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Ephesus | Cap 110 | CH&EU Balanced | Activity based | Silk/H | League - Survival |

Discussion on Ephesus | Cap 110 | CH&EU Balanced | Activity based | Silk/H | League - Survival | within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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Arrow Ephesus | Cap 110 | CH&EU Balanced | Activity based | Silk/H | League - Survival |

♦ Ephesus Introduction.

Ephesus is a well established private server, here to give you and the whole community a pleasant and well balanced gameplay. We are a professional team with experiences in the section we're responsible for.
We've been in the silkroad community awhile now and would like to present our own kind of server to players, that like to invest their time in a server where working hard for is being rewarded. A server where donations are unnecessary to get what you want for you and your team.

A server where updates are constantly applied to not exactly "balance" but to improve our project and give the server a long term relation and keep the gameplay fresh, unique and adventurous. It's the place your story unfolds..
♦ Experience

Ephesus consist of experienced and professional team with history of successful work in creating servers and helping other servers.
Secondly, we were players before, so we know what exactly entertains you and we made sure that our systems will be consistent with each other so you won't get bored quickly. Moreover; every addition/system in Ephesus was added carefully and was well-planned.
Also you are welcome at anytime to tell us your ideas and If there's something you don't like it we can discuss about that in our Discord!
♦ The Curse of the Ephesus:
We are really here to offer you a long term server where you can live for a long time and spending a happy time in it. And our server quality Indicate this, so you have to give us the full confidence and supporting our server for building the best community and gaining more experts players. That's what we mean by curse of the ephesus.
♦ Our Target.
  • We are really here to offer you a long term server so you can get some real fun. And so we only focused on some points which is.
  • Long-term server
  • Balanced Game-Play
  • Fair Game-Play
  • Play2win server
  • Friendly Community

To be here for a long time, we've decided to test our server well for offering you a bug-free gameplay. We really need to test it well to let the players enjoy thier time in playing. And for that there will be two phases for testing our server that's for testing the new features and innovative ideas.
  • Beta opening: [22.12.2017]
    The second phase will be Open Beta. After finishing the closed beta phase we will start an open beta phase. This phase will be avaliable for everyone. The purpose of this phase is testing our system and the new features. Open Beta will be open for 4 days to make sure that all systems were tested to offer you a bug-free gameplay on the grand opening.
  • Grand opening: [29.12.2017]
    Our goal of making beta stages is to provide a completely bug-free, lag-free experience. Our opening date is 25.08.2017. If there is any problem and this problem grows, the date can be postponed. Ephesus is coming, what are you waiting for?
♦ Ephesus Cap:
Our server cap is 110 as we think it's the best cap that we met in the history of silkroad because more people have best memories in this capacity.
♦ Server Race:
Chinese and Europe. Too many only chinese servers opened. We think you're bored, so we've added Europe.
♦ Masteries Limit: Mastery limits will be 440/220 for giving more powerful and offering you an exciting battle.
♦ Server Rates:
  • Experience rate: [25x]
  • Party experience rate: [35x]
  • Skill points rate: [20x]
  • Items drop rate: [5x]
  • Gold drop rate: [5x]
  • Trade goods rate: [15x]
  • Alchemy rate: [1x]
♦ Main Town:
Our main town in Ephesus will be Alexandria (North)
♦ Fortress War:
In Ephesus there will be three fortresses available Hotan,Constantinople and Jangan. Hotan and Constantinople will be our main fortresses where the reward will be given.
♦ Max Plus:
The maximum for plus will be [+10] To make the server more balanced between players and living more time without more pluses.
♦ Starting Items:
After creating your character, you will find everything that needed to start your adventure.
♦ Auto Equipment:
  • [1-10DG] Equipment that will facilitate your power leveling.
♦ Max Stacks:
For saving your slots, we've increased the max stacks of stones, elixirs, potions etc to 1000 as max.
♦ Permanent Buffs:
We've added permanent buffs as a very useful feature for your adventure. Also, make sure we've did this feature for only chinese skill levels.
♦ Guild & Union Limits:
It is set to Guild & Union Limits: 32/3 by the decision taken by the management team.
♦ Union Chat For All:
We completely removed the union chat limit. We believe that communication between union guilds will be higher. Now you can write freely without any restrictions!
♦ Ephesus Clone Maps:
Such a system has been applied because of the intensity that will occur in the Ephesus server.
♦ Skill Modification:
To offer you an enjoyable, excitement and balancing on our server, we've decided to make some adjustments that achieve that. We really want to Ephesus to be something special and different from others. Read the balance down below and if there's a problem with it, you have to tell us via our Discord server chat but you have to give us a convincing reason for it.
Magical Defence
  • Magical Defence %69 -> %51'e reduced.
Physical Defence
  • Physical Defence %72 > %53 reduced.
Pain Quota
  • Physical-Magical Defence %75 > %45 reduced.
Guard Tambour
  • Defence %47 -> %35 reduced.
  • Range 70m > 30m reduced.
Mana Tambour
  • Defence %47 -> %35 reduced.
  • Range 70m > 30m reduced.
Clout March
  • Range 70m > 30m reduced.
All Dancings
  • Features %46 > %38 reduced.
  • Range 70m > 30m reduced.
  • Damage Return Rate %135 > %75 reduced.
  • Active Time 45sn > 30sn reduced.
  • Damage Return Rate %135 > %90 reduced.
  • Active Time 45sn > 30sn reduced.

