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Runescape Super Pwnage Guide Section!

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Runescape Super Pwnage Guide Section!

Runescape Guides Package
These are ALL leeched. Credits at the side.
Say thanks if I helped you.

Table of Contents

0.1 - Perfect RANGE pure guide! - By owner_of_life and :bestwishes:

0.2 - Ultimate Hybrid Guide - By Snake 0101

0.3 - Getting 99 Str - By Bumo

0.4 - Mining Guide 1-99 Mining - By Owner_of_life

0.5 - Fishing Guide + places - By Owner_of_Life

0.6 - Best Mage Training Arena Guide - By Owner_Of Life

0.7 - Firecape Guide - By Owner_Of_Life

0.8 - Bumo's Rich Way's guide - Bumo

0.9 - Make Millions With Grand Exchange - Nitro

0.1 PERFECT RANGE GUIDE - BY Owner_Of_Life + :bestwishes:

Ok this is wat u do first.

1-10 range: this is where u can kill chickens and pick up their feathers to be able to afford some scimmies or runes for later on.

from here u can either go to cows, stay at chickens, or go to goblins.

10-20 range: train wherever u want

after this u should be maybe 13-16 hp and 20 range and like 13-15cb

when this is done u should raise atk and str

1-10 atk and 1-15 str: I suggest chickens but if u want once u are 10 atk and 1 str u can go to cows. by now u might be 19hp(total guess) and u will still be 13-15cb in this case 14cb.

after this u can raise str 5 more lvls without gaining a cb lvl or go back to range.


u can stay 20 range 10 atk 15 str and raise MAGE.

if u want u can train mage 19 lvls without raising a cb lvl if u dont use cb skills. if u do which i suggest u do use cb skills u might be higher cb but will be much higher hp.


ok now i will skip to a different scenario:

1 atk
1 str
1 def
1 pray
70 range
1 mage

YOUR CB LVL WILL BE 49 CB probably

ok from here on this is the impressive thing.

u can raise ur atk lvl to 50 atk 55 str lvls without gaining 1cb lvl(u will gain some lvls but dont count since will raise hp)

after u get 50 atk and 55 str u should go from 1-70 mage because if u get 71 mage u will gain a cb lvl(not from raising hp)
we will say u dont use cb spells so u are like 70hp from raisin atk and str.

50 atk
55 str
1 def
1 pray
70 range
70 mage
CB LVL IS NOW 51 after gotten ALL THAT! u have only gained 2 cb lvls from raisin from 60-70hp.

That is basicly the guide. i did not include to 99 range because i thought once u are that lvl u are so ownage will already kno how to raise stats without raisin cb lvl.



This is a basic guide to teach you a few tactics, training and basic stats plans


Most pures have to start from fresh unless you buy them, in that case though you shouldn't really be using this guide, I recommend that you get 3 range and magic before you even leave tutorial island

I suggest you choose a name that doesn't give to much away, like instead of
"HybridP9201" you choose a original name with no or about 1 number such as "Sun flare" or "Assassin pkz"

GENERAL- First off when you get off the island, go to the stronghold of safety and do the test, use one lamp on magic and one on range, now you should has 7 magic and ranged if you trained on tutorial island, now complete the rest of the stronghold for the 10k and gloves, now go to varrock and buy around 1k of bronze arrows or 300 iron arrows (I'd recommend 1k of bronze) now get an oak shortbow with what remains of the money.
7-35+ now go to cows until 15 ranged and then go to scorpions, try to make your arrows last longer by picking them up. Use your arrows up and you should have a decent range level, I think you should atleast have 35 ranged after those 1k of bronze up, but the goal is around 40 or above ranged, Now go back to barbarian village and complete the Stronghold of safety, Use this to buy vambraces, chaps and maple bow.

