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Big game list

Closed Thread
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In this list you will find allot of games which are free and pay 2 play. Some games that are in development, some in beta testing and some playeble.
This list contains rpg games and online games.

Gunz Online
Free To Play
A good online fps a bit buggy but overall a good game Free To Play 8/10

Golf King
Full Beta

Free To Play

Pocket Masters
Coming Soon

Closed Beta

Free To Play
Free To Play Pay For Extras. Gunbound is a Turn Based Strategy Game Like Worms 9/10

Free To Play Pay For Extras

Free until lvl 40 9/10 needs more features

Pristontale 2

Auditon Online Dance Battle
AuditionSEA Open Beta

Holy Beast Online
Development (sites down alot)

Dream Of Mirror Online
:::::: Dream Of Mirror Online :::::: Development (looking for a server host)

PlayNC Development

Auto Assault
Auto Assault Buy To Play Then Pay To Play

City Of Heroes
City of Heroes Community Site Buy To Play Then Pay To Play has a Free Trial

City Of Villains
City of Villains Community Site Buy To Play Then Pay To Play

Dungeon Runners
Dungeon Runners? Closed Beta

Exteel Beta Sign Up

Guild Wars Welcome to the Official Guild Wars Website Buy the disc then its free forever 9/10

NCsoft: Lineage Pay To Play

Lineage 2
Lineage II : The Chaotic Chronicle Pay To Play The Test Server Is Free

Soccer Fury
Soccer Fury Development

Tabula Rasa
Tabula Rasa Development

All Points Bulletin
Sun Development

Sun Development

Parfait Station
Sun Development

Soul Of The Ultimate Nation

Sun Development

Endless Saga
::: EndlessSaga ::: Development has stopped to focus on the development of the other webzen games

Mu Online
Official Global MU Online - Home Free To Play Pay For Full Acess

War Rock
Official War Rock Website Open Beta

Fly For Fun
Flyff: Fly For Fun Free To Play With cash shop i like this game at lvl 20 u can Fly on either a broomstick or a hoverboard when u get lvl 15 it gets fun
because then you pick your character class 7/10

Space Cowboy
SPACE COWBOY Free To Play With Cash Shop

RAPPELZ Free To Play With Cash Shop

Corum Online
gPotato Coming Soon

Maple Story
Closed Beta
MapleStory Free To Play
MapleStory - Global English Site Free To Play With Cash Shop maple story is a fun side scrolling mmorpg the only thing that really lets this game down
is the time it takes to lvl a bonus is it has mini games as well 7/10

True Story Online
MBSOFT Corporation - Official Website of TS Online Philippines 30 Day Free Trial Then Pay To Play
--TS Online-- Pay To Play
TS online is a game that has a Turn Based Combat

Justice x war 2
JX2 Online - Malaysia Official Web Site Free To Play

Ragnarok Online
R A G N A R O K Online 15 Day Trial Then Pay To Play

Rose Online
ROSE Online: The Official Site of ROSE Online North America 7 day free trial then pay to play 7/10

Goonzu Online
Global Goonzu Free To Play 6/10

DOFUS :: MMORPG - Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game free pay for extra features Turn Based Combat 5/10 good if u like this sought of game

Dofus Arena
Dofus-Arena Beta

Knight Online
Official Knight Online World Website - Home Free To Play
::: KNIGHT ONLINE ::: FULL 3D MMORPG ::: Free To Play

Monster And Me
Monster and Me -International Free To Play

Conquer Online
Conquer Online Free To Play

Eudemons Online
Eudemons Online Free To Play

The Mana World
The Mana World Free To Play

Irth Worlds
Irth Worlds - Magic Hat Software, LLC Buy To Play with a monthly subscription fee of $13.95

Kal Online
KalOnline Free To Play With Cash Shop

Martial Heroes
Free To Play

Eternal Lands
- The official EL Website! Free To Play

Dungeons & Dragons Online
Dungeons & Dragons Online?: Stormreach? > Home Page 7 Day Free Trial

