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[Translation] Know-How: Ranger PvP Guide

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[Translation] Know-How: Ranger PvP Guide

At first this is NOT my guide i just found it on aionsource credits goes to Thats Too Bad

Useful source:

Know-How: Ranger PvP

Source: T3h P0w4rb00k for info, AionArmory for skill names in English

This guide explains how to fight against other classes using tips for General situations composed of suggestions from many high lvl and experienced Korean players.

Look in the General Discussions Sticky for other class guides.

Greater CC Pots are these:

EoA: Eye of Attack
EoS: Eye of Swiftness
VoW: Vitality of Wind

Note, AionArmory's Database is from 1.0 so skills from it has lower damage/heal values on skills than the 1.2's actual values (Korean Powerbook values are much higher)

Also note that this guide is unusually shorter than all other PvP guides

PvP Chat Tab Radar:

Make sure you drag it out to an easily visible location.
This radar will let you know if any opposing faction members are within just outside of your visible range.

Fourth, Aions #1 Burst Damage Class, the Ranger

These Daevas can unload high amounts of damage within a short time. However, their skills have long cooldowns, so they may be in trouble if they do not kill with their burst. So they must decide with what skills they will kill them, and how they should manage to survive to find another attack opportunity.

Meanwhile, many rangers claim that attacking while flying gives them better chances of killing, so they fare better in the Abyss than ground fights.

Useful Skills for PvP

Everyone knows that you gain more skills as you level up. But wouldn't it be more important to find out what skills are effective?

Everyone has a different style of combat. But do compare yours with the following players style.


Eye of Swiftness (Not up on AA yet) 10s Recharge: For one minute, your physical attack increases by 50% and attack speed by 20%, in exchange for 15m decrease in bow attack range. LvL 45 Stigma

(The stigma version of this, not on AA)
(The stigma version of this, not on AA)

PS: Sniping Posture (that 10% increase in bow range stigma) became unpopular after they fixed the bug where the movement speed penalty did not come into effect in flight. It was such a good skill -.-

Tips from Player ? 쿠나이, Server 라비린토스, Lvl 46, Elyos

LvL 25: You can use the stigma Silence Arrow. Useful against Casters and some classes as well.

LvL 31 (he meant to say 28): Vitality of Wind will let you have moving-shots that noone can follow.

LvL 44: The stigma Eye of Attack! For your 5 attacks the physical attack increases by 50%. Use Silence arrow in your combination to send healers flying without healing themselves.

LvL 45: Eye of Swiftness! Your ASPD and physical attack increases. However, it only increases the base weapon damage by 50%. But with Devotion and Eye of Attack, it increases your burst. These 3 skills make your 5 damage burst chain LEGENDARY! These are Eye skills which you can only use once per 10 seconds, so burst is the way to go. But your range decreases, so its best to cancel if you cant kill them in a burst.

LvL 50: As a max level present, You get the Griffonix/Consiad Arrow (the stigma versions of those lvl 50 skills) which are 1-hit skills. Like Attack Arrow, it is not a Dot skill and delivers nice damages that always criticals for over 2k damage with a colorful animation. Even tho its accuracy is low, it usually kicks in.

You will get strong attack skills upon reaching lvl 50.

Unload Strong Attacks In A Short Time

The most special characteristic of this class is their ability to deal explosive burst damage. Using this ability, hitting your opponents back when an opportunity comes is the way to go.

Also note that the battles in the Abyss and Ground are completely different. Many players suggest staying in air as you are a ranged attacker.

Tips from Player ? 꿈꾸는아이, Server 크로메데, Lvl 50, Elyos

When a Ranger goes solo in the Abyss, one thing they must not touch? Templars! Or LvL 40/50 Unique Abyss geared Gladiators and Clerics, or anyone that?s hard to kill in 1 burst. Anyone who has used Ranger attacks in the Abyss know, but once you unload the Snare Arrow, you run out of attacks you can use while moving.

