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[Guide] Full int Guide

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Exclamation [Guide] Full int Guide

The Chinese Force Tree Guide (Fire / Light / Ice)

How do you decide what skills to get? Why do so many people say fire pawns, and ice sucks? Do you ever ask why? Do they know why?
This guide will give you the information to make informed decisions on what is best for you.

The challenge:
Find the best skills for you without going over the 300 mastery limit.

Three Basic Types of Characters

Strength = high hp, low magic defense, high physical defense, emphasis on physical damage, low magic attack capability. Overall damage is low with an occasional critical which is roughly double normal damage.

Intelligence = Exact opposite of strength with high overall damage. Magic attacks cannot crit.

Hybrid= Anyone who is a mixture of int and str stat points giving them characteristics of both character classes.

Always keep your specific build, and playing style in mind when looking at skills. What works best for someone else doesnít mean its best for you.

Table of Contents
3-Damage Increase Skills
4-Defensive Skills
5-Miscellaneous Skills
6-Building Your Character
7-Final Thoughts
IMBUE: A skill used by all Chinese characters to enhance there damage when using both physical and magical attacks.

Fire imbue: Strongest imbue with a DOT (damage over time) burn status effect.

Light imbue: 2nd strongest imbue with a parry ratio reduce to opponent. Lightning also splashes to monsters doing only slight damage which will agro the mobs. Lightning imbue has more variation in damage output. It can hit close to the damage of fire, and as low as ice.
What is parry ratio?
When you attack a monster or player, your damage output will vary. Their parry ratio tries to push the damage you deal towards the lower end of the range.
Another way of explaining parry ratio is:

devilti wrote:
The higher parry is, the more chances you take the least amount of damage dealt, instead of the highest.
i.e. a sword user can deal anywhere from 150-200 on you. He will hit you any number from that range. With a high parry, you are gonna get hit with 150 most of the time.

Ice imbue: Weakest imbue with 2 status effects, frost and freeze. One slows down opponents attack speed, the other cancels and stops the opponentsí attack/movement for a set amount of time.

Many people say fire imbue is much stronger, but few can tell you how much stronger. I researched the effect of different imbues on people with different ratios of STR to INT.

Here are the damage differences on weapon skills within about 1-2% accuracy for capped players

STR character
Fire VS Light = 1%
Fire VS Ice = 4%

Hybrid character exactly 1:1
Fire VS Light = 2%
Fire VS Ice = 6%

INT character
Fire VS Light = 3%
Fire VS Ice = 7%

Detailed data on imbues can be found Here. Some results guesstimated because of limited data.

Imbues and PVP
At this time it is very easy to become immune to a status effect. If your opponent is not immune he can use pills which remove the effect almost instantly. Because of this I would not take status affect into consideration when thinking of PVP, except maybe ice imbue. When fighting with a person who is not immune to ice you will annoy the crap out of them and waste their pills. If they are out of pills it is game over you win.

Imbues and Grinding
While grinding ice imbue allows you to save pots and for int characters you could potentially grind on a higher level mob without dying. Lightning imbue agros mobs which may be ideal for str characters, but can mean accidental deaths for ints. Fire burns over time which helps kill giants faster and overall is the most powerful imbue.
Nukes a magic attack when used by INT builds will deal massive damage. For int characters they are the strongest hitting skill in the game.

4 different nukes.
1. A Quick casting nuke that does okay damage with no splash.
2. A more powerful nuke with penetration. Penetration means it will target mobs between you and your target as well as monsters behind you.
3. Nuke with area damage surrounding the target. Similar damage to book#2. (note at higher levels it will be more powerful because of the (330%) shown below)
4. Flame wave bomb: mastery lvl 70-80, damage = 780-1300(263%). A continuation of book number 1 I believe. Short cast time with okay damage.
Note* You may not have to max one book to get the next.

Thanks to elnawawi you can see what the stats are for 80cap maxed skills.

elnawawi wrote:
I will tell you about all fire nukes stats when maxed :
4th: Flame Bomb 780~1300 (263%)
3rd : Flame wide 780~1300 (330%)
2nd : Flame burn 709~1182 (300%)
1st : Flame arrow 464~773 (250%)

So 3rd fire nuke do a lot more damge than 2nd and 4th ..

3 nukes. They all have the same effect/cast time, unlike fire. The 2nd and 3rd book are just progressions in strength of the nuke, just like the books of imbue. Light nukes transfer up to 10 meters to hit a total of 3 opponents. There is a 35% reduction in damage with each transfer.

3rd book lightning: mastery lvl 70-80, damage = 728-1352(300%) mandatory previous skill light nuke book2 maxed.
Note* the damage range is larger than fire, the same is also true with imbue.

Lion Shout (baby nuke) Cast time is instant dealing little damage. Very useful finishing move.

Weak nukes, but they have a chance of status effect.
1st book Ice is a relatively weak nuke with no splash.

2nd nuke considerably more damage then book 1, but less than fire or light nukes. Has a nice damage radius with chance of inflicting status. A great nuke when you are getting mobbed.

