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Elamidas BETA Testing (Skalidor 2).

Discussion on Elamidas BETA Testing (Skalidor 2). within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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Arrow Elamidas BETA Testing (Skalidor 2).

Brace yourselves, Skalidor is coming

We've kept you waiting for quite a long time by pushing the release date further and further away. However, we are finally able to proudly present you... Skalidor

A few years back, we were dreaming of having our own private server, a server which would compete with the player count of original Silkroad servers. We wanted to achieve perfection, achieve features never seen before and yet keep
simplicity. Our goal was to monopolize the private server market, to centralize the players, to finally fulfill the dream that we had.

We have built a great team with people who collected experience in several other projects before and do not mean to disappoint you.
Now, it is time to show you the gathered experience, the flawless gaming and the undefeated combination of ideas!
Be prepared for our trial of becoming the perfect server for everyone:

One more paragraph.
We would like to tell you about a lot of things which are a major gameplay benefit and unique on Skalidor. However, we can not explain it all. The reasons why you have to try out Skalidor... there are many, way too many to fully explain
in a paragraph. Usually, we would talk about the PvP Trainer or the Events or all the other great features we have implemented. But, but but.... we will use this opportunity to tell you about one of our core features.
There are many servers out there, you play on them, they have great features, awesome gameplay functions. But there is one thing which is lacking on ALL servers.... a working alchemy rate!
The Alchemy rate is fucked up (sorry for inappropriate language, but that's the truth). Their Alchemy rate really sucks, some pluses are extremely easy and some are extremely weird. Some items seem to be easy to plus,
some seem to be a lot harder. Why is it, that nobody really understood the meaning behind the alchemy rate? We cannot answer this question, but we can assure you that you will not be able to complain against our Alchemy rate.
We have personally spent four hours fusing, re-adjusting and finding out the real way of how the alchemy rate works. This might not be something new to everyone, but to be honest, our rates are real. We are not going to tell you
some weird rate and hope it's fine. This is what we have personally tried out.
Our Alchemy rates are pretty simple and, to underline it again, our alchemy rates are REAL!
Rates are:
+1 => 80%
+2 => 70%
+3 => 60%
+4 => 50%
+5 => 40%
+6 => 20%
+7 => 10%
+8 => 5%
+9 => 2%
+10 => 1%
+11 => 1%
+12 => 1%
As you can see, +11 and +12 are 1 percent. The reason we did this is because, everyone who has played long enough to be able to fuse such high pluses WILL have a premium plus and a lucky dress.
We are not doing this to make money or shit like that. We are doing this because we know that +11/+12 is NEVER fused without a premium+ and luck dress. Therefore the rate for +11 and +12 only depends on those things.
We have actually tried this shit out by hand. We fused a shitload of items on different pluses.... Right now, as we are writing this (05:40 AM, 3/Nov/13), We are running a self-written fusebot on 3 characters which is just
creating items and fusing them, one after another. This is done so we can test the alchemy rate 100% and be more than sure that its real! One of the most important aspects of Silkroad is fusing. Without a good set, you
can not enjoy other features. This is the first Milestone to increase the gameplay!
We hope you like the rates. The rates will NEVER be changed. We are leaving them like this, no matter what you think, the higher pluses will not be touched, ever. Thank you for reading this paragraph, although, it seems to be quite long.



Release Date:
Friday, 13th December | 13/12/13

Forum Signature:
If you'd like to support us, please add this signature.

Official Skalidor Trailer:

Skalidor Screenshot Gallery #1
Skalidor Screenshot Gallery #2

Now, before you start falling in love with Skalidor, keep one thing in mind:
It is sad but true, large parts of the Silkroad community are 'fucked up' and our experience leads us to the following conclusion:
Success results in hate.
We WILL be the target of attacks such as DDoS and exploits as long as we are successful, but be assured that we will always try our best to solve such problems as fast as possible.
In case you are looking for a stable server from day zero, you are wrong. We will be having our downtimes, thus we will be in need of loyal players to achieve our aim of becoming incredibly stable and long-term.


We would like to personally thank the following people for their help and support.
(Note: We mean the ideas, not the actual features. We made those ourselves obviously.)

In order to create a smoother navigation, we have divided our features into multiple parts: Basic, Starter, Advanced, Expert and Professional features. In order to understand everything please do not skip any parts. We know it's painful to read all this text, however it took us quite some time to write all of this. Now... enjoy reading 11k words!


  • Cap | 90
    Chinese Only
  • Exp
    High enough to keep it exciting
  • SP
    High enough to level without any gap
  • Drop Rate
    Discussed in the feature list
  • Dg1-Dg8
    Auto-Equipment of Items (Full blue & 41% white stats) + Normal DropRate
  • Dg9
    15% Gold | Item Selling Gold Rate 30%
    Reason: We don't actually care about botting, but we are strictly against goldbotting.. Thus, we would like you to only effectively bot inside the Jobcave (donwhang cave) where other players have the chance to fight goldbotters on their own.
  • Item Mall
    We would like to say that we don't want to earn any money but we would be lying to you. Therefore, we will tell you straight out. We are trying to make money while spending time with our hobby; Silkroad. However we
    are trying to sell you a product which is superior to others. Thus, we need an Item Mall (I.M.), however, a few chosen avatars will not be sold in the I.M.because we would like you to farm the parts while killing uniques. We want
    you to experience gameplay at its' most diverse state.
  • IP Limit = 3
    When you connect a fourth character, all other characters get disconnected simultaneously.
  • CoinSystem
    Now.. we could write you 2000 words about this one right here, but we will save it to the features list and respective evaluation in order to show you each aspect of it.
  • MaxPlus
    We would have liked to implement a Maximum plus, we were doing it, while a friend of us asked us to just leave it be. You can fuse as much as you want to but the rate above +12 is just 0%. You would need an immense amount
    of luck to actually get as far as +12(Also because the rate for above +10 is based on premium+lucky dress only), if you are a risk-taker, you can try it. We highly discourage you to do so, due to the fact that we tried fusing with
    a full inventory of +12 items and failed all of them (109 items). We aren't like other restrictive servers, you do, what you want to do. Your business not mine.
    For more Alchemy information, read the large paragraph above, it explains everything that you need to know about our alchemy rates, since it's basically one core aspect/feature/function of Silkroad. It's all based on your items, your
    sets and everything else. Enough said... read the section above if you haven't done so already.
  • MaxStack
    Most items are stackable up to 10000 (10k). We thought, why stack elixirs and shit to just 1k when we can put it up to 10k. Stacking should make life easier.. and we will make it as easy as possible with this.