Lord Of The Rings Online
The Lord of the Rings Online?: Shadows of Angmar? > Home Page Beta Sign Up

Asheron's Call
Asheron's Call > Home Page Buy To Play Then Pay To Play

Adellion - a massive multiplayer role playing game for PC Beta

Age Of Conan
Age of Conan : Hyborian Adventures Development

Illutia Free To Play

Atriarch Beta available for register

DarkFall Online
Darkfall Online going into beta soon

Toontown Online
Redirect 3 Day Free Trial

Disney's Virtual Magic Kingdom
Disney's Virtual Magic Kingdom : Home Free To Play

Pirates Of The Caribbean Online
Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Online

Hello Kitty Online
Hello Kitty Online World Free To Play

Dragon Raja
Dragonraja Free to play With Cash Shop

RuneScape - the massive online adventure game by Jagex Ltd Free To Play Pay For Extra Features

Survival Project
Survival Project Free To Play

World Of Warcraft Development
World of Warcraft Community Site 10 Day Free Trial On File Planet Then Pay To Play

A Tale In The Dessert 3
A Tale in the Desert III Free To Play

Tibia Home Free To Play Pay For Extras

The Saga Of Ryzom
Ryzom - Science-Fantasy MMORPG Emphasising Universe, Freedom, Roleplay and Community 7 day free trial
the saga of ryzom has a nice community nice visuals you can swim which is fun. You dont gain exp and gain levels like in normal online games
you train up your meele and magic crafting and harvesting skills by using them 7/10

Entropia Universe
Free To Play
The PED The virtual currency in Project Entropia is PED, or Project Entropia Dollars. The fixed exchange rate equals 10 PED = 1 US Dollar

Gekkeiju Online
Closed Beta

MMORPG in Sherwood - Free Massive Multiplayer Web Game Free To Play

Marian's World
MMORPG in Marian's World - Free Massive Multiplayer Web Games Free To Play

Multiplayer Tank Ball
MMORPG in Sherwood - Free Massive Multiplayer Web Game Free To Play

Moon Base
MMORPG at - Free Massive Multiplayer Web Games Free To Play

Daimonin MMORPG - FREE fantasy online multiplayer game Free To Play

Americas Army
America's Army - Special Forces - Home Page Free To Play

Endless Online
Endless Online - Massive online RPG Free To Play

Terra World Online The Nine Realms
TerraWorld Online Rpg Game Free To Play

Cartoon Racer
Cartoon Racer Open Beta

Ray Crash
ATC RayCrash Free To Play

Battle For Wesnoth
Battle for Wesnoth Free To Play Turn Based Strategy Game

Kathana III Website > Home Free To Play
Tantra is an MMORPG based on Middle Eastern spirituality, with a certain
originality and charm.When I first played, I didn't appreciate the graphics
or the interface, yet I still really liked it because it had style and originality 7/10

====Welcome to the World of OZ, Where the New Life Begins..==== Free To Play

Thang Online
::: THANG Online - Adventure RPG ::: Free To Play

DEICIDE - The War against Evil Free To Play

Myth War Online
Myth War Online Free Online Game Free To Play

Voyage Century

Rubies Of Eventide
EVENTIDE.NET :: home of Rubies of Eventide mmorpg an International FREE massively-multiplayer game Free To Play

Project Shinru

Tactics Arena Online
Tactics Arena Online Free To Play Browser Based Game

Furcadia - Let your imagination soar! Free To Play

Free World Apocalypse Portal
FreeWorld - Server Outage Beta

Puzzle Pirates
Puzzle Pirates Theres a free server

Bang Howdy
Bang! Howdy? Index Free To Play

Shot Online
Shot-Online :: The Field and more... Free To Play online golf game

Asian Fantasy - Xiah Closed Beta

Legend Of Mir 2
The Legend Of Mir Pay To Play

Legend Of Mir 3
Legend Of Mir 3 - An Epic Mysterious MMORPG Pay To Play

Power Football
PowerChallenge - Free full screen 3D action sports games Free To play

o2 Jam
Welcome To O2Jam NX Free To Play

Ran Online
::::: RAN Online :::::
Ran Online Free To Play
This games different to any other game.You start of by picking one of three schools each with different strengths and weaknesses
then you do missions for that school 6/10