Get the gear that gives you the best flight speed, and always maintain EoA. If you think you are nearing enemies then go into Hide, and look for big red dots in the radar. Don't fly looking at the ground?

Once you find a target, slowly go upto him and Turn on EoS (reason why you turn EoS after Hide is that sometimes because of the 10 second window between Eye skills, EoA turns off? EoA is life for Rangers in the Abyss) Devotion, Attack Arrow, Rupture Arrow, Griffonix Arrow, and Shock Arrow.

This combo will annihilate Sorc, SM, Sins and Chanters, and Snipe, Successive Shooting and Snare Arrow will kill Glads as well. When you are hitting Glads, see if their Armor of Balance is on. Sorcs and SMs, if not dead with this combo should be halfway there, so just go attack them. If Clerics/Chanters you hit are not dead, slightly back off and wait for your Attack Arrow to recharge and attack again.

And in a Party, if you hit your Snare Arrow, then your role is 50% accomplished. Run around and stay safe. Even tho their firepower is good, HP is low, so if you stick near the frontline you?ll have your wings folded and not get your AP. In a Party vs Party, Tab through the enemy looking for Mages and Scouts and Hide + Unload, or stay in safe range and support damage.

Tips from Player ? 쿠나이, Server 라비린토스, Lvl 46, Elyos

While you are flying, you've found an opponent! Do not just go and bust him, go directly up high into 100m+ altitude difference. Once you've reached 110m out of their range, you will disappear on their radar as well as your targeting. Then the opponent cant know what you are going to use.

Next, use your buffs then Hide, and fold your wings to drop rapidly, then once you've dropped to about there put your wings out again. Then descend to get to firing range asap. Then use your final preparations (ie Devotion) and unload your strongest attacks first! It would be better to do it when they are attacking a monster.

Strategies While Waiting For the Recharge

Rangers have a long distance and can unload massive blows in seconds, but if you dont get them with one burst, thats where the trouble starts.

How you deal with this situation becomes important.

Movement speed (or Flight speed if in Abyss) is obviously important. You must use those CC skills well or just evade the battle until the burst skills recharges return.

Tips from Player ? 쿠나이, Server 라비린토스, Lvl 46, Elyos

Rangers are all about one-burst-kill. Not a lot of skill types, so if you don't get them in one burst, you immediately get in danger. If your opponent is running, quickly remove your EoS buff and use normal attacks and Snare Arrow. Shock Arrow (Asmo: Shackle Arrow) too if you want to.

If the enemy is high hp (ie, use HP pot) or counterattacking properly, then its best to run. On your Gear 14% Flight Speed, 3% Speed title and Major Wind Raging Scroll should bring you equal speed or slightly faster. Best to use Legendary or better flight speed Hat and Vest.

If your Focused Evasion or Attack Arrow is recharged, then use Focused Evasion and continuing the fight is not bad either. If it looks like thats not gonna work, use Sleep Arrow and run.

Tips from Player ? 차스파, Server 보탄, Lvl 43, Elyos

Against Casters, ASPD and Silence usage is important. If they are using a strong skill, use your Shock scroll, Focused Evasion or Silence Arrow. And IMO fast ASPD is important as well. I use Experts Strengthened Elm Bow because I am low on money, gave up damage. But I think against casters ASPD is important.

Silence arrow is important. If Rangers don't kill in one combo, they have to use normal attacks. Use your Sleep Arrow and for 12 seconds sort out your buffs and scrolls. If you have a shock absorption scroll, eat that. And against casters if you unload your Silence Arrow then another Burst, you have a high chance of winning. Casters also should have their skills recharged, so they'll be recovering HP or using strong attack spells, so before you hit the burst, using Focused Evasion would be Golden.

Also note that if you use Poison Arrow while flying on enemies on ground, then they wont be able to fly. They have to keep taking our ranged damage then. Since Poison Arrow is one of the chain splits after Snipe (theres Successive Shooting, Poison Arrow, and Awl Arrow you can use after Snipe), so not many people use it. Even I havent used it until recently, and it is actually very strong.

