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Cronos l 90 Cap l CH l Job Based l Old-school Focused l Innovative Gameplay

Closed Thread
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Cronos l 90 Cap l CH l Job Based l Old-school Focused l Innovative Gameplay

About Cronos.
After all those requests from you to work on a new project so you can have some real fun again we are here to continue offering great experiences to you! Because fun is like your insurance company you need someone trust-able to trust your fun to. We always really wanted to create a 90 cap server ignoring the fact that this servers can't get that populated as easily as 100 cap ones. However this time we feel a lot more confident to offer such server to the community. There are so many of you who really prefer to play on this cap but have to follow other players to higher cap servers because we all know that low population servers don’t survive long and are not fun as well. To make it competitive we will introduce some new innovative features which you have never seen before. We are not here to copy or offer something old to the community. We are here to give you new experiences, new features and some incredible new adventures!

This server is to satisfy those who simply look for something new and are really bored of repeating. Let's be honest on private servers it is all about the population so hopefully we will offer a server that many desire on a population enough for everyone to enjoy without doubts. So if you love 90 cap, if you love silkroad gameplay if you really want to travel back to golden silkroad ages be one of our players, support this project. Prove that 90 cap servers can also get hyped and reach high amount of players!

In quality we trust.
I really don't want to seem greedy by saying that we are capable to offer a really high quality server but I really feel sure about the quality we will be able to offer. After our previous project which also was a quality server as there were no major bugs, lag or errors except one new exploit that was hitting us hard for 1 week and he had the bad luck to be the first server to face it which on the end at least got fixed. However it was the main reason we lost most of our players after we were only going higher reaching up to 3400 players. As proven before everything we use is top quality to ensure we will offer a really stable and problem-free server.

Experience makes the difference.
As in every section same goes for the private servers managing, you won't be able to offer the server you are dreaming unless you try hard & you try a lot. On our previous server we really gave all we had, having almost 2 months of beta test, fixing all bugs/errors instantly, providing a really useful & fast support and I am pretty sure there are many players to approve this. We started with 0 players, no one knew us, no big guilds were supporting us. Despite all this we managed to make a pretty much successful server which lots of you liked a lot. And we are here now with Cronos because of you, because of some players motivating us to continue offering their fun with all their awesome feedback & support. Because fun is like your insurance company you need someone trust-able to trust your fun to.

Cronos Objectives.
The ideal Cronos for us would be a server with a big community of passionate silkroad players who seek for high quality original silkroad gameplay. We want a mature community, a community which can stay strong for months and won't give up on few weeks. Cronos gameplay will be pretty hard as we really dream of a long-term server with hard rates. So if you don't have the patience or passion to stand the hard rates, to feel like you begin on an official server again but with more features & fun, Cronos is not the ideal server for you. We want to offer a professional server where players can enjoy without having any issues!

Keep in mind that the only official links of Cronos are those bellow, any other similar links shared by random players should not be opened or used as usually end up as scamming sites and we won't be able to help you on such cases.

Official Website:

Official Forum:

Applicate For CBT:

Register An Account: Coming soon...

Download Cronos Client: Coming soon...

Official Facebook Page:

Closed Beta - Development.
[Friday 05.05.2017 - Saturday 06.05.2017 not sure yet.]
To ensure we will provide a very high quality server, we definitely need to have an organized and long time beta phase. So we will start with a closed beta test which certain people will be chosen to participate. For us open beta test should be a simulator of grand opening and for this to happen we need to have a closed beta test before so we can manage to fix all major bugs and system errors before our open beta release! Keep in mind that a lot more new features and especially events will be developed while closed beta test is running so our players can try them.

Applicate For CBT:

More to come.
We prefer to start an early access closed beta test even though we want to keep developing Cronos. We will especially work on new events and systems to promise a long-term server. Every server's hype ends when first players get their Seal Of Moons. So we want to develop something that will keep the excitement even after getting your first moons. We will let closed beta run while we still add & improve stuff so you can test them at the same time!

Open Beta.
After about 2 weeks of closed beta testing, we will be 100% sure our gameplay will be completely smooth. When this happens we will release our open beta. We really want it to be like a grand opening simulator, all bugs should be fixed already and therefore we will mostly focus on balance changes & general gameplay based on you feedback. Open beta should last for about 1 week. There will be 2 stages of open beta, one to simulate our grand opening where you will need to level the normal way and one where you will start from level 90 and we will mostly test the balance between different builds together.

Grand Opening.
We really can't give you an exact date yet since we always need to be 100% sure that the server we will offer will be bug-free and completely smooth. For this to happen a long time beta is needed. So because personally I know that you won't stop asking until you have a date but we really need to take our time to ensure that the server will be perfect and the grand opening will be at the best time possible to ensure we will have a great population. We all know how population is important for a server to survive.

Rates & Basics Gallery

Rate Value
Exp 25x
Party Exp 30x
Sp 23x
Alchemy 1x
Item Drop 3x
Trade 15x
Gold 5x

Our cap is set at 90 as we think it is one of the most nostalgic caps and some of us have our best memories from this cap. Hopefully we will be able to refresh those memories from you and create new.

Mastery limit will be 300 to give more options & variety offering a more interesting server with more builds.

Of course only Chinese as it used to be, Europeans maybe make the game look more interesting but on the end it is a total chaos in term of balance between classes.

Starting on Cronos.
First you will start with 350.000 skill points enough so you won't have to worry about not being FF. Secondly you will get an item called Starter Package opening it will give you all basic items you need to start your adventure smoothly.

Reverse & Globals cool-down.
We have added a cool-down of 2 minutes on global chatting. Is is really annoying and mind blowing to try to read globals when they are going crazy. Obviously a cool-down was needed. About reverse return scrolls a cool-down of 60 seconds was added so there won't be the same unique killers for all uniques.

PC Limit.
The maximum allowed number of clients you are allowed to open per PC are 2.

Fellow Pets.
All Fellow pets will be available on the item mall for silk and Cronos NPC for Cronos Points. This pets was just a beautiful add on Silkroad!

Max Plus.
Maximum plus value your items can reach is [+12] to keep the server on a competitive level without very high high pluses, rates are also very hard ensuring an oldschool experience.

Host & Protection.
We use a high class dedicated to ensure both powerful protection and fluent gameplay with no lag. The company we are trusting is Hyperfilter.

