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[KTS]Patchnotes Epic7

Discussion on [KTS]Patchnotes Epic7 within the Rappelz forum part of the MMORPGs category.

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[KTS]Patchnotes Epic7

--------------Translation from Korean to English----------------

Patch notes from KTS

  1. The Image of the Log in Page changes.
  2. The Rappelz logo in the Log in Page will be changed.
  3. A hidden Dungeon will be added
  • Modify the valley, El Kassia, Palmir Plateau, baekryong the shelter, shade of Heilongjiang Province, will be added to saryongui dungeon heart.
  • Dungeon entry ways
  • The key for the entrance to the dungeons to hunt monsters
  • Key Monster is a monster with kabeongkeului appearance.
  • Key Monster back in 10 minutes after the death of the monster is regeneration.
  • Monster's difficulty is set higher than existing dungeon monsters, deurapyul, experience, Rs, jp too high.
  • Exit and the return of the hidden dungeon dungeon with orders to come to the village will be taken.
  • Out in a hidden dungeon or death, avatars are returnees are forced to move.
  • However, when using a bottle of Fairy Godmother will resurrect on the spot.
  • Monster to move all the specific areas.
  • In a hidden dungeon raid taimeotaek, not siege.

  • Return of the feathers, the feathers of the call, will be limited to bonds with a feather.
  • You can not ride.

4. The lost island will be expanded.
  • Ice thorn forests and valleys of ice needles, the frozen shore, mareuduka seolinjok headquarters, a blizzard is better ravine, kayinen Lake
  • The snowy ghost camping, Unicorn of the Forest, The Dragon's Nest areas will be added.
  • 146-184 level monsters will be added.
  • NPC on the island has lost 27 kinds are added.

5. Creature a species is added.
  • Unique Death thorne will be added to the Creatures.
  • For testing enchanted Creature cards can be purchased from a dealer.
  • The Lost Island of the Dead Silent Death tiles teyiming are available at the camp.

6. Creatures will be added to strengthen the system.
  • NPC scholars strengthen each town will be added every creature.
  • Creature cards with enhanced information and help to strengthen ongoing.
  • Creatures will sell the items required for strengthening.
  • Soul Mixer, Soul Catcher, Soul Orbit material items for sale.
  • Creature weather will replace the item with the artifact items.
  • Creature cards are added to the combination approach.
  • Creature cards enhance the system, adding enhanced system durability Creature Cards

6.1. Creature Card consolidation system
  • Creature cards sealed mixer, combine 2 step soul Berry enhanced Creature cards can be obtained.
  • The same creature card only possible combination of the level and over a creature that does not matter Reve lead levels.
  • Creatures that are used to enhance the seal after the first in at least one must be organized.
  • Success, failure, failure probability exists, the cards remain the main slot material items will be removed.
  • Creatures of the higher levels are more likely to succeed.
  • Enhancing success, Creatures is a 1Lv.
  • Step up to +5 is strengthened.

6.2. enhanced Creature Cards
  • Enhanced Creatures will change the appearance.
  • You apply some keuricheoman
  • +1 All stats for strengthening increases.
  • Creatures can be mounted to the item will be granted additional slots.
  • +1, Then add accessory slot
  • +3, +5, Then add slots Artifacts items
  • Add +1 for each enemy JP will be given enhanced.
  • +1 For strengthening solidarity skills, card, passive skill level increases.
  • New skills can be learned.

6.3. Creature Card consolidation ☞ Combination Method
  • Creature cards for the acquisition of enhanced +1 johapsik
  • Sealed Creature cards (main) + sealed Creature Card + Soul Mixer
  • Creature cards +2 for the acquisition of enhanced johapsik
  • +1 Enhanced Creature cards (main) + +1 Creature Card + Soul powered mixer
  • Enhanced +3 +5 Creature card for the acquisition of strengthening the combination formula is the same as ②.

