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Elite Aion [Elite Kingdoms] Private Server

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Elite Aion 2.0 [Elite Kingdoms] Private Server

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Forum and Website:

Server Rates:
10x exp, 7x drops, 6x kinah and 4x ap

Server Features:

Client 2.1.x.x does NOT yet work for the server, the latest working client is
Lowered the PvP reward in the Dredgion instance.
You now need to be rank 4 or higher to be in the top players list.
You can't sell items at the broker for negative kinah anymore.
Fixed some possible exploits.
Improved instance cooldowns.
Added many NPC shouts.
Changed NPC movements.
Updated artifacts.
Purchase limited NPC's should now restock.

A Mythical Monster
Balaur Conspiracy
Hold The Front Line
Missing Poppy
The Seeds Of Hope
Vellun's Request
Sweeping The Ruins
[Group] Hairpin Ahoy!
Haramel quests

Problem with skills that sometimes can't be used should be fixed.
Fix for group heals.
Changed the HP of servants.

Added a huge number of new drops.
Fixed a bug in the friendslist.
Fortress gates now resust pulling effects.
Fixed instance entrance levels.
Fixed npc's.
After falling to death players will be send to their kisk.
Added world drops.
Players can re-enter instances if their party is still inside.
Updated AI.
Fixed bugged sieges.
Fix for double death bug.
Players can not use skills while being in some transformations.
Fixed storage exploits.
Added Beshmundir Temple.
Updated artifacts.
Fixed many bugs with mobs. (they wont run away forever)
Created new instance portals for new instances.
Added cube expansion quests.
Daily quest picking bug fixed.
Added repurchase system.
It's now possible to cancel spell casting with the esc key.

Killing for Castor
[Group] Assassin Mokkurkalfi
The Aether Must Flow
The Detecting Eye
Pupils Diary
Friends for Life
The Legend of Vindachinerk
Jaiorunerks Tombstone
Wheres Vindachinerk

Godstones no longer interrupt chains.
Fixed servants.
Fixed bugs with traps.

Player will get in the Abyss Rank list if they are at least Rank 3.
Fixed the //ding command. (It should not heal anymore)
The name of the crafter is now written on items.
Temporary items are working.
Temporary item trade is working.
Fixed/updated the arena.
Fixed a guard aggro bug.
Updated the portal system. (For some portals you need to do a quest or get an item)
Added the Kromedes Trail instance.
Updated the some bosses with 2.0 stats (Stormwing, Omega, Sematariux,Elder Malekor,Ragnarok,Padmarashka, Yamennes Blindsight, Enraged Veille,Enraged Veille)
Added missing binding points and soul healers in Theobomos.
Added npc titles to Inggison and Gelkmaros npc's
Completely redone the siege system.
Fixed Inggison aerolinks.
Fixed a mailing bug where it showed wrong kinah values.
Added the pet rename function.
Extended rewards for repeatable quests implemented.
Fixed the non-working teleport in Pandaemonium.

[Daily] Chasing a Memory
The Last CheckPoint
Balaur Conspiracy
Dissapearing Aether
Refreshing the Springs
Hold the Front Line
Looking for Leibo
Flying Reconnaissance
Relics Left Behind
Twilight Battlefield
Immortal Soul
Destroying the Guard Tower
Keeping the Black Claw in Check
Eliminating the Soul Reaper
Daeva of Flame's Request
[Coin] The Interfering Embers
Stop the Unavarun Legion
Root of the Problem
End of the Corrupted Elim
Demolition Derby
Updated the coin quest rewards.
Reaching Out
Brigadier Indratu
[Alliance] What's Down There?
[Alliance] Fragment Removal
Watch the Watcher Die
[Alliance] Fragmenting Fragments
[Group] Senegal's Arrow
Rift Stones
Many new Gelkmaros and Inggison quests.
Lower Udas Temple quests.

Item skills won't trigger godstone skills anymore.
Resurrection Loci: added.
Winged Range: applies now only while flying.
Spirit Explosion: fixed.