Oldschool Touches.
To make it feel more oldschool we have added the oldschool pvp capes, alchemy window, experience bar & job suits. Our experience bar is fully fixed and works perfect!

On Cronos there will be 2 Fortresses available Hotan & Jangan. Our main fortress will be Hotan where big rewards will be given. We are also preparing a teaser about Hotan fortress so stay tuned!

Max Skills.
It is a really great feeling seeing your skills being max, so we have customized it so it will look this way!

Guild & Union Limits.
We really had to customize those limits to ensure competition will be high. So the maximum amount of players allowed per guild is 32 and the maximum amount of guilds allowed per union will be 2 or 3 (depends on the playerbase).

Union chat for all members.
Masters can now give union chat authority to all members of their guild. This will really help masters as they won't have to choose some certain members to use union chat. It will also make union chat more important and trading between players easier.

Available SoX.
There will be 3 different SoX type of equipment, Seal Of Star, Seal Of Venus & Seal Of Moon. You can read more information regarding their stats & how to get them bellow.

Model Switchers.
We know that there are many of you who dislike this model switchers. However there are also players who can't imagine playing on a server without them. My personal opinion is that they don't harm Silkroad environment that much, it is boring to see every player with the same weapon shape.

Auto Equipment.
You will automatically receive each equipment upon leveling after teleporting. The equipment you will receive will be seal of star +5 full blue with 41% stats.

[HOT]AFK System.
If you're away from keyboard for more than 5 minutes bubbles will appear on your character informing all other players about you being AFK. A really useful system which can only be useful!

Guild Start Level.
All guilds will now start from level 5 after created, this is to help all guilds group up and use all guilds functions faster.

Top 300 System.
A very useful system for the start of the server making the first days really competitive. The first 100 players to reach level 90 will receive 150 silk the following 100 will receive 100 silk and the last 100 will receive 50 silk.

Permanent Buffs.
A very useful feature that we all got used to and can't imagine playing a server without it. However on Cronos all level skills will be permanent not just the last ones, ensuring you will have a really smooth and enjoyable experience leveling up!

Gameplay Changes Gallery.

Everything About Jobbing.
We really want jobbing to be a big part of Cronos as we believe it is one of the most fun activities in Silkroad. On Ruby we had some incredible job fights and we really want to see those again. So to achieve this there will be many features connected with jobbing to convince many players to be active.

1. HWID Limit when job suit is on [1].
This might be a small change but you can't imagine how HUGE influence it will have on our gameplay. All players can have max 1 character wearing job suit per PC. What this means? It means that there won't be any bot characters ruining our gameplay by abusing our system. You won't see any bots doing trades only active players! Jobbing needs to be really active & fun.

2. Reverse & Instant Return Scrolls.
We have disabled the use of instant return scrolls while you are wearing your job suit. It is truly frustrating to see someone using one of those before he dies or after. Our jobbing gameplay would be pretty much pay2win if those were allowed as not all players have access to this scrolls. Also Reverse Return Scrolls now have a cool-down of 10 minutes!

3. Custom Trade Routes.
We will use some custom trade routes. Some of them maybe have seen before but for sure at least 1 will be completely new! Stay tuned...

4. Job Cave.
It is clearly not old-school but the fun it offers is enough to implement it without doubts. Job cave is a place where big fights will take place over some job uniques (egyptian ones) with rewards enough to make you fight hard for them.

5. Honor Buffs & Titles.
We have added a new honor buff system. It is based on a mix of contribution & job kills. Having this system will really make jobbing insanely active as everyone wants to have honor buffs! Also top jobbers of every job union will receive some special titles with increased zerk damage.
  • The top 5 will get all 4 honor buffs.
  • From top 5 to top 10 will receive all except the crown.
  • From top 10 to top 25 will receive the silver and the copper buff.
  • From top 25 to top 40 will receive the copper buff.
1st: Vanquisher
2nd: The Death Stalker
3rd: Loremaster

1st: Guardian
2nd: Warlord
3rd: Gladiator

1st: Traveler
2nd: Peacekeeper
3rd: Explorer

6. Job Leveling.
The maximum job level you can reach is 20. From level 1 to 7 you level up simply by getting job exp. However after reaching level 7 the only way to level up is by getting job kills, 100 job kills are equal to 1 job level!

7. Job Suits.
On your job's union NPC you can find many different job suits for you to choose. Depending on your job level you can pick new job suits giving you increased STR & INT! There are 5 different job suit each requiring a certain job level in order to be activated.
  • 1st Available from level [1].
  • 2nd Available from level [5].
  • 3rd Available from level [10].
  • 4th Available from level [15].
  • 5th Available from level [20].
Character Lock System.
A brand new system protecting fully your account when you are not on it (Logged off or AFK). This system is our answer to all the wannabe hackers using leaked databases from other private Silkroad servers. It is a very useful system that we strongly suggest you to use so you won't get hacked. I know most of you think it is really hard to get hacked since none know your password but trust me with all this leaked databases everyone know your log in information so if you are not willing to use new information on every private server simply use this system to be 100% safe!

To lock your character all you have to do is write in all chat: !lock Pin-Code [Note: Pin-Code must be 4 digits]. And the same goes for unlocking you simply write !lock Pin-Code again.

While your character is locked you:
  1. Cannot buy or sell.
  2. Cannot drop item or gold.
  3. Cannot plus items or use stones (alchemy)
  4. Cannot accept, request, approve exchange.
  5. Cannot open stall.
  6. Cannot add avatar blue.
  7. Cannot use global.
  8. Cannot use guild storage.
When you log-in your character will be automatically locked, in order to unlock it you will need to send in all chat: !lock yourpincode

To completely remove this system from your character after using it simply send /removelock pincode to [BOT]System for example: (TO)[BOT]System: /removelock 1411

HWID & IP Limits.
In order to provide a fair server such changes are really needed. Not all players have many PCs or are able to log in many characters on their computer. So we had to restrict unlimited characters access to the server to make sure all players will have same chances on being competitive. However HWID limit means the limit of characters you can have opened from a certain PC. This means that someone with many PCs can have more characters and it is getting pretty unfair again.

