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Trade #852681 - Apr 24, 2022 - 22:09
Trade #849633 - Apr 10, 2022 - 22:47
Trade #849281 - Apr 10, 2022 - 21:50
Got scammed. Known exit scammer selling pasta or detected shit without knowlegde of the dev. They let you preorder but don't deliver what you buy. They require you to vouch before you receive product. Stay away from it if you don't want to risk getting scammed or get instant ban

My experience:

Right after VISION announced in their Discord that their cheat is working, I bought it for 100 dollars through crypto. This was 4 weeks ago and since then I have never received anything. Afterwards people warn me about him that he exit scammed in the past with Enduty and other brands and that Vision is just a rebrand of a cracked/pasted cheat (but despites this info I was still giving VISION a chance). I am not a rat and don't have contact with Riot so whatever he says don't believe him.

About the cheats he offered in his Discord;
- V1 = that was the product I bought, doesn't exist, I have never received it since my purchase 3-4 weeks ago. He keeps changing the prices and selling it however people have been waiting for weeks until now and he changes the ETA every day/week.
- V2 = doesn't work (exit scam?), resale of ROC Tools which is a known detected pasted cheat and the dev exit scammed 1 week ago. He posted in his Discord that they banned the owner/dev, but actually he just changed his username pretending that someone replaced him (just to save his reputation because the cheat is actually detected for everyone).
- V3 = he gave it as "compensation" for V2 customers, but after 6 hours all keys revoked (check screenshot for proof) cause he scammed. Anyway, this was a resale of energy cheat which is detected/scam (check their epvp thread and vouches).

I bought his cheat in good faith and I am not a rat. But nevertheless he scammed me as well as my friends. He ban everyone that ask questions about potential scam or cheat. Now he banned me cause he thinks I am a rat or whatever but I think he banned me cause he got exposed. He ask everyone to vouch for a cheat he deletes the day after, or he ask to vouch and he tells you he will give you free susbscription for every vouch. Why do we need to vouch for something we have never received?
He doesn't refund anything. He simply asks to wait but it's been 3-4 weeks and still nothing... He changes prices of cheat every day, sell lifetime for very cheap prices, then he delete the announcements.

I found Vision stealing/reselling a cheat as V3 without permission of the seller/dev, so they got banned and all licenses given by Vision are blocked within 24 hours. They say Vision is scammer. Check screenshots.

I hereby add as much proof as I got but I was so stupid to not screenshot everything from him. That's why I am asking to other victims to send me as much proof as you can (anonymously!). Thanks!

Discord: mathieuderuyck#7889
Trade #849208 - Apr 1, 2022 - 10:14
Transaction #678696 - Mar 25, 2022 - 17:51
Trade #848399 - Mar 23, 2022 - 14:32
Trade #848226 - Mar 20, 2022 - 06:34
Trade #848228 - Mar 20, 2022 - 06:29
Legit cheat seller
Trade #848227 - Mar 20, 2022 - 06:27
Works good
Trade #848225 - Mar 20, 2022 - 05:56
Trade #848223 - Mar 20, 2022 - 05:44
Love it❤️
Trade #848138 - Mar 19, 2022 - 19:28
+Rep thank you so much for everything!
Trade #848038 - Mar 18, 2022 - 20:21
awesome product and great support! keep it up.
Trade #848032 - Mar 18, 2022 - 20:18
+rep one of the best cheats ive ever used for valorant it has aimbot, esp, corner esp, skeleton esp, fov slider, 3d esp it has rcs (recoil suppresion), spike esp,name esp and more and more i can go on but thats gonna take an eternity lol. Time to give a rating of almost everything it has.

+3D esp it is clearly a 10/10 cause of that when you use it yuo can see it all around if you go around the person it will not lag a single time it is super precise.

+Corner esp 9/10. It is a simple corener esp its a box with only corners which looks much better in my opinion, the only thing that would make it better would be if they would make it so yuo could add outlines and change the opacity of the outlines.

+box esp 9/10 aswell its a simple box it also has colour customization for every single possible colour. the only thing that would be better was if you could add outline like the corner esp

+skeleton esp 10/10 skeleton esp is basically like a stickman in most cheats i see that they use more of only like lines but in this one they also had head esp so it was like a circle around it thats a huge W

Spike esp 10/10 just a normal spike esp you see where it is and you see the time that is super helpful if you see that you got time for defusing.

RCS (recoil suppresion) 10/10 like fully 10/10 it is super precise it basically gives you almost no recoil and it still looks legit so you can hit very easy double headshots with the phantom. And it gives easy double headshots with vandal so it can transfer smoothly to the head without it going full on rage hacking mode.

fov slider. if you dont know what a fov slider is it can mean 2 things one of them is the field of view that you see BUT there is another meaning aswell. the other meaning is lets say you drag the FOV slider up to 30 then you will have around a 1 CM circle around your screen that will be the spot when yuo lock on people inside of the ring will be locked on, btw it has visible fov so you can see the ring where it will be locked on.

Time for the aimbot

+Aimbot, The aimbot is really precise it can transfer smoothly and full on lock on. The aimbot makes it so you can play legit or rage. The aimbot has 3 settings or 3 lock ons which is legs aswell as chest and head. It has super rage aimbot so you can like lock on to something super fast and it will stay on the same spot with no fucking changes like its insane how good it is i dont know how they could do it this good. and you can also play super legit with it you can have pretty high smoothness so its still looks smooth without it being full on it looks legit the tracking cause of the coding theyve spent countless hours on coding it and i see their profit it is one of the best cheat sellers out there.

This cheat is a succesful 9.9/10
Trade #804505 - Apr 26, 2021 - 12:16
Trade #802786 - Apr 11, 2021 - 07:12
Good Buyer

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