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MW3 External ESP v3.3 [1.9.441]

Discussion on MW3 External ESP v3.3 [1.9.441] within the Call of Duty Hacks, Bots, Cheats & Exploits forum part of the Call of Duty category.

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MW3 External ESP v3.3 [1.9.441]

Make sure to check if your question has been answered on this post first!.

What is .NET External ESP?
It is an External ESP hack that was coded in C# by me - for all the fags who are out there - me = master131. It is designed only for Modern Warfare 3 in windowed mode. You must be running Windows Vista or Windows 7 with Aero enabled.

This is a virus/trojan?
It's obviously a false positive, I NEVER include viruses, malware or any malicious code on any of my releases. The reason why anti-virus software pick this up as a virus is because I've designed it to avoid VAC detection by generating a unique file each time the launcher is launched (hence the 'Dropper' term used in AV signatures because it 'drops' a copy each time it's launched, MSIL refers to the fact that the hack was coded in .NET). Please add the file to your AV's exception list and don't spam this thread with "OMG, dis is virus, don't download". I completely understand why they flagged this as a trojan but trust me, it's not! I am against viruses and would never use/create any to harm others.

Is is detected?
As of now, it is UNDETECTED. As with all hacks you download, use at your own risk. This does not inject or write into the game's memory so there is a lesser chance of it being detected. So far, it's been 6 months and there have been no reports of bans.

What version of MW3 does this work with?
1.9.441 (Steam only, not TeknoMW3 or IW5M)

Can I have the source?

I got an OpenProcess error?
Look up the error ID here. A common one might be error ID 5 which means you need to run the hack as admin.

How do I use the triggerbot?
By default, the triggerbot is only activated when you hold down the right-mouse button. If you want it to shoot if you just hover your mouse over an enemy instead of holding down the right-mouse button, change this in the config:

TRIGGER_BOT_REQUIRE_BOT_KEY = true // Change it to false

It then presses the H key repeatedly to fire. You need to set your fire key to be Left Mouse and H in the game options

Of course, if you don't like this and only want to use the Left Mouse button, open config.mw3esp and replace this (it might make shooting buggy):

KEY_TRIGGER_BOT_FIRE_KEY = H // Replace the H with LButton

How do I use the hack?
- Download and extract the attachment to a folder, don't just double click the Launcher!
- (optional) Edit the config file to your liking (config.mw3esp) with Notepad or any text editor.
- Run Launcher.exe and start the game.
- When in game, use the F-buttons to toggle the functions and use right-mouse button or the Home key to use the aimbot.

My anti-virus keeps complaining about a file in the Temp directory!
This is a false positive, meaning that it's not really a virus. It's the hack's way of prevent the hack from being detected. To get rid of this, you can either a) disable your antivirus or b) edit the config file and add an exclusion so you don't accidently catch a virus while you're playing. In order to add the hack to exclusions, you must edit the config file first. Open the config.mw3esp file with Notepad and find this line:


and then replace it with this, you can put anything you want in between the quotes.


Now, start the hack again and your anti-virus will detect a "virus" in your Temporary directory. Add the file to exclusions (refer to your AV's documentation) and run the hack again, now it should work!

I only want enemy boxes to be visible.
Open config.mw3esp and change this line (by changing the alpha which determines how visible the color is).


to this instead:


Is it possible to indicate whether a player is visible or not? Can I only aim at visible players?
No. You'd need access to the game's functions to do sight/bullet tracing which either requires injecting to writing into the game's memory.

The aimbot is too fast or slow?
Check config.mw3esp, there are some aimbot speed settings that you can tweak, make sure to read the comment above it!

Hack is using too much CPU!
You can fix this by adjusting the RENDER_INTERVAL setting in config.mw3esp, try this and see if it works:

RENDER_INTERVAL = 10 // Replace the 10 with 20 instead

Make sure to change the bot tick settings too or the aimbot will be slower:

BOT_SPEED_TICK_1 = 15 // Replace this with 7
BOT_SPEED_TICK_2 = 30 // Replace this with 15
BOT_SPEED_3 = 1.8

What maps are supported by the radar?
Only the 16 standard maps, 2 Face-Off maps (Aground and Erosion) and Terminal have background images. Other maps will fallback to the legacy radar seen in previous versions of the hack. The reason why the other DLC maps are not supported is because I do not own them and can't add them. You might find a couple of their background images in the maps folder but I've just left them there for future use.

I can see the bar at the top but now my game window is black?
This seems to be related to the latest NVIDIA graphic drivers. If you are running an NVIDIA card, please make sure to disable FXAA via the NVIDIA Control Panel, thanks to REPLACE for the fix. Click here for an image.

What OS does this work on?
- Windows Vista
- Windows 7

- Aimbot
- BoxESP (with Turret/Helicopter/Plane support)
- Snaplines
- Distance ESP
- Crosshair
- Radar (with map backgrounds)
- Status/Menu bar
- Configurable settings
- Name tag
- Triggerbot
- VAC countermeasures to make sure this stays undetected.

What's new:

Changes since version 3.3 (1st September 2012):
- Fixed overlay sizing issues on Vista, big thanks to Ghosty and Kolo2000.

Changes since version 3.2 (26th August 2012):
- Fixed triggerbot to only aim at enemies
- Possibly fixed window size issues.

Changes since version 3.1 (25th August 2012):
- Added a triggerbot setting
- Set RENDER_INTERVAL back to 10 like in previous versions (so the aimbot would work the same)
- Fixed the aimbot.