For this we also added an IP limit of 8(lower IP limit would cause problems to internet cafes and room mates) making sure it won't get out of control but of course again proxies can be used. In general if someone want to bypass this limits he will find a way it is almost impossible to stop this. Hopefully our strong HWID limit that we are also going to refresh many times will make it harder for them.
  • IP limit [8].
  • Normal HWID limit [2].
  • Jobbing HWID limit [1].
  • Fortress HWID limit [1]
  • Capture the flag / Battle Arena HWID limit [1].
Sad but true those who wont to play this way (by bypassing) will always find the way to do it. For us the only realistic way to fight this bypassers is to make a gameplay which rewards players who are active. For example the less rewarding you make botting the less efficient bypassing will be. So why is botting worth it? Because you can get elixirs, stones & equipment which are valuable to all players.

But what if by being active for 2 hours for example you would get more elixirs, stones etc than a bot would get in 24 hours? So the main idea is to make elixirs, stones & dropable sox equipment available with other methods as well. There are 3 main silkroad activities CTF/BA, Jobbing & Forgotten World and everyone have his own favorites so to make it fair all 3 will reward you with those valuable stuff. More information can be found bellow.

Our [BOT]System.
A really useful BOT available to make your life easier on many sections just send it one of the following and he will answer you back. All available commands are written bellow.
  1. /job - Will show the reward you will get after restarting. It shows what you've got from the trades you've made without restarting. So now you don't have to restart after every trade to receive your reward, you can simply check it with this chat command and then restart in the end to get all in one.
  2. /limit - Will show how close you are to our weekly Cronos Points limits. This will help players know how many Cronos Points they can get more from every system before they get limited.
  3. /rank - Will show top 3 players of every job union based on contribution and job level.

Our Filter Restrictions.
On Cronos we use our very own filter that we also used on ruby and it worked like a charm! Good thing about being able to develop and use our own filter is that we can change or fix anything that we need instantly without needing to wait for someone else to do this for us. So it clearly ensures a better and more efficient management.
  1. You can't trace characters without job suit while you are wearing job suit.
  2. Battle Arena AFK Detector (Disconnects a player after warning him if detected that he is AFK).
  3. You can only join 1 character per HWID on CTF or Battle Arena.
  4. You must be level 90 to participate on CTF or Battle Arena.
  5. You cannot use any res skills while on CTF or Battle Arena.
  6. Accademy creation disabled.
  7. You cannot ride fellow pet during zerk (to avoid speed bug).
  8. You cannot terminate pet in town.
  9. Exit / Exchange / Stall cool-down.
  10. Reverse have 10 minutes cool-down while job suit is on.
  11. You cannot use instant return scroll while job suit is on.
  12. You cannot spawn fellow pet while job suit is on.
  13. You can only have 1 character wearing job suit at a time.
  14. PK disabled.
  15. Maximum plus value [+12].
  16. There is a cool-down for zerk while job suit is on.
Our NPCs.
We have added some custom NPCs in order to offer our players a big variety of items with in-game currencies improving our gameplay and making it a lot more fair for non donators. All this custom NPCs can be found at Donwhang.
  1. SoX Seller.
    On this NPC you can find all kind of Seal Of Moon equipment (accessories, weapons & set parts). You can purchase this equipment with a mix of gold, Cronos points & Cronos jewels. Keep in mind that all equipment purchased from this NPC will be untradeable.
  2. Titles Seller.
    On this NPC you can find a big variety of titles which you can purchase for silk or for Cronos points & gold. Titles we offer are simple and small you won't find any ugly long titles on Cronos. Remember that you can always check all your titles by sending /titles to [BOT]System.
  3. Cronos NPC.
    On this NPC you can find plenty of silk items available for Cronos points & Cronos jewels. We got this NPC added to ensure all players will have access to the most important items of the game like immortal stones, devil, premium etc.
  4. Planetary Dealer.
    On this NPC you can find many useful items like gold dragon flags, lucky chests & other silk items for Planetary Tokens. Remember that you can get this tokens as job cave monsters drops.
  5. Gold Miner.
    On this NPC you can find many silk items purchasable with just gold. This is a really important NPC making gold really valuable and stabilizing Cronos economy.
Our Item Mall.
Item mall is one of the biggest part of silkroad. We all know it is the place where donators pick all their power-ups from. Cronos will be an old-school focused server and this means some of the items you all got used using on other servers like character effects, custom avatars and all stuff like this won't be available here. We will only sell original Silkroad item mall items with some extras which are needed and I am sure you will understand why we added those.
  1. Character Name Changer.
  2. Silk Scrolls.
  3. Skills Resetter.
  4. Stats Resetter.
  5. Job penalty Remover.
  6. Guild penalty Remover.
  7. Premium Remover.
  8. Durability Reduce Remover.
About Premium.
One of the most useful items in Silkroad. Premium is something every single player should have in order to be competitive. Even though we have added many different ways to get Premium except donating the easiest way is still donating so we had to nerf it slightly.

About Astral.
We have decided to completely remove astral as we strongly believe they are making alchemy pay2win since on hard rates like ours having an item to keep your equipment +4 even after failing is really helpful and can result on you having high plus equipment really fast in comparison with others not capable of using astrals while doing alchemy. Therefore we have removed them from our game! Seeing +10 items in a matter of 1 week is something we really don't want to face on Cronos as we really want to value lower pluses more making the environment more old-school.

About Devil & Angel Spirits.
It is known that those spirits are definitely not old-school. However we believe that having them available won't harm the gameplay we want to offer. Most players really got used on using them and it is truly something really fun to own and use.

Our Wanted System (Under Construction).
Our wanted system will be a bit different. It won't just give you a wanted buff based on your killing spree, it will also announce your killing sprees and the player who ends your killing sprees. Additionally for each wanted level you will have a certain gold bounty means the player to kill you will get gold based on your wanted level! This will make Cronos jobbing really competitive as everyone want to keep a high killing spree since it will give him a great buff. But will you be able to keep it? All announcements both for reaching a new killing spree or for ending a player's killing spree will be written from our [BOT]System on globals!

Killing Sprees:
Depending on how many kills you have made without dying our [BOT]System will announce your killing spree. Keep in mind that also the player to end your killing spree will be announced!
  1. 5 Kills -
  2. 10 Kills -
  3. 15 Kills -
  4. 25 Kills -
  5. 40 Kills -
  6. 60 Kills -
  7. 85 Kills -
  8. 100 Kills -

For each wanted level you will have a certain bounty. This means that the player who will end your wanted - killing spree will get an amount of gold! Feel like you're a murderer on the wild west!

Wanted buffs.
For (5,10 & 15 Kills) killing sprees the wanted buff will give the following:
  • 1% Physical & Magical damage increase.
  • 1% Physical & Magical defense increase.
  • 1 STR & INT.
  • 1% Movement speed increase.

