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Bits&Bytes C3

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After you download the necessary engine.dll and run L2.exe from system (and not L2player) you have access to help menu.
There you can do a lot of things like :

NPC Menu Hack: open any hidden dialogue by its ID, the only thing you have to know is "ask-reply ids", it works to any NPC.its very usefull for bypassing some steps with some quests if you know NPC's ask-replys.example:

NPC Shop Hack: Open any hidden shops, you can try some cool ids from 1-21 and 31, ps. to some other server it works with 40-50-60 and more it Works to any NPC! example:

Accept Any Quest Hack: Now you can accept any quest at any level, by knowing the NPCs quest_accept id! example : valkon - mark of guildsman the id is a pic:

Craft All Recipes Hack!:Now you can craft any recipe you want! just find its id! example ssd recipe has id 7624135,(note: you have to remember the materials for crafting) it also works with a grade armours + weapons etc! and use it unlimited times! you can also try the know bug with Gambling Master , try these RECIPE ID:
1001 = Earn 200 adena (or lost them)
1002 = Earn 2k adena (or lost them)
1003 = 20k adena (or lost them)
1004 = 200k adena (or lost them)
1013 = Earn Armour Of Nightmare ! (or lost 8 milions)
1014 = Helmet of nightmare (or lost 4 milions)
1015 = Gloves of nightmare (or lost 4 milions)
1016 = Boots nightmare (o lost 4 millions)
1017 = shield of nightmare (or lost 5 milions)
1018 = Leather Mail of nighmare (or lost 8 milions)
1019 = robe of nightmare (or lost 8 milions)
here is the pic :

Second help file(Known Recipes)!:Hre you can find some ready recipes , and 1-2-3-8 lvl usefull recipes for crafting ... very usefull for dwarfs! use it unlimited .. hre a pic :

some cool ids :

