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Creating and Developing your private Vsro Server.

Discussion on Creating and Developing your private Vsro Server. within the Silkroad Online Trading forum part of the MMORPG Trading category.

Old 10/24/2019, 10:49   #31 Trade Status: Unverified(?)
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Contacted HECKTOR regarding setting up a d9 Server. After gaining eachothers trust a little bit, he sent me a file with features you can add to the server. Made my choice and paid him half the price for the database. He started setting everything up, explained a couple of things to me and made me test the server ingame. After testing, I paid him the remaining amount.

Keep it up HECKTOR !
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Old 10/24/2019, 23:34   #32 Trade Status: Unverified(?)
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highly recommend !
Really tolerant and professional helped me a lot!
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Old 10/30/2019, 10:32   #33 Trade Status: Unverified(?)
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Hecktor is professional and he is always there for you if you have any questions.
He helped me setup my server without any issues.

Like above, I highly recommend him!

Thank you Hecktor
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Old 11/06/2019, 15:39   #34 Trade Status: Unverified(?)
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Originally Posted by HECKT0R View Post
First part of the advertising thread

What are your experiences/skills?
Over 10 years experience , 6 year exp in creating private servers .

job:Electrical engineer

what am i applying for

SQL Developer ,
basically i can do whatever you wants me to do , new systems aka stuff , just hit me up with the idea you want to implement.

Server Setup , i can setup as many gameservers & agents and shards just leeme know how many players you would like to handle and which zones gonna be enabled .
Server Security
Website Setup
Reverse Engineering edits , client and server sides .
applying server updates / upgrades.

Client edits
- add/remove new weapons to your server.
- Creating Completely New Instances and Dungeons .
- add/remove new degree
- adding new avatars / items / scrolls .
- creating new quests .
- adding new pets/uniques .
- creating new EFP effects which does not exist .
- adding new regions/Teleports/maps/ mobs .
- adding new skill effects.
- adding new glows

you can check my last server work here

Second part of the advertising thread

WTS 2 databases i have developed them myself and putted lot of work and efforts inside them .

1- D10 only Chinese database with client and server files .
2- D9 only Chinese database with client and server files .

i can customize the features inside those dbs as you want just tell me what you would like and what you don't like and i will handle it .

hint: i can switch those database to be Chin / EUR too just incase if someone asked me to do it .

D10 Chin server kinda Detailed information .

D9 Chin server kinda Detailed information .

P.S :
  1. the database above tested with 800+ players which means there's no bug exists .
  2. i will setup the server for you until you open client from public machine.
  3. 1 month of free support , during this period you can ask me the questions you are interested in , and i will gladly answer it in details .
  4. i will give stable server files to ensure server modules will run perfectly.

About the trust issue :

You need a Professional and fast trusted reliable service ? Ask me

Contact info:
Discord Server :
Skype: heckt00r
Elitepvpers: PM

once again ... you can check my d10 server features here :

Payment methods :
OMG No one know how kind this Guy is he is better than anyone really i asked for help from everybody and noone even take a step to help but this guy he came to my pc and he did everything by himself with all the Patients thanks alot Mr Hector
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Old 11/13/2019, 23:30   #35 Trade Status: Unverified(?)
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Thank you HECKT00R, awesome help, provided files and quite a professional service. Appreciate your help.
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Old 12/06/2019, 09:52   #36 Trade Status: Unverified(?)
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Amazing guy , thanks for help bro <3
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Old 01/02/2020, 21:45   #37 Trade Status: Unverified(?)
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Thanks for your help once again. He has good knowledge - I totally recommend him.
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Old 01/07/2020, 11:50   #38 Trade Status: Unverified(?)
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Gonna Recommend this guy, he is willing to help people in need for free. Thank you so much. Just Keep on what you are doing right now.

*** Bless you.
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Old 01/20/2020, 03:57   #39 Trade Status: Unverified(?)
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PM Sent.
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Old 01/27/2020, 18:01   #40 Trade Status: Unverified(?)
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Hi all, want to give you a feedback about how things went with Hecktor services.

We discussed everything via discord.

We agreed $350 EUR divided in $250 to start and $100 after He finish everything mentioned below.
- create a fully functional EUR and CHI CAP 100 D10 server with about 36 features listed in this thread. (With one of the db he already have it done).
-create basic website,
-Provide copy of any file used for and give me any user name and password related to those files including db.
-training in everything needed to with 1 month support.

Also He was agree to work with me knowing that I live in USA and we have 8 Hours of difference. I let hector know that during the week days I was only available after work hours that would be 8:30pm my time
And I would be off from work on weekends. I let him know that I was worry about that and He told me that would not be a problem for him.

This is the History:
Wednesday Jan 22nd He told me he was available to start right away if get paid
Wednesday Jan 22nd I sent him $250 EUR via PayPal
Wednesday Jan 22nd sent him Admin credentials to access the VPS that I paid for with contabo
Wednesday Jan 22nd after he told me he was available to start right away if get paid He told me give me 15 mins to eat something and he will start working. I was waiting for him 4 hours and no respond.

Thursday Jan 23th He reply he sorry he fall asleep. I didn’t like that situation waiting last night but I said ok.
Thursday Jan 23th He said he will work immediately. After 20mins he said server is running and he send me the client to download and gave me some id and pass accounts char he created for testing purposes.
Thursday Jan 23th I ask him to send me all files related as we discussed and agreed (db, server files, db id and pass, etc.) He never sent them.
Thursday Jan 23th I send him a message telling him that I would leave work early in order to connect with him and start receiving the training and work in the server. He was agree to connect with me at 3:30 pm my time.
Thursday Jan 23th I received two text messages in my mobile from PayPal asking me to respond yes or no if I did sent a payment for the $250 EUR to Mohamed Ahmed. Which I respond yes.

