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[Guide] Warrior/Cleric - Cap100 by skAz aka urmomzzz

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[Guide] Warrior/Cleric - Cap100 by skAz aka urmomzzz

As the title says, this will be a guide for the Warrior/Cleric build at Cap 100. Notice that this guide may not be that good when the new cap (105) is released, but we gotta wait to see what does cap105 brings us.

Before starting, let me just say that this is my first guide ever, but I will really make an effort to make it the best possible, and with the least errors possible (english is not my mother tongue )

One more thing: This is the way I see how a warrior/cleric should be skilled and should be used in Pvp. I will try to explain why I use it that way. It may not be the best way to use it, but soo far, it has worked pretty well for me. At lvl79 (still haven't got Dare Devil), I've been able to kill most builds up to lv85, and even kill some lv90+, soo I must be doing something right.

Warrior/Cleric Guide - Cap 100
by skAz aka urmomzzz

As we all know, Warrior/Cleric is one of the strongest builds in Silkroad Online at the moment. It is a great character for PvE either in solo or in party. Also, it is a great char for party play in events such as Fortress War, Capture the Flag, or any other that envolves party pvping.

This guide will try to get a bit of everything. I will expand this guide when I can, adding new stuff and new tactics.

Build Specifications

Warrior main damage is physical, and all your attacks will be physical, meaning that a warrior/cleric must be FULL STR. Don't even add 1 INT. Don't even think about it, the moment you add 1 INT, you are ruining your build...

As an european, you have 3 choices of armors. Heavy Armor, Light Armor or Robes:

Heavy Armor
Physical defense: 3/3
Magical defense: 1/3
Speed: 1/3 (20% slower than robes)
MP Consumption: 1/3

Light Armor
Physical defense: 2/3
Magical Defense: 2/3
Speed: 2/3 (10% slower than robes)
MP Consumption: 2/3 (Consumes 10% less than Heavy Armor)

Physical defense: 1/3
Magical defense: 3/3
Speed: 3/3 (20% faster than Heavy Armor)
MP Consumption: 3/3 (Consumes 20% less than Heavy Armor)

In my opinion, I rather use the Heavy Armor. In PvP, most of your longest battles will be against FULL STR characters, either Bowers, Rogues, Bladers, Glaivers, most will do physical damage. Don't worry about the lack of Magical Defense. Nukers, Wizards, and other Full Int or Hybrid builds will be easily killed, because of their lack of HP and defenses. If you are having troubles, you can always use Skins or Bless.
As for PvE, most mobs in-game deal physical damage, until lv70-80 (Change to Roc Mount or the cave). When that moment comes, you probably won't need to worry much, since mobs will deal both physical and magical attacks, and you can endure some magical attacks while Recovery Division or your pots keep you alive.
You can always use Light Armor or Robes if you like them more or you are having problems


I have a warrior/cleric myself, and in my opinion, the only weapons that you need as a warrior, are 2handed and axes. 1handed is in my opinion, a waste of SP. Why? First, 1handed is the weapon that deals the least damage out of the 3. Second, 1handed main focus is to dull/stun/kb. You can get stun and KB with the 2handed and axes, while dealing more damage. However, I will add the 1handed mastery skills as Optional.

Let's start then. This is how I see Warrior/Cleric should be skilled. 2handed will be your main weapon, for PvPing and especially for PvE, since it is the strongest of the 3. Axes will be your "second attack weapon" in PvP and Party PvP/PvE. 2handed will deal the most damage, the switches to Axes will be used to stun your enemy(either a player or a monster [Uniques]).

The next picture will show you what to skill in warrior, and what you don't need. As I said before, I won't consider 1handed as a truly needed weapon, soo it will be marked as optional.

Green = Required
Blue = Optional
Black = Do not skill

- Frenzy Buster Line
This line has your own protection and luring skills.

Taunting Target / Lures a single selected monster (Only works against monsters) - Good for PvE, but not necessary, because there's a better skill at higher levels. Do not Skill

Vital Increase / As a warrior, one of your main functions will be tanking. For that, you will need lots of defense, and lots of HP, this skill might get handy, but for solo (lvling up) and Solo PvP, this skill won't be necessary, since your main goal is to hit as hard as you can while not getting killed. - Optional Skill

Descry / Find people under stealth (Invisible) - Do not Skill, you can get the same with Sbot or Pk2 Edits.

