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Posted 05/13/2020 at 16:54 by HypnosĄ
Updated 05/18/2020 at 23:13 by HypnosĄ

Our version of a perfect server. So much time was invested into developing and implementing features into iSRO-X to create the perfect old school and enjoyable server. We spent hours and hours testing every single feature we implemented into our game. We strive to become one of the best private Silkroad servers ever created. We've implemented many features to provide the players with best game play and extreme excitement and to make sure that no one get's bored playing while playing iSRO-X. We've based the server on extreme jobbing and questing, and we've also made unique hunting very important.

We're offering you the best 100 cap server out there! We plan to make sure that iSRO-X exceeds your imagination! Our team is very cooperative, very helpful, friendly and most importantly adults. We grew up playing Silkroad. As of right now there is no server that can provide you with the best game play features to bring those old school feelings back. None other than iSRO-X!

Our main goal is to be able to provide you with the best long-term system and features! We are also going to update every once in a while with new features to refresh the game play and to keep the server even more alive and active! Just as we've been working silently and improving our game even further, we'll always be working in the background and looking for ways to improve iSRO-X even more!. We listen to every suggestion, feel free to post any suggestion you have!

We spent most of our time developing in a closed beta phase with very limited and selected people. The next phase is going to be the open beta and we are going to need you guys to test our awesome and cool features that we've implemented into iSRO-X. The next phase is going to be what you guys do best and that's test out every single feature! And informing us with what bugs you face and everything that might bring trouble later during the official game play! Please continue reading to understand our server features better!
  • BETA 25/10
  • GRAND OPEN 1/11

Video Teaser

Information Input
Exp/SP Rate10x
Party Exp/SP Rate12x
Drop Rate5x
Gold Rate2x
Sox Rate1x
Alchemy Rate1x
Job Rate2x
Capture the Flag Enabled
Battle ArenaEnabled
Fortress WarJangan
PC Limit3
IP Limit6
Guild Limit32
Union Limit2
Union Chat Limit32
Silk Per Hour1 Silk every 3 hours
Advanced Elixirs

● Start items
To boost you in at the beginning of your journey, we decided to give you some useful items potions, speed scroll, grab pet and fast return scroll. Those items will be very helpful to you in the grinding phase.

● Concept of iSRO-X
iSRO-X is mainly based on the original old silkroad cap 100, ofcourse without the european race to make the players more focused on the game-play instead of balancing both races which is impossible, the server was intended to be long server, so you don't have to bother yourself moving from a server to another, in iSRO-X you will feel the nostalgia of the real silkroad. You will see gold bots, people thrilled to collect gold, stall, sell and buy items! This is a new experience.

● How to obtain SOX items
At the start of your journey, you will be facing a lot of merciless monsters, you will start grinding to collect 10th-degree normal items (levels 90-99) to fight tooth and nail to reach level 100, then, you will aim for the seal of star gear which is gained by killing normal monsters with a low rate, you will crave for getting a seal of moon tier which drops from 99 monsters too but with low rate.

Each specific item
Sos set items: 99 Monsters
Moon set items: 99 Monsters
Sos weapons: 99 Monsters
Moon Weapons: Forgotten World
Sos Shields: 99 Monsters
Moon Shields: Purchasable with Arena Coins
Sos Accs: 99 Monsters
Moon Accs: Purchasable with Arena Coins

Item Sos Moon
Set Parts 99 Monsters 99 Monsters
Accessories 99 Monsters Purchasable with Arena Coins
Weapons 99 Monsters Forgotten World
Shields 99 Monsters Purchasable with Arena Coins

● Forgetten world
We know how fun the forgotten world is, so we decided to enable this thrilling great system, you will be able to obtain moon weapons by collecting the 8 talismans. the rates are the same as original silkroad. We don't want players to get end gear weapon in the first couple weeks ofcourse, good luck collecting the talismans.

● Jobbing in iSRO-X
We having the same original old school jobbing system, nothing new except the rewarding system, you will be receiving arena coins by delivering 5* trades whether you are thief, hunter or trader. But remember you have a daily limit of 30 arena coins to prevent botters from abusing the system.

● Capture the flag
Capture The Flag is one of the most entertaining systems in the history of Silkroad, It has a persistent duel which grabs our attention, we remember playing this event since we were Lv 20, killing other opponents and capturing the flag to get the yellow trophies and exchanging them for great rewards!, you will be using the trophies to purchase some precious items from our special NPC.
  • Each kill you will receive 1 CTF Coin
  • Winners team will receive 3 Arena Coins, losers will receive non.
  • You can get 2 CTF coins only from each player.

● Uniques
Dancing on the uniques' graves are the best experience that every Silkroad player wishes to have, It's the place where you feel your grandeur by killing the boss of the area, and for being fair, we have added some STR uniques for the STR players, These uniques are generally more difficult to defeat and you will be dicing with death the moment you enter their area, that's why we have added an amazing reward which will be given after the Uniques meet their sticky end.
  • Drops:Each unique drops certain amount of silk, reverse, globals and magic pop cards.

Unique Quests
We have done some daily tasks for you that will give you a magnificent present while doing some activities you are planning on doing anyways, These quests are generating significant enough resources that make it a daily obligation.
  1. Tiger Girl Slayer: Hunting 30 Tiger girl to be rewarded with Tiger Girl Slayer.
  2. Uruchi Slayer: Hunting 30 Uruchi to be rewarded with Tiger Girl Slayer.
  3. Lord Yarkan Slayer: Hunting 30 Lord to be rewarded with Tiger Girl Slayer.
  4. Demon Shaitan Slayer: Hunting 30 Demon Shaitan to be rewarded Demon Avatar Dress.

● Events
In-game events are made to entertain players and reward them with silk so you feel satisfy playing and filling your needs with silk items.

Search & Destroy
The bot will spawn a bloodthirsty unique somewhere in the map and it will provide some hits regarding the unique's location, all you got to do is to search and slay that unique so you'll be able to be the victor and win the prize.

Last Man Standing
Prepare yourselves for a truly extraordinary brawl experience, it requests the will of exposing your merciless force that devastates everything, It is a crucial moment where you have to fight for supremacy at the battle utilizing your strategy, cleverness, and subversive power so you can be able to murder everyone and push yourself to victory.

Unique Event
The bot will announce the unique event 5 minutes before it starts, it is usually held in order to give a boost for our beginners, multiple uniques will appear and you have to kill them to gain silk & drops.

Madness Event
The bot will announce the beginning of the event, you have to register so the bout will recall you to our special area, after teleportation you will be forced to wear a cap automatically, then a unique will spawn. You have to kill this unique to win the event, but remember that you will be sent town once you die, there is some restrictions, you cant invite or team up with anyone, also you can back with reverse or use resurrection, you will be sent town instantly when you die.

Survival Arena
Survival arena is the most intense battle of the game, You will be able to enjoy an endless war for 10 minutes with a special kills counter window and a timer count down on top of it, top 3 players who gather the most points will be rewarded with silks amount that equals their kills count.

Job Temple
The regular job temple uniques will appear at certain time everyday, wear job suit to be able to enter the dungeon, remember you are not alone, you will be facing many opponents, its challenging unique hunt!

We know how fun medusa is, we decided to enable it in iSRO-X, the medusa will be appearing twice a day, you can find the teleport at Samarkand next to storage.

Roc gate will be opened every week, this will be the most epic challenge for all players!

Daily Special Unique
There will be a very special unique appearing everyday, dropping a numerous precious drops, you can find the pillar teleport next to Samarkand storage.

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