Supreme Destiny
Supreme Destiny Free To Play

Final Golf
- Welcome to Final Golf - Presented By e-Games Free To Play

Dream Community "e-games"

Five Masters
welcome to five masters - presented by e-games Free To Play

welcome to breeze - presented by e-games Free To Play

Iron War
Iron War Free To Play

Battle Position
::: BattlePosition ::: Beta

Welcome to Fairyland Pay To Play

Gods And Heroes
Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising Development

Star Trek Online
StarTrek Online Weblog Development

// SpellCasters Official Site // Free To Play

News - Sphere Pay To Play 1 Month Free With CD Purchase

Call Of The Warlords
Call of the Warlords Beta strategy game

Illusory Studios Free To Play

Free To Play 2D MMORPG

New Age 3
newage v3.0 Free To Play strategy game

Myth Of Soma
The Myth Of Soma 10 Hour Free Trial Then Pay To Play

Habbo Hotel
Habbo ~ Habbo USA Free To Play A online chat game where u have to buy credits for real money to get stuff in game

My Coke
MyCoke Free To Play

Infinity Empire
Free To Play

El Kardian
Pan Asia Gaming Network - El Kardian MMORPG, Singapore 1st 3D MMORPG Free To Play


Face Of Mankind
Face of Mankind - The new multiplayer experience - Live the fiction Pay To Play

ETF - Power Through Teamplay Free Modifyer For Wolfenstein Enemy Territory

Little Fighter 2
Little Fighter 2 Official Website Free To Play

Little Fighter 2.5
Little Fighter 2.5

Counter Strike

The official Soldat home page Free To Play

Ashen Empires
Ashen Empires Free 10 level Free Trial

FREE for all paid account members of Ashen Empires.
FREE for all non-paid account members of Ashen Empires

Artifact - Multiplayer Real Time Strategy Warfare Game - Free to Play free pay for more options

Blockland - that game where you build stuff Free game where u build stuff with lego

Age Of Time
Age of Time - Home Free To Play

Dungeon Stomp
Dungeon Stomp | Murk Adventure Free To Play

Hostile Space
Free To Play space mmorpg

Illarion - A free massive multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG) Free To Play

Navy Field
NAVYFIELD Community Site Free To Play

Ogre island
Welcome to Ogre Island - MMORPG Free To Play

Return To Castle Wolfenstein
Wolfenstein a mmofps theres a free demo

Form: index Free To Play

World Of Pirates
World of Pirates world of pirates is buy to play and then free to play

Astonia 3 28 Day Free Trial

Aces High 2
Welcome to Aces High II 14 Day Free Trial

Globulation 2
Main Page - Globulation2 Free To Play turn based strategy online/offline game

Neocron 2
Neocron Evolution 2.1: Neocron Evolution 2.1 - HOME10 day Free trial

Another World
AWplanet ?? science fiction massive multiplayer game Free To Play But You Can Buy Extra Features

Street Fighter Online
Street Fighter Online Free online fighting game

Dogs Of The Seas
Dogs of the Seas - The free MMOG Browsergame Free To Play

Fate Free Trial

Realm Wars
Realm Wars Dev Site Beta

The Chronicles Of Spellborn
.:: The Chronicles of SpellBorn - News ::. Open Beta coming soon

Graal Online
.::.. GraalOnline - Home ..::. has different versions some are free some arent

Thule Online
Thule - Beyond the Bordere Free To Play

Adventure Quest
AdventureQuest Free To Play

Dragon Fable
DragonFable - Free Web RPG

Wurm Online
Wurm Online There are two account types a basic account which is Free and theres also a premium account which you have to pay for

Savage The Battle For Newerth
Welcome to Savage Free To Play action/adventure/strategy game

