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Die SWG Patch Notes

Closed Thread
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Publish 14.0
March 9, 2005

In this publish we bring to you tweaks and fixes?for the GCW, some more UI loving and a new story Arc! Read on for more details.


Today begins the first part of a new epic quest series called "Secrets of the Syren"! Who is the pilot that everyone is searching for? What was the dangerous cargo he was carrying that both Imperials and Rebels want so desperately? Rebels should report immediately to the Tyrena Cantina, Imperials to the Bestine Cantina and Neutrals to the Theed Cantina!


Increased the difficulty of higher level faction base spawns. (Now that the rebel and imperial faction bases spawned entity difficulty and numbers have recently been brought into balance with each other, the difficulty of the spawns at bases higher than the forward operating bases are being increased)
PvE (non SF) faction bases can no longer have control terminal menu options for resetting their vulnerability timer (which shouldn't have been there anyhow, since PvE bases are always supposed to be vulnerable), nor can you shut them down to abort a self-destruct countdown, once started (which better fits the non-PvP nature of these bases).
Added hacked terminal and base destruction alarms to factional bases
Added exterior reinforcement spawner to hacked factional bases
Decreased point cost of faction turrets
Decreased point cost of the factional forward operating bases
Factional base deeds should now indicate what faction they are for by their name.
Increased GCW point value of factional bases for all bases higher than Forward Operating Base
Slightly increased cost of Tactical Center to bring it in line with the increased toughness of its spawns
Fixed an issue where Imperial guards were spawning and entering Moenian cantinas
Fixed rank display in recruiter conversations
News terminals will now always open the news headlines when you double click on them
Fixed several bad faction base objective-terminal spawn locations and orientations
Fixed terminals only working if you were special forces
Added roving security personnel to hacked factional bases
Fixed a bug where objects could block players from entering factional bases
Changed how GCW faction perk costs are changed based on GCW status. There was a bug that caused items to get cheaper as you started to lose. This was incorrect and backwards. If you are losing, items get more expensive on that planet.


Fixed a bug where AI would warp when moving towards a destination (such as fleeing, etc.)


There are 4 new key bindings that are not mapped to any key-binding at this time.? When bound, they should filter out friends and enemies in a previous next manner?
Player movement should now feel "snappier" (run, walk and turn rates have been accelerated)
Hovering over a blip on the radar will display tooltip information about the blip.
Fixed an issue where the buff window would reset when a player logged out or relogged.
Planetmap should honor the show all cities flag.
Fixed an issue where players could not run through streetlamps
If the quest journal is open when a task or quest completes, it will now update correctly.
Duplicate journal entries will only be displayed once. (e.g. Darn Droid listed a speak task 3 times before).
Destroy, loot, and timer tasks will have a progress counter in the journal. (e.g.. "Killed: 2/10" will show in the journal description for a kill 10 worrts task).
Tooltips on the radar will now display instantly
The waypoint window in the datapad window will no longer overlap the checkboxes in the detail view
Radar opacity should ignore UI opacity setting
Improved double click options:
Double-clicking on NPCs will display the appropriate messages and perform the proper actions.
Double-clicking an incapacitated player will death-blow them.?
Double-clicking on your mount will mount or dismount you.
Double-clicking on a crafting station will start a crafting session with a compatible crafting tool in your inventory


Giant Canyon and Krayt Ancient Dragons should drop pearls at their normal drop rate
Nightsisters should drop crystals at their normal drop rate
Fixed a problem with all high-end loot drop rates
Fixed an issue that no longer allows dead players to loot factional pets and dead players

Player Cities

Fixed a problem where some Mayors cannot send ingame emails to citizens

Player Event Perks

Changed faction perk gating to fix coverts not being able to wear armor

Vet Rewards

Anti Decay Kits that were placed inside house containers such as a bookcase or armoire will now have a "Pickup" radial menu option.


Fixed an issue where players would experience a crash to desktop in /alarmsnooze if no alarms were previously set
Japanese Localization Fixes
Fixed some issues that would cause players to crash to desktop
If you are experiencing a bug in game please use the /bug reporting feature and provide as much details as possible to help us fix this problem.

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Live - March 10, 2005
Publish 0.116070


-Player placed gardens should no longer register themselves on the planetary map


-Giant Canyon and Krayt Ancient Dragons should drop pearls at their normal drop rate
-Nightsisters should drop crystals at their normal drop rate

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March 15, 2005
Publish 0.116546


-Based upon community feedback we have tuned down the "snappy" movement. Please provide all feedback on the snappy movement in the focus thread located in the "In Live" forums
-Changed default user interface keymap to "Star Wars Galaxies"
-Fixed a bug where a player could loot a corpse when dead when using the radial menu
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March 16, 2005
Publish 0.116655

-Server Stability Enhancements

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Publish 14.1
March 24, 2005

Galaxy-wide Vendor Search is here!

Have you ever wanted to search for an item to buy without having to travel across the entire planet randomly checking vendors. Well now you can! We have enhanced the functionality of our bazaar terminals to include the ability to search all player vendors for items you may be looking for. This new feature will greatly improve how vendors are handled in the game. Read on for more information.

The purpose of vendor search function is to allow vendor owned items to be searched from anywhere in the galaxy. This will include the following functions:

-Each vendor owner can decide whether to allow his or her vendors to be searchable in the market. There is an option for vendor owners to turn on/off the search option on his or her vendor. The vendor owner will be able to find current search option settings for each of his or her vendor(s)
-When a vendor owner turns on the search option, a player should be able to go to any bazaar and list all items owned by this vendor
When a vendor owner turns off the search option, the vendor is no longer listed in the galaxy-wide network search. With this search option turned off, vendor owners have the ability to conduct private auctions. Players will need to physically go to the vendor and click "Use Vendor" to list items from this vendor.
Vendor Status
-For all the existing vendors, the default option is set to no. Players have to go to their vendors and enable this search option. For all future vendors, this option is set to yes by default. For vendor owners to check if the search option is on or off do the following:

Select the Vendor you wish to turn search on/off for
From the radial menu choose "Vendor Control"
Once you have selected "Vendor Control" then choose "Status"
A pop-up window will show if the search option is on or off
PA Hall Leadership Succession

In the current live environment, a PA does not automatically handle the case where a PA leader has retired from the game. This condition results in leaderless PAs, often with active members who wish to continue to run the guild. In order to resolve this system, we will implement an automated PA succession system.

The existing "Allegiance" system interface will be removed. Instead, guild leaders will be able to turn on voting at any time. Every two weeks, the votes will be tallied and a new guild leader selected. This is to allow guilds the option of a democratic process. Not all guilds will want to enable this option. Guild leader voting will default to off.

PA Hall Leadership Succession
There are now two methods for PA Hall Leadership Succession: direct leadership transfer and leader elections as explained below.

Direct Transfer
Direct leadership transfer is executed by the current PA leader at the PA management terminal. The leader would select the "Transfer PA Leadership" option at the terminal. They are then prompted to enter the name of the person who will receive leadership. This person must be online and be standing near the terminal. The person who will receive leadership must also have enough lots free to take ownership of the PA hall. If they satisfy the requirements, the PA leadership and the PA hall ownership will be transferred to them. If they do not satisfy the requirements, the existing leader will receive a message as to why the change could not be made. Trial accounts are not eligible for leadership or PA hall ownership.

During the regular weekly PA maintenance, the system will examine the last login time of the PA leader. If they have not logged in for one month, the system will send an email warning to the PA members. The warning will explain that the leader has not been active and that a voting process for a new leader has been opened.

The voting process will use the same interface as player city voting. Three options will become available on the guild management terminal during voting:

Register / Unregister - Any full PA member may run for election. They would select this option to add themselves to the ballot. Only members on the ballot are eligible for election. Any guild member in normal standing can register to run. Sponsored applicants will not be eligible to run.
Cast Vote - This option allows a member to select who they wish to vote for. They may also choose to abstain. A member may change their vote at any time
View Standings - allows the player to look at who is currently registered and how many votes they have received.
Exactly two weeks after the election is started, the votes will be tallied. The individual with the most votes will become leader of the PA.