GENERAL- You should have a bit of money remaining from the stronghold of security, now get around 30k from training general non combat stats and then buy 2.85k of body runes, 5.7k of I think earth runes and an air staff, also buy some iron armour,
1-40 now go to varrock palace and walk inside, now cast confuse on the monk trapped under the staircase, If you easily get bored set up an macro.
You should have 40 magic now, you are only just beginning though


Magic -

You will need for this part:
4463 body runes
Earth staff
8926 water runes
34684 nature runes
fire staff
34684 noted items of the same time (to alch)

40-55 - Before you can begin to get your ideal magic level you need to get a good spell, now, carry on
confusing the monk but this time use curse, cast this 4463 times and your first part of the task is complete

55-82 - now high alch to 82 magic, you should probably stop at this level.

Ranged -

You will need:
For members:
A cannon
Magic shortbow
Arrows of your choice (about 100k of these)
50k of cannonballs
Non members:
250k of arrows (of your choice)
maple shortbow

40 - 99 -

Members -

Find a decent spot with a safespot that you can stand in and range NPC's, if you lose concentration easily and are too lazy to sit there all day set up a ranging macro, firstly set up your cannon, load it up, run to the safespot and range the NPC's, Bring a bit of food and use range pots and use specs as much as possible, bring about 10k of telegrabs if you want to be really safe and not get hurt, but if your tough run out and get your arrows.

Non members -

Find a good training spot with alot of NPCs that aren't taken by lots of other players and that are roughly a high level so you don't one hit them. Make sure this place has a decent safespot which isn't too far away from your enemies so you can run to get your arrows, a decent spot would be hobgoblins near the crafting guild, this is obviously simple to understand, range, pick up arrows and repeat the process until all your arrows are gone... you should have roughly 99 ranged

CHAPTER 3 - Other stats

This is optional and is not needed

Attack and strength -

Follow a normal style, train on rats until you have 10 attack and 20 strength, keep your strength always 10 levels infront

Train on cows to 20 attack and 30 strength

Train on scorpions to 30 attack and 40 strength

Train on monks to 40 attack and 50 strength

Now go to the dueling arena and train your strength to a maximum of 60, you should be roughly about level 65.

Prayer (isn't really recommended) -

Just buy 3356 big bones, bury them and you'll have 43 prayer, do not go any higher else it will completely ruin your hybrid, you should now be around level 70-75

CHAPTER 4 - Pking tactics (members only)

Cold KO - Use bounty locate, use ice blitz and use your magic/dark bow special, they should be nearly dead, now range them to death, they should hopefully die before 15 seconds is over, if 15 seconds ends before they die blitz them again, they will definitely be dead unless they got out of an exit before you could blitz them, they teleported away or you can't hit very well

Cold finish - Bounty locate, use dark/magic bow spec and if they're still living use ice blitz before they escape


0.3 GETTING 99 STR ! - By Bumo

First of all... Be patient... You never want to to be a busy body. THIS WILL TAKE A LOT OF TIME!!! You will need cash, 10 mill should be good all the way to 99 strength.

TO CUT SOME TIME DOWN: BUY 3K DRAGON BONES AND BURN THEM AT A GILDED ALTAR!!! This will give you a very nice prayer level. Also have 60 attack minimum. Defence is not needed at all!

Firstly go and buy scimis, from bronze to rune.

From 1-25 Go and kill cows and don't pick up hide, bury the bones tho.

From 25-40 I would suggest doing barbarians.

From 40-60 Attack rock crabs - very easy to kill and fast.

From 60-70 kill experiments and bury the bones.

Now that you have 70 str I would suggest doing monkey madness.

From 70-75 take a d scimi and anti fire sheild to dragons (preferrably green) of your choice. Attack them and collect their bones. BANK THE BONES! Later go to a freinds house or a house party and use the bones with a gilded alter with incents lit and get high prayer.

from 70 or 75-99

OPTION A expensive: Bandits
Take a full inventory of prayer potions to the bandit camp and go inside of the pub. Turn protect from melee on and equip a god cape. Let them do the work but when you get low on prayer drink some prayer pots.

OPTION B: Monkey Guards <--- I recomend this one
Take a salves ammy, prayer boosting armour, and d scimi. Go to the altar on Ape atoll. Turn protect from melee on and attack the Monkey guards upstairs or down (down for better xp). When you get low prayer go upstairs and recharge it. Just don't forget to recharge it or you will pay dearly.

