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Nors Online | 100 Cap CH | Innovative Dungeons | Advanced Features!| GO 11/01/2019

Discussion on Nors Online | 100 Cap CH | Innovative Dungeons | Advanced Features!| GO 11/01/2019 within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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Nors Online | 100 Cap CH | Innovative Dungeons | Advanced Features!| GO 11/01/2019

Nors Online | 100 Cap CH | Job Based Dungeons | Long Term | Innovative Systems! | go 11/01/2019

What do we offer ?
probably You have been wondering why ppl jumping from server to other, ending up leaving it in the first couple of Days ~weeks ?... Sadly true ? but ,We Nors team are focused on active oldschool jobbing gameplay,Server with a brand new gameplay which is not that far away from your dreams but we had to make some changes in order to offer mysterious journey of gaming !

Regarding beta phase
Before our server grand opening Starts there will be few days of beta to ensure bugless systems and lagfree start .
After Beta we will wipe server data to offer a fresh start with smooth gameplay for everyone !

also By participating in our Beta Phase you should get familiar with our new implemented systems by testing them. We really appreciate your efforts.

PS:Beta Bugs Reporters will be rewarded in game depending on bug level !

i will make everything clear and simple as much as i can, so you guys won't suffer reading many paragraphs unlike other servers crappy 100k word per thread lel.

Here we go

Server Performance
We Are running 3x Gameservers to Ensure that we have enough slots for players with no lags ,we can setup more gameservers just incase .

Nors Trailer

About Team
We are a team consists of 3 members only .
1. HECKT0R | Developer
2. Expect | Admin / Owner
3. ShuJaira | Community Manager

Closed Beta :Done
Open Beta : 6/1/2019
Grand opening : 11/1/2019


Registration will be available through client itself during beta phase.

General information

Info Value
Cap 100
Mastery 330
Races Chin
Exp rate 35x
Party EXP 40x
SP Rate 10x
Trade rate 15x
Gold Drop 10x
Items rate 4x
Gold rate 3x
Alchemy rate 1x
Union Limit 2
Guild Limit 24
Max Plus +12
Advanced Elixir Disabled
Stones Dropping Yes
Materials drop No
Fortress Hotan and jangan
DDoS / Exploit Protection Yes
PC Limit 2
Maximum job level 7
Max skills yes
FGW Enable
Battle arena Disabled temporary
CTF Enable
Purification Pill bug Fixed
Damage & Absorption scrolls Enable only 10%
Rescuration scroll Disabled
Exchange bug Disabled

Starting Items

Item Amount
HP Potion 10000x
MP Potion 10000x
Reverse Scroll 11x
Instant Return Scroll 11x
100% Speed increase 11x
Grab Pet 3 days
Skill point 3,000,000
Gold 1m

Our main town is Donwhang, all the important NPCs and teleporters are located There !

Dungeons & Instances

the idea not belong to us , but we have developed it for our lovely fellas , You can only join Purgatory with a party of 2 members at least .
You can enter only twice a day, so use your rounds wisely. Why should you go? well You have to kill the unique inside dungeon to gain the best drops .
The chances of dropping the Seal of the Star Box are higher than anywhere else , not only sos drop but other useful stuff too. The Dungeon lasts for 1 h and you will tp back to town , so make sure to finish it up fast.

p.s:We got many dungeons not only Purgatory and this Section gonna be edited soon (before open Beta).

Max Stacks
We believe a server without proper Max Stack won't make your life easier ,that's why we have customized our max stack system to fit your needs !

Cool Down
It's a must nowadays to set cooldown delays for each usable item due to abusing , that's why we have modified it to achieve Balance !

Model Switcher

One of the features that ppl would like. So what those "scrolls" do is simple:
You take one of the 'Model Switcher Scrolls' from Item Mall; Then you place your sos weapon in your first inventory slot and use the scroll. You'll immediately teleported to town and the model of your item should be changed into whatever degree you have chossed !.
you can switch your model between the following designs: Egy A, Egy B, D15, D14, D13,D12,D11 and D1. have fun!

Permanent Buffs.
we can't imagine playing a server without it am i wrong ?. We made sure that our permanent buff system works perfect as we expected it.

Nors Special FortressWar Buff .

Keep in your mind that we have made many changes to make FortressWar more interesting , FTW Guild master will receive an special buff with Colored Title name [FortressWar Commander] as a prize for his hard work by wining Fortress War .

We have enabled Jangan and Hotan fortresses to ensure competition .
the Hotan Fortress gets its tax from Donwhang and the Jangan Fortress gets its tax from Jangan.
Note: Tracing is disabled inside of fortress war regions.

Colored Title names

yea you read it right , we have implemented it ,we will use those colored titles in a way you gotta like it just to make sure that we are play2win server
unlike others!
p.s:Colored titles will be based on players activities .
Screenshots will be posted here once we decide about it .

Colored Char names
this feature made specially for our GM and GA Team so you guys could differentiate between them
Screenshots will be posted here once we decide about it .

