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Freebase 2.X + source code for private servers -- now with 80+ hacks

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Freebase 2.X + source code for private servers -- now with 80+ hacks

Download Freebase here:

When I post updates you will always redownload from this link.

To download the source code, go here:
or you can check it out with your favorite svn program.

Hey guys, if you have any questions, or want something added, or anything else for that matter, come visit me on #freebase on

People that made this possible:
-Mirage (Did the majority of the aiming algorithm for the aimbot)

And everyone else I forgot to mention off the top of my head. :hug:
Really, without you guys a lot of the stuff in this would not have been possible.

Now, let's get to the good stuff. This will work on all 5420 clients. If it has an anti-hack, you will need to find/make a bypass. I am not providing one because there are just too many different servers with different anti-hacks.

I have tested this on SystemGunz, CreativeGunz, and DarkGunz. They work fine.


Alt + F1 ---- Change the current medicine
Options are: Tofu (Ammo), Tofu (HP/AP), HP, and AP

Alt + F2 ---- Medicate the last attacker
Spawns the current medicine on your last attacker

Alt + F3 ---- Medicate the entire room
Spawns the current medicine on everyone in the room

Alt + F5 ---- Ninja Jump
Constant wall jumps

Alt + F6 ---- Flame
Flame looking aura

Alt + F7 ---- Infinite Block
Hold block as long as you want

Alt + F8 ---- Sword Crosshair
Your crosshair will not go away when you switch to your sword

Alt + F9 ---- Inertialess Drive
Inertia no longer applies

Alt + 1 ---- Anchor
Holds you in a position

Alt + 2 ---- Pet Mode
Ok so this is the pet mode system. Basically, you are turning your character into someone's pet.
When someone attacks you, you follow them around. When someone attacks your 'master', you attack that person.
You automatically shoot every second when in this attacking mode and you gain an ammo spawn every 4 seconds.
When you died or your master left the room, you will automatically be teleported in front of a random person in the room.
Also, when someone attacks you again, your master will change.
An announcement will be made to everyone in the room via chat saying who your new master is.
As well as everytime you change who you're attacking, an announcement will be made saying who you are attacking.
An announcement will also appear if you die or if your old master left the room.

Alt + 3 ---- Return to channel
Instantly return to your channel

Alt + 4 ---- Wings
Level up/down effect to create wings

Alt + 5 ---- Dash Vortex
Constant dashes

Alt + 6 ---- Circle Vortex (Slowest)
Dashes that appear to be in a circle

Alt + 7 ---- Circle Vortex (Medium)
Dashes that appear to be in a circle

Alt + 8 ---- Circle Vortex (Fastest)
Dashes that appear to be in a circle

Alt + 9 ---- Wheel vortex
Dashes that appear to be in a wheel shape

Alt + A ---- Aimbot the last attacker
Your crosshair will always be aimed at your last attacker

Alt + B ---- Paper Walls
You can see through walls at the correct angle

Alt + C ---- My character info
Shows various information about your character

Alt + D ---- Change the dll speed
Change how fast Freebase runs

Alt + E ---- Name Esp
Show the characters name above everyone's head

Alt + F ---- Flipmower
Constant flips

Alt + G ---- Godmode
Damage no longer applies

Alt + H ---- This help menu
Long list of these commands

Alt + I ---- Lungemower
Constant lunges, to be active you must flip/lunge

Alt + J ---- Bot the entire room
Everyone will not be able to do a thing

Alt + K ---- Room Rape
Teleports to each player in the room while lawnmowering them

Alt + L ---- Lawnmower
Constant slashes

Alt + M ---- Insane Massives
Constant massives

Alt + N ---- Switch teams
Switch to different teams

Alt + O ---- Kamikaze
Crashes everyone in a room including you

Alt + P ---- Power Level the last attacker
Quick leveling, best done in a tdm

Alt + Q ---- Safeguard
Prevents you from falling from your current height

Alt + R ---- Bubble Aura
The chat bubble is always on

Alt + S ---- Speed Hack
Move faster

Alt + T ---- Medicator
Spawns the current medicine on you

Alt + U ---- Last attacker
Last attacker mode for Insane Massives, Lawnmower, Lungemower, and Flipmower

Alt + V ---- Bot the last attacker
The last attacker will not be able to do a thing

Alt + W ---- Wall Hack
Walls do not apply to you

Alt + X ---- Exit Freebase
Exit freebase, hacks will no longer be active until you reinject

Alt + Z ---- Instant Massives
Massives can be instantly charged

Del ---- Return to stage
Return to your game room

End ---- Teleport to the saved position
Go to the saved position of your choice

Home ---- Medicine Hat
Spawns the current medicine above your head

Insert ---- Save current position
Save your current position

Page Down ---- Last attacker Medicine Hat
Spawns the current medicine above the last attacker's head

Page Up ---- Room-wide Medicine Hat
Spawns the current medicine above everyone's head

Numpad * ---- N-Step out
To others, it appears as if you left the room

Numpad - ---- Rejoin the game
Rejoin the game

Numpad + ---- N-Step in
To others, it appears as if you joined the room

Numpad 0 ---- Spawn a mega medicine cube
Spawn an epicly huge medicine cube

Numpad 1 ---- Spawn a small medicine cube
Spawn a cute little medicine cube

Numpad 2 ---- Spawn a medicine loop
Spawn a giant loop of medicine, looks like a ring too

Numpad 3 ---- Go down
Travel downward

Numpad 4 ---- Spawn a medium medicine cube
Spawn a medium sized medicine cube

Numpad 5 ---- Penwrite
Write stuff in medicine!