Skalidor offers you completely free content which can be attained by playing actively. It's as simple as that. However, due to the nature of the world not everything will be droppable. You will need to get a few things via the
Item mall or from players who trade those items.
Whatsoever, please read the "Events & Free Silks" bullet point below.


These are the features that a normal server has. Most people open a server with just these few features and think it will be successful. We are not like that, we don't even think of these things as features. We mean, these things are
the most simple things, the basis to even start thinking about opening a server...
Now let's have people steal this miserable ideas and see em opening servers...

  • Automatic Equipment
    It seems these days everyone has this feature, people love copying from guides... however ours is different. We don't like to go 'mainstream'.
    With our improved Auto-Equipment you will be getting full blue items from first to eighth degree (1dg - 8dg). Additionally, 41% stats will be applied on each item.

  • Simple Item changes
    Our equippable item changes are pretty simple to understand. The damage, reinforce and other components which determine the damage of an individual item have to be re-checked and adjusted in order to fit our balance and our idea
    of fairness. We have actually checked each one of those damn 400 3rd gear items in order to improve the gameplay as much as possible.
    There are some more minor item changes which can be seen in this list:

  • Skill changes
    Our Skill changes are pretty decent and easy to understand. Actually, we haven't changed much on the existing masteries. Force has been balanced down a bit due to the nature of debuffing being overpowered in relation to other
    classes. Whatsoever, don't worry, Intelligence based characters are not favoured either. Our server balance should be near to perfection.

  • Union Limit
    Multiple servers have this feature now. We made it. We keep it. It's even better. Now you will only see 4 guilds inside the union... there will not be some random Guilds showing up all of a sudden.

  • Guild Start level
    This would usually not be classified as a feature, however, not many people want things like that. So I'll explain it a bit.
    Once you open a guild you usually need some SP to level it up and so on. What we are doing is, allowing you to skip those boring guild level ups which are useless anyway and thus, you will be allowed to directly have level 5 guilds.
    Of course we have fixed the negative GP error too. You will not get any negative numbers there, since its just simply annoying. Bugs are the past guys, the past!

  • Custom Glows & SoX item looks
    This isn't a proper feature either, just something to make item distinguishing easier. The visual look of Moon & Sun items has been changed to 10DG. Most of you like the 10 degree looks, according to a long forgotten poll.
    Anyway, these will not be changed at all. The glows and looks are staying as they are. If you really like to change it, you can open the media anytime and change the link as you wish.

  • #1 Jobber
    The name is actually kind of "over-the-top". It works pretty easy: You become the best jobber overall meaning the highest job level with the best items and you will receive the tag: [#1] inside your jobname & receive the Title:
    #1 Jobber
    Reason: Everyone loves fame, the more you can get, the better it is.

  • Guild Limit
    We have been discussing this with a lot of players recently, resulting in a Guild member limit of maximum 32 characters per guild.
    This will mean that you can get 30 members (other than the 2 Guild masters. Read more about this in the features below, yes we really want you to read the whole thread)

  • Stall Limits
    We have changed the stall limits to 500Bil gold. This enables you to use gold in an easier way and buy items without getting scammed.

  • Jewel Box Event (Disabled, we need to find good rewards for it. Not just some str/int scrolls.)
    Back to the roots.
    The first official SilkroadOnline event made by ***max (which is crap compared to our events)

  • Help Window
    Before you ask us any questions, please open the help window, it took quite a lot of time to make it and has a guide for almost any feature that we have. It makes supporting life a lot easier. Plus you give us time to work on other
    Just try it out, in case you don't know how to open it, press 'H'.
    Also recommend this feature to everyone you know because as mentioned above, it will save the crew a lot of time (Less time required for supporting => more time for new features and fixes)

  • Anti Goldbot Policy
    Large part of our concept which has a huge influence on the game.
    Normal monsters don't drop anything useful except tier three items. They don't drop enough gold, so it's not really useful to bot there. They don't drop elixirs, alchemy materials or anything else which can be sold for gold except
    for attribute&magic stones.
    With this, we are allowing you to explore a wider spectrum of possibilities of gaining gold. You can go unique hunting, jobbing & so on. There is a variety of different things you can always do. However, we do allow botting itself.
    You can do that in the jobcave, but you'll be killed before you know it.

  • Ingame Suggestions / Bug Report
    Using the Message system you can send us suggestions anytime. Just send the messages to Charname 'Suggestion' (ingame) and we will read it.


These are the so-called "advanced" features. The good servers these days... the ones with around 600 players have the basic features plus these ones here. We have them too, made them better... and actually that's not even the
highlight. What you are going see later on will be astonishing! We are not gonna say too much at this point. Just read each individual feature itself and try to understand why we made them. Some ideas might not be ours directly, however We've
changed them to fit our concept!

  • Real safezones!
    This was actually pretty easy to do but its weird that nobody has done it before, at least nobody that we know of.
    Basically, this means that the whole towns are safezones now, there used to be thieves cheating with goods inside towns which had spots without safezones. This 'bug' is finally fixed.

  • Unique Spawn Areas
    We have added hundreds of spawn points for the uniques. We would like unique hunting to actually be different, to actually be more exhausting for the player himself, to actually be more entertaining and individualized for each single
    Other servers have copied this idea obviously, since it's great as fuck. However, most of them failed copying it properly.

