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Heltera 8.5 PVPe 24/7

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Heltera 8.5 PVPe 24/7

Server Information
Website: --> You can make an account there and your character
Port: 7171
Custom Client:

Heltera has been going in a great forward direction, over the last couple months. Lots of good ideas have been implemented and some have been skipped over because they allowed destructive game behavior. The server includes: Custom Spell, Weapons, Systems, Raids, Areas, Items and even a well balanced PVP. We are designing an economy for the server to increase interaction between them and increase the player helping player system. Currently we are working on more maps and custom towns to be added for the new players to enjoy. If you have any doubts please visit us at our forums:
We accept players of any places they can be any: Pl, Br, USA, Mx, etc.
Our staff has many people that know different languages so we can help out in any way possible our dear players.
We also, want to try and update to 8.54, but we are not in a super rush for this because they've only just released a map editor for 8.54 so when they hammer out the bugs some more we will begin looking into updating the server because currently were TFS 0.2.x, and I believe we will need to update to TFS 0.3.6 Patch level 1 sooner or later.

We have various types of raids which can vary from level 300 up to high levels. Some of the lower levels ones includes: special mages and special warriors summoned to control Venore, a spicy demon that wishes to rampage through towns, some trees that have been given life after death and last but not least the great Santa Ana Winds. Some others might include the king & queen of Tibia that recently got divorced and are in a very mad mood to deal with players.
New 3k area monsters have been introduced in the new raids which include Dwarfs, Elder Dragons, Majins & Blood Orcs. Each of these raids contains items needed for the best non-donor sets, for the fishing rod and other. There are things we have been working on lately, for example: We don’t want every quest & monsters to be the same, Also we want players to get involved with each other building some type of an economy and create the best parts of what tibia has to offer. We specifically made it so that even low-level players can obtain Green or Blue pieces of cloth from either Djinn's or Elves and rest assured they don’t drop that easily, that way the cloths can have a price on them and better the economy within the players. With low levels having something that everything wants, they can finally trade high-levels the cloths or simply keep it for themselves, now at least they have a something to look forward to.
Global raids soon to be introduced include Immortal Ravenia, Immortal Fade, Exodion and Sashra. They are strong, they are mean, and they will take your drop you without a doubt so I suggest you take a whole high level team if you want to defeat these raids.

Lots of areas to hunt in and lots of places to explore for newly players, for the those new ones who wish to find out about Heltera OT quests and hunt spots please check out:
Now we’re will be focusing on the new town that will replace the main area of the server, so that players can level from 300-1000 by walking outside the town and visiting the spawns around.
It’s a new and improved area in which players from level 600 to 1500 will be able to level up faster, it’s a new way of leveling up aside from the Black Knights and Yakchals.
Beware of all the dangers that lurk around the not so peaceful Rookgard. Monsters in it seem to be possessed by the almighty ruler, King Banor, which dominates this area and everything around him.
A brand new 3k area will be released soon which has special features added for example the global raids mentioned before, a hunt/walk system and probably some elite fishing monsters. Also it will include a new town, houses and some of the meanest monsters on Heltera.

For those less adventurous players why not try some relaxing monster fishing to clean your mind. Try your luck and pull out one of the many rare enemies to slay in order to gain money and lots of experience. You can normally use the regular fishing rod for mid levels, and maybe if you’re lucky you can obtain yourself an Expert Fishing Rod for elite monster hunting.
Now with your Dwarves Pickaxe and your trusty Mining Helmet, you will now be able to try your luck at harvesting some treasures mining at different places.

Check our ratings out in the following websites:

Item Sets
The Item Sets for Non-Donors are fully in-game and bug free, even the last minute touch on these items and bug-fixing them took over 4-5 hours.
To make the Niolith and Unundra item sets, you need a few things from the game. Depending on which item set you are looking to make let’s say for example Niolith's Helmet, you’ll need x100 green cloths, x5 natural soils and x1 Leather Helmet inside your backpack followed by a right click on a Soul Stone.
Also there are new non-donor weapons in-game as well in which you’ll need a smithing hammer, x100 steels, etc.
Here are some pictures of the sets:

