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EpicDN Dragon Nest server (80lvl, 7 classes)

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EpicDN Dragon Nest server (80lvl, 7 classes)

Hello everyone,

I would like to invite you to come to play in our server.

Server opened in 28 Jan 2015.

We are not pay2win server but we also want to pay for our server by getting a donations from players.

You can get cash by staying online and farming gold to buy dragon coupons at npc's

All good items are dropping from nests and pandora so we only offer some cash shop items to make us get donations to keep server online with high stability .

I hope i cleared it to you.
Server protected by

Server Specifications:
RAM:32 GBytes
Processor Speed:Xeon E3-1240v3 4 Cores / 8 Threads
Connection: 10x5 fiber optic
Hosting Location: Europe

Server rate
Exp: x100 - 1~2 hours you can reach level 80.
gold: x150
drop rate: x15


Viste our website to register a new account.

Visit our to register a new account.



2.Choose any from the choices (Torrent/Mega/Direct link/Sendspace/OneDrive/Files.FM)

All of the download choices will give you that zip file.

3.Right click and extract files

1.Open your EpicDN folder.

2.Click "EpicDNLauncher"

3.After the patch is done, click "CheckBox to start"

4.DNLogin box appears then type your registered account.

EpicDN Journey Starts

Create your character

7 choices: (Warrior-Archer-Cleric-Sorceror-Academic-Kali-Assasin)

After creating your character.Your journey will officially starts!

Starting guide

You will get directed to the town after creating your character

(No tutorial-No story quest)

Starter gears are given

Reward box is given when character hits to level 2

You will be given 500cc/hour by staying online in game.

Visit any merchant for 1 click job class change


Visit these NPCs

Merchant Kelly/Doris/May

Merchant Pania

Blacksmith Belin

Showy Merchant Pope

Leveling guide

Gold guide

Enhancement rate

Pandora guide

Donation guide


Sea Dragon Nest HC -Level40L Accessories

Desert Dragon Normal -Desert dragon scales and gems

Desert Dragon HC -Desert dragon wraths

Desert Dragon Memoria I/II/III/IV -Desert dragon scales

Black Dragon Normal -Life essence and black dragon scales

Black Dragon HC-Black dragon scales/wrath.BDN items.Level70A plates and gems

Black Dragon Memoria I/II/III/IV-Black dragon scales

Arendal Challenge Nest-Level 70A accessories and plates

Mist Nest-Level 70A jades

Guardian Nest-Level 70A jades/plates and gems

Volcano Nest-Crafting materials ands gems

Volcano Challenge Nest-Godly items, level 80A jades/acces,bdn wrath and gems

Third Core Nest-gems and level70s items

Dragon Expidition-source plates


We offer you the pretty active staff. We listen to your suggestions and requests.
Feel free to approach us ingame or here in forum for some issues/questions.
Staff is composed of Administrator, GM, Moderators.


This server is run for some rules.
Refer here:
This server also would like to have a fair game play among players. Thus using of mods
such as movement speed/ 1 cc per new cash shop costumes/damage mod are highly illegal.
Players who got caught using such will be IP ban.




Game Staff

Owner: Administrator, TheRock

GM: Yushin, GayLord,Lynx

Event Manager: FaintSteps, Demimiss

In-game pictures

Currently running events:-

Dear couples (don't need to be married, just in a relationship is enough) ... I want to announce that we will hold an event on valentine's day.

We are looking for real couples (not just ingame.... also real life) which will be online at this day.

Of course we don't know your ingame names, so it would be nice if you mention and approve here, so we can manage an event for you guys

2-server video event on youtube

.I'm announcing another event that is about to pull attention towards new players.

I'm really glad about everyone that's gonna participate.

Event: Make a video on youtube which is introducing our server. Do your best making an attractive video!

Event Period: 7 days

The person that makes the best and most attracting video about our server will get the following reward after the event period ended.

Post your video here and once we picked a winner we will ask for their name. Length of video should be 2+ minutes. Gameplay & introduction.


Winner: 160000 cash

3- player invitation event

I want to announce that from now I'll hold an event that is about inviting players.

We seek to have 150+ players online, so we give a reward to everyone to achieve this.

Event: Cash per hour has been increased to 700

Event Period: 14 days

After the event has ended and if we reached 150+ players on the daily basis then the 700 cash per hour will stay permanently.

Thanks to everyone participating and supporting this server. Good luck

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Looks fun! Will download it now.

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Old 02/18/2015, 15:38   #3
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i will give it a try you have the new classes?
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Old 02/18/2015, 19:57   #4
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they have a fully functional Bringer class.. and the Lancea they'll most probably update it..