Sprint Assault / Good for KB/stun, and the fastest warrior attack. It will be of great help against any build, since the stun % is pretty high and gets higher each level. Required

Iron Skin / Fast casting and life saving, this skill will grant you a lot of physical defense in less than a second. Required

Howling Shout / Luring skill, good for Party PvE. Attracts all mobs near you. The higher the level, the higher the range. Optional

Mana Skin / Same as Iron Skin, but increases magical defense. Required

- Guard Barrier Line
This line has a lot of skills that help your party. All of them are pretty useful, and are required, soo I will just make a brief description of what they do.

Pain Quote / Part of the damage received by one party member will be split and dealt to every party member. For example, one member is hit with a 5000 hit. 800 damage will be split by the party, and everyone will get 100 damage. The original person is hit with 4300 damage, the others get 100 damage.

Physical Fence / You can only cast this to a party member. This will make the party member receive a lot less damage, and deal that damage to you. A person with this buff is hit with 1000 damage, and is using the 50% buff. It will only receive 500 damage, and the buff caster will receive another 500.

Magical Fence / Same as the Physical Fence, but for magical defense.

Protect / This skill will draw mobs attention from the buffed character to the buffer (warrior). This is good for plvl and party play, but not much. This is the only optional skill in this line

Physical Screen / Same as the Iron Skin, but for another character besides you.

Morale Screen / Same as Physical Screen, but for magical defense.

Ultimate Screen / Combines both Physical and Morale Screen. This is the ultimate defense buff.

- - One Handed Lord and One Handed Sword Lines
As I said before, this isn't one of my favourite areas, and I don't recommend getting it. If you still want to be FF, you can get it, but it's pretty much useless. Get the first Shield Trash if you want an additional KB skill, this one is pretty helpful if you want a good KB skill, since it has 80% KB chances, and you can get it for low SP.

Two Handed Lord Line
This line is very important for the Warriors. It will give you a lot of power, aswell as cool skills. All skills in this line are required.

Two-Handed Arms / Gives you extra physical damage (about 4%/lvl)

Concentration / Adds 1 to your critical (1 critical/each 10 lvls)

Damage Return / When your enemy attacks you, there's a chance to return that damage. The higher the level of this skill, the higher the damage return will be.

Two-Handed Sword
These are the skills of the 2handed, and main skills you will use. Max every single skill, you will need every one of them.

Bash / Good offensive power, chance of KB. A good attack, you learn it at the first levels, and you will use it until you reach the cap. Usable while enemy is knocked down.

Turn Rising / Chance of Knock-down, and still has a good attacking power.

Warcry / Increases your Phy. Attack Power. Only works when using a 2handed.

Charge Swing / Double attack that deals a good damage. Good while enemy is knocked down.

Maddening / An awesome skill that gives your enemy a huge damage, and still has a chance to KB. Using this skill will consume 10% of your total HP.

Triple Swing / Same as Charge Swing, but this one attacks 3 times.

Dare Devil / Deals massive damage on your enemy. It strikes 2 times. There is also a knockback probability (30%/hit) and it penetrates up to 3 enemies. Like Maddening, besides de MP consumption, it also consumes 10% HP.

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- Dual Lord Line
This is the Axes passive line. Since you won't be using axes all the time, and it will only be used as a switching weap to make opponents stunned, you won't need most passives, because you will only have it a few seconds on your hands. However, some passives are welcome.

Dual Arms / This skill improves your Phy Attack while using axes. You will only use axes to make your enemies stunned, but this will boost you a bit, making your axes skill strong while you stun them. Required

Dual Defense / The few seconds you spend with your axes might be a good way of receiving less damage. While you try to stun, this passive will increase your defense. It's not much, but it's a good help. Required

Accuracy / This skill will increase your Attack Rating. You won't need it much, but it's optional to get it. Optional

Protection / This one will increase your resistance to some status, such as Freeze, Burn, etc. Kind of like a "second" Holy Spell. You won't need it, it only has 50% effect, and you got Holy Spell for this stuff.

- Dual Axe Line
This Line contains all the Axes skills. You only need a couple skills, don't bother getting the rest, unless you want to be FF. Main skills are the ones that Stun and Bleed.