  • Cerberus & Captain Ivy
    We have added multiple spawning points for Cerberus and Captain ivy on the Chinese map as well. Cerberus spawns in the previously un-used Jangan regions. Captain Ivy will be spawning in previously un-used Donwhang regions. Check
    out the spawn maps to find out where they spawn (inside the spoiler).

  • Job Cave Uniques
    These uniques spawn inside the DW Cave (Job Cave/Temple).
    Aquila, Goliath, Montecore & the boss unique Morgoth will be spawning inside the jobcave. Each one drops an extra amount of coins and gives you special items.
    It will be a lot of fun competing with different people and different type of jobbers to get the kill on these uniques. You basically have to take over a complete room, since the uniques spawn in the empty rooms (Hint right here).
    The kills will also grant you special titles.

  • Global Unique: Roc!
    Roc is an awesome unique. ***max failed at implementing it properly. Let's do this properly, shall we?
    Roc will be spawning all over the place, when we say 'all over the place', we mean it! It will be spawning at every possible X,Y Coordinate on our enabled maps. We would like to make you a spawnmap of it, but we would just be showing
    you all regions from Jangan to Roc Mountain including Taklamakan and so on. Just keep in mind that Roc is nerfed down to fit 90Cap expectations, however it is still very very strong. You will most likely reach a new death streak. Also,
    don't forget that you need the 'Fragment of the Sun' in order to buy Seal of Sun Items, among other ways of obtaining it, Roc has a chance to drop it.

  • Automatic Titles
    This one is quite easy. You receive a XXXX Slayer title for each unique monster that you kill. The 'XXXX' will be replaced by the unique's name. However, you only keep the title until the next unique of the same kind has been killed
    or you obtain a higher ranked title.
    Possible titles: Tiger Girl Slayer, Uruchi Slayer, Cerberus Slayer, Captain Ivy Slayer, Isyutaru Slayer, Lord Yarkan Slayer, Demon Shaitan Slayer, Aquila Slayer, Montecore Slayer, Goliath, Morgoth Slayer, Roc Slayer.

  • Automatic Job Titles
    You will be getting job titles weekly based on your 'Joblevel'. The Traders/Hunters/Thieves on the highest level in each respective job group will be receiving special titles. Become the best and see which title awaits you.

  • Automatic Title Grant Back
    Pretty simple to understand.
    If you receive a jobtitle, which you keep for at least 12 hours and then you kill a unique, your title will be replaced with the unique title. Now the problem arises: What happens if someone else kills that unique? Normally, you
    would be title-less. However, in Skalidor's case, you will receive your job title again. Basically, granting your title back to you.

  • Special Trade Routes:
    These routes have been made to enhance your jobbing experience, to allow you to wider the spectrum of different possibilities of trade routes which you take.
    The main objective is to allow the triangular jobbing to be more centralized, due to the fact that traders will take these in order to gain more 'Trade Experience' and Contribution, which is used to gain coins in return. By using this
    method of centralization, thieves will need to search less for trades and hunters will have fun by killing real players instead of some easy NPCs which are usually simply ignored.
    In short: Everyone has more fun, everyone has the possiblity of gaining more Contribution and everyone wastes less time.

    • #1

      This route will allow you to gain the most Contribution, however it is more difficult to complete, since the teleporters restrict your routing. It will allow thieves to 'guess' where you are. Whatsoever, at the same time you can also
      'guess' where the thieves are.
      Tactical teamplay is needed!
      PS: Watch the video to know how to use this route.

    • #2

    Our second route is very similar to the first one. The main difference is that the route is very very narrow. There is almost no space to run or hide. You can either go forward or backwards. Also there are no NPC thief spawns for
    traders here. However, there are NPC thieves all around the area. You cannot simply lure the NPC thieves behind you and expect to ignore them. At this route, your hunter will need to protect you from the NPC's too. You should also
    notice that, it will give you a little less Contribution, but this route is faster to complete.
    Again, watch the video to find out how it really works.

  • Fortress War Kill Counter
    For a certain amount of kills you will get secret rewards
    You have to try it out, We are not going to tell you what you get. However, it will be worth it, especially with our guild limit and union limits, since there will be more enemies and more total kills that you can get. Plus there
    will be a ranking on the website to show the best fortress war 'killers'. By that you can improve your guilds/unions fame.
    There will also be achievements based on this. So be a good boy (no sexism, but according to rule 16 of there are no women in the internet), and kill
    your enemies.

  • Unique Titan Scrolls
    These scrolls are pretty easy to use and understand. In our custom-made NPC at Donwhang Storage you will be able to buy Unique scrolls for a set Gold price. This helps you and the whole server economy. It gets rid of Gold and allows
    you to spawn uniques to gain experience or help your friends to level up.

  • Job Cave (Donwhang Cave)
    The Donwhang cave has been transformed into the Job temple and has been improved of course. You will not be able to use transports inside it by the way.
    The spawn has been increased by 600% in total, this means there will be 6x more spawns inside. This will make it a lot more interesting and harder for "bots".
    Also there are Job-based uniques spawning inside the cave. These uniques will give you titles as explained earlier and they will be extremely hard to kill, since people in different jobs will be able to attack you anytime.
    You'll have a shitload of fun competing and stealing unique kills, receiving coins from the uniques and also dropping a few special items.

    The normal monsters inside the cave also drop Seal of Star items which are +1 better than the 3rd tier items. We have made a pretty good rate for it, and it won't be too difficult to 'drop' those sos items. In combination of the
    Skalidor Sets, you will have fun dropping different kinds of items and gain a lot of gold by selling these.
    Those Seal of Star sets will also revive the Silkroad economy as there will be a special reward on each set if you wear the whole gear. As there will be 6 different sets you are forced to trade with other players if you want a
    complete set.
    Note that if you try to bot inside the jobcave you will have a normal elixir droprate and normal gold drop rate. But the main problem is that people will love to kill you. Jobkills give you joblevels. By having a high joblevel
    you unlock achievements, you receive jobskills and honor ranks and most importantly, you become famous. (Isn't that the best thing in sro?). Anyways, you have to find out how awesome it is yourself, we could keep writing about
    this for ages.

