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Free Aion server, with his own droplist database.

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Exclamation Free Aion server, with his own droplist database.

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Last Updates


* Finaly fixed the experience gain from monsters with retail values.
* Progresive rates have been disabled.
* Fixed the group xp rates, now its like official.
* Default rates have been setted to this :
Experience gain: 1x
Group XP rates: 1x
Item drop rates: 2x
Quest XP rates: 1x
Quest Kinah rates: 1x
Abyss points rates: 2x


* Fixed total prices in private stores.
* Fixed legion disband error for newly created Legions.
* Fixed buf/heal on non-aggressive monsters.
* Updated player experience table with more correct values.
* Added correct abnormal effect status message.
* Added messages to looting.
* Added missing NPC spawns in Pandaemonium.
* Corrected values for abyss points gained/lost.
* Corrected magic elementary resist added to damage calculation.
* Updated group max distance to retail (100m).
* Added a bunch of Guards to protect towns in Morheim.
* Added DAY attribute to Eninte NPC in Verteron.
* Added NIGHT attribute to Earth Sprit in Verteron & Moss Spirit in Eltnen.
* Added DAY/NIGHT attribute to MuMu Di/Zen/Lu/Ang/Zoo/Ring in Altgard for the quest Making a New Start.
* Added NIGHT attribute to Namus in Poeta for the quest The Nymph's Gown.
* Added more Fertilizer Sack in Altgard.
* Added more correct initial main hand power, pdef, parry, evasion, block, accuracy calculation.
* Fixed mob pdef, evasion, accuracy, critical stats.
* Corected spell damage atribute.
* Corrected magic boost stats atribute.
* Fixed wearing of 2h swords for some classes.
* Improved protection active state. Now it will last for 10 secs after spawn. There should be no more constantly blinking characters.
* Fixed rate of buffs/debuffs that do not change stats (ex. Priest's Blessing of Rock).
* Fixed player pdef, accuracy, evasion, parry, block stats correction. Off-hand accuracy, main-hand attack stats fix.
* Fixed again heal skills that restore 100% of hp.

[Fly, Glide System]

* Added glide state.
* Added period fly task (for in/decrease fly time).
* Fixed fly button (it will active when you flying, so you can land with button).

[Skill engine]

* Implemented wind, water, fire, earth element spells resistance.
* Implemented basic toggle skill support (like Shield Defense, Defensive Preparation, Aion Strength, Slaughter, Steel Wall Defense, Sprinting etc)
* Implemented skills that have effect "always dodge attack" (Focused Evasion, Celestial Image, Illusion).
* Implemented Wall of Stell skill (always parry).
* Implemented resist effects (Focused Evasion, Nature's Resolve, Contract of Protection, Aethertwisting, Spelldodging, Contract of Resistance).
* Implemented block effects (Shield of Faith, Divine Chastisement).
* Implemented effects that apply additional damage if target of specific race (player races only) - Kaisinel's Wrath, Vaizel's Dirk, Triniel's Dirk etc.
* Implemented carving signet (runes) (Rune Carve, Rune Knife, Rune Slash, Sigil Strike etc). Added only carve signet and signet effects.
* Implemented effects that increase/decrease elemental defenses of target (Pandaemonium's Protection, Sleep Arrow, Agonizing Slash, Summer Circle and many more).
* Implemented 2 additional effects of ActiveDefend (bonus in parry and evasion - Pandaemonium's Protection, Word of Protection).
* Implemented rune detonation damage based on carved rune level (no subeffects yet) - Pain Rune, Divine Rune, Darkness Rune, Binding Rune, Blood Rune etc.
* Implemented subeffects ( Shield Counter - stun, Pain Rune - stun, Divine Rune - silence + snare).
* Implemented shield effect that allows to absorb part of received damage (Stone Skin, Rage, Dauntless Spirit, Iron Skin, Nezekan's Shield, Zikel's Shield, Celestial Barrier, Blessed Shield and many more).
* Implemented stumble effect.
* Implemented silence effect.
* Implemented open aerial effect (Aerial Lockdown, Binding Rune, Aether's Hold).
* Implemented close aerial effect (Crashing Blow, Crashing Wind Strike, Magic Fist).
* Implemented spin effect (Whirlwind Slash, Frontal Strike).
* Implemented slow effect (work only in PVP) - Dazing Severe Blow, Hallowed Strike, Shackle of Vulnerability, Root of Enervation.
* Implemented sprinting skill that consume MP over time.
* Implemented several missing effects for Break Power, Divine Chastisement, Chastisement of Darkness, Divine Strike, Immortal Blessing, Prayer of Restoration, Salvation, Pandaemonium's Protection, Sympathetic Heal, Tremor.

