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Discussion on LOOOK within the Dekaron forum part of the MMORPGs category.

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Tools Needed: any hex editor, would recommend WinHex (google to find it)
*WinHex Tutorial Found At Bottom*
File to edit: open with hex editor this file > "GameDir\data\data.pak" (make backup)

All offsets provided are not permanent and might not be the same in your version, they can also change if acclaim updates data file
If they are totally different for you then do a search in your data file using obscure word found in the exported lists provided
Monster Editing:

Monsters are currently listed at offset 69403647
Monster list exported: hxxp://
WinHex Script to change the range+atk delay of all monsters:
hxxp:// (READ THE NOTES) (save into WinHex folder as something.whs)

Important fields to remember:
Original: 101,Spider Larva,0,23,2,293,0,16,23,5,50,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0.9,2. 7,2,3,spiderraba,작성중
,10,3,5,77500,2,1,1,120,65,70,70,3,20,23,28,36,2,4 ,2,1730,1000101,....

0.9 (WalkSpeed) 2.7 (Runspeed) = can be changed (don't know if 0 makes it immoveable)

2 (CellRange_Melee) = Changing this to 0 will make mobs never be able to hit you and run straight into you (good for aoes)
1730 (AttackDelay_Melee) = Changeing this to 9999 will make mobs atk you very slowly
1000101 (ResultCode_Melee) = Leave this unchanged, or extend the AttackDelay_Melee (like 1730,1000101 = 9999999999,0)

The above example is for a melee type mob with a normal attack,
Ranged monsters have their field elsewhere but it looks almost the same
Boss monsters or similar high lvl mobs can have more than 1 attack and therefor have multiple fields

To understand what each field means then at the top of the monster list is a description of each field

Changing a monsters health, defense, max/min atk value, exp, moneyrate, or any kinda of drops does nothing,
but feel free to test it out if you think otherwise ;}
Weapon Editing:

Weapons are currently listed at offsets 37906DFD & 37B286B1
Weapons list exported: hxxp://
WinHex Script to change range of weapons: hxxp:// (READ THE NOTES) (save into WinHex folder as something.whs)

The listing is pretty much the same as monsters are, however since there are 2 offsets then change them
both (this might be edited later if i test out which one is the right one)

Important fields to remember:
2401,Shave Dagger,0,4,0,0,1024,2,1111-1111-1111-1111-1111-1111-1111-1111,1500,0,1,1,6,1,2,0,0,1,1,0,0,15,35,50,
2871,Short Bow,0,4,10,0,1034,14,0100-0000-0000-0000-0000-0000-0000-0000,1500,0,1,1,25,1,3,0,0,1,1,0,0,15,35,50,

2 / 14 (Wear : Range) = Changes the weapon range, 25 is long enough, if you want to change
the 2 into a ## number then you can change the 50 into 5 then retype everything after it
till you get to 2 (like: "15,35,50,3,2,1,3150,2,1,0" to "15,35,5,3,2,1,3150,25,1,0")
1 / 1 (Wear : Speed) = As far as i know then this changes nothing, but feel free to test it out
0 / 0 (Wear : CriticalRate) = Same goes for this, feel free to test though

To understand what each field means then at the top of the weapons list is a description of each field

Changing the lvl, price, min/max atk value or any kind of equipping requirement does nothing, i have tested changing it to less values
then equipping a weapon higher lvl than me and even though you can see yourself wearing it and see higher atk values in stats
then to every1 else and monsters you just aren't wearing anything.
Skill Editing:

Skills are currently listed at offsets 399B1666 & 39B55420
Skill Index Values are currently listed at offset 36FDD328
Skill Index Values list exported: hxxp://
Skill List Example (partial file, contains 3 skills): hxxp://
WinHex Script to change range of skills: hxxp:// (READ THE NOTES) (save into WinHex folder as something.whs)

Some skills have 2 instances, one of them is not used, haven't bothered checking which one is right one, so just change both

Get the example skill list above and i'll explain the fields in it here
Important fields are: Index = The number listed here is what the skill in the Skill Index list is, so 201 would be "Bow Mastery"
Distance = Obviously has to do with range, if a number is only 1 digit and you want to have 2, then just remove one of the
commas after it (if there is none, then delete one letter from description and add to distance)
TypeFlag = Mastery is ofcourse a skill mastery, there are also ACTION and CAST, i don't know what the difference between them is yet
PCClassFlag = ARC is Hunter, SWD means Knight, WAR means Bagi, SUM means Summoner, SEG means Segnale and SOR means Magi
Target = Has to do with who the skill is cast on, i haven't test this out yet

