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[Guide]Priston-Tale Server Setup

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Server Setup Guide

There are a few server setup guides around but some are badly worded or outdated so I got bored and decided to make this. This will be revised and updated as time moves on to accommodate for new features and files. I would like to thank Redhunt for a lot of the pictures used in this guide.

Right off the bat I would suggest not running a PT server for the public on anything under 2GB of ram, a 100mbit line and a 3Ghz+ Processor and Windows Server 2003 (Dedicated Hosting is the best idea) along with a good understanding of how PT works.

Downloading Needed Files

1.) Download and install
(Used for unzipping most of the server files)

2.) Download MsSQL 2005 Express Edition
(SQL is used to store a lot of the player data, mainly clan information and login information)

3.) Download MsSQL Server Managment Studio
(Used to manipulate SQL much easier.)

4.) If your running the server off of Windows XP ensure you have .NET Framework 2.0 installed.

5.) Download any of the the files under the ---[Server Files]--- <span style='color:Black'>section in the , I would suggest the McMadness Repack or the 1855 Server & Client. I might pack a couple sets of pre-configured server files with different rates later on.</span>
(The in fact server software used for players to login and play, etc etc)

6.) Download the .

7.) Download the clan files from the under the ---[Clan Files]--- section, I would suggest the Sandurr 2.0 Files or
(Only if you plan on having working clans)

Installing of SQL & Manager

6.) Start the install for the MsSQL Server 2005 Express Edition, continue pressing the next button until you reach the Features screen.
7.) Click Client Components like in this and select "Entire Feature will be installed on local hard drive"

8.) Continue pressing next until the screen prompting you to decide between "SQL Server Authentication" or "Windows Authentication".

9.) Choose SQL Server Authentication and choose a good password and right it down you will need to know this password later.

10.) Continue pressing next until the installer is finished.

11. Find the MsSQL Server Managment Studio installer you downloaded earlier. Just press next until the installer is done, no need to change any settings.

Setting Up SQL Database

12.) Go to your start menu and run SQL Server Management.
( Start > All Programs >Microsoft SQL Server 2005 > SQL Server Management Studio Express)

13.) You should arrive at , don&#39;t touch the login name. Enter the password from step 9 created while installing SQL. Press connect and you&#39;ll arrive at

14.) Unzip (right click, extract to folder) the PT SQL Files to any folder.

15.) Click the expand tab "+" next to Databases, right click Database and select "Create New Database" the names of all 11 Databases are the same names as the PT SQL Files names. List:


It should look like when done.

16.) After finished making all of the Databases (DB&#39;s) go back and right click Account_DB and select "New Query" like , once that is done open up the coresspending named Text file from the PT SQL Files folder.

17.) Copy and paste the entire text files contents into the Query window and press "<span style='font-size:10pt;line-height:100%'>&#33;</span><span style='font-size:9pt;line-height:100%'>Execute"</span>

<span style='color:Black'>18.) Repeat steps 16 & 17 for all 11 Database&#39;s. When it asks you to save for all of the query&#39;s you can either pick yes or no, it makes no difference.

19.) When done check back on your DB&#39;s to make sure when expanded they look like

Setting up ODBC or SQL.dll
<span style='color:Black'>

This step is a little optional because you have a choice, either use ODBC or setup the SQL.dll properly, for this guide I will list the ODBC method, for the SQL.dll method I might make a guide later on, or look around the forums for it (Searching never hurt anyone)

20.) Click Start > Programs > Accessories > Administrative Tools >
</span>(ODBC)Data Source. (Administrative Tools can also be reached via the Control Panel)

21.) Choose the "DSN System" tab and then proceed to click "Add", scroll down to the very bottom and pick "" and then finish.

22.) After finish is pressed a window should pop up asking for: Name, Description and SQL Server Name.

Name: c8master

Description: Whatever you want.

Name: The name of your SQL Server Instance (Should look like XXXXX&#092;SQLEXPRESS)
(If you forget just open your Studio Manager and look at the server name)

23.) Click next twice until you reach , change the default Database to AccountDB (Not Account_DB theres a difference) and click next until done.

