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Start of [G5]Hydr0- buffer: Mon Jul 04 15:17:28 2005

Session Ident: [G5]Hydr0- (~)
[14:48] <[G5]Hydr0-> Here ?&#33;
[14:48] <Mizu|> where ^^
[14:48] <[G5]Hydr0-> my acc in Gunz hacked
[14:49] <[G5]Hydr0-> here ?
[14:49] <Mizu|> how
[14:49] <[G5]Hydr0-> how what?
[14:50] <Mizu|> in what way is it hacked
[14:50] <[G5]Hydr0-> some1 changed my passwoer
[14:50] <[G5]Hydr0-> password*
[14:50] <[G5]Hydr0-> I was so high level
[14:50] <[G5]Hydr0-> and had alot of bounty :/
[14:50] <Mizu|> yeah but i dont have any proof so i cant change it nymore
[14:51] <[G5]Hydr0-> how i can prove it to u :/
[14:51] <[G5]Hydr0-> i dont have the pass &#33;
[14:51] <[G5]Hydr0-> my username is Hydr0-
[14:52] <Mizu|> you cant proof it and thats a beta so it doesnt realy matter, or
not ?
[14:53] <[G5]Hydr0-> it is
[14:53] <[G5]Hydr0-> cuz i was very high level
[14:53] <[G5]Hydr0-> my friend now lv.70
[14:53] <[G5]Hydr0-> and i stuck with new user
[14:53] <[G5]Hydr0-> Lv.1
[14:54] <Mizu|>
[14:54] <Mizu|> maybe this will help you
[14:54] <[G5]Hydr0-> ur 1 of the team in gunz
[14:54] <[G5]Hydr0-> that build the game ?
[14:54] <Mizu|> ya
[14:55] <[G5]Hydr0-> and u give me hack site?
[14:55] <[G5]Hydr0-> but i dont want to hack the game?&#33;
[14:55] <[G5]Hydr0-> 1&#33;
[14:55] <Mizu|> we fixed it already but will release it first in the full release
[14:55] <Mizu|> the fix
[14:55] <[G5]Hydr0-> i dont want to hack the game &#33;
[14:55] <[G5]Hydr0-> I want my acc back
[14:55] <[G5]Hydr0-> in my high level :/
[14:55] <[G5]Hydr0-> it&#39;s not fair
[14:55] <[G5]Hydr0-> there is so many hackerse
[14:56] <Mizu|> you cant, because you dont have a proof he stole it
[14:56] <[G5]Hydr0-> how can i prove to u ?
[14:56] <[G5]Hydr0-> I never lie.
[14:56] <Mizu|> there is no way, it you own fault because your system isnt safe
[14:56] <[G5]Hydr0-> i play fairly
[14:56] <[G5]Hydr0-> not safe?
[14:56] <[G5]Hydr0-> my passwoerd
[14:56] <[G5]Hydr0-> is password that no-1 can know
[14:56] <[G5]Hydr0-> mayb some1 hacked to my acomp
[14:57] <[G5]Hydr0-> comp*
[14:57] <[G5]Hydr0-> i dont know
[14:57] <[G5]Hydr0-> man i dont want to lie to you
[14:57] <[G5]Hydr0-> i dont have reason
[14:57] <Mizu|> yes so the system is unprotected or not protected that well
[14:57] <[G5]Hydr0-> u think i will lie ?
[14:57] <Mizu|> no
[14:57] <[G5]Hydr0-> so why u dont want to give me my acc back :&#092;
[14:58] <[G5]Hydr0-> he can buy things with my bounty
[14:58] <Mizu|> because it isnt allowed to give data to someone
[14:58] <[G5]Hydr0-> or fight vs he&#39;s weak acc
[14:58] <[G5]Hydr0-> and i&#39;ll lose Exp &#33;
[14:58] <[G5]Hydr0-> so just fix my acc
[14:58] <[G5]Hydr0-> change the pass like it was
[14:58] <Mizu|> go make a new one with the hack and we solved the problem -_-
[14:58] <[G5]Hydr0-> this hack not work
[14:58] <[G5]Hydr0-> i didn&#39;t check
[14:58] <[G5]Hydr0-> but 90%
[14:58] <[G5]Hydr0-> it&#39;s not work
[14:59] <Mizu|> i dont have the pass and arent allowed to change it because i dont
know you and i dont know if you or the one who hacked your account lies
[14:59] <[G5]Hydr0-> man my account was hacked
[14:59] <[G5]Hydr0-> what can i do &#33;?
[15:00] <[G5]Hydr0-> and the guide in some weird languesh
[15:01] <[G5]Hydr0-> .....?
[15:01] <Mizu|> there is a minguide in english
[15:01] <Mizu|> in the first post
[15:02] <[G5]Hydr0-> but i dont want to hack &#33;&#33;&#33;
[15:02] <[G5]Hydr0-> I want my acc back with the high lv.
[15:02] <[G5]Hydr0-> that i was
[15:02] <[G5]Hydr0-> :/
[15:02] <[G5]Hydr0-> i&#39;ll never lie to u &#33;
[15:02] <Mizu|> yeah everyone can say that ;D
[15:03] <[G5]Hydr0-> nuu
[15:03] <[G5]Hydr0-> u dont belive me &#33;?
[15:06] <Mizu|> why should i, i dont know you
[15:06] <[G5]Hydr0-> well
[15:06] <[G5]Hydr0-> u dont want to help me.
[15:06] <[G5]Hydr0-> my acc hacked
[15:06] <[G5]Hydr0-> i was fukin lv.60+
[15:06] <[G5]Hydr0-> with alot of bounty
[15:06] <[G5]Hydr0-> and i cant do nothing.
[15:06] <[G5]Hydr0-> great
[15:12] <Mizu|> right, and thats because ? someone hacked you, that means your
computer isnt protected so its your fault.
[15:12] <Mizu|> your can use the hack to get back on lv 60
[15:16] <[G5]Hydr0-> u cant change to me ?&#33;
[15:16] <[G5]Hydr0-> and i&#39;ll will hack he&#39;s comp :X
[15:16] <[G5]Hydr0-> and take my acc back?
End of [G5]Hydr0- buffer Mon Jul 04 15:17:28 2005

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