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Money Making P2P-Combat

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This article is about the members guide. For the free-to-play guide, see Money making guide/Combat (F2P).
Before editing this page, please see this page for guidelines on how to properly add information.

This guide is for members who wish to profit from combat. As a general rule, pick the strategy which requires the least consumables (food and potions). Remember that consumables cost money and time, and have to be accounted for when using combat to profit. Part of profiting through combat involves the speed at which players can kill the monsters.
The following list details monsters that do not require a Slayer level to fight or kill. For making money with Slayer, see the Slayer money making guide.

Effectiveness Requirements Details
**150,000 coins per hour
Kill chaos druids in the Edgeville Dungeon. Chaos druids produce good money for almost all levels. Druids can drop rare herbs, along with many mid-level herbs, and are close to a bank. Level 10 Dungeoneering is required to enter the dungeons.

**180,000 coins per hour
70+ Combat The Chaos Dwarves found in the Taverley Dungeon can be killed for muddy keys (a common drop), mithril bars, and bones. Usually uncrowded in most worlds, this spot provides good experience, although food will be required.
Muddy keys sell for 4,198, and are a semi-common drop from the Chaos Dwarfs. Each bank trip with 28 muddy keys results in about 117,544 coins. The mithril bars could also be sold for 1,694.
Players should be wary, As the they are quite accurate, even with high defence, and hit up to 66 hitpoints, and are located quite close to Lesser demons.

**450,000 coins per hour
Kill snails Found south of Canifis for their thin snails which are worth a very decent **1,034. Excellent Money making for lower levels. There is a Bank in Canifis. Kill the level 10-15 snails And beware of Ghasts. Bring your silver sickles and your druid pouch.
When you are out of stack in your druid pouch, there is an altar to the west of Canifis, near the bridge. With your prayer you will be able to use bloom to stack up your pouch. Otherwise the ghasts will hit you or spoil your food.

**200,000 coins per hour
Killing flesh crawlers for herbs such as ranarr, dwarf weed, lantadyme, avantoe, kwuarm, and runes. Less desirable herbs like guam and tarromin should be left on the ground as they cut into profit. As well, players are advised to bring a Ring of Wealth, as Flesh Crawlers are on the list of Rare Drop Table monsters and can thus provide a load of money, provided the player gets lucky.

**380,000 coins per hour
The snakes located on Mos Le'Harmless have a 100% chance of dropping snake hide which are worth **1,993 coins each. Antipoison is highly recommended.

**250,000 coins per hour
Killing Tortoises north of the Tree Gnome Stronghold's Spirit Tree in Trainer Nacklepen's Tortoise Training Ground. Tortoises can drop up to three tortoise shells, which sell for **10,500 coins each. They also drop some valuable grimy herbs(E.g.:Grimy Ranarr. The level 76 tortoises have a max hit of 100, while the level 92 tortoise has a max hit of 120. All are not accurate.

**300,000 coins per hour
Killing green dragons is a very common and effective way to make money. These dragons always drop green dragonhides and dragon bones, which sell for **1,658 coins and **3,086 coins each respectively. This makes each green dragon worth at least **4,744 coins.
Green dragons are found mainly in the Wilderness so beware of player killers when hunting them. A few can also be found in the Chaos Tunnels, although this is a multicombat area so proceed with caution. With a familiar and a quick banking method, you can easily make a decent amount of money in an hour. Potions and prayer can be used to speed up kills. See Green dragon/Strategies for more information.

**300,000 coins per hour
Rewards from the Barrows activity include valuable runes, bolt racks and Barrows equipment. Pieces of Barrows equipment can sell for anywhere between **37,900 coins to **1,682,503 coins a piece. The Nature Spirit quest is helpful, as it grants access to a shortcut to Barrows. Completion of In Aid of the Myreque is helpful as it opens a bank in Burgh de Rott, which shortens time between trips. Also, The Branches of Darkmeyer will give an item that will allow quick teleport to the Barrows, as well as banks in Burgh de Rott and Darkmeyer.

**500,000 coins per hour
Blue dragons can be killed in much the same manner as green dragons. They always drop blue dragonhide (worth **2,055 coins) and dragon bones (worth **3,086 coins). Ranged and melee are the most efficient ways to kill them quickly.
The Ogre Enclave (requires Watchtower quest) and Taverley Dungeon (70+ Agility recommended for shortcut) are two of the most popular places to kill blue dragons.

**700,000 coins per hour
After completing A Clockwork Syringe, players can kill 'Rum'-pumped crabs in the Rum-geon in the Braindeath Island resource dungeon. A Fishbowl helmet and a Diving apparatus is required to enter. A brackish blade works best, followed by the brine sabre. To kill the crabs alone, lure the rangers into a closed door. If the rangers are already there, pray melee and kill the crabs. The crabs have a moderate chance of dropping the brackish blade, worth 569,200 coins.

**1,000,000 coins per hour
Killing Tormented Demons is one of the best money-making strategies, they drop Dragon Claws which are worth **12,426,854 coins and Ruined dragon armour slices, lumps and shards, all worth around **800,700 coins each.

**350,000 coins per hour
At a combat level of 100 and higher, soloing the Giant Mole should be easy. Go to a non-Lootshare world and kill it alone. It is easy to make a few hundred thousand coins in 3-4 kills and the Mole is a good source of Blue Charms, dropping 2 each drop with a rate of around 2 blue charms every 10 kills. You can either sell the hides and claws dropped by the Giant Mole or trade them in for nests that yield seeds, after which the nests can be crushed with a pestle and mortar and sold. At a combat level of 130 or higher with extremes, turmoil, and a combat/BoB familiar or a very high ranged level, a cannon, and a combat/BoB familiar you'll be earning at least 700k an hour (possibly more if seeds from nests and other notable drops are taken into account). Please view the Giant Mole page for strategies.

**400,000 coins per hour
Kill Waterfiends in the Ancient cavern. They often drop noted water orbs, water battlestaves, and rune helms. While they don't have exceptionally valuable drops, most drops are stackable and add up to a large value quickly. Armour with high magic defence and prayer potions strongly advised.

**550,000 coins per hour
Killing Revenants in the Forinthry Dungeon is another excellent way to create money. Their valuable drops, such as the Vesta's longsword, Ancient statuette, and Statius's warhammer are worth millions of coins. They sell for extremely high prices on the G.E, more then their G.E price. Depending on your combat stats, equipment and the luck of drops, players can quickly accumulate millions of coins quickly and efficiently at a reasonable rate. Be warned, pkers- (player killers) come in alot and can kill you to steal your money or just killing you for the fun of it.
Due to constantly changing prices for items on the Grand Exchange, some information in this article may or may not be current.
If a money making method is out of date, you can edit this page to improve it.
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