In many cases, the owner of a PA hall and the PA leader will be different characters. In order to prevent a PA from losing a PA hall due to the absence of the hall owner, PA leaders now have a limited ability to claim PA halls they do not own. A new guild terminal option "Accept PA Hall" will appear (for guild leader) if the hall owner has not logged in for 28 days. Once the guild leader owns the hall, the structure may be transferred to another player using the /transferStructure command.

Profession Dancer

-Added new dance (Tumble) to Dancing Knowledge I
-Added new dance (Tumble2) to Dancing Knowledge II
-Added new dance (Breakdance) to Dancing Knowledge III
-Added new dance (Breakdance2) to Dancing Knowledge IV
-Removed the 15sec delay between stopping one song or dance and starting a new song or dance.
-Removed chance of making a mistake while dancing.
Profession Musician

-Added new song (Starwars4) to Novice Musician skill box.
-Added new song (Funk) to Music Knowledge II
-Removed the 15sec delay between stopping one song or dance and starting a new song or dance.

Profession - Image Designer

Reduced Image Designer skill point costs by 16 by reducing each skill box between Novice Image Designer and Master Image Designer by one point.
Removed Image Designer action timers for Body and Cosmetic changes


Quests with timers now display the timer in the quest journal.
Quest News, our quest reporters have been digging around and were able to bring you the following quest news stories:
Story Arc: Secrets of the Syren, Chapter two; More Than You Bargained For
Breaking News: Information has been received regarding the missing freighter pilot from Naboo. While this information has not been made public, a Rebel Officer in Tyrena as well as an Imperial Officer in Bestine and a private citizen in Theed have all been seen in talks with the various parties involved in the search. This raises the question of the seriousness of this situation. Parties involved in the initial search for this pilot are encouraged to talk to their initial contact.
Quest: Enough!
From the journal of a holonews reporter: Looks like the fighting was rather rough in Corellia space today. I had the opportunity to actually see some of the fighting. I could kick myself for not bringing my holo-recorder! It appeared to end in a draw, but of course I can't actually report that! Interestingly, two ships crashed: one on Talus and the other on Corellia. Sources tell me t-hat an Imperial officer named Ceth Laike at the Imperial Outpost in Talus is looking for the pilot of one of these ships. A Rebel named Acun Solari in Tyrena is looking for the other. I hope they didn't land in bad spots. Sometimes the local gangs salvage parts off of downed ships

Quest: Imperial Defector
### $!?? Encrypted transmission from Jom Irimore, Rebel Alliance cell member in Tyrena to Teslo Ten'doora at the base. Sir, I have a new contact. Another member of the Imperial Military (a high-ranking one, I might add) is going to supply us with information. I'll send someone to bring him to you as soon as possible. I trust in this officer's defection. Apparently, his entire family was on Alderaan. End transmission ^#)%)()(@!#^###
Quest: Rebel Informant
To: Lt. Allard Lissara
From: Jaek Vercet, Imperial Representative to Moenia

You were correct, sir. Those rebels are starting to cave. One of them came to me, telling me about a rift in the Alliance's leadership. He's willing to give us information if we offer him immunity for his treason. I leave that decision to you. I'm laying low in one of the buildings in town and will need to send someone to bring the Rebel to you.


Fixed an issue where Jedi are able to heal other Jedi in incorrect cases
Player Event Perks

A number of new venues and decorations have been added to the player event promoter NPC
Player event decorations can now be rotated. You can now use a radial menu on Rental Deeds for Player Event Perks to check how much time they have before they expire. Many Player Event Perks can now be redeeded. By using the radial menu, the owner of a Player Event Perk may check how long the perk has before it expires.


Text changes made to the Popup help
Fixed a problem with the camera rotation spin
Changed UI options text from "Default (Modeless)" to "MMORPG Modeless"
Changed default user interface keymap to "Star Wars Galaxies
It is no longer possible to configure the UI to use modal chat while in one of the new modeless user interfaces.
You can now turn with the keyboard while holding down left mouse button while using the default keymap
Several optimizations to client terrain and flora rendering which should show increased frame-rate, especially during movement. Some players may find they can increase terrain detail and/or flora distances and still get good frame rate
Optimizations to water code to improve client performance. Water detail control currently does nothing.
Fixed an issues where water fountains were not showing the "water"

Removed donate resource option from faction HQ terminals

Group Loot Options

The group leadership and master looter will no longer transfer to another member when crossing a server boundary, traveling, etc.
Droids and pets can no longer be made leaders or master looters


Fixed a bug where the s-foils on the b-wing were not opening and closing upon command


We have expanded the viewing range on all player structures. This means they will now be visible sooner upon approaching them.
Owners of houses with access fees will no longer receive a message when someone tries to enter the house but can't pay the fee. This message will go to the person attempting to enter the house instead.
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Version 0.117554

Group Loot

Fixed a loot bug where no player feedback would be given if the corpse was empty when using /loot


Fixed an issue that was causing timers to not always show up in the quest journal
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Publish 0.117734
March 29, 2005


-Fixed a bug where a crafting tool can hang while loading schematic.
-Fixed recyclers, the tumble blender, and the agitator motor.

-Fixed bug where guilds could no longer be placed on the Entry or Ban lists using "guild:abbreviation"
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Publish 0.118054
March 31, 2005

Player Event Perks

-Fixed an issue preventing the jukebox from playing.

-Eased the faction base placement restrictions

-Improve server stability
-Fixed issue where objects could not be moved up or down in one of the rooms of the Corellian small style 2 house
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Live - April 1, 2005
Version 0.11825

Group Loot

-Jedi can no longer tune force crystals or krayt pearls in the lottery loot window.
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Hier die neusten paar:

Live - April 18, 2005
Version 0.119880

Vendor Search
Fix text clipping in the commodities min/max price filter window
Improved commodities category search to include individual item type.
Improved commodities category search for factory crates to include the actual item inside the crate.

Faction bases now can be placed in clusters of 3. There can be no more than 3 bases within 600 meters of one another.

Modify containment system to prevent CS from accidentally putting players in their inventory (stop laughing =P )
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Ums mal etas zu erneuern:

May 6th, 2005
Version 0.122156

Adjusted Hitpoint & Damage balance for Elite & Boss NPCs.
Adjusted loot randomization for Elite & Boss NPCs such that they are more likely to drop loot with better stats. Added Snare & Root resistances to certain high level NPCs.
Extended the timer for the Blackscale Processing Camp instance to 90 minutes.
Hssissk Bloodscale has been moved out from under the wooden platform.

Fixed an issue where the cockpit of a player spaceship would disappear after dying.

Master Badges Temporarily Disabled

Master badges will not be awarded until after the /respec process is over.

Live - Version 0.122039
May 5th, 2005


Fixed a bug causing some AI to not use all of their special attacks.

Fixed a problem where the avatars right arm would go through the acid launcher or heavy beam cannon

Balance Pass for Dathomir, Yavin IV, Lok and GCW

Fixed the examine information for Pet Instant Stimpacks. These were showing 0 power.
Fixed ability to call multiple pets simultaneously from the same PCD
Fixed some issues with the chat bubbles "bouncing.
Removed posture change chat messages from showing in the chat window
Combat spam has been reduced to its proper amount.

