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Trade #470914 - Jan 17, 2016 - 16:07
[3:22:40 PM] Marko: hey dimitry can i make a trade request ?
[3:22:50 PM] Dmitry: y
[3:22:58 PM] Marko: k sec
[3:24:46 PM] Dmitry: accept
[3:24:51 PM] Marko: kk
[3:24:54 PM] Dmitry: [email protected]
[3:25:11 PM] Dmitry: price 5,5 for stack
[3:25:19 PM] Dmitry: it 11 euro , not 12
[3:25:33 PM] Marko: ill give 12e no problem
[3:25:42 PM] Marko: whats your ing name ?
[3:27:15 PM] Marko: what happened ?
[3:28:41 PM] Dmitry: you have a few skype acc's and you had tried buy polar bear
[3:28:55 PM] Marko: no
[3:29:05 PM] Dmitry: its your theme
[3:29:48 PM] Marko: no man srsly i will send you the money now
[3:30:00 PM] Marko: 2 stacks of ectos not the polar bear
[3:30:09 PM] Marko: i dont know what are you talking about
[3:30:14 PM] Marko: that is not my thread
[3:31:02 PM] Dmitry: Sorry i will not trade with you
[3:32:00 PM] Marko: ive sent the money
[3:32:39 PM] Dmitry: make screen
[3:33:04 PM] Marko: i just sent the money srsly how can i make screen
[3:33:33 PM] Marko: check your skrill
[3:37:18 PM] Marko: are you ther ?
[3:38:49 PM] Dmitry: make screen Information about the transaction
[3:39:33 PM] Marko: ok one second
[3:41:09 PM] Dmitry: photoshop? :D
[3:41:30 PM] Marko: ma nim taking a photo here with my camera
[3:41:40 PM] Marko: and you are paranoic
[3:41:41 PM] Marko: totally
[3:41:53 PM] Marko: for fucking 12 euros !!!
[3:43:44 PM] Dmitry: me paypal empty, stop spaming me skype, try to cheat someone else
[3:43:56 PM] Dmitry: good luck
[3:44:06 PM] Marko: we made a deal to go through skrill
[3:44:16 PM] Marko: so i am sending through skrill no paypal
[3:44:32 PM] Marko: if you dont deliver the ectos ima make a special thread for you on epvpers
[3:45:06 PM] Dmitry: no problem
[3:46:53 PM] Dmitry: when money will at me i deliver the ectos
[3:50:51 PM] Marko: heres the screen from my mobile phone
[3:53:18 PM] Marko: im going to wait 10 minutes for us to trade and then im going to make a complaint
[3:54:40 PM] Dmitry: no problem, until I get the money i not deliver the ectos
[4:02:01 PM] Marko: i've managed to cancell the trade just now thank you and goodbye. God thank you i didnt traded with you.
[4:02:49 PM] Dmitry: have a nice day

and a link to a screen shot where is clear that i did a payment for the ectos.

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