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Theia | Cap 100 | D10 | CH&EU | Job Based | An Entertainment to begin!

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Theia | Cap 100 | D10 | CH&EU | Job Based | An Entertainment to begin!

Introduction :.
  • We Theia crew are a group of silkroad players. We are here to offer the best possible game-play. There is no any playable 100 cap server at the moment so since we are passionate silkroad players and really love silkroad,We are going to open real professional servers that have great & fair game-play system. We faced a lot of problems, A lot of obstacles were worth stopping ,We thought that we won't find any solution for but we didn't stop for any reason! We've tried to offer to the community really excited & great server, Theia is a server where you relax and have fun at your free time. We're trying to offer stable server with an enthusiastic gameplay & Finally we are pleased to offer for you Theia Online.

What is our main target ?
  • Our main objective is to establish a long-term server, filled with new ideas. We're here offering you a stable server with an enthusiastic gameplay. You will find out that Theia is not a server aiming on making profit. There isn't any professional team at the moment so we decided to open for you theia where your journey begin.However it is true that some times on some servers the gameplay is pretty ruined by donators. Silkroad is pay2win as a game, But in Theia you won't find that.

  • Since there is no any playable 100 cap server at the moment so since we are passionate silkroad players and really love silkroad, we are going to open a real professional , fair game - play to offer some great fun. Theia can ensure you a stable & balanced gameplay for every kind of player where all players will have fair chances to reach the top. Theia is a server that you can get some fun while you're home.Something to make your virtual life even more interesting.

  • Since we decided to create our server , we only focused on some points which is.
  • Long term
  • Mature community
  • Active players
  • Real silkroad environment
  • Stable server
  • Lagless game-play

Contact us :
  • feel free to give us any ideas by joining our discord server!

Open Beta Phase:

  • In this stage, we are going to be testing the features that we have worked on, We really hope it to be effective .However we are pretty sure most people will PvP and in-general try to have fun instead of reporting bugs. It is also needed since more people will join the server to test it, means there will be more possibility for errors/bugs to be found in addition, please feel free to suggest any ideas that you are thinking of & report any bug you find it and we will be more than happy to consider them, not to mention, cooperation is the thing that we have to focus on here.
    Beta Phase : 3/10/2017

Grand Opening:

  • In this phase, we are finally launching our winsome server, But We really can't give you an exact date yet since we always need to be 100%, we are going to fix the whole issues that had been reported, and we will work on more systems in case you have suggested any, we are seeking to have a great server and that will not be done without your assistance, the grand opening will be at the best time possible to ensure we will have a great population. so please try to be as helpful as you can in order to have a perfect long-term server, we wont give an exact date for now, we will center on the beta stage in order to ensure a perfect and a stable launch.

Official Website:
Theia Online - Discord

Video Teaser

Information Input
RaceCH & EU
Exp/SP Rate20x
Party Exp/SP Rate25x
Drop RateMedium
Alchemy Rate1x
Job Rate20x
Max Plus12
Capture the FlagEnabled
Battle ArenaEnabled
Auto Equipment From degree 1 to degree 9
PC Limit2
Auto EventsYes
PVP Cape Old
Guild Limit32
Union Limit2
Union Chat Limit32
Purification Pills BugFixed
Advanced ElixirsDisabled
Resurrection ScrollsDisabled

Start Items :
Here is the Start pack.
  • 1x 100% Exp. Helper
  • 1x 60% Exp. Helper
  • 1000x HP Potion
  • 1000x MP Potion
  • 20x Return Scroll
  • 20x Reverse Scroll
  • 1x Dress
  • 1x grab pet 3 days
  • 10x 100% Speed increase
  • 500,000 Gold

Max Stack:
We increased the stacks for each item to save your inventory space.

Maximum Devil's HP & MP increase reduced to 8%:
We have reduced it to insure for you balanced game-play

Premium Plus reduced to 8%:
We have reduced it to insure for you balanced game-play & to fit our cap.