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Old 02/20/2015, 09:08   #5
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Pandoras are lame as hell, opened like 2000 pandora boxes, NOT EVEN 1 EPICDN ITEM nor EPIC COSTUME PIECE!
People are greedy as hell
Eventmanager sucks in his/her Events, always Hide&Seek using Invisibile Command

The only Good thing is, Gold and Exp Rate seriously.
To OP Donator Items

Lv.80 Dungeons Bugged (ALL)
Random Cliet Crashes
Almost Empty Server
Cant Do anything without EpicDN Stuff.
Too many Bugs.

Yeaaaa you can save 500 points every Hour, always have to Relog to get 500 points, if you stay 3 hours online and relog, you still get 500 only, fkn lame.

Im ****** off and i quit this Server because of the stuff pointed up here.

Oh before i get off of here, dont come at me with flaming or act wannabe admin or gm, your server will suck if those rates not going to change for pandora and fix those Bugs at lv.80 Dungeons!
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Old 02/20/2015, 09:53   #6
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i dont really mind the rates on pandora coz if it's easy to drop the end game items then what's the point in grinding for it(btw there's a guy in my guild that opened 5k pandora and got no epicdn items) it's just a matter of RNG and Luck.. and the level 80 dungeons are new anyways.. and so far the level 70 and 80 nests have no bugs at all.. i dont wanna flame you but posting your complaints here wont change anything.. it could've been better if you posted in their forums or bug reports #JustSayin.
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Old 02/20/2015, 10:14   #7
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Do you think its Fair?
5.000 Pandoras and not even 1 EpicDN Item?
Thats just RipOff in my sight, Admin has made the Rate so low, to get Money from people.
Another Day i saw, someone (forgot the name) getting 3 EpicDN items in a row, wtf?
Lets no talk about RNG and Luck, 5.000 Boxes is INSANE and ripoff sorry.
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Old 02/20/2015, 10:51   #8
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you dont even pay irl to get pandora boxes lel and gold isnt even hard to farm ingame.. you're crying about things you can't get easily :P
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Old 02/20/2015, 12:52   #9
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it was a mistake in first place to put epic in pandora i dont know whos retarded idea it was to put end game content in a lottery box but he needs his head examined other then that there are guilds here that help you just need to find them.

all in all in current state there are a tone better servers but there is potential if they pull finger out of there **** and put them to a keyboard.
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Old 02/20/2015, 13:12   #10
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it's not that bad though since everyone likes to gamble and open pandoras lel.. just kinda funny how these people complain about it like going to a casino and cry when he/she doesnt become a billionaire afterwards..
well epicDN items are the endgame for now who knows if it'll be the same after some time
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Old 02/20/2015, 21:24   #11
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the problem with it is everyone is now trying to skip right to them ie gold farming and buying , this is a problem for them too as nobody is now required to progress via say BDL gear thus not needing to get as many jellies which results in less donations ect ect its a ripple effect.
maybe like you said this will not stay end game but there updates are slow and self centered with little to no thought put into the repocutions not to mention none of it is tested properly. i do hope they start listening and not just jumping in head first.
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Old 02/22/2015, 08:01   #12
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Server is a big Failure and you should accept it already.
You dont have to be a FanBoy mate.
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Old 02/22/2015, 08:43   #13
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not at all, it may have flaws but mendable.. i've played like 5+ servers already.. comparing them all this one has less bugs, less languange problems, less client problems and less complaints.. the things you want like pandora, crest/jade/talisman pouches and so are essential cash stuffs like jelly and birds are available ingame for gold.. pandoras are farmable yet not too easy as well which is good imo.. im not being a fanboy at all just pointing out how easy and pointless your argument is :P
PS. Their Failure Is Not As Big As Your Siggy (LMAO)
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Old 02/23/2015, 00:08   #14
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Yes they fail because the Server is full of Bugs, its even not playable correctly.
You are a FanBoy and Donator, of course you would Advertise only good to this Trash Server.
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Old 02/25/2015, 21:04   #15
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- Pact of Anja has been fixed
- Justice Crash has been fixed
- Black Dragon's Wrath (S grade) item rate has been increased
- Golden Sober Goddes Exchange Coupon item rate has been increased
- LV 80 Black Dragon gear item rate has been increased
- LV 80 Jades (S grade) item rate has been increased
- Advanced Item Protection Jelly item rate has been increased
- Superior Altheum/Diamond item rate has been increased
- Special Altheum/Diamond item rate has been increased
- Hellfire Pegasus mount has been added
- Nutrious Pet Food has been removed
- Life Essence at fraction NPC now costs 600 alliance points instead of 450
- HP of all LV 60 nests has been doubled
- Volcano Nest Normal has been adjusted
- Volcano Challenge Nest has been adjusted
- Gift items have been temporarily disabled

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