount of gold. This will really give gold even more value! 
1 Stars Dimension Hole will cost 75 M Gold. 
2 Stars Dimension Hole will cost 150 M Gold. 
3 Stars Dimension Hole will cost 200 M Gold. 
4 Stars Dimension Hole will cost 250 M Gold. 
Completing FGW Collection. 
Completing the collection will grant you 1 FriendZone Packeg. 
Samarkand Modification: 
We modified samarkand monsters to be convenient with our gameplay 
Samarkand contains monsters gradually from level 90~100. 
Money Maker: 
The Richest player will automatically be granted a title called [Money Maker] and once someone gets a higher amount of gold you will get your old title back and he'll be the new hero. 
Magic POP : 
We know Magic POP was one of the most hated features back in the day we played Silkroad Online, because it was simply “Pay to win” but we have changed the way it works, it’s not possible to purchase Magic POP cards for silks, not from the Item mall nor any NPC ingame. 
We didn’t have proper use for Magic POP unfortunately, that’s why we decided to add it in a way that won’t damage the gameplay balance. We have added Magic POP cards to drop from Holy Water Uniqe 
Holy Water Temple: 
Open its doors once a day there is a great opportunity to get Sos Item,or MagicPop Card also alot of silk item in there 
Max Plus +10:
So that there is a balance between the players who will start with us at the beginning of the game and who will enter later. 
Notic Plus: 
An auto server notices informing that an item has been enhanced to +7 and afterward. 
One of the most useful items in Silkroad. Premium is something every single player should have in order to be competitive. Even though we have added many different ways to get Premium except donating the easiest way is still donating so we had to nerf it slightly. 
Guild Start Level 5:
Those of us who do not hate this point in the Silk Road when you start to level up his guild, but in Spetze we mad him start from lv 5 and now You don't have to waste your SP and donate GP any more! 
Guild & Union Limits: 
The FriendZoneSro server team decided that we must change the number of players within the guild to 32 so as to increase the competition between the unions, and also change the number of friendly guilds to 2 guilds 
Union chat for all Guild members: 
Masters can now give union chat authority to all members of their guild. 
Available Fortress: 
Hotan,fortress are available . 
Max Stack: 
We've increased stacks for each item in ٍSpetze game. 
Auto Equipment: 
We've added this system to make the gameplay more comfortable and level up faster. We all know that it is hard to play a server without a normal auto equipment as a player myself I have experienced that multiple times, So we decided to make the auto equipment so it helps you out to level up faster, Your items will change automatically when you teleport and it will be, +5 fb It works from D1 to D9. 
Permanent Buffs: 
It 's a good feature everyone likes to have in FriendZoneSro, has been added. 
Honor Buffs : 
All these days mad it via job,But in FriendZone Sro it,s like old day ,via plvl,I know many will say what this crazy guy will say cheating is very easy,But let me tell you, I know that well,but i will do reset for it every 15 Day. 
PC Limit. 
The maximum allowed number of clients you are allowed to open per PC are 3. 
Purfication pill bugg : 
We have fixed this really <<famous>> bugg to offer you 
an even better gameplay! 

Introduction of job:
Everyone has noticed that at the beginning of the dialogue we talked about our server being built on the system of Job. When we start talking about this part, we can not explain it completely in one point, but so that we can We will explain everything we will divide into several points and we will explain each point in detail, please follow us carefully and read it carefully
Is there HWID Limits ?
Of course there is and it,s 1 when job suit is on .
what about Reverse in job mod ?
I have been turned off Reverse in job mod.
Job Temple.
One of those who liked the features that were created in the Silk Road, which can never be replaced, and that has been activated in FriendZone Online and since we are a server built on the Job, we have to activate it, it is the point that brings comfort to the players inside the game, and there will also be a continuous competitor Inside, because it will be possible to kill inside them at any time and will need revenge. For this we modified the mob inside the temple functionality to fit the 100 server Cap.
Also you can get some SOS items easily as the proportion of them inside the temple is high on the outside.
Also there are some tasks that will make you gain some silk and this will be explained later in this subject.
Job temple teleport
We have moved the teleportation of the job temple to our main city, Donwhang,But it will not be in a safe area,You will have a cone until you reach it and you will know it is enabled if you press the letter (M).

Introduction Sox:

At this point we thought a lot and a lot about how it will be the system of the sucks, and what the players like in this system and what they hate, especially that all we have are only two types of sucks, do we have to add another type or not, and if we add will admire The players or not, what we will do in the next updates, and in the end we decided to have only two types of sucks and two[ Seal of Star, and Seal of Moon ],In the future there will be a third type[Seal Of Jupiter]

SOX Balance:
Seal of Star (SOS) = last tier +1
Seal of Moon (SOM) = last tier +3

How will you get Sox item?
Let us divide this answer into two parts.

Seal of Star:
You will get it buy droppable at Job Temple and 90+ monsters.

Seal of Moon:
In order to get Som Weapon You must collect the following [SroZone Points ,SroZoneJewal]
Where will I collect these things?

[SroZonePoint] From complet Treade if you are Hunter/Treader or steal a tread if you Thife.