Character creation and armor hueing now show valid palettes.
Changed "OK" to "Yes" in /respec dialog box message to match the button
Bleed particles should now play in the correct location

Updated the icon for taunt.
Updated the Icon textures with revised icons.
Hooked up chatter commands to use a new style icon.
Abilities that inflict a combat state on a target should now display the proper icon
On your next login, all "old-style" icons for commands that are now invalid will be cleaned out of your toolbar
Fixed crates of converted Personal Shield Generators. PSGs that were pulled from converted crates were not getting assigned the correct protection values and recharge rate. The PSGs already pulled from crates have also been fixed.
Added conversion rules for Vibro Blade Components.
Converted the quest version of the E11 Carbine to the E11 Mark II Carbine.
Sitting regen rates have been more than doubled
Medical actions can no longer be performed while paralyzed
Damage taken from an attack or DoT will now remove paralyze effects
Sitting regen rates have been more than doubled
Berserk particles now wear off when the berserk buff wears off, not two minutes later
Bacta Spray particles have been reduced for players receiving the heal
Adjusted the value and duration for the /infect ability

Inspirations should give proper experience bonuses now.
Fixed typo in inspiration text
Deathblow text will be sent to players around the combatants as well as the combatants.
Added a Level 30 Carbine to the Weaponsmith Schematics
Added the Alliance Disruptor to the WeaponSmith Schematics
Reduced lightsaber Force costs by 50%
Added in BactaShot 2 to Doctor Master
ImageDesigner: removed the obsolete stat migration button
Slightly reduced Force Powers costs
Medical abilities that are not intended to work on incapacitated or dead targets will no longer work on incapacitated or dead targets
Next professsion field in skills window enlarged to show 7 entries, to support Marksman->Squad Leader
Changed chance-to-tame formula for creature handlers to ensure that you have a chance to tame and can call any pet that you should be able to tame according to your "tame level" skill. You still need at least some Tame Vicious Creatures skill in order to tame or call aggressive creatures. In general, if your tame level is 70, then you should have a chance of taming and be able to call any creature up to level 70, without additional skill bonuses from species or skilltapes. Tame bonus, tame wild animals and tame vicious creatures bonuses will still be useful in taming creatures in fewer attempts, but will no longer make the difference between being able to make the attempt
Fixed conceal icon not being removed if you traveled to a different planet or on login.
Fixed conceal being removed if you traveled within the same planet
Fixed conceal not working on some planets
Fixed conceal not being removed if you had yourself targeted

Sunday night, May 1, 2005
In a galaxy far, far away....

A few members of the Rage of the Wookiees Dev team participated in an in-game event last night. Click here to read about what happened and to participate in tonight's event!

May 1, 2005
Version 0.121608


LightSaber attacks should no longer drain force when out of range
Anti-Decay Kits will now work on LightSabers

You can now use /respec instead of /ui action skillsRespec
Respec points that are leftover after a respec are now preserved until your next respec
Changed respec confirmation message to better reflect the process
Players will not earn master badges as long as they are eligible to respec. Badges will be granted for master skills that the player has once he is no longer eligible to respec.
Creatures / NPCs

Krayt Dragons have had their difficulty increased.
Elite mobs now have an indicator icon

You should now be able to use the /consent and /unconsent commands on your target without having to type the player name
On your next login, all "old-style" icons for commands that are now invalid will be cleaned out of your toolbar
Visual effect appears again for personal shield generators.
Fixed the characters not scaling
Player animations have been fixed and should appear smooth and lifelike.
Escape key now correctly causes all toolbar actions (that haven't already started) to stop
Changed Height of Target Window to match Personal HAM window
Centered Target Level in the CON shield in Target Window.
Made the Group UI background invisible.
Removed a erroneous graphical element from the group UI
When in combat, the name of the currently targeted object will flash if it is attackable or is an enemy

Disabled death-penalty cybernetics.
CharacterSheet: the cybernetics button should only appear if the player is actually wearing a cybernetic piece

Prevented weapon bolts from passing through their targets

The Teras Kasi power boost ability should now give you a buff icon
Droid stimpack dispensor modules should now function properly
The Jedi "forceMeditate" and Teras Kasi "meditate" commands must be done while the player is sitting on the ground. They will no longer automatically put the player in a sitting posture.
Fixed a CTD when using the /cover ability.
Healing an opponent while dueling should heal yourself.
/conceal should again function
Mask Scent and Conceal should no longer be broken by combat
Added buff icons for conceal and mask scent

Players can now invite a group to a chat room by doing a "group invite" on the leader of the group. This can be accomplished in two different ways.
By using the new "invite group" button has been added to the chat room invite dialog.T
Through a chat command - /chatroom invitegroup [room name]

Particle effects should no longer go off when you enter/exit vehicle.

Drinks purchased from bartender should now be able to be consumed

Chimaera Combat Upgrade Conversion - Return of Lost Skill Gain!

Please accept our sincere thanks for your patience with the issues that surfaced following the Combat Upgrade conversion. We realize that losing character assets is frustrating and we appreciate your support as we worked through the resolution. We have worked out a process with our Customer Service Department to return to you any skills you lost due to the Combat Upgrade conversion.

Customer Service will verify and assist customers who have lost skills due to the rollback. They will not, however, replace any items or credits lost during that time.

To initiate return of skills please follow the steps outlined below:

Log in to the game on Chimaera with the affected character
Submit a Customer Service ticket with the category of Account/Billing: Registration Information. (It is very important you use this specific category).
Please make sure that you submit the ticket from the character affected. If multiple characters (main character and Jedi character) were affected on your account, please make sure you list both character names in your ticket. There is no need to stay online, the reparation can occur regardless of your log in status.

Customer Service is committed to correcting all affected accounts. Your patience with the process is appreciated.

Additionally, during the week of *May 2 - May 12, 2005, any time players of Chimaera log in and play their chosen character(s), they will earn 4 times the eXPerience.

Again, thank you for your patience throughout the Combat Upgrade conversion process. We appreciate your support.

*The XP Bonus will only be available beginning Monday May 2, 2005 at 12:01AM PDT and ending Thursday May 12th at 11:59 PM PDT.

Live April 29th
Version 0.121430

Some AI have learned the art of the death blow.
Increasing values of accuracy and defense buffs and debuffs for a more noticable effect

Loot drops that consist of stacks of items, such as a stack of Krayt Dragon Tissue, cannot be directly used as a crafting ingredient. An item must be removed from the stack and used instead.

All DoT messages should now be displayed as combat spam instead of system messages

Entering a structure that an AI does not have permission to enter, causes the AI to exit combat.
You should no longer be able to attempt to use a medical enhancer if you do not have the appropriate command
The squad leader /boostMorale command should now work a little better when the group has a very small number of wounds

Pets now follow their master after exiting combat
Pets now understand the guard command again
Fixed role icon issues with pets joining the group
Pets will no longer have Action or Mind wounds
Vehicles / Mounts

Fixed problem where avatar would stand up if a weapon was equipped while driving a vehicle
Performing medical actions while mounted should no longer attempt to execute the command
Fixed a problem where holding a weapon while driving a vehicle or sitting in a chair in space could cause the avatar's back to go through chair

Color palettes are properly formatted
Fixed a bug where the experience bars in the skill screen would sometimes be in the wrong place
Heads should no longer twitch when targeting another player, NPC, or creature.
Icons now show up for advanced and improved actions in the skills granted section of the skills window
Added "Queued" message to tooltip of queued command in the toolbar
Inventory windows now default to having the examine window open, for new characters
Loading Screen Fixes

Combat Upgrade
April 27th, 2005

Things to know about the Character Respec Process

Jedi and The Force Ranking System (FRS)

In order for Jedi players to be able to respec along with the other Combat Professions, we are going to have to turn off the Force Ranking System. Without going into too much detail, the FRS is a system that "sits on top" of the Jedi skill boxes. Unless we wipe the FRS entirely and turn it off during the respec period, Jedi will not be able to alter their player templates.
All FRS ranking, skills and titles will go away (Knight/Master titles will stay). The Knight Trials will be turned off. We intend to bring FRS back as soon as possible, and will be making improvements to the system while it is offline.
The Character Respec Process

When you log in to the game you will receive a pop-up box. This box will give you a brief explanation of the respec process as well as the slash command to re-access it at a later time if you choose. You will then see an option to be taken to the respec screen. The selections on this screen are:

If you choose never, you will still have access to the initial screen by typing in /respec

If you choose later, you will receive the pop up box on your next play session.
If you choose yes, you will be taken to the respec screen.
The next screen contains a lot of information so be sure that you read it ALL before progressing. There are automated help bubbles to assist you with this process.