For (24, 40 & 60 Kills) killing sprees the wanted buff will give the following:
  • 3% Physical & Magical damage increase.
  • 3% Physical & Magical defense increase.
  • 3 STR & INT.
  • 3% Movement speed increase.

For (85 & 100 Kills) killing sprees the wanted buff will give the following:
  • 5% Physical & Magical damage increase.
  • 5% Physical & Magical defense increase.
  • 4 STR & INT.
  • 5% Movement speed increase.
Cronos Crate.
A new crate that we have added in order to make farming more interesting. You can now have a chance to win some very useful silk items from this! All you need to do is collect 3 different keys dropping from all 9D monsters & uniques then simply visit Cronos NPC to purchase the Cronos Crate. Those key names are [Key of Honor, Key of Judgement & Key of Crisis]. Remember that Cronos Crate can also fail and give you nothing!

+ +


If Cronos Crate success you can take:
  1. 1 ~ 5 Globals.
  2. 1 ~ Reverses.
  3. 1 Devil Spirit.
  4. 1 ~ 3 Immortal Stones.
Honor Points System.
Honor buffs is something all players want to have since they make your character a lot stronger and recognizable. It is a very competitive system since only the top ranked players depending on your honor points system will get them. So we wanted to make it even more competitive, most times you see this buffs earned from jobbing mostly. We all agree jobbing one of the most fun activities Silkroad has to offer. However we wanted to give a chance to those who don't really like jobbing a chance. In general we wanted to make Cronos honor buffs system insanely competitive!

Activities to earn Honor Points from:
  1. Each Job kill equals 2 Honor Points.
  2. Each Survival Kill equals 2 Honor Points.
  3. Each Trade will give you the same amount of Honor Points as the amount of Cronos points earned from it.
  4. Each Unique kill will give you Honor Points depending on the unique you have killed.
  5. Each Fortress war kill will give you 3 Honor Points.
Getting Honor buffs.
  • The top 5 will get all 4 honor buffs.
  • From top 5 to top 10 will receive all except the crown.
  • From top 10 to top 25 will receive the silver and the copper buff.
  • From top 25 to top 40 will receive the copper buff.
Cronos Currencies.
On Cronos there will be 3 main currencies that you will need to collect in order to get the end-game equipment (Seal Of Moon) & other useful items. Those are Cronos points, Cronos jewels & Planetary tokens. We used this currencies before on Ruby so we are sure they works well and there is no way to abuse it.

Cronos Points.
You can get this points with 5 different ways. Keep in mind that those are points not coins and therefore cannot be traded.
  1. From trading/thieving.
    Depending on the trade difficulty (stars) and on your party Cronos Points reward from trading/thieving can vary.
    • Traders get more [CP] for having hunters on their party.
    • Thieves get more [CP] for playing on a party, more thieves on the party will mean more [CP] reward.
  2. From job kills.
    Each job kill gives 1 [CP]. Remember that you cannot get [CP] from killing the same player more than 1 time every 2 hours
  3. From killing uniques.
    The killer of a unique will receive [CP] depending on the unique he has killed. Of course the stronger the unique the higher the reward!
    • Tiger Girl will give 5 cronos points as reward.
    • Cerberus will give 5 cronos points as reward.
    • Captain Ivy will give 6 cronos points as reward.
    • Uruchi will give 7 cronos points as reward.
    • Isyaturu will give 8 cronos points as reward
    • Lord Yarkan will give 9 cronos points as reward.
    • Demon Shaitan will give 10 cronos points as reward.
    • Roc will give 35 cronos points as reward.
    • Job Temple Uniques will give 20 cronos points as reward.
    • Arabia Uniques will give 25 cronos points as reward.
    • Cronos Witch & Cronos Gladiator Uniques will give 30 cronos points as reward.
  4. From Survival & Job War Events.
    Killing a player on survival or job war event will grant you 1 Cronos Point. Keep in mind that there is a weekly limit for getting cronos points from this 2 activities.
  5. From FGW & HWT.
    On Cronos we really wanted to give all kind of players a chance to get moon with their own favorite way. Don't like jobbing? This is the best way for you then! You can get Cronos Points from an item called Cronos Point - Roll giving you a random amount of Cronos Points from 2 to 10 when opened. You can this this as a drop from HWT & FGW Uniques!
Cronos Jewels.
This is a really important currency in Cronos since it is one of the currencies needed to purchase seal of moon equipment. You can get Cronos Jewels from Capture The Flag & Battle Arena or from Daily Quests. Keep in mind that this currency is tradeable so if you are a normal player who really need some silk to get his premium, devil spirit, avatar etc it is a really efficient way to farm Cronos Jewels and sell them! However keep in mind that Cronos Points are not tradeable so you can't just buy all jewels needed and expect to have a seal of moon.

Planetary Tokens.
You can get this currency from killing monsters inside our job cave (Donwhang Cave) or by completing daily quests. Keep in mind that each quest will give you a different amount of planetary tokens depending on it's difficulty. You can spend this tokens to buy a big variety of items from Planetary Dealer.

Everything About SoX.
There will be 3 different SoX type of equipment on Cronos. We don't really want you to get confused by having many custom SoX types. Our system will be pretty much simple. Having over powered SoX equipment wouldn't really make the server long-term since old players who will own them will be really strong compared to new comers. Keeping a good balance among normal & SoX equipment will really help Cronos be a long-term server where skilled players will be able to be competitive without having the best equipment.