Friday Jan 24th I message him before leave work and I asked him to confirm if He still available to connect at 3:30 pm as we discussed day before. He responded yes.

Friday Jan 24th been at home at 3:20 pm I sent message that I would be ready in 20 mins. I was waiting for him during 6 Hours, He didn’t reply at all. After all this time waiting again, I decided to call Paypal and cancel the transaction, they open a case as a no authorized case and also I changed server password. At this time I was mad for all the time wasted and I didn’t want to work with him at all plus he didn’t gave me any files as we agreed. Very frustrated he didn’t keep what we were agreed.
Saturday 25th He replayed to me asking me if I charged back on paypal.
Sunday 26th I reply to him yes and I gave him my reasons.
Sunday 26th PayPal close the case because I already authorized.

As today He said He will not do anything until I send him the remind $100 UER and He will not refund me anything because I try to scammed him. If that was my intention I could reply NO to PayPal when they send me the text message to my mobile that was after he put files in my vps server. I had no reason at that point to do that because I can’t do anything with what he has done for now.
Of course I will not send him anything for the reasons I explained above. But He already has the money I sent him. He only put some files and db in the server and that’s it. So I have nothing because I dont even know what to do now. I dint pay for db or files installed in the vps, I paid for a server fully working, with a website and all the stuff I describe above.
I want to be fair and I know he put some files so I am requesting to refund me 50% that what I sent him.
He refuse anyway.
So Hector I understand if you don’t want to work with me or if you feel I tried to scammed you but the fact you have no completed not even the 50% of the project and you already have $250 EUR in your account that I can’t have it back please be fair.
I can provided id and pass of my discord if any admin of this website want to take a look.
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Old 01/27/2020, 20:36   #41
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okay , we have dealed me and this guy about giving him my special db and client for 350 EURO and all was good .
we said he will pay 250 EURO and and after that i will put my db and client on vps and let server online so he can test stuff , and after that i will just modify some rates and stuff for him and tell him how to do it which is so simple stuff for beginners and after everything is okay he will pay me the remain 100 EURO, btw now my db and client in vps and server running smoothle just testing phase left for him not more ,we said we will meet at specific time and for my bad luck i went to sleep and it was our first time to held an meeting for work after i setted up my db and client on vps .
does it worth doing paypal chargeback and changing vps password without writing any previous note in discord that he feel bad towards me bcz i slept or even warning ?!
what does that means if he took my db and client and server files and everything and simply chargeback and change vps password and ignore me at discord once he did chargeback and my money went to held mode ...
and once i talked to paypal and showed them the proofs they sent me back the money and they closed the case for my side .

after i won the paypal case the guy started to beg me at discord to finish him the work again after what he did , should i simply believe him and finish for him the work as we supposed to do ?
is this my problem if he's lil kid and tried to cheat with taking my files for free after his chargeback?.

P.S: focus on first image in the gallery below please you will note that
he just said " you there ? " at 25 jan 12:30 AM ,
and at 25 jan 9:35 AM i saw paypal chargeback message and vps info changes at morning once i woke up and i started to talk to him and he ignored me
and today morning 8:34 AM he started to pm me again after i won the paypal case .

sorry but this is what you deserves .

p.s: if any moderator wanna check my discord chat its okay .
proof of story .
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Old 01/27/2020, 21:55   #42 Trade Status: Unverified(?)
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You put files in my vps server, how I know if those files are correct if you dint showed me and explained hole process to work with them as we agreed? I asked you to send me all the files used with id and passwords if needed, you never sent them? you know how to do your stuff I dont that is why I paid for your services. you can said server is working and all the features are working, but you never connected with me to review them and take a look.

you are focus that I did chargeback, Of course due, I was mad, you left me waiting hole night after I left work early just to collaborate you and start hole training early.

You are just put in capture of the message after the charge back, why you dont put the message from the beginning? why you dont put a capture when before sent you the money I asked you to leave a note here in elitepvp about our deal? you even told me was not necessary, because elite will ask a commission or money.

the fact is you already have $250 EUR, you have not explain me anything, how things work and how to manage the server or database, anything? am I correct?
So please to be fair refund me 50% of what I paid you or at least send me all the files used to install the server with the db id and pass.
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Old 01/28/2020, 00:59   #43
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if this is easy to take ppl work and make chargeback for ****** excuses, sorry but you will never make fair deal with someone , but only scaming stupids .
you do not have the right to make chargeback after getting my files even if you do not know how to deal with the files this is not an excuse at all to do such behaviour .
you did not even wait for me for the morning to check why i did not answer or tried to get other time so we can check everything together ,what if you won the paypal case and you have my own files too ?, are you willing to send me back even half of the money huh?
you can check ppl reviews about my service , i have never let someone down regarding my service , or even tried to scame someone simply bcz if i tried to do so i will never get new customers or gain my current customers trust, and if i tried to scame ppl you will find this thread reviews full of ****** comments like what you are doing now .

please do not spam my thread anymore .
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Old 02/13/2020, 12:24   #44 Trade Status: Unverified(?)
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Can you add on facebook? i want to buy your service

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Old 03/01/2020, 16:26   #45 Trade Status: Unverified(?)
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We've been working with him. He is reliable, polite and smart.
Thank you once more for everything <3
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