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How to setup a LEGEND OF MIR 3 SERVER

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im not the writer of this guide

/ \


| Idiot's Guide To |

| Setting up an EI |

| Server |


| |

| Version 1.2 |


\\Written By Kaoii//

Whats New In V1.2 (hey i can rhyme again&#33:

-- Added extra help on setting up the SQL

-- Server.

Whats Coming in Later Versions:

-- Perhaps guide will be reformatted to PDF

so it is easier to read.

Minimum System Specs for an EI Server:

Windows 2000/XP/NT/2000/Server 2003

500+ MB of RAM

DSL+ Connection

Recommended System Specs for an EI Server:

Windows XP

800MB-1GB of RAM

Cable-T1 Connection

Setting up an EI server is pretty easy if you

know what your doing. A lot of people, however,

don't know what they are doing. Thats why

I wrote this guide!

A- Getting the Server Files

B- Setting Up The Server Files

C- Setting Up The SQL Server

D- Setting Up Your ODBC Database

E- Adding/Editing Items, Monsters, and Magic

F- Running The Server

G- iamdeath's Router Tutorial

H- The Fun Stuffs

I- Boring Stuffs


A: Getting the Server Files


The MSRF 2.9b EI server files can be found on my

site here:

(If you are from ********* dont even think about downloading
from that link)

This link will _ALWAYS_ work and is _NEVER_


Extract your server files into a directory

called C:\mir3server\


B: Setting Up The Server Files


The first step in setting up your server files

is that once they are extracted, we have to

make sure all the text documents and ini files

and pointing to where we want them to point.

Go to C:\mir3server\mud3\LogDataSrv&#092 ;


Once your in that folder find your LogData.ini


Make it look like this:


basedir=C:\mir3server\Mud3\LogDataS rv\Logbase\


Now go to C:\mir3server\mud3\Logsrv\


Once your in that folder find your Logsrv.ini


Make it look like this:









CountLogDir=C:\mir3server\mud3\Logs rv\CountLog

WebLogDir=C:\mir3server\mud3\Share& #092;GameWFolder\

FeedIDList=C:\mir3server\mud3\Share \Feed\FeedIDList.txt

FeedIPList=C:\mir3server\mud3\Share \Feed\FeedIPList.txt




Now go to C:\mir3server\mud3\Mir300\


Once your in that folder find your !setup.txt


Make it look like this:







































BaseDir=C:\mir3server\mud3\Mir300&# 092;Share\

GuildDir=C:\mir3server\mud3\Mir300& #092;GuildBase\Guilds\

GuildFile=C:\mir3server\mud3\Mir300 \GuildBase\Guildlist.txt

VentureDir=C:\mir3server\mud3\Mir30 0\ShareV\

ConLogDir=C:\mir3server\mud3\Share& #092;ConLog\

CastleDir=C:\mir3server\mud3\Mir300 \Envir\Castle\

EnvirDir=C:\mir3server\mud3\Mir300& #092;Envir\

MapDir=C:\Directory where your maps are\





































;Replace the Mapdir with the directory where your

;maps are.


C: Setting Up The SQL Server


Firstly, if you havn't already, you need to

download the Microsoft SQL Server Trial Edition.

If you have the real version, hey thats cool.

I dunno if this link still works but it did for


If it doesnt work you can find it on

To set up the SQL Server, first extract the exe file

to some directory. Go into that directory and run


This batch file opens the Microsoft SQL Server 2000

InstallShield program.

Window One:

Select Local Computer

<Click Next>

Window Two:

Name: Bob (or whatever your name is)

Company: ServerName (or whatever)

<Click Next>

Window Three:

Terms of agreement that no one really cares about..

<Click Yes>

Window Four:

( ) Client Tools

(*) Server and Client Tools (bubbled in)

( ) Connectivity Only

<Click Next>

Some users might get another window.. it might be

just me though because im going through a reinstall


Window Five:

I recommend a typical install because thats what ill

be going through.

<Click Next>

Window Six:

(*) Use the same account for each service (bubbled in)

( ) Customize the settings for each service

_Service Settings_

(*) Use the Local System account (bubbled in)

( ) Use a Domain User account

<Click Next>

Window Seven:

( ) Windows Authentication Mode

(*) Mixed Mode (Windows Authentication and SQL Server Authentication) [bubbled in]

Add Password for the sa login:

Enter password: <sapassword>

Confirm password: <sapassword>

<Click Next>

Window Eight:

Click Next


D: Setting Up The ODBC Database


Go to your control panel first. Next, click

Administrative Tools. Now click on

Data Sources (ODBC).

Now click Add. Now scroll down and click on

SQL Server. Then click finish.

Now enter this:

Name: mir3db

Description: whatever goes here

Server: (local)

Now on the next page, click the second bubble

on the top. Now enter:

Login ID: sa

Password: ur password

Now at the top of the next page, put a checkmark

by "Change the default database to:" and put it

on mir3db

On the next page leave everything as it is and

click Finish. Then click OK.


E: Adding/Editing Items, Monsters, and Magic


I won&#39;t go into extreme detail on this because

I dont really support it (except for the servers

I work on)

Go into your Enterprise Manager, then into your

Databases, then into mir3db, then into Tables.

You should now see the database for your server,

and it is from here which you can edit anything

that doesnt have to do with NPCs.