The respec screen looks similar to the skill tree. You will manipulate your skill points on this screen. The only skills that will be able to be respec'd are the combat skills.

Players may respec their skills once every 12 hours for two weeks from the initial login for Combat Upgrade - however there may come a time where we may need to withdraw this down the road.

Professions that can respec:

Teras Kasi
Squad Leader
Bounty Hunter
Combat Medic
Creature Handler
The Level Each Color Represents in the Creature / NPC "Con" Color Chart

Grey - Too low - Minimal experience, not worth fighting.
Green - A small amount of experience, should be an easy fight, could be trouble if there are more than 1 or 2 opponents.
Blue - Ideal target, decent experience 1 on 1, but could be tough if there are 2 or more opponents.
White - Even Target 1 on 1; good fight
Yellow - Dangerous fight; stronger than you, but you might win. Good luck!
Red - Very dangerous fight. Unlikely you will beat this opponent
Purple - Certain Death
Vendors / Vendor Search

Items that are on vendors need to be removed from the vendor and relisted in order to show the proper stats
Known issues - We will be publishing a hotfix once they pass internal testing

Some low-level creatures and NPCs have old weapons with added elemental damage, so they can do twice the expected amount of damage.
Pets sometimes run away from their masters. They usually return quickly, and tend to do it right after combat ends. Make sure you confirm your pet is where you expect it to be before you start that next battle!
Weapon certifications have a bug where some low level weapons require high level certifications, making them not very useful.
Targets in space have a big red health bar over them, like targets on the ground. Just makes space a bit ugly.
Krayts and other mobs are not entering the world at the correct level
Hints and Tips from the Community

Remember that everything has changed.
Treat it just like you are playing a new game and having to learn about it.
Many of the special abilities are on different timers. Pay attention how long your special abilities take to complete and which "cool-down" groups they are in. Then, you can time your attacks so that while one attack is "cooling down", you can use your other attack to stay in the fight!
Don't SPAM! Combat is different and you need to pay attention to what is going on
Know your recoveries!
Keep an eye on that Action Bar!
Don't "assume" that specials will do what they did before the upgrade.
Use the Line of Sight, use the -ROOT- Attacks, and make sure before going in understand that your first move my not be the right move all of the time.
Always consider adding your state recovery abilities on your toolbar for fast access - - especially Knock Down Recovery.
After traveling, make sure to store your vehicle before entering combat. It can save extra wear and tear on it by preventing NPC's and creatures from attacking it if you leave it out in the world.
If you are incapacitated, be sure to turn your auto-attack off while laying on the ground otherwise when you get up your attack will go off and you could be incapacitated again by getting the attention of an angry creature or NPC!
If you turn combat spam to brief mode (options->misc), you can drag the combat tab to its own window and make it small, you can have a nice view of combat taken/delivered without sacrificing the chat window. To enhance this, set up sentence colorization to your name and you can differentiate yourself from other people in combat.
See your local chef for Dustcrepe and Jaar; they can provide an instant cure for Disease and Poison, respectively. These will be useful to have around for combatants without a Doctor present. Your local chef can also provide Cavaellin Cremes and Starshine Surprise! Both of these will decrease incapacitation time. While you respec your character, you can save yourself some time in the respec window by double-clicking on the skill boxes you want to take, instead of clicking on it and selecting 'add'.
Listening to an entertainer for a few minutes will give you a percentage bonus to most forms of experience gain for several hours. New players/characters: be sure to listen to an entertainer or pick up entertainer yourself - - it works in camps out in the field too!
If you're getting lower than expected damage with your typical weapon, swap over to a weapon with the other damage type (kinetic/energy) if you have one. It often makes a big difference.
Watch your action/mind bars! If they drop too far, your auto-attack will shut down and you'll need to re-attack! The fastest way to die is to just be standing there because you didn't realize that you weren't attacking.
If you have medic skills, using them in a fight can buy you time to get your action bar recharged. If action gets low, slap down heals for a few cycles to give it a chance to recharge; they drain little enough action that your regen will outpace the amount they use, and the heals will mostly counter or even outpace the damage you're taking.
If your target BAFs, run and gun. The friends will eventually drop away and you can finish your target.
You can no longer solo a Krayt, so don't try!
When you see a RED con, it REALLY means you will not win!
Weapons have Max ranges, use your "roots" and "snares" to your advantage
Deathblow - Creatures and NPCs who perform deathblow will currently do them every time, and from range. You need to be careful out there!
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Publish 17.0
Major Features

Multi-Passenger Vehicles

Multi-passenger vehicles have been added to Star WarsTM Galaxies! There are a total of 8 vehicles that now have ground-based, multi-passenger functionality.

Existing Vehicles

Previous versions of these vehicles will now have multi-passenger capabilities. For example, if you already own an X34 speeder, your vehicle can now carry another passenger!
Flash Speeder

New Vehicles

Master Artisans craft these new multi-passenger vehicles (in addition to existing vehicles).
AB-1 (new)
XP-38 (new)
V-35 SoroSuub Carrier (new) also known as "the Lars family speeder".

Multi Passenger Commands

/offerRide -- asks the target player if they would like to accept a ride. This command also appears on the radial menu. The "offer ride" menu will not show up if the target passenger is already mounted onto the vehicle.
/acceptRide -- Passenger accepts the ride.
/declineRide -- Passenger declines the ride.

Once a passenger accepts the ride, they are placed inside the vehicle and can ride along. Passengers can click on the vehicle to get the Enter/Exit Vehicle menu, which will drop them out of the vehicle. Drivers will be unable to kick people from the passenger group until they exit the vehicle. When the driver of a vehicle exits the vehicle, everyone else in the passenger group will too.

New Player Tutorial

Star WarsTM Galaxies is getting a new quest-based Tutorial and New Player Experience! Now, the new player experience starts at the beginning with character creation. Players will still be able to choose from a selected set of clothing choices for their new character. Players will no longer choose a profession and start the game with all of the novice boxes trained. Starting in the space station, new players will learn the basic skills of moving, shooting, and communicating. Once they have mastered those basic skills they are taken to Mos Eisley where their mentor, Trehla Keelo, will train them in the fundamental systems of the Star WarsTM Galaxies experience.

Character Transfer with Items

The character transfer service will now optionally include some items in the player inventory.

Other Publish Notes:

Players may occasionally start seeing a ?[DEVL]? text message in their chat window. If you see this message in the game during a time when you are having a problem and send in a /bug report, please include the complete name of the string you receive with [DEVL]. If possible, please let us know what you were doing at the time.


Fixed an issue with the Kashyyyk Bantha's mouth.
Asteroid hit effects no longer extensively clip into other asteroids.

Artificial Intelligence

As a player becomes higher in level than an NPC or creature, the aggro radius vs. the AI becomes smaller. A gray con will never aggro. The exception to this is Imperial and Rebel NPC enemies who will still have a full aggro radius.
In cities, most thugs should no longer aggro players.
Added fly-text over creatures and NPCs when they assist and enter combat.
Added fly-text over creatures and NPCs when players are in the aggro radius of the AI in cases when the creature/NPC sees you re-capacitate (get up after being incapacitated, but not dead yet). This means you have a small amount of time to get away from the creature or NPC to prevent re-aggro.
Creatures and NPCs will stop combat with players when they enter any player owned structure. Prior to this, creatures and NPCs only stopped combat when entering a private player structure.
Creatures and NPCs will ignore players that are in player buildings.
Fixed a case where players would stay in combat when traveling from a ground zone to any other zone.
Fixed cases where creatures and NPCs would not fight back
Fixed an issue where attacking NPCs would aim and then lower their weapon between attacks
Creatures and NPCs should no longer migrate towards the center of the planet
Adjusted creature and NPC aggros and assists
Creature and NPC Assist radius has been slightly increased
Creature and NPC Aggro radius has been slightly increased.