OPTION C money making and prayer: Dragons
Take d scimi and some anti fire pots, and anti d sheild to dragons and kill and bank all their stuff... Extremely slow method but in the end you can make a crap load of cash and if you burn the bones on an altar you can get yourself very nice prayer.

OPTION D: Just continue with experiments <-- gets very boring and sometimes makes you want to just stop. Not much action here but moderatly good xp.

0.4 - MINING GUIDE 1-99 MINING - Owner_Of_Life

LVL 1-20: Copper and Tin ore will be the only ores you can mine easily.
For F2P, the ores at the mine south east of Varrock are the closest to the bank. Just a note, if you mine equal copper and tin ores and smelt/smith them, you can get 14 or 15 smithing with only 20 mining levels.
The Port Khazard mine on P2P has 3 each copper and tin ore spawns and a nearby bank in Yanille (to the south west).

LVL 20-60: this is where it will be the hardest because everyone wants to mine iron ore and SO DO U!.

The Hobgoblin Mines have 27 iron ore spawns. It is in the wilderness, but if you have only a pickaxe and the iron you mine, you won't lose anything. Bring some food and a weapon. Hobgoblins will attack you for the first 15 to 20 minutes you are there.

If you are F2P and want to bank the ores, the South-east Varrock mine is probably best. It is about 4 clicks from the Varrock east bank.

If you are P2P, competition will be less. There are many more mining places. I would suggest the Port Khazard mine. It has 9 iron ores and a nearby bank, so you can get rid of your ore faster. The bank in Yanille is 4 clicks from the northern most group of 3 iron rocks.

With the invention of the members ring of forging, the value of iron increased. therefore, in P2P, iron is a viable profit making ore. Smiths are anxious to buy iron because using it with the ring of forging they can obtain more experience points for their money.

LVL 60-85: U CAN NOW ENTER THE MINING GUILD(rocky balboa music)
If you wish to get some money, try the mining guild. It has a whole lot of coal to be mined. It won't be the fastest way to level up, but you will be able to sell what you get. Did you know that you need almost 60,000 coal to get to level 85 mining from level 60? That's several million gp if you sell it all.

Or, if you want to get experience, find a secluded place with no one around. That way you can get the ores. You need almost 86,000 iron ore to get to level 85 mining from 60. Sound like a lot? It is. I would never suggest trying to get straight there. Grab a random level every once in a while. You won't get burnt out as easily. (i tried got to lvl 70 before quit, luckily friend gave me his pure miner so could finish guide)


Rune isn't the easiest thing to get. There are always revenants to worry about (if you mine in the Wilderness) and the competition with other miners is fierce (especially if you mine in the P2P Heroes Guild). It will take quite a bit of time to learn tricks to get a lot of money. Good luck!

Or if u want mine iron but it will take anywhere from 363k-365k iron ore to get from 60-99 mining(GOOD LUCK)

anyways good luck gettin that skill cape and c ya later


0.5 FISHING GUIDE + PLACES - Owner_Of_Life
Members Locations:
Probably the most popular members fishing spot. There's a fishing shop right next to the fishing spots where you can buy and sell both fishing equipment and fish. The shop owner has all you need to fish, except fly fishing rods and feathers.

At the fishing spots in Catherby you're able to fish with Small Net, Big Net, Bait, Cage and Harpoon. You can catch the following things/fish: shrimp, anchovies, sardines, herring, oysters, caskets, seaweed, mackerel, cod, tuna, lobsters, swordfish, bass and shark.

Nearest bank: Catherby

Fishing platform
You'll have to have done the Sea Slug Quest to come here. It's not that great of a fishing spot. You're able to net, bait, harpoon and cage fish. Check out our Sea Slug Quest Guide for more information on the quest.

You're able to catch shrimp, anchovies, sardines, herring, tuna, lobsters, and swordfish at the sea level of the platform.

Nearest bank: Legends Guild or Ardougne.