Savage 2 A Tortured Soul
Savage 2 - A Tortured Soul Beta Coming Soon

Final Fantasy XI Online Buy To Play Then Pay To Play

The Realm Online
The Realm Online | MMORPG 7 Day Free Trial Each character has his or her own password protected house

The Elixer
The Elixir by Korpos Beta

Risk Your Life
RYL : Unforgiven Wars
RYL: Path of the Emperor (English World Version) Official Website: Content / What is RYL: Path of the Emperor? Pay To Play
Risk Your Life (MY Version) Official Website Free To Play

Risk Your Life 2
RISK YOUR LIFE Part 2 : Incomplete Union Free To Play

Fung Wan Online
Pay To Play
::FungWan Online Malaysia:: Free To Play

Albatross 18
Albatross18 Season Two Free to Play golf game

Nexus The Kingdom Of The Winds
Nexus, the Kingdom of the Winds 10 Day Free Trial

Dark Ages
Welcome to Dark Ages Pay To Play

Shattered Galaxy
Welcome to Shattered Galaxy Free To Play

Kungfu Online
Kungfu online Development

Control Monger
Free Online MMOFPS

Sky Blade Sword Of The Heavens
:: SkyBlade : Sword of the Heavens Pay To Play
SkyBlade Elite

Supa Supa

Sky Raiders
..:: SkyRaiders ::.. Development

Rising Force Online
Pay To Play
Codemasters : RF Online : News Pay To Play

Vantage Master
Vantage Master -English- Free To Play

Anarchy Online
Anarchy Online - Massive multiplayer online roleplaying game - MMORPG Free till 2008

Dark Solstice
Dark Solstice - Black Masque Games Inc. Beta available for sign up

Vanguard Saga Of Heroes
V a n g u a r d - Saga Of Heroes Development

Dark Eden
DarkEden Two Account Types Free And Premium

Horizons Empire Of Istaria
Horizons: Empire of Istaria 14 day free trial

Another Free chat game 7.5/10

Cabal Online
CABAL Online - The Revolution of Action Beta applications start in july
CABAL Online - The Revolution Of Action

Minions Of Mirth
Prairie Games, Inc - Home Buy To Play Then Free To Play

Ultimate Baseball Online
Welcome to Ultimate Baseball Online - virtual fantasy baseball, online baseball game, baseball games online, baseball online, play sports game online, internet baseball game Free To Play

Starport Galactic Empires
Free To Play

Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst
pay to play 14 Day Free Trial

Silkroad Online
Silkroad Online Free To Play good but needs more servers its really hard to get on and very laggy 6.5/10

Playdo Community Free Chat game

Turf Battles
Turf battles Free To Play With Cash Shop

Rpg World Online
RPGWO.COM Free you can buy extras

Crossfire - The Multiplayer Adventure Game

Epoch of Shadows
Epoch of Shadows Free or buy a premium account

Tactica Online
Tactica Online Beta

Dark And Light
Dark and Light Beta

Team Revoluxion
Team Revoluxion beta 7/10

Arindal - Multilingual Online Multiplayer Adventure Open Beta

Silent Shadows
Silent Shadows Compendium

Endless Ages
Free MMOG | Online Games At MMOLands
Massively Multplayer Online Role Playing Game / First Person Shooter

Race Lands
Online Games | Online Racing | MMOLands
Race Lands begins with a race based RPG as a massive online multi-player racing game where players can meet on the same tracks in attempts to get the best time, equipment and cars. The faster you are, the quicker you will find yourself in new levels and acquiring new upgrades to further leave your competition in the dust. Racers technology shows off the latest developments in the four point collision addition to Aura, as well as server and client side vehicle physics.