Scroll a bit down beyond all the ACTION fields till you get to LevelIndex for the Bow Mastery
A possibly interesting field to edit here is the number after "DAMAGE_PHYSICAL_MUL" which is 2, i don't know if it does
anything but feel free to test it out

Changing the SPCostLevelUp, PCLevel, CoolTick (cooldown), ResourceMP fields here do nothing, others are untested

Scroll down to next skill, which is 208 = Guide Shot
Few more fields here with values in them than the mastery had, and has difference TypeFlag and Target
I haven't tested out much of these fields, but i have tested adding an extra attack to the ACTION fields on a 2 hit skill, it
did not work i could see extra movements but there was not any extra dmg

In the next skill which is 203 = Multiple Shot
Now we have ACTION as the TypeFlag and Target has 2 numbers, well... like i said i haven't tested everything here so if you
find something that works or doesn't work then i haven't tested then plz let us know :}

Changing the EffectTime of a buff for instance does not work, but i have not tested for atk skills, also changing atk values listed in
the Arg1-7 does nothing
Same as with monster atks here we have a ResultCode in the ACTION fields, this is the type of atk the skill is,
don't know if changing it to something else does anything
Summon Editing:

Mainly untested by me, but i have tested a few things

Summons are currently listed at offset 3778F825

Summons list exported: hxxp://

Interesting fields that work or might work:
WalkSpeed = Works
RunSpeed = Works
AttackDelay_**** = I think when i changed this to lower value my summon tried to atk faster but the dmg was never
shown (was a little while ago and can't quite remember it hehe)
CellRange_****** = Untested, might work setting this high so summon can atk very far
ResultCode_***** = Untested, same as monsters/skills, has to do with type of atk, might be interesting to change

Changing MaxHP, HPRecovery, Defence_Min/Max, GuardRate, GuardEfficiency, BlockRate, ***Resist, Min/Max Atk probably
does nothing, but feel free to test it out ;}

There is also this extra field with Summon settings at offset 376E89C2
Summon Settings list exported: hxxp://

I have not tested editing anything here but it looks very interesting hehe
Misc. Items Editing:

Misc. Items are currently listed at offsets 3703D1E8 & 54825453 & 54DD0A33
Accessories list exported: hxxp://

Since there are 3 offsets then just change the same item in them all or test editing one of them to see which one is right one
Offsets 3703D1E8 & 54825453 are the same but 54DD0A33 has a few minor values that are different

I have only tested editing the pots and arrows here, this section contains pretty much everything exept cashshop items and armors

Interesting fields that i have tested:
StackNumber = Can use this to make the normal 5 pot max stack into whatever you like (might be buggy, not fully tested)
AutoStack = change this to 1 for items you want to change that didn't stack in the first place

Various other fields, like the WearRange,WearSpeed,WearCriticalRate, and others, all untested
To understand what each field means then at the top of the Items list is a description of each field

Changing Price, ReqLv, and various similar fields most likely does not work.

Auto Potting Hack:
Autopot script: hxxp:// (READ THE NOTES) (save into WinHex folder as something.whs)

Original: 3801,Health Potion,0,0,1,0,1,37, .... rest is unchanged
Edit....: 3801,Health Pots,0,0,17,0,17,37, .... rest is unchanged

Original: 3802,Mana Potion,0,0,2,0,2,37, .... rest is unchanged
Edit....: 3802,Mana Pots,0,0,18,0,18,37, .... rest is unchanged

The Item name is renamed becuz i had to add 2 extra numbers

The pots now act like cashshop pots so all you need to to is place them in your F1-3 and set the Autopot Options (in Options)
View Range / Clip Range Hack (Offset 3713E75C)
Exported Easyily Readable List: hxxp://
Screenshot: hxxp://

Example: 0,Braiken Castle,,braiken.mol,braiken.mel,braiken .mac,Map\00_Braiken_Castle\NPC_00_Braiken_Castle.c sv
60000,0,1,1,0,1,0,1,0,1,..\Share\Map\00_Braiken_Ca stle\m000.mal,..\Sh are\Map\00_Braiken_Castle\
MON_00_Braiken_Castle.csv,..\Share\Map\00_Braiken_ Castle\NPC_00_Braiken_Castle.csv,,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0, 0,100,,0,0,,0,0,0,0,0,0,100,