  • Red stat Removing (Durability Reduce remover scroll) & more
    This scroll has unexpectedly taken quiet some time to make. Therefore, I'll put it into the features list.
    How it works:
    You put any equipment item into slot one of your inventory and use the Red Stat remover scroll.
    You will be teleported almost instantly and the stat gets removed. If there is no redstat on the item, you receive the scroll back again. As simple as that

  • The Stat reset & skill reset
    These scrolls work similarly (read above). You get teleported and done. No disconnects or anything.
    The charname change scroll is a bit different. You use it, get disconnected. At the login window you see a charname change window, using that you can change your name.

  • Oldschool Player versus Player Capes.
    This feature is pretty cool and requires no user input at all. Meaning, you can activate the 'Player versus Player' fighting mode and automatically receive an oldschool pvp cape. This allows us to give you back just a little more
    of the oldschool feeling that you all want.
    It is nice actually, you feel like you are back in 7th~8th Degree isro again.

Expert Features

  • Custom SoX System
    As we did not like the "Bot to be the best-attitude" of Silkroad, we decided to make a complete new concept.
    There are 9 different SoX Sets(+Accessories) and 8 different types of weapons in total.
    We have 6 different Seal of Star Skalidor Sets with the same white stats but different "Set-blues" and additionally 1 Seal of Moon Skalidor Set, 1 Roc Set and 1 Seal of Sun Skalidor set.
    Their strength is defined like in this example:

    • 85+1 spear = Sos spear
    • 85+2 spear = Som spear
    • 85+3 spear = Sun spear

    (Note: As there is no Roc weapon it does not fit this example, however Roc items are as strong as Seal of Moons)
    We do not want to explain every single rate of the whole concept but you should know that there are different ways of obtaining different sets.
    Each set has it's own, unique buffs which are applied to you if you wear a certain amount of parts of a set.

    While Seal of Star items and Roc items are only droppable, Seal of Moon and Seal of Sun items(partially only) can be farmed.
    You will need a lot of different coins in order to be able to buy a Seal of Moon or a Seal of Sun item at our Skalidor shop(located at donwhang storage).
    Here is a little guide about how to obtain the different coins:

    • Copper: Sold for 1b/each at the Skalidor shop
    • Silver: Dropped by uniques
    • Gold: Gained by jobbing
    • Arena: Gained by playing "Capture The Flag"

    Seal of Sun items cost 1 additional "coin" which is called "Fragment of the Sun", we will not tell you how to get it, as it is supposed to remain a secret until the first player finds out.
    Those Fragments will be very rare as we wish to only have very few Seal of Suns on the server.
    We wish you a lot of fun trying to be the first player owning a Seal of Sun item.

  • Job System
    Everyone loved the real, old jobbing system ***max invented. It is one of the reasons why we all enjoy this game until today.
    However they failed on perfecting the system and made it worse instead.
    We tried to make a server which is based on jobbing and improved the system as far as we could. Jobrates are way higher than usual which means that there will be a lot of jobbing activity as everybody will try to get rich.
    The additional traderoutes, the coin based SoX system and all the other small changes related features enhance the jobbing activity even more.
    There are a lot of small features we did not mention yet such as buffed fortress war trade pets aka. Behemoth and Lizard (Behemoth has increased HP // Lizard has decreased hp but is immune against freezing skills) or the Honor
    Buffs which are based on your joblevel(There are 90 joblevels in total).
    The higher your rank in the top jobber's list, the more honor buffs you get.
    (Note: The job level will be reset monthly in order to create equal chances for newcomers.)

  • Anti Cheat System for Trading
    We developed a new anti cheat system for Skalidor as every other trial to stop "Contribution Cheating" failed (not only on our earlier servers).
    We will not tell you how it actually works because we do not want you guys to try around until you find a way to work around it.
    If you get caught you will be flagged as cheater in our database and you will not get any contribution or coins for 24hours at least.

    All in all we have to say that it is impossible to catch every single cheater though.
    There are cheaters who would look unsuspicious to humans as well, and our system is not able to detect such people, because we would ban too many unguilty persons otherwise.
    Our system only bans people if it is certain that they cheat(ed).

    However we want you to report job cheaters anyway as every support in this case helps. We want a legit server where players win, not cheaters or botters.

  • Additional JobSuits:
    We have added additional jobsuits to ensure differentiation between players and their joblevel. These are based on different jobbing components which you will learn about further on. However, we would just like to state that we
    have a wide range of alternative jobsuits available for purchase for simple gold at the usual NPCs.

  • Guild Co-Leadership
    You will love this feature, there won't be a need for the main guildmaster to be online 24/7 to do some guild stuff. Finally you can just assign a second guildmaster for your guild and let him do all the dirty work for you
    Both guildmasters have all privileges, you are allowed to change fortress rights, give rights, change grant names and so on, it is pretty simple (The only restriction is that you can not withdraw another guildmaster).
    How to:
    Write a message to the char that you would like to set as a guildmaster and inside the message you write: 'Set Guildmaster'
    That's it. If it is successfull, you will receive a Private message saying so.

  • Wanted Jobbing
    Another awesome feature & idea.
    The old WANTED system that everyone has sucks.
    Our Wanted jobbing feature is something different. First of all let us tell you a bit about how it worked a looong time ago on isro.
    You went jobbing as a thief and stole a lot of goods/killed a lot of traders & hunters. If you had a certain amount of goods stolen/kills, you received a title called "WANTED". This allowed everyone to rob you and attack you anytime.
    So you had to be careful. You had a lot to lose: EXP, SP, Job EXP, Loot & Gold.
    In our system you will not lose all that, however you will still lose a bit of gold. it's not much actually, but at least something.
    How it works:
    If you become WANTED, you get a visual buff while jobbing. Other thieves cannot attack you. Only trader and hunters can attack you.
    You can maximally lose 50 Mil gold.
    You become wanted if you kill at least 10 jobbers in a row without dying and will lose a certain percentage of your gold.
    The more people you kill, the higher your gold penalty becomes.