Updated the personal light functionality to automatically turn the personal light on at night and off during the day unless the player has toggled it - then it is left alone for the remainder of the session (press CTRL-L to turn your personal light on and off
Attempting to move forward by using a keyboard control or by using the mouse while also trying to move backwards using the keyboard at the same time will result in the avatar moving backwards.
If you are using the MMORPG(Modeless) keyboard controls, it is now possible to camera orbit around a character that's mounted on a vehicle.


Improved commodities category search so that factory crates will be included based on the actual item inside the crate.
Added min and max price filter UI to the vendor search
Auction items and vendor items can now be filtered on item name. NOTE: At this time, only crafted items are guaranteed to be searchable by name
Fixed an issue with text clipping in the commodities min/max price filter window

Client Stability

Improved client stability


You can now /con another player
Wounds to stats other than HEALTH will automatically be healed upon logging in.
Deathblow text will be sent to players around the combatants as well as the combatants.
Increased XP grants for killing aggressive, pack and killer NPCs. NPCs that are aggressive or assist each other will give a 5% bonus XP amount. NPCs that will perform a deathblow will also give a 5% bonus XP amount
Fixed Lair XP grants: Lairs should now give the correct XP again for destroying them
Attacking a lair will put you in combat for a short period of time
Commands that fail due to a bad state or posture will give feedback about why the command failed
Fixed an issue that caused mission generated NPC's to spawn with higher than intended statistics
Fixed an issue that caused combat spam to not display correctly for auto-attacks
Fixed an issue with kill-credit assessment. Now if an NPC or creature does the majority of damage (over 65%) to a target then no one will get kill rights
Fixed an issue with combat states. If a creature or NPC is chasing you, you will now be in combat. Previously there were cases where you would not hear combat music, but a creature or NPC would be chasing you
A 5 second warm-up, 1 second execution time, and 5 sec cool-down has been added for the deathblow ability
Creature damage ranges are now larger but average damage done remains the same. This was done to help tankers take less damage on average than the other professions so they may better fulfill their role in combat
Buff bars will properly display buffs
Buffs should now be removed from players upon death
You should no longer be able to use a stimpack when you are at full health
Fixed an issue in the buff system that affects persisted buffs, potentially greatly increasing their time to be active
You should no longer attempt to attack yourself when auto-attack is on and you target yourself
Camouflage kits are now usable from the button bar
Fixed an issue with duration of Berserk particle effect. Particle should now vanish when the Berserk buffs wears off
Fix an issue where the (Out of Range) meter did not display correctly on larger creatures
Increased level range of mobs in Kachirho
Level pass adjustment for Dantooine
Level pass adjustment for Endor
Level pass adjustment for Naboo
Level pass adjustment for Tatooine.


Camouflage Kits are now usable by non-Rangers. Any player may now self-apply a camouflage kit to gain a small conceal buff. This buff is less effective than if a Ranger had applied the camouflage, but it should aid crafters in avoiding the unwanted attention of critters near their installations. Also, camouflage kits are now usable from the button bar
Crafting weapons will now grant the appropriate General or Weapon Crafting XP
Recyclers will now be craftable again


Krayt Dragons have had their difficulty increased.


Added a radial menu option for Wookiees to be able to turn their chest plates into 3 pieces so they can wear Cybernetics with Wookiee chest plates. Old Wookiee chest plates must be converted before they can work with Cybernetics (Armorsmiths have new schematics for these pieces).


"Program Droid" flight commands radial menu option no longer appears a droid control device if the player is not a pilot.


Level pass adjustment for the Corellian Corvette
The launch terminal on the Avatar Space Platform will now only have the options to launch or eject from the station. Double clicking on the terminal will default to the launch option.

Galactic Civil War

Updated NPC levels for GCW base spawns.
Faction bases now can be placed in clusters of 3. There can be no more than 3 bases within 600 meters of one another.
Fixed "attack" and "guard" default command setup for faction perk NPCs and droids.


Pet Armor should function correctly.
Pets will no longer have Action or Mind wounds
Some rare pets have traded hitpoints for bonus damage and armor
All group members can see pet health bars in a group.

Profession: Armorsmith

Armorsmiths can now craft Wookiee armor chest plates with 3 pieces so Wookiees can wear Cybernetics with Wookiee chest plates
Increased condition on Factional armor
Lowered complexity on armor segments and cores.

Profession: Bio-Engineer

Using /sampleDNA will no longer set off your auto attack
Bio-Engineer Pet Levels should now function properly
Bio-Engineer Pet Re-sampling should now function properly. Crafted pets should be able to be re-sampled and reused to craft new DNA
Bio-Engineered creatures should now be usable and have reasonable balance for their level. Crafted pet levels should be appropriate for the stats the crafted creature receives
Bio-Engineered pets from before the Combat Upgrade should convert to a usable state when called. (Old armor values will be replaced by new ones, appropriate to the creature's level)
Crafted pets should fight reasonably well for their level
Fixed an issue where un-balanced bio-engineered pets could be created
Bio-Engineer Pet Stats fixed to have an effect on function
Each of the following DNA traits now affect new attributes:
Hardiness: Health
Endurance: Health Regen Rate
Fortitude: General Protection (Base Armor)
Dexterity: Defense Value
Cleverness: To Hit Value
Power: Min/Max Damage
Intellect: Reduces the effectiveness of intimidated, stun, dizzy, and blinded state effects.*
Fierceness: Adds a small chance for each attack to be a critical hit.
Dependability: Adds a small chance for the creature to absorb half damage on a hit (critical save).
Courage: Aggro generation bonus added to normal attacks.
* This doesn?t reduce the chance the state effect will be applied, but reduces the amount it impacts the pet's ability to fight. Dizzy, for example, makes the pet less likely to hit and more likely to be hit. A dizzy pet with high state resist will fight better in that condition.

Profession: Creature Handler

Using /tame will no longer set off your auto attack
Pets will no longer have Action or Mind wounds
When taming vicious creatures, if a creature handler is unable to call a high-level vicious creature, the player should receive a message with details why the pet cannot be called
Fixed an issue with Creature Handler skill progressions and XP caps
Non-CH pet damage will now reduce XP amounts granted and possibly result in no kill rights. CH pet damage will still count towards CH XP
Motley Kaadu and Plodding Falumpaset are now tamable
Lowered the Cu-Pa and Dwarf Bantha to level 10.

Profession: Doctor

Fixed an issue that caused Bacta Infusion effect to persist forever

Profession: Droid Engineer

Droids with Detonation Modules in them will now properly damage their targets again. Damage output of the Detonation Droid was adjusted to match the new balance of the Combat Upgrade. Detonation Droids now do Kinetic base damage plus a 10% bonus damage of Heat
Droid repair modules should repair the proper attributes
Crafting Droid Armor Module 5 and 6 should no longer require a Composite Armor Segment.

Profession: Dancers, Entertainers, Musicians

Added the ability to set a /covercharge for performers.
Performers can now set themselves to have a cover charge. Use the command /covercharge . You can reset it by /covercharge 0 or null)
Audience members who "watch" or "listen" to the performer will get a pop up box asking if they wish to pay the cover charge.
Once the performance is complete, the performer will receive the cover charge funds when the audience member stops listening/watching.
More than one audience member at a time may pay the cover charge and view the performance.
Inspirations should give proper experience bonuses now.
Fixed a typo in the inspiration buff text.
Extended performer experience rewards to all members of the buffer's band
Extended experience types affected by inspiration buff.