Shilo village
After completing Shilo village Quest, you can start fishing there. This is probably the fastest place for experience in the game, as the bank is very close to the fishing spot. Here you can fish with bait and feathers.

Nearest bank: Shilo village bank

To get access to this fishing spot, you'll first have to complete Fremennik Trials quest. The fishing spots here yield pretty much the same thing as in Catherby, but you'll find the area a lot less crowded. However, the only banks nearby require boat rides: to Miscellania, Jatizso or Neitiznot. The Fishmonger sells equipment and will buy your catch.

At the fishing spots in Rellekka, you can use Small Net, Big Net, Bait, Cage and Harpoon. You can catch the following things/fish: shrimp, anchovies, sardines, herring, oysters, caskets, seaweed, mackerel, cod, tuna, lobsters, bass, swordfish, and shark.

Nearest bank: Miscellania, Jatizso, Neitiznot

Piscatoris Fishing Colony
To get access to this fishing spot, you'll first have to complete the Swan Song quest. Once you complete the quest, you can get to the Piscatoris Fishing Colony by boat (see Kathy Corkat located northwest of the Gnome Stronghold), or use Fairy Ring coordinates AKQ. The Piscatoris Fishing Colony is the only place in RuneScape where you can catch monkfish. In order to catch these fish, you'll have to use a small fishing net. You can also catch tuna and swordfish, provided you have a harpoon with you. The general store sells nets.

Nearest bank: Piscatoris Fishing Colony

Burgh de Rott
After you have fixed the bank during the In Aid of the Myreque quest you might want to consider staying a while for gourmet meals. No, not the snails that wander nearby! This town has plenty of big net and shark catching spots is close to the bank, making it perfect for more better players. To get here take the Myreque shortcut under Canifis pub, then after a brief walk south through the swamp hop in the row boat to Mort'ton. Walk south over the bridge

Nearest bank: Burgh de Rott



This mini-game is low risk which means there are not many ways to die in the arena except for 1 of the 4 mini games

The Mage Training Arena is located just north of the Al Kharid Dueling Arena. You need to enter the dueling arena and walk to the northern side. Walk north around the hospital or bank and then walk north to the steps of the mini game building. Walk through the doorway and you will be in a large chamber with stairs on both sides. If you do not have one, you will need to speak to the Entrance Guardian to get a Progress hat. U can earn things like infinity boots, hats, robes all that junk

The progress hat will tell you how many Pizazz points you have from each of the games when you either 'talk-to' it or when you 'activate' it while you are wearing it. You must have your progress hat with you to play the minigames. (If you drop or lose your progress hat, you can get a new one from the Entrance Guardian.) With your progress hat and all your runes (see games for runes needed) you can go north to the teleporters and start playing. Logging out or dying while in the Mage Training Arena puts you back at the entrance and causes you to lose the items that you collected while in the arena (you keep your own possessions). Dying also causes you to lose some Pizazz points. You can not leave any mini-game with items obtained in it (gold from the Alchemists' Playground, Dragonstones from the Enchanting Chamber, etc.)

Telekinetic Theatre:
You need level 33 Magic to play this game, and a supply of law and air runes (or air staff). Click on the southern teleport statue to be teleported to the Telekinetic Theatre mini game. In this mini game you will gain Telekinetic Pizazz points for successfully completing each maze, as well as bonus pizazz points and xp for successfully completing five puzzles. Your goal is to move the Guardian statue from its starting point to the strangely coloured tile in the maze. You will need to use telekinetic grab (43 xp per cast) to pull the statue. You can pull the statue from any side of the maze. One telekinetic grab moves the statue from its resting place toward you until its movement is stopped by a wall of the maze. Right click on the statue and click observe to make it easier to see where you need to move the statue to solve the puzzle, and easier to telekinetic grab the statue from across the maze. You will get 2 telekinetic pizazz points for each completed maze. If you complete 5 you will receive a bonus of 10 law runes, 8 extra telekinetic pizazz, and 1000 magic exp.