    • 11 Kills => 1% Gold loss
    • 12 Kills => 2% Gold loss
    • 13 Kills => 3% Gold loss....
    • Max Gold loss => 50 Million

    The gold that you lose will be added to the person who killed you.
    Now that's what we call a real Wanted system!

  • Purgatory
    Welcome to the land beyond Hell.
    Our lovely Purgatory awaits you. It has an increased monster spawn rate.
    You have to kill the Leviathans to gain gold, elixirs and normal drops. This is made for strong active players, that love party raiding.
    In the future there will also be a Boss unique spawning in the room called: The 'Mother of all'. That witch will massacre you, if you aren't careful.

  • Additional JobSuits
    There are 5 different job suits for each job guild. They are restricted by joblevels, you will be able to buy a new one
    at job level 1,10,20,30 and 40.
    As your job suit improves, the job skills on them improve as well.
    The screenshots below will make it easier to understand.

  • Permanent Buffs
    It's an awesome feature and will make your life a lot easier.
    These are your normal every-day buffs that you usually have. However, now they are real buffs. You actually have them "on" the whole time, no matter if you die, teleport or go Away from the keyboard. You will still have them.
    You won't be getting spawnkilled because you don't have any buffs. CTF and so on, will become a lot more interesting as well as jobbing, fortress war and general gameplay, including but not limited to PvP fights.
    Plus when you spawn at some place your char is instantly in 'fighting position' which looks cool. Makes no difference in terms of time or strength or whatever you may come up with. It's just there to look good.
    Additionally, bowers are imbued a bit with the attack range buff. Bower will keep that buff enabled even if they haven't equipped a bow at that moment. Bowers are usually bad for PvPs anyways. Hopefully
    their life becomes at least a little easier with this.

  • Job Level
    Joblevels aka Jobranking is solely based on the amount of kills that you have while you are jobbing. Keep in mind that there is a very good anti-cheat system in place for this. If you start cheating, you will not get any kill
    points and will be wasting your time. However, since this will encourage you to cheat, go ahead and get yourself Job-kill-banned (You can still play ofc).
    Your joblevel gives you jobskills which in return helps you at jobbing. Additionally, it looks awesome and makes you stand out. Standing out => Fame. Fame => Fun. Simple as that isn't it?
    To gain the most jobkills, go into the Jobcave (dw cave) and kill as many botters as you like. Try to have some good jobwar going on in the jobcave 24hours 7 days a week.

  • JobSkills
    These are special skills which are automatically added to your jobsuit. The effects which are given are pretty nice and well rounded as well as balanced. It will help all of you to make the traditional jobbing a little more
    tactical and diverse. Allowing you to experience a richer gaming environment with the most recent features.

  • Weaponary Skills
    Another type of special skills which we have added. You will be able to receive these by buying weaponary scrolls from our Skalidor shop. You have to pay them with achievement points.
    Don't think of these skills as being overpowered or anything like that. These skills are normal skills that each built always has, but the 'effects' are higher. This means that you will have a high chance of "freezing" someone and so on.
    But the main part is just, that these skills look supernatural. Fame is important in Silkroad. Get it using Weaponary skills!


  • Achievement System
    Alright, so this feature is quite huge. It's not easy to explain this in words, so we recommend that you look at the Spoiler below.
    For almost everything ingame, you will be getting points in terms of achievements. This means, if you complete one achievement, you earn one point (You might know this system if you own a PS / Xbox / Game on Steam etc.). You will be
    able to see your current achievement point amount when you press 'C'. The normal "Honor points" are basically changed to achievement points so you can visually see it ingame and follow your point status.
    Achievements are a lot of things, many other servers have created this feature and have failed. The idea was originally from Synx and he implemeted it into Myth, however it's completely different here.
    A few Achievements:

    • You fail +XX, 20 times (or more).
    • You gain XXX FortressWar kills (or more).
    • Stay online for XXX hours (or more).
    • Achieve a certain Joblevel.
    • Earn different titles.. And so on.

    In total, there are like 150 or 200 achievements currently, we will be adding more achievements from time to time. We just need ideas for it. You can of course send us private messages on elitepvpers for suggestions on it. We would
    be glad to hear them.

    To see the current status of achievements which you have completed, simply open your skill masteries and you will notice that there is a new Mastery. This Achievement mastery has got "skills" which are empty. Those skills are just used to
    show you which achievements you have already done and which ones you are still missing. It's only made to show you what you are currently missing. We love to do everything ingame, you don't need to use the website for anything except
    for certain stats. But most things are doable ingame directly.
    (If you have problems regarding reskilling your character due to the achievement mastery there is an "Achievement mastery reset scroll" buyable in our Skalidor shop.)

    The achievement points can be used for different things. For example the Item Forging which is ONLY based on achievement points. Three Achievement points will allow you to set one (white) stat of one item, 1% higher. You can also use
    these to get weaponary skills. However, we will be changing the way you receive weaponary skills in the future and will re-update this topic after that has happened.

  • Global item linking
    This feature is only available in the new silkroad files which have the new 'bad' jobsystem which nobody likes.
    You've requested this feature on our facebook page, therefore we tried to do something which is similiar to the real one.
    Everyday you will be able to show off three items. There will be a new button in the premium plus window which will allow you to show everyone the item which you have in slot 1 of your inventory. Only equipment items will be shown,
    since the rest is pretty useless to show.
    The item will be globalled and everyone can PM the globalwriter and write 'show item'. Then the globalwriter (bot) will PM the person and show him the stats, blues and so on. It looks pretty cool, try it out.

  • Item Forging (Disabled until people have enough achievement points)
    This feature has been used by "XG" before, those guys have made an awesome job at using that, however failed in the implemenation and usefull-ness.
    We are using this feature in collaboration with the Achievement Points. Upon receiving Achievement points, you will be able to use these via the website (login => User Panel) to upgrade any equippable item by 1% in terms of white stats.
    In other words: With 3 Achievement points you will be able to increase one items white stats by 1%. This is of course limited by the total amount of possible achievements, however items are supposed to be traded, if you do it
    properly.. you should be able to get to a higher percentage in total. Play as a team!

