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Map ???

Discussion on Map ??? within the DarkOrbit forum part of the Browsergames category.

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I was taken there 1 time, was not planning for it, wrong ship and wrong setup for this map, didnt make it to far at all, key is being prepaired
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Originally Posted by MyShipCool View Post
I was taken there 1 time, was not planning for it, wrong ship and wrong setup for this map, didnt make it to far at all, key is being prepaired
Why you start writing in 9 months old already dead thread?
Some details about ??? Map ↓↓↓

Map ???:

1) What is it:
Cubikon's Graveyard (also shown as ??? on the minimap) is a rare map that contains vast enemies of Cubikon and Uber Protegit aliens. It is considered difficult to enter this map and is done randomly or by chance.

2) How to get into Map ???:
There are 3 methods how to get in.
1. Jump through the wormhole on 4-5 (coordinates 150/130)
2. Jump on any map with Advanced Jump Cpu 1 (using Jump coupons)
3. Jump from any map on your base station x-1 with Jump CPU 1 or 2

3) What can I find on Map ???:
Cubikons - classic cubikons like those on x-6 maps.
Uber Protegits - Stronger protegits with Saboteurs slowing ability.
BonusBoxes - containing 1.000 UCB-100, if you have bonusbox doubler you get 2.000 UCB-100 for each collected box.

4) What is Uber Protegit:
Uber Protegit is found in the Cubikon's Graveyard and protect the cubikons in this map. They will chase you down until you die or they are at critical health. Unlike the normal Protegits, these act like Saboteurs on steroids.

5) The best way how to get into Map ???:
Buy tonse of Jump CPU 1 (they cost credits), put full speed config on some fast ship and go to x-2 then jump back on base using that Jump CPU 1 and repeat it again and again till you get into ??? Map.

6) The best way how to survive as long as possible:
Use some fast ship with full speeds in ship and full shields in drohnes, if you also have hercules, use them. You can make both configs fast because if you are alone you will be able only to collect boxes not to shoot npcs so you dont have to have dmg. If you have double wheel formation you can use it also.
Prepare few emps and ish because if you dont have them and Uber Protegits slow you down, you will be dead in few seconds.
But if you get on map with few friends you can go farming Uber Protegits and Cubikons if your group is strong enough but you really need to be strong + need to have enough players to do that.

Just a tip:
Do not collect boxes by yourself, just fly over map and let your pet collect it all because if you stop for too long to collect bonusbox you will get slowed down and shot by Uber Protegits.

Warning: There is no way how to escape this map, npcs spawn 24/7 forever so the only way how to leave this map is to die.

So you want go to the cube graveyard?
You are most likely going to do straight away, okay? Nevertheless if you are determined to carry on through with your plan, I can give you some advise.
Be warned: If you want to stand a chance of a profit with this method, you’re going to need to be UFE.
You cannot log out.
You cannot warp ship.

1. The NPC:
??? Cubikon
HP: 3,200,000
Shield: 2,400,000
Damage: Regular protegit spawned.
512,000 EP
4,096 Honour
1,638,000 Credits
1,024 Uiridium
5 Logdisks

Uber Protegit (Regular)
Damage: 7,000~

Uber Protegit (Saboteur) – looks the same as Regular.
Damage:*3,000 – 4,000

2: Why?
I’ll be honest, you are not very likely to make big profits from the map – it’s though and you are going to need*A LOT*of luck and time. However the bonus boxes contain 1,000 x4 ammunition, each. The bonus box doubler works on them too. Who doesn’t like free ammo.

3: Getting In
To get the the ??? map you have two options, first is the Jump CPU and the second is the secret portal / blackhole in 4-5. You want to use the Jump CPU, it is quicker and gives the same chance as the 4-5 secret portal does.
Go to the shop and buy 20 of the JP-1 CPU, they cost 150,000 credits each. Equip a CPU to your speed config. Fly to your x-2 map, use the CPU.
Did you get in? No? Fly back to x-2 and repeat.
It took me about 450 jumps to get into the ??? map, so you might be trying a while.

4. Ship and Configs
Some people say it’s best to use spearhead on vengeance in this map, I disagree. If you use either of those ships you have set yourself up to die shortly after you get in most of the time. The ship you want to be using is theAegis.
You will need a speed config (15~ shield on drones) with a lot of shield and a slow configs with as much damage (20 LF4 on drones) as you can.
Seprom and double shield + damage boosters are a must.

5.*Making the map ‘safe’
So what you are going to do is get into the map and run around trying to collect boxes before you die.
As I mentioned before, you need luck. When you get into the map you need to hope that you spawn near the edge of the map and not in the middle.
If you spawn near the edge you need to get to the edge of the rad zone quickly without attracting too many Uber Protegit.
Now, there are two types of Uber Protegit. The ‘standard’ Ubers have extra HP / Shield / Damage, whilst the ‘saboteur’ versions are literally just a -=[Saboteur]=- renamed.
When standard-ubers are low on HP they will run away to a random spot on the map like a normal NPC would. Saboteur-ubers will follow you around until they die. Every time prot dies a new one will spwan.
You will need to spend about an hour making the standard-ubers run away on low HP, whilst killing any saboteur-ubers who come near to you. Be careful when using kamikaze, you don’t want to accidentally kill prots which have run away on low HP.

6. Collecting
If you have got this far you’ve done well. Now you just near to reap your rewards. Fly around the edges of the map collecting the boxes, kill and*saboteur-ubers that come near you.
Try to avoid going near to the center of the map as you will have a bigger chance of being swarmed by*saboteur-ubers.

Spearhead Method
The secondary method for surviving the cube map is to use a spearhead.
Again, you will need to make the map safe by clearing the protegit etc. Then you can use the ultimate cloak to fly from one end of the map to the other in safety.
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wow man, relax, was going through posts and just giving 2 cents worth on an experience there, plus have been away from the game for a while and getting back into it .... smh
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Hi,is it still working?
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