Scream Mask
  • Stun Rate %35 > %15 reduced.
All Stunes
  • Retention rate %80 > %50 reduced.
  • Active Time 6sn > 15sn The was raised.
Reverse Immolation
  • Active Time 120sn > 10sn reduced.

♦ HWID Limits:
For providing fair gameplay, we've made HWID limits. You can open two characters only per PC that's because there are many players have not many PCs or are able to log in many characters on their computer. Although you are able to use two characters you can only use one of them while jobbing.
  • HWID limit [2]
  • Jobbing HWID limit [1]
  • Battle Arena HWID limit [1]
  • Capture the flag HWID limit [1]
  • Fortress HWID limit [1]
  • You can only use 1 character in capture the flag, battle arena or fortress war.
  • Trace disabled while fortress war.
  • You cannot use global chat till you reach lvl [50]
  • You cannot open a stall if you lower than lvl [64]
  • Battle Arena required level [100]
  • Capture the Flag required level [100]
  • Exchange delay [15 seconds]
  • Stall delay [10 seconds]
  • Global Chatting delay [45 seconds]
  • PK disabled in the server.
♦ League System:
  • Each league level includes 5 levels. Levels are indicated by roman numbers. Level 5(V) worst of all Level 1(I) is the best. Levels are from bad to good;
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinium
  • Diamond
  • Challenger
♦ Survival Arena:
  • It will only be 1 time per day.
  • The system will be notified when the notice is switched on and you will be able to log in from this character [System].
  • Encounter will be 8 vs 8 players.
  • Where each person killed will be determined by your score and your league ranked.
Reward: The winning party will be given by 10 silk system per person.

♦ Ephesus Temple:
  • You can only join here with the Job Suits.
  • Ephesus Khulood STR and Ephesus Karkadann INT Special Uniques available here.
  • Don't miss the special items that will fall through
Gift Silk , Ephesus Slayer Tittle, Global, Silver-Gold-Iron coin

♦ Holy Water Temple:
You can go to the holy water temple and be entitled to cut the uniques specified here and receive various prizes and items.

♦ Academy System:
  • Only Battle Arena (Random) you get points per killing you receive and the buffs of the players who enter the rank at the end of the day are delivered.

    Note:Firstly, academy should be created!