Wanted system

most of you have heared about it already..
so ye we have made a different modes that will allow you to
receive some certain buffs by killing your enemy's from an opposite job alias.
if you are Strong enough to kill too many people in a row without dying you will be rewarded!
You will get buffs sorted for a certain period of time.

There are 5 kind of buffs:
10 Kills in row = 1%
20 Kills in row = 2%
30 Kills in row = 3%
40 Kills in row = 4%
50 Kills in row = 5%

Cheating ?
- kills count from the same player limited to 3 times.
- You have to kill players 90+ to get points.
- If you die while jobbing your hero mode buff will be removed.

Auto Equipment
Auto equipment is a feature that is on fashion nowadays . It makes
sence since its a really helpfull feature. Additionally, on our
auto equipment system you will receive sos items with +3
41%,Full blue stats applied on each item.
P.S: Auto Equipment works until (DG 9).
with a bot system message to teleport you at the same place .

Job Suits
There's brand New job suits available with new skill states depending on your job level. You can get those job suits from our Special shop .
P.S: you have to be at the same required level which written on job suit.

Job suits

Top Jobbers System
it is really important to encourage Jobbers for being always in top .
top 3 jobbers will be rewarded with new awesome buff to keep players jobbing and fighting to be in top , aswell you will receive a special Colored title based on your job type.

Top 100 System

Nors first 100 character reach level 100 system
To force you to be more active on the first days of
the server we have implemented a system that will
reward the first 100 players to reach level 100.
Being one from those top 100 System will reward you with :

• First 100 players to reach 100 will receive 1 Rabbit & 200 Silk.

Top 10 System

ye we have implemented it so those top 10 guys will be famous for there hard work on getting there max level first .
those top 10 will be rewarded with colored title and special buff which will lasts for 1 month .

Weekly Unique Killers

we have made something special for our top 3 players who will obtain the most unique points .
The more unique kills you do the more points you got .
our system enhanced with notice and pm messages .
also if you want to check the current top 3 unique killers you can send msg with '/unique rank' , the image below shows everything.

Nors Custom Sets

So another interested thing Nors is doing for the first time , we are introducing armor and protector items back.
The base of the idea is not coming from us BUT we improved the idea in a very good way which gave Armor and protector items life again. Read more for further info.

Seal of star (Nors strength set)
It grants you 6 str point increase if you weared your 6 parts . A great choice for STR's.

Seal of star (Nors inelegance set)
It grants you 6 int point increase if you weared your 6 parts . A great choice for int's.

Nors som weapons
those weapons are made with a good touch we have added weaponary skills on them as sockets

Nors items

Getting your [Seal of Star] Equipment!
how to get them :
1- normal grinding , they are dropable from mobs 90+
2- they are dropable from roc and medusa with 100% rates .
3- also they could be obtained from random sos boxes

Getting your [Seal of Moon] Equipment!
how to get them :
- from npc for a fair a mount of coins and gold .

Getting your [Seal of Moon] Weapon!
how to get them :
- from npc with job points and coins .

Getting your [Seal of Moon] Shield !
how to get them :
- Unlike many other servers we have changed the way to obtain them to make it unique , you can obtain your SOM Shield from FGW Grade 3 and 4 last Boss only , just to insure group playing !.

Honor Buff
we have implemented many ways to get your buffs to ensure a fair opportunity for everyone .
1- by job kills
2- by ctf kills
3- by unique kills

Forgotten World
well well well gimme your attention please , our fgw kinda different unlike other servers , we have changed fgw reward to be [Som Accessory]
each 8 books = 1 unit of your accessory
the drop rate is pretty good , and bcz you need to re run around it 4 times we have made fgw quest reset scroll so you can take the quest more than one time for the same char , please don't be mad now just bcz i will make your lifes easier , there's more than a way to obtain those cards with 100 % probability :
1-you can get 3 cards as drop from roc with prob 100%
2-you can get 2 cards from medusa with prob 100 %
we may add other ways to obtain those cards just incase if we needed that .
p.s : you can buy any card you want from other players since all of them are tradable .

Title Control System
one of the most common feature nowadays and we can't imagine a server without it , the image below explains everything about it

Title Window
The title you have purchased in the game will no longer be lost! We have a screen that you can change instantaneously before you buy. And the transition between the title will be instant. No need to teleport anymore .

Billionaire System
obviously this feature ain't new anymore but we thought some ppl here would like to see here , that's why we have implemented it with some few changes to enhance how it looks .

Billionaire is a title based on highest gold amount so once you char got the highest gold amount then you will be rewarded with this title which gotta be Colored one , keep in mind once any other char got higher amount of gold then the title will be granted to him and you will get your old title back .
p.s : there's an ' [BOT]System ' who will send automatic notice to let players know who is the newest Billionaire char and how much gold he got .
also keep in your mind you can't switch to other title while you are Billionaire
also this type of titles won't be in your title storage which means you can't switch to it later .

