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Exclamation AION KRYPTON P-Server

Server type: AION Community: Krypton Mass PvP
Website :
Forum :
Account control panel:

Help us become a Huge comunity!
Romanii sunt bine veniti!!
We have 3 years in lineage 2 server programing skills!!!!!

Regular Rates
Rate regular XP = 100
Rate regular Group xp = 50
Rate regular Drop = 20
Rate regular Gathering XP = 5
Rate regular Crafting XP = 5
Rate regular Questxp = 30
Rate regular Quest kinah = 30
Rate regular AP NPC = 2
Rate regular AP Player = 2

Premium Rates
Rate premium XP = 200
Rate premium Group XP = 100
Rate premium Drop = 40
Rate premium Gathering XP = 10
Rate premium Crafting XP = 10
Rate premium Quest XP = 60
Rate premium Quest kinah = 60
Rate premium AP NPC = 5
Rate premium AP Player = 5

Server hardware:
Intel Core2 Quad 9550
Hard Drive 2x500GB SATA
100mb connection

Aion Krypton server features:
Supported Client PATCH: NA/EU
Max level 50
Fly time 6 minutes or more
Retail-like mob spawns in every maps.
Retail-like drops list for every mobs.
2nd class available!
Abyss Available!
More then 4 Instances Available!
Dark Poeta Available(monsters+bosses).
Color Dyes Available.
Rifts Available.
Warehouse Available.
Abyss Points!
Elder items[lvl50 orange] drop + plate in Reshtanta/Core at defenders!
Legion system!
Craft jobs.
Drops and Spawns everywhere!
Player commands:
//givemissingskills (usefull if you see you have a missing skill, but we fixed that too)

See much more in game ! Enjoy.

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Mach Links raus :O

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cool pvp server level 50 Assasin quite everything work and drops i found cool
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Is it even for English speaking ppl also or is that only for Romanii i have bean on two diffrent servers now and ppl there dont write in english and that is not fun and it is quit rude also.

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lol it's not for english people only there are greeks, french people and ro people atm, search for people speaking your language like me don't be lazy lol funny post of you "They speak only eng i can't power up "roflmao
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here you can learn how to connect to Aion Krypton PvP High Rates server

very very easy guide
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Cool Server Updates 07/04 2010

Hello, here are the updates:

- Completely rechecked Eltnen location. Fixed Z coordinate, fixed duplicate spawns, fixed incorrect pool values, added some missing monsters.
- Fixed bug in movecontroller, should slightly reduce lags caused by lots of moving npc's.
- From this revision XP reward will be taken from XML template. (BIG INCREASE OF XP!)
- Completely rechecked Beluslan location. Fixed Z coordinate, fixed duplicate spawns, added a lot of missing monsters. Fixed incorrect pool values of some Eltnen's mobs.
- Gatherable z fixes in Theomobos.
- Completely rechecked Theobomos location. Fixed Z coordinate, fixed duplicate spawns, added a lot of missing monsters. Some little fixes for Eltnen location.
- Added race to npc templates.
- Some optimization in Mail checking when player logging in - it will be done in mail service's scheduled task instead of CM_ENTER_WORLD packet. (Reduce server loads)
- Long range attack npcs will do basic attack from distance. Probably in some closed areas there will be hell without geodata
- Npcs in instances will not respawn.
- Some spawns were fixed.
- Added a lot of guards in Beluslan, Heiron & Reshanta to protect you near Teleports/Obelisks.
- Changed respawn time from some mobs.
- Fix crashing of the client when opening WH with lot of items.
- Should solve problem with auto deny of trade/duel/group requests.
- Fixed unnecessary packet broadcast.(Should reduce lag & server loads)
- Fix for applying debuff (dot) just before duel ends and it resulted in kill/ap gain. Need testing.
- Reworked lots of maps(some wrong spawns are back such as summoms in towns and will be removed during the next update)
- A bunch of quests were added in Altgard.
- Changed respawn time from some mobs.
- Optimized the server to reduce the loads.
- Skill engine refactoring (to support npc skills in future)

Known bugs of this update:
Warehouse is still bugging, don't use warehouse until the next update, your items will probably dissapear.