Down Cross / Basic Axes skill, you won't need it much. Comparing to Bash (2handed), damage is lower. Optional

Double Twist / Bleed and Stun, it's what you are looking for in Axes. Get it, it's a must have, and you will need it for your next Bleed/Stun skill. Attacks 2 times. Required

Axis Quiver / Simple Stun attack, no damage, just 50% stun. Better to use Double Twist or Sudden Twist than this one, soo don't get it, unless you really want to use Axes a lot. Optional

Dual Counter / Strong skill, but weaker than the 2handed skills. This one doesn't give status, soo you don't really need it. Optional

Crisis Rush / Cool combo and stuff, but not really helpful. Again, 2handed is stronger, soo you don't need this skill either. Optional

Sudden Twist / Another skill that cause Bleed/Stun. This one attacks 3 times, and is stronger. Required

Deadly Counter / A good attack skill, makes a nice damage, but not enough. Again, stick to the 2hand to deal damage. Optional

Crucial Rush / The strongest axes skill. Delivers good damage, but it's not much compared to Dare Devil or Maddening. Once again, stick to the 2hand to deal damage. Optional

There isn't much more to say about Warrior skills. We'll get to the next topic:
Cleric Skills: What do you need, and why you need it.

Cleric Skills
Same than above, Green stands for required, Blue for Optional and Black for not required/do not skill.

Divine Creed Line
This line has only 1 skill which is a passive skill. This passive will increase your magical damage while using cleric spells. This is useless, you are full str, and you don't want cleric to damage your opponent. However, there are a few exceptions. Skip this one, you won't need it.

Heavenly Rage / Boosts your magical attack. You don't need it. Do not skill

Cardinal Praise Line
This line contains some Cleric attacks and some useful things. We'll see what you need here.

Trial Cross / This is a cleric skill. It doesn't damage hard if you are full int, and warriors are full str. You won't be needing this. Do not skill

Healing / Cleric healing spell. Doesn't heal that much, and only heals one target. You can heal yourself, but it's still not good enough. Do not skill

Reverse / A ressurecting skill. You will have Reverse Oblation later, soo you won't be needing this one. You can always delevel it when you get Reverse Oblation, but in my opinion Don't skill it

Innocent / Cures most statuses. It's a good skill, specially in PvP. Holy Spell is used to prevent, this one is used to cure, there's a difference, make sure you realize that. Although it is a good skill, it is single use only. You have Integrity when you reach lv66, which affects the whole party. If you still want this skill, you can get it and delevel later. Optional

Justice Cross / Second version of Trial Cross. You won't be needing this either. Do not Skill

Healing Breath / Another useless healing skill, you won't need this much. Too long to cast in PvP. Do not skill

Grand Reverse / Another reversing skill. Takes too long, soo keep using Reverse Oblation/Immolation Do not take

Integrity / Second version of Innocent. This one affects the whole party, soo I recommend getting it. Required

Mental Culture Line
This line has a required skill (passive) called Faith. You will need it for a couple skills. It gives you a few boosts, but you need a cleric rod and robe equipped to use those boosts, soo you won't get them. However, you will still need this skill maxed, soo get it.

Faith / Passive skill required to obtain others. Required

Mortal Recovery Line
You can get 2 useful but not required skills here. The Absolutness skills are indeed good, you can inflict good direct damage with them. You might be thinking: "Why do I need attack skills as a warrior?" Indeed, you won't need them while tanking or leveling up, but until you reach the highest lvls (95+), in party play, you will act as a cleric, making this your only source of damage. Besides, in PvP, if you know when to use this, it can also be useful.

Over Healing / Absolutness damage skill. For those that don't know Absolutness damage is something that never changes. If the absolutness damage is 100, it will hit 100, regardless of the defensive power of the enemy, armor, buffs, whatever, it will always hit 100. The higher this is, the higher the damage will be. Optional

Glut Healing / Same than Over Healing, but affects various enemies at once. Optional

Recovery Line
Your healing skills. Nothing more to add. Some you need others you don't.

Group Healing / You won't need this, you are a tanker, you don't need to heal your Party. Do not Skill

Healing Division / Takes too long to cast, and again, you don't need, you are a tanker, not a healer. Do not skill

Healing Cycle / Heals one person several times during 15 seconds. Very useful, but you got Healing Orbit which does the same for the whole party, and you don't need to click urself to use it. You can still get it, and delevel when you get Healing Orbit. Optional

Group Healing Breath / Again, an healing skill which takes a lot of time. Do not Skill

Healing Favor / Same as the above... Do not Skill

Healing Orbit / Same as Healing Cycle, but for the whole party. It is also useful for solo PvP, because you don't need to click urself to use it. Required

Blessed Recovery Line
Your most important line in Cleric. Has Bless Spell and Recovery Division, which will be constantly saving your ass.

