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S4League Account Lvl 80!

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S4League Account Lvl 80!

Hey Leute ich möchte meinen S4League account Traden
Um das Inv zusehen auf Skype : Tykousa
Wenn du Traden willst auf Skype : Tykousa

Level : S4
Combi : 0 :c!
Pen : 16k
AP : 7
Coupons : 2

Burn Sigma Blade [FP | Perm]
Storm Bat [10+ | Perm]
Tachyon Iron Boots [FP | Perm]
Assasin Spy Dagger [FP | Perm]
Metallic Dragon Scythe [10+ | Perm]
Cogwheel Sigma Blade [+10 | Perm]
Flame Katana [FP | Perm]
Lucifer [+8 | Perm]
Death Scythe of Skeleton [FP | Perm]
Metallic Dragon Scythe [+10 |Perm]

Shark Submachine Gun [+10 | Perm]
Semi-Rifle [+8 | Perm]
Smash Rifle [+1 | Perm]
Semi-Rifle [FP | Perm]
Cheese Laser [FP | Perm]
Piranha Assault Rifle [FP | Perm]
Piranha Assault Rifle [FP | Perm]
DHa-41 [FP | Perm]
DHa-41 [FP | Perm]
White Submachine Gun [FP | Perm]
Assault Rifle [+1 | Perm]
SnowDrop Dual Magnum [FP | Perm]
Submachine Gun [+1 | Perm]
Spark Rifle [+1 | Perm]

Hand Gun [+0 | Perm]
Blue Hand Gun [+3 | Perm]
Golden Revolver [FP | Perm]
Golden Revolver [FP | Perm]
Puppy Revolver [FP | Perm]
Luteous Revolver [+1 | Perm]
Air Gun [+3 | Perm]

-Heavy Guns-
Shadow Turret [FP | Perm]

Cannonade [+1 | Perm]
Cannonade [+5 | Perm]
Rail Gun [+0 | Perm]
Signal Railgun [FP | Perm]
Black Cannonade [FP | Perm]
Black Cannonade [FP | Perm]

Sentry Gun [FP | Perm]
Magic Cube [FP | Perm]


HP Mastery [Perm]
HP Mastery [Perm]
Anchoring [Perm]

°^°Male Equip°^°

UnderBoss Dandy Cut [FP | Perm]
Punky Mohawk hair(S4) [FP | Perm]
Bloody Hunter cut [FP | Perm]
Glitched Hair (M) [FP | Perm]
Net Shaman Luna M Wild Style [FP | Perm]

Punk Guy's Face (S+) [FP | Perm]
Glitched Face (M) [FP | Perm]

Fur Collar Duffle Coat [FP | Perm]
Death Impactor Top [+9 | Perm]
Envy Ranger Suit Top [FP | Perm]
Punk Guy's Leather Jacket(S+) [FP | Perm]
Netsphere Magician Top [FP | Perm]
Bloody Hunter Jacket [FP | Perm]
Glitched Torso (M) [FP | Perm]
Net Shaman Luna M Open Vest [FP | Perm]
Guardian Armour

Leather Patch Slacks [FP | Perm]
Envy Ranger Suit Bottom [FP | Perm]
Punk Guy's Biker Pants(S4) [FP | Perm]
Netsphere Magician Pants [FP | Perm]
Bloody Hunter Pants [FP | Perm]
Glitched Leg (M) [FP | Perm]
Net Shaman Luna M Baggy Pants [FP | Perm]

Leather Buckle Gloves [FP | Perm]
Envy Ranger Gloves [FP | Perm]
Punk Guy's Biker Gloves (S+) [FP | Perm]
Netsphere Magician Gloves [FP | Perm]
Bloody Hunter Gloves [FP | Perm]
Glitched Hand (M) [FP | Perm]
Net Shaman Luna M Gloves [FP | Perm]
Guardian Gloves [+7 | Perm]

Classic Clipper [FP | Perm]
Envy Ranger Boots [FP | Perm]
Punk Guy's Chain Boots (S+) [FP | Perm]
Netsphere Magician Boots [FP | Perm]
Bloody Hunter Boots [FP | Perm]
Guardian protector [+7 | Perm]
Glitched Foot (M) [FP | Perm]
Net Shaman Luna M Shoes [FP | Perm]

Envy Ranger Helmet [FP | Perm]
Netsphere Magician Hat [FP | Perm]
Blueberry Cupcake Ribbon [+4 | Perm]
Net Shaman Luna M Mask [FP | Perm]
Baseball Helmet [+6 | Perm]

Papicat [+6 | Perm]
Snake Lamp Pet [+0 | Perm]
Vallant Wolf [+0 | Perm]
Libra [+0 | Perm]
Libra [+0 | Perm]

eSper Chip Jacket
eSper Chip Weapon
eSper Chip Shoes
eSper Chip PET
eSper Chip Shoes
Shiny Chip (HP II Lv1)
Strong Chip (Installation Speed Lv1)
Solid Chip (SP I Lv1)
Shiny Chip (SPI Lv1)
Style Chip (Installation Speed Lv1)
Special Chip (SP I Lv1)
Solid Chip (HP II Lv1)
Shiny Chip (SP I Lv1)
Shiny Chip (SP I Lv1)
Style Chip (Installation Speed Lv1)
Shiny Chip (HP II Lv1)
Strong Chip (Installation Speed Lv1
Shiny Chip (HP II Lv1)
Solid Chip (HP II Lv1)
Shiny Chip (SP I Lv3)
Core 2x
New Card 32x
Cell 1x
Spring Coin 20x
Gear 3 1x
X-Mas Coin 15x
2015 Halloween Coin 20x
Gear 2 5x
Gear 4 3x
Summer Token 10x
Gear 5 8x
Gear 1 16x

