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Ventus THREAD...

Posted 03/31/2019 at 20:42 by HypnosĄ
Updated 04/04/2019 at 15:33 by HypnosĄ

    Ventus is a brand new innovative game which is going to be featured shortly, We are going to offer you a game that we believe that it will raise the bar when it comes to extensive and engaging Silkroad gaming experience, In addition, it is providing the chance for you to put you into the shoes of a hero in a way you won't have experienced before, furthermore, we have spent a lot of time developing a server with a genuine uniques system and a lot of unprecedented systems in order to provide you some epic and unforgettable memories, Sapphire Online is undoubtedly creative, suspenseful and it's going to be launched soon, Do you have what it takes to be a champion?
    We have been in this business since 2012, we know how to keep the ball rolling. We promise to present you a great entertaining game-play where you can spend good times, make new friends and get back the nostalgia memories of SRO. Our aim is the one hundred percent stability and ofcourse to make a decent game play where everyone have the same chance, whether if he's donator or non-donator.
    When it came to the systems, we thought of making some extremely unique, offbeat and integrated features that will make you jump out of your skin because it is totally a bolt from the blue, we changed the mainstream idea about the degree 10 servers which are all based on Alexandria, we made an absolutely new experience for all of you, adding Baghdad with all those new systems will be an extraordinary adventure for you!
    Beta phase is a fundamental step of every server, it has to be done before the grand-opening to make sure that the server is running smoothly and have no bugs at all, hence, we would like to consider our previous opening as beta stage which will be a really long one and we have totally solved every trouble that existed, in addition, the previous server gave us an opportunity to improve our communication with our players and to hear all of their recommendations, we more than happy to to invite all of you to join our Grand Opening. Beta will be online at (10/04/2019)
    Grand opening will be held in (20/04/2019) at 18:00 GMT +2, make sure to participate in our offline events!

  • INSTANT | 100
    Cap 100 is one of the nicest caps ever in SRO, and since we're looking for the PVP-term. You can understand that we want to presence with a unique server, many players dont have time for the level up, based on that we decided to choose the instant 100.

    Well, many players love the only Chinese servers which is totally fine, but we are presenting a new gaming experience where a Chinese players have a chance to play vs European players! so why not enabling the Chinese and giving them a chance to prove themselves?

    Why not? Donwhang is the icon of Silkroad if i may say, i always wanted Donwhang as the main town as it presents the real silkroad atmosphere, you will find all new npc there.

  • Max Plus | +10
    We can't just leave max plus unlimited, that could ruin the game, we had to set a limit for the plus which is [10] and with the advanced elixirs you will be able to get your item to plus [12].

  • JOB
    SRO Job system is like the backbone of the game, we can't just ignore it and move on, we had to make something interesting with it. We increased the job rate, and ofcourse we added a precious rewards for delivering the trades!

    When it came to the alchemy, we decided to leave it as it is, challenging and a bit hard. If you have what it takes to make the max plus! then this is the place to show off.

To give you a small boost in your journey, we decided to give you some free items as well as SILK, so you can start your gaming like a boss..
Grap Pet28 days
Speed Scroll10x
Return Scroll20x
HP X-Large1000
MP X-Large1000
Inventory3 Pages
Skill Points10,000,000
TitleEurope or Chinese




MsteryEurope 200
MasteryChin 400
RacesChina & Europe
Job RateAdjusted
Main TownDonwhang
PC Limit2
PC Job Limit2
PC Cape Limit2
Guild Limit24
Max Plus10 No Adv
AlchemyEnabled ✔️
FortressEnabled ✔️
Capture the FlagEnabled ✔️
Battle ArenaEnabled ✔️
Advanced ElixirsEnabled ✔️
AcademyDisabled ❌

  • How to start like A BOSS?
    Basically, you will start Lv 100 ready to add your skills, you will be having millions of skill points enough to max all your skills. You will find free items at the npc located at donwhang selling FB items so you can start pvping or hunt uniques or even jobbing.

  • How to get coins?

    Gold Coins: Gold coins can be obtained only from quests, the reason we did that is to encourage players to make quests and finish them more often, that will make you never get bored while playing.
    Silver Coins:This will be the most used common currency in the game, you can get silver coins from capture the flag, automatic events, uniques and some other stuff which you will know later, silver coins can be used to purchase many various items from the npc located at donwhang.
    Arena Coins:You can get arena coins from the normal monsters. The reason we added the arena coins drop to monsters is that some players love to leave their characters botting, so why not add some good drops for the monsters.

  • What can i do with these coins?