Daily Attendance Reward
we added this feature to encourage our players to be more active .
the more days you log in the more reward you get .
Restriction: lv 100

note:if you missed logging in to our game for one day your daily attendance will be rested to one day .

Random Sos Boxs

we have added plenty of those boxs just to make your life easier.

- Random Accessory Box
using this box will give you 100% chance to obtain random d10 sos accessory

- Random Protector Box
using this box will give you 100% chance to obtain random d10 sos protector

- Random Weapon Box
using this box will give you 100% chance to obtain random d10 sos Weapon

- Random Avatar Box
using this box will give you 100% chance to obtain random Avatar .

- Random Silk Box A
using this box will give you 100% chance to obtain random silk amount from 20~50 silks

- Random Silk Box B
using this box will give you 100% chance to obtain random silk amount from 10~20 silks

- Random Gold Box B
using this box will give you 100% chance to obtain random gold amount from 10m ~ 1bil gold

Points System

1- Job points

to let all of our server features more active we have added many ways to get your job points .
a- jobbing , doing your trade run or stealing a trade will reward you with fair amount of those points

b- hunting uniques ,killing a unique will reward you with specific amount of those points

c- we may add CTF kills for job points later if we think its needed , same goes for ftw .

2- Premium points

a- hunting uniques will reward you with silks
b- being active daily will reward you with silks , check our daily attendance system .
c- you can gain silks from our daily automatic events .

3- Honor points

a- you can gain those points from jobbing by killing your other job union.
b- you can gain those points from ctf kills
c- you can gain those points from ftw kills
d- you can gain those points from pvp kills
e- we may let them obtainable from unique kills .

Coins System

- Gold Coin
you can obtain this coin from Job temple uniques

- Silver Coin
you can obtain this coin from HWT & Job temple uniques

- Job Coin
you can obtain this coin from jobbing.

- Nors coin
you can obtain this coin from normal uniques , you can buy it for gold from our special shop npc.

you can buy them for gold from our special shop npc , they are not sell able at item mall anymore .

Unique System

our unique system is clear af , we won't write much info about it since the image below will show you how it goes .
p.s: almost all of your unique kills will be followed with a message system to let you know how many points you gained from killing each unique .

to be honest it's kinda unfair to see int uniques only around and the one's which get the kill are always the int ppl , that's why we gived it one more look and added many str uniques
like normal uniques and special rooms for str job uniques, you must wear you job suit to enter those special rooms .

i will remind you that all of those drop rates are 100 % prob success which means you will get your reward after killing those uniques with 100% probability and with the same quantity as same as the image below .

so here we go

Auto events

We believe a server without auto events won't be playable and won't be attractive at all.
So we have coded our own Auto events to serve player interests .
Our auto events is simple and mostly known and it won't need to be explained since it's self explanatory.

1- Automatic pvp event
event will be announced to be held in a specific place and players should go there to fight each others.
REWARD: 100 silk.

2- Automatic job war event
it goes as same as the pvp event except the fact that you need job suit to be able to participate.
REWARD: 100 silk.

3- Alchemy event
our alchemy bot will announce about event place then after Few mnts it will spam specific item on earth and players must pick it fast and start pimping it until the desired value, first one to get the required plus value will won the event
REWARD: 50 silk.

4- Automatic uniques event
our uniques bot will spawn random uniques
REWARD: silks for each unique killer .

5- Trivia event ( it's self explained)
REWARD: 25 silk.

6- Lucky Global (you have to start write any global once event notice starts , after that our bot system will choose random winner to win the event)
REWARD: 30 silk.

7- Kill GM event event bot will announce about event place)
REWARD: 50 silk.

Use our Signature:

1-Support us by using our signature.
All you have to do is copy paste the next code and use it as your signature, you will receive 100 silks.
just comment in the thread with your char name .

2- share our Facebook page and win a good amount of silks up to 500 silks .

PHP Code:
B]Nors Online 100 Cap CH Job Based Dungeons Innovative Systems!| grand opening  11/01/2019[/B]


Our Discord: [URL=""][COLOR="SlateGray"][/COLOR][/URL]

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nice. gl guys
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Good luck, seems interesting. I'll give it a try.
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Anti-Christs? lmao

good luck
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Thanks everyone .
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Seems to be a good server developed by a good devs
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good system , i would like to give it a try
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server already tested as closed beta phase .
open Beta starts tomorrow .
grand opening start 13/7/2018 .
waiting for everyone .

Originally Posted by TysonII View Post
good system , i would like to give it a try
you are welcomed .
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Im in
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would be better if it was euro/chin
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thanks for your suggestion , but you know even if it was euro / chin , there will be someone who say it will be better to be chin only , i can't make all happy if there's 2 options and i can't choose both of them at once .
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Looks cool im gonna try it out =)
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Great system.
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welcome @
using our signature will let you win 100 silks at grand opening .
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If the server was eu/ch it was gonna be perfect, still looking forward to join it and maybe play it for fun instead of just selling silk there
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