Enjoy and don't forget to vote for us everyday with your friends to help us grow.
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Exclamation Server updates 08/04

- Warehouse fix.
- Small fix for checking npc race of the teleport statue.
- Some wrong spawns cleaning in all locations.
- Fixed Mamaki Butcher's lvl to 37 instead of 28.
- More server optimizations.
- +10 npcs with skills.
- Skills will not reduce hate below 1.

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bump... go go aion lovers pvp the **** out of it...right now @ 200 players
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how do i get to sanctum...pernos dont tele me
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are summons working ?
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here is the list of updates made since last time i posted.

Update 10/04
- Some quests fixed.
- Removed debug messages in critical places.
- NPE on weather change.
- Added 2 missing NPCs for quests.
- Re-added Virago Trapper in Theobomos.
- Some server fixes.
- Fix for some stacking skills like Focused Evasion.
- Temporal workaround for some npc and player skills that put player under map.
- Fixed resurrect effect to be not applied on live targets.
- Abyss point gain/loss rules and AP farm protection.
- Abyss Rank Update packet sending optimization.
- [Skill engine] Boost hate effect implemented (Aggravation, Reduce Enmity Increase Rate, Defense Preparation). Stat affects only skill attack hate broadcast.
- Some debug messages to track double logout.
- Added Custom zone in Reshstanta/Core Fortress! --> The custom zone is ready, it's GROUP ONLY,
you can kill Seasoned strongbow monsters in Reshstanta Abyss Fortress for Anuhart armors or Field Generators for Tahabata weapons, top jewels and Anuhart Waist(Cloth and Leather).
- Search function from community pannel(V key) disabled, you can use our website from now on to see how many players are online.
- All drops updated in every worlds!

Update 14/04
- 3 new instances: Aetherogenetics Lab, Sulfur Tree Nest & Asteria Chamber.
- Trandila monster will respawn every 2 minutes instead of every 30 minutes for the quest since it's required for the quest Trandila's Eggs.
- Kato's spirit NPC is now spawned at NIGHT for the quest Source of the Pollution.
- Sorcerer's Minion's is set to 32570 HP instead of 3257 HP to avoid farming it.
- Added Naga Sorcerer near his minions in Reshanta.
- Removed a bunch of dupes (NPCs).
- No aggro when 10 lvl diff, means if you are 10 level higher than the mob then it will not attack you.
- Increased default respawn time from 105 to 295 sec.
- Corpse time -> 4min
- No XP/AP/DP reward if target level <10.
- null checking during recompute of stats
- Removed XP from mysterious crate to avoid farming 122k xp.
- [Skill engine] traps are implemented in basic version (Trap of Slowing, Explosion Trap, Sandstorm Trap, Spike Bite Trap, Spike Trap, Snare Trap, Destruction Trap, Poisoning Trap, Trap of Clairvoyance).
Some refacotrings in AI and skill friend/enemy conditions.
- Tried to fix the 3 new instances but sulfur nest has its entrance invisible atm so try the 2 others.
- Added a few quests to Reshanta.
- Gatherable z fixes of Theomobos.
- Some fixes for Hide: no aggro when in hide mode, for now depending on npc rank. Npc will not aggro when player in spawn protection state, using flying teleport or watching movies.
- Decay time changed from static 4min to dynamic 80% of respawn time with max 4min.
- Creature tasks small refactoring.
- Ping interval check(helps a little to counter cheaters)
- Completely rechecked Heiron location. Fixed Z coordinate, fixed duplicate spawns, added a lot of missing monsters, etc.
- Some gatherable fixes in Theomobos.
- Added and fixed few quests.
- [Skill engine] Summon spirit effect implemented (Summon Earth Spirit, Summon Fire Spirit, Summon Water Spirit, Summon Wind Spirit, Summon Tempest Spirit, Summon Magma Spirit). It does what is supposed in basic version
- summon npc for current player, nothing more (no attack or timers for tempest/magma spirits etc).
- Added summmon servant effects (Summon Noble Energy, Summon Holy Servant, Summon Divine Crusader) templates to XML with basic spawn support (no attack yet)
Release mode of summons on click.
- Better Physical attack formula for Npc.
- Delete Overseer Redtum spawn. This spawnhandled by quest.
- not closing connection based on ping, need more test.
- More XP for ELITE mobs.
- Separate runnable per player mail load with prevention of save fail.
- 37 new npc skills.
- Temporary increased scheduled thread pool MAXIMUM_RUNTIME_IN_MILLISEC_WITHOUT_WARNING to 15sec.(to reduce server loads)
- Added abyss zones to PvP Announcer !