2 = Controls how far you can zoom into your char, 0 is like 1st person view
18 = Controls how far you can zoom out of your char, very high number can zoom out of map (and you just see all black)
12 = Default Zoom (when you login), can change to 9 to add a byte into the zoomout
90 = "(OnedayTime(Min))" Has something to do with daytime, haven't tested yet
75 = "Clip_Far" i guess this is how far you can see (can remove 1 letter from "Braiken Castle" and
add 1 byte to here to get 100+)
1 = "PeaceZone" Non PK Mode Area, maybe if you had 2 ppl set this to 0 and goto braiken you could
test to see if you can pk each other, just a thought hehe ;}
1 = "MoveSpeedFactor" do not edit, will disconnect if you try any types of speeding (might be able
to set from 0.8 to 1 for the Aquarius undersea map?)
Here is a small tutorial on WinHex:

Changing Interface: Start by right clicking on the panel on the left side and Uncheck the
"Show Details Panel" (if it doesn't hide then just continue to next step and it will hide then)
Then go to View > Text Display Only (or F7) and this will display only text (which is basicly all we need to see)
Then goto View a few more times and press the One Column More till you have filled the screen with text
Your screen might look something like this now: hxxp://
(i have the Position>Position Manager open which auto saves all my search results, very handy! :}

Now useful tools are ofcourse the Ctrl+F (Find) here i can search text in all document or inside a block i define (will explain that later)
and i can use WildCards with my search using "?" or any letter you define in the WildCard option
About Blocks: this will allow you to define where in the file you want to search or replace text, you can do this either by
highlightning over a small amount of text or by pressing Alt+1 somewhere then Alt+2 somewhere else
Options>Edit Mode (F6): Enabling In-Place Mode is like having Direct Editing in HexWorks., it will directly save the file with
every change you make, nice to have if you have already made backup of file

Creating Scripts: This is easily done, see my monster script for example.

Using Scripts: Remember to set your blocks first!
Save the script inside the WinHex folder then open the data file with WinHex (i recommend you use
the InPlace Mode to speed things up alot), after opening the data file press ENTER and Double-Click on the script to run it.

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Oh.. Cool.. thanx, I'll try it.

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no problem
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thx man.. it's working!

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wow.... gonna try now...)
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give me thanks plz
but only if it work ^^
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i already try it...

but its always crash and back to windows

i try to change cell range and attack delay

something wrong ???

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problem solved by myself...)

this is what i found

exp :

2204,Aeries,1,19,100,49739,0,632,903,30,80,2,0,0,5 5,0,0,0,2.2,4.8,1,1,eris,ۼ,8539,640,864,30100 ,1,1,3,86,86,76,76,3,20,19,1437,1797,40,95,3,2100,1000101,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,40,95,0,0,0,0,0, 0,0,0,0,0,19,1437,1797,40,95,3,1800,1100307,320,0,0,0,6026,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 ,0,0,0,0,0,0,6,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,6,0,0,0 ,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,6,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 ,0,6,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,464,10,38,200 ,40,200,40,167,40,100,114,178,115,178,115,148,115, 89,507,18,408,40,0,0,463,70,314,4,0

there 2 cell range : cell range melee and cell range special melee

both must have the same value ( see the red value )

so ...

after i change both value to "0".... 2moons run perfect...)
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this has been posted bout 3 times so far, and each time the minute vyn sees this he removes.

doesnt want it to get patched.
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ohh sorry e.pvpers didnt know that it as posted
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Alright well, that is true. It's been posted 3, if not 4 times already. This is actually meant for the Private section that is coming out soon. If you want to contribute with this, send a pm to vyn for private section with the app. Then yo u can post things like this here. Because you can do a lot more then edit what is just posted.

Hopefully vyn will see and this and remove it.
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you do know this was posted like 3 times already RIGHT?
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yes 5 ppl said it me dont spamm for posts
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Originally Posted by HellSing View Post
yes 5 ppl said it me dont spamm for posts
yeah well u where postin rubbish just to be able to download, so no wonder ^^
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am a noob in progs like those , and what i ask its , how do i change the numbers? if i Type its will type all the numbers over the old one For example 2.1111.4536.67 i try to change 2 to 25 : i get --> 251111.4536. 67........

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