Alchemists' Playground
You need at least level 21 Magic to play this game, and a supply of nature and fire runes (or fire staff). Click on the northern teleport statue to be teleported to the Alchemists' Playground mini game. Your goal in this mini game is to collect the most gp possible by using high or low alchemy (level 55 magic) to change items into gold. You cannot bring any gp into this room. Once you enter the room you will see eight boards and a list in the top right corner of the items available to alch. You will see the names and the value that they alch for as well as sometimes seeing a green arrow. This green arrow means that it does not cost any runes to alch that item until the arrow disappears. That's free xp basicly because u are losing nothing

You can get the items from the cupboards. The items switch from cupboard to cupboard every few seconds, but they are in the same order every time. Your goal is to collect as much money as possible. When you are finished you need to put your coins in the coin collector which is in the north part of the room (don't do this at like 10gp stops, because you only get credit for every 100 coins). You can not leave the room with any of the items or the coins. In addition to the spell xp, you receive 2 magic exp for every coin you deposit, and for every 100 coins you deposit you will receive 1 Alchemist pizazz point and 10 gp.

Enchanting Chamber
You need at least level 7 Magic to play this game, and a supply of cosmic and elemental runes or same staff preferably for the highest enchantment spell you are able to use. For this mini game you need to use a jewellery enchant spell to change coloured shapes into orbs.

In the northwest corner there are yellow cubes and a blue cube
In the northeast corner there are green cylinders and a red cube
In the southwest corner there are red pentamids and a green cube
In the southeast corner there are blue icosahedrons and a yellow cube
Again, you will need cosmic runes and elemental runes or an elemental staff, depending on which enchant spell you want to use. You should try to use the very highest enchant spell that you can cast, in order to raise your pizazz points and xp. Note that players receive 25% less experience for casting spells in this mini game than normal.

0.7 - FIRE CAPING GUIDE - Owner_Of_Life

The Fight Caves is the ultimate man vs monster challenge for RuneScape's strongest players. It consists of fighting lots of monsters, starting at level 22 all the way up to the level 702 TzTok-Jad. If you wish to complete this mini-game successfully, you will need to have a high combat level or really good range and pray.

Here is a inventory of wat u should have:
- Full guthans
- 2k bolt racks
- ammy of glory
- full black d hide
- karils X bow
- 12 pray pots(4)
- 2 def pots(4)
- 1 str pot(4)
- 10 sharks

As this mini-game can take many hours to complete, Jagex added an option to log out without losing your progress and having to start over. To do this, click the logout button ONCE at any time during a "wave" of monsters. You will get a message in your chat window that your logout request has been saved and you will automatically be logged out after the current wave. Next time you log in to your account, you will still be in the Fight Cave and the next wave of monsters will start. If you click logout again before then, you will lose your place in the game and will have to start over. Logging out to save your place is NOT recommended after reaching the level 360's as your prayer is turned off upon logging in and you can be instantly hit for some very heavy damage.


Monster name, combat level, description of monster.

Tz-Kih, 22, this monster will get barely any damage off of u but every time it hits even a 0 it will take out 1 prayer.

Tz-kek, 45, This monster gets annoying, whenever you hit it, it hits you back for one damage, in addition to what it would hit anyway, as if it had a ring of recoil that always hits 1. When it dies 2 lvl 22s come to life.
Tz-kek, 22, This is the revival of the tz-kek (level 45) it is also good for healing on since hit low.

Tok-Xil, 90, This annoying monster shoots you with a ranged attack that can hit you fairly well at times. He uses melee as well. Always kill him first, before any of the other monsters. use protect from range or melee(melee when hes close)

Yt-mej kot, 180, can hit up to 25. Also heals itself, so make sure to pay attention to your HP because he wont die easily.

Ket-Zek, 360, This monster uses magic and melee attacks, so be sure to have protect from magic prayer ON, then range it or mage it. Do NOT get within melee range, unless you want to die.

TzTok-Jad, 702, It uses magic and range attacks. Has a different animation, so you can tell which attack will be used before it actually uses it, so you can choose which prayer you'd like to use. U must be precise on when u switch pray because if u are too late u are screwed in the A hole.