Numpad 6 ---- Level down
Level 1 level down, client sided!

Numpad 7 ---- Spawn a large medicine cube
Spawn a pretty large medicine cube, the mega cube owns this one, at least in size

Numpad 8 ---- Level up
Level 1 level up, client sided!

Numpad 9 ---- Go up
Travel upward

Ctrl + A ---- Colored textures
All textures will be colored

Ctrl + B ---- Wireframe
All models will be in wireframe

Ctrl + C ---- Rotate color
Changes what color you want the textures to be

Ctrl + D ---- No Fog
I can see clearly now!

Ctrl + E ---- X-Ray
See objects through walls, gets a bit confusing sometimes though

Ctrl + F ---- No Massives
You will not get massives

Ctrl + G ---- Sun Massives
Charge a massive for a very bright one, imagine doing voids for the multi-charge effect, but times 100

Ctrl + H ---- Mega Stage
65535 rounds, Shower Room, 65535 minutes, 127 players, what more could you ask for in a game?

Ctrl + I ---- Fragmentation Grenade Spam
Frag grenade spam!

Ctrl + J ---- Rocket Spam
Rockets, Rockets, oh yes, and more rockets

Ctrl + K ---- Chams
Multicolored players that you can see through walls

Ctrl + L ---- Flashbang Spam
Lol your enemy can't see! Best used with wireframe mode

Ctrl + M ---- Smoke Grenade Spam
Wanna make players fps lag? This is the way to go

Ctrl + N ---- Shot Spam
Automatic shooting

Ctrl + O ---- Auto Quest
Automatic questing

@& ---- @& to begin chatting in IRC
Type messages in irc, this will help you stay connected with other people across different servers

@/fcreate ---- Create a female character
Creates a female character with any name you want, with "GM" hair

@/mcreate ---- Create a male character
Same as the above, guy characters do not have "GM" hair

@/me ---- /me commands for IRC
/me commands to be used on IRc

@/msg ---- Private message someone on IRC
See @&

@/names ---- Displays all online IRC users
Shows all irc members that are online

@/nick ---- Change your IRC nick name
Change your nick name on irc to a name of your choice

@/whereis ---- Locate a player
Ever wanted to stalk a player without adding him as a friend? Then this is the perfect function for you

Known bugs:
-Chams are glitchy and only show weapons

5420 change log:
-Medicine loop/cube hacks should not dc you anymore
-Anti anti-hack updated, return addresses are spoofed, it might trick a few anti hacks

[email protected]/me command added for IRC

-Majority of the crashes should be fixed, hopefully you guys won't crash as much now
-IRC critical bug fixed, if too many people are online it would crash you when using /names

-Anti anti-hack updated, you no longer need to run a gunzlauncher

-Update alert system added, tells you if your copy of freebase is out of date
[email protected]/names command for irc added
-IRC users online shown when first entering the lobby

-Few bugs fixed

-Godmode added to Pet Mode
-D3D hack check will no longer exit gunz, it will just display a message in-game
-Pet Mode shooting system a little more accurate
-Using ZGetGame instead of pGame for MyZChar checks

-Meds were spawning too high in Pet Mode, this is now fixed
-Textures are now released when you exit freebase

-Added a basic Auto Quest, todo: auto buying/putting items for questing over long periods of time
-Removed irc commands from showing up as a pm, such as TIME and PING
-Penwrite, all grenade spammers, rocket spam and shot spam are more accurate
-Shot Spam added
-Smoke Grenade Spam added
-Flashbang Spam added
-Fragmentation Grenade Spam added
-Announcements for Pet Mode added
-Pet Mode added
-Follower removed
-Chat room chat works normally
-All normal gunz commands work now, refer to known bugs
-Anti-kick added, returns to stage when someone tries to kick you
-More details are shown when Alt + C is pressed
-Mega Stage added, 65535 rounds, 127 players, Shower Room map, and 65535 minutes are the defaults
-Aimbot is now 100% working like it should, might add a ping adjusting system later
-Added a check that sees if the direct3d functions were hooked
-No Fog working like it should, direct3d hacks can be used together now
-Room-wide hacks have all been redone as well as the id collector, there should be almost no crashes due to these now
-Sun Massives added
-No Massives added
-You can now move diagonally with Speed Hack
-Improved performance by not having to do as many checks
-Instant Massives added
-Bubble Aura added
-Flame added
-Lungemower added
-DllMain exported for use of loading via IAT
-Speed hack working like it should now
-Added a basic anti anti-hack which deletes the dll reference from the peb at loading time, programmed by UnnamedOne
-Power Level redone with support for long periods of power leveling
-Entire chat system redone
-Basic irc support added in-game, auto rejoins if kicked too
-Entire project recoded from scratch
-New direct3d hacks
-Aimbot last attacker
-Many bugs fixed
-Console completely integraded within freebase now. You use @ commands in-game instead of using the old external console which you had to minimize out of gunz to use.

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did i need to download this all source??

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how tu use dude ?
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this is great but most options doesn´t work for private servers or shut the gunz down

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how to download?
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upload this in other site plzzzz
it requires a login and a password
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what do i have to put for the login and password?
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What the hell is that user&pass been trying to find it for 3 hour -_-

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