Recipe IDS:
Recipe: Broad Sword[ID=1786]
Recipe: Willow Staff[ID=1787]
Recipe: Bow [ID=1788]
Recipe: Cedar Staff[ID=1789]
Recipe: Dirk[ID=1790]
Recipe: Brandish[ID=1791]
Recipe: Short Spear[ID=1792]
Recipe: Sword of Reflection[ID=1793]
Recipe: Forest Bow[ID=1794]
Recipe:Leather Shoes[ID=1795]
Recipe: Leather Tunic[ID=1796]
Recipe: Leather Stockings[ID=1797]
Recipe: Leather Helmet[ID=1798]
Recipe: Leather Gloves[ID=1799]
Recipe: Piece Bone Breastplate[ID=1800]
Recipe: Piece Bone Gaiters[ID=1801]
Recipe: Necklace of Anguish[ID=1802]
Recipe: Necklace of Wisdom[ID=1803]
Recipe: Soulshot: D Grade[ID=1804]
Recipe: Soulshot: C Grade[ID=1805]
Recipe: Soulshot: B Grade[ID=1806]
Recipe: Soulshot: A Grade[ID=1807]
Recipe: Soulshot: S Grade[ID=1808]
Recipe: Durable Stem[ID=1809]
Recipe: Wooden Frame[ID=1810]
Recipe: Bark of Treant[ID=1811]
Recipe: Rough Bone Powder[ID=1812]
Recipe: Refined Steel[ID=1813]
Recipe: Leather[ID=1814]
Recipe: Bowstring[ID=1815]
Recipe: Steel Frame[ID=1816]
Recipe: Cord[ID=1817]
Recipe: Refined Bronze[ID=1818]
Recipe: Treant Potion[ID=1819]
Recipe: Spell Paper[ID=1820]
Recipe: Flaming Oil[ID=1821]
Recipe: Magic Powder[ID=1822]
Recipe: Refined Mythril[ID=1823]
Recipe: Fortified Steel[ID=1824]
Recipe: Oriharukon[ID=1825]
Recipe: Spell Solution[ID=1826]
Recipe: Metal Frame[ID=1827]
Recipe: Steel of Highest Grade[ID=1828]
Recipe: Braided Hemp[ID=2135]
Recipe: Cokes[ID=2136]
Recipe: Steel[ID=2137]
Recipe: Coarse Bone Powder[ID=2138]
Recipe: Steel Mold[ID=2139]
Recipe: High Grade Suede[ID=2140]
Recipe: Silver Mold[ID=2141]
Recipe: Varnish of Purity[ID=2142]
Recipe: Synthetic Cokes[ID=2143]
Recipe: Compound Braid[ID=2144]
Recipe: Mithril Alloy[ID=2145]
Recipe: Artisan's frame[ID=2146]
Recipe: Blacksmith's frame[ID=2147]
Recipe: Crafted Leather[ID=2148]
Recipe: Metallic Fiber[ID=2149]
Recipe: Blue Diamond Necklace[ID=2150]
Recipe: Necklace of Devotion[ID=2151]
Recipe: Enchanted Necklace[ID=2152]
Recipe: Tiger's Eye Earring[ID=2153]
Recipe: Elven Earring[ID=2154]
Recipe: Elven Ring[ID=2155]
Recipe: Elven Necklace[ID=2156]
Recipe: Omen Beast's Eye Earring[ID=2157]
Recipe: Mithril Ring[ID=2158]
Recipe: Necklace of Darkness[ID=2159]
Recipe: Moonstone Earring[ID=2160]
Recipe: Aquastone Ring[ID=2161]
Recipe: Aquastone Necklace. [ID=2162]
Recipe: Earring of Protection[ID=2163]
Recipe: Ring of Protection[ID=2164]
Recipe: Necklace of Protection[ID=2165]
Recipe: Earring of Binding[ID=2166]
Recipe: Ring of Ages[ID=2167]
Recipe: Necklace of Mermaid[ID=2168]
Recipe: Necklace of Binding[ID=2169]
Recipe: Nassen's Earring[ID=2170]
Recipe: Sage's Ring[ID=2171]
Recipe: Sage's Necklace[ID=2172]
Recipe: Hard Leather Shirt[ID=2173]
Recipe: Hard Leather Gaiters[ID=2174]
Recipe: Boots[ID=2175]
Recipe: Leather Boots[ID=2176]
Recipe: Bone Helmet. [ID=2177]
Recipe: Dark Stockings[ID=2178]
Recipe: Excellent Leather Gloves[ID=2179]
Recipe: Scale Mail[ID=2180]
Recipe: White Tunic[ID=2181]
Recipe: Scale Gaiters[ID=2182]
Recipe: Mithril Banded Mail[ID=2183]
Recipe: Mithril Banded Gaiters. [ID=2184]
Recipe: Iron Boots[ID=2185]
Recipe: Brigandine Tunic[ID=2186]
Recipe: Manticore Skin Shirt[ID=2187]
Recipe: Manticore Skin Gaiters[ID=2188]
Recipe: Mithril Tunic[ID=2189]
Recipe: Mithril Stockings[ID=2190]
Recipe: RIP Gauntlets[ID=2191]
Recipe: Kite Shield[ID=2192]
Recipe: Boots of Power[ID=2193]
Recipe: Mithril Gloves[ID=2194]
Recipe: Half Plate Armor[ID=2195]
Recipe: Plate Gaiters[ID=2196]
Recipe: Salamander Skin Mail[ID=2197]
Recipe: Sage's Rag[ID=2198]
Recipe: Karmian Stockings[ID=2199]