Guild & Union Limit:
To make fortress war more fun we have adjusted the guild & union limit to 32 for the guild & the union to 2 so there will be a great fun in the fortress war however it is not our last discussion about that.

Guild Limit32
Union Limit2

First 300 players:
We've added a reward for the first 300 players who will reach level 100

First 100 players200 Silk
Next 100 players100 Silk
Next 100 players50 Silk

Guild start level:
Guild starts with level 5, So you won't waste more gold & sp

Normal Model Switcher
Normal Model Switcher is a scroll to change your weapon's style from dg1 to dg12.

Advanced Syx Weapon ( Advanced Model Switcher )

What is the difference between Advanced Model Switcher & Normal Model Switcher?
Let me explain that for you.

Normal Model Switcher is a scroll to change your weapon's style from dg1 to dg12.

Advanced Model Switcher ( Syx Weapon ) : After getting Seal Of Exodus ( Last tier ) There is a scroll that upgrade your weapon from Seal of Exodus to Seal of Syx ( Special weapon new look ) With the same stats and the same blue!

Advanced Model Switcher (CH)

Advanced Model Switcher (EU)

Old school capes
We didn't forget to implement that in Theia!,We have returned Old PVP Cape to bring back your Old School memories!

SOX Equipment Balancing.

We have thought more than once how should we optimize our SOX system & We discussed about it with a lot of players, We have totally changed the stats of all last tier sox equipment (Weapons, shields, set parts, accessories).
The difference between normal equipment and sox is as follows. [Seal Of Star < Seal Of Moon < Exodus]

SoX Normal
Seal Of Star Normal +2
Seal Of Moon Normal +3
Exodus Normal +5

First thing i want to talk about it that we have added a brand new anti cheat system preventing from cheaters and promising a fair gameplay.

We have set some custom rates for job points as following:

Job Points
3 Star trades 1 Job Point.
4 Star trades 3 Job Points.
5 Star trades 5 Job Points.

Job Points
3 Star trades 1 Job Point.
4 Star trades 3 Job Points.
5 Star trades 5 Job Points.

Job Points
3 Star trades 1 Job Point.
4 Star trades 3 Job Points.
5 Star trades 5 Job Points.

Job Master
We have a particular system for the special weapons, An npc called Job Master will give you the Exodus weapons for job coins, That's not the only thing you can buy at him.

Silk items will also be available for job points, so we can say the server is job based.
Immortals, Astrals, , Magic Pop cards, Pet Res, Devil Res and of course Premium!
There is nothing more interesting than a job based server where the routes of Silkroad are always busy!

Note: You can only get 50 job points per day, after reaching this amount you won't receive job points.

We've added a lot of drops to make your unique hunting even more fun and worth it, We've added too many silk items drop and other items. Unique hunting was really a great fun especially in Theia!

Normal Uniques

Drops Amount
Reverse return scrolls 5
Magic pop card 1
Immortal stone 1
Astral stones 2

Dungeon Uniques
[Aura, Mythica, Chyna, Archon, Angus, Corbis, Shetan, Crucx, Gordek].

Drops Amount
Reverse return scrolls 5
Magic pop card 1
Immortal stone 1
Astral stones 2
Dungeons coins 12

We really wanted to offer for all the players a simple way to get SoX equipment, There are a lot of annoying systems which is hard to understand, That's why we've added a simple way to get this SoX Equipment. However, There are 3 different SoX equipment Seal Of Star, Seal Of Moon and Exodus.

How to get Seal Of Star equipment: Simply by killing monsters the common silkroad way.

How to get Seal Of Moon equipment: Simply by killing monsters the common silkroad way.

You Might Ask Why?

"Won't there be goldbots whose goal will be farming these items?"

On one hand, no, because everyone will want to get Exodus items, and you have to work for that.
On the other hand, no, because there will be PC limit, nobody can bypass that.
Besides, waiting for the SOX drops have always been a huge excitement for all of us.
Do you remember the times when you woke up in the morning before school and ran to your PC right away to check out if your char had had a good drop?
This is an old school feeling that we would like you to remember, too.