  • Bounty PvP
    This is pretty awesome and has never been done before. Nobody will be able to steal this idea for a long time. Let's see the haters coming
    Alright, so it's THE thing that you always wanted and actually simple. Look at the screenshots and you will understand it instantly. However, since we have already written 5k words, let's write some more eh? :P
    What is it?
    You can pvp somebody for a Gold bounty. You ask him with our system if he would like to fight. The winner gets the gold that you both bet.

    You write a message to somebody via the Message system (press U). Inside the message (content) you write: BountyPvP (or 'bOUnTYpVp', capital, small whatever you want). Then you put a space and type any number of gold in there.
    However, it has to be lower than the current gold that you have.
    When you send the message, you will see the notification "Message has been sent successfully". This means that your opponent has received the message.
    Your opponent gets Pm'ed and asked if he would like to fight you for that amount of gold.

    If he agrees, then you will be teleported onto a special place. The gold will be subtracted from your char while teleporting. If you don't have enough gold at that moment, you will be kicked out. Simple as that. There is a pretty
    good anti-cheat system here. If anything goes wrong, you cannot participate. Try to cheat it, you will get a few funny messages here and there
    A global message will be automatically written and people are allowed to watch you. However, they cannot attack you or even walk to you because the area does not allow it. (It's a small bridge in DW that most people have already seen)

    The winner of the pvp fight receives the gold. It's as simple as that. If you disconnect, you lose the gold. So don't try disconnecting or so. Nobody really disconnects just randomly like that anyway.
    Keep in mind that we will not offer support if you "dc'ed". If you dc, the opponent wins. Simple as that. Use it at your own risk

  • Pvp Trainer (Disabled, until we gather enough PvP data from players.)
    This won't be copied for a long time either.
    Currently only the 'Clone Trainer' is available, because we heavily need to test the automatic fighter to make it perfect. We will simply be recording your skills all the time and use that to make the automatic trainer perfect.
    Clone Trainer:
    The event is simple. You write a message to 'PvPTrainer'.
    Then the trainer will pm you and ask you questions about the set that you would like to give to the trainer. It can be basically anything, SoSun +255 for example.
    After that, the trainer will teleport to your position with all your buffs enabled.
    He will use the same skill at the same time as you are using them. This way you can test out different combinations of skills and also find out how much damage you do with different plus levels.
    That's a very very very simple explanation for the PvP Trainer. It can actually do a lot more, but we don't have one week time to test it out. It requires a lot of hard work and testing time basically.

    Patches: Once we have time, we will allow you to set an "opponent" for the pvp trainer. This way you can control which skills the bot does and who he fights against. You can try out perfect fighting combinations with your friends and
    also let trainers fight against other trainers. This feature offers a variety of opportunities and it's going to become better and better. For now, we will keep the clone trainer publicly available and improve the other versions.
    We don't like releasing things which aren't completed or working properly.

  • Automatic PvP Event
    This event is pretty huge and was very difficult to develop because of the anti-cheat system for it and all the procedural code limits that you face with SQL generally. But we did a good job on completing it.
    Before the event starts a notification will tell you how to register (Write a Message to 'RegisterPvP', you can keep the content empty or write something..).
    Then you get a PM back ingame informing you about the rules and the restrictions that you will be facing. After the registration period is over, you will be teleported to Donwhang storage and will have to listen to the rules again.
    So we are sure that you've really read and hopefully understood them.
    After that, you will be pm'ed with the opponent's charname and you can talk to your opponent to make rules etc.. Keep in mind that there are no rules made by us actually. If you want to make rules you have to trust your opponent.
    In less than 60 seconds, you will be teleported with your opponent to one out of 16 different places. This means that only 32 people can fight simultaneously and the strongest 32 people will be chosen. If there aren't enough people,
    it will simply choose all of the registered ones.
    The event works completely automatic and doesn't need any 'Event manager' or GM's ingame. Actually, it doesn't need anyone from the team ingame. Only you, the players.
    After getting teleported you can start going into pvp-mode or murdering your opponent, since the PK points get removed after each round anyway. You are free to do whatever you want to do. Some places are very small, so you cannot run,
    some places are bigger, so you can wallspam and run away.
    The person with the most kills at the end of the 12 minute fight wins. If you both have the same amount of kills, you are both out. You can always report someone using the ticket system on the website or try to see if someone is online
    at the live help bot character. We will always try to answer you as fast as possible since all of us can use the Help bot via the admin panel on our website.
    Our support will be like no other. Going to be here for you at all times.
    After each round you have 60 seconds to go to the toilet, get pots or do whatever the hell you want to do. Keep in mind that trying to use a return scroll or something is not allowed and won't even work. If you are in a fight and try
    to teleport out, you will be disqualified and get your ass kicked. Your opponent will automatically go into the next round.
    The final fight will be 'best of three'. This means that you can PvP three times and if you win twice you win it all. The winner receives 500 Silk as a reward.
    The event is pretty epic. No other words to express it.

  • Automatic JobWar Event
    You have to equip a jobsuit in order to be able to register. Again, you will receive a notification. You need to sign up by writing a message to 'RegisterJW' by using the Message system.
    You get pm'ed with all the rules and get teleported. Once you are inside the fighting region, you can start fighting immediately. If you die, you will be teleported out at the same time and won't be able to go back into the place
    again, even with reverse scrolls. Once you are out, you will have to stay out.
    The event goes on for a certain amount of time or until there are no opponents left. The system will take as many players as possible. However, it will always take the same amount of thieves and trader/hunters. So if 120 thieves sign
    up and 80 hunters and 70 traders, it will take 120 thieves, 60 hunters and 60 traders. This way the fights will be as fair as possible. In addition it will always take the strongest people from each job. Weaklings will have to stay out.
    The strength will be measured by the sum of itempoints that you have. Therefore, you should always have your items equipped. By the way, shields are not included in the itempoints, only weapons, sets and accessoires will be counting.
    The winners will EACH receive 25 silk and have a lot of fun fighting. Zerk will not be available in the fights. You will get spawned with 0 zerk points, if you make enough kills you can fill your zerk up again and become strong with it.
    Keep in mind that the wanted system will play a big role here, since you have to kill others without dying.