Ancient Lands
Online Games | Free MMOG | Kids Game's | MMOLands
Ancient Lands, like all of our online educational simulations is free to play forever. Giza is our first Ancient lands addition, it??s a recreation of how the Giza looked before the drying of the Nile River. This recreation includes a to-scale replica of the temple, as well as the great Sphinx. Included are replicas of statues, and other items that would have been found in the temples as well as items that would have been used by the people of that time. Attached to these items is historical information about them, as well as the surroundings. Secret passage ways will lead to hidden knowledge, just don??t get lost!

Museum Lands
Online Games | Free MMOG | Kids Game's | MMOLands
Museum Lands, like all of our online educational simulations is free to play forever. Our first museum brings art from all eras to your view and assists you in learning about the paintings and artists. Additionally the technology offers the ability of having an online studio where you can post your art online in real-time. Paintings can point to URLs and pull image data like a web site but in 3D. We are making this available to schools and educational institutions as part of the educational section of MMOLands

Shining Lore Online
Shining Lore Online looking for server host

Lyf Online
Untitled Document Development

God Sword
God Sword Development

Live For Speed Online
Live for Speed - Online racing simulator Live for Speed, a racing car simulator game currently in Alpha Testing

Xenimus 14 Day Free Trial

Free Style Street Basketball
Freestyle Philippines Street Basketball Open Beta
FreeStyle Street Basketball Coming Spring 2007

Kingdom Of Cryshall

Match Quest Online
Wellcome to!! Free To Play

Mini Racing Online
MRO Free To Play

News Beta

Children of Vaddamaut
Children of Vaddamaut - Free mmorpg Development

Navarea Online
Navarea Online- A New Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game Development

.:Banished Studios- Navisaer:. Development

Winters Twilight
New MMORPG - Winter's Twilight - Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game Development

Regnum Online
Regnum Online official site Beta

Kothuria: The World's Edge -- Fantasy MMOG Beta

Godborn Online
Godborn : Official Website Development

Arch Lord
Buy To Play Then Pay To Play There Is A 30 Day Free Trial

Stick Online
Stick Online Free To Play

Stick Arena - Stick Arena Free To Play

Stick Adventures Online
Stick Adventures Online Free To Play

Loradon Online



Star Sonata
Star Sonata: Welcome Free To play

Tank Wars Online
Tank Wars Online Official Website - Home Beta

Rohan Systemholic Online Rohan
SystemHolic Online Rohan Development

Helbreath USA: The Heldenian - An Epic Battle MMORPG 14 Day Free Trial

..:: [ Mankind ][ Official Website ] ::.. Free Trial

Ballerium's home Free To Play

World War Two Online
14 Day Free Trial

Trials Of Ascension
Trials of Ascension Development

Teen Second Life
Teen Second Life: A Virtual World for Teens Free To Play Pay For Extras

Second Life
Second Life: Your World. Your Imagination.

Bloodlust - Multiplayer online Vampire RPG Adventure Free To Play

The Black Legacy
The Black Legacy Free To Play

Empiriana Home Page Free To Play

Lands Of Hope
Welcome to Lands of Hope - Please Login

Kingdom Of Drakkar
Kingdom of Drakkar - Official Home of the Drakkar RPG Free To Play

There - the online virtual world that is your everyday hangout

Non Referral Link Welcome to Neopets!
Referral Link Sign Up with Neopets!

Non Referral Link
Referral Link Mara Pets Games - Play Free Flash Games, Dress Up Games and Virtual Pets

Non Referral Link Welcome to GoPets : Global Community Pet Game !
Referral Link

Naruto World
Naruto World

Naruto Ninja Densetsu
Naruto - Ninja Densetsu - News

Naruto Arena
Naruto Arena - Your #1 Naruto Online Multiplayer Game

Naruto Online Ninja Academy
Ninja Academy

Naruto Way Of The Ninja
.:: NWN-Naruto: Way of the Ninja ::.