Profession: Jedi

Fixed an issue with Force Breach: Force Breach now has a 50% chance to strip each beneficial Force Enhancement from the target. Lightsaber elemental damage amounts will now correctly update any time a crystal/pearl is added or removed from the saber. Fixed some issues with Jedi healing that caused incorrect amounts of Force power to be used. Added a de-buff icon for the Force Choke effect. Fixed incorrect buff icons for Force Resist Bleeding, Force Resist Poison, Force Resist Disease, Force Resist States and Force Cloak.

Professions: Ranger

A recipe for traveling Kashyyyk with enhanced stealth has been devised. See Achonnko in the Rryatt Trail for more details.

Profession: Rifleman

The "Cover" command should work correctly now. A player that moves during a command warm-up will get a message saying the command has been canceled, and the warm-up timer will be removed.

Profession: Shipwright

Added a variety of craftable mining lasers, cargo holds, and a craftable tractor beam. These all require asteroid resources and are found throughout the shipwright tree.
Added a "Ship Modification" slot to the Rihkxyrk Fighter, Kimogila Fighter, X-Wing, Z-95, and TIE Advanced. Added several new ship modification draft schematics.

Profession: Squad Leader

/formup will no longer remove Dizzy and/or Stun from team members involved in PvP.
Squad Leader buffs should show up as buff icons to group members.
The on-screen retreat message will display properly. Squad Leader experience requirements should no longer require incorrect skill branches.
Squad Leader profession requirements should now be accurately reflected in the skills window (CTRL-S).

Profession: Weaponsmith

Added a Level 30 Carbine Weaponsmith Schematic.
Added the Alliance Disruptor Weaponsmith Schematic.
Newly crafted grenade wiring and explosive power-ups now work on grenades.
Legacy power-ups have been converted to work under the new system at near maximum values (30% damage for explosives & 30% speed for wiring).
Power-ups now use "Decay Resistance" during crafting which will make it easier to get higher efficiency values.
Efficiency values are now tied to the number of uses for power-ups. Higher efficiency now gives a greater number of charges. Max values for power-up bonuses have been raised slightly.


New Rage of the Wookiees quest Heralds added.
Myyydril Caverns: Players should not be ejected to Kkowir forest on death or transitioning to the Necrosis Encounter.
Myyydril Caverns: The Necrosis encounter will no longer report that it is active when the area is empty.
Hssissk should now grant correct reward on quest completion.
Fixed issues with Sordaan's betting missions.
The Clone Relic quest 'To the queens aid' is now named 'To the queen's aid'
In Nym's Clone Relic quest you can no longer take the last mission again after you have completed it once.
You will now be able to get past the Snorbal part of hunter Qakkee's Clone Relic quest.
Morkov's bodyguards for Mort's Clone Relic quest are now a lower level.
Boba Fett should now give out the correct reward for his final Clone Relic quest step.
Fixed typos in the conversation for the hologram of the Emperor.
Fixed Clone Relic NPC's so that they will now assist each other if one of their own is attacked.
If you have issues with Stren Colo's Jessk Bounty you can speak with Tien Wallub again to restart the quest.
Fixed a waypoint issue in Story Arc 1: Secrets of the Syren, quest 2


Fixed an issue where Varactyl animations made no sounds.
Increased default Max Sounds setting from 16 to 32.


The Rodian warlords Tripp and Sordaan have base commanders on patrol that will give you missions. After you have completed the main Kashyyyk space story-line, you can talk to these pilots for new (Tier 5) duty missions.
Did you know you could converse with certain escort targets? When you begin your career as a Civilian Protector, you can chat with the transports you are escorting and rescuing. They will give you more information about the villainous Ghrag, the reborn Gotal cyborg pilots, and a few surprises!
A new space mission is available to pilots who complete the Space Kashyyyk storyline. Converse with the "CPG Veteran" pilot that patrols the Kashyyyk space station. This pilot has found a weak link in the Ghrag communication chain and can give coordinates to intercept 'high level' mercenaries that have been brought in to replace the ones you destroyed.
There is now an opportunity for Imperial pilots to earn a special TIE Interceptor chassis deed! An exclusive Episode III "Rage of the Wookiees" starship (called the 'Crimson Guard TIE Interceptor&#39 will be awarded to any Imperial pilot who completes a special quest for the Imperial Overseers of Kashyyyk. NOTE: Before you will be eligible for this special mission, you must first complete the story-driven quest series that begins with "Rian Ry," the commander of the Kashyyyk Landing Station and an agent of the Civilian Protection Guild.


You can no longer trade while incapacitated or dead.


Players should face the correct direction when starting or skipping the tutorial (the same direction as when he or she logged out).
Personal light should no longer turn on/off in the tutorial.
Added New Player Ground Quests.

User Interface

Game text chat color names will appear in the language of the client. Players who have played the same character in multiple locales may lose their color settings for game text chat colors only. User created filters will not be affected.
Messages about XP granted will appear in the general chat channel
PlanetMap - Various Kashyyyk zone maps (especially Kachirho) show the player's location more accurately
Added a new keymap button at the top level of the options screen (CTRL-O) to make it easier and more intuitive to change the game controls
Fixed several issues with displaying palette selections for Image Designer, Character Creation, and Object Customization palettes
Added new particle effects for knock down state and buffs
Removed unnecessary posture change chat messages; ex. "/sit", "/prone", "/stand", etc
All group members can see pet health bars in a group
Ham bars (particularly health) should be stable now (not jump around when a creature takes damage)
The space toolbar and the ground toolbar now save different sets of icons
The following settings on the Graphics tab of SwgClientSetup are now properly saved:
"Use Low Detail Textures"
"Use Low Detail Normal Maps"
"Disable Multi-Pass Rendering"
"Disable Vsync (Allow Tearing
Added distance to the tooltip on the radar
You can turn on and off your fly-text and your target's fly-text (Options - CTRL-O)
Fly-text for damage and states should now be delayed until the bolt hits.
Fly-text is clamped to the top of the screen
Fly-text is in world space (doesn't travel w/the object - just flys up)
The buttons in the dealer UI no longer overlap.
Fixed the blinking nameplates when the target was not visible, but selected and changed to a pulse.


Multi-passenger vehicles have been added to Star WarsTM Galaxies! There are a total of 8 vehicles that now have ground-based, multi-passenger functionality.
Existing Vehicles: Previous versions of these vehicles will now have multi-passenger capabilities. For example, if you already own an X34 speeder, your vehicle now carry another passenger! X31, X34, Flash Speeder, BARC, AV-21
New Vehicles: Master Artisans craft these new multi-passenger vehicles. AB-1 (new), XP-38 (new), V-35 SoroSuub Carrier (new) Also known as "the Lars family speeder".
Multi Passenger Commands
/offerRide -- asks the target player if they would like to accept a ride. This command also appears on the radial menu. The "offer ride" menu will not show up if the target passenger is already mounted onto the vehicle.

/acceptRide -- Passenger accepts the ride.

/declineRide -- Passenger declines the ride.

Once a passenger accepts the ride, they are placed inside the vehicle and can ride along. Passengers can click on the vehicle to get the Enter/Exit Vehicle menu, which will drop them out of the vehicle. Drivers will be unable to kick people from the passenger group until they exit the vehicle. When the driver of a vehicle exits the vehicle, everyone else in the passenger group will too.
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Chapter 2.3: "The Talus Incident" Publish Notes, August 16th

On Wednesday, August 16th at 4:00 AM PDT all U.S. and European galaxies will be taken down for server maintenance and a live update.

When the update is complete, all galaxies will be live but unavailable while we complete final testing. All galaxies will be made available after that time.

4:00 AM PDT (Los Angeles) / 6:00 AM CDT (Austin) / 7:00 AM EDT (New York) / 12:00 PM (London) / 9:00 PM (Tokyo)

Always remember to check the Announcement Forum for the latest information.