Bless Spell / Drastically improves your Physical and Magical defense for 45 seconds. Required

Recovery / Healing Skill. Too slow for PvP. Do not Skill

Recovery Division / Heals you over time. It is a very good buff, and you will need to use it ALL THE TIME. Required

Group Recovery / Again, a Healing Skill. You won't be needing this one, leave it for Full INT's. Do not Skill

Holy Recovery / Second version of Recovery. Do not Skill

Holy Recovery Division / Second version of Recovery Division. Required

Holy Group Recovery / Second version of Group Recovery. Do not skill

Resurrection Line
4 Skills to resurrect. 2 of them are single (Oblation and Immolation), the other 2 res the whole party at once.

Group Reverse / A good resurrecting skill. It is good for party play and plvl (if you have lots of chars). Although, it is a bit slow, and you can use Reverse Oblation for most situations. Optional

Reverse Oblation / The best resurrecting skill, fast, and effective. Also, gives a buff to the resurrected char, that improves his HP/MP and defenses for a while, at the cost of Phy/Mag attack. Required

Holy Group Rebirth / Second version of Group Reverse. More EXP restore and more HP/MP after resurrecting a character. Optional

Reverse Immolation / Second version of Oblation. Better buff is applied after the res, and it restores more of the lost EXP. Required

Glory Line
Another passive line. Most of those require you to use cleric rod/light armor, we'll talk about that later.

Charity / A passive that is required to get Holy Spell. Gives you a few boosts, but you need cleric rod and light armor, soo you won't use those boosts. Required

Glory Armor / Passive that increases your Physical defense. Not neccessary, since you don't use Light Armor and Cleric Rod at the same time most of the time. Do not Skill

Favor Armor / Same as the above, but for Magical defense. Do not Skill

Sacrifice Line
This line has the strongest attack in Silkroad Online, Offering. You are Full STR, soo the strongest attack will be lame. Don't get any of these skills. Don't skill this Line

Saint Prayer Line
Very important line. Has Holy Spell, which is one of your most important cleric buffs.

Holy Word / Single prevention skill. You can skill it before getting Holy Spell and delevel it later. Optional

Heaven Flash / Binds the enemy to the ground, stopping him from moving. You don't need this, your attacks are close range. Do not skill

Holy Spell / Second version of Holy Word. This one affects all your nearby party members. Must get it. Note: You don't need Holy Word maxed to get it. Required

Heaven Glare / Second version of Flash. This one affects several enemies at once. You don't need it. Do not skill

NOTE: In the picture (from Joymax's website), Holy Spell and Heaven Glare are in switched positions. In game, they are in the order I said here. Be careful with that. (Joymax had to screw up some way...)

Blessing Line
I'll leave this Optional to you. Those skills are only usable when you got your cleric rod equipped, making them good for party play, but useless for solo. Get them if you want, but they are not required. Optional

SP Costs
Using Nivlam, I calculated several ways of skilling this warrior build. Here are some calculations I made:

Only the Required Skills: 1,244,409 SP
Required skills AND axes FF: 1,398,117 SP
Required skills AND 1handed FF: 1,400,690 SP
Required skills Axes and 1handed FF: 1,742,239 SP
Warrior FF and Required Cleric Skills: 1,896,563 SP
Required Warrior and Cleric FF (needed and optional Skills): 1,348,676 SP

Guide isn't over yet... I'm a bit tired, I'll keep it going tomorow, and fill it a bit more with pvp tatics and stuff like that.

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Reserved for the rest of the guide I am still updating a bit today, will finish tomorow

I ask mods not to merge the topic yet, because I still want to edit it. When it is finished, I will PM one to merge it

thanks to alexx. for approving

EDIT: Guide is in construction, and I know there are some glitchy images, and others no showing up. I will try to fix that tomorow. If you find any errors or such things, please PM me or post here Thanks


Pvping Tactics
Now I'll talk a bit about how to Pvp with a warrior. This will be effective for 1on1 pvping (or Xon1, depending on the turks near you.)