6.4. Enhanced system durability Creature Cards
  • Enhanced Durability Creature cards exist, and also reduces the duration of death is Creatures.
  • Enhanced Durability charging Soul can be purchased from NPC Obi teo scholars and of the same creature
  • Blank cards can be recharged by the combination.
  • Enhanced levels to increase the maximum duration of more creature cards are also reduced.

6.5. Enhanced Durability ☞ Creature cards charging method
  • Enhanced Durability consumed Creature Card + Orbit + Soul binkadeu the same kind of creature

Durability Figures in this Picture

  • Creature weather items, item descriptions, and type of artifact
  • Weather items can be exchanged with the artifact items.
  • Weather items that will drop from monsters, the Creature.
  • Bear Road kabeongkeului weather items can be purchased in stores.
  • Creatures of the Artifacts Artifacts items can be mounted in a slot is the item.
  • Artifacts of the item is present and the duration of the charging method and duration of upper items
  • This will be charged in the same manner.
  • Durability is exhausted items that crashed, a combination of a broken item can be recovery.

  • Creature weather an artifact items + soulkaechyeo the exchange items
  • Artie Peck and random exchange of a dog to obtain the update.
  • Peck, the characters are owned by Artie update. (Not warehousing / business can not / can not drop)
  • Repair broken items ☞ way Artifacts
  • Broken Soul Artifacts + Orbit + artifact (none with any type)

7. New quests are added.

8. Some quest rewards are upstream.
  • Upward Quest rewards are excluded from
    Random quests, main quests, elka Asia Quest, Quest marikaet Market

9. Guild UI will be a renewal.
    • Command has been changed.
    • Guild in the dissolution / dissolution has been changed to the guild.
    • Guild Icons feature is Miguel County.
    • Expansion of collapse and left and right button functions are available through the transparency.
    • User key setting up 5-8 slots are added.

11. Stat (status) will change the formula.
Damage increases.
  • Increasing levels of physical attack power per 1
  • Far the damage is greatly increased.
  • Focus + agile changes to be affected (existing: to concentrate power + affected)
  • Attack speed and ranged attack power increased with the number and agile.
  • Agility a slight increase in per-attack rate, increases ranged damage
  • Defenses are reduced.
  • Fitness Physical Defense decrease per 1
  • HP increases.
  • Increased stamina 1 per HP
  • MP resilience, depending on the mental level is increased.
  • Mental As a further increase in resilience Party MP

12. Defense Cube, Cube-Strike pieces are added to the item.
  • Monster items can be obtained from the pieces.
  • Obtained using a combination of items in a piece of reinforced-related items can be obtained.
  • X 10 to the number of materials needed for the combination at random between 4-16 items can be obtained.
  • Ex) (Cube Defense fragment 2 * 10) + (polished steel, 2 * 10) = 2 ranked defense cubes 4-16 acquire between the random
  • Combination of the failure probability is applied for.
  • Kabeongkeului strengthen the dice
  • Using items from +1 to +3 reinforced random numbers increases.
  • Strengthening the dice blessed kabeongkeului
  • Using items from +1 to +5 enhanced random numbers increases.
  • Kabeongkeului dice item strengthen +1 probability of failure exists.
  • Kabeongkeului enhance the stability of the flour and roll the item blessed with stabilization of the flour is not available.

13. Holic JP consumes the ability to earn points to be added.
  • Woowooung ended the NPC from the whispers of the soul consumes JP pockets can be obtained.
  • Whispers of the soul can earn pocket Holic points.

14. NPC merchants to sell items that bear the load is added.

15. Blacksmith item price will be changed manually.

16. Hair dye, hair items are added.
  • If you change the hair style, hair styles back to the base will not change.
  • Hair dye, hair items for a test game keurusyap Hair is available from NPC merchants.

17. Some NPC's appearance in the village has changed.
  • Armor merchants, arms merchants, goods merchant, Chic root tele porter, grocer, will change the face of an adventure guide.