Connecting to Your Server

24.) Create a registry file using this code (Use notepad):

               Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
&#91;HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE&#092;SOFTWARE&#092;Triglow Pictures&#93;
&#91;HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE&#092;SOFTWARE&#092;Triglow Pictures&#092;PristonTale&#93;
&#34;Server1&#34;=&#34;;&#60;---your IP here
&#34;Server2&#34;=&#34;;&#60;---your IP here
&#34;Server3&#34;=&#34;;&#60;---your IP here
&#34;ServerName&#34;=&#34;Server Name&#34;

Make sure you change the IPs to your Lan/Wan IPs or the local host IP (

25.) Create a .bmp using this code (Use notepad to edit it)

A8ת &#036;[email protected]?y�©&#40;                                                                *Graphic 1 
*Network 1 
*ColorBPP 32 
*MotionBlur false 
*CameraSight OFF 
*ScreenSize 0 
*MicOption OFF 
*Sound On 
*CameraInvert false 
*Server1;---YOUR IP
*Server2;---YOUR IP
*Server3;---YOUR IP
*ServerName YOUR PT NAME
*Version 3096 
*TestVersion 0
Once again make sure to change the IPs, place this file in your PT folder (Client folder NOT server folder) within the images directory, it will ask you to replace, select yes.

26.) Make sure you have the correct client for the server version your using: kPT = 1840 - 1860 and 2331 (for older kPT servers), jPT = 3096 - 3100.

Configuring Your Server

27.) Extract your choice of server files (McMadness Repack, dPT, 1855, whatever) to a folder on the desktop named "PT Server"

28.) Go into your PT Client folder and copy the "Field" and "Char" folders into your "PT Server" folder (Make sure to COPY and not CUT)

29.) After thats done, open up the file called Hotuk.ini and go to this line:


First parameter is the name that appears when players are connecting like this:


The next 3 parameters are your Lan/Wan/Local IP


30.) While your here you may want to set your exp rate on with the *EVENT_EXPUP command.

Setting the number decides the exp multiplier. Such as:

*EVENT_EXPUP 400 would be something around "40x" rates

*EVENT_EXPUP 500 would be something around "50x" rates

*EVENT_EXPUP 600 would be...well you get the idea.

30.) I&#39;ll post some pre-configured Hotuk.ini&#39;s below somewhere.

Thats the end of the basic server setup guide, continue to the next post for the FAQ&#39;s

<span style='color:Black'> </span>

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q: Question
A: Answer

Mostly importantly I would just like to reiterate
is your friend, use it when questions arise&#33;

Q: Why does my server crash every hour on the dot?
A: Remove daeth_night.ini from your monster folder. Also may be a lack of ram.
Q: I did everything the guide said but can&#39;t connect&#33;
A: Make sure you edited your Idata.bmp and your registry.
Q: I keep getting "Conn. Failed", whats wrong?
A: You forgot to edit the *GAMESERVER parameter or forgot to change the IP&#39;s in the registry / Idata.bmp
Q: Why do I get the message "Version does not match"?
A: Your using the incorrect version for your server, or you have the *VERSION parameter with the wrong client value there.
Q: I&#39;ve been messing with clans for DAYS and can&#39;t get them to work&#33;
A: or
Q: Uh, how do I make an account&#33;?
A: Use a register script, makes your day much easier.
Q: Where do I get a register script?
A: The RFT Thread
Q: Well how do I use a register script?
A: Install a Webserver (HTTP)
Q: A webserver&#33;?
A: Yes a webserver, I would suggest Apache or IIS, you could also try Baby Webserver
Q: How do I make uber super cool items&#33;
A: You shouldn&#39;t, but if your going to anyway go .
Q: What are the GM Commands?
A: Search for things in the future, .
Q: Why doesn&#39;t everyone help me&#33;
A: Because their here to share, and if your just taking, why help you?
Q: If I want to seriously host a server, what should I do?
A: Get a dedicated team, either get or get a good computer at home (2GB+ Ram, 3Ghz+ processor) on its own DSL (30 - 40 people), T1 (50 - 80 people) or a FiOS line (100+ people).
Q: I&#39;ve read all the guides, I&#39;ve read this FAQ, I even bugged 30 people to death on MSN and I can&#39;t figure any of this out&#33;
A: May I suggest you give up?
Q: I do not know of these "files" and "resources" of which you speak.
A: Amazingly enough, the thread tagged contains, resources&#33; (Reading is a wonderful skill)

Troubleshooting Guide

<span style='colorarkOrange'>Hotuk.ini Problems

The Hotuk controls a lot of things, such as EXP rate (Could manually edit the monsters themselves but this is cleaner) and GM status and such. Lets start with a Hotuk thats already more or less preconfigured (IPs still need to be changed for public playing)

//Cleaned and Explained Hotuk by SiK

//Dont Edit these 3 lines

//Your Server Name

// Leave as if playing with yourself, change to external IP if going public.