F: Running the Server


To run the server, simply use the ServerControl

program (if your not on a router), make sure

all of the directories are right, and click


Once your server is running open the DBServer.exe

window and click the Blue run button.

Be sure everything on your DB configuration is

right too if you already havnt.


G: iamdeath&#39;s Router Tutorial


I did not write this. All credit goes to iamdeath.

*********Router Setup for MIR 2 and MIR 3***********

this how to setup a router

first setup DMZ in ur router

then setup a fixed ip on the computer that is running the server

and make the ip same as the DMZ in the router

now put the DMZ ip in all files

now you change only these 4 files for ur net ip

in the folder dbser200

&#33;adddrtable.txt<<<put your internet ip there

&#33;serverinfo.txt 7200 <<put your internet IP there

in the logsrv folder


ktest line1-7<<put your internet ip there

&#33;serveraddr.txt << put your internet ip there


If you put a new server name in mud2&#092;logsrv&#092;&#33;addrtable.txt and mir200&#092;&#33;setup.txt in mud2&#092;DBSrv200&#092;dbsrc.ini you now have your own server name and not ktest

to play you put ur net ip in the game folder on the computer you play the game and ur friends put ur net ip in there game ip thats it now u&#39;v got the server setup you play 1 computer the server is 1 of its own no lagg this is how i run mir2 lizardserver and mir3 lizardserver

**************Static IP ******************

and for static ip this so the router dont change the server&#39;s ip and to let the ports open to the game server

To use DMZ Hosting, IP Forwarding, or IP Filtering, you must set a static IP address for that PC under the TCP/IP Settings tab.

You can use DHCP and a static IP address at the same time, which ensures that your PC will automatically have an IP address pulled, whether or not you manually assign a static IP address.

The Router uses IP addresses that start with 192.168.1.( ). If the IP address is static, the last number is between 2 and 99. If the IP address is dynamic, the last number is 100 or greater.

For example, is a static IP address. is a dynamic IP address.

To set a static IP address, make sure to enter all four pieces of data below under the Setup Tab of the Setup Window:

IP Address through 99

Subnet Mask

Default Gateway

DNS Server data From your ISP.*

*DNS server data can be found under the Status tab of the Router or by calling your ISP. You may have two or three sets of DNS data - enter in all the DNS Server data you have

Bring up the TCP/IP configuration window to confirm all the data is entered correctly

- Right-click on Network Neighborhood and sselect Properties.

- Select TCP/IP for your network adapter.

- Click on the Properties button.

- Click on the following tabs:

Under the IP Address, set to "Specify an IP address"

Under the Gateway tab, enter in a default gateway of

Under the DNS tab, enable DNS Configuration

Note&#33; Make sure you choose your Ethernet network adapter, not your PPP Adapter.

On both of these settings, you should have the data you entered in the TCP/IP settings for your network adapter:

IP Address

Subnet Mask

Default Gateway

DNS Server Data * from your ISP


H: The Fun Stuffs


- In your Mir300/Envir folder there is

AdminList.txt where you can change all the GMs

on your server.

- TheApprentice&#39;s tool works on EI Market NPCs
Dont ask me for a link, please.


I: Boring Stuffs


Guide written by Kaoii from ********, the one and only&#33;


E-Mail =


- Me, Kaoii, for writing this faq

- iamdeath for the router tutorial

- some other misc peeps who helped me get this

good at this stuff.

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nice thx

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i was testin' this.. but the link that say: "" does not work... so instead, to all who want the files, and when i say all. then i mean, ALL the files you need to setup the mir 3 server.. go to this link " " ( dont think about mir 2 files. all viruses and **** ).. thats all, hope the link will provide you well'.

Razorblade Kiss
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hay you lot right i trying to help a mate out me bro already runs a server what i help on but i only no basics and he is soo busy so can not help i only know how to make armours and items etc but we need to no if anyone would no if you can place mir 3 maps in a mir 2.3 server and if so how also we do have the server on but for some reason it wont launch we only want it as a testserver for new stuff my self and m8 do as we are making orginal armours and that of our own i dont like keep asking my brother to do it all time for us and think it be easier justto run a test server for all this stuff......... hope u can help us x

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nice tut
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hmm i read evrythink and im very happy that u puted Idiot's Guide to but i still dunno how to get the mir3 files can someone help me? step by step how to get it pls help
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yhh me too i cant downlad the files. help plz someone!
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server files

this is a great post but i cant find the page with the server files on. Has the page been moved or deleted? When i click the link I get taken here so I don't think it works

Any help please


I've got the files downloaded, got the SQL server software installed, and got the ip address sorted on the files. Now how do I edit the server files to change maps, allow recall/random tele, teleport and geo manip etc?? How do I add or change the stats on mobs, items etc. I'm guessing I can change the NPC's easy enough through their positions but really want to know how to make the different scripts to make my server Also how do I go about putting the game files onto the database??
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korean POS - full of virii... trust me you don't want it
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lol your saying is never down or something ..the liong is not working i get diferent site i cant downlaod anething .loool
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OK has anybody got a link to the server files for mir3? I cant find any that still actually have them .
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Originally Posted by JesusBigBrother View Post
OK has anybody got a link to the server files for mir3? I cant find any that still actually have them .
pls anyone could upload the files?i can't find them too :/
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i have the server files, but have found out i am pretty useless and cant set them up :P
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hey dude pls put some picture for guide its easy way for following your guide

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