Recipe: Chain Helmet. [ID=2200]
Recipe: Square Shield[ID=2201]
Recipe: Assault Boots[ID=2202]
Recipe: Mithril Boots[ID=2203]
Recipe: Chain Mail Shirt[ID=2204]
Recipe: Chain Gaiters. [ID=2205]
Recipe: Mithril Shirt[ID=2206]
Recipe: Karmian Tunic[ID=2207]
Recipe: Ogre Power Gauntlets[ID=2208]
Recipe: Eldarake[ID=2209]
Recipe: Steel Plate Helmet[ID=2210]
Recipe: Plate Leather Armor. [ID=2211]
Recipe: Plate Leather Gaiters. [ID=2212]
Recipe: Dwarven Chain Mail Shirt[ID=2213]
Recipe: Dwarven Chain Gaiters[ID=2214]
Recipe: Robe of Seal[ID=2215]
Recipe: Great Helmet[ID=2216]
Recipe: Knight Shield[ID=2217]
Recipe: Paagrio Hand[ID=2218]
Recipe: Crimson Boots[ID=2219]
Recipe: Rind Leather Armor[ID=2220]
Recipe: Rind Leather Gaiters[ID=2221]
Recipe: Composite Armor[ID=2222]
Recipe: Tower Shield[ID=2223]
Recipe: Demon's Tunic[ID=2224]
Recipe: Demon's Stockings[ID=2225]
Recipe: Mithril Gauntlets[ID=2226]
Recipe: Forgotten Boots. [ID=2227]
Recipe: Shining Circlet. [ID=2228]
Recipe: Theca Leather Armor[ID=2229]
Recipe: Theca Leather Gaiters[ID=2230]
Recipe: Full Plate Armor[ID=2231]
Recipe: Drake Leather Armor[ID=2232]
Recipe: Divine Tunic[ID=2233]
Recipe: Divine Stockings[ID=2234]
Recipe: Mithril Helmet[ID=2235]
Recipe: Cap of Mana[ID=2236]
Recipe: Paradia Hood[ID=2237]
Recipe: Hood of Solar Eclipse[ID=2238]
Recipe: Hood of Summoning[ID=2239]
Recipe: Elemental Hood[ID=2240]
Recipe: Hood of Grace[ID=2241]
Recipe: Phoenix Hood[ID=2242]
Recipe: Hood of Aid[ID=2243]
Recipe: Flame Helm[ID=2244]
Recipe: Blood Helm[ID=2245]
Recipe: Helm of Avadon[ID=2246]
Recipe: Helmet of Pledge[ID=2247]
Recipe: Gauntlets of Ghost[ID=2248]
Recipe: Adamantite Boots[ID=2249]
Recipe: Bone Arrow[ID=2250]
Recipe: Steel Arrow[ID=2251]
Recipe: Iron Hammer[ID=2252]
Recipe: Sword Breaker[ID=2253]
Recipe: Composition Bow[ID=2254]
Recipe: Saber[ID=2255]
Recipe: Assassin Knife[ID=2256]
Recipe: Trident[ID=2257]
Recipe: Temptation of Abyss[ID=2258]
Recipe: Spinebone Sword[ID=2259]
Recipe: Mace of Judgment[ID=2260]
Recipe: Conjuror's Staff[ID=2261]
Recipe: Elven Bow[ID=2262]
Recipe: Dwarven Trident. [ID=2263]
Recipe: Two-handed Sword[ID=2264]
Recipe: Spiked Club[ID=2265]
Recipe: Shillien Knife[ID=2266]
Recipe: Gastraphetes[ID=2267]
Recipe: Tome of Blood[ID=2268]
Recipe: Morning Star[ID=2269]
Recipe: Goat Head Staff[ID=2270]
Recipe: Winged Spear[ID=2271]
Recipe: Sword of Revolution[ID=2272]
Recipe: Tarbar[ID=2273]
Recipe: Skull Breaker[ID=2274]
Recipe: Heavy Bone Club[ID=2275]
Recipe: Maingauche[ID=2276]
Recipe: Bich'hwa[ID=2277]
Recipe: Strengthened Long Bow[ID=2278]
Recipe: War Pick[ID=2279]
Recipe: Crucifix of Blood[ID=2280]
Recipe: Eye of Infinity[ID=2281]
Recipe: Cursed Maingauche[ID=2282]
Recipe: Blue Crystal Skull[ID=2283]
Recipe: Demon Fangs[ID=2284]
Recipe: Claymore[ID=2285]
Recipe: Bonebreaker[ID=2286]
Recipe: Atuba Hammer[ID=2287]
Recipe: Ghost Staff[ID=2288]
Recipe: Staff of Life[ID=2289]
Recipe: Mithril Dagger[ID=2290]
Recipe: Scallop Jamadhr[ID=2291]
Recipe: Light Crossbow[ID=2292]
Recipe: Glaive[ID=2293]
Recipe: Vajra Wands[ID=2294]
Recipe: Ancient Reagent[ID=2295]
Recipe: Atuba Mace[ID=2296]
Recipe: Flamberge[ID=2297]
Recipe: Stormbringer[ID=2298]
Recipe: Big Hammer[ID=2299]
Recipe: Scythe[ID=2300]
Recipe: Battle Axe[ID=2301]
Recipe: Silver Axe[ID=2302]
Recipe: Skull Graver[ID=2303]
Recipe: Heavy Doom Hammer[ID=2304]
Recipe: Crystal Staff[ID=2305]
Recipe: Stick of Faith[ID=2306]
Recipe: Heavy Doom Axe[ID=2307]
Recipe: Cursed Dagger[ID=2308]
Recipe: Wolverine Needle[ID=2309