♦ Item Mall content:
The item mall is the place where donators can buy all their useful scrolls and power ups. In our item mall you will find the original silkroad items with some extras which are needed.
  • Adv Remover
  • Premium Remover
  • Upgrade Scroll
  • Guild-Job Penalty Remover
  • Astral
  • Immortal
  • Gift Silk
  • Ephesus Starter Pack
  • Ephesus Special Pack
  • Ephesus Adv Pack
  • Holy Water Time Reset
  • Forgotten World Time Reset
♦ Magic POP:
  • We thought of keeping on the Magic-POP in the server since it is a dice game, silks, and we have changed the rewards to some useful items.
♦ About SoX Items:
In Ephesus there will be one types of sox items. We've did some adjustments that will achieve the balance between them and between last tier normal items. Keep in mind that the drop rate will be pretty hard because of ensuring a long-term server.
  • How to get Nova:
Same as original silkroad, you can obtain nova items from the mobs which are [Level 101~110] with a hard drop rate.
  • How to get Egy A:
-Weapons & Shield
Same as original silkroad, you can obtain nova items from the forgotten world (FGW) mobs drop talisman which are [Level 101~110] with a hard rate.
  • How to get Egy A:
-Set & Accessories
You can get both from [Job Temple & Battle Arena & Capture The Flag] with 30% chance from uniques.
♦ Uniques & Drops:
Defeating uniques is the most enjoyable thing at silkroad. In Ephesus you will only find the original silkroad uniques such as Tiger Girl, Cerberus, Captain Ivy, Uruchi etc,. There are will be two kinds from the original uniques [STR] & [INT] for giving chances for STR players to kill uniques. Also, there are the game boss and this will be Medusa. That's the most enjoyable way.
Note: You will find every unique in the same place like oldschool.
Original uniques:
All old uniques Tiger Girl, Cerberus, Captain Ivy, Uruchi, Isyaturu, Lord Yarkan and Demon Shaitan will be in thier spawn points like Oldschool.
Drops: [2~10] Gift Silk, [1~2] Immortal, [1~2] Astral, [1~5] Reverse, [1~5] Global chatting.
As we said before there's will be one game bosses in the server so Medusa will be the stronger boss. Also, there's will be a good reward from defeating it. Medusa will be spawned every Friday and the defeater will get a title name as a reward. [Medusa Slayer]
Drops: [24] Gift Silk, [2] Seal of Nova, [8] Immortal, [8] Astral, [10] Lucky Magic Powder and [10, 100] Silk scroll.
Job temple uniques:
You will find the real fun in defeating the Job temple uniques. Don't forget that Job temple uniques edited to fit 110 cap so you will be able to defeat them but after a great fight. Also, we've added seal of nova in job temple mobs at higher ratios than normal mobs. We've moved the teleportation of the job temple to our main city, Alexandria. It will be outside the safe zone so you will have to struggle to reach it. Location of teleporter is Canyon. We are sure it will be much more fun now!
♦ AFK Player Quests:
Hunting "Mostername"
  • You have to kill 10.000 monster [Monster NAME] inside the job temple,alexandria and clone maps
Reward: [10] Gift Silk [5] Silver [5] Gold [5] Iron coin

That system is one of the most important thing in our server. We've developed our jobbing system to comply with the long-term system. Finally, You will go back again to the old days where you was feeling a pleasure. We really need to see the challenge between the jobbers and to achieve that we've made some features in our jobbing system that will force you to be an active.
♦ Jobbing HWID limit:
  • It is a small change in our jobbing system and will also have a major impact on the system but you can't imagine what it will do. It will make our gameplay more fair. You are able to use only 1 character while wearing job suit per PC.
♦ Job Routes:
  • We have without distorting the originality determined the prices of items received and sold in a certain routes to make job war more active and fun.
♦ Profit Trader About:
Good news to merchants; İtem stacks replicated.
  • Buffalo full stack item 80M.
  • Average 160-280M snow when sold.
♦ Job Temple:
  • We want Job Temple to be active. For this reason, we added seal of nova in job temple mobs at higher ratios than normal mobs. We have modified the mobs inside the job temple to fit a cap 110 server. Job temple has also it's own uniques which will be dropping Seal of Nova items with a high rate and much more useful items. We have moved the teleportation of the job temple to all main city, It will be outside the safe zone so you will have to struggle to reach it. Location of teleporter is Temple. We are sure it will be much more fun now!
♦ Signature :
  • Support us by using our signature. There will be a chance to win 100 Silk. All you need to do is to copy this code down below and putting it in your forum signature.
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nice system, i'll wait beta.
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Down work?
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560m trade? RIP Economy
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Stealing (aka copy/paste) contents from other threads without a permission is not allowed, I'll leave as a reminder.

, please contact me if you asked him to use his content.

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