Naruto Arts

Naruto Wars
Naruto Wars

Hidden Villages Online
Hidden Villages Online Open Beta

Club Penguin
Club Penguin Free To Play Pay For Extras

Twilight War
Twilight War :: After the Fall Pay To Play

Valhyre - The Aftermath :: A MMORPG emphasising role play

Free To Play

| DEKARON | - Extreme Action Online Game
2Moons Home Page Development

DANCE Home Page Closed Beta Coming Soon

Nine Dragons

Persistent Worlds - MMORPG - 9Dragons - HOME Closed Beta

Carpe Diem
Carpe Diem MMORPG - Persistent Worlds > Home Open Beta

Neo Steam
::: ó ũ RPG - Neo Steam ::: Development

Etherea Dark Genesis
Etherea :: Dark Genesis Development

Dreamlords Beta Sign Up

Project Offset
Offset - Main

Citizen Zero
Micro Fort

Kuma War
Free Games from Kuma, 90+ Online War Games based on Reality Free To Play

Dispatch Of Army
Free mmofps

Last Chaos
Last Chaos
Open Beta

Moove Online
3D Chat World - moove online: Free virtual 3D chat worlds, create own 3D avatars in your online 3D chat world, own graphical virtual 3D chat rooms

IMVU home page - 3D chat, free avatar chat, 3D chat room, free instant messaging, create avatar, meet people, your own homepage - IMVU The World's Greatest 3D Instant Messenger

Blood Clans
Welcome to Blood Clans! Free To Play

Quantum Legacy
Quantum Legacy

Atulos Online
: Official Atu'los Site. Free To Play

Vendetta Online
Vendetta Online - Vendetta Online Free Trial

Time of Defiance
Time of Defiance

Dark Messiah
Dark Messiah | Official site | Ubisoft

Shadowbane Free To Play

Seak And Dread Online
Seek & Dread Online Free To Play

Tribes Vengeance
Tribes Vengeance - Destruction. Chaos. Retribution.

Dragon Realms home

GemStone IV >> GemStone IV 30 Day Free Trial

Heroes Journey
Hero's Journey >> Let the journey begin.

Modus Operandi >> home

Alliance Of Heroes >> home

CyberStrike2 >> CyberStrike 2

Warhammer Online
Mythic Entertainment - Warhammer Online

Dark Age Of Camelot
Dark Age of Camelot 14 Day Free Trial

Imperial Wars
Imperial Wars multiplayer Internet online strategy role-playing space empire sci-fi game science fiction

Roma Victor
ROMA VICTOR :: Home of the historically authentic Roman Empire MMORPG

Kingdoms Of War
Kingdoms of War: News, Information, and Game download

Water Margin Online
Water Margin Online Free To Play With Cash Shop

Gameee Online
Welcome To Gamee Open Beta

EverQuest ? Massively Multiplayer Online Fantasy Role-Playing Game

EverQuest 2
EverQuest II

Everquest Online Adventures
EverQuest Online Adventures Frontiers

PlanetSide - Play Free Online up to Battle Rank 6! * Free Up To Level 6

Star Wars Galaxies

The Matrix Online
Buy To Play Then Pay To Play


Dawn Of Daria
Dawn is coming... Alpha

Street Challenge
Street Challenge - Free Online Drag Racing Game

TrackMania Nations
TrackMania Nations

SEYKEN - One day you will be a Hero. Beta

Mount And Blade
Mount&Blade Free For 6 levels

Westfalen - Front page

Hellgate London
Hellgate: London † News

TANX - Shooting Games

Hero Online
:::Hero Online::: Free To Play

The Legend Of Ares
::: The Legend of Ares ::: Free To Play

Scions Of Fate
Yulgang : Balance of Power Development (closed beta coming soon)

Air Attack
Air Attack Community Site Free To Play

Alien Adoption Agency
A3: Alien Adoption Agency - Free to play online game! Free to play

FreeAllegiance Free to play

Attack - Retrieve - Capture
ARC Headquarters :: Index Free To Play

Battle of Phantasia
Battle Of Phantasia Free to play


Fantastic Melody Online
FMonline Official Site Development

Boundless Planet
Boundless Planet Homepage Beta

A3 Free Until Level 29

3DTT Homepage Free To Play

The 4th Coming
The 4th Coming - T4C - Dialsoft's Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game - MMORPG - Free To Play