//Only enable if you have clans installed. 
//Delete the // before *CLAN_SERVER and *ENABLE_CLAN to enable
//*CLAN_SERVER 80 80

//Max amount of people able to login.

// No need to change
*PERMIT_EXP    20000000
*PERMIT_MONEY    20000000

//Events that run themselves &#40;Some require NPCs to function&#41;

//Changes the server exp rates &#40;Dont do anything stupid like 100000&#41; Default rate&#58; 50x

//*PK_FIELD Picks a field where players can attack each other &#40;PK&#41;

//Other Events

//Sets Bless Castle to automatically turn itself on.

//Displays sometime of message upon player login

//Leave if playing by yourself, external IP or disable if public.

//Denotes your directory that backups are stored within.
*BACKUP_FOLDER_NAME &#34;c&#58;&#092;databasebackup&#34;
*BACKUP_PATH &#34;c&#58;&#092;databasebackup&#34;

//DEBUG_ID are the names of your GM&#40;s&#41; accounts

//DEBUG_IP are the IPs of your GM&#40;s&#41;

//Admin Login is the master password to login any account
*ADMIN_LOGIN &#34;Admin&#34; 

//*ADMIN_NAME is the name used when giving yourself GM powers in this case level 3 would be &#34;/;Admin Hello3&#34; and level 3 would be &#34;/;Admin Hello2&#34; 
*ADMIN_NAME &#34;Admin&#34;

//*ADMIN_COMMAND are your GM passphrases, if going public change these.
*ADMIN_COMMAND &#34;Hello1&#34;
*ADMIN_COMMAND &#34;Hello2&#34;
*ADMIN_COMMAND &#34;Hello3&#34;
SQL.dll Problems

Other Problems

Credits and Thanks
<span style='font-size:10pt;line-height:100%'><span style='colorarkOrange'>
QuantumFusion <span style='color:Black'>- Great guy, helped me so much when I didn&#39;t know what the hell I was doing, also releases so many things to help the community. # 1 in my book.

<span style='colorarkOrange'>Teletaro
- Turned into a behind the scenes guy, but if there are big breakthroughs its pretty much guaranteed that Teletaro helped on it.

Shagpub - Another behind the scenes guy, but releases his work when he can, helps the community a tremendous amount.

Operz - Helps a lot when he can, tries to help make people help themselves which is what they SHOULD do.

Sandurr - Helps in the form of cryptic vague clues, but still has a lot of his stuff floating around. No one tends to give him credit for anything.

HappyHardcore <span style='color:Black'>- Still helped a lot prior to mod-dome, and I&#39;m sure he&#39;ll do a great job now that he has the power to enforce rules around here.

Well sorry to anyone who felt they should have been included but a thank you is in order to the rz <span style='color:Black'>community in general, no other place like this&#33;</span>


<hr>Append on Apr 28 2007, 15:39<hr> bitte html erlauben sonst fehlerhafte anzeige

<hr>Append on Apr 28 2007, 15:40<hr> 
heisst --&#62; ?

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is it possible to play using the server pc and alone?
being online is no problem, i have ADSL which is on 24/7, but what if i just want to play alone? walk around fighting random monsters? is that possible?

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how can i get "Hotuk" or " RFT Thread"
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The RFT Thread is down, is there other source we can find?

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Hi, gab es das Tutorial nich mal in deutsch?^^ Wäre echt cooler bin nämlich grad mit meinem englisch abgekackt
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Click Start > Programs > Accessories > Administrative Tools > </span>(ODBC)Data Source. (Administrative Tools can also be reached via the Control Panel)

what is that in german windows? -.-
Was is das im deutschen Windows? -.-
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I might be a total tart for asking this, but isn't the "rz" in supposed to be "********"? i was thinking that cuz ******** has most of the server discussions n stuff like that.. aside of that, good guide! just a shame the version of the client that you need isn't described.. means i'm gonna have to check all the clients on the interweb to see what matches
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Cool, Very nice but i CANT WAIT FOR PRISON TALE II!!
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Fix all dead links !!
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nice post ty
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pleas tell do a link a pristontale maker so i can install
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I wish have a video in here
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how to do like that bod
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lol the pos are not working some link and the image link

i can't cre8 server bcoz i don't have tutorial please give me link be kindly to me please

give me link guide for making PT
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look at the times date
you have a pm

have fun

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