  • Automatic Trade Event
    Another humongous event. Basically there will be a notification that the trade event will start in Jangan in 15 minutes.
    After 15 minutes a bot appears with 15* of goods walking from Jangan to Roc Mountain. Traders will be following it because all hunters will try to protect it. Thieves will have to try and rob it. It's pretty straight forward and an
    easy concept to grasp, based on the general jobbing.
    The NPC Tranport cannot be frozen, knockbacked or anything else. It will keep running and will take a very short route. Traders can simply trace it and let hunters protect it.
    We would like to see 400* or 600* trades there.

  • Automatic Guild War Event (Disabled, until we have enough big guilds to fight.)
    Before the event starts, there will be a notifiction asking guildmasters to sign up.
    Once they've signed up, each guildmember that is online will receive a private message and is asked to participate. If he doesn't want to fight with you, he can simply ignore the message. Otherwise if he does want to fight, he can
    simply reply with "yes" (The guildmasters get notified about how many are participating)
    This way the system can analyze the strength of the guild. Your guild will always be fighting another guild which is similar to yours in terms of "item points". These are points which are calculated based on the equipment of online
    and participating players. The plus level of the items always count.
    Once the registration period is over your guildmembers will be teleported into different areas. You will have to start a guildwar manually and start fighting.

  • Automatic Zombie War Event(Disabled, we are still re-designing zombie monsters.)
    This is a special event!
    The reason it was made is pretty simple. We wanted to open the server last month on Halloween and wanted to introduce this feature with it, since it would be fitting perfectly.
    How this Event works:
    Players sign up in parties for this event using the message system ingame.
    Parties get teleported (automatic system like CTF and BA) into a big area (Thief town without buildings). You receive a special weapon and 20 bullets to start with.
    You have a building in the middle. This will be the "Heart" or "Headquarters".
    Zombies will spawn outside and come to destroy the "Heart".
    Your job is to kill the zombies before they can kill the Heart. Upon killing zombies, you'll receive killpoints and 'Bullets'. You need these Bullets to use your weapon in order to kill the zombies. Every 9 seconds more and more zombies
    get spawned in random corners of the map and start to go to the heart.
    The party which survives the longest wins.
    PS: You will need to steal bullets from other people's kills, because you will not deal enough damage with your "normal" weapon. You need the Special weps.

  • Automatic Free For All Event
    As the name says. This event will let everyone participate who signed up. There are no restrictions basically, except zerk (not possible to use it). The basic goal or aim of this event is to let everyone fight against everyone else.
    It's a complete free for all fighting environment which is based on the most kills. You will all be asked to equip a yellow cape. If you don't do that, you will be teleported out. Especially if you attack someone without a cape.
    The event is based on having the highest amount of kills. You can stand up again after dying, however, dying will lower your kill/death ratio.
    How it works:
    Players sign up via the Message system after the event notice is written. You have to send the message to 'RegisterFFA'.
    If you've signed up successfully, you'll be receiving private messages with a few simple rules.
    Afterwards, you get teleported to the fighting arena and you have to equip a yellow cape. The player with the MOST kills wins. You've got around 15-20 minutes time for fighting.
    If you use a teleport scroll or somehow try to get out and back in later, it won't work. You cannot use a reverse scroll to get back into the arena.

  • Automatic Last Man Standing Event
    Pretty simple event. You will be signing up as always, by sending a message to 'RegisterLMS'.
    If you've signed up successfully, you'll be receiving private messages with a few simple rules.
    Afterwards, you get teleported to the fighting arena and you have to equip a yellow cape.
    The goal is kill as many people as possible while staying alive. Once you die, you get teleported out of the arena.
    Of course you can just NOT equip a pvp cape and stand around in some corner, however you will receive 3 silk for every kill.
    The last person who is still standing will come and kill you, therefore, I'd advise you to participate in it. In addition everybody who gets killed is teleported back to the town immediatly and is unable to return. Reverses are disabled
    for the arena region.
    The winner received 300 Silk.

  • Automatic Kill The GM Event
    This time you won't need to sign up anywhere. The event is held at Donwhang east and you'll be able to simply go there and participate. There is no time restriction either, however since a lot of people will be joining, the time to
    go there is very limited.
    In total there are five (5) rounds, the goal is to kill the GM character which is standing there.
    How it works:
    A notice gets written informing you about the Event.
    It will be starting around five to ten minutes after the first notificaton.
    Once you are in donwhang east, you have to equip a red pvp cape in order to win. This is done to ensure that players don't damage each other while trying to kill the GM. However, it is allowed to attack other players but then you
    cannot win in the event. Thus either you can kill the people you hate or win in the event. After each round the winners name is globalled and shortly afterwards the GM character automatically respawns and gets ready to be slaughtered.
    Keep in mind that the first round is the most difficult. The other ones are 50% faster, due to the fact that the HP is 50% lower after the first round. Why? No reason, just simplicity from a technical perspective.
    The reward is 300 silk.

  • Automatic Alchemy Event
    Our Alchemy event is one of those events which are either hated or loved. If you don't like it, you are not forced to participate. However, there are quite a few players that will love this event.
    It's based on luck and partially on skill, as some of you would say. However, I'll stay with the 'luck' factor.
    How it works:
    A notice is written that the event starts 'after 10 minutes in donwhang east'.
    You simply go there and pick some of the 7.5k items which are dropped by the event bot.
    The goal is to fuse a +10 item. The dropped items are already +7 so it will be quite easy. You have to be very fast in picking and fusing simultaneously.
    Keep in mind that the first player who reaches +10 wins, not everyone. The items are unusable too, since they are EU items. (incompatible with chinese character)
    Reward: 250 Silk.