18. Senior item stats will change.
  • Earring abilities increases.
  • Necklaces abilities increases.
  • Ring abilities reduced.
  • Weapon Abilities reduced.
  • Pitching stats will increase.
  • Gloves abilities increases.
  • Boots stats will increase.
  • Belt stats will increase.

19. Senior point of the item stats will correct the problem did not apply.

20. Strengthening effect on the higher items will be added.

21. Senior Soul Stone will improve abilities of items.

22. Helm / decorating items to show option is to make it applicable to other characters.

23. Drop rate is fixed, steel sculpture.
  • Monster level, in proportion to the difficulty to obtain more pieces will be changed.

24. Steel pieces are added to the combination diet.
  • 1 to a random combination of 1,000 more items can be obtained.
  • 10,000 units by combining two items at random from 1 to 10 more can be obtained.


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  • The Veiled Island is now complete 140+ and the news mobs 146-180 are [++] an no fieldmobs (probably another bug?).
  • The new Pet, Death Knight. Seems to be unique (T-Pro anyone?).
  1. Death Knight Evo1
  • Death Knight Evo2
  • Death Knight Evo 3
  • All Death Knight Evolutions in one picture
Toggle of level 95 Death Knight
17,3 Atk. Speed und 217 P.Atk

More Skillbars for the user character
  • 4 Bars
  • 6 Bars
  • 8 Bars

  • New Blacksmith Rondo
  • New Merchant Horizen
  • New Merchant Rondo
  • New Adventure Guide
  • New Grocery Rondo
  • New HV Teleporter Rondo
  • New Armor Trader Trainee Island

  • Veiled Island
  • New Timed Haircuts (Not all but 2 Pictures of them now)
  • ENCHANTED Octopus

  • Pet Card Enchanting
  • The NPC (like creature expert... was hidden in Katan ):
  • She sells this orb:
  • The orb is used to combine 2 tamed cards of the same pet, the higher the level, the higher the succes rate. Here I combined two orcs : 1 Lv53+3 and 1 fresh
  • According to my infos upon failure you lose only one of the 2 cards: the one in the upper slot of the combination windows should be safe.
    well my attempt succeded and here is what i got:

  • Durability on formation window, and accessory slot unlocked.
    also the enhanced pet is level1, regardless of the level of the combined pets.
    He has 9JPs @level1.... dunno if this depends os something.
    Not posting the picture of the summoned evo1 orc.. it seems the same of the not-enahnced version to me. Maybe it changes with further enchanting.
  • The creature card description have been also chaged: on the left a fresh not enhanced yeti (notice the new line added ending with "0"), on the left an "1st rank" enhanced orc: line with 0 is now 1, and 1 new line with 100 has been added, suppose durability.
  1. +1 Enchanted Pet: Tamed Pet + Tamed Pet + Orb
  2. +2 Enchanted Pet: +1 Pet + +1 Pet + Orb
  3. +3 Enchanted Pet: +2 Pet + +2 Pet + Orb
  4. +4 Enchanted Pet: +3 Pet + +3 Pet + Orb
  5. +5 Enchanted Pet: +4 Pet + +4 Pet + Orb
  • Yeti and Yeti+1
  • Yeti +1 Passive
  • Also the skin of the 3d model @+4 still doesn't change so supposedly the pet gains a new skin @+5
  • Most pets get their skinchange at +5, but some are kinda different.
  • Tortus gets its skinchange at +1 already.
  • EDIT: Dura-Lost on pets is only noticable at deaths.