Killing a level 702 is far too easy a feat to be worthy of the Fire Cape. Not only must you do this, but you must defeat all 62 waves of attacks from lower level monsters before even getting a chance at TzTok-Jad(702).

this only works if u use the inventory i have suggested.


Getting to the level 90's isn't very hard, just wear your Guthans and you shouldn't have any problems.

It gets a little harder here, but it still isn't too bad. The level 90's can do some damage, but not enough to worry about. Guthans should heal you completely.


Here it can get tricky, because the 180's can hit hard and often, sometimes before you can heal. When you have level 90's coming at you at the same time as the 180's, be sure to kill the level 90's FIRST before you even bother with the level 180's. Trap the level 180 behind the level 90 and finish it, otherwise you will get shot by two of them at once and will die fairly quickly. If needed, eat, and take a super defense potion. When you get two level 180's, you'll be almost to the level 360's.


This is where u MUST take off the guthans because this is where u should use range. When the 45's start to appear kill the 360's first then the 45's.

His range attack is a bit shorter than his mage attack, but you'll be able to tell the difference. His range attack is 'rocks' falling from the ceiling, and his mage attack is a fireball. He sort of winds up more for the mage attack. Make sure to get the right prayer on at the right time, or you will likely get one-hit. When you get this crazy beast down to half his HP, he calls level 108 healers to help him. When the healers come, put on LONG RANGE and attack them. Kill them fast, or they will heal him, if you can kill them it will make it much easier.

0.8 - Bumo's Rich Ways

This guide will help you earn money on any level charecter you have

to start it off ill show you some good money making ways.

1.The Flax Into BS trick
*you buy flax you spin at and get like a 90gp profit for each one*

2. The Raw Chicken Trick
*you go to canfis or w.e..go to shop buy raw chickens for 5gp each..then go to g.e. and sell um for 71-79gp each..and they do sell pretty fast*

3.Dragon Bolts
*this one is really go to g.e. and buy the rune bolts..there like 1k or something around buy a dragonstone and use dragonstone on the rune bolts to make dragon then enchant them into dragon bolts (e)..and sell them to the g.e. for a good profit.*

4.The Fungus

* credits to 16joaquim16

5.Falador Vials
* go to the herb shop and buy the vials for i think there 1gp..then bank um..keep doing this and you can get like a 200k profit from around 500 of them, *

6.The Whip Merchant
* for this you need around 6m..but this is for high level players that want money. Its basic...but you basicly buy like 4 whip at minum price ( cause whips are being sold and bought more often then most items)..then then you basicly sell um back for g.e. price of max price. ( which i earned over 4m in 4 hours ) so it work for me


So Thx For Looking


0.9 Make Millions With Grand Exchange - Nitro

Most of you may know, but for the beginners who don't please keep reading.

About 100k to start with is fine.
Find a good item that everyone needs, it has to be something that is like one of the main trading items, for example: yew logs, yew longs, bow strings, something that has a very long price range.

Now here is the trick with the Grand Exchange that will make you Millions without doing anything!

Don't buy the item for lowest, but it like 1 or 2 or maybe 3 gp higher than the lowest price once you got a good amount, sell it a couple gp lower than the highest price like you did for buying and you will soon start to see big amounts of profit, now it may not sell so instant but it will sell, I'm sure you guys got the patience to wait a while.

Now you are wondering why this will work? Because people usually Buy or sell the item for lowest or medium or high, some are always in a rush and trying to just sell the item and not think about it, if you lower the price a couple GP the person buying it for the highest will come to you, if no one else is selling for lower!

Hope this guide helps you!

Press the thanks button if I helped you!

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Alright, Rags2bitches will do that. I'm his friend and he said he was banned from the forums for no reason ><. I'll be his spokes person for now.
Thanks firefox.

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firefox: lol, well its true but we are new and we need admins and mods and when someone shows they can handle the forums we will promote them and at elitepvpers it like inpossible to become a mod becuase there already like 123243352 t43254


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