On real servers, mass majority just BOT to get higher levels, grind and save money for a week to spent it away in one day of demon hunting, always grinding for nothing. Here at Heltera, it’s a lot of fun, always hunting fun monsters and having fun with balanced PVP.
We’ve spent just short of a year, making this server fun while not messing with that players like as normally CIP does. For example, we introduce better wands, runes, custom spells, always adding new custom monsters/raids, etc. This is not just some War OT, it’s actually enjoyable.
We just took out the useless boring stuff. It’s the same style as tibia, the only difference is small things like runes are unlimited, and we use potions as well as runes to heal. We understand at first glance 5-10k damage from a player to another player looks high, but when potions heal for 20k mana and cost 250k, it’s pretty much balanced.
We normally update a lot regarding in the improvement of community and our players balancing. For example, we have new potions that will temporarily improve your skills and magic levels. Also we have a very special present for our lovely free players which are the new item sets mentioned before. For warriors/archers we have introduced Niolith’s Leather Set, which among other things it will increase your stats, skills and regeneration; while gently reducing your damage by an astonishing 25%. For sorcerers/druids we have introduced Unundra's Glaciations Battle gear which just as Niolith's will have a damage reduction, a great magic level increase, and awesome regeneration. This will all be yours if you can manage to gather all the five pieces and complete the set. So we have new hunting places, new gear, and of course great new weapons which will help you take down those that dare kill you or your friends. These weapons are also special, as they can be created using a Hammer and a few pieces of metal as previously mentioned.
For those interested in helping other people will be of great benefit to you as well, as we will have our eyes open for those handy helpers who can enter a chance to win a lottery ticket for your chance to win a vacation to our beautiful Helpers Island with lots of custom houses and spawns around which can make your life easier.

Videos & Promotions

A couple of players have made some videos for the new players to watch and see how the server runs. Some of them include Genesis, Ravenia, Emigrate & Dizzy.


PVP (It’s not just high damages, you’ll be amazed how balanced it is):

Player Interaction Videos:

Some Quotes:

Forgotten Ri’can:
The server owns… it's more unique than any server you can find and tell me because I've been playing OTs for more than five years and please don’t compare it to the Pokémon one…that’s just Pokémon not tibia. I already have a one year old account on this server so I am kind off a veteran on the server.
My in-game experience was and still is amazing, trust me. You will get to see things you haven't before like for example trophy's with your name and lots of editable ~~~~ for showing off your strength and ~~~~. About the PVP, it’s perfectly balanced and you will always have fun at the wars, etc. I personally don't think the server will go down and the owner is very active and pro-player, he helps out in any way possible to make you happy and is constantly updating the server making it more and more unique.

Peace Pipe:
In the past few months stumbled across Heltera, I’ve been playing Tibia Open Servers for at least 6-7 years of my life. And so far I would have to say this one happens to be the tip top of the iceberg. The way the owners have the game play set up so that you have an easy time leveling, fun time pking (player killing) and if you kill someone higher you can gain experience, which makes pvping other players that much funnier and for you to strive for the best, but it isn't all about if your higher level you just destroy everyone else, you have the opportunity to even those odds. If you decide that you like this tibia server like I have, feel free to donate, it will benefit both you and them, seeing as they pay lots of money every month just to see that us players enjoy ourselves, so if you play and decide after awhile to donate to them, the money just doesn't disappear from you, they give it back to you in-game, with armor, weapons, new spells, lots of ways for you to enjoy the game that much more while you’re playing just for helping them to keep the server alive. This server has been running for over a year and all the players are still enjoying it, so I think that you should come by to Heltera and give it a try, play for a day, and if you can come back to me and say that server sucked, I’ll take this post, but I guarantee you all that if you know a good Open Tibia Server when you see one, you won’t want to leave Heltera.
PS: You can find me in-game as character "Peace Pipe" if you have any questions or comments, or if you enjoy the server, and want a little helping hand, I’ll be there to help you enjoy this server like I have.

Donations & Rewards

For the players that share a little of their help to keep the server up will be rewarded greatly and make you happy, lots of custom donor items are added to buff up your strength and defeat those very strong monster you never could before. You can check out some of our donation items in pictures here:

As a player you can also earn rewards for your hard work on Heltera either by being great at PVP, winning events hosted a lot of times by the GMs, discovering threatening bugs and much more. Have a sneak preview on how these rewards looks like here:

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