Changes since version 3.0 (23rd August 2012):
- Complete rewrite from scratch
- More CPU efficient, uses less resources than previous version
- Added a triggerbot
- Added map background support for the radar
- Added helicopter, turret and plane detection for the BoxESP.
- Added "hop" detection for the aimbot, this will reduce the jump distance from a dead player to another when using aimbot.
- Addressed possible bug where your CPU resources could be drained when the hack is closed.
- Removed the SENSITIVITY_OVERRIDE option and the PlayerDistance aimbot (useless and buggy)
- Rewrote the config parser which now allows for more efficient parsing and comments on the same line as the config values.
- Added more options for tweaking and renamed some values.
- Rewrote the exception handler.
- Mini-fix: Fixed support for Windowed (No Border)

Changes since version 2.13 (18th August 2012):
- Updated for 1.9.441 (emergency release)

Changes since version 2.12 (24th July 2012):
- Possible stability fixes (unhandled exceptions)
- Added a radar/mini-map and changed the dot shown on players
- Fixed menu options from overlapping/clipping each other

Changes since version 2.11 (22th June 2012):
- Added support for 1.9.433, big thanks to REPLACE
- Possibly fixed AV detection? No idea.

Changes since version 2.10 (5th June 2012):
- Improved the speed of the hack, should be on par with v2.8 or lower
- Added a EXECUTABLE_NAME option for those having anti-virus issues

Changes since version 2.9 (3rd June 2012):
- Added a crosshair option
- Renamed the FONT_QUALITY option to TEXT_QUALITY
- Added extra protection against VAC
- Reduced file size and possibly optimised speed

Changes since version 2.8 (2nd June 2012):
- Possible stability fixes

Changes since version 2.7 (25th May 2012):
- Updated for 1.8.423
- Added a text quality setting
- Fixed the distance displaying incorrectly (and the player distance aimbot)

Changes since version 2.6 (24th May 2012):
- Restored the original aimbot speed
- Fixed the bug where any changes made to the 2nd and 3rd aimbot speeds would make no difference

Changes since version 2.5 (23rd May 2012):
- Added the option to choose between a crosshair or player distance aimbot
- Added the option to choose the color of the aimbot dot
- Added speed options for the aimbot for those wanting to change it
- Added distance ESP and snaplines
- Tweaked the aimbot speed (it's a little faster now) to match the one used in External BoxESP by sph4ck in MW2.

Changes since version 2.4 (9th May 2012):
- Updated support for 1.7.413
- Added little message.

Changes since version 2.3 (30th April 2012):
- Fixed the DrawText errors people are experiencing

Changes since version 2.2 (29th April 2012):
- Added error log generation, when the hack crashes, a log will be generated on your desktop. Post it here when it happens.
- Possibly fixed the crashing issue people are having.

Changes since version 2.1 (24th April 2012):
- Removed the requirement for installing SlimDX, it's no longer required.
Now the hack uses SharpDX (it's already included inside the hack, you don't need to install anything at all).
- Refactored some of the launcher code.
- Added a simple check for possibly corrupt copies of DirectX.
- Possible (minor) speed improvement thanks to SharpDX's fast interop feature.

Changes since version 2.0 (18th April 2012):
- Completely rewritten drawing method
- Supports only Windows 7 and Vista with Aero enabled
- More faster than previous versions (which means that there should be no aimbot problems).

- .NET Framework 3.5


Alexandre Mutel - Fixing SharpDX to my request (not hack related).
KN4CK3R - Posting the root source of OSHeCoD6.
REPLACE, REPLACE and REPLACE - Updating the hack in Python and adding a crap load of features as well as providing a bug fix for the box issue.
REPLACE - Faster aimbot that is compatible with snipers.
REPLACE - Helping me to test the hack out.
REPLACE, REPLACE, REPLACE, REPLACE, REPLACE - Helping to test out the old overlay.
Everyone else who helped with the development of External BoxESP for MW2.



MfG Pihlipp
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hab den schon gepostet
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Originally Posted by Marvxy View Post
hab den schon gepostet
Jo nix gegen dich aber ich glaube die leute laden nich gerne etwas von frischlingen runter
außerdem find ichs bei mir etwas ausführlicher gestaltet^^
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copy , paste xD toll
keine sorge frischling hin oder her ich bin Moderator bei Cheat-Sector
ich hab ahnung davon
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bei mir steht da irgendwas ,wenn ich den hack auf winrar öffne, das windows aero für dieses system nicht geht , oder so!
kann mir jemand helfen?
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Geht der auch auf Four Delta One?
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Originally Posted by WarRockOwner View Post
Geht der auch auf Four Delta One?
Musst du probieren, ich glaubs aber nicht
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Hey pihlipp geht der hack ?
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Originally Posted by br3dk1ll View Post
Hey pihlipp geht der hack ?
sonst hät ich ihn nicht gepostet :P

einfahc im fenstermodus starten
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ok Danke für die schnelle antworte
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Hey Ho

Bei mir geht der Launcher nicht aus dem WinRar datei heraus

Lg. Marco und danke für die antwort wenn du vil. weißt
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Originally Posted by GaunerMarco View Post
Hey Ho

Bei mir geht der Launcher nicht aus dem WinRar datei heraus

Lg. Marco und danke für die antwort wenn du vil. weißt
Entpacks auf den desktop
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Da kommt ja den die Fehlermeldung
Aber trotzdem Danke.
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schon wieder ein neuer
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Ich wollte nur mal Danke sagen und dass alles bestens funktioniert. Ich dachte mir, wenn hier Leute dauernd von Fehlern berichten, ist es auch mal schön, wenn jemand sagt, dass alles gut läuft.

Super Hack!
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