  • +2 Skelly Evo1:

  • +2 Skelly Evo2:

  • +2 Skelly Evo3:

  • +2 Harpy Evo... dunno, 1 or 2

  • +1 Tortus Evo1:

  • Tortus gets on +1 a new toggle, which reduces damage of itself and the owner. Very good for tanks.
  • +2 Tortus Evo2

  • 3 Strengthening Skills & New Skills Upgrading windeusong
  • Lv 4 Card stats: concentrate (16%)
  • Lv 4 Card abilities: physical attack rate (16%)
  • Lv 6 hunting her hands of God (attack speed +6) 『』 exert effects ranged weapons while wearing
  • Lv 3 Nature's heap (1004 * Sprite * Department of Human Attack Damage 25%)
  • Lv 3 order from the Resistance (1004 * Sprite * shot from the human family at 25% damage reduction)
  • Proportional to the number of buffs strengthen ties with hoist
    Example 3 Enhanced Creature 15 Step 3 to add more in bonds by raising a total of 18 ties
  • Des Torrent tiles (nogang)
  • Solidarity: 10 Rep based mulgong 217 / gongsok 17.1
  • Card stats: Strength 19 &
  • Card Ability: Attack 9% / 9% attack speed

New Stones
  • Feld = normal Cubes
  • Dungeon = +3 Cubes
  • Dungeon Bosses = +5 Cubes
  1. The way how to come there

  • Raid-Gruppe:

  • Hidden-PP:

  • Stats - Death Tyrant lvl 45:

Skills of an Evo 1 Death Tyrant:
  • +1 Hawk 60 +10 Evo1 und 60 +10 Evo2 Stats Vergleich (lvl 11 Creature Mastery)

  • Death Tyrant 60 +10 Evo1 und 60 +10 Evo2 Stats Vergleich (lvl 11 Creature Mastery)
  • +1 Ork 60 +10 Evo1 und 60 +10 Evo2 Stats Vergleich (lvl 11 Creature Mastery)
  • +4 Panther Slots
  • +5 Tortus
  • Artifakte
  • the lightblue increases the MP Recovery for 30%,
  • the red increases the P.Atk. efor ca. 6%?,
  • the green increases the AtkSpd and Cast Speed for 6%
  • the violet the Evasion and running speed for 6% or +6

  • Durability for pets

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  • Enchanted BP
  • At dawn today, only 5 failed to snag the river're successful
  • Cards should be enhanced by raising the problem of small successes that rises to
  • Is the largest munjeindeut
  • Taeseop's right, but when it nurtured in bonseop
  • Are you of course will strengthen and grow the consumption'll arguments
  • True Tears nalreumyeon flies over the
  • But rather to strengthen bongkajjae
  • Chapter 1 myeotpeo rise put
  • Chapter 2 myeotpeo
  • This way you can put up to Chapter 5
  • When I want to change eotteolga
  • Unicorn Evo 2 -> Evo 3:
  • Death Tyrant Evo 2 -> Evo 3:

  • Enchanted Hawkman Evo 2 -> Evo 3:

  • Enchanted Orc Evo 2 -> Evo 3:

  • KTS 21.06.:
  1. Mace Hera-of-arms were coming into the gray matter has been resolved.
  2. Dungeon Master Guild Stone did not show a problem has been corrected.
    • Guild UI has been fixed.
    • Guild Announcements delete all information and was not saved when saving a problem has been corrected.
    • Out to your guild can not be turned over to the leader has been corrected.
    • Could not be expelled out of your guild has been fixed ..
  3. Lost secret of the island did not work even click on an exit has been corrected.
  4. Some OK / Cancel button positions have been changed.

  • KTS 23.06.:
  1. Deathmatch Free rank in the world map has been corrected.
  2. Game all OK, Cancel button positions have been changed.
  3. The other character's tattoo seems wrong, the problem has been corrected.
  4. Im in the guild UI part has been deleted.
  5. World Cup did come out with the feet when worn clothing has been corrected.
  6. Guild Mark has been modified to allow registration.
  7. The weight of the cube jogakryu items has been reduced from 0.5 to 0.1.