PvP Against Classes

It might be different due to equipment, control, and situation, but if you are fighting opponents that you can 1-burst kill, your chances of winning will be high.

On the other hand, highly defensive opponents like Templars will be extremely excruciating to deal with. When you are dealing with these opponents, each other will drag the battle into long-term.

Tips from Player ? 빌리야드, Server 메이화링, Lvl 50, Elyos

While flying in the abyss, at 100m range use your EoA, EoS, Hide then within 10m use Devotion and unload.

If its a Cleric or Chanter on Magical Resistance Sets / Magical Boosting Power Sets, Attack Arrow > Rupture Arrow > Shock (Rupture for Asmo) Arrow > Griffonix (Consiad) Arrow will own them. If Attack and Rupture Arrows secondary effect doesnt kick in, unload your Silence Arrow and rest of the attack skills.

If it's a Gladiator, look at his buffs. If he is not on Armor of Balance (1000 Resistance to Stun, Spin, Stumble and Knockback), unload Silence Arrow > Attack Arrow > Rupture Arrow > Shock Arrow > Griffonix Arrow > Snipe > Successive Shooting. If he doesn't die, he will use a Greater CC Pot to release Silence to use Armor of Balance. Once the silence releases, immediately use Snare Arrow and remove EoS, take the Throw Blade attacks (how many would depend on the animation) then use Focused Evasion to avoid Ankle Snare (Snare unremovable by Greater CC Pot).

If it's a Templar, lookat the buffs, then Silence Arrow > Attack Arrow > Rupture Arrow > Shock Arrow > Griffonix Arrow. And if he uses a CC pot, unload ur Snare. When Armor of Interception (+800 Magical Resistance) and Iron Skin (Remove all debuffs and 50% Damage Reduction) goes up, remove your EoS and avoid Stunning Strike with Focused Evasion and CC pot and continue (tho they are hard to kill)

If it's a Sorc or SM, they usually use Restraint or Curse: Tree (Sorcerer). Then they use Volcanic Eruption or Lava Tsunami or so. If you see that, use Focused Evasion. Then the opponent will try to erase the evasion by Flame Cage or some DOT. Then! Immediately use Silence Arrow > Attack Arrow > Rupture Arrow. Then their Stone Skin (Mage Protection) will break, then use Shock Arrow > Griffonix Arrow > Snipe > Successive Shooting, and finish with Snare Arrow. But HP Set Mages wont die from this, and will use Grace of Protection (invincible against martial attacks for 5 seconds). When this happens, if your Silence or Sleep Arrow is recharged, use it, and wait for the prot to go down, then attack again.

Against SMs, just watch out for their Wing Root (Destroys your remaining Flight Time). If you got caught, use Wind Remedy right away and Silence Arrow + Burst on him.

If its against a Ranger, its a fight of the wits. Avoid Attack Arrow and Rupture Arrow with Focused Evasion. Sometimes you get Attack Arrow, Rupture Arrow, Sleep Arrowed, but since the enemy has used his skills, won?t die in one hit. Then use Sleep Arrow, and wait for Attack Arrow to Cool off, then use Attack Arrow > Rupture Arrow > Griffonix Arrow > Silence Arrow to finish off.

Assassins can use Hide II (Advanced Hide mode, undetectable by normal detection) and when they do, its scary but use Shock Scroll then after 3 seconds, use Focused Evasion then wait. If you get hit by Throw Dagger, then use Sleep Arrow (if the opponent is on Focused Evasion or Contract of Evasion, erase those with snare + attack + rupture, and stun him with strong burst, take his Contract of Evasion off then use Sleep) It wont be easy, but if you survive their 1-kill chain, then 80% chance of success. If you got 1-chained, then GG -.-

Lul all the tip givers are Elyos.

Heres a little fun vid? scrub vid but only one I can find.

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nie information . .im lucky to have ranger

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what about combo skill in rangers pvp
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nie information . .im lucky to have ranger
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