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Capua Thread

Posted 02/16/2021 at 21:10 by Hypnos¥
Updated 02/17/2021 at 00:24 by Hypnos¥

Silkroad was never meant to be the way it is today; the enthusiastic old-school experience is something you no longer feel due to the number of over-edits present in today’s servers. But you need not worry about that anymore, as we are going to remind you of how Silkroad was, while still managing to provide you with a never seen before experience, we humbly present Capua Online to you!

Server’s Mission
The mission of Capua is to remind you of Silkroad Online’s beauty, but with much more beauty and elegance! Capua is basically a 100% Play2Win server based on the international Joymax servers, generally speaking; satisfaction is guaranteed with us!

Name: [GM]Ganja, Position in the team: Server Owner.
Name: [GM]Zahirna, Position in the team: Server Owner.
Name: [GM]OutBreakPrime, Position in the team: Server Assistant/Game Master.
Name: DrunkOfBlood, Position in the team: Head Supporter.
Name: Comache, Position in the team: Official Reseller.


Beta phase information:
Undeniably, the Beta Stage of any project is a core success factor, as it eliminates all potential bugs and exploits, that is apart from the stability-guarantee as well! We are confident enough to say that our team has tested all the features already during our closed testing stage, but no matter how experienced the team is; we do acknowledge the fact that we cannot find all bugs alone, as some of them get triggered by a larger number of players. Capua’s beta phase is going to last 2 weeks.

Week 1: During the first week of our beta, we will have directional testing, meaning that we will be asking you to test specific features that are mostly fun, like unique monsters alongside their drops, etc.

Week 2: The second and last week of our beta will consist of finalizations of everything and it is when we will make sure everything is working and top notch.

- Beta Events: These events will be held for entertainment purposes, and to ensure the fun is even tripled!
  • 1. Grinding Event: Once the beta commences, you will all start with Level 1 characters and race up until you reach the cap level.

    • First place: Ultimate Starter Package and Custom Title.
    • 2nd ~ 3rd places: Advanced Starter Package.
    • 4th ~ 5th places: Beginner Starter Package.
    • 6th-10th places: $10 worth of Silk.

  • 2. Share Event: This event will also start the instance our beta commences; your purpose is going to be sharing the relevant post on Facebook and you might be one of the selected winners.

    $10 worth of Silk to 3x lucky winners.

  • 3. Unique Event: This event will be hosted on the 13th of February during the second week of Capua’s beta.

    During this event we will spawn several uniques, but not all of them will give a reward; only the different killers of the 5 Capua Demons we plan on spawning will win the reward for this event. The reward for the winners is $10 worth of Silk.

Grand Opening:
Capua Online will officially launch on the 19th of February 2021 at 20:00 GMT +2. Finally, the time is upon us, gather your friends and guildmates, the time for you to shine is here!

Info Value
Cap 90
Race Chinese
Solo Exp 1x
Party Exp 3x
Gold drop 3x
Item drop 10x
SoX Drop 1x
Max Plus +10 (Notice from +6)
Alchemy 1x
Fortress War Hotan.
Battle Arena Enabled.
Capture the Flag Enabled.
Forgotten World Enabled.
Academy Enabled.
Permanent buffs Enabled.
Auto equipment Disabled.
Magic pop Disabled.
Silk/H 1 (Starting Lv52)
Vote System More Silk/H

Start Items
Leveling up can be a hassle to some people, but it is still a crucial and necessary part of the game. So, we will be giving out a reward every few levels to assist you with your adventure.

Start Items
1000x HP XL potion from the item mall
1000x MP XL potion from the item mall
20x Resurrection scrolls
10x Capua Speed Scroll
3x 100% Exp Booster (1-Hour)
20x Capua Wings (Return Scrolls)
1x grab pet for 28 days
10x Reverse Return Scroll
100,000 Skill Points

We have adjusted the beginner quests and added more valuable rewards to make it worthy.

Lvl 5 50x Beginner Scroll of Movement
Lvl 10 2x 100% exp boosters (1-Hour)
Lvl 20 2x 100% exp boosters (1-Hour)
Lvl 30 2x 100% exp boosters (1-Hour)
Lvl 40 2x 100% exp boosters (1-Hour)
Lvl 50 3x 100% exp boosters (1-Hour)
Lvl 60 2x 150% exp boosters (1-Hour)
Lvl 70 15x Global Chatting
Lvl 90 1x Dark Arabian Dress

To make everything even easier, we have increased the maximum possible stack for almost everything, you can find the modifications done below.

100% EXP Booster 50
150% EXP Booster50
Potions 5,000
Pills 5,000
Vigor 5,000
Arrow 5,000
Stones 500
Elixirs 1,000

When you are away from the keyboard for too long (no movement, nor chatting) for 5 minutes, a bubble animation will appear over your character showing that you are away.

CTF is a beloved event to all of us, therefore we will have it here with some modifications you can find below.

  • 1 kill = 1 Academy Graduate
  • Win = 3 Academy Graduates
  • Loss = 1 Academy Graduate
  • IP Limit: 2
  • HWID Limit: 1
  • Required Level: 20

BA is an ancient event and it totally fits Capua’s theme, so why not? Find the modifications done to the event below.

  • 1 kill = 1 Capua Coin
  • Win = 3 Capua Coins
  • Loss = 1 Capua Coin
  • IP limit: 2
  • HWID Limit: 1
  • Required Level: 20

Arena Item Manager:
Since the event is here, there should be a pool of amazing things you can purchase using Capua Coins, find an example below.

  • Fierce Tiger
  • Buffalo
  • White Elephant
  • Character Skin Change Scroll
  • Reverse Return Scroll
  • Special Job Suits

To simplify Capua, we have added scrolls that were did not exist years ago, but still help you big time! Find an example below.
  • Skill Reset Scroll
  • Stat Reset Scroll
  • Character Name Change Scroll
  • Premium Remover
  • Avatar Blue remover
  • Model Switch Scrolls (D8, D9 & D10 only and they work on Weapons & Shields)
  • New Horses (Lv75 & Lv90)

To ensure your security is always intact, we have implemented a secondary passcode to protect your account from fraudulent activity.

To even make things visible to you, we have added different rankings to help you see what is happening with the server, find an example below:
  • In-game Unique Ranking
  • In-game Job Ranking
  • In-game Honor Ranking
  • In-game Level Ranking
  • In-game Unique History

This manager is where you have control over all of your titles and it enables you to switch between them.

We have created a variety of new job suits for you that have different special abilities to assist you with slaying the opponent job players.

These tickets will give you a chance to achieve your dream and finally win the lottery, even if it is virtual!

The job in Capua is interesting and worth it! You will be able to taste the old-school experience without any annoying over-edits! Find the features below.

Job Features

Tri-Job (Trader/Hunter/Thief)
Job IP Limit 2
Job HWID Limit 1

We have a unique set of regions and will mostly be basing things off the old-school ones; however, we will have one additional modern area that is going to be hard. Find the areas below.
  • Jangan
  • Donwhang (Town & Cave)
  • Hotan
  • Karakoram
  • Taklamakan
  • Roc Mountain
  • Sky Temple A

Since Capua is a Cap 90 server, initially there are not many unique monsters for you to hunt and things originally end with Demon Shaitan, but we will be adding a new set of unique monsters to spice things up a little, find them below.

- Ancient Planar
- Ancient Ong
- Ancient Goat
- Angry Hermit
- Angry LifeGuard

By using our signature, you will be receiving 100 silk as a compensation.

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