Update 16/04
- Enchantment of items. Break of items (extract) to enchantment stones. Retail like chance probability calculations thought may require some more tweaking. No enchantment bonuses implemented. DB update required.
- Summon basic attack implemented. Correct animation during player gliding. Currently all summons have same stats.
- Releasing of summon when teleporting/going out of visible range
- Config for TPM Runtime
- Small fixes in droplist
- Fixed skills Righteous Punishment I, Ancestral Righteous Punishment I. Thanks to ViAl...
- Fixed some quests

Update 25/04
- Added a bunch of quests in Reshanta.
- Summon stats loading from XML, doesn't affect current summons yet.
- Fixed some NPCs/Mobs spawns.
- PET first target restriction for required skills.
- Extract Vitality skill learning fix.
- Xp/drop/duel reward when killing by summon should go to player.
- Small fixes in enchant.
- Added summons stats updated. (not full)
- Stigma equip with skill update. Stigma remove is not updating stigma slot correctly (need relog or level update for now).
- Fixed some spawns.
- [Skill engine] Added skill attack drain effect (Curse of Incurability, Draining Blow, Righteous Punishment, Ancestral Righteous Punishment, Punishment of Darkness).
- Hotfix for mailbox overflow and as the result player was not able to login.
- Added Beluslan Zones.
- Fix for some NPE's in quests (WheresRae, RequestoftheElim etc).
- Added some missing NPCs in Reshanta.
- Added some missing shops in Primium Fortress.
- Added and fixed some quests.
- Some code cleaning.
- Gladiator skills Slaughter, Aion's Strength, Defense Preparation will replace each other upon activation.
- Physical overdamage fix.
- Dark Poeta Abyss Gate should be back so you can go kill Pyrelord again(drop is removed by server, Tahabata is replaced on Krypton server by custom Field Generators from custom zone).
- Stigma quests Spawns & Stigma Shard consume fix.
- Fixed few NPC level and their Heading.
- Added manastone enchant failed function.
1 socket = successRate = 76
2 socket = successRate = 57
3 socket = successRate = 43
4 socket = successRate = 33
5 socket = successRate = 25
6 socket = successRate = 19
- Abnormal effects that have > 60sec of elapsed time will be saved in db and restored on next player login.
- Added Stigma quests.(A Sliver of Darkness,No Escaping Destiny)
- Fixed some spawns in Poeta.
- Server side skill cooldowns (with save on relog)
- Fixed summon not being affected by skills
- Sending game time to all players each 3min
- On skill cancel cooldown should be reset.
- Beluslan fly zones, thx b8892778
- Added and fixed some quests (Mark of Vengeance,Scouting the Scouts,Odium in the Dukaki Settlement)
- Add a message for inventory is full patch, thx wylovech
- Added and improved the system of the server update, to take less time from now on.
- Enchantment stat bonuses
- Added fly zone restriction of Dark Poeta. (users should not be able to fly there).

for more see
or just
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Originally Posted by Preliator View Post
how do i get to sanctum...pernos dont tele me
you can read the tips from launcher

- Starting weapons are ment to help you until level 15-20, after that you must buy better weapons.
- You become a part of this community after you reach level 30, after that you can whisper to others.
- If you reach level 9-10 and you see you can't advance in level anymore, relog and choose class.
- When you reach level 10 relog, for the teleport npc to work for you, as a Daeva.
- Custom zone is Reshtanta Abyss Fortress(DIVINE FORTRESS), the one from the middle of abyss(eye).
- Tahabata's drop has been moved to Field Generators from custom zone, added ancient jewels set as drop at them too. Chance 0.40%
- Seasoned Strongbow monsters from custom zone drops Anuhart armor parts at chance of 0.60%.

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nah this server sucks too much priviledge given to premium member
i dont mind the wing and exp but free fly and no time limit????????
LOL, so if ure not donator be prepared to get pawned over and over from the sky and can do nothin about it
again L f'in OL
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server is good!!!

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