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Posted 01/24/2019 at 20:15 by HypnosĄ

You might heard about QueenSRO Network before, but let me tell you some facts about us. QueenSRO has been online for almost 6 years! we have no lag, no delay or even downtime. We are offering a real different gaming experience with a stable and one-hundred percent safe dealing server.

We are not here to claim some trivialities like any other server, those who pretend and give fake promises of giving you the long-term server that never closes and closes instant after collecting some money. We want to give you a different experience, QueenSRO servers are unique, you will meet a different players from all around the world, a players that have been playing for over than 5 years in the server, you will make friends and also, you will make some good cash and let me tell you how.

QueenSRO servers are not like any private server, we've made our own economic system that helps the players to invest time and money in the game, and in exchange you can make some cash out of the game. Selling and buying items in the game is totally allowed since we're not monopolizing the market of the game.

Simply from crafting, buying and selling items. We have an ongoing monthly dealing with over than 2000$ just by this time, sometimes it reaches a higher capacity with over than 5000$.

And to prevent the scammers to take a place in the server, we have a trusted middleman which we hired specially for this occasion. He will help you to find a buyer and he will make sure to deliver you the money, and even if you didn't find a buyer he will find you one. Also, you will get paid in the most suitable way for you, whether in dollar or any other currency, and its completely free service!

Regarding promises, we give our word to everyone who wishes to play in our servers, we will keep the servers online even with 0 online players " will never happen actually xD ".


ValueServer FUNServer Rotana
MsteryEurope 240240
MasteryChin 480480
RacesChina & EuropeChina & Europe
Job RateAdjustedAdjusted
Main TownDonwhangDonwhang
PC Limit22
Guild Limit2424
Max Plus15 No Adv+30
AlchemyDisabled ❌ Working ✔️
FortressEnabled ✔️Enabled ✔️
Capture the FlagEnabled ✔️Enabled ✔️
Battle ArenaEnabled ✔️Enabled ✔️
Advanced ElixirsEnabled ✔️Enabled ✔️
AcademyDisabled ❌Disabled ❌

In QueenSRO Network, we believe that everyone deserves a good boost, so we added a precious items to the beginners start items, it will help you to get a great boost in your journey in the game. Remember that there's a free items at the beginners NPC that costs only one gold.
Grap Pet28 days
Speed Scroll10x
Return Scroll20x
HP X-Large1000
MP X-Large1000
Inventory3 Pages
Skill Points10,000,000
TitleEurope or Chinese

Our title system is terrific, you will be able to change your title and choose from a many options in the npc. You can change your title any time by purchasing the title scroll from npc, or simply by using our message system. It cost you nothing, but remember that the title system is made to separate from donators and non donators, that helps us in the daily events, we're doing some special events for donators only, and some or non donators to make it fair for both sides. You will get free title within your first purchase
To rise the entertainment bar, we added this special room that requires you to wear your job suit to be able to enter, it spawns two special powerful uniques that drops 250 arena coins, and they spawn every 4 hours from their death. Do you have the guts to face the consequences?
Survival Arena Boss250 Arena CoinsEvery 4 Hours
Survival Arena Guard250 Arena CoinsEvery 4 Hours

We all remember capture the flag and its golden memories in the old Silkroad day, well, we couldn't restrict ourselves from enabling it. Capture the flag will give you Arena coins & Silver Coins, The rewards for killing the players are changing every month, one month you will get Arena coins and the next month you will get Silver coin. Economics

Battle arena was and still one of the most entertaining systems in the silkroad and all games history we believe, so we made it a lil bit important for the players to attend it and participate in the killing activities, you will be rewarded with Arena coins for losing or winning the battle arena.

We have added some special npcs that selling rare items for arena coins / silver coins, like avatars and scrolls that will help you in your battles with the other players.