  • Automatic Lottery Event
    This event is pretty complicated and you will most likely not understand it if you don't speak english properly.
    I'll be trying to get it translated into a few languages.
    How it works (long version):
    A notice is written that the Lottery event starts. You can then go to the Skalidor NPC located in Donwhang and buy lottery tickets.
    The starting winner silk pot (referred to as 'the pot' from now on) has 500 silk. The pot will increase depending on the amount of tickets bought and amount of different people that buy tickets and of course the type of ticket which
    is bought.
    There are three different types of lottery tickets: Small, Medium, Large. The Small one costs 100 mil gold. The Medium costs 500 mil gold and the large ticket costs 1 Bil gold. The pot will be increasing for a linear amount of silk
    each time one of the tickets is bought. The small ticket increases the winning pot by 10 silk, the medium ticket increases the winning pot by 50 silk and the large ticket increases the pot by 100 silk. The winning chances are also
    increasing similarly. A large ticket has a 10 times higher winning chance than the small ticket. The medium ticket has half the winning chance of the large ticket. You get the idea
    Another silk increase are the different characters that buy the tickets. Therefore, if you have friends that can buy the small ticket, tell them to do so, the silk pot increases by one silk for every person who is participating.
    The whole idea of this event is to decrease the ingame inflation which always occurs. We will be trying to get rid of the gold overdose.
    The winner receives the full amount of the silk pot. He/She will be chosen randomly based on the tickets the person has bought.

  • Automatic Race Event
    Once again, there will be a notification telling you to sign up. You will be signing up using the message system and you'll have to write a message to: 'RegisterRace'. The case doesn't matter, same as always.
    After the registration period you will be teleported and be able to see a small tutorial via all chat. Furthermore, you'll be teleported into the race event zone which is the second trade route at the same time. Everybody who signed up
    is able to win, therefore, you cannot just go to the trade route and hope to get a headstart.
    Once you are inside the eventzone you have to run to the end and find the teleporter which says 'Roc Outside'. The teleproter will teleport you to roc. The first person who gets there wins. You cannot walk or reverse to roc. You HAVE
    to use the teleporter there in order to win.
    The winner receives 200 silk.

  • Automatic Trivia Event
    This event doesn't require any signing up and it will be held every 30 minutes. The reward is 25 silk.
    Our eventbot will be asking you different quiz questions and you have to answer these. There are over 1500 questions.
    The questions will be chosen randomly and will be globaled. You have to answer via globals as well.

  • Automatic Hide & Seek Event
    This event is very similar to the trivia event. You don't have to sign up and the event is held every two hours. The eventbot will be teleporting to some random place and will write a notice including a hint where he is.
    You have to find him and then exchange him. The first person who exchanges the bot will receive 50 silks. The area where the bot is located will say something like 'Donwhang canyon outside town'. However, he can spawn in a very wide
    area. We haven't made any spawnpoints for him... the bot actually chooses a random place on the map and goes there.

  • Automatic Unique Event
    The oldest event of all. A notice is written that the event will be held at the Jangan tomb entrance area. You can simply go there and kill a few uniques. Keep in mind that the first spawnpoint for roc is also there, so you might
    have to fight roc at the same time as well. This might become a little harder every two weeks, since more and more players will become strong.

  • Live Support bot
    We don't like corruption and we don't like trusting other people that we haven't known for years, or simply that we don't know in real life.
    Therefore, almost nobody has Game Master rights. In order to give you the best possible support we made a bot ingame which will talk to you and answer your questions.
    What the bot does is pretty simple, it saves the private messages that you send to him and sends all of these messages to our gamemasters and admins. We can see everything at the admin panel on our website. All we have to do is
    reply on the website and you will see a PM ingame. This way all of us can support you in the best possible way AND the admins can always check what the GM's are writing etc.
    If you have "longer" questions or need better support you can write a support ticket on the website. The live support bot is made for quick things. If you character is 'bugged' for some reason or if you have a huge problem, use
    the support tickets please.

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Current news:

Clients being Uploaded.
11/12/13 13.08

Skalidor Downloadlinks:
More links will be coming. I'm currently uploading.

#1 : -- Full Client Official v. 345
#2 : -- Full Client Official v. 345

Website is being finished.
Server setup is completed for 2k slots plus ddos protection.
Going to sleep now.
11/12/13 5.19 AM
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Current info:
Server open, enjoy.

Trialpay Surveys:
Not all of the surveys work, if you don't get Skalidor points after finishing them, it is not our fault, it's Trialpay's. Please contact them in such cases, not us, thank you.

Bot problems:
For those who are having issues with the client or problems starting the client with mbot delete thess files from your Skalidor folder, it's an issue with 32bit and 64bit windows so the temporary solution is to delete these files :

Skalidor Support:
The ticket system is online now.
Please do not try to get support on elitepvpers PM or something.
If you got a question or a problem follow these steps:
1)Go ingame and check the help box (press "H"), about 50% of all questions I receive are solved in there.
2)If your problem is not being solved in the help box, open a support ticket on the website, we will answer as fast as possible.
(Note: A screenshot in those tickets is never a bad thing, makes it easier for us to give you a proper solution for your problem)
Thank you Skalidorians!

About special trade route #2 and special goods:
Currently not really working, you don't get income for some reason, we are already investigating.
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Have been waiting for this!
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good luck guys <3
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website offline
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Well done.
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Wow Good Luck ..
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Let the Skalidor era begin
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Originally Posted by Simulation1337 View Post
Let the Skalidor era begin
And feed the hungry fat americans <3
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good luck, hope this will be stable one..
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I am in with my guild
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That's what i'm waiting for soo looooong time ago !
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u think me gonna read all dats, huh pathetic :|

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I read it all, and let me tell you... If that is true and this server doesn't become one of the best out there, I'm quitting SRO for good...
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