Chapter 2.3: "The Talus Incident" Publish Notes, August 16th

Battle of Restuss
  • Fewer troops should be appearing in Restuss.
  • Dye kits can be used to color Rebel and Imperial Crusader armor.

  • Faction chat channels have been added to the game (Note that chat channels are not chat tabs).
  • How to Join a Faction Channel
    • 1. Put your cursor over a chat tab, right-click and select Join Channel.
    • 2. When the Join Channel window opens, double click on the name of the galaxy.
    • 3. In the list of available channels, select Imperial or Rebel.
    • 4. Click Join, then click Done.
  • How to add a Tab to your Chat window
    • 1. Put your cursor over a chat tab, right-click and select Add Tab.
    • 2. Put your cursor over the chat tab you just created (named None), then select Modify Tab.
    • 3. In the Modify Tab window, look for the channel you want to add as a tab (ex. Rebel / Imperial).
    • 4. Select the channel you want to add, and then click the double arrow on the right hand side of the channel list.
    • 5. Click Done.
  • Please Note: These chat channels are not "secure channels"; any character, regardless of factional affiliation, can join these channels.
  • If you die inside of a building or structure, you should now have the correct cloning options to clone at player city and faction aligned cloning centers on the menu.
  • Melee-only procedural damage effects (proc effects) will work properly.
  • Grenades should now be using the correct weapon range.
  • You can now throw grenades from your inventory by using the "Throw" command on the grenade.
  • The visual effects for most abilities should now work from rooftops or other elevated surfaces (such as the Ryatt trail).
  • DoT damage (Damage-over-Time) in PvP combat should properly clear after a duel is over. The duel should be complete and you should not be attackable by a non-faction member after you clone.
  • Procedural damage effects (proc effects) effects will now properly display the fly-text of the name of the special attack over the player who is attacking.
  • The All purpose lubricating spray buff now modifies both Precision and Strength, just as the description says.
  • Using DoT attacks (Damage-over-Time) should now reward you with full experience point (XP) rewards.
  • Characters will no longer look in a random direction when leaving combat.
  • The first combat attack should now always animate.
  • Guns should point at the proper targets in Auto-Aim mode.
  • Visual Effects for finishing moves will now be displayed. For example, finishing off an enemy with Force
  • Lightning will actually show Force Lightning.
  • Your look-at target should reset each time you shoot at something in the manual aiming mode.
  • The Frag Storm Heavy Shotgun will now target and fire on enemies up to 64 meters away.
  • Players may not /duel NPCs and creatures to affect their combat rating.
    NPCs should buff themselves less often.
Galactic Civil War

Static GCW Bases: Some of the Imperial spawns at the Weapon Development Facility on Naboo now have orders to march instead of just standing in place.
Static GCW Bases: Rally banners should only affect players of the appropriate faction when they are activated.
Instant Travel Vehicle

You can no longer call an Instant Travel Vehicle while in combat.

You should be able to wear the Black Sun necklace.
Players should now be able to sit in some Mustafarian Chairs.
Wookiee "Simple Waist Wraps" should now be customizable.
You can no longer Bio-Link weapons that you aren't certified for.
New "Light Weight military packs" will have the correct stat modifiers.
New "Personal Shield Generators" will have the correct stat modifiers.
Removing a Vehicle Repair Kit from a Factory Crate will reduce the total remaining amount by one instead of two.
Mustafar Throw Pillows should be craftable.
The picture printer correctly describes that it only takes three components to make a picture instead of five.
Ruby Bliel buffs should now buff you for the full duration.
The X-Wing hologram reward now rotates when placed.
Mounts and Pets

All pets that are not mounts should be able to attack.
You cannot call pets on the Avatar Platform's landing platform.
If you try to call pets that are too high of a level or are aggressive (and not a mount), the correct system message will display.
Mounts that were Bio-Engineered, should be callable now. Due to the highly customizable nature of Bio-Engineered mounts, some additional issues may arise.
You can no longer call mounts in a private instance (vehicles are included in this change).
Player Cities

Characters must now be at least seven days old to vote in city elections.
Fixed an issue where you could not grant zoning rights inside a City Hall or other structure.
Clone droids will now be available in player city cloning facilities.
Player city shuttle ports will now retain the proper travel tax set by the Mayor through server restarts.
Player Event Perks

The Jukebox should correctly play the Imperial March.
Player Houses

If one player has multiple characters that declare residency in the same house, and one of the characters destroys the house, the second character should not have a problem declaring residency again.
Profession: Bounty Hunter

Expertise: The Expertise abilities Shields, Return Fire, Power Assisted Sprint, and Duelist Stance are no longer restricted when using a Heavy Weapon.
Profession: Entertainer

You should no longer get a message about un-equipping your current instrument when you are trying to play an instrument from too far away.
The Nalargon now can be used in the Kashyyyk cantina.
Added an additional 30 minutes to all Inspiration Buffs.
The command /DenyService should work correctly when trying to watch an entertainer to cure cloning sickness.
Musicians should now get credit for performing two flourishes per performance heartbeat regardless of the song's duration.
Profession: Jedi

Expertise: The description for the ability "Lethargy" correctly describes that the length of time has been extended for de-buffs and not removing a target's hate over time.
Expertise: The description for the ability "Lethargy" correctly reads, "The duration of the Mind Trick and Cloud Mind abilities is increased by two seconds for every point spent."
Expertise: The fly-text for Force Clarity procedural damage effects (proc effects) is now "Force Clarity Second Strike!"
Expertise: The description for Remorseless Nature now correctly describes that the ability modifies "Stamina" instead of "Action".
Expertise: The mouse-over descriptions for Force Choke 2: Grapple now correctly reads Force Choke 2: Grasp.
Force Run now has the correct visual effect.
Using Force Run will not be allowed when using Force Cloak.
Improved the Force Cloak visual effect and added a sound effect.
Force Choke and Force Maelstrom will not cause you to swing a lightsaber at the end of the attack.
Sense Danger now has an icon.
Profession: Officer

The level 21 profession quest now has a quest reward and an experience point (XP) reward.
Officers should no longer fire a blaster when using the Orbital Strike and Thermal Bomb special abilities.
When using the special ability Supply Drop, only the officer and his group members may remove objects from the crate.
Profession: Trader

Domestics Traders should now be able to use all four color palettes associated with the Reinforced Pullover.
Changed the Pyollian Cake description to make it clear that the effect of the buff only lasts while crafting a single item.
If you respec to a Trader profession, you will now be granted a Crafting Tool.
Ishi Tib vendors can no longer be equipped with a hat as it would cause their head to disappear.