Available SoX Types.
All available SoX types of equipment can be found bellow.
  1. Seal Of Star.
  2. Seal Of Venus.
  3. Seal Of Moon.
SoX Balance.
The balance between our SoX equipment and last tier normal equipment is as bellow. Note that the better the SoX the higher reinforces & attack rate it will have!
  1. Seal Of Star = Normal +1.
  2. Seal Of Venus = Normal +2
  3. Seal Of Moon = Normal +3.5.
How To Get.
All ways you can get each SoX equipment are listed bellow, read them carefully.
  1. Seal Of Star
    You can get Seal Of Star equipment the normal Silkroad way just by farming monsters. Additionally you can also get them by opening Luxury Chests if you are lucky enough! Keep in mind that the drop rate will be pretty hard, ensuring a long-term server.
  2. Seal Of Venus.
    This SoX type of equipment is obtainable from our Venus Chests. Opening one of this chests will give you one random Seal Of Venus part (weapon, set part or accessory). You can get this chest as monsters drop with a pretty hard drop rate, from job cave uniques, from arabia uniques & from Cronos uniques. Additionally you can get a Venus weapon or shield by completing the FGW Collection!
  3. Seal Of Moon.
    To get Seal Of Moon equipment all you need to do is collect Cronos points & Cronos jewels. After collecting amounts required of both currencies simply visit Cronos NPC located at Donwhang near guild manager. Learn more about how to collect this 2 currencies above!
SoX Glows

Uniques & Drops.
Hunting uniques is one of the most fun aspects of the game. Every player loves hunting uniques solo or with friends. Keeping only the classic Silkroad uniques (Tiger Girl, Uruchi etc) wouldn't bring excitement to any of you as I am sure you have all killed them many times. So we added a lot more powerful uniques with some awesome drops to ensure there will be lots of unique hunting going on. All uniques come in two different versions STR & INT to ensure all players will have a chance to kill them!

A unique made to give new players a chance to kill uniques. It is a level 1 - 1 hit unique. It spawns all over Jangan at random spots.
Drops: 1 Immortal Stone, 50 silk scroll, 1 global, 2 reverse, 2x damage and absorb scrolls & other scrolls.

Job Cave Uniques.
Uniques that spawn inside our job cave (Donwhang cave). They are all level 90 and would be almost impossible to kill solo.

Arabia Uniques.
We have also added all Arabia uniques customized to fit 90 cap to spawn all over the map on random unique spawns. Those uniques really have some very worthy drops so we are pretty sure there will be many players hunting for them daily!

[INT]Cronos Witch.
This is one of our strongest uniques it will spawn everyday at 20:00 server time inside our Unique Hall (Teleport there from every town's teleporter).

[STR]Cronos Gladiator.
A boss similar to Cronos Witch but for STR players only. It will spawn at the same time on the same place (20:00 server time at Uniques Hall).


Note: Captain Ivy & Cerberus will spawn at random spots at Jangan!

Balance Changes.
We will test very carefully all builds for days together at open beta test until it is perfect for all builds. For now there are no balance changes.

New Features Gallery.

[NEW]Real Time Title Changing.
We have re-worked our title system to a better one. You can now change your titles using our custom chat commands. The difference is that your title will now change instantly after you change it, you won't need to teleport or do anything else. Our system saves all titles you have ever earned or purchased so you can use any title you want whenever you want! All available chat commands for our title system are as follow.

  • Send !titles on all chat to see all your available titles.
  • Then !set TitleID to set the title you desire.

For example !set 160

[NEW]Guild Job Suit.
We all know that most guilds prefer to use job names with the starting letters of their guild to let people know their guild. For example they go with names like ERG_Satan etc. So why not make it easier for you guys? On Cronos Online your guild name will show even if you wear a job suit, just like it shows when you don't. So you don't need to custom show your guild anymore, just choose your job name!

[NEW]Cronos Points Roll (FGW & HWT).
This is a brand new item that we have added in order to make Cronos enjoyable for all kind of players. Opening this item will give you a random amount of Cronos Points from 2 to 10. Most of you really love jobbing and would enjoy getting their end-game equipment (seal of moon) from it. However there are many players who got bored on no-life jobbing and would prefer to farm their Cronos Points with different ways. So while keeping it like it is (you get Cronos Points from jobbing) we have also implemented some new Cronos Points sources for those who dislike jobbing. This new sources are Forgotten World & Holy Water Temple! We have thought of it very well and it is a pretty fair way, of course jobbing will still be the most efficient way to collect Cronos Points but having alternatives which are not that "slow" would help many players avoid doing activities they don't like just to stay competitive.

Holy Water Temple.
All uniques inside Holy Water temple will have a chance to drop Cronos Points Roll along with other useful items. It is obvious that higher difficulty means more chances to have a Cronos Point Roll as a drop.

Forgotten World.
All Forgotten World uniques & boxes will have a chance to drop a Cronos Point Roll remember opening this item will give you a random amount of Cronos Points from 2 to 10! Of course the higher you go in stars the more possibilities uniques & boxes will have to drop this item. Some other worthy drops you can get on FGW are treasure boxes & even Seal Of Star equipment if you are lucky enough!

How to get Dimensions Holes?
You can get Dimensions Holes from Gold Miner located near Donwhang Storage for a certain amount of gold. This will really give gold even more value!
  • 1 Stars Dimension Hole will cost 75 M Gold.
  • 2 Stars Dimension Hole will cost 150 M Gold.
  • 3 Stars Dimension Hole will cost 200 M Gold.
  • 4 Stars Dimension Hole will cost 250 M Gold.
Completing FGW Collection.
Completing the collection will grant you 1 Venus weapon or shield of your choice! Keep in mind that 6 FGW talismans will be tradeable however the last 2 will be untradeable to ensure donators won't just buy all of them and have a Venus weapon instantly!

[NEW]Guild Job Unions.
All guilds nowadays prefer to have a certain job union where all members will belong. We thought of something really simple & awesome at the same time. Imagine if players could not join any other job union than the one their guild master belongs. This means all guild members will have the same job unions and finally guilds will choose their one and only job union. Keep in mind that we see it as 2 job unions thieves & hunters,traders. So by having this awesome system we are jobbing on Cronos a lot more organized and fun. Prepare to experience some awesome job fights!

Important note: You won't be able to invite another player to your guild unless his job union match the guild's job union or he has no job union. Additionally at the first time the guild is created you have to choose your guild's job union or you won't be able to invite any members to the guild.

[NEW]Daily Quests.
A system to give players a chance to get silk items without donating is always needed. The most common system to do this job is silk per hour. However silk per hour is a system rewarding all players means it will also reward BOTs and AFK players. Is this fair? The answer is no since some players have many PCs and therefore can open many characters so they will get a lot more silk than someone who can have max 2 characters online. It is a system which is also making bypassing really rewarding, something that we really want to fight on our server.

So for us the best solution to reward your active players is something different and this is daily quests. We will have a big variety of daily quests to ensure all players will find 3 of them they like. And I say 3 because you can only pick 3 of the daily quests daily. There are also 3 different difficulties (easy, medium & hard).