How to get Weapons weapons: You can find them in job master NPC for a fair amount of job points earned by jobbing.

How to get Exodus accessories: They are available in battle arena manager for arena coins, You can earn arena coins by entering Capture The Flag & Battle Arena.

How to get Exodus Set: Exodus set parts are available at dungeons NPCs located on dungeon lobby. You must be level 85 to enter this area,You can purchase one set part with an amount of dungeon coins or purchase a treasure which costs less coins and get a random part.The coins for the set parts can be obtained from particular areas. Kratkor coins can be found in the Kratkor area and be exchanged for Light Armor and Armor. Crypt Coins can be found in the Crypt area and be exchanged for Garment or Robe. Riven coins can be found in the Riven area and can be exchanged for Heavy Armor or Protector.

How to get Syx Weapons:Syx weapons are only available as the upgrade of Exodus weapons, You will find a new brand look in this weapon, You have to collect 8 cards to get Syx chest and use it while wearing a Exodus weapon.

In Theia Online we got 3 main dungeons which are here to bring even more fun and excitement to Theia! We have made 3 dungeons ( Dungeon Of Labyrinth, Dungeon Of Crypt, Dungeon Of Riven ) Each dungeon got different currency.

To enter these dungeons you will need a key,The key is available at the JOB MASTER NPC for 2 job points.

In these 3 different areas, Mobs are specifically designed to drop different types of coins that are required for you.

  • Labyrinth area will get you Labyrinth coins which will be required to buy a Exodus 'H.A Or Protector' Set
  • Crypt area will get you Crypt Coins which will be required to buy a Exodus 'Garment or Robe' Set
  • Riven Area will get you Riven coins which will be required to buy a Exodus 'Heavy Armor or Protector' Set

We made it into 3 different dungeons because we thought that it would be ideal for the players by going to different areas to their specific need.So if the player needs Garment he will go to Witches area. This will slower the process of earning everything at once whilst you grind. Also, you may think why? Well, This will expand the mobs spots to grind. So hopefully you wont have to worry of people KSing you or INTs Ksing the STRs.

Dungeon Of Labyrinth
  • Currency: Labyrinth Coin.
  • Equipment type that are available with Labyrinth coins: Light Armor & Armor.
  • Uniques: Aura, Mythica, Chyna.

Dungeon Of Crypt
  • Currency: Witch Coin.
  • Equipment type available with Witchery coins: Garment & Robe.
  • Uniques: Archon, Angus, Corbis.

Dungeon Of Riven
  • Currency: Riven Coin.
  • Equipment type available with Eterian coins: Heavy Armor & Protector.
  • Uniques: Shetan, Crucx, Gordek.

How to get this coins?
Every dungeon has 3 different uniques. You will find that every unique drop 12 coins depending on the dungeon that you are in They're also spawning every 4 hours after their death.

How to enter to all of this areas?
You will find teleporter located in hotan near to the stable, When you enter this lobby area, you will find a teleport, from this teleporter you can go to this area.
League Of Legends (Ranked System) [Under Construction].

We found most of silkroad players are playing league of legends, We was thinking a lot about the system and trying to do something that can mix between Silkroad & League of legend, Finally There are 7 different ranks and every rank gives you different buffs and effects as a reward.

Buffs Name!
  • Bronze.
  • Silver.
  • Gold.
  • Platinum.
  • Diamond.
  • Master.
  • Challenger.

Placement System!:
We've added placement system as league of legends, When you enter the battle arena for the first time you have to fight until you win.

Matches Rank!

Rank Win Matches
Bronze 2 Matches
Silver 4 Matches
Gold 5 Matches

(Platinum,Diamond,Master and Challenger depends on your JP)

How to get:
Simply, You need to join the battle arena, but it depends on the rank how much (JP),You have to gain 100 (JP) at least to promote to a different rank and if you lose, you will lose (JP)

Note:You have to win 5 times consecutively without losing, if you lose 1 or 2 it will be bit harder to get the next rank, Also Don't forget that every rank has it owns title!, So If you are in Bronze Rank, So your title will be Bronze Killer, Etc..