Added a //ding command to get new quests and update your skill levels when you are already level 55.

Fixed some manastone levels.
Small kisk detail changed.
Fix against power leveling.
Alliance drop distribution implemented.
Fixed the stats for the new summons.
Cast range for summons is fixed.
Fixed Denegos tradelist.
Fixed a PrivateTrade/Broker exploit.
Fixed an exploit with the abyss shops.
Abyss transformation can't be used in instances.
Fixed a bug with rolling for loot items in groups.
Fortress gates now despawn when they get destroyed.
Fortress gates are now invulnerable for effects.

Missing Poppy
Honing Your Skills
Abyss General Knowledge
Following Through
The Last Checkpoint
Balaur Conspiracy
The Tigraki Agreement
Hold The Front Line
Headless Stone Statue
Can I Eat It
Gray Fog Monsters
Revenge is Sweet
Giant's Core Weapon
Decimating The Gray Wind Legion
Work order bonusses are more retail like.
156 Daily quests implemented. (many of those might be bugged)

Fix for the last stigma at level 55.
Fixed alliance group skills.
Dispell works now on any kind of creature.
Fix for Strengthen Wings.
Fixed all skill with reflect effect.
Fixed Gain Mana.
Fixed Barrier of Severance.
Fixed Ancestral/Darkness Rune.
Fixed Blood Rune.
Fixed Impervious Veil.
Fixed Boost Mantra Range.
Fixed Winged Mantra.
Fixed Prayer of Freedom.
Fixed Assassination(apply dmg to stunned and poisoned target) and similar skills.
Fixed Ice Sheet.
Fixed Illusion Gate.
Summon Group Member should be working now.
Summon Healing Servant should be working now.

Exp rate is changed to 10x
AP rate is changed to 4x
Drop rate is changed to 6x

Many new quests
Many quests fixed
Many bugs fixed
Maybe some new bugs added

Fixed the stats of chanters, gladiators, rangers, sorcerers and spiritmasters who are level 53+.
Made it impossible to leave a battle immediatly by closing the window.
Deleted some double mobs and guards.
Implemented daily/weekly kills/ap gained.
The abyss ranks are now visible in the top list ingame. (gets updated once a day)
More shouting NPC's
Fixed some bugs where pets didn't get dismissed.
Fixed a bug where rangers could should an unlimited distance.
Added/updated more then 4000 drops in all worlds and instances.
Aggressive walking mobs will aggro.
All abyss instance portals should be working.
Added teleport location for Gaminart.
Fixed some teleport prices
Fixed reshanta fortress teleport.
Attack speed is capped.
Broadcast message when someone uses an abyss transformation.
Some changes in magic resist.
Many small bugs fixed.

Odella Recipe
Insomnia Medicine
The Lost Axe
The Elims Message
The Nymphs Gown
Delivering Pernoss Robe
Testing Your Mettle
Refreshing the Springs
The Abyss Quiz
Recruiting Announcement (contained an exploit)

Dagger of Love
Threat of the Thunder Shout Legion
Eliminating the Soul Reaper
Legend of the Sword's Edge
Tenacious Archon

Fixed skills that effect flight time or MP, like Aether Arrow, Healing Conduit, Wing Root.
AoE skills with a cast time won't affect targets that get out of range during casting.
Prayer of Victory: now applies only on party members.
Elemental Screen: now applies only on party members.
Ripple of Purification: prioritize party members.
Healing potions: fixed.
Focused Shots: effect is removed after 5 .attacks
Hunter's Might: effect is removed after 2 critical attacks.
(the same goes for other effects that should be removed after a given number of attacks)
Enmity Swap: fixed.
Withering Gloom: fixed.
Illusion: updated.
Flames of Anguish: won't break when attacked.
Bodyguard: fixed

Updated drops for Tahabata Pyrelord and Menotios.
Raised the drop chance for Elder drops.
7 NPC's/Monsters will shout. (Have fun finding them)
-- Eiren in Pandaemonium is one of them for those who were wondering. Also Stone in Verteron. --
Players don't soul sickness after ressing at a kisk.
Gathering exploit fixed.
Bosses resist only abnormal states now.
Fixed Gelkmaros/Inggison fortress general stats/state.
The broker system should now work without any problems.
The instance in Divine Fortress should work.
EXP message changed when a mob dies.
Updated all the player stats for lvl51 to 55.