Jobbing Quests.
  1. (To the Dark - Easy) Kill 250 Strong Earth Ghosts inside job cave to complete this quest.
  2. (Real Power - Medium) Get 3 Power-Ups of any kind to complete this quest. Remember that Power-Ups can be found on trade routes. After finding one all you have to do to acquire it is to destroy it!
  3. (Slay your Enemies - Hard) Kill 35 hunters, traders or hunters depends on your job union. Keep in mind that our systems are protected so killing players of the same HWID or killing the same players won't help you complete this quest faster.
  4. (Clean the Cave - Hard) Kill 2 job uniques inside the job cave to complete this quest, you don't need to kill the unique all you need is to be on the party of the killer to count as a kill.
Unique Quests.
  1. (Hunt them Down - Easy) Kill 1 Tiger Girl or Cerberus or Captain Ivy or Uruchi or Isyaturu or Lord Yarkan or Demon Shaitan to complete this quest.
  2. (Headhunter - Medium) Kill 1 of the arabian uniques spawning all over the map to complete this quest, you don't need to kill the unique all you need is to be on the party of the killer to count as a kill.
  3. (Cronos Unique Hunting - Hard) Kill Cronos to complete this quest, you don't need to kill the unique all you need is to be on the party of the killer to count as a kill.
Monsters Quests.
  1. (The threat to warriors - Easy) Kill 300 Penon fighters in Karakoram to complete this quest.
  2. (Subjugating the Frenzied Creature - Easy) Kill 300 Planars in Karakoram to complete this quest.
  3. (The rumor of Niya Shanan - Medium) Kill 300 Niya Shamans in Taklamakan to complete this quest.
  4. (Hunting Antelope - Hard) Kill 500 Antelopes in Roc Mountain to complete this quest,

Note: We have added monster quests on low level monsters to make sure we won't favor botters, adding them on d9 monsters would be a huge mistake as all bots would pick them and get the rewards. It is also a very smart choice since this will encourage high level players to plvl new comers. What is the first place plvl usually begins? Karakoram so we have added 2 quests there to ensure you will find someone to plvl you! The same goes for Taklamakan and Roc Mountain.
  1. Easy difficulty quests give one [Silver - Treasure Box] as reward.
  2. Medium difficulty quests give one [Gold - Treasure Box] as reward.
  3. Hard difficulty quests give one [Platinum - Treasure Box] as reward.
[NEW]Giving Gold Value.
A very common problem on most servers is that gold becomes really useless. None wants it since there is nothing to use it for. We strongly believe that gold should be one of the main currencies on the game and therefore want to make it really useful on Cronos. How we will do this?

1. Alchemy lucky increase scrolls.
We have added alchemy lucky increase scrolls on Gold Minder for gold. There are 2 different scrolls each sold for a different gold price and giving a different % lucky increase. Alchemy is one of the biggest section of the game and this move will clearly make gold have an insane value as all players want this scrolls! Keep in mind that this scrolls will only last for 7.30 minutes.

2. Many useful silk items available on gold miner.
There is a big variety of items sold for gold at the Gold Miner npc located near Donwhang Storage. Doing this will obviously make gold more valuable.

3. All Seal Of Moon equipment requiring a high amount of gold in order to be purchased.
Buying end-game equipment shouldn't be that easy so except Cronos Points & Jewels you will also need a high amount of gold to purchase your Seal Of Moon items, so you better collect enough gold!

4. Automatic lottery event.
One of the most useful event as it is very important for the game's economy. In order to participate in it you need to purchase Lottery Tickets and guess with what, gold of course! So it is like exchanging gold for a chance to win Silk, which is something needed.

[NEW]Power Ups.
A very very innovative system that will make jobbing really fun. I am pretty sure you haven't seen this on other games, it is actually some kind of monsters or objects that when you kill will grand you some buffs for a certain amount of time. So we have created some custom boxes (similar to forgotten world boxes), those boxes will spawn on some custom spots on all trade routes. By destroying one box you will get the buff this box gives which will last for a certain amount of time. So imagine being a thief, watching a caravan coming but you need more power to be more effective. So you simply walk to a custom power - up spot to get a special buff but hunters are there and you both fight for it! It is an idea that will make jobbing a lot more competitive and fun. There are 5 different kind of power - ups each giving a different special buff. If you die or teleport the buff will be gone!

Power of Gladiator.
Acquiring this buff will grant you 10% physical & magical damage absorbtion + 2000 HP & MP increase for 300 seconds!

Power of Assasin.
Acquiring this buff will grant you 15% physical & magical damage increase + 70 attack rate increase for 300 seconds!

Power of Ninja.
Acquiring this buff will grant you 70% movement speed, 9 STR & INT + 7% physical & magical damage increase for 300 seconds!

Power of Monk.
Acquiring this buff will grant you 70 parry & attack rate increase and increased resist against debuffs for 300 seconds!

Power of Magician.
Acquiring this buff will grant you 15 INT & STR, increased resist against debuffs and 5% magical damage increase for 300 seconds!

Power of Hero.
Acquiring this buff will grant you 15 INT & STR, increased resist against debuffs, 5% physical damage increase and 70% increased movement speed for 300 seconds!

[NEW]Automatic Grant Name Granting.
A new feature was added, you can now assign your grantname by yourself without bothering your guild master. Imagine having the option to set the grant name you desire yourself without having to pm your guild master to do this. This is a very useful feature that will also help guild masters since they won't have to change their guild member's grant names every time they want. They can just change it alone using this innovative awesome system we have developed!

How it works?
PM your guild master with: /grantname HERE
Replace 'HERE' with your grant name and done.

How to turn this system on or off? (For Guild Masters)
Send the following commands on all chat.
  • !granton - to turn it on.
  • !grantoff - to turn it off.
Requirements: Your guild master has to be online.

[NEW]Luxury Chests - Fighting Bypassing.
We already talked about bypassing above and the big issues it causes. But it is time to present you the way we will try to fight this big issue. So as mentioned promising a good hwid to the community is not the solution bypassers will always find a way to bypass. So what is the real solution?

For us the real solution will be to make botting useless, well not useless exactly but there will be more efficient ways to farm elixirs, stones and sox that drop from monsters. The best way for this is to introduce a new chest named luxury chest. Basically think it this way, it is like putting the drops of many monsters in one box.

So opening this chest will give you a random amount of elixirs, stones & if you are lucky enough a seal of star item or even a Venus Chest. Just like getting the drops from a big amount of monsters from just one chest! So active players can farm a lot more efficient that an AFK bot can and finally bypassing won't be that rewarding on Cronos. Our gameplay will be completely fair and bypassers won't ruin it.

