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Will the PS5 Pro come out? Expectations and facts about specifications, release date,

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Nov 22 - 09:49, by Expel

Will the PS5 Pro come out? Expectations and facts about specifications, release date,


This is going to be a long one! But bear with me, we have so much interesting stuff coming up for our Elitepvpers users.

Many rumors have spread among the gaming community and industry experts about the possibility of the PlayStation 5 Pro, which is supposed to be an upgraded version of Sony's latest gaming consoles. While the Japanese company has not officially confirmed the existence of the PS5 Pro, speculation and leaks have strongly fueled this anticipation among gamers around the world.

Sony is known for its commitment to developing and providing “better” and “stronger” versions of its devices on a regular basis and improving them over time, although it has not spoken or issued an official statement about this matter until this moment. But of course, we'd love to know what she has in store for players.

The Japanese company unexpectedly announced several weeks ago a new version of the PlayStation 5 device that is smaller and lighter, and we can call it the PS5 Slim, which sparked mixed reactions among a significant number of players who were expecting the announcement of the mid-generation “Pro” device. “Which solved many of the device’s current problems. To learn more about the features of this new device, click here.


According to industry insiders, the PS5 Pro is expected to offer stronger specifications that will see a huge jump in performance and improved graphics compared to the current PS5, and is expected to contain a more powerful built-in processor with a new architecture, a larger storage capacity, and may support playing games accurately. 8K,

If the “Pro” device is able to achieve such upgrades, it will undoubtedly attract a large group of players looking for the ideal gaming experience. However, it is important to note that Sony has not made any official announcements or hints yet regarding the PS5 Pro. As with any rumor, it is important to treat it with caution until it is confirmed by the company itself. So you may choose to focus on exploiting all the capabilities of the current PS5 before considering the Pro version.

PS5 Pro release date
In terms of release date, it was highly likely that Sony would follow a similar three-year release gap as it did with the PS4 Pro model. In fact, a previous report in January 2023 suggested that the device might be released during this period (something that was quickly disproven over time).

One very informed source, “RedGamingTech Channel,” indicated that the device may be released in early 2024, while he did not rule out announcing it in late 2023.

With the new changes and events, things on the ground seem more complicated, and this is given that we only have a few months left and there is already a new device already released, which is the PS5 Slim, so perhaps it is safe to assume that the year 2024 will be more credible in those predictions.

This is more or less consistent with a suggestion we heard in late May 2022, when TCL held a press conference about future TVs that indicated that it expects a PS5 Pro model to be released in either 2023 or 2024 (along with improved versions of the Xbox Series), something Microsoft denied.

PS5 Slim Price

The most awaited thing for players is the price of the PlayStation 5 Pro, which will play a decisive role in the transition of a large number of current PS5 owners to the more powerful mid-generation version, in addition to the extent of the capabilities that it can offer.

The price of the regular PlayStation 5 with discounts globally is about $500, whether in its current or new version, so it is expected that the price of the PS5 Pro will exceed the normal one by a difference of $100, as happened with the PS4 Pro. We also don't forget that manufacturing costs become lower, which makes the $100 difference seem logical.

Expected PS5 Pro price

The Ultra HD Blu-ray drive version will sell for $499.99.
The digital version of the device will be sold at a price of 449.99 US dollars.

Frequently-Asked Questions about the PS5 Pro

Q: What is the PlayStation 5 Pro?

A: PlayStation 5 Pro is an upgraded version of Sony's PlayStation 5 console, and is expected to offer improved performance and graphics.

Q: What upgrades can we expect from the PS5 Pro?

A: Speculation indicates that the PS5 Pro may feature a newer, more powerful processor, larger storage capacity, and possibly support 8K gaming. You can see the table below to know the expected technical specifications of the device.

Q: Has Sony confirmed the existence of the PS5 Pro?

A: No, Sony has not made any official announcements regarding the PlayStation 5 Pro, because all the information available at this stage is based on rumors and leaks only.

Q: Should I wait for the PS5 Pro instead of buying the standard PS5?

A: It ultimately depends on your personal preferences and gaming needs. If you're happy with the current capabilities of the PS5, there's no need to wait for a potential Pro version. However, if you're after the latest developments in gaming technology, it may be worth considering waiting for official announcements from Sony.

It is very difficult to answer this question so simply, and the decision remains entirely up to the player. If you are willing to wait and get the best experience possible, waiting for the Pro version is the best option for a more enjoyable experience. If you don't care about trying out the latest technology and are on a limited budget, buying your current PS5 is the best option.

While the prospect of a PS5 Pro is exciting, it's important to remember that these rumors have not been confirmed. While gamers wait and we eagerly await official news from Sony, we might as well enjoy the current PS5 and its amazing capabilities.

Expected PS5 Pro specifications

Specifications PS5 Standard PS5 Pro
CPU 3.5 GHz AMD Ryzen Zen 2 (8 Cores) 4.0 GHz AMD Ryzen Zen 3 (8 Cores)
GPU AMD Radeon RDNA 2-based graphics (36 compute units) AMD Radeon RDNA-3 based graphics (60 compute units)

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