Quest IDS:
[letters_of_love1] 1
[guard_is_busy1] 257
[save_my_sister1] 151
[bring_me_mushrooms1] 262
[what_women_want1] 2
[bring_wolf_pelt1] 258
[release_darkelf_elder1] 3
[dream_of_moneylender1] 261
[hunt_for_orcs1] 260
[kill_all_sylphs1] 263
[sword_of_solidarity_quest] 101
[spirit_of_craftsman] 103
[fungus_fever] 102
[find_sir_windawood] 155
[crystal_of_fireice] 306
[sacrifice_to_sea] 154
[dangerous_allure] 170
[blood_fiend] 164
[fruits_of_mothertree] 161
[destroy_plaguebringers] 316
[bones_tell_future] 320
[scent_of_death] 319
[legacy_of_poet] 163
[nightmare_children] 169
[spirit_of_mirror] 104
[shards_of_golem] 152
[millennium_love] 156
[recover_smuggled] 157
[seed_of_evil] 158
[protect_headsprings] 159
[nerupas_favor] 160
[hfighter_tutorial] 201
[hmage_tutorial] 202
[elf_tutorial] 203
[delf_tutorial] 204
[wharf_oldtimers_favor] 153
[collect_arrowheads] 303
[collect_spores] 313
[catch_the_wind] 317
[dark_mass] 166
[dwarven_kinship] 167
[sweetest_venom] 324
[curse_of_fortress] 162
[wild_hunt] 165
[deliver_supplies] 168
[path_to_cleric] 405
[path_to_oracle] 409
[path_to_assassin] 411
[path_to_darkwizard] 412
[path_to_shillien_oracle] 413
[path_to_palus_knight] 410
[path_to_elven_knight] 406
[path_to_elvenwizard] 408
[path_to_warrior] 401
[path_to_knight] 402
[path_to_rogue] 403
[path_to_wizard] 404
[path_to_elven_scout] 407
[wrath_of_verdure] 267
[plea_of_pixies] 266
[chains_of_slavery] 265
[keen_claws] 264
[grim_collector] 325
[vanquish_remnants] 326
[sense_for_business] 328
[curiosity_of_dwarf] 329
[adept_of_taste] 330
[arrow_for_vengeance] 331
[path_to_orc_monk] 415
[path_to_orc_shaman] 416
[path_to_artisan] 418
[path_to_orc_raider] 414
[path_to_scavenger] 417
[gatekeepers_favor] 297
[gatekeepers_offering] 277
[show_no_mercy] 107
[diamond_gambit] 108
[miners_favor] 5
[ranchers_plea] 259
[crush_brigands] 292
[hidden_vein] 293
[covert_business] 294
[dreams_of_flight] 295
[silk_of_tarantula] 296
[long_live_lord_of_flame] 4
[orc_tutorial] 205
[dwarf_tutorial] 206
[against_wolf_men] 274
[black_winged_spies] 275
[hestui_totem] 276
[invaders_of_holyland] 273
[proof_of_valor] 271
[red_bonnets_revenge] 291
[wrath_of_ancestors] 272
[reclaim_the_land] 327
[forgotten_truth] 106
[skirmish_with_orcs] 105
[trial_of_challenger] 211
[trial_of_duty] 212
[trial_of_pilgrim] 215
[testimoney_of_trust] 217
[test_of_maestro] 231
[test_of_healer] 226
[test_of_sagittarius] 224
[test_of_champion] 223
[testimony_of_fate] 219
[testimony_of_glory] 220
[test_of_summoner] 230
[get_a_pet] 419
[test_of_lord] 232
[testimony_of_prosperity] 221
[testimony_of_life] 218
[trial_of_guildsman] 216
[test_of_witchcraft] 229
[test_of_magus] 228
[test_of_warspirit] 233
[test_of_searcher] 225
[trial_of_seeker] 213
[trial_of_reformer] 227
[test_of_duelist] 222
[trial_of_scholar] 214
[audience_with_earth_dragon] 337
[hunt_of_blacklion] 333
[little_wings] 420
[pledge_seeks_ambition] 503
[magic_coin] 336
[wish_potion] 334
[pledge_of_blood] 501
[song_of_hunters] 335
[love_event] 999
and the neccassary files are these:

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that dun work very well on L2J servers cuz ids are differents and engine.dll wont work on all version of l2.

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Yep....i got this after startin´it:

OS: Windows XP 5.1 (Build: 2600)
CPU: AuthenticAMD PentiumPro-class processor @ 1831 MHz with 1023MB RAM
Video: No Video

Assertion failed: sizeof(*this)==GetClass()->GetPropertiesSize() [File:UnGame.cpp] [Line: 447]

History: UGameEngine::Init <- InitEngine
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Hm, works ok on my server. Nice one. But what can I do, if I&#39;m not dwarf ?
How does that warehouse dupe works?
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credits goes to maxtor I think

but I&#39;m not sure if he is the original author, because this was a submitted one
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what is necessary engine.dll? how can i download this file?pls the adress.pls answer here or pm me asap
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engine.dll that sould work with is in the, to download click on that link then follow the bottom instruction (Free->...)
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Ok... I tried the files and they &#39;kinda work&#39;... ===> Kudos to Lowfyr/ Maxtor (...)
Sharing &#39;real knowledge&#39; is very rare these days, with all the selfish bastards & noobs that are around...

Here&#39;s the thing... I downloaded the files (engine.dll + the two .htm files), placed &#39;em in the right directories and tried to start the game (which didnt of course work). Had to use the &#39;bypass-the-l2player files&#39;, and then... PRESTO&#33;&#33;&#33; I could see the &#39;Magic Menu&#39;&#33;&#33;&#33;

Now, here&#39;s the thing - as i mentioned earlier, the menu &#39;kinda works&#39;. After some testing of it, here are the results:

- the &#39;NPC Menu Hack&#39; works

- so does the HOT &#39;NPC Shop Hack&#39;

- ...and the &#39;Accept Any Quest Hack&#39;

- ...aaaaaand, the &#39;Warehouse Access&#39; from any NPC works 100%

- NOW, the &#39;Craft All Recipes Hack&#39; and the &#39;Known Recipes&#39;: :no:
Both the &#39;Craft All Recipes Hack&#39; brings up all the recipes, and the &#39;Known
Recipes&#39; shows up correctly the preselected recipes. The thing is, I can&#39;t
use any of them to craft&#33;
. An example is, a dwarf that i used (Creation
Level 1) to craft &#39;Recipe: Steel&#39; (Creation Level 1) and all i get as a result is
&#39;Not Enough Materials&#39;. I know the materials are enough, cause all that is
needed is 5 Varnish and 5 Iron Ore, and I have much more than that&#33;...
SO I GUESS, it needs some modification...
***(I can&#39;t try the Gambling Master either, cause they&#39;re not available at
this point of time on the BnB C3 server)

- As for the Valkon exploit (XP and SP), the Pet Manger (Martin, Gludin), :no:
the 250k SP exploit (Oren) (which, in my opinion, are the most universal &
usefull exploits, as they apply to everybody, no matter character or lvl)
they seem to &#39;initiallize&#39; correctly (for instance i receive the questions from the
Pet Manger, which are needed to be answered in order to receive a wolf)
but all I get as a result is the normal quest someone would receive, if played
the game normaly... in other words, they don&#39;t work
(they surely need modidications)

- Neither does the &#39;Sophya in Dion&#39; :no:

- &#39;Warehouse Cloning/Dupe&#39;... NO??? O_o

- &#39;Open/Close Gates&#39; (etc.) menu, NO&#33;&#33;&#33; :no:

- - - Hmmm... That&#39;s all I can remember right now (Not playing right now)

This exploit is of the same nature that i had tried when i played on BnB C1, only that it is extended and much better organized. The problem is that it&#39;s not FULLY functional (actually the coolest exploits are not functional). Someone though that has some knowledge of Lineage II &#39;inner codes&#39; and HTML, could easily fix this and make it the coolest help.htm&#33;&#33;&#33;

