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Flyff money

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Arrow Flyff money

Level 1 - 30
At around this level, if you're first starting out, you won't have very much money... After all, you did just buy all your equipment for level 15-18. So, here's my recommendations:
-Start off by making a new character, and farm twinkle stones, foforms, or anything required for the first job change. These go for a lot of money, and can give you a good bundle. Some may say that there's already a good change of dropping twinkle stones at level 15+. While it's true that you can get questies from aibatts at level 15, the chances are much greater at level 1-4.
- Selling off sunstones/moonstones are a good way to get some fast money.
- At around level 15 - 18, bangs have a really good chance at dropping level 15-18 equipment. Try beating them up =D
- What is the absolute best way to get money from level 15 - 30? The Mas Dungeon. In the dungeon, there are mobs called Vice Vedeques. They're level 30. However, they're pretty weak for a level 30 monster. They have around 3,000 HP, or something like that, I can't remember. Anyways, just terminate as many of them as you can. Their equipment drop rate is INSANELY high. If you're around level 20-30, and a bit short on cash, this is the place to go.

Level 30 - 59
Level 30 to 59 is where money starts to play a bigger role. You'll want to start making money for your level 60 equipment, and other stuff. So, without further ado, here we go =D
- Since you're level 30-59, one great way to earn cash, is by plvl'ing people. Just plvl people for around 100k- 1 Million per level, and you'll get a pretty good amount of cash =D
- Once again, sunstones and moonstones...sell them if you don't need them. Same goes for quest items.
- I wouldn't start giant hunting at this level, since the drops from these giants aren't very good to sell... However, it's still an option, and if you have an assist to help you out, by all means, go for it =D (If you're an assist with level 19 stonehand, that makes it all the better. =D )

Mmm...Someone help me out here...My memory is starting to fail me for ways to get money at this level...
Level 60-75
Congratulations, you hit your second job, and you need cash. (Equipment here gets a dramatic increase in price, compared to the level 59- stuff, except for the cruiser set and flaming bow...)
-Try fighting nautrepies. They're located at Darkon 3, a bit further east of Antiqueries. They drop questies called "Repygles". These go for an insane amount of cash. Around 200-300k on Aibatt for a single one, actually.
- Similar to above, Try fighting Boos. They're located a bit south of Nautrepies. They drop questies called "Booposns". These also sell for an insanely high amount of money, about 400k penya on Aibatt, each.
- Similar to Naughtrepies, there's a monster in the desert of Darkon 3 called Dumps. They drop questies called "Dumptires". These also sell for a lot, around 300k penya in Aibatt, each.
- I recommend giant hunting now, since you're at your second job. So, to go along with the above statements, Giant dumps, boos, grrrs and nautrepies (I laughed while typing that sentance...) are often untaken, and you can find these in one round. They also give good drops, too.
Also, giant risems, giant nuctuvehicles, and giant zombigers are often untaken, so you can find these giants lying around...waiting for you to kill them =D

- Giant Elderguards, Volts, Drillers and Cranemachineries are often taken...So, I wouldn't really recommend fighting these giants. If you do manage to get your hands on one, you'll most likely get a nice amount of drops =D
In the Ivillis Dungeon, there are monsters there called "Ivillis Black Otems" (Yes, Otems). They have a really really high chance of dropping grrrbandages. So, I recommend fighting these things if you're looking for grrrbandages, or need money.
Also note, that you should pick up the penya they drop. Why? Because each penya bag that a Black Otem drops, gives 15-999 Penya. Try killing as many of them as you can (An AoE really helps against these guys. They're really weak, and come in large numbers, and they're all grouped up, too.)
- At level 65, once again in the Ivillis Dungeon, there are monsters called "Boxters". These things have a chance at dropping Ivillis Weapons. Try killing these. If you get really lucky, you can get one. These often sell for more than 10 million penya per weapon.
- Plvl'ing people at this can give you a LOT of money. You can plvl people for around 2-3 million penya, per level.

Level 75+
- At level Dekanes Mines are an awesome place to level. The monsters there, "PinkyRoaches", are easy to kill, give awesome exp, and....can give awesome equipment. I actually got two akan suits one after the other one time. I also saw people get ancient shields, volcano cards....etc. Yep, I highly recommend this place. From level 75 to level 88, this place is awesome. =D
- Clockworks. Probably the best place to get money for a non-gpotato buying player. His drops can go for an INSANE amount of cash. However, only certain builds can go against him. If you're 100% int, don't expect to live very long...
- Giant hunting. Awesome way to get money. A giant kern has the ability to drop items that can NPC for over 1 million penya, each. Need I say more?
- Glaphans. Any player knows that from level 95-96, knows that he or she will be fighting glaphans for another 5-6 levels. Drops here from these guys, can go for a ton, especially dest/dayst suit parts. Not to mention that giant glaphans are often untaken, so you can go after these things if you're strong enough (And I stress, Strong enough.)
Methods NOT RECOMMENDED, if you have a social life, or any kind of life whatsoever.
The following are ways to get a TON of money if you're lucky...but can pretty much be a life waster if you're not lucky.

Plug Hunting (Level 50+)
Ya know, I never really liked this method of getting cash. It involves killing the following monsters:
- Rockpellers (Plugs +4)
- Flybrigens (Plugs +2)
- Giant Basques (Plugs + I dunno. Help)
- Giant Glaphans (Plugs +5)
Now, if you're a no-lifer like me, you could try these methods. It involves the killing of the above in, a LOT of them. However, if you manage to get your hands on a plug, you can sell them for quite a ton of money. Plugs +2 got for 8 million on Aibatt, while Plugs +4 go for 35-45 Million on Aibatt.
If you're lucky and manage to get some of these, you're a rich man/woman. =D

Lightning Card Hunting
I'm not sure which monsters drop lightning cards, but you're going to have to kill a ton of those monsters to get a lightning card. Believe me. One person told me that after hunting kerns for 2 weeks, he finally got a lightning card.
Though it may be a real life waster, you can make around 750+ million from EACH card (On Aibatt).

...Not recommended, but, hey, if you REALLY feel lucky, by all means. If you manage to get one on your first day of hunting, I tip my tea off to you you.

Gpotato Shopping
Buy gpotatoes, and sell the stuff. Need I say more?

Angel Axe/ LG Axe/Bloody Sword Lottery.
This method involves the use of a TON of materials, to make the said weapons above. Seriously. If you plan to try to make any of the above weapons, or make weapons in general...make sure you have insurance. Because making weapons only has a 2% chance. Good luck with that.

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a thread for nothing xD

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