[Quest engine]

* Added a lot of quests for all zones.
* Because of the new updates off the quests is possible that some characters need to make again the campaign quests ( pls report on forums ).


* Added Nochsana Training Camp instance [available for players of level 25-28 (group required, only leader can enter, will be destroyed after 30min)].
* Added Fire Temple instance.


* Re-enabled abyss gates and teleporters.
* Added teleports for arena battle.


* Implemented Prison system.
* Implemented Craft system.
* Implemented Recipe learning system.
* Implemented Warehouse expand.
* Implemented Mail system ( express mail is not working for the momment ).
* Implemented Day / Night Spawns for monsters and npc's.
* Implemented Manastone removal (for free).
* Implemented Extract skills system.
* Implemented Godstone socketing with visual appearance (no additional effect on weapon yet).
* Implemented Annoucements of rift spawns.
* Implemented Craft factories.
* Implemented loot distribution skills ( now they will be saved in the database ).

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Updates : March 31, 2010 20:00 GMT+2

[Skill engine]

* Aura effect implemented (Clement Mind Mantra, Protection Mantra, Celerity Mantra, Intensity Mantra, Magic Mantra, Revival Mantra etc). Maximum number of toggle skills is limited to 3 (group with multiple chanters is not restricted yet).

* Bind effect emplemented (Lockdown, Stigma of Force , Stilling Word, Invincible Barrier, Binding Word, Stilling Word).

* Dispel physical debuf effect implemented (Splendor of Purification, Nature's Resolve, Dispel, Illusion).

* Dispel debuf mental effect implemented (Cure Mind, Splendor of Purification).

* Updated all cooldown values in skills, implemented pvp duration and pvp damage modifiers (Example Sleep I - 20 sec in pve and 8 sec in pvp). Charge skill fixed.

* Corrected sign of the delta values (should be same as main value).
Attack speed scrolls should change stat correctly now.

* Improved aggro/hate system. All skills that have hostile up effect should work correctly (Provoking Roar, Aggravation, Taunt, Successive Taunt etc). Meanwhile all other skills also have some Hate value's that affect monster's hate value even not attacking them (heals, buffs, debuffs etc).

* Fixed Symphathetic heal skill.

* Effects that restore FP are implemented (includes item fp heal, regular skill heal and fp over time heals).

* Provoker effect implemented for skills : Absorb Vitality, Indomitable Spirit, Will to Recovery, Will of Revenge, Will of Resuscitation, Flight: Will of Enchantment, Tactical Retreat, Arrow Flurry, Apply Poison, Apply Lethal Venom, Apply Deadly Poison, Promise of Wind, Blessing of Wind, Promise of Earth, Suffering, Promise of Aether, Robe of Cold, Blessing of Fire.

* Spell attack drain effect implemented for skills : Cursed Touch, Soul Absorption, Absorb Vitality. It will restore HP or MP depending on damage.

* Effect that boosts physical or magical attack stat for N attacks is implemented (Inspiring Mantra, Focused Shots, Killer's Eye).

* Armor mastery effect implemented. Now all equips will give bonus in PDEF according to learned passive skill.

* Aura effects will work for chanters without group.

* Resurrect effect implemented.

* Added Summon Effect skill.

* Added Cursed Touch skill ( will deal additional x2 damage on Elyos ).

* Refactored DP usage for starting classes.

[Quest engine]

* Added more quest's in Heiron : [Spy/Group] A Suspicious Box, [Spy/Group] Suspicious Scientists, [Spy/Group] The Key is the Key, A Meteria Regret, The Ettins Necklace, Rotten Rotrons, Strange Leather, Mirror Mirror, A Job For Pobinerk, A Feat For A Village, Where Do Rotrons Come From, The Lepharist Situation, Message To Arbolus Haven, Start Spreading The News, Meterias Regret.

* Added more quest's in Reshanta : Cursed Guardian, Redeeming Ladacus, Hard Bone, Twilight Battlefield, Immortal Soul, Undead Destroyer's Ring, Left Wing Attack, Fallen Warrior!.

