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Hero Combining System Guide

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Lightbulb Hero Combining System Guide

For those who don't know how to combine here's a little guide

Creating Excelsiors

Type A = 10 excel pcs. + 5 silver catalysts + 2 gold catalysts
Type B = 15 excel pcs. + 12 silver catalysts + 5 gold catalysts
Type C = 30 excel pcs. + 20 silver catalysts + 10 gold catalysts

Weapon Combining Pt. 1 (Type-C/Orange)

Get one Type-A (Purple) and one Type-B (Intense/Yellow) weapons of the same lvl and type.
Both must be lvl 30+.
Black excels for Swords, Knives, Spears, Axes, Maces.
Red excels for Firearms.
Green excels for Bows.
Blue excels for Staffs.
Yellow excels for Launchers.

Type-A Excelsior --> lvl 30-35 weapons
Type-B Excelsior --> lvl 40 weapons
Type-C Excelsior --> lvl 45-50 weapons

Weapon Combining Pt. 2 (Type-A/Purple)

You need to have some weapon abilities first.
You can get these from AH (Auction House) or getting it yourself.

To get the abilities yourself, you need :

1 Type-A weapon + 1 Ability Extractor + 1 Restoration Talic

How much abilities you'd get from a weapon depends on its lvl.

Lvl 1~3 = 1 ability
Lvl 5~7 = 2 abilities
Lvl 10~12 = 3 abilities
Lvl 15 = 4 abilities
Lvl 18 = 5 abilities
Lvl 20 = 7 abilities
Lvl 22 = 8 abilities
Lvl 25 = 9 abilities
Lvl 28 = 10 abilities
Lvl 30 = 15 abilities
Lvl 35 = 18 abilities
Lvl 40 = 40 abilities
Lvl 45 = 45 abilities
Lvl 50 = 50 abilities
Lvl 55 = 55 abilities

Now to create a Type-A weapon from a Normal (White) weapon, you'll need :

1 Normal Weapon + 1 Ability Combiner + 1 Talic + x Weapon Ability + 1 Type-A Purple Excelsior

Type-A Purple Excelsior is always used no matter what lvl the weapon is.

The number of weapon abilities you'll need for a specific weapon lvl is the same as the number you'd get when extracting weapon abilities.
(i.e you need 18 weapon abilities for a lvl 35 weapon and so on...)

The talic you'll need depends on what weapon ability you're using.

Wind/Protection --> Belief
Endurance --> Sacredfire
Pain (Pine/Fine; whatever) --> Grace
Smart --> Mercy
Strong --> Ignorant (popularly known as "iggy")
Solid --> Favor
Saving --> Darkness
Strength --> Glory
Advanced Strength --> Guard
Vampire --> Destruction
Guardian --> Wisdom
Sharp/Anti-sharp --> Chaos
Grand --> Hatred

Note that the Ability Combiner with higher chance of success can only be used by Specialist class.
Also, (for obvious reasons) normal (white) Akeron launchers can't be made into a Type-A weapon

Force Reaver Combining

1 Basic Reaver + 1 Expert Reaver + 1 Talic + 1 Excelsior

...that'll get you an elite reaver.
The reaver you're combining must also of the same class.

The talic and excelsior you'll need depends on the reaver's class.

Holy --> Restoration + White
Dark --> Darkness + Black
Fire --> Sacredfire + Red
Earth --> Guard + Brown
Water --> Belief + Navy
Wind --> Glory + Blue

Type-A excel has the lowest while Type-C excel has the highest probability of success.
Type-B, well, moderate probability if you haven't figured that out yet...

Creating (lvl 40) Jetpacks

99 Gli + 99 Beam + 1 Bag + 1 Talic + 1 Olive Excelsior

The talic you'll need depends on what kind of jetpack you'd want to create.

Anti-crit --> Chaos
Fire resist --> Sacredfire
Earth resist --> Guard
Water resist --> Belief
Wind resist --> Glory

Now, the cost you'll be paying the Hero (ack!) for one attempt.

For Type-A excel you'll pay 9 mils. (+ lowest chance of success)
For Type-B excel you'll pay 15 mils. (+ moderate chance of success)
For Type-C excel you'll pay 22 mils. (+ highest chance of success)

Note that the success rates are not absolute, which means one user may be successful just by using Type-A excel on his/her first try while another may fail three times in a row with Type-C excels.