    Silver Coins:We added special NPC selling precious items for silver coins like (Special avatars, Special titles, Premium, Honor buff, Upgrade stats, Advanced elixirs, Attack pets & Grab pets)
    Arena Coins: You can buy scrolls, devil, flags, avatars, pets and and much more useful scrolls.

  • Quests

    We have four different quests in the game which will give you much precious items like coins and advanced elixirs.
    A- Demon Shaitan Quest
    This quest is a bit challenging for the uniques hunters, you will need to terminate 50 Demon Shaitan in-order to complete the quest, you will receive Silver coins and Special unique title.
    B- Passive Mastery Quest
    This quest will ask you to kill 1500 feather cloak monsters, you can take it once per day. After delivering the quest you will be rewarded with a scroll which will open one of the mastery passive skills in your build.

    C- Advanced Elixir Quest
    This quest is a bit challenging, because it requires to kill 15 job uniques, that will make the job more active because everyone will be seeking to finish the quest to get the great reward which will be Advanced Elixir, Kill 15 Isis or Selket.
    D- Gold Coin Quest
    This quest also challenging because it requires to kill 15 job uniques (Anubis or Neith) the reward will be also precious, you will receive 250 gold coins.

  • Auto Mastery NPC
    To make it easy for you guys we added a free scrolls for all masteries so you can add them within a second, you don't have to spend time to add your skills, all you have to do is to buy the scroll from the npc located at donwhang then use it as a regular return scroll, after teleporting you will find all skills maxed.

  • MagicPop
    No one can deny how Magic pop was dominating the scene at the 100 cap of SRO, we thought of adding something really interesting and will help you in alchemy. You can find Lucky scroll at the magic pop, after using it you will receive random lucky scroll (1% - 2% - 3%) use it wisely.

  • Job
    This is the fun part, we haven't changed much about the job system in the game because we believe SRO JOB SYSTEM was one of the best things they did in the game, but to make it more enjoyable we added more rewards beside the gold to the trade system. You will receive 25 gold coins at each trade you successfully deliver, but keep in mind there is a daily limit which is 5 trades per day.

  • Battle Arena
    Battle arena is one of the most entertaining systems in SRO, we enabled it ofcourse and added a very interesting reward which is berserk scrolls, you will be able to get 5 berserk scrolls if you won, and if you lost you will get 1 berserk scroll.

  • Special Rooms
    We added these interesting two rooms with automatic events, each room has its own unique events and it gives an outstanding rewards, do you have what it takes?

    Survival PVP Event:
    This event will start twice a day, the bot will announce the time and you have to register to enter the event.

    Survival Unique Arena:
    In this room the BOT will spawn uniques every 2 hours, these uniques will be dropping silver coins.

  • Model Switcher
    This is the most frequently asked system, many people doesn't be liked to be forced to play with a one category or shape of weapon, so we thought of adding this system so everyone can be able to change the shape of their weapons/shield any time, keep in mind that we have 18 models! 9 weapons and 9 for shield.

  • Silk
    Alright, many question are going around your head now, what if i don't want to pay money, how can i get free silk? that's was our first concern, wanted to make a play 2 win system. So, we decided to add silk per hour system that will give you 1 silk every hour. Also we have a unique reward system, each unique you kill will give you silk automatically.

    1 Hour 1 Silk

    Tiger Girl3
    Captain Ivy5
    Lord Yarkan8
    Demon Shaitan10

  • Ranks
    We having three different ranks in the game, two of them giving rewards, and they will be resets every week so everyone can have opportunity to prove his skills.

    UniqueEvery Week
    JobEvery Week
    Items PointsWill not be reset.
  • Automatic Events

    Survival PVP Event
    Prepare yourselves for a truly extraordinary brawl experience, it requests the will of exposing your merciless force that devastates everything, It is a crucial moment where you have to fight for supremacy at the battle utilizing your strategy, cleverness, and subversive power so you can be able to murder everyone and push yourself to victory, once the event is on, all you you have to do it to survive!

    Search & Destroy
    The bot will spawn a bloodthirsty unique somewhere in the map and it will provide some hits regarding the unique's location, all you got to do is to search and slay that unique so you'll be able to be the victor and win the prize.

    Question Trivia
    It's an event that requires your interpretation and distinguishing skills, The bot will write a BLUE notice asking you a question, and you have to pm BOT with the correct answer, ofcourse the fastest message will be the winner.

    Kill The GM
    You are not called for registering in this event, The event will take place at Donwhang South, You have to run there as soon as you see the notice that will be written by our bot, the bot is going to appear and wear a cape, you got to sorely attack the BOT that appears in order to kill him as fast as possible, once he is dead, the bot is going to announce the wage earner.
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