* Added more quest's in Beluslan : Pow Wow With the Mau, KrallGoneMad.

* Added more quest's in Eltnen : Korumonerk's Pauldrons, [Group] Korumonerk's Worry, [Group] Korumonerk's Backpack, Flowers For Isson, Respect For Deltras, A Germ Of Hope, A Better Sword, Stolen Village Seal.

* Added more quest's in Sanctum : Krallic Language Potion, Ulaguru Speaks, Song Of Praise.

* Added more quest's in Altgard : Conversing With a Skurv, The Scribbler, Poison Root, Potent Fruit, Retrieving the Report, Gleaning the Meaning, Knot Your Average Message, Manir's Uncle, Grokens Escape, Fungus Among Us, Encroachers, Altgard Duties, The Nymphs Grown, Wheres Rae This Time, Reconstructing Impetusium, Sibling Rivalry.

* Added more quest's in Morheim : Bringing up Tayga, Bolverk's Secret Request, Irresistible Soup, Orders for Randet, Bolverk's Secret Request, Orders for Randet, Secret Information, Lif's Agony, Roast Gadill for a Friend, Sprigg Nightlights, An Ice Claw Raid, [Group] Weakening the Ice claws, Asgeirr's Request, [Group] Gangleri's Request, Combat Preparation, [Group] A Missing Bandage, Hreidmar the Furious, [Group] Barosunerk's Grand Plan, [Group] Secret of the Flame Stones, [Group] Taking Back the Hot Springs, Muorinerk's Offer, Suspicious Beverage, The Secret Ingredient, [Group] Taisan's Request, Meaty Treats, Active Discouragement.

* Added more quest's in Ishalgen : A Dangerous Crop, Scoutit Out, The Robbery Plot.

* Added more quest's in Verteron : Dispatch To Verteron, Masked Loiterers.


* Dye remover.

* Godstone effects.

* Binding points in Reshanta.

* Elyos entrance for Fire Temple ( Morheim entry only ).

* Fly Timer implemented.

* More instances support.

* Added the portal Alquimia Instance (now you can enter to this instance).

* Abyss point rewards.

* All scrolls like "Morheim Fortress Scroll" are added. It portals you to town, depend on what scroll you have.

* Rift (master) announcement.

* Added warning message to lifestats.

* Added denied status with messages (you can deny view details, request friend, invite legion & party, exchange, duel).

* Added Fire Temple drops.

* Added missing Teleports in Sanctum / Pandaemonium.

* Added more drops for Heiron.

* Added more drops for Reshanta.

* Added several emotion state (chair, looting, flight teleport).

* Added new formula for calculation of npc Pdef stats.

* Gather formula has been made retail like.

* Added new melee and dual weapon damage calculation.

* Added pvp defend and attack ratio stats from items in formulas.


* Correct attack speed with dual wielding.

* Corrected npc stats.

* Correct attack speed stat showing in UI.

* Corrected some npcs spawns in Poeta.

* Refactored crafting.

* Corrected buf removal after duel.

* Corrected Holy Word skill to give additional damage on Asmodians.

* Refactored Item race restriction.

* Increased HP of some high level mobs.

* Increased HP of a bunch of monsters which had too low hp.

* Treasure Box will only spawn randomly every 4 hours in Morheim to avoid farming.

* Improved crafting skill up to lvl 449 (can only master 2 skill like in retail).

* Monsters now have some randomized damage.

* Improved off-hand weapon auto-unequip when unequipping main-hand (retail-like).


* Insomnia Medicine.

* Mail service.

* Asmodians ascension portal.

* Skill usage on dead target.

* All Ascension quest.

* Saving and using dye properly.

* Weapon dealing overdamage.

* Wheres Rae quest.

* Work Orders quest.

* Held Sacred quest.

* Mark of Vengeance quest.

* Krall Desecration quest.

* Numonerks Demand Note quest.

* Attack speed animation, now other players will see correct speed of attacker.

* Delivering Pernoss Robe quest.

* Power Generators in poeta fixed now you will see them.

* Invisible NPC's.

* Eracus temple fly zone.

* Drop bug (problem that can't attack montster).

* Eltnen quests : The Elim Tragedy, Snickering Boggart, Wailing Banshee.

* Fly state.

* Duels : winner will loose all debuffs, looser - all buffs and debuffs.

* Legion History page change.

* Dual wielding attack speed.

* Gatherable's coordonates in Heiron and Beluslan.

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