3rd book ice seems to be a continuation of book 1. Its a lvl70-80 skill, damage 166-250(250%) Status effect 20% freeze, 40% frostbite.

When combining these nukes with ice imbue the chance of inflicting status effect is relatively high.

What does the % mean at the end of the damage number?
The % means 2 things:
1. It is the time it takes to execute the move, for example it will take about 2.5 seconds to execute 3rd book of ice nuke. This is also true with weapon skills, except for strong bow from pacheon.
2. It is part of the damage calculation. The fact that the last book of the light nuke takes 0.5 second longer to charge increases its damage output higher then fire.
Note* New skills from the European update do not necessarily follow the rule that the % is = to cast time
Damage Increase skill
Damage Increase Skills

Fire Tree:
Flame body buff increases physical damage by 9% when maxed.
Flame Devil Force Passive (Always in effect) increases physical damage by 8% maxed.
Physical damage is created when a weapon skill is used. The damage output is based on your STR stat points, weapon attack power, and specific skill used.

Piercing force buff increases magical damage by 17% when maxed.
Magic damage is created only from skills in the force trees ex. Imbue and nukes. Magic damage is based on INT stats, weapon attack power, and specific skill.

Physical and magical damage is dependent on the number of INT and STR points you have. This means that if you are STR heavy the physical increase skills from fire will have more of an effect then the magic increase skills from lightning.
Defense Skills

Fire protection buff increases your magic defense by 126 points.

Fire Wall absorbs magic damage. While the wall is up you cannot run, yet you can attack if opponent is in range. The wall takes time to set up so without planning it is near useless. The wall prevents knockdown, stun, and knock-back. An int player can take down a wall with about 2 lion shouts. However a strength player cannot. If the wall has 5k hp and you get 1 nuked for 10k you will not receive any damage as the wall goes down. This is an optional skill that benefits characters with ranged attacks the most. Some people really find this skill useful, others consider it useless.

Concentration buff increases parry ratio by 31 points.

Heavens force passive increases parry ratio by 31 points.

Total=62 parry increase.

Ice (the king of Defense)
Frost Guard buff increases physical defense by 81 points.

Cold Armor passive increases physical defense by 59 points

Total =140 physical increase.

Snow Shield (mana shield) buff transfers up to 50% of damage received to your mp bar. If you run out of MP you will not be able to attack back making this skill not as useful to STR builds. Pure STR can have it at 20%. Int hybrid at around 40-50%, and pure int at 50%.
*Warning this buff lasts 2 min with a 1 min cool down before you can use it again.*

Cold Wave is a ranged attack that has 100% chance of slowing down non immune opponents. It does no damage and most people would consider it a truly optional / unnecessary skill.

Frost Nova has a 100% chance of slowing down non immune opponents and 50% chance of making them a block of ice. 1st and 3rd book you must select a target and it hits that target and acts as a penetration move. The 2nd book attacks anyone in range no need to select an opponent. The 2nd book is much more useful when grinding and you are surrounded by mobs. 1st and 3rd book should be better at 1vs1, since when you select your target you canít miss if target is just out of range. Great skill for INTs when they are getting mobbed, Also useful in PVP against non immune people. To get book2 you only need 1 level in book 1.

Ice Wall works the same as fire wall except of course it blocks physical attacks.
Misceallenous skills
Miscellaneous skills

Grass walk Speeds up leveling, and allows you to runaway or chase down an opponent.

Phantom transports you a set distance instantly. Same benefits as grass walk, and allows you to be unpredictable in pvp, by suddenly changing direction and changing distance from opponent.

Fire combustion is used to see stealth rogues and invisible wizards.

The fire combustion series has three books. The first and third are in series with the second one standing alone.

The first book FireFly is used for the detection rogues stealth.
At maxed lvl it has a 10m range at lvl 7 detection.

The third book "Light" (a level 80 skill) is the next consective book of firefly. It has a detection range of 15m.

The second book detects wizards invisible skill and is called Vision Fire.

"Still looking for verification on this"
From what I understand both skills are stationary. Meaning once you cast, the skill works similar to harmony therapy but you can't see the circle. It DOESNT move with you. So this skill is useful but if you are constantly moving, it loses its usefulness since you leave its vicinity.

To see the cloaked rogues and wizards you must have the same lvl of detection or higher to their lvl of stealth/invisablity to see them. So if you get these, max them out or its worthless.
*Information shamelessly stolen from post below.* Thanks honey^^

Fire shield allows user to become immune to most status effects when combined with jewelry with status reduce. Fire shield acts as a % if it says 50 than you need 50% reduce on jewelry to be immune. This means that you only need fire shield at a low level, since 7 and 8 degree jewelry can have a maximum of 20% reduce per accessory. This means 80% total reduce from accessories. You must have shield equipped to initiate buff, then can switch back to main weapon.

There is a possibility that this skill is "bugged". Whether how it functions is correct or a mistake Joymax has a bad habit of changing how skills work without warning. It is very possible that in the future when you try to switch weapons the buff will disappear. Another possibility is that it will stop acting like a % reduction and only minimize the status effects.
Building your character
Building Your Character

Managing your sp when under farmed.