[SroZoneJewel] UNIQUE

Custom Glows
As we believe glows are the most beloved thing in Silkroad regarding the weapons. It’s always been a challenge of “Who has a better glow?” That’s why we decided to have new cool ones.

Is it possible to know what these Box are and what is their format? canl you give me details about it?What keys should I collect until I open these boxes?
In order to answer this question in detail, I must divide it so you can read it well.


Let 's start with the names of the keys.
Key Of Crisis
Key Of Honor
Key Of Judgement

Now let's get to know the names of the Box and what to give us.
There are 5 types of boxes:
Moon Chest :You will receive one random Moon equipment upon opening this chest!
JNW Chest : Your daily dose of elixirs, stones, Seal Of Star equipment if you are lucky enough, good luck!
Silver Box :Opening this box will give you one random silk item, good luck!
Platinum Box :Opening this box will give you one random silk item, good luck!
Gold Box:Opening this box will give you one random silk item, good luck!
Now we know the names of the keys, the names of the boxes and what gives us

Introduction Uniques :
Hunting uniques is one of the most beautiful aspects of the Silk Road, from those who do not like Hunting Uniques, currently in FriendZone has been added some Silk Item Dropped from uniques Like [ Tiger Girl, Uruchi , Isy etc ]Currently none of them will ever tire.
Normal uniques Like [ Tiger Girl, Uruchi , Isy etc ] :
Everyone knows them because you have the chance to get from them 1 Immortal Stone From [crab&tg] 2 Immortal Stone [ Ivy/Uruchi ] 3 Immortal Stone [ Lord&Isy ] 4 Immortal Stone [ Demon&Medusa] and also you will get Silver Box from all of them .
Job Cave Uniques :
Uniques that spawn inside job cave,They are all level 100 and would be almost impossible to kill solo, but you have the chance to get from them 4 Immortal Stone and Silver Box.
Garden Uniques :
Uniques that spawn inside Garden Area,They are all level 100 and would be almost impossible to kill solo, but you have the chance to get from them 5X Immortal and Gold Box.
Arabia Uniques:
spawn all over the map on random unique spawns. Those uniques really have some very worthy drops so we are pretty sure there will be many players hunting for them daily,you have the chance to get from them 6X Immortal and JVM Chest.

Now I will explain to you everything inside NPC&Item Mall ,With all the details inside, follow us.

Devil Spirit.
To prevent characters from getting over powered, devil got nerfed to 10%.

Model Switcher Item.
Everyone knows this feature well It is one of the most beautiful features that were created inside the Silk Road, it allows players to change the shape of the weapons they own, to other forms, there are 12 types, we hope to admire you.
How to use model switcher?
lace your Item in the first slot in your inventory and use the scroll.

Immortal Stone.
To prevent scam we applied only D10 immortal stones as well we change the icon.

Useful Scrolls.
We have put some good Scrolls to help you in the game

Change name Scroll
Str/Int reset Scroll
Skill point reset Scroll
Durability remover
Job penalty remover
Guild penalty remover
Premium remover

Special NPCs
We have added new NPcs n Donwhang City ,So in this NPcs You can buy items for Gold Or FriendZone/Point- Jewal and also you will found some new Quest there now let me tell you name of ech npc and what you caan get from it.

Planet Seller Hyeon
I am the richest man in the game! I got tons of seal of moons for sell my friend&alot of plant Box to. I can give you some but you have to bring me FriendZone points, FriendZone jewels and hmm gold of course

Gold Miner Wekro
Welcome to my shop! I really love gold so please look at the awesome stuff I can sell you for some gold. I hope you buy some my friend.

Avatar Seller Yumiko
Welcome! There are lots of precious avatar from around the world that you might be amazed at the sight of them. You want to look around? It's for free for seeing.

Titles Seller Cyania
You can purchase the coolest titles from here

Quest Manger
Here you can pick your Daily Quests.[/TABLE]

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Good luck .

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Originally Posted by RiseAboveYouu View Post
Good luck .
thank you sir !
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Stupid server - fail

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hour gmt open?
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Originally Posted by Geezmo View Post
hour gmt open?
Hello Buddy ... Server is Current Open For Beta ! But Official Launch Will be Tommorrow 10AM USA EDT Time .

Originally Posted by -Trouble* View Post
Hey guys
Seems pretty good to me
I'm in and wish you best of luck
Much Bless!!! Thank you and i hope you enjoy it !
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Im in wait for open
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Thabks for all thensupport , im doing my best to have the best Private server out there ! For you guys !!!!
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when grand open?
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Originally Posted by Geezmo View Post
when grand open?
GMT +2 19:00 in 2 Hrs
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gl mate
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Originally Posted by blitz200 View Post
looks promising,im in!
Thank you for trusting my hard work project ! This server is based on you guys .. ( the players ) ! Im not here for donations or anything ! Im here for the best game play on sro community !
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looks similar to electus **** and this one i **** too gl mate
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Originally Posted by StaRWarrioR_ View Post
looks similar to electus **** and this one i **** too gl mate
Haha.. this is a different Game .. USA Hosting and American Owner. But thanks !
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Where is my 300 silk?

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