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Combat Strategy Guide against Bane/Creatures

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Combat Strategy Guide against Bane/Creatures

(aus dem TR Forum - Createt by Zypher)

This guide I created, I hope it hasn't been done yet, is to help people who have trouble with strategizing against certain Bane and Creatures.

1. Bane Soldier - This is your regular Bane soldier, 50/50 defensive/offensive. Any weapon will do to kill Bane. When Facing a group of these guys, take cover and face Bane one on one, forcing others to go around to get to you.

2. Thrax Engineer - The weaker Bane soldier. There main weapon is turret. Considered weaker threat any weapon will do to kill him.

3. Lightbender - Specialization in Long Range combat, does enormous damage from long range, easily defeated from close range.

4. Hunters - The snaring Bane w/ Hound pet, latest patch changed the strat. a bit. Kill the hunter and the Hound will die automatically. Do not know if this is a bug or intended.

5. Linker - Linkers are like shield probes, when its charging up they will bounce back any damage yo do to it. Way to defeat it is get a drop on it before it starts charging up or wait till it uses all its energy, avoiding its attack and kill it when it falls to the floor exhausted.

6. Shield Probe - Easy thing to kill 2 ways, one with EM weapon or go inside its shield area and shot it, if you shoot it outside the shield area w/o a EM weapon it will bounce back any damage you do to it.

7. Predator - Predator has lock on missiles that wail on your Health and Armor. 2 Ways to easily defeat this vehicle.
a. From long range - try to get a good long range start shot on the Pred. from a rifle, when and if Pred starts getting close, use Chain Gun to wail on it or Lightning or combination.
b. if Pred. already engaging just get below it and kill it easily from behind. thats its weak spot.

8. Stalker - this tripod behemoth has a moderate damage w/ a side order of painful bomb that practically hurts you to a critical point. especially bad if your facing it with a Bane group. Easy way to defeat it is, get it before it starts charging up its bomb, unless your heavy arsenal/logos ability. If didn't get a drop on it in time, back of 50+ meters at least to avoid its bomb.

9. Juggernaut - Suppose to be a big bad motha....but can be frail as a kitten. One easy way to defeating the Juggernaut is to get behind it and shoot it. You can do frontal attack also, but avoid its Chain Gun attack as it punishes you badly.

10. Caretaker - The bane Medic, this Bane gets to be annoying especially when it can heal entire group with one move and when there are more then 1 of them. They are just like any Bane Soldier, just get rid of them first in groups, makes things simplier. Don't forget they can also ressurect fallen Bane.

11. Overseers - in any overseer group, they are the first to be targeted as they do the most damage. Thats your goal when you face them.

12. Strider - Strider's are almost same as stalkers, you want to destroy them before they get the chance to sue there powerful attacks. I didn't have a lot of combat with these since I rarely seen them in the battlefield, I mostly saw them in Pools and Front Line.

Machinas - Nothing to it, any weapon works on these guys.

1. Miasma's - The squid like creatures are the least annoying creatures I fought next to the wernet. When fighting them, hit them once and let there Miasma they dispurse go away, because it makes them temporarely invincible inside that gas. This will save you on your ammo.

2. Wernets - The most annoying creatures in the game. Best way is to get first strike on them and kill them, they die easily. When you start seeing a swarm of them, shotty becomes your friend.

3. Palisade termites - Forgot they're actual name, but they speet little green slime. They barely hurt you can easily be avoided and outrun. not worth killing.

4. Spiders - Forgot there names also lol. Anyways these tough SOB's are a pain with there snare attack, so best way to take them down is use your heavy artillery, Chain guns, or lightning. Any weapons will do in killing them, those three above me were the most effective for me.

5. Flitniks - the giant armored firefly, these creatures do actual decent dmg to you, so get them from range if possible. For dealing with them in hordes. Just like with wernets, the shooty is your friend.

Pistol - A pistol is mainly good use for combat while moving, this goes great for emergencies in case you need to escape and still be in combat.

Shotguns - borrowing from SWG, they are basically ment for Crowd Control, not only do they pack a punch they punch more then one guy, great if you are facing a large group of enemies.

Rifles - A snipers friend, these weapons hurt from long range, and makes it easier to take out your enemy when you shoot them from spots they can't reach you. This is one of my favorite types.

Chain Guns - Great weapons for taking out enemies quickly. This gun is ment for speed attacks, kill go kill go non stop. This weapons works moderately against crowds of enemies and best on single fights. If speed is your thing then give this ammo consuming weapon a try

Density Gun - if you cant get enough healing from your custom med kits and healing kit, then this gun is your thing. When facing crisis and losing health, then this gun helps you kill your enemy and heals you at the same time. problem is this gun barely packs moderate damage

Flamethrower - The mother of damage, this close combat weapon seriously works great on both crowds and single enemies.

rocket launcher - The big kahuna of long range AOE damage. Despite it large overheating issue, this gun will decimate your enemies from long range. giving you a chance to kill 2-3 enemies from long range before they get near you.

Warning - if you shoot this gun to close it will also decimate you and leave you open to kill yourself. remember this is a AOE gun and the AOE also effects you.

RPG - The second crowd control weapon that works from close to moderate range. For you explosion freaks this gun is your friend.

Warning - this gun also has the ability to hurt you, not as painful as the rocket launcher, but still can hurt you.

Polarity Gun - Since I did not have a chance to acquire the use of polarity guns, if anyone wants to tell me there experience with this gun this will help a lot.

Staff - Currently with this patch the staff is well...sort of weak both melee and ranged. The staff attacks to slowly and deals little damage by the time you get your second attack of with this weapon the enemy already regenerated its armor. Its range attack is jsut a bolt which does more damage, but is slow attack.

Swords - The pain stick of spies, this melee weapon has a serious punch when it comes to melee attack, for you spies that love going all ninja, you will enjoy this close combat painful weapon.

a. For creatures they all basically have powerful melee attacks compared to there ranged attacks, so you would always try to kill them from range.

b. The strength of your weaponry all depends on how many skill points you put into them. Also using the right weapon in right situation also matters, you can't just use weapon throughout the entire game.

c. If anyone has more weapon experience or if I missed any weapons please let me know.

If anyone has question about fighting certain creatures feel free to discuss, or add your own strategy with dealing with certain creatures.

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