How to get Luxury Chests?
You can purchase Luxury Chest from Cronos NPC for 22 Cronos Points, 35 Planetary Tokens & 75 M gold.

Note: There is a limit of opening 1 Luxury Chest daily!

Automatic Events Gallery

Capture The Flag.

Battle Arena.

Automatic Trivia Event.
A very famous event that we couldn't ignore. We have added it with lots of new questions to take place every 30 minutes with a reward of 25 silk for the winner.

Automatic Kill the GM Event.
A very fun to participate event, all you need to do is go at Jangan South Gate and when it starts start attacking the [BOT]KTG. The player to last hit it will count as the winner. There will be 3 different rounds each giving 100 silk to the winner!

Automatic Hide & Seek Event.
One of the oldest events on Silkroad. When the notice appears informing you that the event has started all you need to do is start searching for our BOT on the location asked. Reward is 150 silk for the first player to find and exchange the BOT. Don't forget that you also need to exchange the BOT after finding it!

Automatic Lucky Party Number Event.
To win on this event all you need to do is to form the number of the party asked. After forming it you will be announced as the winner and get an amount of silk as reward. A good tip is to form and remove parties until the party number asked if formed!

Automatic Search & Destroy Event.
Uniques will spawn all over the map, our notices will inform you when the event will start and where each unique will be spawned. All you need to do is find the uniques and kill them. Killing one will give you an amount of silk as reward!

Automatic Job War Event.
We have re-worked this event to finally have a real meaning. It will now take place at the most famous area for job wars, Donwhang South! After the notice appears informing you that the job war event has started every job kill at Donwhang South will give you 1 Cronos Point and 1 Silk! The top 3 players will be also announced at the end of the event and will receive 25 bonus Silk!

Automatic Survival Arena Event.
One of our best events. It will take place twice per day, after the notice appears all you need to do is move to survival arena (you can teleport there from Donwhang's town portal). Then you simply wear your PvP cape and start killing enemy players! All kills inside there count and for every one you will receive 1 Cronos Point. The top 3 players in kills will be announced and the top one will also receive a bonus silk reward. Keep in mind that there are rankings for this event and top players receive a special buff!

Automatic Lottery Event.
A really useful event as it makes gold have a really nice value! To participate on the daily lottery all you need to do is purchase lottery tickets. There are 3 different tickets (Bronze, Silver & Gold) each of them giving a higher chance to win. You can buy those tickets for gold from the Cronos Special NPC located near Donwhang Storage. When you buy one lottery ticket you will automatically register on daily lottery event (You don't need to click it or do anything else). All winners will be announced at 20:00 server time (Daily). There will be 15 winners receiving up to 2.000 Silk!

Ticket Prices.
  1. Bronze costs 100 million gold / maximum daily participation: 5
  2. Silver costs 400 million gold / maximum daily participation: 3
  3. Gold costs 800 million gold / maximum daily participation: 2
Automatic Clash Of Guilds Event.
A brand new event that we have used before on Ruby and was really awesome! It really encourages massive jobbing activity. This event starts at Saturday and finishes at Thursday every week. All you need to do is collect as much points as you can to help your guild win! There will be daily notices informing you about the guilds and players with most points. However to make it even more competitive on Cronos all top 3 guilds & players will be rewarded!

  • 1st Guild - 200 Silk for each member / Player - 100 Silk.
  • 2nd Guild - 75 Silk for each member / Player - 50 Silk.
  • 3rd Guild - 40 Silk for each member / Player - 25 Silk.
[NEW]Automatic Monster Survival Event.
Will be developed during closed beta test.

[NEW]Automatic Hunger Games Event.
So I am pretty sure most of you have seen or have noticed a movie named Hunger Games. This event is inspired from this movie and the new game called unknown battlegrounds! So to participate on this event you will be asked to join an area. However to join there you will need to be clean, you shouldn't wear or have anything on your inventory. After enough players join the event will start. This event is separated on 5 phases.

  1. Phase our [BOTs] will drop low amounts of HP & MP Potions, vigors and stuff like that, all you need to do is pick as much as you can! Even 1 HP pot have a huge meaning on this event.
  2. Phase our [BOTs] will now start dropping random set parts, pick as many as you can and hope they will be your gender! You won't mind wearing armor on this event!
  3. Phase our [BOTs] will now drop random accessories & arrows, pick as many as you can!
  4. Phase our [BOTs] will now drop random weapons, pick anything you find. Even if you don't have the skills to use 1 weapon remember we are talking about surviving, some players might not wear anything to protect them so even auto attacks with a weapon will be useful!
  5. Phase the battle now begins! Kill everyone & survive. The last player to stay alive will win [1.000] Silk!

Will be developed during closed beta test (this is gonna be an awesome one).

Keep in mind that the features written bellow (except the forum) can be found on our main website which will be used at grand opening. Until then we will use a temporary website!

Official Forum.
It is very important especially for the beta phase of Cronos to have an official forum where players could post their feedback, their suggestions and also report all bugs/errors they find. Register your account & lets get started!

Rankings is something every Silkroad website should have. It is something players love to spend hours looking at, inspecting their enemies etc. So we really want to bring some really advanced rankings!
  1. Top Player based on item points.
  2. Top Guild based on item points.
  3. Top Union based on item points.
  4. Top PvP K/D.
  5. Top Job K/D
  6. Top Traders.
  7. Top Hunters.
  8. Top Thieves.
  9. Top Unique Killers.
  10. SoX Parts.
Detailed Rev-6 System.
The most detailed rev-6 system a Silkroad website can have so you can easily check other players sets, avatars and plenty of information about them!
  1. Basic Character information (Level, status, guild etc).
  2. Rev-6 Character.
  3. Avatar.
  4. Last 10 Job Kills.
  5. Last 10 PvP Kills.
  6. Unique Kills.
Account Panel.
On your account panel you have the opportunity to change your web password, your in-game password or to set your accounts in holidays mode. What is this? It is a very useful feature blocking your account until you need it again. It can be really helpful when you want to leave for some days and want to be sure you will still have your account when you come back!

Unique History.
It is really useful for players to know when each unique died so they can count when it will be spawned again. So we brought this feature on our website for both classic and special uniques!

Useful suggestions to go competitive.