The thing that make the adrenaline rush in your blood, yeah? Magic pop is challenging and mostly depending on your luck, we enabled it and added Random Arena Coin scroll that gives you a random amount of arena coins after using it. You can buy Magic Pop card with:
  • Arena Coin
  • Silver Coin
  • Q-Point
  • B Coin


Uniques hunting is one of the most entertaining silkroad systems, the idea of proving yourself, skills and experience at fining unique and killing it is fun. Beside that, we added a ranking system to encourage all players to hunt the uniques. We have a different 40 uniques spawning all over the map, the respawn time of them is 20 minutes from their death. The Rank system resets every 8 days [1 - 8 - 16 - 24] of the month. There's also a poweful Arabian uniques that drops a precious items
  • Arabian Khulood ( Takamakan ) - Drops Arena coins / Scrolls / Berserk Scrolls
  • Arabian Karkadann ( Roc Mountain ) - Drops Arena coins / Scrolls / Berserk Scrolls
  • Arabian Shaitan (Karokram) - Drops Arena coins / Scrolls / Berserk Scrolls



We understand the struggle you were facing at buying/selling or even picking the goods with the low stack, feels awkward to keep picking them from the floor for straight 5 minutes or so. So, we decided to increase the stack of the goods so you will be able to buy/sell or pick them with no time.


Job system is the core of silkroad, we made it more entertain and fun than the previous version, since the gold isn't everyone's interest now, we added job points that can be used to purchase precious valuable items like scrolls and avatars. You will get points by delivering a 5* trade.
  • Traders gets 3 points per trade
  • Hunters gets 1 point per trade
  • Thieves gets 1 point per trade
There's no daily limit, however, there's a monthly limit of 300 points. After delivering the trade you must restart your character to find the point scroll in your inventory, after using the scroll it will add you the points in item mall a.k.a (F10).
  • Points will be rested at the beginning of the month.
  • To make the trading more challenging, we made the NPC thieves/hunters/traders more poweful.
  • We added a 7 days penalty if you left your job league to balance the job system
  • There's job penalty remove scroll, if you insisting xD

♦ Automatic Trivia
It's an event that requires your interpretation and distinguishing skills, The bot will write a BLUE notice asking you a question, and you have to pm EventBot with the correct answer, ofcourse the fastest message will be the winner.
♦ Automatic Survival
The bot will announce the event 5 minutes before it starts, you have to teleport to the Event PVP Area (Once you teleport, your registration will be done) then you have to wait till the BOT announce that there's 1 min left for the event, a yellow cape will be used during the event, when the event start all players will start killing each other to get points, the event duration is 10 minutes. The reward is changable. One week Arena Coins, and one week Silver coins.
♦ Automatic Search & Destroy
The bot will spawn a bloodthirsty unique somewhere in the map and it will provide some hits regarding the unique's location, all you got to do is to search and slay that unique [White Knight Lv:80] so you'll be able to be the victor and win the prize.
♦ Automatic Lucky Party Number
The event is totally based on calculation and luck, the bot is going to write a specific number, and you have to create parties insanely until you reach the required number, the one that has the desired party's number will be the winner.
♦ Automatic Last Man Standing
Prepare yourselves for a truly extraordinary brawl experience, it requests the will of exposing your merciless force that devastates everything, It is a crucial moment where you have to fight for supremacy at the battle utilizing your strategy, cleverness, and subversive power so you can be able to murder everyone and push yourself to victory, once the event is on, all you have to do is to send a private message to our EventBot with "Reg".

Survival1st 1k AC / 2nd 700 AC / 3rd 400 AC
Trivia50 Arena coin per round
LMS 500 Arena coin per round
LPN 50 Arena per round
S&D 100 Arena coin per round

♦ QueenSRO Events Schedule

This is our efforts for you guys, there is a daily/weekly/monthly events are being hosted by our staff team, providing you a real challenging gaming experience.

DeathBone2,5k Arena + Special TitleTuesday8:00PM9:00 PM
PVP Tournament2,5k Arena + Special TitleFriday4:00PM4:00 PM
PVP CHAMPIONSHIPThe winner picks rewardMonthlyAdjustedAdjusted
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