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CoV All Macro Commands

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Slash Commands

Here is a quick list of all slash commands in City of Villains, these are the superb little command-line commands such as /target_enemy_far, which allow you to automatically target enemies and other superb little tricks.

When these commands are used within macros, they can create for powerful automatic attacks and just general automation of a lot of mundane tasks within City of Villains.

Here are all of the commands (excluding emotes)?.the sections of particular interest to hardcore gamers would be the General Commands, Power Execution Commands & Inspirations/Enhancements Commands. A savvy gamer could write macros with tools such as ACTool to automate combat or other repetitive tasks. Of course you would do so at your own risk. Less risky gamers could merely use these commands with /bind to add a common task to another key.

That being said??no more delay here they are.

Communication Commands
/auction Send message to request channel
/autoreplay Start a reply for client
/g or /group Send message to group channel
/l or /local Sends a message to local channel
/lfg Toggle looking for group status
/private Sends a message to only one player
/r or /reply Reply to last received private message
/req Sends message to request channel
/s or /say Sends the given text on the current chat channel
/sell Send a message to request channel
/t or /tell Sends a message to only one player
/whisper Send a message to only one player
/y or /yell Sends a message to entire map

Friends Commands
/estrange Remove player from your friends list
/f Message all of the users on your friend list
/fl Display friends list
/friend Add player to your friends list
/friendlist Display friend list
/ignore Ignore user
/ignorelist Displays list of ignored users
/unfriend Remove player from friend list
/unignore Remove user from ignore list

Graphical Commands
/camdist "/camdist 30" would zoom your perspective backward 30 feet
/camdistadjust Adjusts the camera distance relative to the current camera distance.
/camreset Camreset is bound to the PageDown key, resets cam behind player.
/disable2d Disables 2d sprite drawing
/fullscreen Sets video mode to full screen
/maximize Maximizes window
/showfps Displays current frame rate
/whiteparticles White particles
/window Color changes the window colors
/window_hide Forces the given window to be hidden. (Synonym: hide)
/window_resetall Resets all window locations, sizes, and visibility to their defaults.
/window_show Forces the given window to be shown. (Synonym: show)
/window_toggle Show a window if hidden, hide a window if shown.
/windowcolor Changes the window colors

General Commands
/afk Away from Keyboard
/alttray Toggle the secondary tray while a key is being pressed
/alttraysticky Toggle the secondary tray
/b Send a message to broadcast
/beginchat Starts chat-entry mode with given string
/bind Binds a key to a command bind
/bind_load Reads a list of key binds from c:/keybinds.txt
/bind_load_file Reads a list of key binds from a file
/bind Save saves all key binds to c:/keybinds.txt
/broadcast Send a message to broadcast
/buffs Toggle looking for group status
/bug Report a bug
/cc Costume change.

00 = 1st costume. Standard Costume
01 = 2nd costume. Level 20
02 = 3rd costume. Level 30
03 = 4th costume. Level 40

/chat Toggles the chat window
/copychat_b Copy the last x lines from the bottom chat window to clipboard
/copychat_t Copy the last x lines from the top chat window into the clipboard
/findmember Display list of players looking for a team
/follow Set follow mode, 1 = follow selected target, 0 = stop following
/hide Forces the given window to be hidden. (Synonym: window_hide)
/kiosk Pop up the kiosk info for the nearest kiosk.
/loc Returns your current xyz coordinates
/loot Brings up interact menu
/macro Sends a macro to the first empty slot
/macroslot Add macro to provided slot
/map Toggles the map window
/menu Toggles the Menu
/mouse_look Command key for mouse look
/mousepitchmode Set pitch mode
/nav Toggles the navigation window
/netgraph Displays network connection information
/noreport Do not default to error reporting window on crash
/petition Add user petition to database
/popmenu Pops up the named menu at the current mouse location
/powers Toggles the power inventory
/quit Quits game
/release Respawn if player is dead
/requestexitmissionLeave mission map once completed
/screenshot Save a .tga format screen shot
/screenshotui Save a .tga format screen shot with the UI (text windows).
/slashchat Starts chat-entry mode w/ a slash
/startchat Starts chat-entry mode
/stuck Try to get a player unstuck
/target Toggles the target window
/target_enemy_far Targets farthest enemy
/target_enemy_near Targets closest enemy
/target_friend_far Targets farthest friend
/target_friend_nearTargets nearest friend
/toggle Show a window if hidden, hide a window if shown.
/toggle_enemy Cycles through targetable enemies
/toggle_enemy_prevCycles through targetable enemies (in reverse)
/trade Invites player to trade
/trade_accept Accepts trade request
/trade_decline Declines trade request
/trade_decline Declines trade request
/tray Toggles the tray window
/unselect Unselects currently selected thing
/whoall Print who is in your current zone

Inspirations/Enhancements Commands
/inspexec_name Activate an inspiration by name
/inspexec_slot Activate an inspiration slot in the first row
/inspexec_tray Activate an inspiration slot in the given row and column
/inspirationslot Activate an inspiration slot
/manage Go to enhancement management screen

Power Execution Commands
/powerexec_abort Cancels the auto-attack power and the queued power
/powerexec_altslot Executes the given power slot from the alternate tray
/powerexec_auto Sets the auto-attack power to given named power (or none to stop)
/powerexec_name Executes a power with the given name
/powerexec_slot Executes the given power slot from the current tray
/powerexec_unqueue Cancels the queued power
/powexec_tray Executes a power in the given tray and slot.

Replaceable Values
$target Displays the targeted value.
$archetype Displays the targeted archetype.
$origin Displays the targeted origin.
$name Displays the targeted name.
$level Displays the targeted level.
$battlecry Your character's battle cry will be used

Side Kicking
/sidekick or /sk Invite player to be your sidekick
/sidekick_accept Accepts sidekick invitation
/sidekick_decline Declines sidekick invitation
/unsidekick or No longer a mentor/sidekick

Super Group Commands
/demote Demote super group member one rank
/namecaptainRenames the captain super group rank
/nameleader Renames the leader super group rank
/namemember Renames the member super group rank
/promote Promote super group member one rank
/sg Send a message to super group channel
/sg_accept Accepts invitation to super group
/sg_decline Declines invitation to super group
/sgcreate Start a super group
/sgi or /sginvitev Invite player to join super group
/sgk Kick player from super group
/sgkick Kick player from super group
/sgleave Leave your current super group
/sgsetcostume Sets super group costume parameters
/sgsetmotd Sets the super group MOTD
/sgsetmotto Sets super group motto
/sgstats Display super group info in chat window
/supergroup Send a message to your super group channel

Team Commands
/i or /invite Invites player to join a team
/k or /kick Kicks a player from team
/leaveteam Leave your current team
/team Sends a message to team channel
/team_accept Accept team invitation
/team_decline Decline team invitation
/team_kick_internalKicks player without warning
/team_quit_internalQuits team without warning
/team_select Select team member
/team_task Give the user the specified souvenir clue

Tray Commands
/goto_tray Go to specified tray number
/next_tray Go to next tray
/next_tray_alt Go to next secondary tray
/prev_tray Go to previous tray
/prev_tray_alt Go to previous secondary tray

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