Similar to having masteries tied up in heal with the addition of having to reduce your sp consumption by having lower level buffs and / or fewer overall skills. As buffs go most people consider defense to be less important then offense. So you can leave out all defense skills. Fire shield is a useless skill, until you actually have accessories that have high enough status reduce, so donít worry about it till you have the accessories. Any low level buff that isnít a % will have little to no effect once you are high level. For example the magic defense buff taken to level 30 will be useless when you are level 60+, however the physical damage increase buff and passive will grow with you because they are a % increase.

Nuker is the only class that can function with only 1 tree. For leveling purposes all you need is lightning. Most people before update chose to level fire and lightning, leaving there weapon skills once they got nukes. With the Snow shield update I think ice / light will be the new build if you are low on SP. For Int characters weapon skills are only needed for pvp.

You can be under-farmed and level just as fast as a fully farmed player if you choose the right skills. You will however, suffer in PVP.

If you choose not to farm, yet want all the skills you shouldnít carry a large gap. When I farmed with a 9gap at 52 then went to a 0 gap my average damage went up about 1000 damage per skill. From hitting 2.7k hits to 3.5-4k hits. This means that if you carry lets say a gap larger then 4 you will seriously reduce your damage output which will make you weaker in PVP and slower in killing mobs.

Common Builds

Pure Strength (farmed) max weapon, fire, light, with 60 masteries left over.

This build benefits from the physical increase buffs from fire as well as the magic defense. This is especially important since pure STR characters have low magic defense and low damage output. Fire imbue is commonly used because it does the most damage, however it is a near negligible difference in my opinion when compared to light imbue. Maxed light gives magic increase buff that when combined with fire makes this build the strongest hitting for an STR. Ice is secondary because Pure STR characters already have high physical defense and lots of HP. This HP is usually all the defense needed to prevent death.

Pure STR healer

This is where it gets difficult. Now you have to make some hard decisions. I canít have Weapon, fire and light maxed like above so where do I compromise?
Weapon must be maxed, that is where primary damage comes from. So which is more important damage or agility? Personally I would sacrifice fire buffs for grass walk, however most people wouldnít.

Most common STR build for under-farmed / or masteries tied up in Healing

1. Max weapon, fire, and light as a sub tree. Main concerns: lost agility and, slight amount of damage.

2. Max weapon, light, and fire as a sub. Main concerns: less damage because of imbue and physical buffs. It is harder to become immune to status effects with a low level fire shield. However agility can mean increased efficiency, and survival. Agility increases survival because your opponent can only do 1 skill then has to catch up to you before he can do another skill. This gives you time to pot. Damage output is secondary for a support characters.

Pure INT (farmed)

1. Max Damage build:
Max fire, light, weapon, with 60 ice. Strongest nukes with fires physical increase buff. Weapon skills are used in PVP this allows them to hit at max damage. Cons can only take snow shield to 40%. This is a great build for PVP as well as grinding. It will have problems at the 90 cap. If snow shield is reduced to level 30 mastery, survivability will most likely suffer.

2. PVP oriented build (when more face to face combat is expected):
Max fire, ice, weapon, with 60 light. Strong nukes, strongest weapon skills and highest defense. Cons are a loss of: agility, strongest nuke and 2% magic increase buff. At 90 cap problems occur when piercing force is dropped to level 30 mastery reducing damage output considerably. However fire may get new book of nuke with higher damage then light balancing it out.

INT builds for the 90 cap:

1. Max light, ice, weapon, with 30 fire. Assuming fire shield functions the same way at the 90 cap you will still be able to be immune to ice. At the 80 cap you will do okay in PVP and grinding without high level fire, however builds 1 and 2 should have a slight advantage. At the 90 cap this build will probably have strong overall damage, max agility and highest defense.

2. Max fire, light, ice. Theory is you will be the strongest hitting Chinese character with excellent defense. The reason weapon skills are currently needed for pvp is the status effects. If level 90 magic skills include status like European wizards, then a weapon tree is unnecessary.
*This is just a guess, until we know exactly what the new level 90 skills will be we wonít know for sure.*
With a better understanding of force trees. The best skills can be taken to optimize your characters abilities.
I hope this will cut down on cookie cutter builds. JoyMax gave multiple choices so that we could create unique characters. If you are unsure of a particular skill, just get it. Most low level skills take relatively little sp. When the time comes skills can always be removed.

The Euro Effect
European characters will change the dynamics of Chinese game play. This could effect Chinese skill development. If you will be partied / jobbing with a cleric or bard many force tree skills would change priority. Fighting euro characters will also change PVP techniques.

Euro characters can make you status immune, increase running speed, Boost defense / HP / MP etc. Once Euro characters become more common and have better gear, you will beg to have them in your jobbing parties. They will mean the difference between winning and loosing battles.

thx to lusty and romas BB

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No pictures = No one gonna read ur guide.

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stopped after Nukes; dude, we are in 11th Degree. o_o
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Sry guys i forgot to write guide for (beginners)
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