PS. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE - - - Any guys reading this and play at BnB C3, if they ever manage to access the Adena & XP/SP features, PLEASE do not spread it here and there AND overabuse the exploit (try to be descret for God&#39;s sake&#33;&#33;&#33 - Otherwise you&#39;ll screw up the server, just like the fool on C1 that got himself billions of Adenas and started giving away millions in order to look cool, which ONLY resulted in corrupted server of billioner noobs&#33;&#33;&#33;
(Until this day, I would gladly break every single bone of his body, if i got my hands on that fool... he ruined all the gaming months of patience, thrill and fun i had & every other serious BnB player...) :skullfuck:

PS 2. If You Find It Out, Spread It Out&#33;&#33;&#33; :hug:
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Well I&#39;ve tried (not same server as you) Valkon exploit (XP and SP) and the Pet Manger (Martin, Gludin), both works, but our server was modified (when that exploid was 1st time discovered), so you get only 1 SP and 1EXP as reward.
Pet manager also works, you just answer questions and you get wolf. (they changed pride of wolf to 0adena - because of this exploit).

I didnt test other hacks, because I&#39;m playing as gladiator. (Well I&#39;ve tried only warehouse, and shops, those works ok).
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Originally posted by lapo@Oct 12 2005, 23:10
Well I&#39;ve tried (not same server as you) Valkon exploit (XP and SP) and* the Pet Manger (Martin, Gludin), both works, but our server was modified (when that exploid was 1st time discovered), so you get only 1 SP and 1EXP as reward.
Pet manager also works, you just answer questions and you get wolf. (they changed pride of wolf to 0adena - because of this exploit).

I didnt test other hacks, because I&#39;m playing as gladiator. (Well I&#39;ve tried only warehouse, and shops, those works ok).
Oh... Trust me... I know that this SHOULD work and how IT USED TO WORK, cause as i mentioned, i used to do exactly the same thing when our server was at C1.

Now at C3, they&#39;ve corrected it and it won&#39;t give you the wolf (after u answer the questions), neither will Valkon automaticly level you up. All you get as a result is the quest needed (as it would normaly happen, if you played &#39;normaly&#39; the game)

- - -

Anyways, I did some further research on the Web and realized the following stuff:

1) This menu is nothing more than a re-written menu, just like the one at C1, only that now it is modified to bring up correctly the choices on C3 as well. Other than that, it&#39;s NOT working as it&#39;s supposed to on servers like BnB, only because they&#39;ve corrected the automatic Adena, XP & SP earning.

2) There is though a way to get Adena and SP using this &#39;hack&#39; menu, only that you have to do some deeper research (MUCH deeper than I thought), and I&#39;m afraid I don&#39;t have the time to do it (you know, i&#39;m working aswell, in order to be able to pay and play&#33;&#33;&#33

The way to do it, is no other than using the ask & reply part of the menu, but then u have to know 3 things: 1) know the IDs 2) be at the right NPC 3) the order in which you have to enter them (in order for things &#39;to take their natural course&#39

Finding out the IDs is another &#39;difficult&#39; task for people such as me, that have too little freetime to dedicate into &#39;researching&#39;...

3) Some people know MUCH MORE than the say and write on forums. Even on a server such as mine where they corrected &#39;exploit-holes&#39;, they&#39;ve found a way to earn SP/XP, and EVEN make MANY millions of Adena.

The thing is that they won&#39;t tell us in public how to do it, as server GMs surf around and look for things that people have discovered, so they can fix it up. OK, i understand that, but STILL, they should find a way to share this information with us and not just be selfish bastards&#33; After all, we are talking about free gaming, and therefore this kind of info should be freely shared&#33;


Re paides, egw stin 8esi sas, an masousa na anaferw kati dimosia giati fobame tous polous, tote 8a frontiza na kanw PM tous ligous (esto aftous pou fenetai na kseroun kati liga...) Den ginetai na eimaste apo tous blakes pou ta 8eloume ola etima, kai apo tin alli na ka8omaste na grafoume tosi wra...
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Old 10/13/2005, 05:29   #12
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lowfyr does this exploit works for other servers also ? as
makavelirulez is offline  
Old 10/13/2005, 10:22   #13
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it dont work for me -.-

Dune L2 &#33;
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funzt net bei mir ._. (l2extreme)

doesnt work for me ._. (l2extreme)
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xexna ta palia exploits , no way to use them again
check this

(need registration)

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