Full Ints


Wizards are the easiest build to kill. They have low HP, and their defenses suck. All they do is high damage.
In your level they will most likely die in 1-2 hits (don't even need to be the strongest), unless they are getting buffed (even that way).

As soon as you see a wizard targeting you and attacking, even if they are already casting, it may not be the end of you. Wizards take some time casting. You have a very fast attack that can prevent it and give you a little boost to help you giving the final blow. Against wizards do: Sprint Assault -> Turn Rising. If still needed, do a Charge Swing/Triple Blow, that will get them out for sure. Sprint Assault has a KB and Stun status chance, which will stop their attack. Turn Rising has a KD chance, and if that didn't finish it yet, Triple Blow will, before they have the chance to attack. Just remember: if they attack, it might be the end of you.

Chinese S/S (Note: Most of these builds aren't full int, they are most likely Hybrids. Doesn't change much, these should work for most Hybrids, and shouldn't change much.)

These guys deal a good damage and still have good defenses. Try to keep them from using their nukes and knocking you down (use KB, KD, Stun, Axes to Stun, what ever you can do to keep them from attacking). To attack them, keep using Sprint Assault while they are alive, as well as Turn Rising. If you manage to KD them, use Triple Swing/Charge Swing/Bash, and deliver the final blow (if still needed) with Maddening or Dare Devil. Be aware of their shield, it will give them extra defense, and a blocking ratio that will mess you up a bit.

Chinese Spear (Note: Same as the S/S, most of these aren't Full Int.)
Easy kill. Like the wizards, keep them from attacking. Their HP won't last long until you kill them. One Maddening/Dare Devil will get their HP down to half or even less, finish the job when you got the chance with a Triple Swing. If they are using Snow Shield, just tank them until snow shield ends. If you are having trouble, use mana skin, and after it ends, use Bless. Snow Shield won't last longer than that.

These sneaky bastards are a nasty one. It will probably be the Pvp that will give you the more headaches. Fortunelly, there aren't much Warlocks.
On to the tactics. The basics will be: deal damage and keep yourself from getting stunned. Yes, this can, and will be hard. They cast very fast, faster than you. Try to stun and kb them. If you get too much DoTs and Razes, you are dead. Make sure you got Holy Spell on, if you don't, take some seconds to activate it, even if you are on the middle of the Pvp. It will be very helpful, and it will most likely save your ass.
If your Holy Spell is enough to endure the Warlock skills, you are safe, and you will easily kill it with a couple of strong hits. Be aware that Warlocks also have shields, which may make the pvp a bit complicated
One method of killing warlocks: Sprint Assault -> Turn Rising -> Triple Swing -> Repeat. It will get him killed, unless something went wrong.

Full Int Bows
Nothing much to say, just own them. Damage isn't enough to kill you, their HP is low, only KB can save them, and you got Sprint Assault to reverse that. It's an easy kill, Sprint them, and use Dare Devil/Maddening if they got stunned. It's a sure kill.

Full STR Builds

Soo, this was the missing part of the guide... I finally got some time to do it, soo I'll start it today. Might not get finished today, but we'll see.

Let's start off with the europeans. We'll clear some stuff before moving forward.

Most European chars have Cleric or Bard as their second mastery. Clerics are usually the thoughest to kill in PVP, because they can Recover. Bards don't have much Defenses, soo they are kind of easy most of the times. However, there are some other builds such as Warrior/Warlock, Rogue/Warlock, and even Warrior/Rogue which aren't much used, but if a good player has a good char with one of these builds, it can be very dangerous.

Let's start off with the simple ones.

Warrior/Cleric - Warrior/Bard

Well, it is your build, and at the cap, you won't be much different. Avoid using Shield Thrash if you got it, because it will give your opponent time to heal using Healing Cycle/Orbit. If you really need to KB, use Sprint Assault, because you have the chance to Stun. If you stun him, just use a Dare Devil skill, and with some luck (and criticals most of the times make the difference here), you will kill him. These pvps can take some time, and the winner most of the time is the one that had the most luck. Criticals play a huge part in these pvps. Some you will win, others you won't, your luck and gears will do most of the job, unless your opponent is stupid.

As for the Warrior/Bard... Just do the most damage you can, he has a 15 sec pot delay, and can't heal any other way.