Eve Online
14 Day Free Trial

Deloria Online
Welcome to the Offical Deloria Online website

Crowns Of Power
Crowns of Power - Online 3D Action/RPG Game Beta Sign Up

Aglaia Online
Aglaia Online Development

Rise The Vieneo Province
Rise: The Vieneo Province :: The new MMOSIM from Unistellar Industries 14 Day Free Trial


Uru Live
Uru Live Beta

Hinter Wars
HINTER WARS | Multiplayer Mobile/Online Games Pay To Play

Savage Eden
Savage Eden Home Page Pay To Play

TBA Adventure
TBA::The Time Before Adventure - Free online flash MMORPG/RPG Adventure game Beta

BZFlag - home Free To Play

Trickster - Links To Fantasy! Free To Play

Nostale Beta

Dragon Gem
Global Dragon Gem Free To Play

Infinity Online
INFINITY - Fantasy Action Leader Beta

Monato Espirit
:: Monato Esprit :: Open Beta

Global Travia Beta

Kaos War
Kaos War :: Official Website Development

Super Dancer Online
..:: Super Dancer Online ::..

CRUSADE is a revolutionary fantasy-based MMORPG game Development

Run N Roll
Run 'n roll - a new flash multiplayer game by Yamago - le nouveau jeu flash mutlijoueur de Yamago --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Populaga Challenge
POULAGA CHALLENGE == a flash multiplayers chicken throw == by Yamago

Hypra Speed 2
HypraSpeed 2 == a flash multiplayer race in realtime ! == by GlobZ and Yamago

Space Odyssey
Massive Online Multiplayer Game - Space Odyssey - MMORPG

AWOLnow 45 Day Free Trial

Ambroid - Home Free To Play

Evernight-The Reign Of Darkness
Evernight - The Reign of Darkness

r a s t e r w e r k s Beta
a multiplayer first-person shooter in your web browser

Silvania Island
Silvania Island Development

Layonara Online
Layonara Online - Welcome to Layonara Online

Yu-Gi-Oh Online

Welcome To Dreamscape Beta Sign Up

30 Day Free Trial

Stepmania Online
:: Stepmania :: - News

Flash Flash Revolution

Africa the MMORPG

Frontier 1859
Change Your World Development

Irdis Beta
Site has been suspended

Astro Empires
Astro Empires

Dark Throne
Dark Throne Index Beta

Tatsumaki: Land At War

The Metal Knights
The Metal Knights Home Page

Championship Manager Online
CM-Online 14 Day Free Trial

Champions of Atlantis
Epiphany Games Presents Champions of Atlantis Development

Ace Of Angels
Ace of Angels

Age Of Adventure
Age of Adventure

[img]text2schild.php?smilienummer=1&text=have fun' border='0' alt='have fun' />

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copy and paste ,no ?

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wath do you want?
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i think there are already some gamelists^^
but thx anyway


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i know this list ^^
u forget the pictures , cuz they are linked
and some games havent links

but thx
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lol list is copy + paste from
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lol this is a old list.
Look on the date of post
Newer list from onrpg need? XD
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badasslist +k
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Martial Heroes are like silkroad
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pls watch the date of the thread .....
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how to hack RAN ONLINE??? i just want to have some cash items.. ^^
but i dunno how?? there's any one who know how???
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silkroad agbot new version like tbot

mutli client you can on max 9chars
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Originally Posted by putalas View Post
silkroad agbot new version like tbot

mutli client you can on max 9chars
Is it clean?

I dont think so.

Antivir: Nothing found
ArcaVir: Nothing found
Avast: Win32:Pykse-D [Trj], Win32:Pykse-D [Trj], Win32:Pykse-D [Trj], Win32:Pykse-D [Trj], Win32:Pykse-D [Trj], Win32:Pykse-D [Trj], Win32:Pykse-D [Trj], Win
AVG: Nothing found
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so gay u took them from
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The People have some got any thanks !

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