How to farm Elixirs & Stones efficient.
Normally the best and only way to farm elixirs and stones is simply killing monsters. However on Cronos we want to introduce new ways to get your elixirs & stones. Ways that would discourage botting as it is getting pretty unfair since some players can have many characters online - botting (with many PCs) and some others can't. So what we thought is to add an alternative which is luxury chests.
  1. From Luxury Chests.
    You get this chests from job daily quests as you've most likely read above. This way active players get more elixirs & stones than bots! Of course you can still get them from monsters but drop rates are really hard, the easiest way is from luxury chests.
How to farm Immortal Stones.
Definitely the easiest way to get Immortal Stones is with Silk but can you afford to buy silk? If the answer to this question is no then we have so many ways for you to get your immortal stones!
  1. From Uniques.
    All uniques have a chance to drop all treasure boxes (silver, gold & platinum). Of course the stronger the unique the more chances you have to get platinum treasure box as a drop and remember this treasure box can roll immortal stones! Additionally arabian uniques, cronos uniques & roc have also a chance to drop immortal stones!
  2. From Daily Quests.
    Our daily quests have as reward treasure boxes, as you have read there are 3 quest difficulties (easy, medium & hard) you can pick 3 daily quests per day to complete. Hard difficulty quests gives as reward 1 platinum treasure box. This treasure box can roll immortal stones! And remember this quests are daily, so you can get one immortal stones daily just from daily quests.
  3. From Cronos NPC.
    Another way to get your immostal stones is simply collect enough Cronos Points from jobbing, killing uniques, survival arena event, job war etc. Then all you need to do is visit Cronos NPC near Donwhang storage and purchase immortal stones for a fair Cronos Points price!
  4. From Cronos Crate.
    A very beautiful crate, all you need to do is collect 3 different keys dropping from all D9 monsters then visit Cronos NPC and purchase it. Opening this crate have a great chance to give you immortal stones and I am not talking about 1 only! Of course there is a limit of opening 1 per day.
How to get Premium.
Don't have silk for premium? Don't worry! On Cronos we give you 2 different ways to get your premium. We really want to have all important silk items like premium obtainable with in-game currencies.
  1. From Planetary Dealer.
    You can purchase the top premium in-game from the Planetary Dealer located at Donwhang for a fair amount of Planetary Tokens!
  2. From Cronos NPC.
    You can also purchase premium from Cronos NPC for 350 Cronos Points. Keep in mind that you can also get the normal premium for 175 Cronos Points from there!
How to get Devil or Angel Spirit.
Knowing that this items really affect the gameplay a lot we should definitely find ways for players to get them except with silk. So we have thought about it very carefully and there will be 2 different ways to get them!
  1. From Cronos NPC.
    You can purchase Devil Spirit A & S Grade and also Angel Spirit A Grade from Cronos NPC for a fair amount of Cronos Points!
  2. From Cronos Crate.
    Additionally if you are lucky enough you can win a Devil Spirit S Grade from opening Cronos Crates!
How to get a Pet Clock.
Having a pet on Silkroad is more than needed, basically you can't play without it! So since we already give a free pet on start items all you need is a clock to continue having it. So you can now get a pet clock with 2 different ways without needing even 1 silk!
  1. From Planetary Dealer.
    You can purchase both 1 day and 28 days clock from the Planetary Dealer for 17 and 155 Planetary tokens!
  2. From Cronos NPC.
    Another way to get a Pet Clock to extend your pet's life time is with Cronos Points from Cronos NPC. All you need is 135 Cronos Points!
How to get an Avatar?.
Avatars are something that don't have a huge influence on the gameplay. The stats they offer are not that game changing, most people prefer them to look better. However we wanted to offer some avatars with in-game currencies and we also chose some good ones!
  1. From Cronos NPC.
    You can purchase Angel & Devil Wing Dress from Cronos NPC for 290 Cronos Points.
How to get Reverses, Globals & Scrolls.
We all know how important this items are. Everyone need reverse return scrolls to hunt uniques & globals to sell items! So even though their silk price is not that high we had to find ways so players could get them for in-game currencies.
  1. From Cronos NPC.
    You can purchase some very useful scrolls from this npc such as Stat & Skill Resetter and Reverse Return Scroll for a fair amount of Cronos Points!
  2. From Gold Miner.
    There are many silk items you can get from this NPC for gold. Some of them are Job & Guild Penalty Remover, Devil Gender Switch, Skill Edit Potion, Reverse & Instant Return Scrolls.
  3. From Cronos Crate.
    Opening this crate can give you 1 ~ 5 Globals, 1 ~ 5 Reverse Return Scrolls except the other very important items that you can win!
  4. From Treasure Boxes.
    Opening treasure boxes (Silver, Gold or Platinum) can bring you many Reverse Return Scrolls & Globals!
How to get Seal Of Moon.
The best items in Cronos, items that all of you would love to have. But how can you get them? Well you have to collect enough Cronos Points, Cronos Jewels & gold! Then all you have to do is visit the SoX Seller located near Donwhang Storage. We have already explained how you get this currencies above so we won't do it again.
  1. From SoX Seller.
    Simply visit him to check the prices!
How to get Sabakun's Jewels.
This is an item that many of you hate but it actually make the game a little bit more interesting. We know that having it available just for silk wouldn't be fair and that's exactly why we have added it with so many ways!
  1. From Cronos NPC.
    You can get Sabakun's Jewels from Cronos NPC for a fair amount of Cronos Points!
  2. From Gold Miner.
    You can also get Sabakun's Jewels from Gold Miner for a fair amount of gold
  3. From Planetary Dealer.
    Additionally you can get Sabakun's Jewels from Planetaty Dealer for Planetary Tokens!

Support us and win silk!

Signature Event.
Use our official elitepvpers signature as your own signature to get 50 Silk on Cronos grand opening! By doing this you are also supporting us and ensuring you will play on a populated server.

Option 1.

Option 2.

Share Event.
Participate in this event for a chance to win [1.250] silk on the grand opening. All you need is to click on the following link read instruction of how to participate & participate!

Share Event Post: Share Event - Participate Here

Remember to share it with all your friends, we all know that a server is only fun with lots of players inside. So help us make this one of your best silkroad experiences! You are all more than welcome!

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Welcome back silkroad again
Cronos Online <3

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Awesome content and very nice thread, I am in.
Good luck!

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nice job ^_^
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nice game ^_^

iam in
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One is at 26.05 and the other one is at 02.05

this made me cry a little bit FeelsBadMan
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