Hero of Tatooine: The Pirate and Wild Bladeback Boar can now be found on Tatooine again.
Legacy: Disappearances: Judgment: This quest now offers a Stimpack B as a reward instead of the bactapack.
Legacy: Disappearances: Waypoints for this quest will be appearing at better locations during the quest.
Legacy: Bluffing Corsec - Borvo's Guard - A Trip to Corellia: The quest journal entry is now displayed correctly.
Legacy: Borvo's Guard: You should now be able to complete this quest if you stopped the quest conversation before finishing the entire conversation.
Legacy: Darklighter Cache: If you fail this mission, your waypoints should clear and you will have to restart the quest challenge.
Legacy: Enough: This quest is no longer repeatable.
Nym's Themepark: Droideka in research facility will now actually die when they run out of health.
Rage of the Wookiees: Help the Imprisoned Geonosian, Phase III: Players must go inside the Geonosian Bio Lab to retrieve the DNA.
Rage of the Wookiees: Clone War Relics: Once you escort the AT-ST to safety, you should not get a repeating system message.
Rage of the Wookiees: Clone War Relics - Working for Boba Fett, Phase I: The NPC Kkrax is now present and you should be able to complete the quest.
Rage of the Wookiees: Rescue the Slavers: When running the quest "Rescue the Slavers" on Kashyyyk, the Trandoshans will once again help you fight the Wookiees.
Rebel Theme Park: Quest NPCs for the Rebel Theme Park that have quest conversations are now invulnerable. This is to eliminate the possibility of killing an NPC that you need to talk to complete the quest.
Tansarii Point Station: Laetin will no longer continue to give quests to go to Aleas, even after you have started on Aleas' quests.
Tansarii Point Station: Sgt. Snopel will now let you know that Traders can craft more grenades for you.
Trials of Obi-Wan: The durability of the Class 3 Radio Active Material in the Doombringer event has been increased.
Trials of Obi-Wan: Old Republic Research Facility: The default radial menu option on the Power Access Terminal is now "Activate Power".
Warren: You should no longer find more than one Turret Sequence, Core Rod, Inquisitor Letter, Master Security Key, or Love Letter while playing through the Warren.
Many quests in SWG that send you to pick up and deliver an item should work properly, even if the item overloads your inventory. Please note: If you have an overloaded inventory, you won't be able to move.
Weapons from the Darklighter Cache reward are now level 14 instead of level 16.
Melios Puri the Bestine Medical Center should now give a reward for his third quest.
The quest journal now correctly states the amount of experience received for completing the Gendra entertainer quests.
The Imperial Colonel near the Bestine starport will no longer grant missions to players who are Rebel Special Forces.

Imperial Storm Squadron: The quest to Inspect Advanced Recon Freighter in the Endor system now directs you to target the correct ship in your quest journal.
The Master Pilot missions to destroy the Corellian Corvette can now be completed only in the Kessel system.
The Star Ravager and the Radiant Anthem Corellian Corvette convoy groups in Kessel Space will now appear normally after an engagement. Sometimes, the Radiant Anthem Corellian Corvette may even appear if some of the ships from the previous convoy survived.
The YT-2400 cockpit should remain visible when jumping to hyperspace.
Components for the YT-2400 will now take damage, trigger alarms and can be repaired.
Objects can now be moved up and down in the YT-2400.
Added a Ship Permissions terminal to the YT-2400.
If you finished all of Black Epsilon Space quests and didn't see that the next quest task is to go to Theed Palace to the Imperial Admiral, you can talk to the Insurgent again and he will mention it to you.
The Starship Texture Kit correctly describes that Imperial ships and the YT-2400 have customization options available.
All booster and engine sounds should work properly when installed.
Weapon components looted in Kessel should work properly.
Players can no longer /duel in space, in a multiplayer ship. (Ship duels are not affected).
User Interface

Camera: Added a toggle to turn off the Shoulder Offset camera view. Using this option will move the camera directly behind your avatar. You can toggle this option by opening your Options menu (Press O), press the button on the left that says, Controls, and there will be a checkbox at the bottom of the Controls menu (be sure to scroll all the way down).
Character Sheet: Expertise skill modifiers for Jedi and Bounty Hunters have been alphabetically ordered so you can more easily read your character's attributes.
Character Sheet: The skill modifier tooltips should now display properly.
Character Sheet: All weapons that modify character stats will now make that ability value green on your Character Sheet.
Community Window: After becoming a Master Officer, only one "Master Officer" title will be listed.
Community Window: The Community Search feature should work properly when searching by a specific profession.
Expertise: Action costs when using Profession Expertise abilities will now be displayed and calculated properly.
Inventory: The ability to sort your inventory has been added to the game.
To accommodate the new feature that allows you to sort your inventory, the following changes had to be made:

? The small paper-doll item view in the details window has been removed.

? The "Up button" window has been removed.

? Opening new containers now opens a brand new window.

? The Details Window has been condensed to allow more space for icons.

? You can now drag-and-drop items onto the examine portion of the window to add items to a container.

? The "Change View" option has been removed from the inventory and datapad windows.

? Options: The "Auto Sort Inventory Contents" option has been removed.

Inventory: If you split a stack of items in your inventory, you will be able to re-stack the items again.
Inventory: The inventory window will appear as it is supposed to if you open your inventory while you are dead.
Options: Added filters for the Combat Tab options window.
Options: The option "Scroll Through Default Actions with Mouse" no longer activates vehicles and items in the toolbar by scrolling over them. Abilities are still activated just by scrolling, but vehicles and items have to be activated by clicking on them.
Planetary Map: Entertainer, Artisan, Scout, Rebel, Imperial, and Bounty Mission Terminals can now be displayed on the planetary map.
Space: The inventory tab on the ESC menu should work properly while in space.
Targeting: Double-clicking in Auto-Aim mode now starts Auto-Fire.
Travel: The travel terminals on Mustafar should now display the correct travel prices.
Travel: Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause a Ticket Collector droid to be unusable after using the radial menu option "Use" to enter a vehicle.
Instead of the title "Master <profession>" players will now have the title "<Profession>" for professions they are no longer have. For instance, if a Master Officer changes professions, they will have the "Officer" title available but not "Master Officer".

This is for newly acquired badges only. Elder Badges should not be affected.
Pressing ESC while firing with the left mouse button will now drop a target in one press (instead of two).
Pressing ESC during a movie while on Tansarii Point Station should no longer cause the game to crash.
NPCs will get a conversation icon if you mouse-over them.
The volume for the Level-Up sound has been reduced.
Using the /find command should work properly when searching for Mission Terminals.
The Kashyyyk ticket purchase window now displays the correct location for the Starports in Corellia.
When you leave the Avatar platform you will now launch into space by selecting &#39;Yes&#39; on the pop-up window (instead of having to click the terminal twice).
Sound effects should player properly when even if the target dies midway through the sound.
All the Main Menu buttons (Press ESC) should work properly while in space.
Webweaver Bonerenders will no longer have their names filtered.
Fixed many text typos.
Basement is no longer a filtered word.
The com-link message at the end of the Blackscale Compound no longer displays your own character.

You can no longer call vehicles in a private instance (mounts are included in this change).

Rage of the Wookiees: Players should stop falling through many spots of Kashyyyk terrain.
Rage of the Wookiees: Players should no longer get stuck at the entrance to the Etty Hunting Grounds.
Rage of the Wookiees: Boxes on the Kashyyyk beach should no longer be floating in the air.
Rage of the Wookiees: The default option on the door to leave Hracca Glade is now "Leave Instance".
Trials of Obi-Wan: Prelude - Collectors Business: Trinity Assassins should animate properly.
Trials of Obi-Wan: Players should no longer get stuck in the Sher Kar Cave if they log out while in the cave.
Trials of Obi-Wan: It is no longer possible to travel directly from the inside of one instance of the HK-47 Volcano Crater Battle to another.
The Mighty Sarlacc has been reported by local Tatooine authorities to be even more dangerous.
The Lugjack machine and Lucky Despot cantina is now positioned properly.
Nightsister attacks should no longer make inappropriate lightsaber sounds.
The visual effects from the Enhanced Klikniks will no longer stay around forever.
Kobolas should no longer be spawning on top of each other in the Kobola Bunker on Rori.
The lamp post at the Dearic Starport should no longer be floating.
Players shouldn&#39;t be able to move through the staircase at the Naboo Lake Retreat.
The banner on Dathomir at -1, 157, 4075 is no longer floating in the air.
The Bestine NPC Wilhalm Skrim is no longer wearing two sets of clothes.
The Stormtrooper that was stuck in the wall in Theed has been removed.
The stacked NPCs in the waterfall cave at the Jedi Temple Ruins have been removed.
Overt Rebels should no longer be able to converse with the Imperial Colonel at the Dantooine Mining Outpost (-588, 2499).
Droids should no longer get stuck on the stairs near the Kor Vella starport.
Players should no longer get stuck in a cell with the NPC Dolac Legasiusing by using the /unstick command at the Imperial Prison on Dathomir.

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