Rogue/Cleric - Rogue/Bard
Never get off their tail. As soon as you get KBed or something like that, use sprint assault to get near them again, try to do the same. They don't have much to defend themselves when you are near, as long as you keep KBing, Stunning, and KDing, you will win the pvp eventually, just never give them the chance to breath. Same applies to Rogue/Clerics and Bards.

Holy Spell, Holy Spell, Holy Spell. It will win the pvp, for sure. As long as Holy Spell is activated, he can only use his Warrior skills, DoTs and Stun from Warlock. DoT's won't do much damage, soo he can only rely on his Warrior Skills. It's like a Warrior/Cleric fighting a Warrior/Nothing. If you don't give him time to run and heal, it's your kill. But still, this build should deserve special attention from you, because it is very very powerful. Don't let yourself get into his debuffs.


Another very powerful build. Except that this time, Holy Spell won't do everything for you. They can simply Stun you with warlock, change to Xbow, use Extreme, and pwn you. What to do? Make sure you have a shield if you are going to fight one of these, it helps some times. Other than that, all you can do is hope that you don't get crited, and after Stun get's off, kill him if he still has extreme.

Some stuff still missing... Will do the rest in a while

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i dont like this guide.. so much stuff thats wrong.. why whould you not skill shield trash? its a must for a warrior cleric.. also healing orbit really? healing cycle is so much better :/

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Originally Posted by LittleDreamer View Post
i dont like this guide.. so much stuff thats wrong.. why whould you not skill shield trash? its a must for a warrior cleric.. also healing orbit really? healing cycle is so much better :/
Shield Trash is not really needed. Every warrior I've fought in PvP that used that, has finished the pvp on the ground When a guy uses it, just use Sprint Assault, and you will be back on him in no time. Believe me, pvping with a warrior/cleric, is all about doing the max damage in the least time possible, and avoid getting killed at the same time.

Healing Orbit > Cycle because you don't need to click yourself and then click the opponent again

EDIT: POST 1000, woho!

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skaz voce Ús gay
good guide, my favorite noob xD

att: DieForME_ ;D

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taunting target not neccesary?
you need it till lvl 60 to lure mobs..

isnt it easyer to use a skill that makes 3 mobs come to you from a distance rather than attacking every one (melee) so you could lure them to the pt?
wouldnt be much of a party with a warrior with no taunting target..

the mana consumption of that skill can be barely noticed..

>the skill is usefull just till lvl 60.. after that its good to delevel it for sp..
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Originally Posted by GoNight View Post
taunting target not neccesary?
you need it till lvl 60 to lure mobs..

isnt it easyer to use a skill that makes 3 mobs come to you from a distance rather than attacking every one (melee) so you could lure them to the pt?
wouldnt be much of a party with a warrior with no taunting target..

the mana consumption of that skill can be barely noticed..

>the skill is usefull just till lvl 60.. after that its good to delevel it for sp..
Better to skill Howling Shout than Taunting Target. I didn't need it until I got Howling Shout.
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It's his guide so appreciate it, don't come and break it down.
Make ur own if u don't like it.

Niceley done urmomzzz ^^
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Originally Posted by ThreeSixty View Post
It's his guide so appreciate it, don't come and break it down.
Make ur own if u don't like it.

Niceley done urmomzzz ^^
never said it wasnt good..
nor did i complain..

just added my oppinion about the skill..

-nice guide indeed..
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[Guide] Warrior/Cleric
WARRIOR/CLERIC Warrior/cleric is one of the best build in SRO which is stated to be as overpowered! Actually what makes it over powerful is the...
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WTT/WTS warrior/cleric wizzard/cleric warlock/cleric
Name:NiTriX lvl67 Build:warlock/cleric server:Iris Gold:about 20 mill Skills:65 warlock 60 cleric Items:+3 weapon +2 set Name:ChrisTheKing...
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[WTT] SmilezZ Lv100 FF Warrior / Cleric In Gaia For Wizz/Cleric 100FF
Hey All Want Trade My Char Name SmilezZ Warrior / Cleric FF Have Set 96~100+5 FB And Have Devil Prem 20 Day Left Now I Show SOme Screen's This Char...
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[Help] need good guide Warrior/cleric
I started to level up my character and I need guide to the skills. someone can give me here =P ? thanks i'm waiting.
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