Ranks Win
Bronze Win 20 (JP)
Silver Win 20 (JP)
Gold Win 15 (JP)
Platinum Win 15 (JP)
Diamond Win 15 (JP)
Master Win 12 (JP)
Challenger Win 10 (JP)

Ranks Lose
Bronze Lose 10 (JP)
Silver Lose 10 (JP)
Gold Lose 8 (JP)
Platinum Lose 10 (JP)
Diamond Lose 8 (JP)
Master Lose 10 (JP)
Challenger Lose 6 (JP)

Daily Reward!

We know that the silk/hour system is boring as fuck & It isn't fair, We were thinking how to improve this system, We were thinking about the players that can't be online all the day to get their silk!, So We had improved this system, You can get your silk / day not hour! Daily silk reward just by logging on the game and despite the hours you will be logged in, Some players can't keep their pc all the day long just for silkroad for many different reasons ( We know that everyone has smth in his life to do ) so we have thought in a simple system! It is required to log in once per day to receive your daily silk reward. This systems works after reaching level 95.

Material Boxes!

By this spectacular system we wanted to populate every single place of the map in theia! Each Material Box drops one Immortal stone, 2 , 3 Reverse return scrolls & 1 Gold lottery scroll (It gives random amount of gold when you open it!). There will be a great amount of boxes will be there in every single place of the map. When the box destroyed it spawns again every 8~12h in the same spot! By doing this system we can make sure that we care about all the players, We made everyone can access to the donate items!

Magic pop Cards!

Magic pop is available, too. what an awesome way to try your luck! Everyone loves gambling.What we did is simply removing them from item mall and added them in a lot different places.

Where can magic pop cards be found?
  • Unique monster drops
  • Purchasable from job point NPC

What are the prizes from magic pop?

There are lots and lots of silk items, which just proves that the gameplay is Free2Play.
We have also combined 2 useful things:
  • Do you feel like hunting unique monsters?
  • you also have the chance to find SOX items and magic pop cards.
How amazing would that be?

Temporary seal of sox.

We watched some servers and thought "Why do they die?" well turns out that all people will have a "final" set so they won't have anything else to do right? in Theia you won't have those issues,
because we made something called "Temporary" SOX items called Exodus and Syx they are based on simple job system so players wouldn't get bored and kept jobbing.

We made some simple changes of SOX Weapons and added a premium system on it like a subscription feature if you will say so.
But how does it work? Well it's really simple you start jobbing and collect *Job points* and with enough points you can buy the Exodus or Syx weapons.
They will have a time limit like Devil spirit so it will be alive at first and after *DAYS* you need to buy a ticket for the weapon.

Why did we do this? So those amazing people would have the chance to get the "Top tier" items gained with respect and blood, sweat and tears.
We honestly would like to see people who like to job in general and have fun with the amazing Exodus set and Syx Weapons!

So to clarify :
  • Exodus = Ticket system Weapons, Permanent Gear and accessory.
  • Syx = Ticket system weapons only!

Important Note: This ticket applies only for the Exodus and Syx Weapons !!

New Title System

We made a little different title system : You can buy a title scroll from NPC near Job master NPC for silks, But here's the good part if you want to change the title then your old title will remain in our database so if you need to change it then just Private Message BOT with /showtitle and then say "TITLE Mighty" For example and it will change for you.
If for some random reason you want to sell your title then you can sell it in TOS (The Online Store).

The Online Store

The Online Store is kinda amazing feature you can sell titles for silks here is a example:
I want to sell my title "Mighty" then i message the BOT with TOS Sell 1-Immortal 50 (50 for silk) then he asks Y/N, if you accept then the bot will put it to the online store.
To buy titles you need to pm the bot with TOS and he will give me the list with available titles what cost silk/s...
Now when you get the list like 1-Immortal (Seller) Cost: whoever 2-mighty and so on then only what you must do is pm the number you want to buy and that's pretty much it, everyone will leave happy

New Job Suits & Rewards.