For lvl 50 jetpacks, you'll need five excelsiors and the rest is the same.
The costs are higher (like 30 mils. for Type-C excels); need more info on Type-A and Type-B excels.
(thanks to Driverz for the clarification)

The difference between a lvl 40 and lvl 50 jetpack is only in their stats; lvl 40 has 10% resists while lvl 50 has 15%.
Lvl 50 jetpack flies a bit higher than lvl 40, but that's just for looks; nothing to do with the stats.

Creating Type-C (Orange) Armors

IIRC, you can do this from lvl 30 armors onward.
(...but frankly speaking, do this only for lvl 50/55 armors; 47 at the least if you're being impatient)

For combining an armor, you'll need :

1 Type-B (Intense) Armor + 10 Armor Ability + 10 Red Stone + 99 Purple Excelsior Piece + 1 Type-C Purple Excelsior

The Type-B armor must be upgraded with favor talics at least one.
The more favor talics in the armor, the higher the chance of success.

As for armor abilities, you need to have 10 of the same types.
Different from weapon abilities, armor abilities can only be obtained from Inventor Toolbox drop.
You'll get 1 random ability from a toolbox.
While the toolbox itself is tradeable, the armor ability does not.

Red Stone can be acquired from processing +3 ores.

Type-C armors are just like Type-C weapons; it has a chance having a reduced lvl restriction after combining.

Booty Conversion

x High Level Booty + x Hammer

To convert x amount of booty you'll need the same amount of hammers.
(i.e 20 Lake needs 20 Hammer and so on...)

Which converts to what is like this.

(1) Jim -> (1~5) Jemz Riar -> (1~5) Jem Riar -> (1~5) Riar
(1) Lake -> (1~5) Ward Weef -> (1~5) Cell Weef -> (1~5) Weef
(1) Warm -> (1~5) High Zid -> (1~5) Sol Zid -> (1~5) Zid
(1) Mid Mika -> (1~5) Louis Mika -> (1~5) Mika
(1) Greaf -> (1~5) Haren -> (1~5) Cling
(1) Siar Blidend -> (1~5) Ply Blidend -> (1~5) Blidend

And yes, no conversion for both Gli and Beam.

Multiplying Your Talics

1~50 Talic + 1 Talic Master

Yes, you can try to multiply multiple talics with just one talic master, but whether it'd fail or not won't be my business. =b
The grades of the talic master just signify its chance of successfully multiplying the talics.
And, no, a high-grade talic master isn't guaranteed to give you more talics than a low-grade one.

Upgrading Your Gems

Gems T1 and T2 can be upgraded into a higher tier; T1 -> T2 or T2 -> T3.

10 T1/T2 Gems + 1 Blue Stone

Basically, you need to have 10 T1 gems and a Blue Stone to make one T2 gem.
The same goes for making a T3 gem, in which you'll need 10 T2 gems.

Elemental Upgrading

1 Elemental + (2x)5 Talics + 2x5 T3 Gems

The talics required depends on the bonus that you want to upgrade.

For Attack, you'll need Ignorant talics.
For Defense, you'll need Favor talics.
For Dodge, you'll need Mercy talics.
These are the common bonuses people'd like to upgrade; for the rest I don't really know.
In short, just associate the talic with the appropriate bonus(es).

And with that, if it has Attack/Defense bonus, then you'll need both 5 Ignorants and 5 Favors.

As for the T3 gems, any two of the four T3 gems will do as long it's five of each.

That's all, I guess.
Corrections wanted since I'm trying to make this as concise as possible.
Additions are also welcomed if applicable.

hope you like this guide

credits to [MAU]Risen he likes to eat pussy?

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Nice Guide!

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well said...
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nice,,, once in a while we need to be reminded of the basics.. guide appreciated.

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Can i add some Bonus with ignorant ? ex : elemental 10% dodge => 25%dodge 25% atk?
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how abou lvl 55 weapon?

can i make a purple weapon from normal weapon 55?
that not suces in RFA
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For RFO Rusia OFF works 1 more combination:

Put 7(in 1) GVG medals to Hero`s combination slot - and you`ll take Strange Cube (Crag Mine tp, +4 Ore, B exp caps, or even Jetpack)

I really dont know, would it work to you.
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thnx for the help
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nice 1!!! a big tnx for a usefull guide!!

sorry for bad english!!
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fine thank you all.... i just happen to encounter it when surfing in the WEB... thought it might help others here
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Very helpful. Thanks
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Get one Type-A (Purple) and one Type-B (Intense/Yellow) weapons of the same lvl and type.
Both must be lvl 30+.
can u show a photo
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photo on the purple and int one's? LOL

i mean Strong Tower axe lvl35 + Intense Tower axe lvl 35 also
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Simply go to this link :

And more info here :

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