°^°Female Items°^°

Ponytail [+9 | Perm]
Stroke [+7 | Perm]
Glitch Hair (F) [FP | Perm]
Punky Pigtail Hair (S+) [FP | Perm]
Longtail [FP | Perm]
Snow Princess Hair [+7 | Perm]
Volume Bob [+7 | Perm]
Mechanic Girl Hair [FP | Perm]

Glitch Face (F) [FP | Perm]
Punky Gal's Face (S+) [FP | Perm]

Emily's Top [+5 | Perm]
Open Shoulder Gown [+7 | Perm]
Retro Girl Jacket [+7 | Perm]
New Driver Suit [+1 | Perm]
Floral Top [+12 | Perm]
Glitch Torso (F) [FP | Perm]
Punky Gal's Leather Jacket (S+) [FP | Perm]
Warrior W Armour [+11 | Perm]
Rocaille Corset [FP | Perm]
Battle Maid Top [FP | Perm]
Rocaille Corset [+5 | Perm]
Mechanic Girl Suit Top [FP | Perm]
Cheerleader Uniform (Top) [FP | Perm]
Female Detective Top [+9 | Perm]
Iron Fist Brace [+5 | Perm]

Big Chain Skirt [+10 | Perm]
Gotn Girl Pleats [+0 | Perm]
Iron Fist Pants [+5 | Perm]
Floral Skirt [+14 | Perm]
Glitch Leg (F) [FP | Perm]
Punk Gal's Biker Pants (S+) [FP | Perm]
Rocaille Skirt [FP | Perm]
Battle Maid Skirt [FP | Perm]
Mechanic Girl Suit Pants [FP | Perm]
Cheerleader Uniform(Bottom) [FP | Perm]
Western Girl Skirt [+10 | Perm]

Floral Glove [+8 | Perm]
Glitch Hand (F) [FP | Perm]
Punk Gal's Biker Gloves(S+) [FP | Perm]
Rocaille Gloves [FP | Perm]
Battle Maid Gloves [FP | Perm]
Warrior W Gloves [+7 | Perm]
Mechanic Girl Glove [FP | Perm]
Cheerleader Gloves [FP | Perm]

Hockey Shoes [+4 | Perm]
Floral Boots [+8 | Perm]
Glitch Foot (F) [FP | Perm]
Punk Gal's Chain Boots (S+) [FP | Perm]
Rocaille Shoes [FP | Perm]
Battle Maid Shoes [FP | Perm]
Mechanic Girl Shoes [FP | Perm]
Cheerleader Shoes [FP | Perm]
Warrior W Boots [+7 | Perm]

Flower Ribbon [FP | Perm]
Symbol of Maid [FP | Perm]
Cheerleader Cap [FP | Perm]
Bunny Girl Band [+6 | Perm]

°^°Capsule & Set°^°

Rock Away Set (1 Day) 1x
Normal Weapon Box 1x
no5 Bunny Set (1 Day) 1x
Normal Costume Box 1x
Envy Girls Red Set (1 Day) 5x
Marine Set (7 Days) 1x
Marine Set (1 Day) 1x
Vendetta Set (1 Day) 2x
Sweet Pixel W Set (1 Day) 2x
Net Shaman Luna W Set (1 Day) 1x
Kitsune Fox Set (1 Day) 3x
Valley Rose Set (1 Day) 5x
Punk Rock set (7 Days) 1x
Honey Set (1 Day) 14x
Black Week W (7 Days) 1x
Black Weed W (1 Day) 14x
Glitch Set (F) (1 Day) 2x
Modern W Set (7 Days) 1x
Modern W Set (1 Day) 11x
Check Shield W Set (1 Day) 1x
Adorable girly Costume Set (1 Day) 7x
Martial Arts Lady Set (1 Day) 4x
Rotaille Set (1 Day) 14x
Bloody Huntress Set (1 Day) 10x
Orient Girl Costume Set (1 Day) 1x
Center Guard Set 1x
Base Guard Set 1x
The Pirate Costume (F) Set (1 Day) 4x
Shark Savior Set (7 Days) 1x
Shark Savior Set (1 Day) 5x
Stadium Girl Set (1 Day) 2x
Cheerleader Set (1 Day) 1x
Cheerleader Set (1 Day) 3x
Kimono Set (1 Day) 3x
Floral Set (7 Days) 12x
Floral Set (1 Day) 38x
Tutorial Reward Female Costume Set 1x
Mechanic Girl Set (1 Day) 9x

Danke fürs durchlesen
Warn bissl schreib arbeit xd
Naja nochmal hier Skype : Tykousa
Und ich gebe meinen Account nicht FIRST!


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50 euros?

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Originally Posted by slightingace View Post
50 euros?
Add me "Tykousa" on skype.
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