We are happy to let you know, that we added new Job suits and we made level system of it with total of 45 levels! We've also made a new rewarding system depending on your job level, After reaching level 6!
  • How will you get Amateur Trader's reward?
  • Simply by purchasing and wearing the Amateur trader suit. When you wear it the reward will be added automatically to your inventory.

Level Title Reward
Level 1-5 Rank Novice Trader No rewards
Level 6-10 Rank Amateur Trader 30 Job points & 11
Level 11-15 Rank Beginner Trader 45 Job points & 11 reverse scrolls
Level 16-20 Rank Initiate Trader 60 Job points & Gender switch last degree
Level 21-25 Rank Apprentice Trader 75 Job points & 2 astral stones
Level 26-30 Rank Journeyman Trader 90 Job points & Pet clock
Level 31-35 Rank Adept Trader 105 Job points & Devil res
Level 36-40 Rank Master Trader 120 Job points & 1 Immortal stones
Level 41-45 Rank Grandmaster Trader 135 Job points & Premium

Job Suits

Wanted System!

We are still working on this idea but when you are jobbing ofcourse you need to kill some hunters and so on..
well the bot will count how much you killed and with that you will have a bounty on your head, every killing spree will give you some buffs like:

Kills Wanted Buff
(5,10 & 15 Kills)
  • 1% Physical & Magical damage increase.
  • 1% Physical & Magical defense increase.
  • 1 STR & INT.
  • 1% Movement speed increase.
(24, 40 & 60 Kills)
  • 3% Physical & Magical damage increase.
  • 3% Physical & Magical defense increase.
  • 3 STR & INT.
  • 3% Movement speed increase.
(85 & 100 Kills)
  • 5% Physical & Magical damage increase.
  • 5% Physical & Magical defense increase.
  • 5 STR & INT.
  • 5% Movement speed increase.


Bounty is set by the kills you have for example for 50 kills your bounty is an amount of gold
And if you get killed the guy who ended the spree for you will get the reward and will be annonced!
P.S Everything will be announced who you killed and who killed you!!

Mercenaries Scrolls

We have fixed the good old mercenary scrolls. These are available at the guild manager & Can only be summoned by the guild leader! These beloved scrolls were used in guild wars or while jobbing with your guild master, It will support the guild masters during their wars!

Cordelia Unique!

We got a special unique called Cordelia Unique. Cordelia will be spawning at the located spawn point on the map. This Unique is modified so it wont be that simple to eliminate it. It will take effort to kill it. You will need to have a Strong team with some strategic players to kill this unique. As this Unique has some great modifications like the unique will use special skills to make himself even more powerful. Think twice before you take the challenge. You may wonder, what is the purpose of this unique?
Well This unique has custom drops. These drops are :
  • 8 Cordelia Slayer Titles
  • 3 Random Seal Of Star Items,
  • 5 Magic pop cards,
  • 4 Immortal Stones
  • 50 Silk to its killer except the normal drops.

Chaos Dungeon

As we know, Majority of Silkroad players may be bored of grinding at Roc Mountain as its really old and everyone knows everything about it, literally everything, the mobs, the great spots etc. Well we decided to make a new area you can explore the spawn points, what the mobs really are and how they behave. Also it will bring clarity to the mob grinding spots as it wont be so over crowded, there will be many spots for you to grind without going on each others heads. To enter this area you need to obtain the key from the mobs called Guard of Chaos. These mobs are located near the Chaos area teleport. obtaining this key will enable you to enter the Chaos area, Of course you can get more keys then 1, Why not right? Less hassle of trying to get the key later.

When you obtained the Key you will be able to enter the Area and This is what you will see :

Orb System

This is a different system than u see regularly. Normally you would see quests for SP , Coins , Silk , Gold and so on. But this system is unique as Orbs are something that has never been seen in Silkroad regularly.
These Orbs are obtained by doing the quest designed for it. This quest is basically done by collecting 80 orb powders which are dropped from all monsters in the Chaos area.