  • KTS 24.06.:
  1. Unneeded NPC Were not the problem has been corrected.
    • Molly NPC standing with the NPC has been deleted.
  2. The last letter when entering text in Notepad did not see the problem has been corrected.
  3. Intermediate instructor Directions' quest has been corrected.
  • KTS/KS 24.06.:
  1. Elka Asia Quest and Quest rewards some of the selling price was wrong
  2. This has been corrected.
    • As fixed price is set incorrectly, strengthening the blacksmith has been fixed prices.

  • KTS 24.06.
  1. World Cup did come out with the feet when worn clothing has been corrected.
  2. BASIC (Basic / Normal, Basic / Special Basic) Class Creature card drop rate has been rising.

  • Enchanted Angel
  • Enchanted Poultries

  • Death Tyrant Pet Cards
  • Evo 1:
  • Evo 2:

  • Evo 3:

  • Enchanted Siren:
  • Evo1
  • Evo2
  • Evo3

  • Pet Durability List (Durability is how much a Pet can die before it breaks)

  • Evo2&Evo3 Yeti

  • Evo3 Hawk
  • Evo 2&3 Orc
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Und wer den ganzen Thread lesen will sollte mal hier kucken:

Sehr gut ist auch noch dieser Thread: Eine FAQ zu Epic 7.1

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hab halt nur das rausgenommen was auf englisch war damit alle das verstehen

Ausserdem ist dort kein backlink zu Epvp soweit ich das sehe^^ also schnell raus mit dem link
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Leider Copy'n'Paste..

Naja könntest du bitte die ganzen Bilder [SPOILER]'n? Wäre besser
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die viecher sind ja versaut
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ein glück hab ich ne makro tastatur das hätte stunden gedauert alles zu spoilern^^

und ja alles copy und paste mehr infos hätte ich nicht zusammen bekommen^^
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Way to steal from gPotato forums. Some of what you said was a direct copy and paste of what a friend wrote. And the screenshots of NPCs, etc....all him.
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Yes i know, its not forbidden to do that and i wrote it in this threat that they arent my pictures and writings
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Originally Posted by KentuckyFC View Post
Yes i know its not forbidden to do that and i wrote it in this threat that they arent my pictures and writings
Schreib doch einfach mal alles um oder geb mir den bbcode per PN und ich übernehm es für dich.. dann sieht es ggF. sauberer aus und ist nicht mehr copy'n'paste
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So habs ein bissel verändert


I changed some things
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gibts auch noch balance technische änderungen?
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Soweit ich weis nicht es wird nichts an der Engine geändert obwohl bereits eine version draussen ist die viel stabiler ist das finde ich blöd aber was soll man machen Gala Net halt.
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Originally Posted by cyn0x View Post
gibts auch noch balance technische änderungen?
Die Berechnung der Stats hat sich verändert.

Hier die Tabelle aus der FAQ die Sylverblade zusammengetragen hat.
( Link in Post #4 in diesem Thread )

STR = 2.8 Patk
VIT = 1.67 Pdef, 33 HP
AGI = 0.5 Evasion, 0.1AtkSpd, 1.2 Patk if ranged equip
INT = 2 Matk, 30 MP
WIS = 2 Mdef, 0.4 Macc, 0.5 Mres, 4.1 MpRec
DEX = 0.5 Acc, 0.1 M.Acc, 2.2 Patk if ranged equip
LUCK = 0.2 CritRatio

STR = 2 Patk or 0.375 Patk if ranged equip
VIT = 2 Pdef, 30 HP
AGI = 0.5 Evasion
INT = 2 Matk, 30 MP
WIS = 2 Mdef, 0.4 Macc, 0.5 Mres
DEX = 0.5 Acc, 0.1 Macc, 1.625 Patk if ranged equip
LUCK = 0.2 CritRatio

STR = UP 0.8 Patk
VIT = DOWN 0.33 Pdef, UP 3 HP
AGI = UP 0.1 AtkSpd, UP 1.2 Patk if ranged equip
WIS = UP 4.1 MpRec
DEX = UP 0.6 Patk if ranged equip

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