Many NPC fixes:
All wrong states fixed.
Wrong NPC's replaced.
Missing spawns added.
Many NPC titles added.

Fixed calculation of magical resist.
Fixed AoE bug for targets not having a known-list.
Fix for provoke skills.
Non-targeting AoE skills can be used without a target now.
Abyss skills are added and removed correctly when the player's Abyss Rank changes.
Healing skills - Heal ammounts are retail like.
Word of destruction II - Updated Spellbook Seller. (Asmodian side)
Infernal Blight I - should reduce magical resist now.
Charge I - add fly speed now.
Prayer of Victory - affect only party.
Hunter's Might - decrease attack range properly.
Bestial fury - decrease attack range properly.
Entangle arrow - decrease fly speed.
Robe of Earth II - doesnt stack with other robes.
Chain of Earth I - decrease fly speed.
Blessing of Fire - damage proc.
Bodyguard I - Should be working.

Quest Kinah lowered to 6x.
Kinah wasn't decreasing in collect item quests where it's required to give kinah.
Selectable rewards which should be given after you complete quest 40 times or so was not given.
Fixed dialog handling when the inventory is full.
Repeatable coin quests can be done more then 99 times.
Added more items that start quests.
Fixed many quest counter bugs.
Fixed the bug that the legion warehouse could open from some quests.
Fixes for the following quests:
Captive Flame
A Father's Letter
Lifeform Remodeling Report
A Song Of Praise
Secrets of the Temple
The Shadows Command
Flying Reconnaissance
The Three Keys
A Lost Daeva
Bringing Up Tayga
The Forest Outlaw
Undelivered Armor
Verteron Reinforcements
Klaw Control
Sealing The Abyss Gate
Gaphyrks Love
Project Drakanhammer
Request of the Elim
The Four Leaders
A New Skill
New quests added:
Village Status Report
Fearless Kantele
Exorcising Infisto
Delivery of Aether Sample
Missing Bard
Listen to My Song Strigiks
Scoring Some Bad Stigma
Sign on the Dotted Line
Suspicious Errand
Nightmares and Dreamscapes
Nightmare on My Street

Pets can be spawned.
2.0 Emotes have been added.
The broker is working again.
Thousands of new drops have been added (mostly in 2.0 mobs)
Drops for the following bosses have changed: Andre, Watcher Zapiel, Bollvig Blackheart, Queen Alukina, Henchman Ladun, Captain Lahbri
Many quests have changed.
Some skills are fixed.
The HP of Tahabata Pyrelord is increased.
The EXP for Deputy Lamipedon is decreased.
The Elyos NPC in the Pandaemonium handicrafting room has been replaced with an Asmodian NPC.
Steel Rake levers are fixed.
Many mobs in Inggison and Gelkmaros are fixed.
Fixed some exploits

For 22 mobs the drop percentages have changed
For some 2.0 mobs drops have been added.
A few errors in the error log have been fixed.

You need a 2.0 client to play the game.
Players and summons have 2.0 stats.
Pets can be bought (they can't be summoned yet)
The maximum level is now 55.
There are new skills.
Some quests are changed/fixed (I don't know exactly what has been changed, but next week more quests will get fixed)
You can enter the new areas.
Drops are updated.
Some skills are fixed.

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So what are you guys waiting for? Be part of EliteAion, EliteKingdoms and be one of the Elites!

Thread will be updated for edits from time being.

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BUMP and Updated
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BUMP and Updated
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is this P2P??
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Bump and Updated

Originally Posted by trynamin View Post
is this P2P??
Nope. Definitely F2P (free2play)
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