The use of Orbs : Orbs can be attached on all SoX weapons including Seal Of Star, Seal Of Moon & Exodus.

Magical Orb Of Pacheon.
It can be attached to bow.

Magical Orb Of Heuskal.
It can be attached to Glaive, Spear.

Magical Orb Of Bicheon.
It can be attached to Blade, Sword.

Magical Orb Of Wizzard..
It can be attached to Staff.

Magical Orb Of Warlock.
It can be attached to Warlock Rod.

Magical Orb Of Rogue.
It can be attached to Daggers, Crossbow.

Magical Orb Of Warrior.
It can be attached to Axes, One Handed Sword, Two Handed Sword.

New Hermes Spirit.

A brand new spirit, You can find it in the item mall, It is like the devil spirit but with little difference, it offers more movement speed (50%) and it has an awesome look!

Automatic Events

We will enable the following auto events (Some will be added couple of days after the grand opening) These events are set to start many times per day, So there will be some great fun in participating this events you won't be bored anymore. All events gives you an amount of silk & JP as a reward!

Automatic Kill the GM Event:.
  • It's a simple event so the name already describes the event and what you have to do,
    It is located in Jangan!

Automatic Hide & Seek event:.
  • Hide and seek event is randomized,the bot will hide and give some clues and you need to find the bot.

Automatic Trivia Event:.
  • The bot will use Globals as main source of communication, you just need to Private message the {bot?} and if you get the answer right you will recieve the reward, It is located in Hotan

Automatic Lucky party number event:.
  • Bot will global a random number and you need to use party matching feature to get the right number for example 395, It is located in Donwhang

Automatic Last man standing event:.
  • LMS event will be daily event so you need to message the bot with #LMSREGISTER and you will be ready to go, It is located in Samarkand

Automatic Unique event:.
  • Unique event is fully automatic and working perfectly, It is located in Donwhang

Automatic Alchemy event:.
  • Our bot will open the event and will give a random + you need to archive for winning the event for example +7, It is located in hotan near to the storage.

Website Features
We have added too many features on our website to help every player & Ofcourse it is useful for the players!
  • Top players based on item points.
  • Top guilds based on total item points.
  • Job ranking.
  • Top unique killers.
  • Account panel (Change password / Change E-Mail, Characters)
  • Detailed Rev6 system.
  • PvP Logs.
  • Web Shop.
  • User Panel.

Share Event!
Participate in this event to have a chance to win [1500] SIlKS at the grand opening! Share this and tag 3 of your friends that play silkroad! Our bot will pick 3 winners randomly

Support Us
Support us by using our signature. #1 Signature

Second Signature

Third Signature

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#Reserved for feature updates.

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Looks nice and it's really good features
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Originally Posted by .Network View Post
Looks nice and it's really good features
Thank you!

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looks awesome
Good Luck <3
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looks awesome!
definitely gonna play
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Looks nice! GL!
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Do you need a job suit to enter the dungeons?
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Originally Posted by Smukke View Post
Do you need a job suit to enter the dungeons?
No, You don't need any job suits to enter the dungeons!
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Originally Posted by ZΞDStorm View Post
No, You don't need any job suits to enter the dungeons!
So if I'm not mistaken, there are no job caves? Also, are honor buffs implemented in any way? I couldn't find anything about them.
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Originally Posted by Smukke View Post
So if I'm not mistaken, there are no job caves? Also, are honor buffs implemented in any way? I couldn't find anything about them.
There is, Honor buffs depends on job completely
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There is soo many good servers opening soon this is sad.
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Looks nice
the pikachu avatar
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Originally Posted by dejanzavec123321 View Post
There is soo many good servers opening soon this is sad.
We would be glad if you tried theia!
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Originally Posted by ZΞDStorm View Post
We would be glad if you tried theia!
I will try beta and if its gonna be okay ill try it out

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